Ep149 - Wilder vs. Washington fight preview, Broner vs. Granados post-fight  

The guys preview the return of Deontay Wilder as he defends his WBC heavyweight title against Gerald Washington. Plus, a preview of Jarrett Hurd vs. Tony Harrison, and the post-fight of Adrien Broner vs. Adrien Granados. Oh yeah, and Scott Quigg used his "Finking Brain" and finally left Joe Gallagher. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes: The show is available on Google Play: SUBSCRIBE to The Boxing Rant on YouTube: SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Follow us on Twitter: @TheBoxingRant - @KennyKeithJr - @VinceCummings81 - Find us on Facebook: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Google+: Email the Show:

El Sótano - Cromwell, The Sadies, The Weavers, Johnny Cash... - 21/02/17  

Cromwell, banda formada en Dublín a comienzos de los 70. A la estela de Thin Lizzy o Rory Gallagher, editaron un único álbum antes de disolverse. Ese disco, “At The Gallop” (1975) se convirtió en cotizado objeto de culto para los amantes del rock irlandés y setentero. Acaba de ser reeditado por primera vez gracias al sello Got Kinda Lost.

Playlist; Cromwell (At the Gallop, Down on the town, Stomp stomp stomp), Chuck Prophet (Jesus was a social drinker), Robyn Hitchcock (I want to tell you about what I want), The Sadies (Through strange eyes), Dead Bronco (Rambling on my mind), Red Beard (Islanders), Johnny Cash (Ballad of a teenage queen; pieza editada por Sun Records y la toma original sin overbubs) y Dead Wood (Spirit away).

Sección Momentos Históricos con el Profesor Pardo; “Live At Carnegie Hall” (1957), el año en que el folk se convirtió en pop. The Weavers (Rock Island line). (21/02/17)

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Kieran Tierney - The Cynics Love You More Than You Will Know  

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host Chris Gallagher joined by a panel of Louis McCaffrey, Ciaran Harran and Keith McGinty. We discuss the recent Celtic victory over Motherwell with a look at player performance and overall team play. We talk about how good Kieran Tierney is and the reckless tackle that could have cost him his he now a target? We look over the important results from the SPFL. We answer questions from Twitter. Music from Kraftwerk and Dandy Warhols Follow us on Twitter: @90MinuteCynic

Jake Pratt  February20 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher and Jonathan Roy with and original performance

Slate Money: The Vanishing Edition  

This week, hosts Felix Salmon of Fusion, Slate Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann, and Leigh Gallagher, author of the book, The Airbnb Story: How Three Ordinary Guys Disrupted an Industry, Made Billions . . . and Created Plenty of Controversy, discuss:Snap Inc’s 22 billion dollar IPO evaluation.Airbnb’s epic rise and future challenges.The benefits of the The New York Times’ paywall approach.Check out other Panoply podcasts at

Twitter: @felixsalmon, @JHWeissmann, @leighgallagher

Production by Zachary Dinerstein.

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Jake Pratt  February17 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher

02/17/2017: Total global dominance by Facebook  

A. Lot. Happened. This. Week. We're here to wrap it up. Leigh Gallagher of Fortune and Sudeep Reddy of Politico join host Kai Ryssdal to review the week that was. We'll also talk about that 5,700-word letter posted yesterday by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and what it all means. We also hear from a CEO in California who says the state's increase in minimum wage has been great for his business.

Jake Pratt  February15 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher and Carl Valentine

Midcard Matters  

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host Chris Gallagher (@TheGallatron) Chris Sermanni and Christopher Boud. We discuss the recent Celtic victory over Inverness with a look at player performance and overall team play. The recent form of Forrest and Bitton is discussed as well as a look at the long term future of Henderson and Christie. We look at what is happening on the other side of Glasgow and Sermanni develops an interesting idea for a TV show. We answer questions from Twitter. Music from Blur and American Football Follow us on Twitter: @90MinuteCynic

Jake Pratt  February13 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher

The Joe Walsh Show - February 10, 2017  

We live in a divided country. With the 9th Circuit Court refusing the White House’s appeal on Trump’s immigration ban, what will Trump do next. Mike Gallagher went after Joe for his stance on Trump weighing in on Nordstrom's decision to stop selling the Ivanka Trump line.

The Airbnb story  

Writer Leigh Gallagher joins Cardiff and Shannon to discuss the founders, the controversies and the future of the tech company that transformed the hospitality industry. It's the subject of Leigh's latest book, out on Tuesday.

Episode 3,801: Liam McGeary, James Gallagher  

Guests: Liam McGeary and James Gallagher. McGeary, a former light heavyweight champion, fights Chris Fields in the Bellator 173 main event in Northern Ireland on Feb. 24. Gallagher, a teammate of Conor McGregor in Dublin, takes on Kirill Medvedovsky in the co-main event on the same card.

Jake Pratt  February8 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher

Jake Pratt  February6 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher

Jake Pratt  February3 Hour 4  

Guest's Include: Tony Gallagher and Tessa Bonhomme

Episode 10: The Poetry of Murder  

We talk a lot about mental health and fighting your inner demons. But what happens when those demons take over? It’s a sad conversation, but one that we need to have. That’s why this episode takes a look at serial killers.

But there’s a twist. Instead of looking at their actions, we look at their poetry. We delve into their minds and try to understand more about what made them that way. And we try to undersatnd if there’s anything we can do to prevent more murders from happening. 

Check out some of our advocacy-wear clothing products here, or read more about similar issues on our blog.

Host and Producer: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy

Co-Producer: Danielle Gallagher

Editor: Cesar Del Castillo

Neil Lennon Live: A pizza box, a punch-up and a phonecall from Elton John  

We recorded our first live Big Interview just before Christmas when Neil Lennon joined us at Greenock Town Hall. It was a special event and we want to thank esteemed actor - and our good friend - Martin Compston for inviting us along to help raise funds for Ardgowan Hospice. As you are about to find out, this Big Interview was great fun. Neil can tell a story just as well as he used to retain possession, like when Martin O’Neill dragged his Leicester City players to Yorkshire Ripper murder scenes, or when Noel Gallagher told Neil off for misbehaving before an Oasis gig. We also talk about player development, with Neil explaining why he believes over-coaching is preventing the emergence of more free-thinking, creative players. And, of course, his encounters with Barcelona come up too, a team which Neil faced first as a player and later, famously, as a manager. This is Neil Lennon. Live. Enjoy!

Raging Bullets Episode 487 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast  

Episode 487: The Dark Knight Returns Epic Fan Film and Shadowland Part 2 of 2 : Jim and Sean with the amazing and talented Wyatt Weed and Gayle Gallagher in an epic 2 part discussion.

Listener voicemails return next episode.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening,,,,,,,, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype, and more.  

Show contact info and web site:

3:00 Interview Part 2

1:32:05 Show Closing

We’ll be back next week with our next episode.  Check, Twitter and our Facebook group for regular updates.

Wyatt Weed and Gayle Gallagher

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Facebook Links:

The Dark Knight Returns - An Epic Fan Film:


Pirate Media Group

Wyatt Weed

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And, Wyatt's Website:

Celtic - The Face that Runs The Place  

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host Chris Gallagher (@tTheGallatron) Chris Sermanni and Christopher Boud. We start the podcast by discussing Celtic from our youth and the things we learned from a lack of success. The 4-0 victory over Hearts was discussed as we mentioned player performance, tactics and ratings. We briefly look ahead to the Aberdeen game. The transfer window and Chelsea's pursuit of Dembele and Gordon are discussed in detail as well as what the future potentially holds for Celtic and Griffiths going forward. We answer questions from Twitter. Follow us on Twitter: @90MinuteCynic

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