Ep 31: Jack the Ripper pt 2  

The Ripper is back! This week we dive back into merry ol' England and explore who could have been killing all of these drunk prostitutes. Was it a quack doctor who was also involved in the Lincoln assassination? What about Lewis Carroll? Could he have been offing the ladies of the night after writing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (it is a weird book)...we investigate. Plus, is Prince Albert truly in a can, is Johnny Depp really a Freemason, and is this show actually just bad FM radio. All of that and more on the podcast that has never been accused of murder, but kills it each and every week - Hysteria 51.

Janet Wolter & Alan Butler - The Secret History of America  

This week's episode of Lost Origins is a fascinating change of pace. Not only are we exploring the true history of America, we are doing so with both Janet Wolter and Alan Butler. These two have come together to author America Nation of the Goddess - a whirlwind tour de force that seeks to provide readers with answers about the history of the United States. On their website, an attention-grabbing quote reads ”the history of humanity and our world was far from what orthodox historians could ever or would ever admit.” Today Andrew, Janet, and Alan will be discussing their book, America Nation of the Goddess, the importance of the term Grange, the Freemason influence, the Venus families, and their recent discovery.

Re:Joyce Episode 322 - Gossip & Grog  

Is Mr. Bloom really a Freemason?

QUICK HIT: Rubio=Freemason & Jew?  

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Denver International Airport - Those Conspiracy Guys  

On this episode we take a trip to the Denver InternationalAirport, home of the world's second largest airport, and a wholehost of conspiracy theories since it's opening in 1995.

We look at the tales of a DUMB buried below the campus housingrumors of UFOs and military staging grounds for the New World Orderand we cover the incredible construction and anomalies of theDIA.

From overt Freemason imagery and globalization murals to baggageclaims monsters and demonic steeds we check every corner of theDenver International Airport.

Presented by Gordo and Paul

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Episode 80 – The Ethical Code Of A Freemason  

More tales from John’s gigs in Edinburgh this week, plus Elis’ struggles with social interactions, and tales of Producer Dave hobnobbing with celebrities. And of course, there’s Email Of The Species, Textual Healing, Winner Plays On and Humble Brag Of The Week. Remember, tune in next Saturday to catch the boys from 10am til 1pm, get in touch on (if you’re on e-mail. You’ve got to be on e-mail), and keep it Xfm.

The Road to War and Tuesday Guest Stan Deyo  

The destabilization of the Middle East is indeed one of the major articles of the agenda of the power elite and is taking place under full throttle today. A potential showdown with Iranian ships on one hand, and backroom dealings on the other are certain to cause confusion to anyone trying to make sense about what's actually taking place. Meanwhile, ISIS now appears to be in full control across Iraq, issuing birth certificates and other government documents to the citizens of the new "Caliphate." All of these geopolitical events appear to be leading us headlong into World War III - a war exactly as written by Master Freemason Albert Pike in 1871. Join us as we discuss these issues and welcome our regular Tuesday guestStan Deyoin hour two.

142- And The Winner Is  

There’s a little trophy shop called Aardvark Laser Engraving  down the street from our office in Oakland. Its small but bustling, and its windows are stuffed to the brim with awards made of all kinds of materials and in any shape you can imagine. There are chalices, orbs, golfers, gavels, apples, and plaques. Plenty of plaques. They're engraved to award the Club DJ of the Year, the newest member of a local Freemason branch, one mysterious trophy just says “Rifle Expert,” and there are plenty of heartfelt engravings to spouses, family members, and retiring co-workers. For this episode, producer Avery Trufelman spoke with Pat Gorman, designer of the MTV Moon Man, Julia Reydel, engraver and owner of Ardvark Laser Engraving, and Scott Siegel, of R.S.Owens & Company. Special thanks to Frank Olinsky and Fred Siebert for their help.

#167 Cleopatra's Needle and the Freemasons Secret  

Cleopatra's Needle is the name given to the ancient Egyptian obelisk that sits in Central Park, right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This is the bizarre tale of how it arrived in New York and the unusual forces that went behind its transportation from Alexandra to a hill called Greywacke Hill.


The weathered but elegant monolith was created thousands of years ago by the pharaoh Thutmose III.  Thanks to the great interest in Egyptian objects in the 19th century -- sometimes called Egyptomania -- major cities soon wanted obelisks for their own, acquired as though they were trophies of world conquest.  France and England scooped up a couple but -- at least in the case of the ill-fated vessel headed to London -- not without great cost.


One group was especially fascinated in the Alexandrian obelisks.  The Freemasons have been a mysterious and controversial fraternity who have been involved in several critical moments in American history (including the inauguration of fellow Freemason George Washington.) A Freemason engineer and adventurer named Henry Honeychurch Gorringe discovered an incredible secret on the remaining Alexandria obelisk, a secret that might link the secretive organization to the beginnings of human civilization.


But how do you get a 240 ton object, the length of a 7-story building, across the Atlantic Ocean and propped up in New York's premier park which had just opened a few years before?  


We let you in on Gorringe's technique and the curious Freemasons ceremony that accompanied the debut of the obelisk's cornerstone.


PLUS: We have a secret or two to reveal ourselves in this episode. This is a must-listen podcast!

Ultimate Pop Party 4 - The Mr Blue Lips Podcast  

A super-charged mega-mix of the biggest club anthems, classic dance tracks and pop hits. The Ultimate Pop Party is the most popular of all the episodes on the Mr Bluer Lips podcast. This is the first of several huge mixes I'll be publishing in the next three weeks or so as I begin my travels to America. Keep up to date with my latest mixes on Twitter (@JamieAtreyu), or follow me on Facebook (Jamie Atreyu). Featuring a MASSIVE 22 tracks, its one of the biggest mixes I've ever created. The first few tracks should be well-known. 'Trouble' by Leona Lewis is moody yet uplifting and one of my favourites. 'Beautiful Liar' by Beyonce and Shakira is a classic anthem that these days seems to get overlooked. A powerful floor-filler by the Freemasons - it couldn't be left out. Most of the tracks in this mix a firm favourites of mine and tracks that I get most feedback about. 'Elastic Heart' is definitiley more-ish. Coupled (and mixed well) with 'Still Dancing,' the mix just seems better and better the more you listen to it. The whole mix is sing-a-long and bouncy from the beginning. Union J, Britney Spears, Rebecca Furguson... You name it, they're here. Also featured are a couple of NRG covers including a couple from Almighty and Klone for the die-hard dance-pop fans. There's a massive selection of remixers and producers featured here - I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. Remember, the producers make this music to enjoy so make sure you buy what you enjoy :) Track listing Trouble (Wideboys Club Mix) - Leona Lewis ft Childish Gambin Beautiful Liar (Freemason's Mix) - Beyonce Feat. Shakira Elastic Heart (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Mix) - Sia Feat. The Weeknd & Diplo Still Dancing (Chew Fu Lights Out Remix) - Astraea Carry You (Westfunk & Steve Smart Mix) - Union J Work Bitch (7th Heaven Mix) - Britney Spears Not A Love Song (7th Heaven Club Mix) - Wonderland Could It Be Magic (Slipstream Mix) - Abigail I Hope (Moto Blanco Club Mix) - Rebecca Ferguson Let Your Love Flow (7th Heaven Mix) - Mike Melange Feat. Alan Connor On The Floor (Low Sunday Club Mix) - Jennifer Lopez Rooms On Fire (Matt Pop Mix) - Stevie Nicks Loved Me Back To Life (Dave Aude Club Mix) - Celine Dion Here With You (Dave Audé Remix) - Asher Monroe It Feels So Good (Wayne G & LFB Anthem Mix) - (We Are) Nexus The Greatest Thing (Stopme Release-Me Mix) - Cher feat. Lady Gaga Think Twice (Almighty 12" Essential Mix) - Almighty Vs. Rochelle Right Here Right Now (Skyylab Remix) - BWO Something Tells Me (Almighty 12" Mix) - Cilla Black Angels (Porl Young Club Remix) - Luvbugg Leavin' (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) - Jesse McCartney Boyfriend (Wawa 12" Club Mix) - Alphabeat

Unbelievable? 5 Jan 2008 Freemasonry & Christianity - serving two masters?  
Michael Donovan is a committed evangelical Christian.  He is also a Freemason.  Doug Harris of the Reachout Trust believes that being a Freemason and a Christian are incompatible.  They join Justin as he asks whether Freemasonry is a religion, what it says about God, and whether Christians should be involved in secret societies.  For more info on the Reachout Trust visit

To hear more discussions between Christians and non-Christians go to
Join the discussion on the Premier Community

Robert W Sullivan IV  

Robert W. Sullivan IV is the only child of antique dealers, he was born on October 30, 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He graduated high school from Friends School of Baltimore (the oldest private school in Baltimore, founded in 1784) in June 1990.  He attended Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania becoming a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha (Theta Pi, member #1199) fraternity.  He earned his B.A. in History in 1995. Mr. Sullivan spent his entire junior year of college (1992-1993) abroad at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, England studying European history and philosophy.  While in Oxford Mr. Sullivan was a member of the Oxford Union, the Oxford University Conservative Association, and the Oxford Law Society.  Upon returning to the United States in June 1993 he took a year off from Gettysburg College to serve as office director of the Washington International Studies Council located on Capitol Hill. Prior to attending law school in the United States he spent the Michaelmas Term 1995 at Trinity College, Oxford University studying jurisprudence and international law. From 1997 to 2000 he attended Widener University School of Law, Delaware Campus, from where he received his Juris Doctorate.  Admitted to the State Bar of Maryland (2000) as well as the District of Columbia (2002), Mr. Sullivan spent 2001 to 2008 working at various law firms in the Baltimore area practicing primarily in the area of insurance defense.  Mr. Sullivan is a Freemason, having joined Amicable-St. John’s Lodge #25, Baltimore Maryland in 1997; he became a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason in 1999, Valley of Baltimore, Orient of Maryland.  The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism is his first published work and is the result of twenty years of research.  A lifelong Marylander, he resides in Baltimore. Show Notes: Offical Website of Robert W. Sullivan IV The Royal Arch of Enoch Book Ask A Freemason 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Music for the show is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at

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