1,253 - Using a Ridesharing Service  

Get where you want to go without using your own car, a bike, a bus, or a taxi. Is it magic? Find out in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:25
Explanations: 4:04
Fast dialog: 19:58

Carl: Let’s get a taxi.

Doris: There’s no need. I’ve already ordered a car.

Carl: A limo? That’s too expensive.

Doris: No, I’m using a ridesharing service. It’s cheaper than a taxi. There’s no meter and we pay a set price.

Carl: But how do we know it’s safe? How do we know the driver isn’t a criminal or an unsafe driver? Is he going to have car insurance? Do they do background checks?

Doris: Even though it’s a peer-to-peer service, the drivers are carefully screened and the cars are tracked. Trust me. This ride will be safe.

Carl: We don’t have much cash on us.

Doris: I have a credit card on file. No cash will change hands. Look, here’s our driver. Hello, Michael.

Carl: You know our driver?

Doris: He’s my son.

Carl: But why are you paying for a ride if your son is available to pick us up?

Doris: He has his pride. He won’t take any money from me so we came up with a compromise: I hire his car whenever I need a ride to or from the airport. It works for us and there’s a bonus.

Carl: What’s that?

Doris: I get to see my son every time I travel.

Carl: That seems like a strange arrangement.

Doris: That may be so, but if you can’t get your son to visit more often, what’s a mother to do?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

375 - A Call from a Telemarketer  

Slow dialogue: 1:07
Explanations: 3:11
Fast dialogue: 12:08

Doris: Hello.

Telemarketer: Hello, may I speak to the lady of the house?

Doris: What is this regarding?

Telemarketer: I’m calling from Cheetam Cable Company and we have a very special offer. This month only, you can get a bundle of services for the low, low price of $69.99! This offer...

Doris: Thank you, but I’m not interested.

Telemarketer: But that’s because you haven’t heard the rest of the offer yet. If you sign up today, you will get at no extra charge, all of the equipment you’ll need to switch to our cable company.

Doris: As I said, I’m not interested. I’m also on the national do-not-call registry and I want to be taken off your call list.

Telemarketer: If you’re on my list, it means that you have a prior relationship with our company and telemarketers are allowed to call you. Now about that special offer...

Doris: I don’t want to hear your sales pitch. I demand to be taken off your call list and I don’t want to get any more calls from your company.

Telemarketer: Is that a “no” on the special offer?

Doris: Yes, that’s a “no” on the special offer and a “no” on getting any more calls from your company. Do I make myself clear?

Telemarketer: Yes, very clear. If you’re not interested in our special offer, I can tell you about our other services...

Doris: No you can’t! [Hangs up the phone]

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Schwester Doris – Braumeisterin  

In Niederbayern steht das Kloster Mallersdorf. Dort leben knapp 500 Schwestern und Doris Engelhardt ist eine von ihnen. Schwester Doris ist außerdem die Leiterin der Klosterbrauerei in der pro Woche 76 Hektoliter Bier gebraut werden, um der „ehr- und tugendsamen Bürgerschaft und den Schwestern ein nahrhaftes Getränk zu kredenzen“. Schwester Doris erzählt von ihrem Eintritt ins Kloster, dessen Metapher das Anziehen eines neuen Gewandes ist, vom Leben als Schwester und natrlich vom Brauen. Diese Arbeit beschreibt sie als einen fast rein technischen Prozess - wer allerdings schonmal Mallersdorfer Bier getrunken hat, wird wissen, dass Schwester Doris ihre Kunstfertigkeit an dieser Stelle stark untertreibt.

It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather? Doris Wiedemann - Picking Up Your Bike.  
It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather?    Doris Wiedemann

Doris Wiedemann is an author, journalist and world motorbike traveller and she loves riding her bike in winter snow. Yep, you read that correctly, winter snow. You can hear it in her voice, she really loves riding in slippery, cold snow on two wheels. Doris gives us some tips on picking our bike up after a fall. Who better to talk about picking up a motorcycle than someone that rides in the snow. :)


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The OTT Podcast, Episode 11: ESPN’s Doris Burke  

On this week's episode of The OTT, I interview ESPN's Doris Burke, who called UK's open practice on ESPNU on Sunday. Doris has been covering basketball for over 25 years and is one of the best in the business (even if she mispronounces Calipari's name, which she totally admits to on the podcast). She's a big role model of mine, so talking to her about UK Basketball really was a treat. Highlights include... --- Her thoughts on this team and why she believes Kentucky fans are the best in the country --- Whether or not she believes Coach K is copying Calipari's moves --- Who Kentucky's leading scorer will be (Spoiler: we agreed) --- The astounding success of Calipari's players in the NBA --- What it like to break barriers for women in sports media and her advice to women trying to move up in the industry After wrapping things up with Doris, I checked in on Fake Barney in North Carolina to chat about his recent trip to Lexington, including a haphazard list of the top things to do while in the Bluegrass. Don't forget about our sponsor for The OTT, the Bluegrass Box, a quarterly subscription and gift box that curates high quality, handmade products from local makers around Kentucky. To try it out, go to and use the "TYLER" promo code for 10% off your first subscription order!  To listen, just subscribe to "Kentucky Sports Radio" on iTunes or stream on Podbay.

Heavy Metal: Doris Yeh and Sasha Zagorc  

Kim Chakanetsa quizzes two heavy metal bass guitarists about their roles in their bands, how they learnt to head-bang, and juggling the music with their day jobs. Doris Yeh tours all over the world with best-selling Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. She says she only got into heavy metal by accident, but now loves it. Being the only woman in the band can have its down-sides - at performances her male colleagues used to expect her to get changed in the toilet while they occupied the one dressing room! However, Doris learnt to assert herself, and says when she gets on stage and starts playing, she is just excited to be able to treasure that moment with the audience. Slovenian Sasha Zagorc formed the heavy metal/hard rock band Hellcats with her sister ten years ago. She's always been a metal-head so just wears her own black leather clothes in their videos and on stage. Initially the band had to deal with quite a lot of criticism as the first all-female band on the Slovenian metal scene, but they just kept going and now have fans all over the world. For Sasha having a band provides much needed relaxation, and she loves going on tour with her best friends. (L) Photo: Doris Yeh. Credit: CHTHONIC. (R) Photo: Sasha Zagorc. Credit: Simon Podgorsek.

Ode aan Doris Day, 10.15 - Doris Day weer op het witte doek ?  

Doris Day (94) was weer in het nieuws. Het gerucht ging dat ze in een nieuwe film van haar buurman Clint Eastwood zou spelen. Maar helaas, ze ontkrachtte het een dag later al. Een kleine ode aan Doris Day van Amerikanist, Ruth Oldenziel


Doris Lessing  

The British author Doris Lessing died on 17 November at the age of 94. As a tribute the BBC World Service revisits Doris Lessing’s discussion with Harriett Gilbert from a 2003 edition of World Book Club, when she talked about her debut novel The Grass is Singing, which was published in 1950. In an introduction to the original interview, Harriett remembers her encounters with Doris Lessing with affection and reminds us of the fact that she became the oldest winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 when she won the award for her life’s work.

La playlist jazz de Nathalie Piolé : Doris Day, Xavier Roumagnac, André Prévin, Sonny Rollins and more  

durée : 00:54:59 - Banzzaï - par : Nathalie Piolé - Ce soir, avec Doris Day puis Sonny Rollins, on se contrôle, on se contient, on essaie même de bien se tenir, mais rien à faire. La musique nous envahit, nous électrise, et nous voilà dansants ! Lâchons prise... c'est Banzzaï ! ## **Programmation musicale** **Doris Day, Andre Previn** \- _Control Yourself_ Album **Duet / + Bonus** Collectables COL\-CD\-6874 {% image c5f640ed-0927-4496-be5e-ff9fe1e77476 %} **Sonny Rollins** \- _Keep Hold of Yourself (live)_ Album **Holding the Stage (Road Shows, Vol.4)** Okeh {% image de6b0f8c-704a-4783-b578-dda3ef1aab6e %} **Joe Lutcher** \- _Ojai_ Compilation **Caribean in America** Frémeaux et Associés FA5664 {% image 2edf9ebc-2fff-46eb-8c96-3ba4a3826559 %} **Slim Gaillard** \- _Make it Do_ Compilation **Caribean in America** Frémeaux et Associés FA5664 {% image 095347b1-7285-4e63-bd15-88cae7f7024a %} **Xavier Roumagnac Eklectik Band** \- _Song for Nino_ Album **Sirènes** Gaya 684103 {% image 16996032-7da3-46ec-a051-7336fae06b99 %} **Christian Scott (ft Elena Pinderhughes)\-** _Encryption_ Album **Ruler Rebel** Stretch music {% image 8782dd99-6805-4288-b606-a5f843de4635 %} **Ben Williams (ft J Robinson, C Scott)**\- _The lee Morgan Story_ Album **State of Art** Concord 0888072323414 {% image 9d7c3bc2-a40f-438a-884a-47586f2773aa %} **Lee Morgan** \- _The Lion and the Wolf_ Album **Leeway** Blue Note 8320892 {% image 6bfe2762-a111-4731-a5b7-cb338a48ca88 %} **André Previn (ft Carmen McRae)** \- _Coffee time_ Album **The Subterraneans** Moochin About MOOCHIN02/4 {% image c737de4e-ee4a-4a32-b6d1-0489baa525a1 %} **André Previn** \- _Source No. 1 (Guido's Blackhawk)_ Album **The Subterraneans** Moochin About MOOCHIN02/4 {% image ed272870-72fb-435f-8079-2e7ae54d59bd %} {% bounce 4 13850289-ddf6-4553-ad5c-af107bfbaa47 L%27actualit%C3%A9%20du%20jazz%20%3A%20Christian%20Scott%2C%20New%20Orleans%2C%20quartier%20des%20rebelles %C3%A0%20r%C3%A9%C3%A9couter %} {% bounce 4 015304eb-86fc-4e09-803e-c2ee85d2c6e9 Jazz%20au%20Tr%C3%A9sor%20%3A%20Jazz%20on%20Film%2C%20les%20biopics%201950-57 %C3%A0%20lire%20aussi %} - réalisé par : Fabien Fleurat

Banzzaï 0

Confession - The Doris Kane Case (07-05-53)  

The Doris Kane Case (Aired July 5, 1953)
NBC 30 minutes Sunday at 9:30PM.Cast Paul Frees, James Edwards, Jester Hairston, Jay Loughlin, Jonathan Hole, Mady Norman, Don Brinkley (writer), Michael Samoge (? music), Warren Lewis (script supervisor), Homer Canfield (director), John Wald (announcer). Had a texture and sound not unlike Dragnet, indeed the influence was realized throughout the show. These were true stories of Crime and Punishment, the obvious difference that Dragnet began with the crime while Confession unfolded in reverse order, from the end. Confession was less noisy, it's theme was played on a single piano, but there was still the deadpan dialogue, the thief or killer giving his confession with an air of resignation and defeat. The criminal thus became a stream-of-consciousness narrator, with the action frequently cutting away into drama. "Names were changed to protect the legal rights of the subject" THIS EPISODE: July 5, 1953. NBC network. "The Case Of Doris Kane". Sustaining. Not auditioned. I don't care what she confesses to, just shut up that damn beeper! The system cue has been deleted. Joyce McCluskey, Paul Frees, Virginia Gregg, Sam Edwards, Stacy Harris, Marvin Miller, Warren Lewis (script supervisor), Michael Samoge (music), Homer Canfield (director), John Wald (announcer). 29:31. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Episode 15 - Doris Burke  

Doris Burke is one of the most respected, male or female, in the game of basketball. Her career began as a player at Providence College and is second all-time leader in assists. Her basketball knowledge turned into a life of broadcasting as an analyst for her alma mater. This quickly turned into a sideline reporter, TV analyst, and host of College and NBA TV shows on ESPN and ABC. Chuck and Doris discuss her childhood and path that led her as one of the most trusted voices in the game of basketball.

Doris Lessing (3/3) : Une humaniste  

durée : 00:59:23 - La compagnie des auteurs - par : Matthieu Garrigou-Lagrange - "conteuse épique de l'expérience féminine", Doris Lessing l'est aussi de toutes les injustices. Son oeuvre reflète ses multiples engagements, un temps communiste, singulière féministe, Prix Nobel tardif, Doris Lessing est avant tout une humaniste. - réalisé par : Laurence Millet

Episode 17: Doris From Accounts.  

There were goals all over the shop in the Fantasy Premier League this week, but don’t be complacent – it’s time for a sneaky set of midweek fixtures. Discover how Matt & Dan’s squads have fared in this post-Aguero landscape. Was it a Vardy, Lukaku or Costa captaincy for these chaps? Or perhaps the goal-less, assist-less option of Defoe? (Hint: It’s the latter for one) Are you a Dyson, a Dan, or a Doris? Only one way to find out, have a listen… It’s Gameweek. #fantasyfootball #football #soccer #fantasysoccer #EPL #Humour #UK #premierleague #fantasypremierleague #radio #Gylfi #Doris

FFF 069: Developing A Mindset For Extreme Success & Phenomenal Achievement  – with Ryan Doris  

He’s a champion powerlifter and world-class natural bodybuilder. Ryan Doris knows what it takes to compete and succeed at the highest level. He also completed two Masters degrees at the same time and set-up a very profitable sports supplements company.

In this show Ryan talks about success, hard work, achievement and the monomaniacal focus and desire required to accomplish great goals. We’ll chat about why we should live in the present moment and be grateful but never complacent, why most people don’t really know what they want in life, how to decide if your training is right for you or if you’re forcing yourself to do something you dislike because it’s considered the ‘right thing to do’.

Ryan talks about overcoming setbacks, avoiding distraction and overcoming roadblocks. This is a seriously meaningful episode and it will be quite different from anything you’ve heard on the podcast to date. .

FFF 069: Developing A Mindset For Extreme Success & Phenomenal Achievement - with Ryan Doris is a post from: Food For Fitness



Episode 3  

In this episode we will give you a detailed description of our ship through the desert, our first and only home, our reliable friend and trustworthy companion: Doris. Without Doris we would be like a fish on dry land, hence we felt that a proper introduction was in order. Doris with all her bells and […]

MS 089 Doris Lew: Dialysis, Waiting and Trusting that God is Good  

Doris Lew shares her journey through chronic kidney disease and daily dialysis as a wife, mother, and teacher. She describes her experience of waiting, and how multiple organ donors fell through. Doris encourages us that our circumstances never define God's love for us and how doubt actually builds our faith, all the while affording us the opportunity to come to know and understand that no matter how we feel, God is good, God is wise, and we are never forgotten.


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Beanca Elisabeth Halvorsen om Doris Lessing. En litterær forfølgelse  

Det som starter med nysgjerrighet, utvikler seg til en mangeårig forfølgelse av Doris Lessings liv og verk: Elisabeth Beanca Halvorsen dykker ned i litteraturen og jakter i felten, blant annet i Lessings andre hjemland Zimbabwe. Tre notatbøker flettes sammen til et portrett av en av det forrige århundrets mest markante forfatterpersonligheter i boken 'Doris Lessing. En litterær forfølgelse.' Hør henne i samtale med Janneken Øverland.

DIFpodden #74 – Doris Dunkel-Ramstedt Memorial Express  

TÅG TÅG TÅG! I lördags åkte vi med Doris Dunkel-Ramstedt Memorial Express från Flemingsberg till Liseberg för att se Djurgården Hockey olyckligt åka på torsk mot Frölunda. Resultatet till trots så var det grymt bra drag på tåget både dit … Continued

DIFpodden 0

Doris Dörrie, Film- und Opernregisseurin und Schriftstellerin  

Mit ihrem Film "Männer" wurde Doris Dörrie (Jahrgang 1955) 1985 quasi über Nacht bekannt und brachte damit einen völlig neuen Typ der filmischen Komödie auf den Weg. Gleichzeitig trug sie damit zu einem Aufbruch im deutschen Film bei. Sich selbst hat Doris Dörrie künstlerisch ständig weiter entwickelt. Dabei sind es vor allem Glückssucher, die in ihren Arbeiten eine wesentliche Rolle spielen. Seit 1987 schreibt sie auch höchst erfolgreiche Romane und sorgt mit unkoventionellen Opern-Inszenierungen für Aufsehen.

Doris Wagner - Nicht mehr ich  

Als Doris Wagner mit 19 in ein Kloster eintrat, hoffte sie auf eine schöne Zukunft. Sie wurde Ordensschwester in einer jungen und charismatischen Gemeinschaft. Als sie diese Gemeinschaft 2011 wieder verließ, war sie depressiv, praktisch mittellos und hatte keine sozialen Kontakte mehr. Kein Kontakt zur Familie, kein Brief, der ungelesen ankommt oder geschrieben wird, protokollierte und /oder mitgehörte Telefonate, keine Bücher, keine Zeitungen – Doris Wagner war als junge Nonne in einer geistlichen Gemeinschaft einer totalen Kontrolle unterworfen. Und als sie von einem Priester missbraucht wurde, wurde ihr bedeutet, die Verantwortung läge immer bei den Frauen. 2011 verließ die damals 27jährige die Gemeinschaft, die direkt dem Papst untersteht und die 2001 Papst Benedikt XVI als eine "Familie des geweihten Lebens" anerkannte. Jetzt hat die junge Frau, die heute in Münster in Philosophie promoviert, ein Buch über ihre Zeit als Nonne in dieser Gemeinschaft geschrieben. Mit einem Vorwort des Theologen Prof. Wolfgang Beinert, der zum Kreis der Freunde und Schüler von Papst Benedikt XVI. gehört. In diesem Vorwort unterstreicht Prof. Beinert, dass es die Strukturen der Gemeinschaft sind, die den Missbrauch ermöglicht gemacht haben. Strukturen die es, so schreibt Prof. Beinert, auch in anderen geistlichen Gemeinschaften, die in den letzten Jahrzehnten in der kath. Kirche entstanden sind, gebe.

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