Avsnitt 59 - Lennart Hoa-Hoa Dahlgren  

Avsnitt 59 av MAXstyrka Radio gästas av den oefterhärmliga kungen av oneliners, styrkelegenden Lennart Hoa-Hoa Dahlgren. Hoa-Hoa berättar om när Frank Andersson spräckte hans skalle, avslöjar hur man tränar sin hjärna, pratar om politiskt korrekthet och om var han får alla oneliners från.

00:01 – Värdarna pratar om rehabdrycker

06:06 – MAX och miss

10:11 – Intervju med Hoa-Hoa

59:52 – Sant eller Falskt

1:04:56 – Slut

27. Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren: "Låt degen rulla och lev här och nu"  

Möt Lennart "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren i Idrottsgalans podcast. I podden berättar Hoa-Hoa bland annat om hur han började med tyngdlyftning, den oförglömliga tävlingen i Östberlin, smeknamnet, drickandet på planet till OS, att starta krog, samt att inte äga en mobil.

Programledare: Marcus Leifby


#125 Lennart "Hoa Hoa" Dahlgren  

Han är född i Stockholm. Han har vunnit elva SM-guld i tyngdlyftning. Efter den aktiva karriären driver han idag krog på Södermalm i Stockholm. Han har varit programledare och kommentator i TV. Han har också medverkat i succéprogrammet "På Spåret" och gått till final fyra gånger. Den här veckan hör du den frispråkig Lennart ”Hoa Hoa” Dahlgren i Holmgren Möter. God Lyssning! Mvh Niklas Holmgren

Svenska Wrestlingpodden avsnitt 13 - Bruno Arvidsson  

Trettonde avsnittet av SWP - den Svenska Wrestlingpodden

I dagens avsnitt intervjuar jag Bruno Arvidsson, Vi pratar om allt från hur han började kolla på wrestling tills när hans skulle intervjua Alberto el Patron del Rio för Eurosport, sedan blev det en del hoa hoa, Tv1000 tiden och Frank Andersson


Instagram svenskawrestlingpodden

Youtube: Svenska Wrestlingpodden

Svenska Wrestlingpodden avsnitt 5 - Daniel Johansson  

Femte avsnittet av SWP - den Svenska Wrestlingpodden

I dagens avsnitt intervjuar jag min bror Daniel. Daniel har flyttat till Åland så jag är där och pratar med honom om hur vi började titta på wrestling. Han favoritbrottare är inte riktig de man kan tro och vi får äntligen prata ut om The boilar room Brawl som har jagat oss i över 20 år.

Nedan hittar du lite länkar till saker vi pratar om i programmet


Rocky vs Thunderlips ( Hulk Hogan )

Rocky vs Clabbe Lang

Rocky 3 1982

Frank vs hoa hoa med Jerry Willams som domare

Frank i WWF

Frank i WCW

The Undertaker vs Mankind Summerslam 1996

Adam Bomb vs Shawn Michaels

Adam Bomb finisher

Sting vs Goldberg

Sting vs Lex Luger

Bryan Clark aka Adam Bomb


Instagram svenskawrestlingpodden

2. Hoa-Hoa  

Macbook Teachers, #fylletweets och goa göteborgare. Och annat.  [...]

ETH083 - Remote Operations with Ria Jairam, N2RJ  

In this episode with talk again with Ria Jairam, N2RJ. This time we talk about Remote Operations, controlling your ham radio equipment from somewhere else.

This works out great for those that travel a lot, that want to catch that rare DX when it happens in the middle of the day, or live in a HOA or a place where they cant put up an antenna.

Check out the show notes at:

Episode #969: The New Phil Hendrie Show  

Bobbie Dooley guest hosts. She discusses what she saw as a Louise Linton teaching moment. She interviews her HOA architectural committee chairman and asks him to drain a couple of foul smelling sumps and sings her version of the Monster Mash. The BSP Classic Show, from August 2004, includes Jay Santos on patrol to force stay-at-home-moms to sign a questionnaire about how they feel lounging around at home when other women are having to work. Plus, Justin McElroy with the teen organization 'DON'T ROCK THE VOTE' which tries to tell kids voting is a waste of time. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 20,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more... Sign up now at!

Clark Howard 08.8.17  

Topics: Clark avoids injury when hit by car; Veteran has dispute with HOA over American flag mailbox; T-Mobile sizzling deal for ages 55+

Clark Howard: 04.20.17  

Topics: Spring cleaning; Russian spamster busted; Tesla is way overvalued; HOA warnings; Make your phone battery last longer


Matt Bianco – Half A Minute (Joey Negro Sunburn Remix) Billy Ocean – Night Fell Like Getting Down Moullinex – Open Hose Cristina Carmago – Moral Tom Hoa Marcos Valle – Parabens Armenta – I Wanna Be With You Evelyn Champagne – King Back To Love David Bendeth – Feel The Real Mark de Clive Lowe […]


Matt Bianco – Half A Minute (Joey Negro Sunburn Remix) Billy Ocean – Night Fell Like Getting Down Moullinex – Open Hose Cristina Carmago – Moral Tom Hoa Marcos Valle – Parabens Armenta – I Wanna Be With You Evelyn Champagne – King Back To Love David Bendeth – Feel The Real Mark de Clive Lowe […]

CHP-176-The History of the Teochew People  

In this episode Laszlo explains a little about the "Gagi Nang", the 自己人, known the world over as the Teochew (Chiu Chow or Chaozhou) people. Like the Hakka people, the Teochew's were originally from the Yellow River Valley and migrated to their present location on the Guangdong coast via Fujian province. Their language and culture is unique. Their food and Chaozhou culture is celebrated in more places than Chaozhou and not just by the people from that region. There are Chaozhounese people on every continent except maybe Antarctica. They're a proud group of people with a collective track record that is admirable by any standards of human achievement. The only mentions in this episode were of the Teochew's of South East Asia and the US. There are plenty of other lesser known or unknown histories of Teochew's in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America and of course Australia and New Zealand. The great 19th century Chinese diaspora is filled with stories, legends and historic events. The Chiu Chow people are a major part of everything that happened. They contributed not only to the society and the economy of their adoptive homelands, they still kept their ties with the eight districts of Chao-Shan.



 Teochew People 潮州人

Gaginang 自己人 What Teochew's call themselves in their dialect ("Our People")

Hakka People 客家人

Chaozhou   潮州 Mandarin pronunciation

Chiu Chow 潮州   Cantonese pronunciation

Chaoshan   潮汕 The term for the Chaozhou-Shantou-Jieyang region

Shantou   汕头 Port city of the Chaoshan region

Swatow   汕头 Shantou in the Teochew dialect

Jieyang   揭阳 The 3rd city to make up the Chaoshan region

Meizhou   梅州   Homeland of the Hakka people, located in Guangdong

Jin Dynasty 晋朝 Dynasty that ran 265-420 CE

Jürchen Jin dynasty 金朝 The dynasty that replaced the Northern Song 1115-1234

Henan   河南 Province of China

Shanxi   山西   Province of China

Han River 韩江 One of the three rivers of Chaoshan

Huanggang River   黃冈河 One of the three rivers of Chaoshan

Rong River  榕江 One of the three rivers of Chaoshan

Wu Hu  五胡 The Five Barbarian tribes

Han Dynasty  汉朝 Ancient dynasty of China 206 BCE - 220 CE

Xiongnu   匈奴 People from the northern steppe of Central Asia

Xianbei   鲜卑 People from the northern steppe of Central Asia

Jie 羯 People from the northern steppe of Central Asia

Qiang  羌 People from the northern steppe of Central Asia (and Tibet)

Di  氐 People from the northern steppe of Central Asia

Jiangnan  江南 South of the Yangzi River (Southern China)

Tang dynasty  唐朝 Dynasty of China 618 - 907

Fujian   福建 Southeast coastal province of China

Quanzhou   泉州 City in southern Fujian

Putian   莆田   City in southern Fujian

Yuan dynasty   元朝   Mongol-run Dynasty of China 1271-1368

Guangdong province   广东 Southernmost province of continental China

Wu  沪  The dialect of Shanghai and the surrounding region

Yue  粤 The Cantonese dialect

Xiang   湘   The Hunanese dialect

Gan   赣   The dialect of the Jiangxi region

Hakka   客家   The dialect of the Hakka people

Min   闽   The dialects of Fujian

Min River 闽江   The main river of Fujian

Minbei   闽北 North of the Min River

Minnan  闽南   South of the Min River

Hokkien  福建   Pronunciation of Fujian in the local dialect (and the people of course)

Xiamen  厦门 Major city in south Fujian

Zhangzhou  漳州  Major city in south Fujian

Hoklo 福佬  Cantonese for Fujian people

Fulao 福佬  The Mandarin pronunciation of Hoklo

He Luo 河洛 (also 河老) Another way of writing Hoklo

Fujian ren   福建人 Someone from Fujian

Hoa Kieu 华侨 Overseas Chinese (Vietnamese)

Qin Shihuang  秦始皇 First emperor of China 220 - 210 BCE

Nanhai Commandery  南海郡 The 郡 or commandery located in southern Guangdong

Zhou dynasty  周朝 Ancient dynasty of China 1046 - 256 BCE

Zhao Tuo   赵陀 Former Qin general who set up the Nanyue Kingdom in Southern China and Northern Vietnam

Nanyue Kingdom   南越国 A kingdom that lasted from 204 - 111 BCE

Han Emperor Wu   汉武帝 Han Dynasty emperor whose forces conquered the Nanyue and reigned 141 - 87 BCE

Sui  隋 Dynasty in China that preceded the Tang 581 - 618 CE

Emperor Wen of Sui   隋文帝 Founding emperor of the Sui

Chao Prefecture  潮州 Set up in 590, where Chaozhou got its name

Zhou 州 An ancient name for a prefecture

Chao’an County 潮安县 Set up during the Republic of China

Wenhua  文化   culture

Qianlong emperor 乾隆帝 Qing emperor reigned 1735-1796

Taiping Rebellion   太平天国运动 Violent upheaval in China lasting from 1850-1864

She Youjin 佘有进 Seah Eu Chin 1805 - 1883 - early Singapore Teochew community leader

She   佘 A Chinese surname (rhymes with 蛇)

Yu   余 The Chiense surname Yu......but compare it to the She above.

Liu Song Dynasty 刘宋朝 Dynasty in southern China during the Nanbei Chao 420-479

Nanbei Chao   南北朝 The Southern & Northern Dynasties period

Ngee Ann Kongsi (Yi'an Gongsi) 義安公司 Charitable foundation in Singapore

Chaozhou Bayi Huiguan 潮州八邑会馆 The Singapore Eight Districts Association

Chaoshan cai   潮汕菜 Term used to describe the food of the Chaoshan region

Rougucha 肉骨茶 a kind of a Chaozhou style meat soup

Lushui E   卤水鹅 Fine tasting Chaozhou goose dish....dip it in vinegar...The Ultimate umami!

dongxie   潮州冻蟹 A kind of crab in the shell (of course) eaten cold

Yao Ming   姚明 China basketball great and NBA superstar. Also a major anti-shark's fin soup crusader.

Yulu 鱼露 Nước mắm in Vietnamese, Fish Sauce in English

Shacha Sauce 沙茶醬 made from soybean oil, shallots, dried fish, dried shrimp and a nice kick of chili and garlic. Satay sauce

Chaozhou Guotiao 潮州粿条   hủ tiếu in Vietnamese, often spelled in English "Kway Teow"

Gongfu cha   工夫茶 A kind of tea service and traditional Chaozhou tea custom.

Tieguanyin   铁观音 The preferred tea for Chaozhou style gongfu tea.

Dancong Cha   蚕丛茶 Another kind of tea from the Chaoshan region of Guangdong. Not easy to get.

Chao Ju   潮剧 Chaozhou Opera

Nanxi  南戏 Southern Drama that was popular during the Later Song

Kun Qu  昆曲 Kun opera, the oldest form of Chinese opera

Tan   陈 Teochew for Chen, the #1 most popular Teochew surname

Lim   林 Teochew for Lin, the #2 most popular Teochew surname

Ng 黄 Teochew for Huang, the #3 most popular Teochew surname

Goh 吴 Teochew for Wu, the #4 most popular Teochew surname

Tay 郑 Teochew for Zheng, the #5 most popular Teochew surname

Li 李 Teochew for Li, the #6 most popular Teochew surname

Sir Li Ka-shing   李嘉诚爵士 Featured in CHP episode 13.

Wang Jianlin   王健林 Asia's reigning champion for richest man, founder and chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group.

Guangyuan 广元 Town in northeast Sichuan province

Wu Zetian   武则天 Amazing lady from the Tang dynasty, China's only real true empress

Joseph Lau 劉鑾雄 Boss of Chinese Estates Holdings

Lim Por-yen 林百欣  Lin Baixin... Boss of the Lai Sun Group

Albert Yeung...杨受成 Yang Shoucheng The main guy at the Emperor Group

Vincent Lo... 罗康瑞 Luo Kangrui of Sino Land (who gave us Shanghai's Xintiandi)

Xie Guomin 谢国民 Dhanin Chearavanont - Thailand's richest man and CP Group boss (sorry for mispronouncing his name)

Ma Huateng   马化腾 Pony Ma, founder of Ten Cent (騰訊控股有限公司) who gave us WeChat and QQ

David Tran 陈德 Họ Trần  Legendary founder of the company that gave us Sriracha sauce with the green bottle cap.

Huy Fong Foods   汇丰食品公司 David Tran's company, located in Irwindale, California

Zou ma kan hua   走马看花 To look at the flowers while riding a horse....a very superficial view.


Charles Antoine de Rouve and Jerome Scemla directed documentary La Guerre du Thé...Tea Wars




John Pomfret's new book

Amazon link to "The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom"








The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 272  

This week, we discuss HOA's, buying comic collections, early Suicide Squad reviews, chronic depression, how Valiant ended, GenCon, a new Marvel vs DC event, and other listener questions. Starring Ryan Higgins and Toby Sidler.

No es un día cualquiera - Quinta hora - 26/06/16  

En 'la historia contada' Juan Eslava Galán nos habla de los diarios de la guerra. Charlamos con Luz Rello y Sergio Álvarez, Premios Fundación Princesa de Girona 2016, Social y Empresa, respectivamente. Despues, adivinamos si la historia que nos cuentan Forges y Ortega es verdadera o falsa y por último, José María Íñigo trae bajo el brazo unas cuantas aplicaciones móviles.

Escuchar audio
Qui parle dans le Coran ?  

durée : 00:59:23 - Questions d'islam - par : Abdennour Bidar - 1ère diffusion : dimanche 27 décembre 2015 L'orthodoxie de lecture a fait de Mohammed le transmetteur passif de la parole incréée du locuteur divin. Contre cette simplification, Patrick Mégarbané vient nous faire entendre aujourd'hui un autre texte infiniment plus complexe - parcouru en réalité par une antinomie qui, comme toute antinomie qui se respecte, débouche sur une aporie. Entre locuteur divin et locuteur humain, entre parole de Dieu et voix du Prophète, mais aussi entre représentation d'une action humaine captive du vouloir divin et affirmation d'une vraie liberté de l'homme, la lettre même du texte sacré hésite et ne tranche jamais, laissant chacun de ses lecteurs courageux prendre la responsabilité personnelle d'un théisme ou d'un athéisme. Patrick Mégarbané, d'origine syrienne, ancien élève de Polytechnique et de la Sorbonne, a travaillé et enseigné à Paris, Washington et Damas. Il a publié aux éditions Actes Sud cinq anthologies de la poésie arabe classique, écrites en collaboration avec Hoa Hoï Vuong, ainsi qu'un essai, al-Mutanabbî, le prophète armé (2013), qui amorce son projet d'exégèse. A propos de : "Le Livre descendu" Publié à compte d'auteur, ce livre est disponible sur commande auprès des libraires, sur les grands sites de vente en ligne, ou directement auprès de l'imprimeur. - invités : Patrick Mégarbané - Patrick Mégarbané, polythechnicien - réalisé par : Franck Lilin

Token Skeptic Perth Fest And Fringe Special – Episode Two  

Welcome to the second Fest and Fringe Special Episode! This year, I’m doing a number of Perth International Arts Festival and FringeWorld Interviews and I thought I’d put them together in a few podcasts. Here’s what I’ve been up to so far – feel free to suggest shows and events to ***** The Perth Writers Festival is back for another year, bringing with it inspiring writers and thinkers from around the world. The festival will be running from February 19 – 21, where you can catch workshops and panels featuring a strong food focus. I spoke to Katherine Dorrington, the festival’s program manager, to discuss this year’s exciting ‘paddock to print‘ line-up and much more. ***** Western Australia’s hottest young playwrights, Gita Bezard and Will O’Mahony are offering insights into the lengths some go to for friendship and the chance at a new life. As is often the case in art, these plays are also asking the question - what would you do? The two productions are under the Loaded label, currently showing at the studio underground at the State Theatre. I had the chance to catch both plays, called “Girl Shut Your Mouth” and “Tonsils and Tweezers”. I spoke to Stephanie Panozzo from “Girl Shut Your Mouth” and Hoa Xuande from "Tonsils and Tweezers".  ***** Tremendous thanks to the FringeWorld Festival people, the Perth International Arts Festival and radio station RTRFM, where the first interview aired previously, especially producer Peter Barr. A quick note about supporting the podcasts! Check out – and consider becoming a Patreon for these shows.  Theme songs “Cosgrove” by Pogo, from and “Leap Second” by Milton Mermikides, of Additional ambient music from Jukedeck – create your own This episode is brought to you with thanks to Patreon supporters – they include: Steven, Andrew, Dr T, Paul, Gerry, Josh, Linley, Gold, Iggy, Kathy, Lukas, Finch and Andrew. Thanks to everyone who contributes and please consider joining to help continue these shows at Please leave positive comments and reviews on iTunes and consider supporting the show via visiting – and I’d love to get your feedback via 

Tour Of Duty  

"Two days later the Australians were back at the Cong Hoa Stadium to face the hosts South Vietnam. The atmosphere was tense, the pitch surrounded by barbed wire, army snipers and soldiers armed with fixed bayonets." In Episode Twenty Two we look back to Davidde Corran's 'Tour of Duty' which details the unlikeliest of football tours as the Australian national team were parachuted into Saigon at the height of the Vietnam war to take part in an 8-team friendly tournament. Still 7 years before they would first qualify for a World Cup, the Socceroos nonetheless lifted their first continental trophy under the most difficult of circumstances. Davidde Corran is an England-based Australian football journalist who works across TV, radio and print. Twitter: @DaviddeCorran If you have any feedback comments or suggestions email or find us on Twitter @blzzrd. Issue Three, like all issues of The Blizzard, is available on a pay-what-you-like basis from Digital downloads cost as little as 1p each (RRP £3), while print versions are available from £6 + postage (RRP £12). You can also find us on the Kindle and Google Play stores.

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