Felicity Kendal, Icelandic feminism, Clothes on TV, Hollie McNish  

Felicity Kendal stars as Charlotte Bartlett, Lucy's spinster chaperone in Adrian Noble's tour of A Room with a View. Felicity first appeared on stage as a baby in 1947. Her father managed an acting troupe and she spent much of her early life touring India theatres with various parts in plays. She returned to England aged 17, and initially struggled to prove her experience until she landed the role that made her famous, Barbara in the 1975 BBC series The Good Life. Felicity joins Jane to talk about turning 70 and its impact on work, appearance and relationships. Iceland has come top of the Gender Equality Index for the past six years and has a good chance of making it a seven in a row this week. ITV News' Economics Editor Noreena Hertz has been to Iceland to investigate why women in Iceland seemingly fare better than anywhere else. She joins us to share the stories of the women she met; from young feminist rappers and Iceland's former female president to a school educator whose nurseries and primary schools actively teach girls to be strong and boys to be affectionate. When it comes to costume design for TV period drama gets all the glory but what about contemporary drama? How important are clothes to the storytelling? Darren Finch was the Costume Designer for the revival of Cold Feet and many other popular dramas including Silent Witness and Wire In The Blood. Charis Nolder blogs about what soap stars wear on screen so viewers can track down and buy the outfits they see. Open Clasp, a theatre company known for working creatively with the most disenfranchised women across the UK, were commissioned to devise a play with women prisoners in HMP&YOI Low Newton, to eventually tour to male prisons. The result is their play Key Change, now commencing a national tour. Jane is joined by Catrina McHugh, writer and artistic director, and Cheryl Byron, a former prisoner who acted in the original show. They'll be discussing the power of making theatre inside, and why they are about to perform the show at Westminster. And, the final episode of 'Becoming a Mother: A Hot Cup of Tea with Hollie McNish'.Today Hollie catches up with the writer and performance poet Yomi Sode .Yomi has a 2 year old son called Noah and since becoming a Father has learnt things about his Nigerian heritage he didn't expect to. Presenter: Jane Garvey Producer: Erin Riley.

Clementine Ford: feminist warrior  

The internet and social media has helped to spawn a new generation of feminism. At the forefront of this, in Australia, is Clementine Ford. She is a fearless feminist with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. She fights back against online misogyny and abuse, making the trolls accountable for what they post, even if it costs them their job. Clementine Ford talks to Paul Barclay about her book, “Fight Like A Girl”, part memoir, part personal manifesto.

#251: Anitha Schulman  

Det svåra tvåhundrafemtioförsta avsnittet med superentreprenören Anitha Schulman. Vi pratade om att poddar är det nya TV, epitetet mångsysslare, ängsliga komiker, att (inte) vara en provokatör, Penny-bråket med Expressen och Gunilla Brodrej, källkritikens död, kommentarssamhället, att vara tjockhudad, nättroll, samhällets ansvar vid adoption, att älska att jobba, dyslexi, hennes typ av feminism, att misslyckas fett många gånger, låtskrivarkursen, att ha varit för transparent och givetvis en hel del om att endast vara “Calle Schulmans nuvarande fru” på Wikipedia. Samtalsledare: Kristoffer Triumf. Producent: David Mehr. Distribution: Acast.

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#96 THE ELECTION IS RIGGED! Ben Shapiro and Colion Noir  

Talking all things concerning a "rigged" election and the final presidential debate with thee Ben Shapiro. NRA and Youtube star, Colion Noir stops by to talk guns, the #2A and Hillary. Our own Courtney Kirchoff drops by to dish on Madonna and feminism. We also talk Amy Schumer getting booed after insulting Trump voters and present the Top 5 triggering movies that COULDN'T be made today.

Show 1629 The Dennis Prager Show  Third Trump Clinton Debate  

Show 1629 The Dennis Prager Show  Third Trump Clinton Debate

Segment 1-

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their third debate last night. The election should have been decided in favor of Trump after Hillary’s first answer re: the Supreme Court. She clearly announced that she sees the Court as a tool for her Leftist agenda… But the media is obsessed with Trump’s comment that he won’t commit to accepting the results of the election.

Segment 2-

The Bible tells us not to favor the poor in judgment. But the Left sees everything in terms of race, gender and class. Hillary spells that out very clearly in her answer to the Supreme Court question… Republicans, please note, the primaries are over. Trump won. He is the only alternative to Hillary… Feminism has always portrayed women as the weaker sex.

Segment 3-

Do you think that Trump would be worse for America than Hillary? That’s the only rational argument for a conservative not to vote for Trump… Hillary says she wants to help small businesses and then advocates for a huge hike in the minimum wage – in the same sentence. Dennis plays more clips from the debate and analyzes them…


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Serious shit!  

This episode is in English!

Guest: Kathryn Mathews.

We talk about Trump,Hillary and the election, the debates and scandals, feminism and gender roles. badass women or tiger women.

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P1 Kultur tisdag 18 oktober  

Utvandrarna i ny uppsättning - vad säger den om dagens migrantsituation? Sista delen i serien Hur ska vi bo? där de boende blir byggherrar i så kallade Baugemeinschaft. Teaterregissören Peter Oskarson är inte den förste att i våra tider av migration utgå ifrån Vilhelm Mobergs klassiska epos Utvandrarna om Karl-Oskar och Kristina - svenskarna som utvandrande till Amerika i mitten av 1800-talet. Vad kan den uppsättningen säga om dagens situation? Teaterkritiker Maria Edström har sett. I den sista delen i vår reportageserie Hur ska vi bo? lyfter vi blicken utanför landets gränser. I Hamburg ledde 70- och 80-talens konflikt mellan ockupationsrörelsen och det etablerade samhället så småningom fram till en slags kompromiss genom en ny boendeform - Baugemeinschaft, eller byggemenskap. Det handlar om att en grupp människor eller vänner som har en gemensam idé om hur dom vill bo går samman för att bygga egna flerbostadshus. För de boende innebär det inflytande och ett billigare boende, för staden Hamburg bidrar det till en mångfald i bostadsbyggandet och att områden blir mer socialt stabila. Helene Alm reste till Hamburg. Veckans Klassikern handlar om en roman som sedan blev film och som rörde upp en animerad debatt om feminism och kvinnans frigörelse under 1970-talen. Kunde det möjligen vara så att kvinnornas intåg på arbetsmarknaden hade skadat barnen? Romanen var Paradistorg av Ulla Isaksson, som sedan blev film under Gunnel Lindbloms regi. Vår reporter Nina Asarnoj har rest tillbaka till 70-talet och sett om filmen som drabbade Sverige som ett knytnävsslag.

The Ghost of Phyllis Schlafly  

How did Phyllis Schlafly disrupt second-wave feminism and the Republican Party? Cristen and Caroline uncover this conservative icon's unlikely rise.

Aron Flam | Nietzsche, Comedy & The Trickster  

Josef speaks to comedian Aron Flam about the connection between philosophy and comedy, Nietzsche, Deleuze, antisemitism, feminism, and much more.

Check out Aron's YouTube channel, and listen to his Swedish podcast Dekonstruktiv kritik.

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Peggy Cafferty on Mentoring Moments - Ep 15  

Denise and Peggy Cafferty (actress, writer, producer and activist) share powerful stories about personal growth from tragedy, the generational evolution of the word "feminism," the importance of meeting "your people," and a pinky promise to own the word "aggressive." Denise introduces 30-something Tala Hadavi in the takeaway segment to talk about her perspective on the conversation, and the three women dig into "how to network and get what you want."


Cristen and Caroline look at the history of using feminism to sell products to women and whether advertisers' intentions matter.

Mona Eltahawy and Yasmine El Rashidi on White Feminism and the Privilege to Protest  

The original Antigone may be from antiquity, but our current era abounds with women fighting unabashedly for what they believe. This week on the podcast, we welcome journalist, feminist, and author of Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution, Mony Eltahawy. As you’ll hear is a force to be reckoned with and an embodiment of this spirit. She is joined by yet another fierce and powerful author and journalist, Yasmine El Rashidi.

FDR3440 Voices In My Head - Call In Show - September 30th, 2016  

Question 1: [1:41] - “Every now and then I catch myself thinking about my girlfriend's, according to modern standards, not that extensive sexual past. Before me she's had a 3.5 year relationship starting age 17 and 3 more casual flings. She shows all the characteristics of a genuinely loving self-conscious female creature. Up to what point should I let myself be bothered inside every time I remember and get an image of her having a good time with men that, I would imagine, don't really care about her.”

“Do I "justify" it with the fact that a higher number of partners generally has a negative effect on her or should I focus more on what she's actually showing me for the last nine months, not let all these images influence me and realize that it's actually me perhaps having a problem here?”

Question 2: [44:50] - “What do you think defines femininity today compared to masculinity and has it been influence by movements like feminism in a negative way?”

Question 3: [1:21:16] - “I’m a 23-year-old Canadian male. I was liberal by default until about a year ago, when I woke up from the matrix, thanks to my dad. I am completing my English degree this winter, I work two jobs, I own a small business, and I’m an independent actor/filmmaker. I want to create an online media platform and contribute to crucial global conversations, but I worry that becoming a public political figure in a region dominated by lefties will jeopardize my business. Can I do both, or will I have to sacrifice my business?”

Question 4: [1:51:13] - “How do you Ignore the lack of evidence for evolution and disregard both the philosophical short comings of atheism and the scientific and mathematical impossibilities of evolution? You mentioned Jesus as a fairy tale character, what logic do you use to ignore the insurmountable evidence that support His life and the resurrection. Finally, how do you support a worldview that totally negates of all your other positions regarding individual rights, non-aggression and free will?”

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Paradistorg - Saltkråkan för vuxna  

Nina Asarnoj om filmatiseringen av romanen "Paradistorg" som ledde till en animerad och utdragen debatt om feminism och kvinnans frigörelse. Filmen drabbade Sverige som ett knytnävsslag 1977. Ulla Isakssons roman Paradistorg kom 1973 och ledde till en animerad och utdragen debatt om feminism och kvinnans frigörelse. Kunde det möjligen vara så att kvinnornas intåg på arbetsmarknaden hade skadat barnen? En tanke som prövades i romanen. Där talades om en ny människotyp – Aniarabarnen – kyliga varelser utan empati, som i brist på kärlek och omvårdnad hade förlorat sin mänsklighet. Berättelsen om den 58-åriga läkaren Katha och hennes idylliska sommarhus i Stockholms skärgård, Paradistorg, blev 1977 film i regi av Gunnel Lindblom och med Ingmar Bergman som producent. På Paradistorg samlade Katha sin familj - döttrarna, barnbarnen, de åldrade föräldrarna men också den olyckliga Ingrid och hennes oönskade son King. Nina Asarnoj har rest tillbaka till 70-talet och sett om filmen som drabbade Sverige som ett knytnävsslag.

32 - Facebook's Artificially-Inflated Video Metrics, Snapchat Thinks You Need Snapchat Glasses, and Feminism: Trendy!  

Brand Eff Up: Facebook Apologizes for Overstating Video Metrics,” NY Times ( What’s Up? “Snapchat’s Wild New Specs Won’t Share Google Glass’ Fate,” Wired ( What’s Good? “On Trend for Autumn/Winter: Feminism,” AdAge ( Diggin’ in the Crates S: Richie Quake, “Hesitate” P: “Unsent,” by Alanis Morrissette M: “The Bullet or the Bribe: Taking Down Colombia's Cali Drug Cartel,” Ron Chepesiuk (2003)

1298: Finger Bangin' Good  

Rod and Karen discuss a seeing eye dog, another trip to Publix, KFC needs a new slogan, free flu shot, Kim K robbed at gun point, Chipotle worker win sexual harassment suit, man got life for jerking it, Dollar General loses lawsuit, an argument for why men must be excluded from feminism, more clown crime, white people news, man stabs grandson over steak, kid gets arrested over 65 cents milk and sword ratchetness. Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT Email: Blog: Voice Mail: 704-557-0186 Sponsors: Code: FreeTBGWT

25. Jag älskar dig  

Ett potatis huvud, en överraskning, manshat, och feminism. Vi bjuder på en kärleksförklaring till alla ensamstående och fantastiska mammor, och vart ser vi oss själva om 1 år?

The buying and selling of feminism – What would a feminist do?  

Feminism is everywhere – even Nike and Sarah Palin have jumped on the bandwagon. With author Andi Zeisler, we explore ‘marketplace feminism’

Banking, Manoush Zomorodi and parenting with Down syndrome  

House Economics Committee prepares to grill bank CEOs. Couple with Down syndrome fight for right to be parents. Phar Lap's 90th Birthday. Federal politics: Banks in the spotlight, Australia-UK FTA and SA renewables. Manoush Zomorodi on tech, podcasts and feminism. Sport: Footy grand finals, motorsports and basketball. Britain's PM lays out Brexit timetable. The secret methods of opera divas.

H&M Säljer Med Feminism - #133  

Här pratas det om Brad Pitt och Angelina Jolie, 14000 Saudiska kvinnor, Expats vs invandrare, nyhetsbrev och att inte vara rädda för andras lidande. referenser: - magnus och peppes podcast betalning: |

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