Drei Intermezzi zu Schostakowitschs Oper "Die Nase"  uraufgeführt: Sensationsfund im Schostakowitsch-Archiv  

Filmregisseur Wim Wenders ist für Georges Bizets Oper "Die Perlenfischer" in die Rolle des Opernregisseurs geschlüpft. Die musikalische Leitung bei dieser Inszenierung an der Staatsoper Berlin hat Daniel Barenboim übernommen. Maria Ossowski war bei der Premiere dabei.

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me episode 68  

We revisit stories, bits, and songs that we still find funny!  Nikki Sixx thinks Jim is a t***t, Ozzie & Brian Johnson sing Ave Maria, Volbeat Elvis, and a few surprises!

Personal Space - AIRC161  

How important is personal space and body language when you are communicating? What’s the difference between alone, by myself and on my own? All this and more in this week’s episode of…..Aprender Inglés con Reza y Craig.

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Email from Alberto from Granada who is transcribing episodes for us
I saw recently a British TV drama called “The Fall”, starring Gillian Anderson, which is set in Northern Ireland. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I totally recommend it. I really loved the Northern Irish accent, you know, like every sentence is a question and the tone rises at the end. I found it very funny. Could you please ask Reza to do some Northern Irish accent for me, pleaseeee? I would really enjoy it!

Voice message from Jesus from Valencia about subtitles when watching films and TV series
Jesus is another AIRCoholic)
“I’ve been studying English my whole life” / “I’ve been taking it seriously since…./for the last year and a half.”
Pronunciation of ‘searched’ only ‘t’ and ‘d’ sounds for the ‘ed’ ending (started, landed, farted, painted, needed, decided, waited)
I watch A BUNCH of movies
Dependant XaboutX - ON

Mamen from Biescas
On my own / by myself / alone / lonely
‘On my own’ - when you do stuff without help - “I painted the flat on my own”, “I fixed my bike on my own.”
‘By myself’ usually describes a situation, not when you do something.  

Voice message from Miguel (Michael) who doesn’t have a dog. He has a baby and a cat.

English people are very ‘close moved’ or ‘separative’ (stand-offish, aloof, distant, remote, detached, impersonal, withdrawn, reserved, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, unapproachable, unfriendly, unsociable, cool, chilly, cold, haughty, disdainful, uninvolved, unresponsive, indifferent, unconcerned, introverted)
They guard their personal space.

Would you sit at a table that was already taken in a crowded bar or cafe if there were empty seats?

Which cultures need a lot of personal space?

Which nationalities don’t necessarily need a lot of personal space?

How important is body language when you are communicating?

Should you kiss an English woman when you are introduced to her for the first time?

How important is a handshake? - Should you get the upper hand?
TED Talk by Allan Pease: 

Documentary on body language: 

Do you kiss and hug men that you are close to?

What other cultural differences can you think of between the Spanish and the English?
- meal times and business hours
- siesta
- eating & drinking habits
- Christmas and New Year
- politeness & directness
- tutting (to say no) and hissing (to get someone’s attention)
- customer service

...and now it's your turn to practise your English. Do you have an opinion on personal space, or anything we've spoken about in this podcast?
Send us a voice message and tell us what you think.  

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We want to thank Arminda from Madrid and Alberto from Granada for continuing to transcribe full transcriptions. Alberto has transcribed episodes 132 and 133, so we now have full transcriptions for episodes 131 to 142.

On next week's episode: Academic terms and vocabulary

The music in this podcast is by Pitx. The track is called 'See You Later'

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Direktørtid 2017-06-25  

Hvad er fremtiden for P3? Hvad kommer det til at koste, hvis man fjerner restriktionerne på DRs streamingtjeneste? Og hvordan vil DR sikre, at værter og journalister har et nogenlunde sprogligt niveau? Thomas Skov bringer lytternes, seernes og brugernes spørgsmål videre til Maria Rørbye Rønn, generaldirektør i DR. Indtal dit spørgsmål til DRs direktører på tlf. 35204020 eller send det til Vært: Thomas Skov.

'Metas educacionais não cumpridas geram constrangimento internacional para o Brasil'  

Entrevista com Maria Rehder, coordenadora de projetos da Campanha Nacional pelo Direito à Educação e vice-presidente da Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores e Profissionais em Educomunicação. Ela comenta que o plano é o caminho com educação de qualidade para levar o país ao patamar dos países mais desenvolvidos.

El lío ruso de Trump  

Explicamos en qué consiste la investigación de la interferencia de Rusia en las elecciones de 2016 y cómo afecta a la Presidencia de Trump. En esta novela de espías recordamos los protagonistas de lo que está pasando y hasta dónde llega la propaganda rusa. Con María Ramírez, Eduardo Suárez y Jesús López Triana.

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Nach den Morden an der Freiburger Studentin Maria L. im vergangenen Oktober und der Joggerin Carolin G. im vergangenen November in Endingen haben sich die Gemüter nicht nur in Südwestdeutschland erregt. Deutschlandweit wurde der Ruf nach der Nutzung neuer DNA-Analyse-Techniken laut. Mit diesen Techniken erhält man genetische Spuren, die Daten zum Erscheinungsbild, Alter und Herkunft herausarbeiten lassen. Daraus entsteht ein DNA-Phantombild, das dem echten Menschen verblüffend ähnlich sieht. Warum man diese Technik nutzen sollte oder vielleicht auch nicht, erklärt unser Kriminalbiologe Dr. Mark Benecke!

Ein Bayer in New York - Oskar Maria Graf als US-Bürger - 24.06.2017  

Für sein Feature, in dem Oskar Maria Graf selbst zu hören ist, hat der bayerische Schriftsteller Bernhard Setzwein unter anderem mit Dr. Elisabeth Tworek, Leiterin der Monacensia, gesprochen, wie auch mit Prof. Waldemar Fromm, dem Vorsitzenden der Oskar-Maria-Graf-Gesellschaft.

PWTorch Livecast - Prime Time Friday w/Bruce Mitchell & Rich Fann  

This week on the PWTorch Prime Time Friday Livecast, PWTorch senior columnist Bruce Mitchell and PWTorch contributor Rich Fann discuss with callers the debuting Netflix GLOW series and what it means (or doesn't) for WWE, Mauro Ranallo's return to the WWE, is Roman being cooled with the Braun Strowman feud, an update on the Mae Young Classic and its competitors, Mike and Maria Kanelis's prospects, and Seth Rollins's "Be Like No One" WWE 2k18 promo.

Friday News Roundup  

Health care is just one item Congress has to resolve before the summer recess—if the recess happens at all. Two more police officers in the Midwest are acquitted of charges related to killing black suspects. Tensions with North Korea rise after a recently released American prisoner dies. Plans to send more U-S troops to Afghanistan are taking shape. And, does anyone in the royal family even want that crown? Joining us to discuss the week's national news are Maria Hinojosa, anchor and executive producer of NPR's Latino USA; Laura Meckler, staff writer for the The Wall Street Journal; and Shawna Thomas, Washington bureau chief for Vice News. Joining us to discuss international news for the week are Tom Bowman, Pentagon correspondent for NPR; Michael Goldfarb, host of the podcast "First Rough Draft of History;" and Joyce Karam, Washington Bureau Chief for Al-Hayat Newspaper.

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Banksy enttarnt? - Wie wichtig ist Anonymität in der Street Art?  

Autor: Grewenig, Meinrad Maria
Sendung: Fazit
Hören bis: 30.12.2017 22:08

Fuera de Series Review: The Handmaid's Tale (ep.41)  

El programa en el que analizamos una serie o temporada completa

Francis Arrabal, Marina Such, Valentina Morillo y Maria Santonja analizan la primera temporada de The Handmaid's Tale de Hulu que en España emite HBO.

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Mrs. Zwirbl - 23.06.2017  

Mrs. Zwirbl - das sind Evi Keglmaier, Maria Hafner und Anna Veit. Die Band Zwirbeldirn hat sich musikalisch neu verheiratetet und hat ihren Mädchennamen abgelegt. In der Abendschau sind sie jetzt erstmals dreitönig als Mrs. Zwirbl zu hören.

Mystery Is My Hobby - 2 Episodes From (1947)  

2 Episodes From (1947) "The Coin Collector Mystery" and "Bullets Make Holes"
Glen Langan stars as Barton Drake who presents each episode in the first person and to a live audience. It ran from 1945 through 1948. Suspense, mystery and drama seem to be an every day part of his life. Stolen treasure maps, murder at every turn and all entangled with the sounds of a loud organ meant to keep the listener on the edge of their chair. Fred Howard (writer), Dave Titus (director), Ray Wilson (writer), Len Salvo (composer, conductor), Ken Christy, John McIntire, Betty Lou Gerson, Bruce Buell (anouncer), Junius Matthews. Drake was writer who loves to solve crimes and mysteries, together with his sidekick Noah Danton, a police officer. Before each episode ended, Drake would cite his line "mystery is my hobby," hence the title of the show. TODAY'S SHOW: 1947. Program #48. Mutual net origination, Lawrence syndication. "The Coin Collector Mystery". Commercials added locally. Coin collector Grant Parker has a Maria Theresa Thaler. One of his weekend guests is planning to steal the coin. Barton Drake is attacked by a boomarang! The program concludes with the phrase, "Murder Is My Hobby," indicating a rebroadcast of the earlier, network series. The date is approximate. Glenn Langan, Norman Field. 25:22.
1947. Mutual net origination, Lawrence syndication. "Bullets Make Holes". Commercials added locally. Case History #114. "Ronald The Razor" has escaped from prison and is heading towards a rural lodge. Seven shots are heard from Cabin #6, which is immediately deduced as pistol shots (a .45 automatic). The date is approximate. Max Warner has been shot through the jugular vein. His friend Steve Morgan has admitted to the shooting. Max's wife says, "I'm glad he's dead, the louse!" The date is approximate. Glenn Langan, Norman Field. 24:21. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Le Café des Sports  

Le vendredi, place au Café des Sports. C’est Annie Gasnier qui distribue les collations. Au programme de l’émission, la Coupe des confédérations, fin des phases de poule ce week-end. Dans le groupe «A», le Portugal et le Mexique semblent se diriger vers les demi-finales, mais rien n’est encore joué. Dans le groupe «B», les « Lions indomptables » sont sans doute passés à côté de la qualification pour le tour suivant, hier (22 juin 2017), après le match nul contre les Australiens. Les Chiliens et les Allemands semblent les mieux placés pour passer après leur confrontation hier. Nous parlerons de la fraude fiscale qui affecte les stars du ballon rond : après Messi, et Neymar, ce sont les joueurs du puissant agent portugais Jorge Mendès qui sont dans le collimateur de la justice (Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo entre autres). Nous débattrons de la possibilité pour le Parquet de ne pas s’opposer à la substitution des peines de prison par une amende, en Espagne. En Chine, la fédération veut imposer des plafonds salariaux et inspecter les comptes des clubs, après des transferts à plusieurs millions d’euros, et des salaires mirobolants proposés à des grands joueurs évoluant en Europe. Transferts (suite) : la « fronde des jeunes Italiens », Marco Verratti doit s’entretenir avec le président du PSG. Va-t-il prolonger ou partir ? Le gardien du Milan AC Gianluigi Donnaruma négocie avec son club. Paris le suit à la trace. Et puis, comme chaque vendredi, la distribution de cartons. Autour d’Annie Gasnier: Rémy N’Gono, Xavier Barret et Philippe Doucet. Technicien chargé de réalisation : Pierre Chaffanjon. Préparation de l’émission : Louis Lafargue et Pierre Guérin.

"Angespitzt" von Helmut Schleich: Maria, hilf! - 23.06.2017  

Was machen Sie am 9. September um 16.30 Uhr? Wissen Sie noch nicht? Dann hätte ich einen Tipp für Sie.

Herrera en COPE (23/06/2017) - De 11 a 12  

Herrera en COPE es el programa que más crece de la radio española. Está dirigido por el comunicador mejor valorado. De 11 a 12, El diario de María José Navarro. El tiempo con José Antonio Maldonado y el cine con Jerónimo José Martín. El resumen más gamberro de la semana, con el Grupo Risa.

Blick aufs hohe Alter  - Die Lebensphase jenseits der 85  
Sie wollen nicht nur als Pflegebedürftige gesehen werden, die man immer mehr umsorgen muss. Menschen jenseits der 85 sind zwar körperlich verletzbarer als jüngere Generationen, sie sind aber sehr oft noch bereit, sich zu engagieren.

Eine Sendung von Eva-Maria Götz und Michael Roehl ( Moderation), Lebenszeit
Hören bis: 30.12.2017 09:10
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

07 - Mitarbeiter und Unternehmenskultur  

Dieser Podcast ist für all diejenigen, die einen Traum haben. Einen Traum, an den sie glauben, der sie nachts wach hält, glücklich und ängstlich zugleich macht. Vielleicht träumt Ihr diesen Traum schon länger. Doch damit er Wirklichkeit werden kann, fehlt nur eines: Das Machen. Dies ist der Podcast zum Buch "machen" von den drei mymuesli-Gründern Hubertus Dessau, Philipp Kraiss und Max Wittrock. Weitere Informationen zum mymuesli-Jubiläum, zu diesem Podcast und zum Buch findet ihr unter: Wir freuen uns, wenn ihr uns abonniert. Viel Spaß beim Zuhören. Eure machen-Redaktion mymuesli-Gründer: Max Wittrock, Hubertus Bessau, Philipp Kraiss Redaktion/Musik: Guido Neuhaus, Produktion: Maria Lorenz,

machen. 0

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