#00 - Your Name et la garde royale jpop qui travaille au conbini 24h/24h  

dans ce premier numero qui fait office de crash test, on parles de la nouvelle saison de pokemon, de le saison 2 de Aijin, on donne aussi notre avis sur FF15, puis un petit sujet sur le fait que les villes japonaises vivent 24h/24h. puis on fini avec notre avis sur le film anime de l'annee : Your Name, kimi no na wa en japonais.

#35 Om bestar, monster och andra vidunder  


Dracula Untold (film, Gary Shore, 2014)

Beauty and the Beast (film, Bill Condon, 2017)

Mass Effect: Andromeda (spel, Bioware, 2017)

The Handmaiden (film, Park Chan-wook, 2016)

Final Fantasy 15 (spel, Square Enix, 2016)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (spel, Nintendo, 2017)

The OA (tv-serie, Zal Batmanglij, 2016)

Dracula (bok, Bram Stoker, 1897)

The Vampyre (bok, John William Polidori)

Frankenstein (bok, Marry Shelly, 1818)

En vampyrs bekännelser (bok, Anne Rice, 1976)

 En vampyrs bekännelse (film, Neil Jordon, 1994)

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (bok, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1886)

The Terminator (film, James Cameron, 1984)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (film, James Cameron, 1991)

Om arternas uppkomst (bok, Charles Darwin, 1859)

Twilight (bokserie, Stephenie Meyer, 2005-2008)

True Blood (tv-serie, Allan Ball, 2008–2014)

The Fly (film, Kurt Neumann, 1958)

Godzilla (filmserie, 1954-)

Resident Evil (spelserie, Capcom, 1996-)

12 Monkeys (film, Terry Gilliam, 1995)

George A. Romero (filmskapare, 1940-)

Warm Bodies (film, Jonathan Levine, 2013)

iZombie (tv-serie, Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, 2015-)

Gengångare (tv-serie, Fabrice Gobert, 2012-)

Dawn of the Dead (film, Zack Snyder, 2004)

Vampire: The Masquerade (rollspel, White Wolf, 1991-)

Nosferatu (film, 1922, F.W. Murnau)

Underworld (filmserie, 2003-)

Alien (filmserie, 1979-)

Jaws (filmserie, 1975-)

Jaws: The Revenge (film, Joseph Sargent, 1987)

Sharknado (filmserie, 2013-)

Deep Blue Sea (film, Renny Harlin, 1999)

Vampire diaries (serie, Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec, 2009 -)

Teen Wolf (film, Rod Daniel, 1985)

Jurassic Park (film, Steven Spielberg, 1993)

Jurassic World (film, Colin Trevorrow, 2015)

Them! (film, Gordon Douglas, 1954)!

King Kong (filmserie, 1933-)

Kong: Skull Island (film, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, 2017)

King Kong vs Godzilla (film, Ishiro Honda, 1962)

Gremlins (film, Joe Dante, 1984)

Shrek (film, Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson, 2001)

The Incredible Hulk (Marvel-monster)

 Dexter (serie, James Manos Jr., 2006 – 2013)

The Thing (film, John Carpenter, 1982)

Battlestar Galactica (tv-serie, Ronald D. Moore, 2004-)

Penny Dreadful (tv-serie, John Logan, 2014-2016)

The Day of the Triffids (tv-serie, Ken Hannam, 1981)

Perelandra (bok, C.S. Lewis, 1943)

Supernatural (tv-serie, Eric Kripke, 2005 -)

Dorian Greys porträtt (bok, Oscar Wilde, 1890)

Odysséen (miniserie, Andrei Konchalovsky, 1997

From Dusk to Dawn (film, Robert Rodriguez, 1996)

From Dusk to Dawn (tv-serie, Robert Kurtzman, 2014 -)

Hellboy (serie, Mike Mignola, 1993-)

The Blob (film, 1988)

Trollhunter (film, André Øvredal 2010)

Vampyrer: en kulturkritisk studie av den västerländska vampyrberättelsen från 1700-talet till 2000-talet (bok, Anna Höglund, 2011)

Vampyrater: Havets demoner (bok, 2010)

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Death Bear Will See You Now | Modern Love 60  

Ry Russo-Young, director of the new feature film "Before I Fall," tells the story of a break-up, a best friend, and a performance artist.

Austro-Pop im österreichischen Film: Schöne, schlimme Heimat  

Autor: Schernhuber, Peter
Sendung: Kompressor
Hören bis: 05.10.2017 14:18

Austro-Pop im österreichischen Film: Schöne, schlimme Heimat  

Autor: Schernhuber, Peter
Sendung: Kompressor
Hören bis: 05.10.2017 14:18

StarShipSofa No 479 Nir Yaniv and Lavie Tidhar  

Week 3 of Translations Special This story was originally written in Hebrew and has been translated into English. Main Fiction: "Benjamin Schneider’s Little Greys" by Nir Yaniv, translated by Lavie Tidhar Nir Yaniv is an Israeli science fiction writer, musician and, on special occasions, film director. He's notorious for his past as the chief editor of two of Israel's leading science fiction magazines, and also for his present habit of drawing chickens in public. Lavie Tidhar is the author of the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize winning and Premio Roma nominee A Man Lies Dreaming (2014), the World Fantasy Award winning Osama (2011) and of the critically-acclaimed and Seiun Award nominated The Violent Century (2013). His latest novel is Central Station (2016). He is the author of many other novels, novellas and short stories. Narrated by: Jonathan Danz Jonathan Danz exists in a parallel dimension that looks suspiciously like West Virginia. When he’s not trundling over rock and root on his velocipede, he labors to hammer stories out of unruly words. With the help of his wife and daughter, he manages to keep track of his car keys, his priorities, and his mind. Should you find yourself in the dusty corners of cyberspace, you may glimpse Words and Coffee, an occasional repository of his thought-mud found at

Cinéma: «Félicité», d’Alain Gomis  

Ce mercredi 29 mars, notre Rendez-vous culture nous emmène au cinéma, comme tous les mercredis, avec un film qui nous arrive tout droit du Fespaco, le festival Panafricain du cinéma, à Ouagadougou, où il a remporté la plus haute récompense, l’Etalon d’or de Yennenga : Félicité, d’Alain Gomis.

Carnage, Film Review – Episode 73  

Episode 73: Carnage, Film Review. This week, Paul and Andy gush over vegan food in Los Angeles before dissecting this week’s news with such stories as Taco Bell’s non-vegan rice […]

#8 - W. Earl Brown!  

W. Earl Brown is one of the most hard working, talented, and beloved character actors of our time. Most know him as Dan Dority on Deadwood, Teague Dixon on True Detective, or of course as Cameron Diaz's mentally handicapped brother Warren in There's Something About Mary. The three of us, however,  are lucky enough to just know him as our buddy "Big Earl"

Brown was born and raised in western Kentucky. Realizing early in life that he had aversion to manual labor, he knew that farming life was not for him. The first theater he ever attended was on his grandparents' front porch, where, in following family tradition, they would entertain themselves after a day's work with songs and stories. He was much better suited to that part of Kentucky farm life rather than the fields and barns.

In addition to his television and film work, Earl co-starred in Sony's The Last Of Us, 2013 Video Game Of The Year. He also writes music and records with Sacred Cowboys, an LA based Americana band.


As if our southern roots weren't enough to make us pals for life, Brown will also be starring in Showtime's new series 'I'm Dying Up Here', produced by Jim Carrey and based on the booming stand up comedy scene in LA during the 70's. The series premiers Sunday, June 4th. 


On this episode we discuss growing up in the south, our mutual love of comedy, the fears that come with being a professional entertainer, DEADWOOD, and what Larry David is like in real life. Not gonna give anymore away because we had too much fun and want you to hear it for yourselves!

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Episode 49 – Nostalgia Filter: Good, bad, and ugly childhood movies  

On this week's episode, That Guy Named John is joined in the studio by This Guy Named Steve and Carmen as they discuss the "Nostalgia filter" as it relates to movies from our childhood. They each give a "good", "bad" and "ugly" film, plus some honorable mentions!

Kong: Skull Island with Marc Evan Jackson  

In a first for I Was There Too, Matt ventures outside his home to watch a movie still in theaters, Kong: Skull Island. He is joined by the incredible Marc Evan Jackson who talks about his role in the film as Landsat Steve. If you haven’t seen the film, shower, get dressed, get in your car, go the theater, watch the film, and listen to this episode! Stay tuned after the interview for a preview for an upcoming podcast mini-series by Amanda Lund, a follow up to her brilliant podcast 'The Complete Woman' entitled 'Complete Joy.' Find it on Stitcher Premium: This episode is brought to you by Audible ( and Blue Apron (

Elle s'appelle Félicité, mais aurait pu s'appeler Muambuyi  

durée : 00:04:09 - Pop & Co - par : Rebecca Manzoni - Le film 'Félicité' de Alain Gomis sort en salles ce mercredi. Le réalisateur s'est inspiré, pour le personnage principal de son film, de Muambuyi, la chanteuse du Kasai Allstars.

Pop & Co 0

Elle s'appelle Félicité, mais aurait pu s'appeler Muambuyi  

durée : 00:04:03 - La musique d'Inter - par : Rebecca Manzoni - Le film 'Félicité' de Alain Gomis sort en salles ce mercredi. Le réalisateur s'est inspiré, pour le personnage principal de son film, de Muambuyi, la chanteuse du Kasai Allstars.

Jean-Claude Carrière  

durée : 00:20:21 - Paso doble - par : Tewfik Hakem - Jean-Claude Carrière, scénariste du film "Valmont" de Milos Forman sorti en 1989 et qui ressort aujourd'hui en version restaurée, vient nous raconter la genèse de ce projet ambitieux, une libre adaptation du roman magistral de Choderlos de Laclos : "Les liaisons dangereuses"... - réalisé par : Thomas Dutter

Ghost in the Shell : est-ce que ça en valait la peine?  

Ghost in the Shell raconte l’histoire dans un futur proche de Major, une cyber-flic de choc incarnée par Scarlett Johansson, rescapée d’un accident et qui ne doit sa survie qu’aux traitements technologiques qu’on a fait subir à son corps. Du moins c’est ce qu’elle croit. Elle oeuvre au sein d’une section pour retrouver un criminel d’un genre nouveau capable d’hacker l’esprit humain. Ce remake de 2017 place l’action au coeur du film et tous les thèmes potentiels ne sont pas traités. On est loin de la portée philosophique et ésotérique du premier film. Certes la 3D est très belle, mais ça ne suffit pas à révolutionner cet univers. Animé par Thomas Rozec avec Daniel Andreyev et Léa Bodin RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION Blanche-Neige et le chasseur (Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, 2012), Kong Skull Island (Jordan Vogt-Roberts, 2017), Ghost in the Shell (Mamoru Oshii, 1995) resort en DVD Blu-Ray, Kenji Kawai, Takeshi Kitano, La Grande Muraille (Yimou Zhang, 2017), Iron Fist (Netflix, 2017), Daredevil (Mark Steven Johnson, 2003), Michael Clarke Duncan, Pacifi Rim (Guillermo del Toro, 2013), Creed - L’héritage de Rocky Balboa (Ryan Coogler, 2016), Black Panther (Ryan Coogler, 2018), James Cameron, Innocence - Ghost in the Shell 2 (Mamoru Oshii, 2004), Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex (série animée, Mamoru Oshii, 2002), Wong Kar -wai RETROUVEZ LES RECOMMANDATIONS FAITES EN FIN D'ÉMISSION sur la page Soundcloud officielle des recommandations de NoCiné >> @nocine-reco

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me  

Twin Peaks television ratings weren’t enough for ABC to keep the show on the air. That cancellation left fans biting their nails with a cliffhanger that seemed would never be resolved. One year later Peaks was brought back to life, not on television but in theaters. But would this movie, a prequel chronicling Laura Palmer’s last week, give the fans what it wanted? It was derided upon release, but with 25 years of distance is this film an underrated masterpiece?  

Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob to find out!  Then head to It’s a donation drive where you can hear reviews of every episode of the Twin Peaks series, including the new episodes coming this summer on Showtime!

Songbroker takes New Zealand music to the world  

Songbroker is a service streamlining access to New Zealand music for international producers of film and TV.

ITYI Ep. 5 Ceyda Torun  

Ceyda Torun's film Kedi is Todd's favorite of 2017 so far. It's a charming but surprisingly weighty documentary following the lives of several Istanbul cats -- some from the streets and others with more comfortable lives. (One even lives near a fish merchant, which seems like a good kitty life.) It's both a movie about cats and a movie about its city, and that made talking to Ceyda a must. She told Todd about why cats are better actors than you'd expect, what makes Istanbul one of her favorite cities, and how she captured all those "cat's eye view" shots.

Alain Gomis brouilleur d'imaginaires et royale Véronique Tshanda Beya Mputu  

durée : 00:54:21 - L'heure bleue - Portrait d'une femme qui n'est pas habituée à demander, qui préfère se battre seule, une femme un peu mystérieuse, qui ne prie pas, n'a pas d'amis. Elle s'appelle Félicité. - invités : Alain GOMIS - Alain GOMIS pour son film Félicité (en salles mercredi 29 mars) - réalisé par : Véronique BARNET

SRSLY #87: Get Out / Riverdale / Prune  

Caroline and Anna discuss the horror film Get Out, teen drama Riverdale and the mobile game Prune. *Show notes* *Subscribe* *Twitter* *Facebook* *Tumblr* *Email*


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