236. Byt inte kropp  

Fredagspodden med Hannah Widell och Amanda Schulman "Byt inte kropp" Slutlåt: Petter feat. Eva Dahlgren - Längesen

YouTube star Hannah Hart interview – Chips with Everything tech podcast  

Host Leigh Alexander chats with popular YouTube star Hannah Hart about the challenges and implications of internet celebrity and putting your life online for all to see

Pesadillas (Fantástico. Aventuras. Terror #audesc 2015)  

País Estados Unidos Director Rob Letterman Guión Carl Ellsworth, Darren Lemke, Larry Karaszewski (Libro: R.L. Stine) Música Danny Elfman Fotografía Javier Aguirresarobe Reparto Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Jillian Bell, Jack Black, Ryan Lee, Steven Krueger, Larry Mainland, Jeremy Ambler, Ken Marino, Halston Sage Sinopsis El adolescente Zach Cooper se muda sin muchas ganas con su familia desde Nueva York al pequeño pueblo de Greendale. Allí encuentra un resquicio de ilusión cuando conoce a su vecina, la guapa Hannah, y hace un amigo: Champ. También se entera de que el padre de Hannah es RL Stine, autor del Bestseller de la serie "Pesadillas". Pero Zach descubre que Stine tiene un secreto: las criaturas de sus historias son reales, y las mantiene encerradas en sus libros.

Sophie Hannah  

We take a break from Trumpworld for a week to talk about attitudes to politics in the UK with best-selling crime novelist and poet Sophie Hannah. She explains her feelings about Brexit, the AV referendum, trial by Twitter and the importance of weighing the arguments on their merits. Funny, witty and wise: not Trumpworld at all.

Christian Kracht - Die Toten  

Christian Krachts Roman "Die Toten" wartet mit einer Mischung aus Action und Exzentrik auf, wie man sie sonst vor allem im Kino findet. Eine Rezension von Hannah Kessler.


Coined by educator Robin DiAngelo, the term “white fragility” refers to the emotional, defensive reaction some white people have to discussions of race. To explore the concept, Hannah and Denise revisit a recent conversation between Denise and a radio host that got more than a little bit uncomfortable. We talk to: Robin DiAngelo, CKNW program director Larry Gifford, and former CKNW host Ian Power and producer Zameer Karim

Clyde 1 Superscoreboard Tuesday 25th October  

Gerry, Gordon Dalziel and Roger Hannah take your calls...

TV Club  

TV Club with Hannah John Kamen on her role in the new series of Black Mirror and Patrick Robinson, the star of ITV's new drama HIM.

Two Insensitive Men and a Praying Woman - A  

Hannah is a woman in a very tough situation. But her burden is not wasted. In fact, her desperation drives her to the place God wants all of His children to go deeper into prayer. Listen and learn how to take your burdens before your heavenly Father.

Social media: Talking down the jihadis  

Tech groups and digital media stars are taking the initiative in challenging terrorist propaganda from groups like Isis, say Madhumita Murgia and Hannah Kuchler. They are using 'counter speech' to fight extremists' propaganda with their own chosen tools of persuasion — such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google

044 Hannah van Hemmen, scientist and engineer, based in New York, gives her young perspective on the shippng industry  

Meet Hannah van Hemmen, a young scientist and engineer who works as a marine surveyor at MARTIN OTTAWAY. She talks about what it's like to be young in an old fashion industry with cutting edge technology and which she thinks gets too little attention.

Hannah has got some really good ideas how the shipping industry can become more visible, why not take her up on the idea of a female surveyor as the new MacGyver? She also speaks about a book called The sole of a new machine

Hannah also speaks very fondly about WISTA, Women's International Shipping and Trading Association, where she is a member of the New York Chapter, WISTA USA.

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235. Nytt liv  

Fredagspodden med Hannah Widell och Amanda Schulman "Nytt liv" Slutlåt: Agnes Obel - Familiar


Venture again with us into the actual Kingdom of Dorne. Brienne and her newly minted squire reach maidenpool and the man in charge.


Episode 351 — Arianne

A Feast For Crows: The Soiled Knight, Brienne III

Game Of Owns is hosted by Hannah Panek, Micah Tannenbaum, and Zack Luye

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"Schwarzmarkt" auf Kampnagel: Hannah Hurtzig und Marian Kaiser im Corsogespräch  

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The Only One  

Canada may be a multicultural country, but there are still many places with very few people of colour. As city kids, Denise and Hannah have always wondered: Is it lonely to be the only racialized person, or family, in a small town? We talk to: Musician Fritz Helder, Globe national food reporter Ann Hui, William Choy, mayor of Stony Plain, Alta., and restaurant owners Peter Li and Linda Xie


Jay Rayner and his culinary panel visit Faversham in Kent. Joining Jay this week are the restaurateur and school food tsar Henry Dimbleby, an expert in the multi-sensory perception of flavour Professor Barry Smith, pop star-turned chef Andi Oliver, and the food writer Sophie Wright. Produced by Darby Dorras Assistant producer: Hannah Newton Food consultant: Anna Colquhoun A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

Buchbesprechung: Hannah Arendt, Günther Anders: Schreib doch mal hard facts u?ber Dich  

Briefe 1939 bis 1975Texte und Dokumente Herausgegeben von Kerstin Putz C.H.Beck Verlag 2016 286 Seiten 29,95 Euro

Redezeit mit Catherine Newmark über Hannah Arendt  

Eine der schärfsten Beobachterinnen ihrer Epoche wurde sie genannt, eine der bedeutendsten Philosophinnen des letzten Jahrhunderts, obwohl sie selbst nie so genannt werden wollte. Ein Gespräch über Hannah Arendt. Gast: Dr. Catherine Newmark, Philosophin und Chefredakteurin für Sonderhefte des Philosophie Magazins; Moderation: Sabine Brandi

234. Hitta tid för att inte leva  

Fredagspodden med Hannah Widell och Amanda Schulman "Hitta tid för att inte leva" Slutlåt: Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

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