#035 Eric Barker on How Your Personality Can Sabotage Your Success  

Eric Barker is redefining the rules of success. Leaving behind an illustrious career as a screenwriter for Disney and Fox, Eric turned his passion for fact-finding into one of the most popular blogs on the Internet. His insatiable curiosity drives him to question everything and, in turn, publish science-based insights that reveal real and usable secrets to success. He’s spoken on these secrets at prestigious institutions like West Point, Yale and MIT and his work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and Business Insider. Watch Eric Barker explain why everything you know about success is (mostly) wrong in this jam-packed episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


“Peer pressure affects us our entire lives. We are always influenced by our context and by the people around us. The biggest danger is we don’t realize it.” [15:50]

“It’s so hard to bring up your weaknesses. You see much greater gains by trying to double-down on your strengths.” [19:41]

“Work’s not work if you enjoy it.” [22:56]

“We’ve all had successes; we’ve all had failures. But which ones do we choose to define ourselves by?” [31:57]

“If you have trouble changing your story, first change your behavior.” [36:42]

“The more stuff you quit that isn’t delivering value to your life, the more resources, time, and energy you have to really become good at something.” [39:06]



Eric speaks out about why feeling powerless at work can kill you. [3:55]
Tom and Eric discuss the “prisoner’s dilemma” and whether nice guys still finish last. [7:07]
Eric talks about behavioral strategies and lengthening the shadow of the future. [12:02]
Eric offers advice to those who are givers in every area of life. [15:01]
Eric debunks how bad behaviors can be good in the right context. [18:00]
Tom and Eric go deep on what drives him and how he’s reinvented himself. [22:16]
Eric explains why the Navy’s research shows self-talk was a critical component of their training. [26:21]
Eric speaks on the power of personal narrative and the evolving story of the self. [30:18]
Eric addresses why stories are edited and inaccurate and why your story follows your behavior. [33:53]
Tom and Eric dive into knowing when to quit and how to manifest your dreams. [38:39]
Eric describes how to use little bets to develop passion and asking questions to spark curiosity. [43:22]
Eric reveals three keys to producing great content and uncovers the struggle with happiness. [47:22]
Eric breaks down work-life balance and the four things that everyone needs to consider in life. [52:02]
Eric defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [54:38]
Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong - [0:57]
Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries - [43:28]


20 VC: Running Lerer Hippeau Ventures Like A Startup with Eric Hippeau, Managing Partner @ Lerer Hippeau Ventures  
Eric Hippeau is a Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau Ventures. He is the chairman of RebelMouse and co-founder of NowThis Media. Previously, Eric was the Chief Executive Officer of The Huffington Post and a Special Partner at Softbank Capital, where he served as Managing Partner. Prior to Softbank Capital, Eric was Chairman and CEO of Ziff-Davis, which was the largest media company serving the technology sector. He serves on the Board of various private and public companies, including Buzzed & Starwood Hotels and Resorts. A special thank you to Mattermark for providing all the data displayed in today's show and you can find out more about Mattermark here!    In Today's Episode You Will Learn:   1.) How did Eric make his way into the world of tech and venture? 2.) Question from Eric Paley: How does Eric compare the role of VC to the role of operator and does Eric think each draws on the same skills and strengths? 

3.) What does Eric think makes a great VC and what makes a great operator? Are there any commonalities in the individuals he has come across?

4.) Eric reveals the best pitches he has seen and what made them so effective and flips the coin to discuss the worst pitches and what not to do when pitching a VC?

5.) Eric has made many investments in adtech and content, an area most VCs are hesitant of. So why are VCs hesitant of this space and why does Eric think he and Ken have been able to master it and produce great returns?

6.) With Eric's experience as CEO at Huffington Post, how does Eric view the changes to the media landscape and what are his predictions and concerns for the next few years?


Items Mentioned In Today's Episode: Eric's Fave Book: The Lord of The Rings Eric's Fave Blog or Newsletter: Strictly VCDan Primack: Termsheet Eric's Most Recent Investment: The Drone Racing League As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VCHarry and Eric on Twitter here! If you would like to see a more colourful side to Harry with many a mojito session, you can follow him on Instagram here!    Free Ebook: How to boost your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) by over 100%   Have you ever wanted to know who someone is simply from an email address? 
With Loyalty Bay's Super Users product now you can. Simply input an email address and it will go off and find publicly available profile information i.e. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc for that email address. This is incredibly powerful in building a richer data profile on your users for marketers and business development people alike. Free 30 day Trial. Check out    


BoW Mailbag Overrun: Samoa Joe v Brock Lesnar, Eric As A Ref, Religion In Pro Wrestling, Hulk & Eric In TNA, More  

In this Bischoff on Wrestling Mailbag Overrun special Eric answers a variety of fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag. Some of the topics that Eric discusses include: - What key performance indicator pro wrestling should be measured by now - If Eric thinks finishers have been overly devalued - Eric's thoughts on the times he had to be a referee - Why Kanyon was repacked after Mortis but Glacier was not - How Eric would have booked a feud between Sting and The Rock back in 2001 - Who Eric would most like to interview - Why Bret Hart was underutilized in WCW - Whether Eric and Hulk clashed with Vince Russo in TNA - If Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar is the best pure matchup since the Attitude Era - Key Lime Pie vs Carrot Cake? - Whether Eric will do an all AWA episode - Why Bobby The Brain was fired from WCW - If there is anyone Eric is intimidated by - Where Eric was on 9/11 - Whether religion is too taboo of a subject to be used in pro wrestling - Who Eric would have put in the Hulk Hogan role in the NWO if Hulk hadn't taken it - David Milch - Eric's favorite pro wrestling championship design - What new music Eric is listening to - What Eric and Vince Russo were implying when they came up with the line about "the good old boys network" - Whether Jakks has ever contact Eric about being included in the Jakks classic Superstar line - More...

124: Perform Under Pressure Like a Navy Seal Sniper with Eric Davis  

Today I am very excited to announce our guest, Eric Davis.  Eric Davis served our country as a US Navy SEAL and decorated veteran of the War on Global Terror. He’s been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the US military and served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL Sniper school. In fact, Eric trained both Marcus Luttrel and Chris Kyle, who you might know from the books and movies Lone Survivor and American Sniper.

Eric is an expert in technical and physical surveillance and was part of an elite group hand-selected to perform intelligence collection in some of the scariest places in the world.

He spent years developing and writing curriculum for the SEAL teams and was instrumental in reducing the failure rate of the SEAL Sniper course. And we’ll discuss how golf had a big influence on how he did this.

Since his time in the SEALS teams, Eric has become a speaker, educator, and coach in the world of corporate performance and leadership training. He is the author of “Raising Men: Lessons Navy Seals learned from their training and taught to their sons” and his upcoming book and project: “Habits of Heroes: Being the Hero in Your Own Life”

Eric Davis’ Background

Eric has been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the U.S. military and has served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL sniper school in Coronado, CA.
Eric was instrumental in significantly reducing the failure rate, of Naval Special Warfare’s internationally recognized Sniper course.
Since departing from the SEAL teams, Eric has worked in corporate performance, sales and leadership training bringing an unprecedented amount of innovation, efficiency and structure to the domain of business and personal performance.

Highlights from this Episode

What started Eric’s journey into the military, the Navy SEALS, and to become one of the most successful sniper instructors in history.
Eric’s approach to ‘mental management’, and how anyone can apply it to just about any aspect of life, including golf.
Eric tells the story and methods of a prisoner of war who was held captive for six years, and came out of it to shoot par on his very first hole just days after getting out.
We talk about the feeling a sniper gets when they are about to take a shot, and how to not let emotions take over when they need to focus. This can also apply to helping a golfer making a putt (in a less pressure-filled context obviously!)
What people can do if they don’t have a great self-image.
Eric quotes a study that contrasts people who are told they are ‘smart’ vs people who are told they’re hard workers. The difference in how people act after hearing this information is very interesting.
The importance of habits.
The Trifecta of Performance
Eric explains the importance of a Contingency Plan and how that was a major focus that the SEALS had for every mission and decision.
Why people should prioritize recreation, diet, exercise, recovery etc. Most people only allow themselves to do these things once they’ve finished their ‘work’. Eric is of the opinion that people should reverse these, because they lead to a much more productive work day.

Caddy Shack or Happy Gilmore?
Caddy Shack
Where is the scariest place you’ve ever been?
Between a helicopter and the rope that I was jumping onto, without being attached to anything.
What’s the longest shot you or a student has ever made?
 1 mile.
What’s your mission as you move forward in your career?
Producing a strategic training group, to pull people out of the entertainment/information void, and into the trenches.
Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?
Tiger Woods at Augusta
Where to find Eric Davis:


Ep 46: Eric's Response To Something To Wrestle's Eric Bischoff-WWE Episode  

This week's episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features Eric and Nick taking an in-depth look at the recent Something To Wrestle With episode about Eric and his time in WWE. Including: - What he'd have done differently when he had to "sell a broom" to Vince McMahon - Whether or not he considers himself a "wrestling person" or an "entertainment producer" - Hulk Hogan's feelings about Vince McMahon when he was negotiating with Eric to come to WCW - If Eric believes that WWE would have stooged off the WCW results if the roles had been reversed - Vince preferring the narrative of "McMahon vs Turner" over "McMahon vs Bischoff" - The talk about bringing Eric into WWE to be part of the invasion angle - What he remembers about "wanting to put Vince McMahon out of business" - WWE's attitude towards him as a creative mind - Who Eric most enjoyed seeing backstage at his WWE RAW debut - The truth behind Ric Flair "attacking Eric" backstage when he came to WWE - How Eric became friends with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis - Eric's thoughts when "Hot Lesbian Action" was pitched to him - Whether Eric would have liked the Billy & Chuck angle to have ended differently - The experience of kissing Linda McMahon in front of Vince - More... Eric also takes a few minutes at the end of the show to give his thoughts on a few of the top pro wrestling news stories of the week. Including: - Samoa Joe as the #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Championship - Road Dogg as the creative force on Smackdown Live - The rumors that Hulk Hogan may be returning to WWE as an ambassador You can find a special Bischoff on Wrestling Overrun on featuring Eric chatting with former WWE Superstar Steve Lombardi (aka the Brooklyn Brawler). Some of the topics they discuss include: - Lombardi's upcoming book about his over thirty year career in WWE - Eric's debut in WWE - Lombardi's memories of growing up on the streets of Brooklyn - Vince McMahon as a commentator - What it takes to be a great enhancement talent - Why work rate does not always equal drawing power - Who the best finish men are in WWE - Shane and Stephanie McMahon - The future of the pro wrestling business - Backstage ribs - Vince McMahon's loyalty - More...

Ep 45: Table For 3 w/ Cornette & Hayes, Stooges In WCW, Why Eric Dislikes Russo, 'Cool Heels', More  

This week's episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features Eric and Nick taking an in-depth look at his recent WWE Network Table For 3 special with Jim Cornette and Michael PS Hayes. Including: - What it was like being on set with Jim Cornette after the terrible things Jim has said about him - If Eric was familiar with why Jim didn't like him - How Eric dealt with backstage "stooges" in WCW - Why he hates Vince Russo - What the independent pro wrestling scene was like when Eric launched the WCW Power Plant - What other concepts from WCW Eric is proud of - If Eric feels responsible for the "cool heel" - Whether Roman Reigns can be a real old school heel - More... Eric then answers questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag regarding: - Whose promos Eric enjoyed listening to the most in WCW - How he would have ended the nWo angle - If there was ever a push in WCW to do business deals, recruit talent or do live events in Puerto Rico - If it's true WCW's PPV profits went to Time Warner and not WCW - Whether featuring Eric backstage before the "shocking" hug with Vince on RAW took away from his debut - The idea of a tag team Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Hulk Hogan's hair peace at Halloween Havoc 96 - If undefeated streaks mean less now than before - Why the proposed WCW deal with NBC in late 98 didn't work out - More... You can find a special Bischoff on Wrestling Overrun on featuring Eric chatting his longtime friend and former WCW Performer Sonny Onoo. Some of the topics they discuss include: - How Sonny turned Eric onto sushi - Why it's weird getting older and going to strip clubs - Their memories from their bizarre trip to North Korea for The Collision In Korea w/ Muhammad Ali - Why Eric thinks WWE will never released The Collision In Korea on the WWE Network - Sonny's take on NJPW expanding into the United States and what Japanese wrestling fans want - Vince Russo eliminating Japanese wrestlers from WCW TV and the subsequent lawsuit that Sonny was apart of - Eric as a kickboxer and why other kickboxers were scared of him - If Sonny thinks Eric could have taken Vince McMahon in a fight - Sonny's recent trip to the NJPW offices - More...

How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer. My guest on today's podcast, Eric Remensperger, has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. He is a partner at a major law firm, Proskauer, where he heads up the West Coast real estate practice. But that’s not the most interesting part. Eric is also a major-league biohacker who has cured himself of cancer. I first met Eric at the PaleofX conference last May, and you may have seen his “daily shake” ingredients which appeared at the end of a blog I posted in July of last year entitled “6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes”... I ran into Eric again in December at the Runga event in Costa Rica, where he told me an incredible story about how his life had changed. In a nutshell, his decades long obsession with health and wellness hit the fastlane when he was diagnosed last spring with stage IV prostate cancer (with a Gleason score of 9), and as a result of that he did an incredibly deep dive into the science behind cancer and the various treatment protocols, some of which I’m sure we’ll get into on the podcast. For those of you who are concerned about cancer, or have been touched by it, I think you will find this a very interesting conversation. As a non-health-care professional who has gone from stage IV metastatic cancer to full remission, Eric can speak freely about his experiences and what he has learned (and continues to learn) about the theories on the causes of cancer and the premises behind the various treatment modalities. His goal is to assist those who wish to take charge of their own care by providing the information needed to better assist them in working with their doctors and healthcare professionals to find the best path to manage the disease by shifting from “cancering” to the body’s natural state of “healing”. Eric lives in Santa Monica, CA, where he is an advanced yogi and a health nut. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Eric went from a cigarette-smoking, divorced lawyer to a complete yogi enthusiast and health nut, far before he found out he had cancer...[10:22] -The one book that stood out from the 21 books Eric read in the 14 days after discovering he had cancer...[24:05] -How "Qi" stagnation and emotional issues can cause cancer...[28:50] -The fascinating experiments by Wilhelm Reich in which he discovered something called "bions" that can precede cancer...[42:00] -The way that quantum physics and vibrational energies can allow you to believe yourself into a state of sickness (and vice versa)...[49:20] -The importance difference between nutritional ketosis and therapeutic ketosis...[52:25] -What Eric discovered about deuterium depletion and it's link to cancer...[54:25] -The one pharmaceutical anti-fungal drug that Eric takes and recommends looking into for anyone who has cancer...[57:40] -Why Eric swears by a one-two combo of hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy via rectal insufflation for killing cancer cells...[59:05] -Why Eric completely shut down his testosterone levels and chemically castrated himself...[66:45] -The role of apricot pits and wormwood toxins for shutting down cancer cells...[71:10] -The Pau D' Arco tea blend that both Ben and Eric drink every day to support their mitochondria and cellular health...[74:00] -Why sunlight is crucial to producing something called "GcMAF", a crucial component of your immune system...[76:42] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -Eric's Quest to Cure Cancer website -6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes -Book: Tripping Over The Truth - The Metabolic Theory Of Cancer -Book: Bion Experiments by Wilhelm Reich -Book: The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich -Book: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender -Podcast: Podcast On Fixing Your Mitochondria With Dr. Joe Mercola -Podcast: Why You've Been Lied To About Cancer & What You Can Do About It -Podcast: The Mold-Cancer Link, Resetting Your Nervous System, Dry Fasting, Nanonutrients & More With Ian Clark Article: Do Muscle Building Supplements Really Cause Cancer? Article: Why You Get Cancer And What You Can Do About It Article: Did Lebron James’ Cell Phone Give Him Mouth Cancer? -Deuterium-depleted water Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Eric or me? Leave your comments at and one of us will reply!

20VC: Kleiner Perkins GP, Eric Feng on How The Best Funds Use Tech and Data To Find Companies, Why Entrepreneurs Start The Fire and VCs Add The Rocket Fuel & Why Consumer Is Harder Than Ever Today  

Eric Feng is a Partner @ Kleiner Perkins, one of the world's leading venture capital firms with prior investments in the likes of Google, Amazon, Snapchat, Uber, Twitter and more. At Kleiner Eric focuses on consumer and incubation with his current being his co-founding role with Packagd, the startup building a family of apps offering a new mobile shopping experience. Packagd recently raised a $6m Series A led by Forerunner and GV. Prior to KPCB, Eric held the role of CTO at both Flipboard and Hulu.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Eric made his way into venture, all thanks to the help of Al Gore and Kleiner Perkins?

2.) What does Eric believe are the 2 opposing views of VCs? What side does it sit on? Has he always sat on that side? What was it that changed his mind?

3.) Why does Eric think consumer today is harder than ever before? How does the incumbency issue with regards to distribution affect Eric's thinking? Why does Eric believe we have never seen incumbents as strong as those of today?

4.) Why does Eric believe consumer companies are binary? How does this affect his attitude to price sensitivity? How does this influence his ownership requirements?

5.) How are VC funds building and using their own data platforms to find the best startups? Are we seeing the start of VC funds being disrupted by technology? What advantages does using this technology have?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Eric’s Fave Book: Adventures in The Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood

Eric’s Fave Blog: TechMeme

Eric’s Most Recent Investment: Hollar

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The Marketing Tasks Eric and Neil Do Every Day | Ep. #311  

In Episode #311, Eric and Neil discuss the marketing tasks they do daily. Tune in to know what Eric and Neil do every day and how these habits contribute to their success.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: The Marketing Tasks Eric and Neil Do Every Day 00:36 – The big thing that Neil does is post on social media 00:49 – Neil also responds to comments from Social Web and Social Profiles 00:59 – Neil looks into Google Console to track posts that are declining in views and clicks 01:07 – He will then update those posts and content and they will go back to where they were 01:27 – Eric is trying to work on the business more 01:44 – Eric is working on creating content 01:58 – Eric also checks his Google Console and track his posts’ ranking 02:33 – You do NOT have to do exactly what Eric and Neil are doing 02:35 – Eric also has a lot of one-on-one time with the team to see where he can help 02:48 – Eric checks the interns campaigns and coaches them if needed 03:09 – Neil reads marketing blogs and keeps himself updated on the industry trends 03:15 – Neil also responds to Quora’s questions 03:54 – The biggest hack for Eric is listening to marketing podcasts daily 04:04 – Eric recommends listening to Growth Everywhere and Digital Marketing Podcast 04:21 – There’s so much consumption you can do but you need to produce, too 04:48 – Eric and Neil both try to continue to level up and build a flywheel that continues to go 05:12 – Build all the pieces, hire the right people, put in the right processes and start to build the flywheel 05:20 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Keep yourself updated in the industry that you’re in. Tracking your post’s analytics does not have to be done daily, but needs to be checked constantly to assess if you need to update. Learning is useless without application.

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How to Keep Track of Emerging Trends in Your Industry | Ep. #255  

In Episode #255, Eric and Neil discuss how to keep track of emerging trends in your industry. Tune in to learn why networking is of the utmost importance when it comes to being up to date with the latest trends and tools. You’ll also find out what blogs and social media platforms Eric and Neil use to stay on top of their game.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Keep Track of Emerging Trends in Your Industry 00:37 – Eric looks at Feedly to take their RSS feeds and segment them 00:52 – When Eric wakes up, he’s puts them into Pocket which is his “read later” tool 01:02 – Looking at the headlines in the morning gives Eric an idea on what is going on and gets his brain moving 01:23 – Neil uses Twitter 01:31 – It is still a great tool to know the latest in your industry 01:49 – Follow the people within your industry 01:59 – For Twitter, Eric uses Tweetbot 02:29 – Eric likes Twitter because when something big happens, it will trend easily 03:03 – Listen to different podcasts in your industry 03:24 – The new tactics and trends can be easily shared through podcasts 03:59 – Eric and Neil discuss with each other what they are doing and their results 04:30 – Eric and Neil are doing this with other people in their space 04:35 – “If you’re not networking with people, you’re not going to be ahead of them” 04:40 – Eric had a chat with Sean Ellis of Growth Hacker 04:52 – Shawn shares why he started Growth Hacker 05:04 – If you meet with other people, you can build relationships 05:18 – Eric shares when he went to the Traffic and Conversion Conference 05:25 – One of Neil’s business partners connected with one of Eric’s friends 06:16 – Make sure you reciprocate 06:28 – Eric enjoys looking at Venture Capital blogs like CB Insights, Mattermark and Crunchbase 07:03 – It can give you an idea of where things are going, in general 07:13 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Twitter might be dead, but it is still a good platform to know what is currently happening in your space. Networking with people in your industry builds relationships and helps you stay updated on the latest news and trends. You will learn more if you reciprocate.

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20VC: Venture Capital Is One Hell Of A Drug, What VCs Expect From Founders Once They Have Raised & Why Customers Validate Your Business Not Venture Capital with Eric Paley, Managing Partner @ Founder Collective  

Eric Paley is the Managing Partner at Founder Collective, one of the world’s most successful seed funds with investments in the likes of UberHunch, Makerbot and Prior to Founder Collective, Eric was the Co-Founder and CEO of Brontes Technologies, later acquired by 3M for $95m. Following it’s acquisition Eric began making angel investments and it was not long before Eric and David, ‘super angel’ at the time, saw the potential for a Founder First seed fund and Founder Collective was born.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Eric made his move into the wonderful world of venture from founding Brontes Technologies?

2.) How does raising VC money affect the founders in both the long term and the short term? How does it alter exit expectations and time horizons?

3.) How does raising VC money affect startup management and burn rates? At what time is it too late to cut the burn? When should this moment of realisation be?

What are Eric's rough expectations of valuation uptick based upon VC funding? How does Eric approach the bridge round? What metrics are required for Eric to think it is an acceptable round? Is it merely a case of failing to hit Series A metrics?

5.) Does Eric believe VCs really need $Bn exits to succeed? What is the math behind it? How should founders think of exits with the investors hat on? What does Eric make of the rise of mega funds?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Eric’s Most Recent Investment: Crayon

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Ep 13 feat. James Ellsworth & Court Bauer: Goldberg's Return, Corgan Suing TNA, More  

Bischoff on Wrestling 10.19.16 Host: Eric Bischoff Co-host: Nick Hausman Guests: Court Bauer & James Ellsworth Welcome to former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast! This week’s show kicks off with Eric talking about Bill Goldberg's return to WWE and the emotional reaction he received from the fans. Nick and Eric then discuss some more top pro wrestling news stories including: - Billy Corgan suing TNA and all of the other drama surrounding TNA at the moment - Mick Foley teasing that Sasha Banks and Charlotte could headline Hell in a Cell - Linda McMahon's $6 million donation to the Donald J. Trump Foundation Eric then welcomes his first guest for this week MLW's Court Bauer. During Court's appearance the two discuss: - The rise of the pro wrestling podcast - What pro wrestling fans want from pro wrestling podcasts - The brief period of time that Court and Eric were working for WWE at the same time - Eric infamously getting dropped in a garbage truck by Vince McMahon - Court’s memories of Eric backstage and watching him chat with Paul Heyman - The time that Eric really disappointed Vince McMahon -More… After Court Bauer's interview Eric then answers some questions from fans that were submitted on Twitter using the hashtag #BischoffOnWrestling. Following the mail bag segment Eric then welcomes his second guest to the show, James Ellsworth. James chats candidly with Eric about: - His time on the independent pro wrestling scene - Running his own wrestling promotion and the meaningful work he does outside of pro wrestling - What it was like to work with AJ Styles in the main event of Smackdown in a WWE World Championship match - Fans’ concerns that he may have hurt his neck taking the Styles Clash from AJ in their first bout - His reaction to getting his own TitanTron video, theme music and t-shirt - Vince McMahon's reaction backstage after his WWE World Championship match with AJ Styles - What Dean Ambrose was like to work with -More… Eric then wraps the show up with his final thoughts for the week. Don’t forget to subscribe to Bischoff on Wrestling for free on iTunes This episode of Bischoff on Wrestling is brought you by: Blue Apron- You can get THREE FREE MEALS with FREE SHIPPING on by using the promo code: ERICB Dollar Shave Club- You can get YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE by going to #EricBischoff #BischoffOnWrestling #NickHausman #CourtBauer #MLW #Goldberg #JamesEllsworth #WWE #TNA #LindaMcMahon #DonaldTrump #VinceMcMahon #Smackdown #AJStyles #DeanAmbrose #BillyCorgan

Should You Throw Live Events? | Ep. #404  

In Episode #404, Eric and Neil discuss whether or not you should throw live events. Live events are excellent opportunities to expand your network. Tune in to learn why Eric throws his live events and dinners monthly and the reason he does them for FREE.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: Should You Throw Live Events? 00:39 – Live events can serve a broad audience and can be a lot cheaper 00:51 – Eric throws live events in LA 01:06 – Eric has a “happy hour” event once a month with his small group of marketers and entrepreneurs 01:13 – The purpose is just to get people together 01:32 – Eric has generated revenue from his live events which are free for the attendees 01:41 – Eric received a $120K deal from one of his events where he only spent around $12K to organize it 02:03 – Eric has done two live events every month for the past seven months 02:16 – Eric has learned a lot from his live events 02:26 – The invited guests are targeted 03:10 – Jayson Gaignard of Mastermind Talks will give you a template for how to throw live events and a mastermind dinner 03:26 – “When you’re inviting people, you want to make sure that everyone’s on the same level” 03:47 – You can use revenue as part of the criteria for who are invited; that’s what EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization) and YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) do 04:02 – Eric has two sets of dinners: one for marketers and one for entrepreneurs 04:19 – The main reason Eric has live events is NOT to generate customers 04:45 – The highest ROI Eric made was from these dinners 05:00 – You can consider charging people because they tend to take it more seriously if they spend money on it 05:25 – Eric usually has maximum of 9 people during the dinners to make it really intimate and 25-30 for happy hour 05:55 – Marketing School is giving away a free 1 year subscription of Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool 06:35 – Go to for multiple entries 06:45 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Target your guests for your live events—make sure people are on the same level so everyone can benefit from one another. You can offer free live events, but consider charging so people will take the event more seriously. Don’t focus on the money that you can generate from your events, focus on the value that you can get from it.

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The Top Marketing Tools that Eric and Neil Use to Run Their Businesses | Ep. #239  

In Episode #239, Eric and Neil discuss the top marketing tools that they both use to run their businesses. Tune in as they list the marketing tools that help their ships run smoothly so that you can know which tools are worth incorporating into your daily business operations.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: The Top Marketing Tools that Eric and Neil Use to Run Their Businesses 00:50 – Drip is Eric’s email service provider 01:10 – Go to to get their free plan 01:16 – Eric can’t live without Leadpages 01:47 – Hubstaff is Eric’s team time tracking tool 02:05 – Eric uses Slack with different integration tools 02:24 – Zapier has also been very helpful for Eric’s team 02:59 – Neil’s team uses Google Analytics and they use it daily 03:17 – For emails, Neil uses Infusionsoft and they paid a consultant to help them figure out how to use it 03:34 – Neil also uses Plus This within the Infusionsoft campaign 03:45 – Neil’s team also use Ahrefs on a daily basis 03:55 – Buzzsumo helps Neil’s team figure out topics they can write about 04:00 – Buffer is used for social media scheduling 04:32 – Eric’s team relies on Google Tag Manager 05:15 – Edgar allows Eric’s team to schedule their social media posts 05:46 – Eric’s team uses AdEspresso and Ads Editor for their ads 06:05 – Eric and Neil both use EverWebinar 06:12 – PicSnippets helps Neil with his email images 06:28 – Neil uses SEMrush a lot, too 06:41 – Neil shares how he tracks his ranking in other countries 07:23 – Google “how to search on Google UK” while in the USA 07:35 – Adbeat is where you can check how well your competitors are doing with their ads 08:09 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Leverage the tools that make things easier and more organized for your team. Find which tools suit your needs well—you also don’t want to overcomplicate things. Staying on top of your business is of the utmost importance—it’s worth it to invest time, energy, and resources into the tools that will help you do this.

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Ep 22 feat. Al Snow & Garett Bischoff: WWE's International Expansion Ambitions, More  

This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling starts with a surprise appearance from Eric’s son and pro wrestler Garett Bischoff! Nick & Garett kick off his surprise appearance by discussing what it was like to be a middle schooler and high schooler as Eric Bischoff’s son. They also discuss what Garett’s initial introduction to the TNA locker room was like. Eric then opens up the discussion to talk about Garett’s current occupation working in firearms technology at the Sonoran Desert Institute. You can find out more about SDI by visiting Nick then introduces the new Bischoff on Wrestling pro wrestling business “topic of the week”. In light of WWE’s newly announced UK championship and tournament Eric breaks down how he could see WWE’s international expansion rolling out. Including his worry for the international independent pro wrestling scene and the idea of holding an eventual “World Cup of Wrestling”. Eric then welcomes his guest for the week former WWE Superstar Al Snow. Al chats with Eric about: - Breaking in to the business and why Al didn’t want to work with Sailor White - Ole Anderson’s notoriously stiff style and Eric’s memories of Blackjack Mulligan knocking Ole out - Al’s earliest memories of the Undertaker and why he thought he would succeed - The transition Al made from the “old school style” to the “WWE style” - Marty Jannetty’s desire to respect The Rockers’ legacy while Al was working with him as part of The New Rockers - The origins of “Head” - Eric’s respect for Al’s ring psychology - What heat is - More… Once Al’s interview wraps up Eric moves on to his new segment “Playing In The Dirt” where he takes a look back at headlines from pro wrestling dirt sheets from different points in his career. This week Eric comments on headlines from April 1994 pertaining to Hulk Hogan’s speculated contract signing and whether or not Eric was trying to sign Brian Pillman and Steve Austin Eric then closes the show by answering some fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag. Don’t forget to subscribe to Bischoff on Wrestling for free on iTunes #EricBischoff #BischoffOnWrestling #NickHausman #WWE #TNA #MLW #TJDeSantis #AlSnow #UK #GarettBischoff #SDI

Ep 5: Alundra Blayze (aka Madusa) pt. 2; WCW Monday Nitro Debut Retrospective  

Bischoff on Wrestling 8.23.16 Host: Eric Bischoff Co-host: Nick Hausman Guest: Alundra Blayze (aka Madusa) Welcome to former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast! Co-host Nick Hausman starts the show by announcing that due to his travels to the UK Eric was unable to record his weekly thoughts on the business of professional wrestling. Nick then announces that Eric will return next week with his thoughts on WWE SummerSlam and will be joined by a HUGE special guest. After running through the general show intro announcement Nick then airs the second half of Eric’s interview with WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze (aka Madusa). During the second half of their interview they discuss: - How Alundra got involved as a monster truck driver for Monster Jam - Alundra being at a point in her life where she wants to start her own women’s revolution - Alundra’s reaction when JJ Dillon called and informed her she was fired by WWE in the 90’s - The funny story about Alundra negotiating her contract with Eric to join WCW - Eric convincing Alundra (as Madusa) to drop the WWE Women’s Championship in a trash can on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro - Alundra’s struggles after being blackballed by the WWE for over twenty years over the incident - Whether or not Eric and Alundra would do it again - How much it meant to Alundra for WWE to reach out to her to inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame - More… Nick then finishes the show by playing an unaired recording featuring he and Eric discussing the debut episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Including discussion about: - Eric’s meeting with Ted Turner that led to the Monday Night WAR - The differences and similarities between Vince McMahon and Ted Turner - What Eric wanted to accomplish with WCW Monday Nitro - Choosing the Mall of America as the location for the first show - His use of cruiserweights - Hulk Hogan’s Pasta-mania restaurant chain - Getting roughly confronted by Scott Norton at ring side - The lengths Eric had to go through to hide Lex Luger and keep his debut a surprise - Working with Ric Flair and Sting - Hulk Hogan and Big Bubba in the main event - More… Don’t forget to subscribe to Bischoff on Wrestling for free on iTunes #EricBischoff #BischoffOnWrestling #RAW #SDLive #Madusa #AlundraBlayze #WWEHOF #NickHausman #WCW #MondayNitro #HulkHogan #Sting #RicFlair

Age is just a number: The fantastic success of 74 year old Eric J  Smetherhamn –  [Podcast 102]  

What will you be doing when you’re 74 years old? How will you be feeling about life? Ready to settle down? Ready to rest, relax, slow down a bit? Those thoughts are completely foreign to today’s guest, Eric J. Smetherhamn. It was only four years ago that Eric began his network marketing career after already being retired from his own small business for a number of years. His new business has created a new life that he finds hard to believe and it has given him a new zest for life that has powerfully impacted the way he lives every day. On this episode you’re going to hear Eric’s story, how his success has come about, and how he proves that network marketing is no respecter of age. [Tweet "Age is just a number. How #NetworkMarketing energizes a 74 year old"] What is a “professional network marketer?” That’s what Eric J. Smetherhamn says when people ask him what he does. He sees it as a way of saying that he’s serious about his business and wants to do it in a professional way. What he’s most excited about is that he has the opportunity to use his years of experience as a small business owner and his more recent experience in network marketing to coach and empower people to live extraordinary lives and achieve time and financial freedom. It’s something he’s passionate about, which you’ll hear in this conversation he had with David T.S. Wood. Network Marketing is a personal development business, even for the older set. AT 74 years old it would make total sense if Eric J. Smetherhamn saw himself as being beyond the point of taking on new personal challenges. But his entrance into network marketing has stimulated a desire to learn and grow on a daily basis. He’s quick to ask questions, learn new strategies for personal growth and mindset change, and maximize his potential as a person - just as much as he is for his business. He doesn’t see age as a factor at all. Young and old alike are responsible to make the most of their life - which is exactly what he’s doing. His story is an inspiration so make sure you take the time to hear it on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing. [Tweet "Build a #LifestyleBusiness that fulfills your dreams. Hear Eric’s story on this episode"] Why would a 74 year old seek out the advice of 25 year olds? If you ask Eric J. Smetherhamn that question (he’s 74, by the way) he’d tell you it’s because he’s not through with life yet. There’s lots more to experience and lots more to achieve. He knows that things today are very different than when he owned his small business years ago. He knows that the world operates according to different principles, so he inquires of those who are right at the heart of those changes - the younger set. His testimony is that once he learned the language and interests of those in their 20s and 30s, his ability to talk with them on a level of understanding about the opportunities that network marketing provides increased, and his business success began to take off. You’ll get a lot out of what Eric has to share, to be sure to listen to this episode. What will you be doing when you’re 74 years old? It’s really up to you, isn’t it? Eric J. Smetherhamn would be first to tell you that age doesn’t have to slow you down. He’s living a life that he could only dream of prior to entering the ranks of professional network marketers and he is working hard to encourage others to build a similar life of freedom and time for themselves. What are your dreams? What are you capable of doing? Eric wants you to know that you can accomplish it all, no matter your age. Find out how he’s done it and how you can move in the same direction, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood. [Tweet "Young or old, #NetworkMarketing can set you up for the life of your dreams"] OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:31] David’s introduction to the show and why he’s in love with Network Marketing. [0:59] Who is Eric Smetherhamn?

20 VC 089: Eric Paley @ Founder Collective on Outliers, Inspirational Founders and Pro Rata  

Eric Paley is the Managing Partner at Founder Collective, one of the world's most successful seed funds with investments in the likes of UberHunchMakerbot and Prior to Founder Collective, Eric was the Co-Founder and CEO of Brontes Technologies, later acquired by 3M for $95m. Following it’s acquisition Eric began making angel investments and it was not long before Eric and David, 'super angel' at the time, saw the potential for a Founder First seed fund and Founder Collective was born.

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Eric made his move into the wonderful world of venture from founding Brontes Technologies?

2.) What does Eric make of early stage valuations? When creating a venture fund why did Eric believe the seed stage was the stage with the most opportunity?

3.) Question from the legend, David Hornik @ August: At such an early stage where Founder Collective traditionally put in $0.1m-$0.3m, does Eric feel they put in enough money to make it matter?

4.) Does Eric believe that by not doing follow on rounds they are missing out? Does this resistance to seed funds set Founder Collective apart? David did mention that you have begun to follow on now, so what makes you follow on with one portfolio company and not another?

5.) The Founder journey is testing both physically and emotionally, what elements of support do Founder Collective provide outside of the business relationship?

Items Mentioned In Today's Show:

Eric's Fave Book: Fooled By Randomness

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OSR 83 The One You Feed Will Win With Eric Zimmer  

Operation Self Reset Episode 83: The One You Feed Will Win With Eric Zimmer
In this episode, Jake is talking with Eric Zimmer, host of the podcast The One You Feed.

Eric is the kind of person who tends to follow fun ideas that hit him. Sometimes it’s not a great habit, but other times it works out really well. That’s how he started his podcast, The One You Feed, which is about bettering yourself and your life through habits, wisdom, and motivation.

Motivation is a great thing in our lives, but as Eric explains, we need to train ourselves to follow through even when that motivation fails us. Just having an idea doesn’t bring about results. We have to do the work all the way through the project. Some days we’ll run out of steam and won’t feel like doing the work, but if we allow ourselves to rely only on “feeling” like working because of motivation we’re likely to never reach the end product. We need to focus more on our habits to do the work rather than hoping for motivation each day.

Eric uses meditation in his life to help him with his motivation and habits. Our society encourages immediate response to events, which can be a bad thing a lot of times. As Eric explains, if someone cuts us off in traffic, our immediate response is to get angry. But with meditation, Eric learned how to take a step back and pause. That pause in his life allowed him to rethink his immediate response and learn new habits in responding to situations. Eric tells us how he learned to incorporate meditation in his life and how to keep yourself from expecting to feel peaceful and calm as soon as you try it. It can take time to experience the true benefits of meditation, but it can help a lot in calming your life and teaching you new habits.

Listen in to today’s episode as Eric explains how to use habits, meditation, and more to get our lives unstuck and rolling forward again.
Here’s what Jake and Eric talked about in this episode:

Motivation versus habit
Micro-habits: Starting small
The benefits of meditation
Getting unstuck

Mentioned in this episode:

The One You Feed

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Ep 18 feat. Tyrus & Scott Norton: Eric's Take On Goldberg Squashing Brock Lesnar, More  

Bischoff on Wrestling 11.23.16 Host: Eric Bischoff Co-host: Nick Hausman Guests: Tyrus & Scott Norton Welcome to former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s weekly podcast! Eric and Nick start the show off by talking about Goldberg’s old school, 86 second, squash match style victory over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. As well as Goldberg’s announcement that he has entered the Royal Rumble and what his WWE future may look like Eric then welcomes his first guest pro wrestler and regular contributor to the The Greg Gutfeld Show, Tyrus (aka Brodus Clay). During his appearance Tyrus opens up to Eric about: - His tumultuous childhood - Getting recruited by Tommy Dreamer after a bar fight - Working as Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard - His run in WWE - How he was hired for The Greg Gutfeld Show - More… Eric then moves on to answer some fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag including: - The Refer-eye Cam from early 90’s WCW. Whose idea was it and how did the refs react to having to wear a helmet? - Why Evolution didn’t take off like the Four Horseman - If he had any difficulty working with Tank Abbott during his WCW run in 2000 Eric then closes the show with his second guest former WCW & NJPW Superstar Scott Norton. Norton goes in to detail with Eric about: - His desire to return to professional arm wrestling competition - How he was brought in to the business - Being a big man in Japan and dealing with his claustrophobia - His and Eric’s trip to North Korea to wrestle for Enoki - Scott and Eric’s memories of Muhammad Ali on that trip - More… Don’t forget to subscribe to Bischoff on Wrestling for free on iTunes This episode of Bischoff on Wrestling is brought you by: Blue Apron- You can get THREE FREE MEALS with FREE SHIPPING on by using the promo code: ERICB Dollar Shave Club- You can get YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE by going to #EricBischoff #BischoffOnWrestling #NickHausman #WWE #TNA #MLW #ScottNorton #Tyrus #Goldberg #BrockLesnar

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