Bridget Jones's Baby ( #audesc #podcast Comedia. Romance 2016)  

País Reino Unido Director Sharon Maguire Guion Emma Thompson, Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer (Personajes: Helen Fielding) Música Craig Armstrong Fotografía Andrew Dunn Reparto Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, James Callis, Celia Imrie, Sally Phillips, Nick Mohammed, Joseph Harmon, Emma Thompson, Jill Buchanan, Attila G. Kerekes, Shonn Gregory, Perry Burke, Billy Totham, Mark Bowsher Sinopsis Después de romper con Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones, con los cuarenta recién cumplidos y soltera de nuevo, decide centrarse en su trabajo y rodearse de antiguos y nuevos amigos. Por una vez en su vida, Bridget parece tenerlo todo bajo control. Pero su vida amorosa toma una nueva dirección cuando conoce a un elegante estadounidense llamado Jack, un galán que tiene todo lo que no tiene el Sr. Darcy. Descubre que está embarazada, pero no sabe a ciencia cierta quién es el padre.

Ykkösaamu: Miten maakuntauudistus vaikuttaa luonnonsuojeluun?: 26.04.2017 09.10  

Hallituksen puoliväliriihen jyviä puivat kansanedustajat Emma Kari (vihr), Sampo Terho (ps) ja Anna-Maja Henriksson (r). Miten käy ympäristöasioiden maakuntahallinnon uudistuksessa? Eri näkökantoja edustavat Juho Korpi ympäristöministeriöstä, Marko Mäki-Hakola MTK:sta sekä Päivi Lundvall Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitosta. Keinoäly asettaa lääkärin ja duunarin samaan rintamaan, sanoo Roope Mokka kolumnissaan. Sakari Kilpelä juontaa.

#138 Bröllop, sambajävlar och att våga må bra  

I sommar gifter sig både Emmas och Siris bror - inte med varandra dock. Vi jämför bröllopskaos, Siri drar BÄSTA raggningslistan, Emma pratar om sin Psykolog och så stället vi oss frågan "Hur ska vi...

Pillerpodden är ett bolag med olika projekt som utgör samma syfte: att bryta tabun kring psykisk ohälsa, bland annat genom föreläsningar.

Attack On Titan S:2 | Soldier E:4 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Attack on Titan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Attack On Titan. In this episode hosts Megan Salinas, Katie Cullen, Alexis Torres, and Emma Fyffe discuss episode 4. ABOUT ATTACK ON TITAN: Many years ago, the last remnants of humanity were forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a […]

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Marine Protection, Vegan Alcoholic Drinks, Healthier Wheat  

More needs to be done to protect vulnerable marine habitats, according to a new report out today. The report, from a cross-party group of MPs, says the government isn't creating enough new protected areas, and isn't policing the existing zones well enough either. Anna Hill talks to Kerry McCarthy MP, one of the members of the committee which wrote the report. Scientists in Norwich explain how they're working to change the glycaemic index of wheat, which could make it a healthier food for us to eat. And Farming Today continues its look at the rise in veganism in the UK. We find out why some alcoholic drinks aren't suitable for vegans. Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Emma Campbell.

The Last Boat  

Tumanbay, the wealthiest city on earth, has been conquered by a brutal religious regime, the followers of Maya. Responsible for rooting out heretics is Barakat (Hiran Abeysekera), a ruthless and uncompromising zealot. As refugees scramble to escape the city, Gregor (Rufus Wright), previously Master of the Palace Guard, has sworn an oath to the new rulers and struggles to survive as the new regime sets about dismantling the city of everything of value. Tumanbay is created by John Dryden and Mike Walker and inspired by the Mamluk slave rulers of Egypt. Original Music by Sacha Puttnam and Jon Ouin Sound Design by Steve Bond Sound Edited by James Morgan and Andreina Gomez Script Edited by Abigail Youngman Produced by Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden Written and Directed by John Dryden A Goldhawk production for BBC Radio 4.

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Betty Mourão recevait Emma Raguin, la directrice artistique et coordinatrice générale du PCMMO- Panorama des cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient pour la 12e édition du 25 avril au 14 mai 2017.

Bobs Burgers S:7 | Zero-Larp Thirty; The Lazer-Inth E:17 & E:18 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Bob’s Burgers edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Adult Swim’s Bob’s Burgers. In this episode hosts Alexis Torres, Emma Fyffe, and Andrew Mena discusses episode 17 & 18. RSS Feed: ABOUT BOB’S BURGERS: Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The […]

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Fördomsprofilen med Emma och David  

Vad säger ditt maniska hårdrockslyssnande om dig som person? Och varför ser du bara komedier på språk du inte själv talar - egentligen? Idag är det dags att analysera er lyssnare utifrån ert kulturintresse. David Urwitz och Emma Engström sitter redo att leverera den fördomsfulla sanningen om ditt liv.


Toby reaches the end of the road, and Emma comes under fire.

Megan Mullally, Being Jane, The impact of TV show Girls  

The two time Emmy Award winning US star Megan Mullally, known best for her role as Karen in the American sitcom Will and Grace, talks about her musical collaboration Nancy and Beth. What's in a name? Jane Garvey talks to Dr Jane Pilcher Associate Professor at the University of Leicester, Jane Brodie an art director and the actor Jane Asher. How should embryos remaining after IVF treatment be dealt with and who should make the decision about what to do with them? Kate and Becky both had IVF and discuss their experience and Juliet Tizzard director of the National Fertility and Embryology Association discusses the medical and ethical considerations. Last Sunday Turkey voted in a referendum. The result was extremely close but President Erdogan's victory has increased his power. He is known for conservative views about women's rights. Emma Sinclair Webb is a senior researcher in Turkey with Human Rights Watch and Elif Shafak is a novelist who lives in the UK discuss the impact his rise may have on women in Turkey. The last ever episode of the American comedy drama Girls aired on British television this week. Girls fans, journalists Pandora Sykes and Simran Hans, talk about its impact. Maintaining dignity when you're receiving hospital treatment can be difficult, but we hear how important it is to remain active as part of your general recovery in hospital. Claire Robinson, co-founder of INGA Wellbeing, has designed gowns for people who need regular hospital treatment and Professor Brian Dolan is behind the End PJ Paralysis Campaign.


Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy star in in Their Finest; a new film about the vital role of movies in Britain during The War. A revival of Christopher Hampton's 1970 play The Philanthropist has opened in London. It features a glittering array of actors best known for their TV work. How well do their skills transfer to the stage? Lisa McInerny won The Bailey's Prize 's for her first novel The Glorious Heresies. Her latest, The Blood Miracles, continues that story with same characters many years older and a little wiser Ashley Bickerton is a painter and sculptor whose work is much admired (and collected) by Damien Hirst, among others. A new exhibition at Hirst's Newport Gallery includes work from throughout Bickertion's career The Hours is a new radio dramatization of Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer winning book inspired by Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway. Starring Rosamund Pike it has the tricky job of maintaining three simultaneous plotlines set in different eras Viv Groskop's guests are Emma Jane Unsworth, Ryan Gilbey and Ekow Eshun. The producer is Oliver Jones.

Personal Finance Show: 21 April 2017  

On this week's Personal Finance Show the team is joined by Rachel Winter, investment manager at Killik & Co. They ask whether you should go for the new three-year NS&I Investment Guaranteed Growth Bond. Its interest rate of 2.2 per cent trumps everything on the high street but it is already lagging the rate of inflation. Should you invest anyway? The team also talks inflation-beating asset allocation and high yields from frontier and emerging markets. Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley explores the income potential and potential hazards of frontier market investing. Finally Emma Agyemang looks at specialist trust Impax Environmental Markets' (IEM). The trust has been shooting the lights out this year but is there a Trump-shaped cloud on the horizon for this green energy flavoured trust?

Alice Wells  

Mum and doctor Alice Wells tells Emma Barnett about the nightmare of discovering that her husband was a paedophile – and that he’d abused their daughter.

Hen perches, NZ Dairy farmers, Dry weather  

Free-range egg producers are claiming that some of them will be put out of business by the RSPCA's decision to change the rules on its "Freedom Food" standards. The British Free Range Egg Producers Association says the change is unnecessary and could actually be worse for the welfare of the birds. Charlotte Smith talks to its chief executive, Robert Gooch. The last six months have been the driest winter period for twenty years. It's left arable famers keeping their fingers crossed for rain. Charlotte hears from one farmer, as he surveys his field of milling wheat in Oxfordshire. And Farming Today continues its series looking at the farming industry in New Zealand, with a visit to a dairy farm on North Island. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Emma Campbell.

Joan Bakewell, 2017 Proms, The Zookeeper's Wife  

In 1978 Harold Pinter sent Joan Bakewell a copy of his new play Betrayal. Upon reading it she discovered that it was based with vivid accuracy on an affair they'd had years earlier and which had remained a secret. Shocked and bewildered she wrote her own play in response. Keeping In Touch has been hidden away ever since, but is now being broadcast on Radio 4, reworked. Joan Bakewell talks to Kirsty about the play, Betrayal and her changing relationship with both. Yesterday Emma Rice, the Artistic Director of Shakespeare's Globe in London, posted an open letter on the theatre's own website addressed to the future Artistic Director. The post is being advertised after Emma Rice announced her departure last October - a decision which was apparently sparked by her use of artificial lights and sound. The open letter is just the latest in an ongoing saga that's been evolving off-stage at the theatre so, with the Bard's birthday just days away, literary critic Matt Thorne helps us to untangle a drama that Shakespeare himself might have been proud of. David Pickard took up his role as Director of the BBC Proms last year. He joins Kirsty to announce highlights of this year's season, including the first Front Row commission, and to discuss the intricacies of putting on the world's largest classical music festival. New film The Zookeeper's Wife is a based on a true story of Antonina Żabińska and her husband Jan who ran the Warsaw Zoo and who during the Nazi occupation helped save hundreds of people and animals. The film stars Jessica Chastain and is directed by Niki Caro. Larushka Ivan-Zadeh reviews.

Front Row 0

Bonus: Five tips I wish I’d known when I started  

Emma Sexton, founder of visual design agency Make Your Words Work, shares five top tips she wish she’d known when she started her business – with thoughts on presentation, mindset and efficiency. To hear more from Emma, check out our previous episode in conversation with June Sarpong and Jyoti Matoo from Voir Fashion Magazine. And to find out about how NatWest’s team can help you on your road to business success, just search ‘NatWest Women In Business’.

Avsnitt 75: Emma Forsén  

Veckans avsnitt av Tyngre Träningssnack fokuserar på ätstörningar inom idrotten. Gäst för dagen är psykologen Emma Forsén som precis håller på att avsluta sin avhandling kring självbild och ätstörningar samtidigt som hon arbetar med att försöka förebygga ätstörningar inom idrotten.

I det här avsnittet får du lära dig vad olika ätstörningar innefattar och vi har också en längre diskussion kring den ganska nya termen ortorexi och vad det innefattar i olika sammanhang.

Du får även veta lite kring riskfaktorer för ätstörningar och hur man eventuellt kan arbeta för att minska risken för att man ska få någon som är i riskzonen att råka illa ut.


00:00:00 Introduktion av Emma Forsén 00:06:15 Fungerar prevention inom området ätstörningar? 00:07:35 Studier mot ätstörning som utförs genom internetbaserade interventioner 00:12:00 Emmas avhandling med fokus på självbild och ätstörningar 00:14:05 Hos unga tjejer är kropp och vikt en stor del i hur man värderar sig själv 00:15:15 Personer med ätstörning utvärderar sig själva nästan uteslutande utifrån hur deras ätstörning går 00:16:15 Vad pratar man om när man diskuterar ätstörningar? 00:18:15 Hur värderar personer med ätstörningar sig själva inom helt andra områden? 00:21:25 Hur vanligt är det med ätstörningar idag jämfört med förr? 00:22:50 Riskfaktorer för ätstörningar 00:27:30 Emmas andra studie kring självkritik och självacceptans 00:30:20 Med ålder så minskar förhållandet mellan synen på en själv och ens kropp 00:35:05 Ätstörningen som en egen persons hos personer med ätstörning 00:46:00 Kan man likna ätstörningen vid en person som personen med ätstörning anknyter till? 00:48:00 Kan ätstörningar ge en dålig självbild likt dålig självbild kan bidra till en ätstörning? 00:49:45 Hur vanligt är ätstörningar rent procentuellt? 00:52:50 Sverige ligger efter flera länder när det gäller arbetet kring ätstörningar inom idrotten 00:54:40 Fokusera på det positiva med träning som inte berör kroppens utseende mer 00:58:05 Personer som är fysiskt aktiva är mer nöjda med sina kroppar än övriga 01:00:00 Hur förhåller man sig som ledare till kroppsideal inom idrotten? 01:02:30 Hur fångar man upp personer i riskzonen? 01:06:10 Förvirring kring begreppet ortorexi 01:09:10 Studier på ortorexi 01:11:10 Finns det något behov av den svenska betydelsen för ortorexi? 01:12:55 Vet man vilken effekt alla uteslutningsdieter har på känsliga individer? 01:19:45 Går det att minska på antalet personer som får ätstörningar? 01:21:25 Hur många blir bra från sin ätstörning?
Judge Dhir, Birthplans, Princess Diana  

Judge Anuja Ravindra Dhir has become the first non-white judge to be appointed at the Old Bailey, as well as being the youngest circuit judge currently sitting at the Central Criminal Courts in London. She joins Jenni to talk about the barriers she's faced as well as the acts of kindness that have motivated her throughout her career. Diana, Princess of Wales' outfits are being showcased in Kensington Palace's exhibition 'Diana: Her Fashion Story.' We take a look at the black silk evening dress she wore in 1994 and then sold at auction in 1997. Georgina Hewes is joined by curator Eleri Lynn, and former confidante and stylist to the Princess, Anna Harvey. In the next of our Going Home series, reporter Ena Miller talks to a close family friend who she calls 'auntie' Mercy Fiamanya. Mercy lives in Glasgow, but has yearnings for her birth home, Ghana so she packs her bags and takes her family back to Africa, but that isn't the end of the story. After Turkey's referendum on Sunday, President Erdogan could now have the right to rule until 2029 and his power, if he wins the 2019 election would be unprecedented. He is known to have conservative views about women's rights, so what impact might his rise and rise have on women in Turkey? Elif Shafak is a novelist who now lives in the UK. Emma Sinclair Webb is a senior Turkey researcher with Human Rights Watch and is based in Istanbul. When writing a birthplan, mums-to-be may consider giving birth at home or in a hospital, a hypnobirth, waterbirth, alternative therapies or medical intervention, drugs and pain relief. But with so many choices and so many variables, is there any point in writing one at all? Jenni discusses what women need to know with midwife Bridget Sheeran author of "Preparing for Birth." Presenter: Jenni Murray.


Emma sets her sights on the future, and Anisha oversteps the mark.

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