MdS 43 - O mundo gay  

No episódio dessa semana, bailemos ao som da nossa madrinha Madonna, embora tenha muito gay por aí que só ouve Sepultura. Nosso tema é o mundo gay e, lembrem sempre, o mundo é gay. Vamos nos aventurar com nosso Capitão Gay, Cacofonias, o Pit Bitoca, Roberto; a nossa Elke Maravilha, Manu; e, por que não, ir além da caricatura com nossos amados e idolatrados, Éric, que aprendeu a gostar de Madonna com o pai hétero; Rômulo, que é torcedor do Flamengo e Rafucko que já teve namorada. Neste episódio, você vai: 1 – Aprender que as nomenclaturas geralmente não servem de nada; 2 – Saber o que são ursos, lontras, barbies e outras subdivisões do mundo gay; 3 – Descobrir que quem só come também é gay (e geralmente homofóbico); 4 – Perceber que nem todo time de gay é tricolor; 5 – Aprender que nem todo gay gosta de Madonna e nem todo mundo que gosta é gay; 6 – Escutar leitura de perfil de homens que ainda estão no armário; 7 –Entender um pouco melhor as relações homossexuais; 8 –Ouvir histórias de saídas do armário; 9 - Mandar seu preconceito ir pra puta que o pariu; 10 - Entender de uma vez por todas que gays não querem ser mulheres; 11 - Escutar um debate sobre moda hetero e gay e saber se ela existe; 12 – Ouvir a leitura de comentários do podcast anterior.

#62 – A Christian Week in Atheism  

Christian apologist John Christy is in studio filming "My Week in Atheism" and guest Todd Stiefel, President/Founder at Stiefel Freethought Foundation joins us for awhile as we discuss; Why do we need hell? How do Christians reconcile gay rights? On the show today: David Smalley - @davidcsmalley, Shayrah Akers – shayrah.akers on FB, Rachel Brown - @rachelnanon, Daniel Moran - @MoranForTexas, John Christy - @johnachristy, Trent Brusky – trent.brusky on FB Special Guest: Todd Stiefel from Stiefel Freethought Foundation:,, CNN article:, Foundation Beyond Belief:, Leukemia & Lymphoma:, The Takeaway Interview:, We Believe at the Reason Rally:, Gallup poll on voting (atheist popularity):, Billy Gardell’s show Halftime:, on having a gay son:, If an Atheist could have a beer with Jesus by David Smalley:, About the appearance on the radio show and ask an atheist: (video not found), 58% of Americans agree that gay marriage should be legal: My Week in Atheism, a documentary by John Christy: News with Daniel Moran brought to you by with a 10% discount with promo code ‘dogmadebate’: Mike Huckabee wants to create third party if GOP backs same-sex marriage:, Quote from:, Bauer: gay rights will lead to the criminalization of Christianity:, Gay marriage and religious freedom are not compatible:, Rand Paul on civil rights and discrimination from private businesses:, Boy Scouts of America vs. Dale:, Armed Citizen Project handing out free shotguns:, Ban Islam Facebook page:, (no link found on the feud with Jessica Alhquist possibly since she was banned from the page), Kansas bill calls for HIV positive people to be quarantined:, John Christy and David Smalley at University of North Texas: Country song of the week with special guest Todd Stiefel: When I Get Where I’m going by Brad Paisley:, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis:, Shayrah’s video on hell:, Atheism Advanced by Dr. David Eller: Sex & God by Dr. Darrel Ray:

Gay-Baiting Pop Stars with guest Simon Curtis | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

We’re breaking down all the gay glitz and glamour from the Golden Globes this week with our special guest, musician and author Simon Curtis.  Plus, Joe Jonas follows in his brother’s gay-baiting, skin-baring footsteps. And “The Librarians” introduces a new gender-fluid character. All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra, […]

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Logo’s Fire Island Reality Show with special guest Michael Henry | Gay Weekly Roundtable | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

 Logo announced it will be premiering a new reality series called “Fire Island” and gay people have a lot of opinions about it. We’re breaking it down with our special guest, comedian Michael Henry. Plus, we’re discussing Laverne Cox’s new ABC show and reviewing Yael’s recent trip to ClexaCon.  All this and more on Gay Weekly […]

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Disney’s First Gay Character Appearing In Beauty And The Beast | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

 An LGBT-themed film won Best Picture for the first time, but not before a lot of Oscars drama went down first. Plus, upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” reboot will have a gay character. And “Drag Race” gets a premiere date and a new channel! All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: […]

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A Will & Grace Resurrection with Gay of Thrones’ Jonathan Van Ness | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

We’re discussing the Will & Grace reboot this week with special guest and Gay of Thrones star Jonathan Van Ness.  Plus, Jennifer Holliday says “I’m not goin'” to the presidential inauguration following LGBT backlash. And we’re dissecting ClexaCon, the upcoming lesbian media convention. All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra, Yael […]

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ScathingAtheist 175: His Ark is Worse Than His Bite Edition  

In this week’s episode, we’ll read the book equivalent of getting dicked to death by wolverines, state-mandated anal probes get two thumbs up from a Kenyan judge, and Bill Donohue will dress up like a penguin and plot against Batman.


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Guest Links:

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Creationists to counter-protest atheists at Ark Park opening:

Donohue: Law to extend statutes on child rape was designed “to rape the Catholic church.”

Police in Trenton NJ plan to bring underage curfew violators to churches in the middle of the night:

Hackers add gay pride stuff to ISIS Twitter accounts:

Canadian police break up fight over whether or not the earth is flat or round

Turkish Muslim mob attacks album release party at record store in Istanbul for not doing nothing during Ramadan:

Man attacked with machetes for not fasting on Ramadan:

Anderson cooper is too gay to interview straight people

Anderson cooper goes hard in the paint on bigot:

Anal probes are a legal way to determine if someone is gay:



This Week in Misogyny:

Six months for raping an accident victim:

Amish couple sells 14 year old daughter:,textandlink

Abortion Drone:

Inside Gay Pakistan  

Mobeen Azhar investigates gay life in urban Pakistan and despite the country's religious conservatism and homosexuality being a crime there, he finds a vibrant gay scene, all aided by social media. He meets gay people at underground parties, shrines and hotels and finds out what it's really like to be gay in Pakistan. As one man tells him, "The best thing about being gay in Pakistan is you can easily hook up with guys over here. You just need to know the right moves and with a click you can get any guy you want." At a gay party he meets an NGO worker who then takes him to one of Karachi's prime cruising locations - a shrine to a 9th Century Muslim saint. Mobeen meets a "masseur", who works on the street advertising his services. The masseur's real job is selling sexual services to men - with the full knowledge of his wife. And with great difficulty, Mobeen speaks to a lesbian couple, who conceal their relationship from their own parents. One of them argues that it is too soon for gay Pakistanis to fight openly for political rights and that they must find happiness in the personal sphere. Mobeen discovers that while urban Pakistanis may easily be able to find sex, being in a relationship is far more difficult. Reporter: Mobeen Azhar Producer: Helena Merriman.

Pride Flag, Drag Race Finale, Gay Men’s Golden Girls | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

Philadelphia added a black and brown stripe to its Pride flag, and ignited a storm of controversy about race and LGBT issues in the process. Plus, Hollywood is gearing up to make a version of the “Golden Girls” with older gay men! And we’re prepping for Friday’s big “Drag Race” finale with our predictions and […]

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SNL Parodies Gay Reality Show “Fire Island” | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

“SNL” parodied Logo’s “Fire Island” this week and also displayed support for trans youth, and we’re breaking it all down for you on today’s episode. Plus, we’re discussing the importance of local elections if you want to make a change.  All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra, Yael Tygiel, Blake McIver and Tony Moore […]

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What do you do if your friends are being dicks to your dude before they've even met him? Is 6 months enough time to be monogamous before embarking on a threesome? Corinne & Krystyna aren't really too sure, but they're going to do their darndest to provide these #fuckers with an answer! On this week's episode, well, it's been a spell since the girls of Sorry About Last Night have sat down with their closest gay friends to talk about life, so today they welcome back DUFF (Gay Panel Pt. 1) and his also-gay-brother, ERIC! The four friends discuss the homosexual stereotype, what makes one gay man punch another gay man in the face, glory holes, timing your coming-out announcement in conjunction with your brother's, genital cleanliness, aesthetic judgement, having a super hot partner, the term "fag", what to do when you're both tops, and drinking. Lots of it. Check out DUFF's cartoon, MYSTERY SQUAD GALS! Email us: Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Facebook: SEE US LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY (and Upstate NY/Austin/DC/NJ!) **ROSENDALE, NY** CORINNE FISHER HEADLINES MARKET MARKET SATURDAY, MARCH 12th @ 10pm VENUE: Market Market, 1 Madeline Lane, Rosendale, NY COVER: $15, cash only Market Market will take dinner reservations for this event. Reservations are for diners only. There will be no reservations taken for the bar(first come, first serve there) or for drinks only. CONTACT: Call (845) 658-3164 or visit for more information. **AUSTIN, TX** SUNDAY, March 13th @ 7PM {Saturday show is almost sold out} KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON & former GWF guest, WENDI STARLING, are bringing GLAMOURPUSS to Texas! Spider House Ballroom 2908 Fruth Street, Austin TX 78705 For tix: **ALBANY, NY** WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16TH @ 7:30pm Corinne & Krystyna are both on Chicks Are Funny! at The Funny Bone Albany Tix are $10, 21+ **WASHINGTON D.C.** SATURDAY, MARCH 19th @ 7PM KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON & former GWF guest, WENDI STARLING, are bringing GLAMOURPUSS to DC for one night only! DC9 1940 Ninth Street NW Washington, DC 20001 For tix: FRIDAY, MARCH 25th @ 11:15pm NACHO BITCHES Hosted by CORINNE FISHER & BLAIR SOCCI New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street - NYC Tix are just $10 with code NACHO SATURDAY, MARCH 26th @ 7:30PM GLAMOURPUSS! Hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson + Wendi Starling Zinc Bar - 82 W. 3rd Street, NY, NY For tickets, go to: **PRINCETON, NJ** SATURDAY, MARCH 26TH @ 7:30PM & 9:30PM CORINNE IS OPENING FOR PAST GWF GUEST BEN HAGUE CATCH A RISING STAR - PRINCETON Hyatt Regency - Princeton TIX for 7:30PM show: Tix for 9:30pm show: MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Leisure Cruise - "Mother" 2. StaG - "Colorado/Suicidal" 3. Sleeper/Spaceborn - "Communique" Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to:

Will Gay Marriage Upend Gay Culture?  

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will welcome a new era in equality, acceptance, and fretting. A recent headline even predicted a “twinge of loss” for modern gay culture. On The Gist, Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder explains what the ruling means for gay culture. Be sure to read his cover story “What Was Gay?” from earlier this year. For The Spiel, Mike explores what the Chris Christie presidential candidacy should sound like.

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RiseUp Podcast – The H Word  

In this episode of RiseUp, Nick Galieti interviews a Young Women from Southern Californa named Mikalya.

Mikayla's parents were members so she was born into the church and baptized when she was 8. But it wasn't until she turned 13 that she really dove into the gospel. Before that, she was relatively inactive for a few years. She now lives in Southern California where she is currently the Laurel Class President but because her ward is so small, she is effectively the overall Young Women's Class President. She loves to play guitar, but is not good enough to consider myself anything beyond a beginner. She loves to read, especially anything that involves history, fiction, or both. She love to write and currently writes for her school newspaper and designs a page of the newspaper. She also loves to draw, but her skills are limited to Disney Characters and Looney Toons. She comes on the RiseUp podcast to talk about a poem she wrote for an online contest where she declared her experience as a member of the Church defending  traditional marriage. Here is the poem she submitted and the original link for the poem:

The "H Word"

"Did you know he's a homophobe?"

I froze.

It felt like one of those moments in movies where




Yet emotions, thoughts, and feelings hit me at 3x10^8 meters per second.

I'm not one to swear.

I never liked the anger and harshness associated with the words,

Didn't like the feeling of such unnecessary words rolling off my tongue,

Nor did I enjoy the taste they left behind.

Yet those words no longer gave me

The strange jolt-in-your-chest feeling

That young children get

When they're young enough to feel uncomfortable at the sound of an infrequently heard "bad word",

Yet old enough to know it's bad.

Those words, though I still discouraged the use of them,

Didn't have the same effect on me

As this "H word" did.

This "H word", used so casually, carried heavy baggage of hatred.

I knew the "he" they spoke of.

I knew his name, his face,

And I knew his church,

Because his church was my church too

And I had an idea why people might give him such a label.

His church, my church, our church

Did not support gay marriage,

And to some people, wearing a BYU sweatshirt

Or an "I'm a Mormon" pin

Was equivalent to putting an "I supported Prop 8" sign on your back.

And this wasn't always okay.

This feeling isn't always there, out in the open,

But it's never gone.

It's hiding somewhere in the corner of the room, and comes into the light

When you hear that another state legalized gay marriage

And the person next to you turns toward you and says

"Doesn't your church hate gay people?"

And whether or not there's a joking undertone or a serious air to their voice,

It feels like time freezes as their words hit you,

Yet the clock ticks faster as you scramble for the right words.

Because how you explain to this person, whether they be a stranger, acquaintance, or friend,

Whether they be joking or absolutely serious,

That your church doesn't support gay marriage because of biblical reasons

Without pulling out the bible and throwing out religious doctrine.

And how do you explain to them that just as it says in the Bible that marriage is between a man and a woman,

It says to love thy neighbor,

Whoever they are, whatever they believe

And that you don't see why people assume that you can't love someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender

As much as someone who isn't

And simultaneously not agree with gay marriage?

How do you incorporate that your uncle is gay

And happily married to a great man

To provide the ethos-influenced evidence that your Eng...

My Father's Secret Life  

Whitney Joiner was 13 when her father Joe told her he was HIV-positive. He said he hoped to see her graduate from high school. Five months later, he was dead. It was rural Kentucky in 1992, and Whitney and her family thought it was best to keep quiet.  

Whitney never learned how her father contracted the disease. After his funeral, her mother heard from a mutual friend that he’d secretly gone to gay clubs. As a teenager, Whitney had wondered if he were gay. She'd even asked him, but he denied it. His denial was a relief at the time. Now, she wishes she had more answers.

That’s part of what led her to co-found The Recollectors, a site to collect stories from children about their parents who died of AIDS. In this episode, Whitney talked to me about the shame and anger that kept her family from talking about her father for years, meeting other people who had a parent die of AIDS, and reconciling her memories of her father with details she’s only learning now.


Remembering the Early, Mysterious Signs

The only thing I knew was wrong with him was we would go to the hospital in Lexington and see this doctor. And he would get his blood drawn...It was kind of like, oh we’re going to the mall. And the movies. And just stopping off at the doctor. And he explained that he had a blood problem, and I said at one point, like, oh, Leukemia? And he was like yeah, something like that.

Whitney keeps this photo of her late father on her refrigerator. (Whitney Joiner)

Finally Meeting Someone Else Whose Father Died of AIDS

It felt like, so shocking there was someone else out there with the same story. And we just started talking about—it was so weird that we don’t know more people, there have to be more people. Not everyone who died of AIDS is a gay man with no children!

The Conversation She Wishes She Could Have Again

I said, I asked mom once if you were gay...And he said, I’m not gay. In this kind of like scoffing way, like what, I’m not gay, obviously. And I said, Oh. Oh, okay. He was like no, I got it from a woman. You can get it from women too, you know. Oh, okay. Part of me at the time was relieved, honestly. Because I was still so young, I didn’t want to have to deal with the gay dad. At 13, in rural Kentucky….It felt like a relief, but just in that, ugh, we don’t have to have that conversation. But really, we should have that conversation. Because that’s the important one. And we both know that’s really what’s happening here.

Whitney now, with her mom and brother. (Whitney Joiner)

When Her Family Was Afraid to Accept His Sexuality

My family was very angry at him for lying about his sexuality. To me it felt like our family was almost glad that he was gone. Like I would bring him up, I just felt like any time I brought him up, there was this eye-rolling on the part of my family. So I felt like I just shouldn’t talk about him. And I would feel ashamed of loving him, you know, even though he’s my father. And why would anybody have to feel ashamed of loving your father?

You can read a full transcript of the interview, and read Whitney's essay about her father on Slate.

Gay Muslim Marriage  

Adrian Goldberg presents cutting edge investigative journalism. British gay Muslims are joining the global fight for equality and seeking gay marriage. 5 live Investigates speaks to pioneering gay couples about their 'nikah' - a Muslim matrimonial contract - and asks how they balance their sexuality with the Islamic faith, which vehemently rejects homosexuality. Many gay couples who marry in this way say they have actively rejected secular civil partnerships, as they say it is vital to have their union recognised by Allah, and not just by the state. The ceremonies are based on heterosexual Muslim marriage ceremonies, and are often conducted in private, without the knowledge of the couple's family, for fear of damaging so-called 'honour'. However, there is also a view that the British Muslim community may not be as conservative as it appears - it is claimed a 'liberal closet' exists whereby some families are becoming more accepting of their gay children, albeit behind closed doors. Adrian speaks to one American imam, who has conducted a number of gay marriages in Britain - some of which have been grand events. Also on the programme, analysis of the uprising in Libya with Huda Abuzaid, whose father was assassinated in his butcher's shop in London by Gadaffi's henchmen in 1995. The high maintenance charges for people living in supposedly 'affordable housing'. And claims that the student visa system is being used to bring over qualified people for training, who are sent straight out on 'work placements', doing a job at less than the minimum wage. To contact the programme, email - or send comments via Twitter to @5LInvestigates.

102: Patty Rosborough  

Meet the comic that Judy GOld opened for!:

Comedian Patty Rosborough joins Judy & Hennessy at the Kill Me Now studio.

'Gay Dracula' - Patty's first NYC gig was an underground off-Broadway play where she fended-off vampires with her bare breasts.

'Gay 'Ol Time' - Who gets into comedy for money? Patty does!

'Gay-Dar' - Patty knew who was gay before they ever came out, Also, a call from Judy's partner Elysa.

'Gay Married' - Patty marries a gay man and has children with him.

Spilled Tea From DragCon | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

It’s our post-DragCon extravaganza, with behind-the-scenes gossip about your favorite “Drag Race” queens and Mama Ru herself. Plus, what did we think of Season 9’s Snatch Game? All that and more on this week’s Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra, Yael Tygiel and Blake McIver. RSS Feed: Gay Weekly Roundtable is a weekly panel discussion that’s breaking […]

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Big Little Lies Season Two And Drag Race Drama | Gay Weekly Roundtable | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

Gay men were obsessed with “Big Little Lies” and we’re going to figure out why. Also, will we be blessed with a second season of the HBO series? Plus, more “Drag Race” drama to dissect. And we’re breaking down the terrifying news that Chechnya has started homosexual concentration camps. All that and more on this […]

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Oscars Preview with special guest Ross Mathews | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

 It’s our Academy Awards Special with the man who will be on the Oscars red carpet for it all, Ross Mathews. Plus, we’re breaking down Lifetime’s “Britney Ever After” biopic.  And touching on all the Milo Y. drama. All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra and Blake McIver. RSS Feed: Gay […]

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Beyonce vs Adele at the Grammys with special guest Geo Andy | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

We’re breaking down all the drama at the Grammys (from Gaga’s Metallica performance to the Adele vs. Beyonce battle royale) with our special guest, Geo Andy. Plus, we’re discussing London’s upcoming LGBT festival, BFI Flare.  All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra, and Tony Moore. RSS Feed: Gay Weekly […]

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