102 - Joe Rogan vs Chiropractic  

Recently, Joe Rogan decided to rant about chiropractic on his podcast. (Warning: strong language) Was he right? Was he wrong? I decided to talk it on my podcast this week. Here we go...

First thing…CALM DOWN. It doesn’t matter if Joe Rogan hates chiropractors. People have always hated chiropractors and they always will.

What happened: In the past, Joe Rogan has been skeptical of chiropractic, but recently lashed out against chiropractors proactively. He got all worked up after reading an article called “Chiropractors are Bullshit” and began repeating what he read on his podcast.

Two reactions from chiropractors

- Blindly defend chiropractic
- Attack Joe Rogan

Problem with that

- Chiropractic has problems. Blindly defending it minimizes legitimate concerns/problems.
- Often chiropractic doesn’t need to be defended because chiropractors are the problem.
- Joe Rogan shares his thoughts for a living. We are listening to a process, not a conclusion.
- Joe Rogan has shown to be an open minded person. He will listen to both sides.
- Attacking the person minimizes the concern

What really happened:

- Rogan had a bad experience with a chiropractor
- He felt mislead/duped and is upset about that - mad at chiropractic
- Went looking for confirmation that chiropractic sucks

What he said that was misinformed or wrong

- Chiropractors aren’t doctors
- No science to support it
- Inaccurate and irrelevant history of chiropractic
- They kill people

What he said that was right

- Just like popping your own neck (In some offices, that's true...sadly)
- Preventative maintenance most important
- He was mismanaged by a chiropractor

Final Thoughts

- It DOESN’T MATTER if one person doesn’t like chiropractors.|
- Chiropractors are typically our own worst enemy and we need to take responsibility.
- Joe Rogan should have a chiropractor on his show. There’s a problem with that. You never know what he’s going to get. It’s the same reason medical professionals don’t like referring to chiropractors. Too much of a gamble.

Something to consider: What if your next new patient was going to report to the world their experience in your office? Would you take care of them differently?


Ep 247 - SPECIAL: The Theories of Everything Part 3  

After hearing the Theories of Everything Part 1 and Part 2, everyone got suuuuuuper jealous that Hunter was getting Spiros all to himself. In the spirit of Mixed Mental Arts, Hunter decided to share Spiros with Dave Colan, Cate Fogarty, Andrew Hunter and Christopher Leon Price.

Continuing off from the last conversation, Spiros unpacks how he thinks of truth in thinking about physical reality. Then, Dave Colan (after struggling to remember Sam Harris' name) brings up Sam's recent comments about Hunter on the Joe Rogan Experience. Sam's comments prove to be an excellent teaching opportunity because they reveal the sort of theories we form about other people based on limited and emotionally provocative evidence. The whole point that I (Hunter) was trying to clumsily make on Joe Rogan was that because of the Dunbar Number most humans are an abstraction. We have to stereotype. The question is what we stereotype around. Spending time at Oaks Christian, it was clear that the stereotype people had of scientists was formed around people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins was formed around people who insulted beliefs they did not understand. In fact, I came to realize that Jesus Christ was a better neuroscientist than Sam Harris which you can read about here. Now, Sam has proved my point. He has formed an opinion about me based on very limited evidence and his feeeeeeeeeelings about me. It's an amazing demonstration of #DescartesError and the #DunbarNumber. Is the model that Sam Harris laid out of Hunter Maats a good model of me? Well, I'll leave that for you to judge. But take a look at what he has said here. For regular listeners to Mixed Mental Arts, you'll see that while Sam's impression of me is perfectly understandable that it's a great example of what Spiros talks about with "truncate and renormalize." Sam has a truncated data set around who I am and that he has then renormalized around that very limited data. Can he justify his impression? Of course! He can point to that very limited amount of information and justify his impression. And yet, there's other data. There's over 200 episodes of Bryan and me interviewing hundreds of different scientists and then synthesizing those ideas together into a coherent worldview. Sam Harris has said I'm wrong about the "relevant biology." That's a huge problem. Whether I'm wrong or he is doesn't much matter. What matters is that the "relevant biology" has become so overcomplicated and atomized that either me (a Harvard biochemistry grad who has interviewed hundreds of scientists) or him (a neuroscience PhD) don't understand the "relevant biology." If we can't figure it out, then it's no wonder science can't win the public over. Science needs to figure out and present a coherent worldview in order to effectively win people over. The #MarchForScience is a nice show of support...but which science are these people in favor of? Is it rationalism or intuitionism? Is it the multi-level selection of David Sloan Wilson, Jon Haidt and Joe Henrich or the gene-centric model of Dawkins and Harris? And, more basically, what is science anyway? Because it's clear that Spiros, Jon Haidt and me are operating on a very different understanding of what science is than Sam Harris is. Sam Harris has painted a picture of religious people with statistics that is actually a terrible model of who they actually are. I'm an apatheist. I don't really care about God. I don't go to Church or Mosque. I care about practically improving people's lives using whatever tools are available. And that's why I'd moved on from Sam Harris and was focused on making Smart Go Pop but then Brentwood Boy got so emotional about the whole thing that he couldn't help saying Candyman five times. As Cate Fogarty points out in this article, I was just doing exactly what Joe Rogan did with Carlos Mencia. I was calling out someone who was hurting the community. Why does Joe defend Sam? Because Joe has feeeeeeeeeelings about Sam that cause him to value defending his friend over examining the evidence impartially. Sam Harris is Joe Rogan's sacred cow. And that's okay. That's the way humans work. All of us. You, me, New Atheists and old school Arabs. And if we want to have a better world, then we all have to stop pretending like we have it all figured out and start reflecting on the problems in our own culture and do the difficult work of self-reflection and calling out the Fundamentalists who have wrapped themselves in the flag of our cherished causes. As I've covered in earlier episodes, the challenge for people is to spot who is and who is not a Fundamentalist and to see who preaches our values but doesn't actually practice them. Joe Rogan's defense of Sam Harris will reveal before this community just how hard this is. Thank you, Sam Harris! You're the best. You beautifully proved my point and have created the social drama that will drive attention to the science. Don't believe me. Decide for yourself. That's what science is about. It's not about authority or Harvard or PhDs. It's about forming better Theories of Everything by breaking your old theories to make room for better and better ones. People do that all the time with TV shows. Look at Game of Thrones. People had theories about whether Jon Snow was dead. Then, they were confronted with the evidence of the next season. Many theories died and people moved on. You can't break your old theories unless you're exposed to the evidence and you can't be exposed to the evidence if the people who are the public faces of science don't tell you about it. That's why Mixed Mental Arts has branded an alternative to The Four Horsemen. We call it The Holy Trinity of Cultural Evolution. They present newer and much more powerful Theories of Everything. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BELIEVE US. That's not what science is about. It's not about human authority. It's about the evidence. So, examine it and draw your own conclusions and then let's hash them out and see if we can all evolve better Theories of Everything together. The internet is our intellectual thunderdome. Sam Harris just dragged his public persona into the arena when he said I was wrong about the "relevant biology." May the best ideas win. Two ideas enter. One idea leaves. Idea dying time is here. In other news, Spiros is now going to be taking any and all questions and answering them for you through Mixed Mental Arts. Send questions to @quantum_spiros! Also send him requests for more 80's cartoon theme songs in Greek. Love to all humanity - Toto
Episode 008: Prince of Wales, Alaska. Guests: Joe Rogan, Bryan Callen, Janis Putelis, Dan Doty  

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska: Weathering a rainstorm during a Sitka Blacktail Hunt, Steven Rinella talks with guests Joe Rogan, … more

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The Best of R'n'B Joe - DJayCee {Haitian All-Starz DJs}  

 Haitian All-Starz Presents: The Best of Haitian All-Starz DJs Music Series.
  The Best of R'n'B Joe - DJayCee {Haitian All-Starz DJs}


Official Download Link:

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Track Listing:

1. Feel For You - Joe                                     
2. It Ain't Like That - Joe                                     
3. More & More - Joe                                     
4. Good Girls - Joe                                     
5. Love Don't Make No Sense - Joe                                     
6. Isn't This the World - Joe                                     
7. Get A Little Closer - Joe                                     
8. Life Of The Party - Joe                                     
9. Changed Man - Joe                                     
10. Alone - Joe                                     
11. Better Days - Joe                                     
12. Understand - Joe                                     
13. Don't Wanna Be A Player - Joe                                     
14. Ghetto Child - Joe Feat. Shaggy & Halem Boys Choir     
15. I Like Sexy Girls - Joe                                     
16. Stutter - Joe Feat. Mystikal                      
17. She Used 2 Luv Me - Joe                                     
18. It's Me - Joe                           &nbs
Content for Business: How to Build Your Business on a Solid Content Foundation  

Do you have a great idea for a business? Wondering if content marketing will help move the needle? To discover what it takes to build a content-driven business, I interview Joe Pulizzi. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode I interview Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, author of the book Epic Content Marketing and the founder of Content Marketing World, the leading conference for content marketers. Joe's latest book is Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses. Joe will explore how you can build a sustainable small business with smart content marketing. You'll discover the six steps to take to create a content business in any niche. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. How to subscribe on iPhone. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Content for Business When and why Joe started the Content Marketing Institute Joe shares how he got into the content marketing industry. He was vice president of custom media (also known as content marketing) at business publishing company Penton Media until 2007. At Penton, Joe and his team helped advertisers who wanted to do something unique tell their stories. For example, if a company like Microsoft wanted to tell a story to an executive audience, Joe and his team would help them create an ongoing newsletter, a magazine, blog series or webinar series. Joe did that for seven years. Joe left Penton at the end of March 2007 and wrote his first blog post titled "Why Content Marketing?" on April 26, 2007. That led up to Joe launching Junta42, which he says was basically the eHarmony for content marketing. The idea was to match brand sites that wanted to outsource some portion of the content process (creation or distribution) with agencies that would pay for the service to get the leads. Joe explains how in 2008, with no money, no paid distribution and about 2,000 subscribers, he decided it was time to build relationships with influencers. He started a research project called The Top 100 Content Marketing Blogs. (I was on the list first for White Papers and then Social Media Examiner.) He notified everybody who was on the list, and it just took off. Fast-forward to 2009, Joe shares, the model was working and they matched up about 1,000 projects. However, they were still having trouble getting companies to pay for a subscription to the service, even though they were driving leads to them. After his best case study (they sent a $1 million+ customer to an agency, and the agency decided not to renew their subscription), it finally hit Joe that this business was not going to work. Although Joe was "in love with his product," he finally figured out the key was to fall in love with your audience and focus on their needs and pain points. His audience was asking for training, education, consulting and speaking. They weren't even ready for a matching service, because they didn't even know how to create a content marketing strategy. Joe pivoted to the education and training concept and launched Content Marketing Institute six months later. That was May 2010. "At that moment we said we were going to create the leading online destination for content marketing, the leading magazine and the leading event," Joe recalls. "And within two years we were able to do that." Listen to the show to hear how Joe and I first connected, as well as the similarities between our projects. Why now is the time to get into a content-driven business Content Inc. is Joe's fourth book. The other three are content marketing–related and f...

Three Amigos No. 039: Joe Rogan  

As 2015 was coming to a close, Bloody Elbow's Stephie Haynes sat down with UFC lead commentator, Joe Rogan for an in-depth review of the biggest stories of the year. They covered a variety of topics that include: -The aftermath of Ronda Rousey's loss -How the loss affects Cris Cyborg -Holly Holm's perfect game plan -Jon Jones' return to action -Reebok Deal -The Nevada Athletic Commission vs. Nick Diaz -IV re-hydration ban -USADA -Conor McGregor This interview is 2+ hours long and covers a great deal of content, as we did a retrospective look back at 2015. There are two transcription installments of what will end up being Five Easy Pieces (movie buffs should catch on to my homage) already up on Bloody Elbow, with the rest following soon. You can find the 1st two at the following links:

Episode 17: Big John & Sean’s response to Joe Rogan on Kimbo vs Shamrock being fixed plus Bobbly Lashley, Jeff Curran & James Krause ask ‘listener questions’ & much more  

Episode 17 - Big John & Sean respond to Joe Rogan (and others) claims that Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock may have been 'fixed' or 'worked' and discuss comments that the fight was a 'freak show' and 'potentially damaging to the sport of MMA.' We give you the truth about Bellator 138 and recap all of the big fights that took place last week in St. Louis, including Daniel Weichel vs. Patricio 'Pitbull' and more. Also, MMA stars Bobbly Lashley, Jeff Curran and James Krause join the show to ask Big John some really interesting questions. The guys are live from Boyd Gaming's Kansas Star Casino just outside of Wichita, KS. We also discuss the 3 year suspension given to Bellator fighter Alexander Shlemenko for performance enhancing drugs. Finally, we do our weekly poll question: "Did you approve of the Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock fight being included on the Bellator card?" Yes or No. Next week we welcome Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith! Be sure to submit your answers to our poll questions on our website. You can find the show at or at and on Twitter at @PodcastMMA - plus, you can find Big John McCarthy at @JohnMcCarthyMMA and Sean Wheelock at @SeanWheelock

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Captain Joe Mastrangelo, Navy SEAL: Forging Your Mind & Body For SUCCESS  

STRONG Life Podcast, Ep. 104!

This Episode is VERY special for me.

After 22 years, Zach reconnects with 1 of his earliest mentors!

Meet Captain Joe Mastrangelo, Navy SEAL and hard charger who has forged his mind and body by conquering one tough goal after another. 

Today, Joe is running Veteran Sailing Association, a non profit to help Veterans learn to Sail, to reconnect with themselves by connecting them to nature and disconnecting them from technology. 

In this episode Joe discusses Cultivating & Forging Your Mind & Body For SUCCESS, from the early years as a kid (How Parents can help) and how to do this as you get older.

Joe and I met in the Summer of 1994 when Joe was in Israel and I was an 18 year old who just finished freshman year in college.

Perhaps you read my story in The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength, on how Joe fired me up to conquer all obstacles when I was a depressed and lost 18 year old.

We trained together 6 days a week and our intensity was through the roof.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

- How Joe developed and forged his inner fire at a young age and why this is crucial for other young kids

- Lessons for Parents on how to raise your child to be strong, tough, confident and capable.

- What to do in your older years to grow, reclaim or simply start experiencing the cultivation of your inner warrior

- Getting your hands dirty through manual labor and learning a craft with your mind and hands.

- Why was Joe's favorite week in SEAL Training, Hell Week?

- How to conquer your "life problems"?

- Why having a Purpose is critical to constantly pushing forward and growing in your life.

- How Joe came upon the idea of starting Veteran Sailing Association to help Veterans?

- Why there is power behind decompressing in life, disconnecting from technology and finding energy through nature

- The power of Mentorship: Being a Mentor / Finding a Mentor

- What a day in the life looks like on the ship with Captain Joe

- What Books Joe is reading and encourages you to read to expand your mind

- Joe's advice on Training like a Savage in your younger years vs your "older" years

This podcast brought back some awesome memories of training, motivation and conquering ALL goals with my man, Joe.

A reminder to train hard AND live hard.

A reminder to connect with nature and disconnect from all the technology.

A reminder to expand your knowledge through reading and most of all, new life experiences.

The ultimate reminder; Take care of our Vets. 9/11 was a moment that changed my mind forever about how I view our Military. I always admired our Military, but when 9/11 happened in my backyard it inspired me to help as much as possible.

Take these lessons from Captain Joe and apply to your OWN life.

Visit Veteran Sailing Association and find a way to support them.

Live The Code 365




Joe DeSena | How to Be Happy, Tough & Successful  

STRONG Life Episode 101 with my man Joe DeSena, SPARTAN Race CEO.

As always, chatting with Joe is inspiring to another level and then some!

In this episode we discuss our favorite topics:

- Being "Successful". Success is a very general term but we discuss concrete ways to help you move forward in all areas of your life (Work, Relationships, Fitness, Health &More)

- The common traits Joe has found in tough, happy people.

- The movie on NETFLIX that Joe and I recently watched that you HAVE to watch.

- What is 1 BIG piece of advice Joe has for ALL entrepreneurs.

- If Joe was a Strength Coach / Trainer, what would he do to grow his business?

- What did Joe do to grow his pool cleaning business to 700 clients?

- Joe discusses the ability to get Tough even if you've always lived a comfortable life.

- What is Joe's next BIG Fitness Goal?

- What is Joe's BIG Life Goal that he wants to accomplish?

- Throwing phones off bridges & moving onward? Can we REALLY do this?

- Joe's thoughts on planning a business, traveling, leveraging your money & experiencing Life

- The difference between a job and a business and WHAT type of lifestyle are you truly ready for?

"Extreme Success Comes Through Extreme Sacrifice" - Great quote I picked up from Joe during our STRONG Life Podcast.

To connect with Joe, please see the resources below:

Spartan UP Podcast on iTunes & YouTube

Spartan FIT on Amazon

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Joe Rogan  

Joe Rogan is finally on the podcast! He, Chris and Matt start out the conversation talking about how they have been podcasting for five years, the risk of robots taking over the world and working on Newsradio with Phil Hartman. Joe also talks about how he became a commentator for UFC and his new special Rocky Mountain High, on Comedy Central Friday 11/21 at midnight!


Lisa Gemino joins the Caustic Soda crew to talk about "punchy kicky stuff". The one-inch punch, MMA, Houdini, Tinku, Krav-Maga, Panantukan, "buttons" and more!

Music: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin



Tactical Fighting



Fight Club
Toren: 8/10
Joe: 10/10
Kevin: 10/10

Grosse Pointe Blank
Toren: 8/10
Joe: 8/10
Kevin: 9/10

Girl Fight
Kevin: 6/10

Raging Bull
Toren: 7/10
Joe: 10/10
Kevin: 10/10

Toren: 8/10
Joe: 9/10
Kevin: 7/10

Toren: 7/10
Joe: 7/10
Kevin: 9/10

Lethal Weapon
Toren: 5/10
Joe: 7/10
Kevin: 8/10

Enter the Dragon
Joe: 7/10
Kevin: 8/10

Above the Law
Joe: 5/10
Kevin: 5/10

Hard to Kill
Joe: 5/10
Kevin: 7/10

Marked for Death
Joe: 5/10
Kevin: 7/10

Bourne Identity
Toren: 8/10
Joe: 9/10
Kevin: 9/10

Drunken Master
Toren: 7/10
Joe: 7/10

Blood Sport
Joe: 6/10
Kevin: 6/10

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Lisa Gemino joins the Caustic Soda crew to talk about "punchy kicky stuff". The one-inch punch, MMA, Houdini, Tinku, Krav-Maga, Panantukan, "buttons" and more! Music: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin Images Links Tactical Fighting Videos Movies Fight Club Toren: 8/10 Joe: 10/10 Kevin: 10/10 Grosse Pointe Blank Toren: 8/10 Joe: 8/10 Kevin: 9/10 Girl Fight Kevin: 6/10 Raging Bull Toren: 7/10 Joe: 10/10 Kevin: 10/10 Snatch Toren: 8/10 Joe: 9/10 Kevin: 7/10 Spider-Man Toren: 7/10 Joe: 7/10 Kevin: 9/10 Lethal Weapon Toren: 5/10 Joe: 7/10 Kevin: 8/10 Enter the Dragon Joe: 7/10 Kevin: 8/10 Above the Law Joe: 5/10 Kevin: 5/10 Hard to Kill Joe: 5/10 Kevin: 7/10 Marked for Death Joe: 5/10 Kevin: 7/10 Bourne Identity Toren: 8/10 Joe: 9/10 Kevin: 9/10 Drunken Master Toren: 7/10 Joe: 7/10 Blood Sport Joe: 6/10 Kevin: 6/10

#472 - Joe Rogan  

Joe Rogan, comedian and host of the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt live in studio.

This podcast is brought to you by: - Go to for 50% off of your first box. - Go to for 10% off of your order of portable devices that spray your butt with water.   I Hate My Boss Podcast - The newest podcast from Wondery. Need workplace advice? Do you hate your boss? Listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Use Promo code CHURCH for a 10% discount at checkout.

Recorded live on 04/10/2017.


#123 WEED FIGHT! Joe Rogan and Joy Villa  

Talking all things pot and our heated debate on 'The Joe Rogan Experience' with Joe Rogan himself. Joy Villa stops by to talk about her Trump dress and Hollywood bullies. Meryl Streep still sucks, #DayWithoutImmigrants is a thing and Not Gay Jared is fired.

Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Martial Arts : KFP 55  

Drought : A Death of a Thousand Cuts

A severe drought in China has put over 250,000 without suitable water.
Cattle and farm animals are being decimated.

The Love of a Mother Saves Her Child

The Shangaii Daily reported : Her Last Act as she was being carried to
her death was to get her child to safety

Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Other Martial Arts

The popular voice of the UFC and stand up comic recently, with some
friends make a lot of critcisms of kungfu and martial arts.

They makes generalizations and very specific points. The 10:28 second
audio/video link is below,

PARENT ALERT, the presentation and language is considered vulgar
by many.

I listened to it 4 times and made 6 primary points from their project.

The points are examined by :

What are they saying?

What are they not saying?

How is this useful?

How could I defend it?

How could I prosecute it?

A Segment dedicated to folks that practice or teach Chinese Martial

"Don't Complain About the Taste of Stew, When You are Standing in the

Parrot Artwork : By
Violet Adams


Rogan Talks to London Real

Stephen Furey : Belligerently

on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence

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Thank You VERY Much

Sifu TW Smith

#015 - Joey Diaz, Joe Rogan, and Lee Syatt - The Church Of What's Happening Now Live  

Joe Rogan, Comedian and Host of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, joins Joey and Lee Live.

Recorded live 11/26/2014

#216 - Joey Diaz, Joe Rogan and Lee Syatt  

Joe Rogan, Comedian, UFC Announcer, and host of The Joe Rogan Experience joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt live in studio.

This podcast is brought to you by: Use Promo code CHURCH for a discount at checkout.

Nature Box. Visit and use promo code Joey for a free trial box - Get 20% off a vapor pen by mentioning the Church. Go to for 20% off.

Recorded live on 09/23/2014.


Led Zeppelin - The Ocean

Allman Brothers - Sweet Melissa


Ep80 - Joe Rogan  

Bryan sits down with comedian, UFC Commentator, and Podcaster of the "Joe Rogan Experience," good friend, Joe Rogan. They discuss their personal hunting experiences and as a added bonus, Master Hunter Steven Rinella.

The Joe Rogan Experience  

It’s a different kind of StarTalk as Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience, about everything from science and sports to evolution and Kim Kardashian.

Video player is in betaClose