Margaret Cho, Body Hair, Gender Preference?  

Amber & Dr. Chris welcome Margaret Cho to Loveline!  Together they talk about fashion, body hair, sex and gender preference!  The lovely trio then answer all of your questions! 

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Audio Blog #76 - Nail Art  

Learn Japanese Culture at! Tokyo is one of the fashion centers of the known universe and girls here go to great lengths to be stylish. Decorating nails has been transformed from a simple manicure to an extremely flashy (and expensive) art form. Today Miki tells us about her experience with artificial [...]

Audio Blog #76 - Nail Art  

Learn Japanese Culture at! Tokyo is one of the fashion centers of the known universe and girls here go to great lengths to be stylish. Decorating nails has been transformed from a simple manicure to an extremely flashy (and expensive) art form. Today Miki tells us about her experience with artificial [...]

560: Jon Levy | The 2 AM Principle  

Jon Levy (@JonLevyTLB) is a behavior scientist who studies influence and adventure. He returns to the show to talk about his latest book, The 2 AM Principle: Discover The Science of Adventure.

The Cheat Sheet: What is adventure and why should we seek it out? Learn the four stages of any adventure. What it takes to filter the right people into your circle. How to politely cut ties with the wrong people. Breaking self-imposed limitations in our lives. And so much more...

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Investment trusts come back into fashion  

Presenter Claer Barrett and guests discuss the trend for investment trusts to venture into esoteric asset classes as they reinvent themselves, as well as the launch of a new, crowdfunded version of the traditional vehicle that promises accountability and transparent fees.

Ep 35: Getting Rid of Fashion Guilt  

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Here's a quick re-cap!  

In this episode, Mallory's getting real with you about getting rid of fashion guilt.  So many women (and some men) feel guilt around fashion.  Whether it's spending money on a new pair of shoes, or hiring a personal stylist, or just taking the time to clean out your closet.  It's time to get rid of the fashion guilt and step into your power.  She's talking about it more on this episode. 

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OMR #46 mit Stefan Holwe, Co-Founder von Horizn Studios  

Horizn Studios verkauft online Koffer und Taschen und will sich abseits großer E-Commerce-Plattformen wie Amazon als Brand etablieren. Wachstum und Umsatzzahlen zeigen, dass das zu funktionieren scheint. Gründer Stefan Holwe, erklärt mit welchen Marketing-Hebeln das gelungen ist und wie jetzt internationalisiert werden soll. Alle Themen im Überblick: Vor Project A und Horizon Studios, einer Vertical Integrated Brand für Koffer, hat Stefan Holwe zwei erfolgreiche Agenturen gegründet – und eine mit 100 Mitarbeitern an IBM verkauft (ab 02:30) Wie kam Stefan Holwe dazu, gemeinsam mit Project A einen Shop für Koffer zu gründen? (ab 4:00) Marktgröße, Marktwachstum, Online-Anteil des Marktes, Margen etc. – Auf diese KPIs kommt es bei der Suche nach einer Commerce-Nische besonders an (ab 7:30) Umsatz im siebenstelligen Bereich und 40 Prozent Wachstum jeden Monat – deshalb ist laut Holwe das Produkt der entscheidende Faktor (ab 10:00) Die Produktlinie von Horizn Studios wurde von etablierten Designern entworfen, die schon für Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren oder Mulberry gearbeitet haben (ab 11:30) Taschen werden alle in Italien produziert, Koffer kommen aus China (ab 14:00) „Innovationen haben in den letzten Jahren in dem Bereich nicht stattgefunden“ – mit Specials wie eingebauten Handyladegeräten und GPS-Daten innerhalb von Koffern will Horizn Studios das ändern (ab 15:30) Wie hoch ist der Kapitalbedarf, um ein Unternehmen wie Horizn Studios in die Gewinnzone zu bringen? (ab 18:30) Seit März 2016 wurde der Trolley trotz der erst sechs Monate später geplanten Auslieferung tausendfach bestellt – Mit welchen Marketinghebeln und -kanälen hat Horizn Studios das geschafft? (ab 22:00) Horizn Studios kombiniert PR durch Fashion-Agenturen und die Gründerpresse (ab 26:00) In welchen Ländern macht das Startup den meisten Umsatz? (ab 29:30) Dem Verzicht auf Zwischenhändler sei Dank – Deshalb kann Horizn Studios bessere Margen als die Konkurrenz erzielen (31:00) Was hält Stefan Holwe vom Erfolg reiner Amazon-Händler und welche Erfahrung hat Horizn Studios selber auf der Plattform gemacht? (ab 33:00) Horizn Studios braucht keine Testimonials, arbeitet aber eng mit „Opinion Leadern“ zusammen, die die Zielgruppe der „Urban Nomads“ erreichen. Was ist da eigentlich der Unterschied? Und in welche Kategorie fallen Influencer? (ab 36:00) So kam die Zusammenarbeit mit dem US-DJ Seth Troxler für einen speziellen DJ-Koffer zustande (ab 33:00) Wie wichtig ist Retargeting im Marketing-Mix von Horizn Studios? (ab 36:30) Was verspricht sich Horizn Studios vom Offline-Shop in Berlin-Mitte, der schon letztes Jahr eröffnet hat? (ab 42:00) Stichwort „Data Warehouse“: Wie und zu welchen Zwecken nutzt Horizn Studios Daten? (ab 44:00) Welches ist die wichtigste Business-Intelligence-Kennzahl? Und welche hilft kaum weiter? (ab 46:00) Welchen bisher noch nicht genutzten Marketing-Kanal will Stefan Holwe demnächst angehen? (ab 49:00) Kooperationen mit anderen Brands bis hin zum „Cookie-Tausch“ für markenübergreifendes Retargeting (ab 51:00) Content-Marketing für Koffer und Taschen – Das erhofft sich Horizn Studios mit dem eigenen Magazin (ab 52:30)

Preview: Nicolas Winding Refn on Playing Giorgio Moroder & Brian Eno To His Cast While Shooting Scenes  

Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn is perhaps best known for the 2011 noir crime thriller Drive – for which he won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. His latest project is The Neon Demon - a psychological thriller set in the LA fashion world. Here he tells Edith about how he played music during takes on both movies to heighten the emotional response of his cast. Be sure to check out the full episode on Friday 26th October.

My Big Idea #70 – how to launch your own fashion label  

oung female fashion entrepreneur Jessica Gebhart, who left Topshop to start her own fashion label, talks to ASOS senior fashion editor Jemma Tibbals about building a brand, the decision to surpass fashion’s traditional seasonal trends and what she values above anything else in a pair of jeans. Applying her background in denim buying at Topshop and styling experience from her time at fashion bible Dazed, Jessica started her own label in 2014. Based online, is home to denim, jersey and a small ceramics offering, all produced with an ethos of longevity and made to withstand the test of time. Jessica discusses the production process, where she looks for inspiration and how she uses social media – in particular Instagram, thanks to its focus on visual curation – to get her label out there. With a second London pop-up store on the horizon and the latest women’s and men’s collections dropping on 24 October, I and Me is a fashion label on the ascent. Intrigued? Here’s Jessica’s big idea.

237: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" (S7E1)  

This is a tough one. We're feeling a barrage of emotions, as are a lot of you. It's a raw episode, and I'm happy we laid it all out on the line for you as honestly as we could. And you guys added so much to it too - more mail than we've ever gotten, I think - and it was varied, insightful, and vulnerable. Thank you. Peace be with you!

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The Walking Dead: Surrounded 360 Experience:

Don't Tell Me How To Dress  

This week, we dissect the problematic idea of "dressing your age." Why are we so quick to criticize the appearances of older women? Is there really a certain way adults should dress? How do you know if your beauty routine is feeding into cultural expectations? We also share our opinions on wrinkles, the effects of advertising in the beauty industry, and the best responses to judgment about fashion decisions and big boobs. Society has convinced us that you need to behave, look, and dress a certain way as the years go by - but at the end of the day it's your body, your choice. How will you embrace your body's natural progression and grow comfortable in your own skin?

476 - Creep Week 2016: Counting Down The Creeps with Ghoulish Gary Pullin  

Creep Week kicks off with Ghoulish Gary Pullin bringing to life not one, but two, poster countdowns. Gary has devoted his creative career to the world of horror and has culled together the top ten classic horror one sheets that span the last four decades and a second top ten list filled with today's contemporary artists who make frighteningly good work. Mark and Gary bring two very different view points to the table while they peer over each piece from Gary's endless knowledge of horror and its history, to Mark's unbiased, artistic eye. The only way to start out this year's Creep Week is to see where everything started and take a second look at where it's all going. From idea to execution, this devilish duo brings you cutting criticisms and unholy praise to those who have proven worthy.

Talking Points

Do you had off your work or handle it all? Quintessential horror poster elements. Scathing notes from a famous director to en established designer. Minimalist elements that draw a viewer's attention. The horrific home setting. Doing more than the camera can and teasing your viewers with a twist. Finding and creating the visual hook. What goes next to the skull? Making type that talks to you. Reinventing the classic look and taking your audience on an adventure. Nesting details in major compositional elements. Slow reveals in storytelling. The greatest movie poster of all time. Capturing the vulnerability. One of the best color schemes ever. The Monster Squad vinyl layout. Comic book containers and breaking everything apart. Reducing what you use to improve illustration and composition. Adding texture and fashion to already impressive linework. Reductive type work and balancing design and illustration. Reinventing an icon and seeing what everyone has missed. Staying simple and uses light to tell stories. Adding emotion to architecture and a brief at home follow along about lighting. Adjusting form to create supernatural elements. Getting your idea across regardless of talent levels. Overthinking your source materials to make something look right. Underwater illusions. What makes a great horror poster and what is too cliche? Capturing a sobering likeness while practicing restraint. The perfect balance of life and death. Modern found footage films and other cheesy horror films plaguing the world. Gary gets a challenge.
#111 - Special: Strange Tales  

Today, we veer off our main narrative and into several seasonal tales which celebrate the spooky season in Chinese fashion. We feature a ghostly gathering, a bewitched battle, injurious jests, and lethal looks. Author: Pu Songling [1640-1715 CE] Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio Featuring: The Golden Goblets (begins: 2:15) The Necromancer (begins: 13:30) The Killing Joke (begins: 21:15) The Painted Skin (begins:

Ep 11 with Jo Elvin  

Dawn chats to Glamour Magazine UK editor, Jo Elvin, about self confidence, demystifying fashion and, um, farts.

Get It On 0

Summer Saturday – Donny Galella  

The professional stylist gives Mark some fashion advice.

044 Hannah van Hemmen, scientist and engineer, based in New York, gives her young perspective on the shippng industry  

Meet Hannah van Hemmen, a young scientist and engineer who works as a marine surveyor at MARTIN OTTAWAY. She talks about what it's like to be young in an old fashion industry with cutting edge technology and which she thinks gets too little attention.

Hannah has got some really good ideas how the shipping industry can become more visible, why not take her up on the idea of a female surveyor as the new MacGyver? She also speaks about a book called The sole of a new machine

Hannah also speaks very fondly about WISTA, Women's International Shipping and Trading Association, where she is a member of the New York Chapter, WISTA USA.

I have appeared on International Podcast Day (30 sept) and on Gott Prat (if you understand Swedish) please feel free to comment on those events. 

I need your help! Please answer 5 questions in an audience survey and I will be so grateful! 

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Project Runway S:15 | This IS Crying In Fashion E:7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Project Runway edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Project Runway. In this episode hosts Dan Babic and Michelle Uberreste discuss episodes 7. RSS Feed: PROJECT RUNWAY: Supermodel Heidi Klum gives us a behind-the-scene documentary series and competition set in the other most glamorous business in the world: the fashion industry. Cameras […]

The post Project Runway S:15 | This IS Crying In Fashion E:7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.

Brandon, Trädet & Charlie Guldvinge  

Karolina och Sofia är övertaggade efter detta späckade gruppdejts-avsnitt! Varför blir det Fashion Walk på Sigrids gård? Varför borde Jennifer låsa sin sovrumsdörr om natten? Och VAD ÄR BRANDONS DEAL???

#2 Subway, Steaks and Argentian Children  

In which our two brave heroes escape a burning building in spectacular fashion and find a moments repose in a field. To purchase the complete adventure of Dinosaur Park and Dinosaur World, just head to or you can always support the show by heading to, to see what bonus content each tier gets you can check that out on our website

253 - Exploration Big and Small  

00:00:00 - Thanks to Joe, it's the return of the Elon Musk Happy Hour! This time, Musk wants to send loads of people to Mars, probably forever. In traditional Science... sort of fashion we ask: is this a thing? And maybe more importantly, would you go? (Also, Ryan says go read Seveneves.)

00:31:03 - Mars is pretty dry, so it'll be important to stay hydrated once there. Kelly staves off feeling sick with water and Tums but manages to sneak in a plug for The Expanse series of books. Joe confuses everyone with his Fungal Fruit Soda. And Ryan has a beer called Bomb! because of integrity or something.  

00:41:50 - This summer 183 miles of the Yellowstone River because an animal related to jellyfish evolved into a parasite millions of years ago. Kelly is amazed by this and explains why it's cool. And a final book recommendation for the episode: I Contain Multitudes by (future guest of the show?) Ed Yong

00:55:54 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like future guests of the show, both are riddled with uncertainty. Things begin a bit somber with the death of Sharon Gray, a botanist killed while doing research in Ethiopia. The reasons surrounding her death are heartbreaking, but a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help young women succeed in science in her memory. As a complete about face, Joe thanks Angie RK for her recent iTunes review and Kelly thanks Simon L. for throwing some cash our way. Finally, Ryan expounds upon Colin from San Diego's theory about yawning and ends up doing a fair bit of research on the topic. Strap in.

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!

Music for this week's show:
Planetary (GO!) [Lags Gallows Remix]
- My Chemical Romance
We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast) - Beck and Nigel Godrich
I Told You I Was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords

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