Wir sind die Freeses: Nackt im Winter  

Heikos Freundin Yvette ist auf der Fashion Week von Promis umgeben - und friert. Aber auch die Freeses bibbern in der Kälte. Nur die Engländer können das besser ab - warum auch immer...

Jackie - the influence and impact of a First Lady, Women-led marches, Liz Earle, Anne the "forgotten" Bronte  

As the biopic Jackie hits our cinemas we discuss the influence and impact of First Lady fashion with Kenya Hunt, Fashion Features Director at Elle, and Oriole Cullen, curator of Modern Textiles and Fashion at the V&A. How did Jackie Kennedy make the role her own and why was her style so important? This weekend as President Donald Trump takes office, women-led marches, will be taking place around the world. Has his election galvanized a new era in feminist activism? Jenni talks to Kirsty Walker who's organised a rally in Liverpool and to Sam Smethers Chief Executive of The Fawcett Society. The last in our series of interviews called the Chain Professor Lalage Brown Emeritus Professor of Adult & Continuing Education at the University of Glasgow. We continue our series My Name is My Brand with Liz Earle one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. Plus playwright and journalist Samantha Ellison on why she wants to change people's perception of Anne the "forgotten" Bronte sister, with her new biography, Take Courage: Anne Bronte and the Art of Life. Presented by Jenni Murray. Producer Beverley Purcell.

Dressing-down: The Fashion Industry’s Reaction to the Trump Inauguration  

The refusal of leading fashion designers to craft outfits for Melania and Ivanka Trump is about taking a stance and bowing to a public outcry, say experts.

Ep 79 - Alexandra Manukyan : Craft and Heart  
I had a brilliant chat with Alexandra Manukyan in California. Originally from Armenia, Alexandra paints surreal figurative paintings that are technically brilliant, full of symbolism and depth. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions both in America and overseas, and her paintings are collected all around the world.

We talk about the Eurovision song contest, cargo pants, dancing, LA traffic, and of course art, lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

Recent shows, Armenian roots, Inspiring artists, 1990 American art scene, Working in the fashion industry, Working in the entertainment industry, Costume design, Painting process, Photo-shoots, Composites, Reference, Colour studies, Explaining the work, Meditation, Self discovery, Dark art, Teaching, Art Competitions, Biggest challenges, Art business, Galleries, Climate change, To find out more about Alexandra and her work

Referenced in the podcast . . .


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Berliner Fashion Week: Unisex-Mode als Trend - Ende der Geschlechtertrennung?  

Januar in Berlin: Es ist Fashion Week. Ein Trend ist bereits erkennbar: Unisex-Mode - Kleidung für sie und ihn. Im letzten Jahr ließen Modedesigner männliche und weibliche Models zusammen auf den Laufsteg. Es folgten ganze Unisex-Kollektionen.

52 - Bonjour, Internet!  

Always in fashion and never full price, it's My Favorite Murder! This week Karen and Georgia tackle internet murderer Luka Magnotta and the unsolved case that lead to the creation of the AMBER Alert.

Advanced Audio Blog #19 - Italian fashion and “Made in Italy”  

Learn Italian with! Today, is our nineteenth Advanced Italian Audio Blog. Today Marco teaches us about Italian fashion and “Made in Italy”! This blog is all in Italian, with an accompanying vocabulary section. Be sure to learn more about Italy from the Italian Cultural Insight section inside the PDF. In this series, we’ll [...]

KFCRadio: Barstool Radio Crossover  

An impromptu visit from the cast of @BarstoolRadio Sirius Show to discuss Feitelberg and Dave's fashion sense. KFC lashes out at Bill Belichick, Michael Che and the celebrity dating app Raya, running for president with an alien for VP, getting a blowjob in a carwash, and shooting the stream into the clown's mouth. VOICEMAILS start at 52mins

KFC Radio 0

Append and Site Us  

Scientists have never been certain what the appendix used to do -- and if it is still, in fact, useless. On Jan. 9, a team of researchers led by scientists at Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine published a review study proposing an answer: the appendix is a secondary immune function that both catalyzes immune cell responses and floods your gut with beneficial bacteria when they've been depleted. And it still plays that role, in a limited fashion, in human body function. Anthony and Jeff come to terms with their own fear of appendicitis and if knowing the organ's function changes their view. Plus, did scientists just find a whole new organ in the body?

Fashion Week Berlin - Die ersten Tops und Flops  
Metallic-Röcke, Kleider und Oversized Pullis - das sind die neuen - und alten - Trends, die Styleberaterin Astrid Rudolph am ersten Tag der Fashion Week entdeckt hat. Pullis oder Kleider mit Riesenschleifen würden es dagegen nicht auf die Straße schaffen.

Astrid Rudolph im Gespräch mit Nana Brink, Interview
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Fashion Week  

Im Babo-Bus fahren die schweren Jungs Kollegah, Sido, Haftbefehl und Marteria durch den Sektor und bestehen gemeinsam brisante Aufgaben: wer hat z.B. die Toilette im Tourbus verstopft?

A Vegan Option.  

Vegetarianism is growing in the U.S at a dramatic rate. It is estimated that 16 million, out of the population of 320 million people, are now vegetarian, and the number is probably much higher as not all of them have been counted. Half of those vegetarians are vegans who eat no animal products whatsoever(1). This is an unusual, counter-culture trend(2) for this country, as so much  of the general culture's diet includes meat and animal products. As you probably know, there is a health crisis here in the States. Obesity, cancer, and diabetes are accepted as normal. Most of this stems from(3) a huge consumption of sugar and a stressed and sedentary lifestyle. However, there is also more information available to people, and many are taking control and making healthier choices. Even the schools are trying to reduce the amount of sugar that they serve the children, and are also including more vegetables in their lunches. There is much work to be done and a long way to go before the young generation experiences a healthy balance of exercise and diet. A type of vegetarianism that is being adopted particularly by women and young people is veganism. Studies have shown that vegans can expect much lower rates of cancer of all types compared to the general population. Veganism has also become fashionable which, I think, is a good thing, as it exposes young people to healthier options for a longer life. My oldest son, Hudson, has been a vegan for about eight months, and is now committed to his vegetable based diet. He says that he feels so much better. He used to have migraines and gastric problems, but they have completely stopped. He has lots of energy, and his skin is perfect! He has also become a good shopper! He will go to the supermarket and buy bags and bags of vegetables, beans, grains, and fruit. Then he will rush around the kitchen like a chef, chopping, mashing, and stirring, and produce colorful, healthy dishes. I tried his vegan burrito the other day, and I was totally surprised at how it tastes like a burrito but so much better. Instead of a flour tortilla, he used Swiss chard. Instead of meat he used spiced beans and onion; and instead of rice he used finely chopped cauliflower. It was like a revolution in thinking. My son's example certainly has me thinking about my diet. I could probably give up meat and milk, but giving up eggs and butter would be very difficult. Also, I love to bake, and how can you do that without those two ingredients? I'm not quite ready for that step. 1. 'Whatsoever' is emphatic after a negative and means ' at all'. a. The newspaper made no mention whatsoever of the charity that made a generous gift to the homeless. b. It will be no problem whatsoever to beat the other team. c. The hospital didn't have clean water, bandages, medicine, or any other supplies whatsoever! 2. 'Trend' is like 'fashion' or 'temporary tendency'. We also use the word 'trendy' instead of 'fashionable'. a. She likes to follow Japanese trends in fashion. b. Economies change their trends every few years, it seems. 3. 'To stem from' is similar to 'to come from'. When observing plants, most of a plant comes from the stem, its base. It is supported by the stem and develops from it. a. His problems stem from a lack of communication. b. The regrowth of forests stems from regulation that protects them. c. The growth in industry and jobs stems from a general cut in taxes. Try iTalki for conversation practice!

Die anderen auf der Fashion Week: Esther Perbandt und ihre ausgefallenen Models  

Autor: Tschernigow, Sarah
Sendung: Corso
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Nora Finds on vintage fashion and brain research  

Nora Finds is Nora Thoeng. She's an Australian Indonesian Chinese gal who lives in London. We talked about growing up in Sydney, her experiences at school in Jakarta, the complementary nature of her science job (Nora works in a brain research lab) and her vintage fashion past-time.

Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Mogul  

Fresh out of high school and with almost no money, 18-year-old San Diego native Rebecca Minkoff moved to New York to launch her own fashion line. After years of sewing on apartment floors and diligent financial planning with her brother Uri, Minkoff is now a fashion industry leader and maverick -- but the path she took to get here didn't always go as planned. Rebecca Minkoff website: Rebecca Minkoff on Facebook: Rebecca Minkoff on Instagram: Rebecca Minkoff on Twitter: * ABOUT REBECCA JARVIS: Rebecca Jarvis is the Chief Business, Technology and Economics correspondent for ABC News. She is also the host, creator, and managing editor of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis. Rebecca on Facebook: Rebecca on Instagram: Rebecca on Twitter: * DISCOVER MORE PODCASTS:

"Es geht um die Kombination"  

Die Fashion Week in Berlin ist das erste Highlight des Jahres für die nationale und internationale Modeszene. Einkäufer, Fachbesucher und die Mode-Presse kommen in die Stadt. Die Designer zeigen die Mode für Herbst/Winter 2017/2018. Wie wird die aussehen? Die Kleidungsstücke müssten nicht neu, sondern nur gut sein, verrät Christiane Arp, Chefredakteurin der deutschen Ausgabe des Modemagazins Vogue. Vielmehr gehe es um die Kombination - und darum, sich wohlzufühlen.

Fashion Week  

Der coolste Anchorman der Welt, William Cohn, zelebriert tagesaktuelle Themen, historische Ereignisse oder schlichten Mumpitz. Hauptsache gnadenlos, schräg und böse! Denn jeder Tag ist der beste Tag der Welt. Nur in 1LIVE! Podcast #508  

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Valtterin Bottas going to Mercedes, Felipe Massa returning to Williams and Pascal Wehrlein heading to Sauber. We discuss the HALO and even find time to chat about Red Bull’s aspirations for 2017.  Fashion award winner here.  BTR Player:

Aaron Rodgers Outduels Dak, Le'Veon Steamrolls Andy Reid's Chiefs, and a Hypothetical Tony Romo Trade  

Finally, the prayers of every NFL fan were answered--good playoff games! This weekend's divisional round was great and sets up what is sure to be an exciting and eventful championship weekend. We saw... - Dallas lose! That's right, Dak and the Boys fell to Aaron Rodgers in dramatic fashion. - The Steelers hang on to beat the Chiefs. - The Pats win...again...this time against the Texans. - Matt Ryan's offense, which is currently the champagne of NFL offenses, overwhelm the Seahawks. Gary and Andy cover all of that, plus, weekly awards and a hypothetical trade that keeps Tony Romo in Texas. It's all here on today's MMQB 10 Things Podcast.

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