Twitter Marketing: How Smart Marketers Are Succeeding  

Do you use Twitter for your business? Want to discover how to use the latest Twitter updates? To learn more about Twitter marketing, I interview Joel Comm. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode I interview Joel Comm, a serial entrepreneur and the author of 12 books. His latest project is an apparel brand you can find at Joel's latest book is Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time. In this episode Joel will explore new updates to Twitter, along with video, his favorite apps and more. You'll discover how to use Twitter more effectively. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. How to subscribe/review on iPhone. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Twitter Marketing How Joel got involved with Twitter Joel, who has been building businesses online since 1995, likes to explore different technology and new ways to communicate. Twitter and microblogging interested Joel, since he had already been blogging for several years. In May 2007 Joel posted his first tweet. "In true, first-tweet form, it was utterly forgettable," Joel recalls. "I think it was something like 'Trying to figure out what this Twitter thing is.'" That was about it, until six months later, when Joel gave Twitter another try. He looked more closely, and decided Twitter was a cool platform for engagement. Sometime in 2008, after Joel accumulated about 5,000 followers, a friend told him John Wiley & Sons was looking for somebody to write a book on how to use Twitter for business. They connected and hit it off. The first edition of Twitter Power came out in February 2009. At the time, many were still trying to figure out Twitter, which posed the question, "What are you doing?" "We began to realize the heart of social media is about sharing life, relationships, the journey that we are on together," Joel says. "It's the points of commonality that we have in many of these mundane activities ... that bring us closer together. Therein lies the power of Twitter to connect people." An organic tweeter, Joel uses and the Twitter app on his phone. For those who like to consolidate and schedule tweets, he recommends tools like SocialOomph and Hootsuite. Listen to the show to hear both of our initial thoughts on Twitter. How the retweeting process has changed In the past if people wanted to retweet something, they would have to take all of the original tweet's text, copy it and put "RT" in front of it. They could only comment if there was any space left in the 140 characters. Joel believes Twitter finally realized that when people want to retweet, they have something they want to say about it. So now, if you want to retweet, you can quote that tweet and still have 116 additional characters left to add to it. This change makes these retweets feel like more of a conversation, because it puts all related tweets together. The way it works is simple. If you are in the app, you can retweet and share as is or quote the tweet. If you are on the site and you click Retweet, it opens up a window and you can comment or just retweet. Listen to the show to learn what Joel thinks of the Twitter character limit. Twitter video Joel starts by talking about Vine. You can record a Vine video and it automatically goes to Twitter. In addition to doing a straight video, Vine allows you to do creative things. For example, you can hold down the recording button, let up with your thumb, then point in another direction and take some other video, until you've got your full segment. Joel finds native Twitter video more interesting,

Twitter for Business: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Influence  

Do you use Twitter for your business? Are you wondering how to use Twitter to grow your online influence? To learn how to best use Twitter for your business, I interview Joel Comm for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting). In this episode, I interview Joel Comm, author of numerous books including Twitter Power 2.0 and So, What Do You Do? He's also the host of The Joel Comm Show, a business podcast. Joel shares how he uses Twitter to grow his platform. You'll learn how to grow a quality Twitter following, and which types of content work best. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below! Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Twitter for Business So, "What do you do?" Joel explains how he asks questions and helps people discover what their core is. This can include passions, talents, skills, abilities and personality, which are used to bring value to the world around them. This is how you find ultimate fulfillment. Listen to the show to find out the importance of starting a conversation. Why marketers should pay close attention to Twitter Joel explains how Twitter is still relevant. They have 200 million active users every day, which is really impressive when up against Facebook's 1 billion–plus accounts. The thing that made Twitter cool in the first place is its simplicity. It remains relevant because it's where people gather. Joel calls it the virtual water cooler. Twitter is a place for short conversations, which can be extremely powerful and relevant. Joel says that the water cooler strategy is to engage. You'll find out the two different ways that Joel engages on Twitter and why significance is so important. The most essential part is to be authentic. You can connect in the moment, which can be greater than you might imagine. Joel describes how pictures are an excellent use of Twitter. He likes to tweet from Instagram and can post from his Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, all at the same time. Twitter only allows 140 characters, so when you use pictures, it can be a lot of bonus words. Even mundane pictures can get a lot of interaction. Listen to the show to hear an example of a picture that Joel used that made him realize there's a lot of power in mundane tweets. How Joel uses Twitter today to grow his platform  Joel has started to check out more of what people on his stream have to say and then reshares their content. He does this more than tweeting his own original content. It's the giver mentality. A couple of Twitter's strengths are the retweet and the favorite. They're great opportunities to focus on the value that others bring. There are days when Joel doesn't tweet at all. Other days, he can get 5 or 6 tweets in. It all depends on what's happening that particular day. You should never just tweet for the sake of tweeting. When it comes to a tweeting strategy, you'll discover why it's important to be true to yourself and be aware of the types of businesses Twitter works best for. Listen to the show to find out why Joel generally uses the standard retweet over a customized retweet. How to grow a quality Twitter following Joel advises starting with absolutely nothing. If you are new on Twitter and don't know where to begin, Joel recommends you start with a hashtag that is in an area of interest. The next step is to discover people who are talking about your personal or business interests. As entrepreneurs, there is typically an overlap of the two. Once you start to follow people, Why Your Business Should Consider Blab  

Do you host live-streaming video? Want to hear about the latest live-casting technology? To discover more about Blab, I interview Joel Comm. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode I interview Joel Comm, the author of many books, including Twitter Power 3.0. He also is host of The Joel Comm Show and he's all in on Blab! Joel will explore Blab live casting and why your business might want to consider using it. You'll discover the difference between and other live-streaming platforms, as well as some tips to get started. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: How Joel got started with video Joel shares how he signed up for his first YouTube account in 2006. The next year, he decided that video online needed to be kicked up a notch. Inspired by the rise of YouTube and the reality show The Apprentice, in 2007 Joel produced and hosted the world's first competitive Internet reality show, called The Next Internet Millionaire, which received an honorary Webby award for reality TV. In 2008 became one of the first tools for streaming live video from a desktop, so he started doing The Joel Comm Show from his offices with co-host Dan Nickerson. They did a weekly interactive show that was usually about an hour long. Sometimes they would have a guest in his studio office, and other times they would just engage with the people who were commenting. It's very similar to how people comment on Blab. Joel believes streaming video is a great way to communicate, broadcast, share and deliver content, and build community. Listen to the show to learn what was involved with filming The Next Internet Millionaire. Joel and Blab Joel, who has been using Meerkat, Periscope and Live for Facebook Mentions for several months, thinks it was Mia Voss who first told him about Blab. She mentioned it at the beginning of August, and he started using Blab a couple of weeks later. He has been immersed in the platform ever since. He hosts two different shows and then logs on at other random times, either to do a Blab that's not really a show, to hang out and talk with people or to be interviewed on somebody else's show. Joel explains that Blab, in its simplest form, is a video conferencing tool that allows up to four people to be on screen at once. It's integrated with a chat room, and whoever wants to watch a blab can do so. Viewers are also able to interact with each other and the hosts. Blab is integrated with Twitter (your login is your Twitter account), and you're able to easily tweet from the Blab interface. There's a mobile app available for iOS devices and an Android app is on the way. What's so cool about Blab is that it works, Joel says. While Google hangouts sometimes require a whole tutorial, Blab is so simple that most people get it intuitively. Audience members click to request to join a seat. When the host approves you, you're on the show. People ask Joel what's better: Periscope or Blab. He believes that's not the right question, because it's comparing apples to oranges. Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live Mentions are all one-to-many broadcasting apps. They allow one person to instantly reach and talk at their audience. It's only a conversation in that those watching can comment, and whoever is hosting can refer to those questions and comments on video. Unless you have somebody right next to you on the screen, it's just one person. Blab puts the "social" component into social media in the most profound and effective way. Blab allows people to be face to face in real time with...

070 Joel Boggess | Action Brings Clarity  
Your Voice Needs To Be Heard

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Joel

"What's the most essential thing I could be doing. Right now to be able to move things forward, unfortunately that's a question that often goes unanswered." - Joel Boggess

Joel and his wife Pei have one of the best podcasts on leadership and reaching your dreams called ReLaunch.  As we started this podcast they both became close friends and equipped me on how to follow my dreams.  Here is what Joel shared with me - "If you believe God wants you to prosper in different areas of your life, including your bank account, Then you're going to do whatever it takes to make that come to fruition."

Joel has interviewed hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  In this episode he shares what he has learned over the course of long career in radio and now in podcasting.  You won't want to miss this one!  Thank you Joel for who you are and for sharing such deep wisdom and experience with our audience!

"The decision to succeed comes before the plan. So my advice would be make sure you make a solid decision first, and that requires a little bit of effort and a lot of faith." - Joel Boggess


What you will learn How to successfully make a pivot towards your dreams What is the mindset of those that relaunch successfully How to create a team around you to find the next big thing in your life That it takes faith to have the courage to follow your heart The 4 Key steps to make a transition in your life Resources ReLaunch Show Podcast - This is in my personal playlist.  Please stop by and leave Joel a review on iTunes! How to launch a #1 podcast by Joel Boggess This is the course I took from Joel as we launched Eternal Leadership Bio

Media coach, Radio Host and #1 Bestselling Author

Joel Boggess is the host of the “ReLaunch” show, and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book – Finding your Voice.

Joel is passionate about sharing fresh ideas, success tips and inspirations through real life stories. He is a “natural” with broadcasting, and he enjoys teaching podcast and radio show hosts on how to book great guests and have engaging interviews.

Joel’s vision: by May 2017, after 3 years of “ReLaunch”, he would have helped 200,000 LISTENERS to LEARN TO BELIEVE THEMSELVES AGAIN.

Ave, César ! : une compile pour cinéphiles  

En bons routards du cinéma hollywoodien, les frères Coen présentent aujourd’hui Ave, César !, un film adressé à ceux qui, comme eux, maîtrisent les codes de cette industrie. Retour sur une oeuvre adulée par Yannick Dahan, et qui laisse de marbre le sceptique voire nihiliste Stéphane Moïssakis. Animé par Thomas Rozec avec Yannick Dahan (Capture Mag) et Stéphane Moïssakis (@smoissakis, Capture Mag) RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION Ave, César ! (Hail, Caesar ! - Ethan et Joel Coen, 2016), George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson, Ralf Fiende, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Christophe Lambert, True Grit (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2010), Barton Fink (Joel et Ethan Coen, 1991), Le Grand Saut (Joel et Ethan Coen, 1994), The Big Lebowski (Joel et Ethan Coen, 1998), Burn After Reading (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2008), Ladykillers (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2004), Audrey Hepburn, Arizona Junior (Joel et Ethan Coen, 1986), Sang pour sang (Blood Simple, 2000), Quentin Tarantino, Frank Capra, Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2013), O'Brother (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2000), Sam Raimi, Fargo (Joel et Ethan Coen, 1996), No Country for Old Men (Joel et Ethan Coen, 2007), Fargo (série de Noah Hawley, 2014), The Barber : l'homme qui n'était pas là (The Man Who Wasn't There - Joel Coen, 2001), Billy Bob Thornton RECOMMANDATIONS CINÉ DE LA SEMAINE Stéphane Moïssakis : Fargo, saison 1 - la série de Noah Hawley (2014) Yannick Dahan : Fargo, saison 2 - la série de Noah Hawley (2014) RETROUVEZ NOCINÉ PARTOUT SUR LES INTERNETS :…id993698002?mt=2 CRÉDITS : Enregistré le 17 février 2016 au Tank à Paris (11ème). Moyens techniques : Le Tank. Production : Joël Ronez - Iris Ollivault / TempsMachine.NET. Réalisation : Jules Krot. Générique : "Soupir Articulé", Abstrackt Keal Agram (Tanguy Destable et Lionel Pierres). Image : Ave, César! (capture extraite du film des frères Coen)

NoCiné 0


Joel Salatin calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. Others who like him call him the most famous farmer in the world, the high priest of the pasture, and the most eclectic thinker from Virginia since Thomas Jefferson. Those who don’t like him call him a bio-terrorist, Typhoid Mary, charlatan, and starvation advocate.WATCH THIS FULL EPISODE FOR FREE: a room full of debate trophies from high school and college days, ten published books, and a thriving multi-generational family farm, he draws on a lifetime of food, farming and fantasy to entertain and inspire audiences around the world. He’s as comfortable moving cows in a pasture as addressing CEOs in a Wall Street business conference.Chapters:00:00 Trailer.02:01 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.05:02 Brian’s Introduction.05:42 What Joel has deduced from his travels.08:04 The backlash from our conquistador attitude to nature.12:58 Joel’s constitutional amendment if Donald Trump appointed him Secretary of Agriculture.22:36 Eliminate all farm subsidies or crop insurance.28:51 Fundamentally revamp the school lunch programme to benefit children’s health.31:02 Battle between burgeoning local food awareness and mass food production innovation.34:16 Making an informed choice away from creators of toxic food borne illness.38:49 A realistically priced $12 Big Mac might lose its appeal.40:33 Joel’s thoughts on views promoted in “Cowspiracy” film.50:25 How farming builds character and gardening gives an appreciation of the cycle of life.57:43 A cultural stigma against an agrarian existence.1:00:26 Joel’s background and experiences encouraged his becoming an author and TEDx speaker.1:05:27 Tai Lopez, Joel’s mentee.1:14:36 What Tai and Joel learned from each other.1:21:17 Ideas for farmers to develop marketing and communication skills, or to access them.1:34:07 ‘The Pigness of Pigs’, Joel’s book is a challenge to the conservative religious right community.1:42:03 Success secrets.1:42:58 Phone call to the 20 year old Joel.1:44:34 Best advice ever received.1:45:17 Advice to the watching 20 year old who wants to make a difference in the food system.1:49:46 Brian’s summing up.FULL SHOW NOTES:

#201: Joel McHale  

Joel McHale joins Dr. Drew for a discussion about Joel's speech at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, The Soup, and the recent tragedies in Paris. They also give their thoughts on political correctness in colleges before Joel shares some stories about his upbringing in Italy and Seattle.

Strategic Relocation: Where should you live? - Joel Skousen #98  

What is the best location for a ReWilder to live? I’m asked this question quite often, and in this episode, you’ll learn some important criteria to consider when thinking of where you want to live long-term. Joel Skousen — pioneer in the preparedness movement, author and publisher of the World Affairs Brief — joins us to discuss strategic relocation.

From potential environmental and governmental threats to ReWilding lifestyle requirements, there is much to factor in when strategically relocating. Do you want the freedom to homeschool or practice alternative medicine where you live? Do you want to have access to wild places to forage, fish or hunt? Joel shares grounded insights from his comprehensive work in analyzing some of the best (and worst) places to live in the US for your best chance for long-term, optimal living. He ventures into some conspiracy areas at times, but this interview is primarily focused on providing you with a practical perspective on selecting your ideal ReWilding location. In the introduction to the show, I add some of my own personal criteria for an ideal living situation. As you listen to this show, be thinking of what criteria you would add to Joel’s list to lead a life rich in the culture of the NeoAboriginal!

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel answers some listener questions! What ReWilding criteria should you consider when moving to a new location? How Joel got into Strategic Relocation What is Strategic Relocation? Potential threats to your stable lifestyle Joel’s thoughts on the water shortage in California Ebola, Zika and other pandemics Are nuclear power plants a major threat? Design and cost of building a “safe room" Criteria for Joel’s state-by-state analysis for strategic relocation Thoughts on relocating internationally Long-term strategic issues with relocating to Canada The most strategic places to live in the US Threats from drug cartels in the south How to integrate into a new community Joel’s World Affairs Brief Joel’s prognosis for the future of the human species

**There is a faint background buzzing in the introduction to this show. Apologies, and thanks for bearing with us!

018: Dr. Joel Kahn – Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease With Plants, Stop Fearing Flax & Soy, Whole Grains Are Healthy  

Today's show features Dr. Joel Kahn, The Holistic Heart Doc. He is a cardiologist on a mission to get people eating more plants. As the author of The Whole Heart Solution, Joel is well versed in the numerous health benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. As an MD with a holistic focus, Joel is a pioneer, setting the stage for other doctors to follow.

In this episode, we discuss:

How Joel became America's Holistic Heart Doc
Heart disease is preventable & reversible with a healthy lifestyle - A plant-based diet is a huge part of this
Hospitals are generally feeding patients junk food
Meat promotes diabetes and inflammation
Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to eating more plants
Is a vegan diet ideal for all stages of life?
Are healthy fats living up to all the hype?
Can plants provide us with all of our essential fatty acids (AFA, EPA & DHA)
More flax and soy = more health, more longevity, less prostate cancer, breast cancer and heart disease
Should sea salt be considered a health food?
Are grass fed, pasture raised meats actually good for you?
Gluten... should we embrace whole grains?
Coconut oil has no role in a healthy diet
6 steps to decrease your heart attack risk by 90%
Some supplements you should consider
Joel's morning routine and what he does to ensure a solid sleep
Blocking blue light at night will increase melatonin production

Links to things we mentioned:

Dr. Joel Kahn's website
The Whole Heart Solution (Joel's book)
GreenSpace Cafe
John Robbins - Diet For A New America (book)
Dr. Dean Ornish
Forks Over Knives (documentary)
Dr. Scott Stoll
The Plantrician Project
Dr. Kim A. Williams (The New York Times)
Dr. Michael Greger - The Saturated Fat Studies: Buttering Up the Public (YouTube)
Kris Carr
Ann Wigmore
Dr. Brian Clement
Mark Bittman
The Forks Over Knives Plan (book)
Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Plant-Based Diet For Dummies (Marni's book)
One Green Planet
Ancel Keys
Dr. John McDougall
The DASH Diet Eating Plan
Sugar, Gluten, Paleo, Vegan: 3 Doctors Debate The Best Way To Eat
Alessio Fasano
Dr. William Davis - Wheat Belly (book)
Dr. David Perlmutter - Grain Brain (book)
PlantPositive (website)
f.lux (free software)
Definity Digital - lightbulbs that block blue light
Rich Roll

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818 - Placing a Drink Order  

Learn how to get something to drink in a restaurant in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:11
Explanations: 3:07
Fast dialog: 16:29

Server: Hello, I’m Allie and I’ll be your server today. Here’s a menu. Can I take your drink order?

Joel: I’d like a glass of water with no ice.

Server: Sure. Will that be sparkling or still?

Joel: Uh, tap.

Server: Okay, one glass of tap water. Would you like anything else? We have soda, iced tea, lemonade...

Joel: I’d like a Diet Coke.

Server: Sure, I’ll be right back with your drinks in just one moment.

Joel: Can you bring me a wine list?

Server: No problem...Here is your water and Diet Coke, and this is our wine list. Are you looking for any wine in particular? We have an extensive selection and some very fine house wines.

Joel: I’m looking for the kind I drink at home.

Server: What label is the wine you drink at home?

Joel: I don’t remember the name, but it has a very distinctive packaging.

Server: Oh, can you describe it?

Joel: Sure, it’s a large white box...

Server: You mean it’s a boxed wine?

Joel: Yes, that’s right.

Server: I’m sorry. We don’t have any boxed wines.

Joel: And you call yourself a restaurant?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

CLR Podcast | 038 | Joel Mull  

 Stockholm, Sweden. He started travelling around the globe more than a decade ago and quickly made himself well known as "the Swedish techno soul" of the electronic music world. Joel's passion for music really started in his early adolescence when he began attending a music school and spending all his time at the piano and keyboard.
In the early nineties the new phenomena "Rave" caught his attention and his interest for electronic music and recording own material led to large sums of money being spent on drum machines, samplers and synthesizers. Soon the first 12" techno track was released, a collaboration between him and school friend ADAM BEYER. For over 3 years, 3 times a month, Joel was warming up, closing and playing along-side many of the important DJ's on the national and international circuit.
Moving back to Stockholm in 1997 Joel had more time to focus on his productions and in early 1998 his own imprint INSIDE RECORDS was born. In the recent years Joel has focused on his DJ career more than ever which has led to a hectic touring schedule. His productions and releases are also getting more attention. In 2007 we saw a string of releases and collaborations from Joel with other top artists, but the most important release was of course his artist Album "The Observer" on Harthouse. He integrateded Ableton live into his DJ set and used the mixer 3D from Allen&Heath to combine the two systems. The result was fantastic. He will definitely be known as one of the few who more than rode but created the wave of electronic dance music and he will always be mentioned regarding Swedish techno!
This year has been another great year for Joel. 
Before this years Winter Music Conference he got asked by his friend DJ/Producer Nic Fancuilli to mix a compilation with tracks from his Label Saved Records. It got featured as cover cd with the Magazine IDJ doing a WMC Special. And 30.000 units got spread around the world. 
At the moment Joel is working on a album due to be released 2010. He will also continue his residency on the Drumcode label parties that are going to go on tour next year starting in January in London at Ministry of Sound...

ACS: Joel McHale  

Joel McHale is in studio for a podcast about the future of Community, Joel's favorite guests on The Soup, and Adam's experience sharing a first class flight with Rob Lowe. (Original Airdate: September 30, 2015)

ACS: Joel McHale  

Joel McHale is in studio for a podcast about the future of Community, Joel's favorite guests on The Soup, and Adam's experience sharing a first class flight with Rob Lowe.

Top 5 Car Chases (guest: Joel McHale)  

Star of NBC's Community and host of The Soup, Joel McHale joins Anderson and Bryan to discuss the TOP 5 CAR CHASES.  The guys meet up with Joel on the set of Community to discuss the show, working with Seth MacFarlane on Ted, and their favorite car chase scenes.

Why the Houston Rockets fired coach Kevin McHale  

USA TODAY Sports NBA reporter Sam Amick joins Kevin Spain to discuss why the Houston Rockets fired coach Kevin McHale 11 games into the season. The team was in the Western Conference finals last season, gave McHale a contract extension, and will have to eat a large sum of money. Amick spoke to Rockets general manager Daryl Morey about the move and speculates on what might happen moving forward.

TPS14: Joel Zaslofsky  

In this episode, Zachary discusses minimalism and priorities with Joel Zaslofsky. They discuss different productivity systems (including Joel's use of spreadsheets) and why you should start a commonplace book. Links for this episode: World Domination Summit Joel's interview with Mark Sisson (of Mark's Daily Apple) Joshua Becker Courtney Carver Colin Wright Emily Wapnick Personal User's Guide Getting Things Done by David Allen OmniFocus Evernote How & Why to Keep a Commonplace Book Drafts Dragon Dictation Daniel Kahneman's TED talk on memory What to get everyone for Christmas (David Cain, Raptitude) The Giving Tree Ethan Waldman's Tiny House Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi Microsoft Excel Dropbox Hootsuite PhraseExpress Breevy Simplerev - Minimalism conference Experience Curating - Joel's book Smart and Simple Matters - Joel's podcast Refuge of Simplicity - Joel's newsletter The Value of Simple - Joel's website The Value of Simple Declaration @joelzaslofsky | +joelzaslofsky If you enjoy the podcast, then subscribe on iTunes and please leave an honest review on iTunes. This keeps us going and it helps us grow the podcast.

827 - Fad Dieting  

Have you heard of the newest, most popular diet in the world? Find out what it is by listening to this episode.

Slow dialogue: 1:18
Explanations: 3:40
Fast dialogue: 17:51

Joel: You don’t look so hot. Are you okay?

Beatrice: I’m perfectly fine.

Joel: Oh, and you’re grouchy, too. Don’t tell me. You’re dieting again.

Beatrice: Just leave me alone. I’m not popping pills or anything like that. I’m just trying to shed a few pounds the natural way.

Joel: The natural way? You mean like that diet you were on a few months ago where you only ate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Or that other diet you were on before where you drank 50 cups of water a day?

Beatrice: Those were fad diets that didn’t work. I’m onto a new diet that’s guaranteed to take away those unwanted pounds and to reveal my slimmer self.

Joel: You sound like a commercial, or an infomercial. Is that where you found this diet, on some late-night infomercial?

Beatrice: It doesn’t matter where I heard about this diet. It only matters that it’s scientifically proven to help people lose weight.

Joel: All right. I need to shed a few pounds. What’s the secret diet?

Beatrice: I’m not telling you. You’ll only make fun of it.

Joel: No, I won’t. Tell me.

Beatrice: All right. I only eat orange-colored foods.

Joel: What?!

Beatrice: I said, I only eat orange-colored foods. I’ve eaten a lot of oranges and carrots.

Joel: I can see why you’re so grouchy. You’ve lost your bleeping mind!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

ep 88: Joel McHale  

This week Anna and Sim sit down with one of the coolest cats in Hollywood, Joel McHale (THE SOUP, COMMUNITY, THE GREAT INDOORS)! They talk about the Seahawks, facial hair and who they would cast to play themselves in a movie! Then after some Deal Breakers and How Would You Proceeds, the gang calls Matthew, who's wondering how to be friends with his ex, and Isabella, who's a college RA with a crush on a resident! You don’t want to miss this one!

The CONAN Podcast: Senator Bernie Sanders, Nick Offerman, & Joel McHale  

This week, Senator Bernie Sanders offers his insights about the election, Michael Keaton makes Nick Offerman giggle, and Joel McHale’s 8-year-old son is a jerk. PLUS: Leaked audio of Obama and Trump’s phone conversations, Alice Wetterlund’s late night stand up debut, and more!

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