Ricky Gervais, Paul Nicholas and Dennis Taylor 21 Feb 2017  

Ricky talks about his upcoming tour while Paul and Dennis discuss The Real Marigold Hotel

WOF 063: Stephen Colbert, Ricky Gervais, and the Debate About God  

Does God exist? That is the question Catholic comedian and television host, Stephen Colbert, debated with his Late Show guest, the popular actor and outspoken atheist, Ricky Gervais. The YouTube video clip of the two men going "head to head on religion" has gone viral, quickly garnering over 2.5 million views. In this episode of The Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron breaks down each segment of the discussion and offers helpful insights for everyone fascinated (or haunted) by questions about God. The listener question asks whether atheists or theists bear the burden of proof when it comes to these debates.

Topics Discussed

0:17  - Introduction, Bishop Barron's trip to Georgia for a Pivotal Players promotion 4:00 - Colbert to Gervais, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" 7:36 - What is the difference between asking why the universe exists and h0w the universe exists? 12:05 - Colbert to Gervais, "Do you believe in a prime mover?" 14:05 - Gervais explains what he believes an agnostic atheist is. 16:57 - Gervais to Colbert, "You deny one less God than I do" 20:52 - Colbert to Gervais, "Do you ever have a feeling of great gratitude for existence?" 25:47 - Gervais explains to Colbert that Science is repeatable and holy books are not. 29:20 - Listener Question: Do atheists or theists bear the burden of proof during debates about the existence of God? Bonus Resources Videos Ricky Gervais And Stephen Go Head-To-Head On Religion Atheism and Philosophy  Bishop Barron on Stephen Hawking and Atheism Bishop Barron on Stephen Fry, Job, and Suffering Bishop Barron on God's Existence and The Argument from Desire DVD's CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players (Word On Fire) Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith (Word On Fire) The Mystery of God (Word On Fire) Faith Clips (Word On Fire)  Articles   Playing at Atheism (Bishop Barron) The Glory of God is a Human Being 'Fully Alive' (Bishop Barron) Bishop Barron on Atheists at the CNN Belief Blog  (Bishop Barron) Books The Priority of Christ by Bishop Barron Word On Fire: Proclaiming the Power of Christ  by Bishop Barron Catholicism by Bishop Barron Study Program  The Mystery of God: Who God Is and Why He Matters (Bishop Barron) Websites Word On Fire (Proclaiming Christ in the Culture)

Find bonus links and resources for this episode at and, again, be sure to submit your questions at http://AskBishopBarron.

'David Brent: Life on the Road', de nieuwe film van Ricky Gervais  

Ongemakkelijke, schurende komedie: daar heeft Rick Gervais in de veelgeprezen BBC-serie 'The Office' zichzelf groot mee gemaakt. Nu is hij terug in de rol van de narcistische manager David Brent in de film 'David Brent: Life on the Road'. Hierin gaat hij proberen zijn droom om door te breken als zanger waar te maken. De film is sinds vorige week in Nederland online te bekijken. Verslaggever Luuk Heezen keek de film met schrijver Daan Heerma van Voss - een groot Ricky Gervais-fan en -kenner, en komiek en acteur Pepijn Schoneveld.

Nooit Meer Slapen - uitzending van 21-02-2017  

Salomon Kroonenberg is geoloog. Tot 2009 was hij hoogleraar toegepaste geologie aan de Technische Universiteit in Delft. Hij schrijft veel over zijn vakgebied, zo ook in zijn nieuwe boek ‘Spiegelzee’. Hierin wordt de geschiedenis van de zeespiegel beschreven. Verder aandacht voor de mockumentary 'David Brent: Life on the Road' van Ricky Gervais, en schrijver Carolina Trujillo is te gast.

Episode 3 - The Future is the Future  

Chris gladly dives in on one of his favorite subjects: people (who aren't singers) who sing on social media. Other topics on this episode include Lil Yachty & Cee Lo at the Grammys, getting eh'wayyy too many emails, four guys in a convertible, getting old, Ricky Gervais's new movie Life on the Road, and meeting Dr. Dre.

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2011 - Day 1  

1. The Hunt for Steven Seagal's Energy Drink

2. Hamish gives Andy a Hickey

3. New Segment - Random John

4. Hamish at Disneyland

5. Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant + Karl Pilkington

6. Andy's weak password

7. *BONUS* Life in New York - Living above Pizza and trying to pick up Zoe.

Episode 537: Ira Glass & Andy Mineo  

This week, we talk with This American Life host and creator Ira Glass about the show’s creative process, its fascination with people of faith and what the media often gets wrong about Christians. Rapper Andy Mineo also joins us to discuss some of the songs that changed his life. The gang also explains an exciting opportunity for the pun-geniuses behind America’s church signs, shares why you shouldn’t get your significant other a flower bouquet this year for Valentine's Day, hears Ricky Gervais debate Stephen Colbert about the existence of God and a lot more!

Heartbreak hotel. Eighteen-year-old Alex Gervais died by suicide at a B.C. hotel, after years of being shuffled around the province's child-welfare system -- and a new report details how that system failed him.  

Also, back at death's door. For the second time in two years, a Russian opposition activist is in hospital after suffering multiple-organ failure -- and his wife believes he was poisoned both times.

ALN - Sam Comroe  

Sam J. Comroe makes his ALN debut & hilariously tells us about being one of 7 kids, doing standup in the lunchroom in High School, how Ricky Gervais got him on CONAN, and growing up with Tourettes Syndrome. He's one of the funniest comics working, and a terrific human being. Check out his first standup special on Youtube titled "NORMAL BEHAVIOR" & follow him on TWITTER @SamuelJComroe.

Plus on est de fous, plus on lit!  

lundi 16 janvier 2017:L'actualité culturelle à Paris avec Arthur Dreyfus. L'actualité vue par les livres avec Ulysse Bergeron. On a vu avec Jean-François Ruel et Bertrand Gervais; The Deleted, la série web de Bret Easton Ellis. Le mot à définir avec Hélène Laurendeau; sucre. Entrevue avec Anne Émond, réalisatrice, pour son film Nelly. Le club de lecture avec Émilie Dubreuil qui a lu La cheffe, roman d'une cuisinière, Gallimard, collection Blanche, Ogden Ridjanovic avec Guide des égarés de Jean d'Ormesson, Gallimard, collection Blanche et Bizz avec Judas d'Amos Oz, une traduction de Sylvie Cohen, Gallimard, collection Du monde entier.

David Guetta & Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis - Would I Lie To You - Dr. Knoerz & D-Style Remix  

David Guetta & Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis - Would I Lie To You - Dr. Knoerz & D-Style Remix

Music 0

Michael Gervais on Finding Mastery  

What a great pleasure it was to chat with high performance psychologist, and fellow podcaster, Dr. Michael Gervais! Listen in as we deconstruct excellence as it manifests in sports, creativity, well-being and other domains. Topics include passion, grit, mindfulness, imagination, growth, and becoming comfortable with the unknown. This is a high level discussion about what it takes to flourish in the sports world and in life, how to silence one's inner critic, and how nature & nurture factor into world class success. A huge thank you to Michael Gervais and we look forward to hearing what you think of the episode!  

Raymond Blanc  

Raymond Blanc grew up in a self sufficient household in France, and after a few false starts in other professions, became a self taught Michelin star winning chef, and restaurant entrepreneur. Kassia St Clair loves colour. After studying historical dress she wanted to understand the colours referred to. Her interest led to a column in Elle Decoration and finally a book. She joins us to talk about The Secret Lives of Colour. Saturday Live listener Mark Sutton Vane was obsessed with torches as a child. He later developed this into a career in lighting, and his dream came true when he lit the Olympic Park in Stratford in 2012. Kat Francois is a performance poet and playwright who latest work was inspired by finding out on a trip to her parents homeland of Grenada that she had a relative who fought in WWI. She'll join us to talk of Poetry Slams and inspiring stories. JP Devlin meets comedy stalwart Ricky Gervais. We'll have your thank yous and the Inheritance Tracks of Maureen Lipman. She chooses When you wish upon a star performed by Barbara Cook and Frank Mills from the musical Hair. Raymond Blanc's book is Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, The story of a modern classic The Secret Lives of Colour is by Kassia St Clair The next Word4Word run by Kat Francois, will be on 18th December, at 7pm at Theatre Royal Stratford and her play Raising Lazarus will tour in 2017. Ricky Gervais' DVD is David Brent: Life On The Road Maureen Lipman is in Sleeping Beauty at Richmond theatre.

Artiste raté  

Cette semaine, on a le privilège de recevoir nul autre que Maxime Gervais, qui vient nous présenter son 5e album, "Artiste raté".  Julien mènera avec lui son entrevue la plus préparée à ce jour et Maxime nous jouera deux extraits live avec sa guitare!  Sophie et Etienne sont aussi de la partie, ainsi que Richard Madagascar, un insectologue qui tente de nous faire partager sa passion pour le monde des bestioles.

NFR020 - Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio  

Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio - Episode 020

01. Norman Doray - For Real
02. Alyx Ander feat. Srey Davi - Memories of You
03. Throttle feat. Lunchmoney Lewis & Aston Merrygold - Money Maker (Mike Williams Remix)

Pick Of The Week

04. Steve Angello & Still Young - Follow Me

05. Kryder & Daddy’s Groove - Street Life
06. David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis - Would I Lie To You (Cash Cash Remix)
07. Nicky Romero & Navarra - Crossroads

Brand New

08. DubVision & Justin Oh - Under The Stars

09. Regilio - Acid House
10. Hi-Lo & Sander Van Doorn - WTF (Censored Version)
11. Dirty South - Drift

Last One

12. ID - Changes

13. Tritonal + Jenaux feat. Adam Lambert - Broken (Cash Cash Remix)
14. Matthew Koma - Kisses Back (Tom Swoon & Indigo Remix)

Dr. Michael Gervais On Elite Performance & The Psychology of Self-Mastery  

“There’s no such thing as a big moment, there’s just another moment.” Michael Gervais At the highest echelon of elite...

Protocol Radio #216  

Tracklist #216: 1 Major Lazer & Showtek - Believer 2 Olin Batista - Play With Me 3 RBYN - Angel 4 Stadiumx & Metrush - Mass Protocol Spotlight: 5 Don Palm - Midnight 6 Kryder & The Cube Guys - You & Me (Kryder's Club Mix) 7 Reunify – Throne (ft. Parker Polhill) Throwback Track: 8 Chuckie - Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) 9 Zonderling - Sonderling 10 David Guetta & Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis - Would I Lie To You 11 Dirty South ft Rudy - Just Dream 12 Rayven & Valexx, Melsen - Solar 13 The Weeknd, Daft Punk - Starboy 14 The Chainsmokers - All We Know

NFR 012 - Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio  

Max Vangeli Presents: NoFace Radio - Episode 012

Max Vangeli -

01. Kolsch - Grey
02. BBQ Sauce - Braaah
03. Nick Martin feat. Tigerlily - Skyline (Hook N Sling Remix)
04. Dropgun, Lenx & Denx - A Better Love
05. David Guetta & Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis - Would I Lie To You
06. Max Vangeli feat. Mackenzie Thoms - Why Do I
07. No Money To Get High (Max Vangeli Edit)

Matisse & Sadko -

08. Matisse & Sadko - Machine Gun
09. Kryder & The Cube Guys - You & Me (Kryder's Club Mix)
10. Sebjak & Kiano - Peace
11. Tchami & Malaa – Prophecy
12. Matisse & Sadko feat. Titus - Get Busy
13. WatchTheDuck feat. Pharrell Williams - Stretch 2-3-4 (Boots N Pants Remix)
14. Kove - Jericho
15. Still Young - White Label

Freak Show #053  

Australia’s #1 DJ / Multi-Platinum selling artist Timmy Trumpet presents a weekly mix of the hottest tracks, bootlegs, mashups and more! Put your headphones on and turn the world off! Freak Show 053 Tracklisting 1) Timmy Trumpet & MAKJ - Party Till We Die 2) Cedric Gervais ft Luciana - Skin On Skin 3) Jewelz & Sparks - Who’s Your Daddy 4) Two Friends & Exit Friendzone ft. Natalola - Overdose 5) J-Trick - Steppa 6) Hardwell & Blasterjaxx - Going Crazy 7) NERVO Feat The Child Of Love - People Grinning’ 8) Zedd & Grey - Adrenaline 9) RIVERO, Aceaxe, Jonny Rose - 1000 Years 10) Bassjackers feat. Luciana - Fireflies 11) Tiesto & DallasK - Your Love 12) Nicky Miles & Petkis - Push 13) Niels van Gogh - Dope (twoloud Remix) 14) Steve Aoki & Morten - Kids 15) Stefan Nixdorf - Freakshow 16) Der HouseKaspeR - Streak 17) CID & Kaskade - Sweet Memories 18a) David Guetta & Zara Larsson - This One's For You 18b)Future Is Now - Madison Mars 19) Timmy Trumpet & ANGEMI - Collabbro 20) JETFIRE x RIVERO & Nolan van Lith - Tears Of The Sun 21) Laidback Luke & Will Sparks feat. Alicia Madison - Promiscuous 22) DBSTF - Everything Changed 23) Flume - Never Be Like You vs Halsey - Colors (Audien Remix) [Trademark Mash] 24) Jakko, Kenshin, Zex & Etta Matters ft. Anna Yvette - Surrender (MorganJ Remix) 25) Oliver Heldens - Flamingo vs Alan Walker - Faded 26) Carnage x Timmy Trumpet & Kernkraft 400 vs. 3OH!3 - Zombienation Psy Or Die (Dos & Chunky Dip Edit) 27) Marshmello - Alone 28) Mystical Complex - Fall Forward 29) Julian Calor - I Choose You 30) Codeko feat. Raphaella - Walking With Lions 31) Skazi - Open Your Mind 32) Alicia Keys - In Common (Kaskade Remix) 33) Bel Air feat. Misunderstood - Close To You 34) Alex Preston - Just Let Go (Sunset Child Mix) 35) Armand Van Helden - Wings 36) MÖWE - Your Skin 37) Starley - Call On Me (Odd Mob Remix) 38) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Stay A While (Magic Wand Remix)

Freak Show #053  

Australia’s #1 DJ / Multi-Platinum selling artist Timmy Trumpet presents a weekly mix of the hottest tracks, bootlegs, mashups and more! Put your headphones on and turn the world off! Freak Show 053 Tracklisting 1) Timmy Trumpet & MAKJ – Party Till We Die 2) Cedric Gervais ft Luciana – Skin On Skin 3) Jewelz ... Continue Reading »

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