21. Justin Bieber’s Existential Suite  

Bieber’s two new hits, “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean,” showcase the prodigal pop star’s soberer side. In each, his realization of the fictive nature of relationships is musicalized through slippery piano chords and disembodied voices. But just two songs does not make a true existential suite, so we collaborated with the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder to propose a third stanza for Bieber’s epic poem of love and loss. FEATURING Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now (ft. Justin Bieber) Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk Want to finish Justin Bieber’s trilogy? Listen to “Why Am I Here?” and download the track on Breakmaster Cylinder’s Soundcloud. Then, record your vocal and send it to We’re looking at you Justin.

Justin Pierre: Motion City Soundtrack, Drinking & Longevity  

This week we’re excited to be joined by Justin Pierre out of Minnesota. Justin was the co-founder and lead vocalist of Motion City Soundtrack, and with them released 6 albums between 1997 and 2015. The band’s songs gave thoughtful perspectives on mental health and self-doubt, and they recently wrapped up a farewell tour...but hopefully it’s not the end! Justin’s known for his very personal lyrics, trademark sideburns and glasses, and he also hosts a podcast with his wife called Book Narcs. He also makes short films and directs music videos, with some of his credits including work for Limbeck and Sing It Loud. In this interview, Justin talks about Motion City Soundtrack's longevity, overcoming his drinking problem, and why he believes it's important to support other musicians. Enjoy! Highlights: - Justin shares what he believes the secret to Motion City Soundtrack’s longevity is - Justin shares how MCS dealt with some big issues in the band early on - We hear how understanding and respecting each other is a big part of keeping a band together - “Being in Motion City Soundtrack has been one of the best experiences of my life” - Justin Pierre - Justin shares how the live performance was the hardest part of being in MCS as he never felt good enough - “The only person who can really deal with a problem is that person” - Justin Pierre - Justin shares how his drinking affected the band, and how they managed to overcome it - We hear how Justin has decided to start listening to his gut feeling, instead of stuffing it away - “For years I’ve been stuffing my feelings down, and I’m just discovering them for the first time” - Justin Pierre - Justin shares how with sobriety, as an artist, he has different things to say - “I like music to hurt!” - Justin Pierre - We hear about Justin’s plans for a solo record, and how he wants to approach it - “Support the art you love” - Justin Pierre - Justin shares how he supports the artists he loves (and wins our hearts in the process) Guest Links: Bandcamp: Facebook: /justincourtneypierre Twitter: @jcpmcs / @motioncitymusic Instagram: @jcpmcs / @motioncitysoundtrack Sponsors: Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses Joe Settineri The Rock/Star Advocate Music Launch Hub Buck Naked Soap Company Wendy Donaldson --- For more episodes, visit Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe on iTunes: Support us on Patreon:

The Moment - Justin Townes Earle: 1/12/16  

Justin Townes Earle is a distinguished singer-songwriter best known for records such as Midnight at the Movies and Harlem River Blues. Justin, the son of the legendary songwriter, Steve Earle, talks about growing up personally without his father and professionally in his wake. Plus, Justin reflects on his destructive youth, shares stories from the road, talks about learning how to read and write as a dyslexic, and why after all his struggles he still believes you don’t need to be miserable to write a great song.


His two latest albums are Single Mothers and Absent Fathers. For a full catalog of Justin’s music click here.


Topics mentioned:

Single Mothers & Absent Fathers by Justin Townes Earle The Moment with Aimee Mann: 8/18/15 I Smile Back “Midnight at the Movies” by Justin Townes Earle The Moviegoer by Walker Percy Closing Time by Tom Waits Mindfield by Gregory Corso “Cocksucking Blonde” by Stephen Yerkey “Blues Run the Game” by Jackson Frank “Am I That Lonely Tonight?” by Justin Townes Earle “Christchurch Woman” by Justin Townes Earle “Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving” by Justin Townes Earle “Halfway to Jackson” by Justin Townes Earle “Looking for a Place to Land” by Justin Townes Earle “Hymn 101” by Joe Pug “Traveling Alone” by Jason Isbell “A Boy Named Sue” by Shel Silverstein Guitar Town by Steve Earle On the Road by Jack Kerouac “South Georgia Sugar Babe” by Justin Townes Earle “Desperados Waiting for a Train” by Guy Clark Old No. 1 by Guy Clark Dublin Blues by Guy Clark “Hemingway’s Whiskey” by Guy Clark Hearthworn Highways “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” by David Allan Coe “Would You Lay with Me in a Field of Stone” by David Allan Coe “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” by Bob Dylan and Eric Von Schimidt “The House of the Rising Sun” by Dave Van Ronk “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon” a poem by Franklin P. Adams Recording King guitars War Elephant by Deer Tick Middle Brother by Middle Brother “Big Sky Country” by Chris Whitley “Can’t Hardly Wait” a cover by Justin Townes Earle Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now by Justin Townes Earle


People mentioned:

Justin Townes Earle Aimee Mann Steve Earle Julian Lennon Jakob Dylan Townes Van Zandt Ernest Hemingway William Burroughs John Gotti William Vollmann William Faulkner Slash Scotty Melton Raymond Carver Malcolm Holcombe Penn Jillette Steve Goodman John McCauley Louis Armstrong Cheap Trick Dr. Dre George Will John McGraw Mike Mills Willie Mays Tony Fitzpatrick Chris Stapleton Sturgill Simpson Gillian Welch Taylor Goldsmith Dawes Delta Spirit


This episode of The Moment is brought to you by Showtime’s new series Billions. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis star in this bold, original drama as two of New York’s most powerful titans locked in an epic battle of egos. And there is no line both men won’t cross to win. Billions premieres January 17th at 10pm—only on Showtime.


Email: Twitter: @BrianKoppelman iTunes:
Justin Townes Earle: 1/12/16  

Justin Townes Earle is a distinguished singer-songwriter best known for records such as Midnight at the Movies and Harlem River Blues. Justin, the son of the legendary songwriter, Steve Earle, talks about growing up personally without his father and professionally in his wake. Plus, Justin reflects on his destructive youth, shares stories from the road, talks about learning how to read and write as a dyslexic, and why after all his struggles he still believes you don’t need to be miserable to write a great song.

His two latest albums are Single Mothers and Absent Fathers. For a full catalog of Justin’s music click here.

Topics mentioned:

Single Mothers & Absent Fathers by Justin Townes EarleThe Moment with Aimee Mann: 8/18/15I Smile Back“Midnight at the Movies” by Justin Townes EarleThe Moviegoer by Walker PercyClosing Time by Tom WaitsMindfield by Gregory Corso“Cocksucking Blonde” by Stephen Yerkey“Blues Run the Game” by Jackson Frank“Am I That Lonely Tonight?” by Justin Townes Earle“Christchurch Woman” by Justin Townes Earle“Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving” by Justin Townes Earle“Halfway to Jackson” by Justin Townes Earle“Looking for a Place to Land” by Justin Townes Earle“Hymn 101” by Joe Pug“Traveling Alone” by Jason Isbell“A Boy Named Sue” by Shel SilversteinGuitar Town by Steve EarleOn the Road by Jack Kerouac“South Georgia Sugar Babe” by Justin Townes Earle“Desperados Waiting for a Train” by Guy ClarkOld No. 1 by Guy ClarkDublin Blues by Guy Clark“Hemingway’s Whiskey” by Guy ClarkHearthworn Highways“You Never Even Call Me By My Name” by David Allan Coe“Would You Lay with Me in a Field of Stone” by David Allan Coe“Baby Let Me Follow You Down” by Bob Dylan and Eric Von Schimidt“The House of the Rising Sun” by Dave Van Ronk“Baseball’s Sad Lexicon” a poem by Franklin P. AdamsRecording King guitarsWar Elephant by Deer TickMiddle Brother by Middle Brother“Big Sky Country” by Chris Whitley“Can’t Hardly Wait” a cover by Justin Townes EarleNothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now by Justin Townes Earle

People mentioned:

Justin Townes EarleAimee MannSteve EarleJulian LennonJakob DylanTownes Van ZandtErnest HemingwayWilliam BurroughsJohn GottiWilliam VollmannWilliam FaulknerSlashScotty MeltonRaymond CarverMalcolm HolcombePenn JilletteSteve GoodmanJohn McCauleyLouis ArmstrongCheap TrickDr. DreGeorge WillJohn McGrawMike MillsWillie MaysTony FitzpatrickChris StapletonSturgill SimpsonGillian WelchTaylor GoldsmithDawesDelta Spirit

This episode of The Moment is brought to you by Showtime’s new series Billions. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis star in this bold, original drama as two of New York’s most powerful titans locked in an epic battle of egos. And there is no line both men won’t cross to win. Billions premieres January 17th at 10pm—only on Showtime.

Email: themomentbk@gmail.comTwitter: @BrianKoppelmaniTunes:

The Weeknd, Bieber, Ty Dolla $ign : connards ou crooners ?  

2015 aura été propice aux crooners, à commencer par le phénomène The Weekend mais aussi Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih et Justin Bieber. Emplis d’une mauvaise foi de circonstance, nos experts décryptent le succès de ces stars antipathiques et mal coiffées, qui plaisent tant à la gent féminine. La playlist de l'épisode 22 de NoFun, animé par Mehdi Maizi avec Raphaël da Cruz (@RphlDC), Nicolas Pellion (@PureBakingSoda) et Aurélien Chapuis (@lecaptainnemo). RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L'ÉMISSION : Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd), Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Justin Bieber, Barry White, Beauty Behind Madness (The Weeknd, 2015), Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Jimmy Fallon, Cinquante Nuances de Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey - Sam Taylor-Johnson, 2015), Take Care (Drake, 2011), Illangelo, R. Kelly, Prince, Max Martin, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, American Psycho (roman de Bret Eston Ellis, 1991), House of Balloons (The Weeknd, 2011), France Gall, 808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West, 2008), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Kanye West, 2010), Cruel Summer (Good Music, 2012), Trilogy (The Weeknd, 2012), Bruno Mars, Beach House mixtapes, Free TC (Ty Dolla $ign, 2015), Kendick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Fetty Wap, Rae Shremmurd, Future, Babyface, Jagged Edge, YG, Brandy, James Fauntleroy, Nate Dogg, Diplo, Jaheim, TQ, Tray Songz, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Cameron Giles (aka Cam'ron), Al Green, Ottis Redding, Justin Timberlake, Sa-Ra and PJ, P. Diddy, The Game, Journals (Justin Bieber, 2012), Purpose (Justin Bieber, 2015), NSYNC, Timbaland, Justified (Justin Timberlake, 2002), The Neptunes, Skrillex, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, Poo Bear, Big Boi, 112, Usher, DJ Mustard, The Roots, Taylor Swift, Huis-clos (Virus, 2015), Bladadah (Mozzy, 2015), Husala, Lil Ru, K-MAJOR, DJ Spinz COUPS DE COEUR DE LA SEMAINE : Raphaël Da Cruz : Huis-clos, EP de Virus Nicolas Pellion : Bladadah, EP de Mozzy, 2015 Nemo : All That, morceau de K-MAJOR PLAYLIST DE L'ÉMISSION : RETROUVEZ NOFUN SUR LES INTERNETS : CRÉDITS : Enregistré le 3 décembre 2015 au Tank à Paris (11ème). Moyens techniques : Le Tank. Production : Joël Ronez - Iris Ollivault / TempsMachine.NET. Réalisation : Jules Krot. Générique : extrait de "Tyra Banks" de Nodey (Atrahasis EP) réalisé par Nodey.

NoFun 0

20VC: YC's Justin Kan on The 3 Qualities All Successful Investors Have & Why 'VCs Don't Really Do Any Real Work'?  

Justin Kan is a Partner @ world renowned, Y Combinator. The birthplace of the likes of Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox, Stripe, Zenefits and many more incredible companies. Prior to YC, Justin co-founded SocialCam, acquired by Autodesk for $60m and, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers, acquired by Amazon for $970m in 2014.  

In Today’s Episode with Justin You Will Learn:

How Justin came to found and then later made the transition into VC with YC? Having been a YC alum, how has Justin seen YC as an institution change over time? How have the interviews, demo days, mentoring arrangements altered? How can YC keep the same quality of startup treatment with the mass scaling taking place? YC always positions itself as an accompaniment to the VC industry, does the new $700m YC growth fund not directly compete against VCs? What 3 qualities does Justin believes all good investors must have? How has Justin looked to establish his own personal brand? What has worked and what has not? Justin is very bullish on Snapchat, why so? What makes Justin so excited for the platform? How does Justin use it to such success? What would Justin like to see change in the platform?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Justin’s Fave Book: Shogun

Justin’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: Nuzzel & The Information

As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Justin on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

18SP 028: Justin Tupper | The Revolution of Golf (Online)  

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Justin Tupper of Revolution Golf shares his expertise in the world of online golf improvement and gives us in inside look at how the internet is changing the way we learn the game of golf.

Justin Tupper is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revolution Golf, one of, if not THE largest online resource for golfers with content covering golf instruction, club fitting, fitness, mental game and more!  Justin's passion for golf and his background in media and video were the backbone of his vision of Revolution Golf.  Starting with a simple golf blog in 2008, his vision is now a reality with over 2 million members.

Justin's Background

Passionate golfer from the age of 10 years old
Grew up in Buffort South Carolina
Went to the University of South Carolina
Current Handicap of (-2)
Media and film major in college
Started a simple golf blog in 2008 and wanted to bring golf instruction to people that couldn't afford or have access to traditional teaching
Started learning more about internet marketing and met his current business partner Dean Strickler
Started selling golf information in 2009
Moved to NYC to create a "golf media' company
Currently has 2 million subscribers and has grown from a 2 person company to 60 employees

Highlights from this Episode

Justin explains the statement  "Better golf is achieved through simple improvements across all aspects of the game"
Just a few of the people that Justin has a been able to spend time with since beginning the website: Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Dr. Gio Valiante, Martin Chuck, etc.
Justin and I discuss how to control and prevent "Information Overload"
What content is most popular on Revolution Golf? Take a guess.
The push of fitness in the golf world
Justin discusses conversations he had with Mark Broadie about his book "Every Shot Counts"
Justin explains how he works out when working with Don Saladino
We discuss the importance of figuring out your imbalances and how the golf game and life can screw up your body, which needs to be addressed
Speed.  How He went from swinging 105-107 to 115-120
Justin talks about his experience with some physical limitations how some manual therapy and fitness love made a huge difference

Favorite Golf Gadget
The Orange Whip (if you purchase, be sure to use the code "18STRONG" to save $10)
*FYI this is an affiliate link, so by you saving a little $, we might make a little $. Thank You!*
Most Embarrassing/Frustrating Moment on the Course
He broke a window off the first tee in a junior tournament after his Dad drove 6 hours to watch him
Most Memorable Experience on the Course
A dream round at Session Golf Club in Buffort S.C. Shot a 65 and just couldn't miss
Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?
Favorite Book for Golfers
Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

Justin goes into detail on a couple of the lessons learned in this book.
What's coming with Revolution Golf?
New instructors, mobile apps, much more content!

Where to Find Justin and Revolution Golf
Revolution Golf Website

Facebook: Revolution Golf

Twitter: @RevolutionGolf

Other links Mentioned
Drive495 website

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Smartphone Video Excellence: How to Film Like a Pro  

Do you record videos with your smartphone? Want to make them look really professional? To talk about how to do video like a pro from your smartphone, I interview Justin Brown. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode, I interview Justin Brown, a video professional who specializes in helping marketers look great on camera. He's been a coach, producer, and cameraman for 25 years, specializing in extreme sports. You can find him at Justin explores how to use your smartphone to create excellent recorded and live video. You'll discover what tools you need to make your videos look professional. Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Smartphone Video Excellence Justin's story When Justin was little, he recalls, his dad was always filming the family. As kids, they would grab the camera, make up mock TV shows, and watch them. His interest progressed and Justin eventually started editing video with the early versions of Windows Movie Maker and with Adobe Premiere. Later in life, while Justin was a lifeguard at his local beach, he became heavily interested in motorboat racing. He began to create highlight videos from the footage of boats flipping, people falling out, and other exciting occurrences, and found that he enjoyed editing high-paced action video. From there, Justin pivoted into doing underground mine training videos. Justin broke into extreme sports through an interview with professional big wave surfer Mark Visser. Justin ended up working closely with Mark and producing his documentary TV series: Justin filmed Mark surfing JAWS in Hawaii at 2 AM, solo skydiving, and throwing jet skis out of a plane to surf remote locations. It was full-on action sports video. httpv:// Somewhere along the line, Justin found that he was more interested in teaching people to create their own video content, rather than shooting the video for them. The goal at Primal Video, which launched last year, is to help people get up to speed with video, allowing them to magnify their results by removing any barriers or excuses they have around creating videos for themselves. Listen to the show to hear more about Justin's career transition. Lighting Justin says there are a few simple elements that will help you create a professional-looking video using your smartphone. Proper lighting, he says, will dramatically increase the quality and professionalism of your video, no matter the situation. There are a couple options for lighting when capturing videos with your smartphone. One is to to use a rig mount with a light on it to illuminate your subject in the same way you would with a DSLR camera. Another option is to use a desk lamp or the lighting in your office or studio. The key is to use whatever you have to light up the person presenting the content (maybe that's you); make sure that person is lit well, and if you have the time and the ability, you can also light up the background. The goal is to have an even light across your entire face, so people can connect with you. Some shadow is good, because it creates depth on the face and you can see some details, but harsh shadows aren't ideal. If bright light is coming in through a window that's in your shot, do your best to reduce it by closing the curtains, shutting the doors, or lighting up the other side of your face to balance that light. When you film with a smartphone, you typically have three scenarios: selfie-style with you holding the phone yourself, someone using their phone to film you,

Ep28 - Justin Worsham  

Kira sits down with comedian and dad, Justin Worsham. A native of Modesto, California, Justin Worsham has been performing comedy in front of live audiences since 1996. In addition to performing in comedy clubs all over the country, teaching improv and hosting numerous live events, Justin was featured on Showtime’s Comics Without Borders with Russell Peters. He made his feature film debut as Jimmy Kimmel in Not Another Celebrity Movie (2013, First Napoleon Prod).

Cuts from all of Justin’s albums, Paternally Challenged, I Love My Kids… I Swear, and Justin Worsham: I’m a Good Husband can be heard daily on Blue Collar Radio, Laugh USA, and Raw Dawg as a part of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Justin was accepted into The Second City where he studied acting, long-form improv and comedy writing. Justin graduated from The Second City conservatory, performed with his improv group in a weekly live show and was hand-picked to be in the Grad program where he developed sketch comedy through improv.

Justin performed for several years with the fast-paced improv company ComedySportz throughout the U.S. He proposed to his high school sweetheart, Natalie, from the stage of a live ComedySportz show. Inexplicably, she said yes! Justin studied Radio, Television and Film at San Jose State University and was a featured performer at Paramount’s Great America. (He played a Ferengi from Star Trek. In full make-up. In the summer. Good times….)

Justin Worsham knew he would become a comedian as early as the first grade. While other children were dreaming of becoming firemen, doctors or parole officers, Justin filled his head with images of microphone stands, laughing crowds, and hotel perks like free cookies at check-in. And now he’s living the dream.

Justin lives in Burbank with his wife Natalie and their two young sons. Be sure to Rate and Comment on iTunes. Enjoy.

Justin Trudeau – politisk stjärna med stil  

Det är inte ofta som länders premiärministrar begeistrat beskrivs som både sexiga och smarta, och hamnar på listor över världens bäst klädda män, men det gör Kanadas politiska ledare Justin Trudeau. Kanada är ett land som många, inte minst amerikaner, säger sig vilja flytta till idag. Och inte bara på grund av missnöje med utgången av valet i USA. Detta beror också på landets premiärminister, som har väckt uppmärksamhet genom sin stil.Eller uppmärksamhet, är kanske ett väl svagt ord att använda. Den 45 år gamla Justin Trudeau, ledare för Kanadas Liberala Parti, har blivit hajpad och hyllad som om han hette Justin Bieber, en kille som för övrigt också kommer från Kanada.Otaliga bilder av Justin Trudeau delas i sociala medier där de ofta överöses med ”likes”, och en hel del skadeglada kommentarer till alla som inte har en lika modern premiärminister. Eller lika snygg.På en vanligt förekommande bild poserar Justin Trudeau i bar och vältränad överkropp, och halvlångt hår. En tatuering syns på hans vänstra överarm.Men så har förstås Justin Trudeau inte alltid satsat på att bli politiker, även om hans pappa – Pierre Trudeau – var premiärminister, och minst lika omsusad och omtyckt, i alla fall till en början.Innan Justin Trudeau blev vald till Kanadas premiärminister i oktober 2015 hade han inte bara hunnit med att ge ut en självbiografi med titel ”Common Ground”, där han berättar om sin barndom och bevekelsegrunder som liberal politiker.Han hade även varit amatörboxare och jobbat som tv-skådepelare, snowboardinstruktör, lärare i franska, drama och matte. Och han hade läst litteraturhistoria, studerat hur människor påverkar miljön, och pluggat teknik. Och han är än idag en hejare på yoga. Erfarenheter som gör att man på nätet kan hitta filmklipp där han både visar hur man trovärdigt ramlar ner för en trappa som ett partytrick, och förklara hur en kvantdator fungerar.När Justin valdes till premiärminister av Kanadas befolkning 2015 var det en skräll som gav genklang över hela världen, och i olika sorters sammanhang. Inte sällan där man tidigare inte haft en tanke på att uppmärksamma kanadensiska politiker.Bara två månader senare var Justin Trudeau föremål för ett stort beundrande reportage i amerikanska Vogue med rubriken: ”New Young Face of Canadian Politics”. Där beskrevs han som ”elegant i sin blå kostym och bruna skor i ledig stil”.I veckans program tittar vi närmare på ett plagg som för många män, inte minst för Justin Trudeau, som vill signalera en sorts avspänd makt och effektivitet – den välstrukna skjortan, med ärmarna upprullade till armbågarna. Vi pratar också med Magnus Ek från Centerpartiets Ungdomsförbund och Philip Botström från SSU – två unga politiker som vet hur man sparkar igång sin politiska karriär i Sverige idag. Och så tar vi reda på varför hockeytröjor har blivit så populära, även utanför hockeyrinken.Veckans gäster är Lennart Pehrson, författare och journalist, samt Petter Arbman, musikintresserad psykolog som även gör egen musik.

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Traveling The World In A Wheelchair : An Interview With Justin Skeesuck  

"It's what you do that defines you, not your limitations." -Justin Skeesuck

Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes

There are many modes of travel you can deicide to take.

Walking. Running. Biking.

Train. Plane. Automobile.


The list goes on.

But what if you couldn't choose how you get around?

For Justin Skeesuck there is only one option...

Travel by wheelchair.

It certainly has its challenges but that doesn't seem to stop Justin. He's traveled all over the world, lived in Europe and seen more than most people have in a lifetime.

Recently Justin paired up with his best friend Patrick to complete the Camino De Santiago de Compostela (Way of St. James), a pilgrimage of over 500 miles in Spain.

In this gripping interview Justin shares his story and what it's like to travel the world in a wheelchair.

You'll hear:

How people in other cultures see disabled travelers
What it was like to hike over 500 miles on the Camino De Santiago in a wheelchair
When Justin lost the use of his legs and how he dealt with it
Why your mindset is so important to accomplishing any of your travel dreams
The logistics involved with wheelchair travel
Justin's philosophy of 'working with the problem' and how that can help you
What it's like to live in Italy and his unique experience on the ground
And so much more!...

My Favorite Quotes From Justin

On being disabled...
It's what you do that defines you, not your limitations.

I NEVER let it stop me.
On Travel...
I always had a passion for it (travel), I just needed to figure out a way to make it happen.

I just love meeting new people and that's the best part about it.
On the risks involved with disabled travel...
You just have to jump in and see how you come out on the other side.

[Tweet "Justin did the Camino de Santiago (over 500 miles!) in a wheelchair. You have to hear this inspiring #travel #podcast"]

Hear More Travel Podcasts Now

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RapaduraCast 224 - Justin Bieber, o fenômeno e a polêmica  

Justin Bieber é um fenômeno que incomoda. Alguns acham normal chorar pelo fim da carreira do Ronaldo, torcer aos gritos/lágrimas para o seu time do coração e se esgoelar cantando músicas em eventos de anime, mas ao ver as fãs apaixonadas do JB, as pessoas não entendem. Por quê? Tem alguma explicação? Aproveitando o lançamento do documentário Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D, viemos aqui discutir sobre o maior fenômeno pop dos últimos anos. Jurandir Filho (Juras), Maurício Saldanha (Mau), Thiago Siqueira (Siqueira) e Affonso Solano (MRG) conversaram sobre a precoce carreira do cantor. Como ele conseguiu chegar ao topo com apenas 16 anos? Por quê o sucesso dele incomoda tanto? Mesmo não gostando do gênero musical, dá para perceber que ele tem talento? Por quê JB é o maior representante da geração internet? Como ele conseguiu fazer com que os maiores nomes do entretenimento ficassem aos seus pés? E o filme, funciona? Ele foi feito apenas para fãs ou pode atingir quem não é fã? E antes que você comente: UM RAPADURACAST SOBRE JUSTIN BIEBER? Quem nos acompanha desde o início, sabe que estudamos fenômenos da cultura pop sempre que eles aparecem nas telonas. Essa é mais oportunidade. Não gosta? Respeita nos comentários e até semana que vem.

30/09/2015 - Kyle and Jackie O Show Exclusive Interview with Justin Bieber!  

Exclusive Interview: Justin Bieber! Today Kyle and Jackie O sit down with Justin Bieber at Bieber Island! He answers all the questions you want to know!

How to Make Life Limitless with Justin Miller: Harder to Kill Radio 045  

On this week's episode of Harder to Kill Radio, meet limitless life coach Justin Miller!

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS feed | Review
Thank you to our incredible sponsors, Prep Dish and Fat Face Skincare! 

Check out our sponsor Prep Dish, a Paleo-based meal planning service. Each week, you receive an email that contains an organized grocery list & simple instructions for prepping your meals ahead of time. Not only is this a time saver, but the meals are simple AND delicious, for example: Smoky Paprika Chicken Legs with Roasted Carrots, Parsnips & Fennel or Chipotle Bison & Kale Chili. Prep Dish gives you step-by-step instructions for having a fridge full of homemade meals. 

Try it FREE for a month. Click here!
Meet Episode 45's Guest, Justin Miller
Justin earned a Masters degree from the Univeristy of San Francisco and decided to do nothing with it, opting instead to pursue his love for travel, literature, and health and fitness.

He currently runs where he teaches you how to bridge the gap between what you're capable of and what you currently do.

You can grab his free Limitless Living toolkit here and start building the body, mind, and life you deserve today.
In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

How to get yourself to follow through on what you know you want to do
The a-ha moment that led to Justin shifting his career focus
How travel changed his perspective on life
The power of simplifying & tips to get started
Some of Justin's favorite tips for creating a limitless life
How to "shrink the change" to make new habits easier
The value of doing a social media detox

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Justin's website, Limitless365
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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
The Minimalists
How to Create Your Limitless Life (in 12 Acts)
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Fedde Le Grand - Darklight Sessions 228 (2016 YearMix)  

Fedde Le Grand - Darklight Sessions 228 (2016 YearMix)



CAVI vs Riton ft. Kah-Lo - Give Good Love vs Rinse & Repeat (Acappella)  Jason Derulo - If It Ain't Love  Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla - One Dance Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell Williams - WTF (Where They From) (Chris Lake Remix) Cooperated Souls - Don't Stop  ID - ID Format:B - Chunky  Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl  Mathieu Koss & Boris Way - Campfire Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (DIMARO Remix) ID - ID Heart FX - Thinking Of You (Roulsen Remix)  Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (ID Remix) DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Don Diablo Remix) G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (Mesto Remix) Fedde Le Grand - Rhythm Of The Night (Double Pleasure Tech Edit) Mike Mendo - Carnaval  Kygo ft. Maty Noyes - Stay (Kahikko & Jespr Remix)  Kryder & Eddie Thoneick - The Chant Justin Bieber - Sorry (Prod. by Skrillex & BloodPop) Marten Hørger ft. Eva Lazarus - Deeper Down Calvin Harris & Double Pleasure ft. Rihanna - Desire Is What You Came For (Fedde Le Grand Mashup) Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling (brAce Remix) DNCE - Cake By The Ocean Michael Calfan - Treasured Soul (Kryder & Genairo Nvilla Remix) Fedde Le Grand & Cobra Effect vs Calvin Harris - I Can Feel vs My Way ID - ID Bruno Mars - 24K Magic Billy Kenny & Aaron Jackson - Right Here  D.O.D - Taking You Back (Afrojack Edit) Ariana Grande - Into You  Fedde Le Grand ft. MoZella - Beauty From The Ashes  Galantis - No Money WLADY - Ginevra (The Cube Guys Remix) Fedde Le Grand & Holl & Rush - Feel Good  Marcelo CIC & Andy Bianchini - I Got You  Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love Drake - Hotline Bling (ID Remix)  Traffic Signs - The Big Fake  Fedde Le Grand - Keep On Believing (Lost Causes Remix) Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Mulshine Remix)  Felix Jaehn ft. Alma - Bonfire (Chris Lake Remix) ID - ID The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer  VIVID - WATSUP ID - ID Eddie Amador - Rise (Jason JinxJoystick Remix) Axwell Λ Ingrosso ft. Richard Archer & Chloe Leone - Thinking About You (DubVision Remix) Martin Garrix & Third Party - Lions In The Wild  Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself  Teamworx & Thomas Feelman - Whisper  ID - ID Fedde Le Grand ft. Espa - Pity Love Martin Garrixft. John & Michel - Now That I've Found You  Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit Matisse & Sadko - Ninjas DJ Silv'r - Cant Feel My Face (Tiago Fernandes Remix)  Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime  Sander van Doorn - Ori Tali Ma  Michael Feiner - Mantra (Axwell Cut)  Jewelz & Sparks - Drip Fedde Le Grand - Down On Me Garmiani - Bomb A Drop  Lee Carter & Rayven & Valexx - Keep On Lovin’  Rob & Jack - Do My Thing NERVO ft. The Child of Lov - People Grinning’ Axwell - Barricade (Club Mix)  Fedde Le Grand & Merk & Kremont - Give Me Some Fedde Le Grand ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Lost  Sebastian Ingrosso - Dark River  Axwell & Shapov - Belong (D.O.D Remix) MR.BLACK & WAO - Funk Yourself  Hardwellft. Jay Sean - Thinking About You  Fais ft. Afrojack - Hey  Tritonal ft. Angel Taylor - Getaway  The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes - Roses (ZAXX Remix)  Skrillex & MUST DIE! - VIP’s  Fedde Le Grand ft. Kepler - The Noise (Yeah Baby)  Jauz X Eptic vs Jewelz & Sparks vs. D.O.D - Get Down vs Hoe  Fedde Le Grand ft. Erene vs Armand Van Helden - Immortal vs Wings

Darklight Sessions on Spotify:


On Air:
Thursday December 29th 2016

More Fedde Le Grand:

Chillin' with Justin | Justin Reese | Episode 309  

Justin Reese is a studio potter working out of his hometown of Youngstown, OH. Justin lives with his wife Bailey, daughter Mika, his dog Kuma, and the family's three cats. Justin has a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, and this is where Justin's journey with pottery began. After three years focusing on traditional oil paint techniques, Justin developed a love for clay during his final year. Justin works primarily with porcelain, and his favorite form is the lidded jar. Justin is devoted to help create a culture full of creativity in Youngstown, and he also wish to reach out and educate others through social media.

20VC: Binary's Justin Caldbeck on Specialisation Being Key To Success In VC, The Biggest Problem In VC Today and Why The Future Is A Moneyless Barter Economy  
Justin Caldbeck is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Binary Capital, one of Silicon Valley's leading early stage funds focussed on the consumer space with $300m AUM. Prior to founding Binary, Ryan was a Managing Director @ Lightspeed Venture Partners where he made investments in the likes of GrubHub, TaskRabbit, SocialCam and many more incredible companies. Before joining Lightspeed, Justin was a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures and was responsible for launching the firm’s West Coast office.    In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Justin made his way into venture and came to found Binary Capital?

2.) Question from Binary LP, Judith Elsea: Has it been harder to win deals at Binary without the big and established fund names behind you? How has the conversation with founders changed?

3.) Why is Justin so excited by what he calls, 'vibrant moneyless commerce platforms? What has done previously in the space? Why is it different now?

4.) Why is Justin so bullish on the often over-hyped 'on-demand' economy? Which verticals provide the best opportunities to provide an on-demand experience without the need for local infrastructure?

5.) Friends and Family Round: Ryan Caldbeck @ CirleUp: What VCs does Ryan most admire and respect? 2.) What makes 1 VC a great board member and another not? Tiffany Zhong: What are your biggest misses? 2.) What are the biggest issues in VC?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

Justin’s Fave Book: Grit by Angela Duckworth

Justin’s Most Recent Investment: Recharge

As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VCHarry and Justin on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

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1,095 - Childhood Fitness  

If your children are fat and lazy, you’ll want to listen to this episode on childhood fitness.

Slow dialog: 1:21
Explanations: 3:30
Fast dialog: 17:45

Mom: Hold it right there. Put that candy bar down.

Justin: Mom, I just wanted a snack to tide me over.

Mom: Don’t you remember what Dad said about this family’s need to improve our level of fitness?

Justin: Only old people have to worry about getting fat.

Mom: It’s not just about getting fat.

Justin: But I’m just a kid. I’m in great shape.

Mom: Childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country. Even if you’re not overweight, people your age lead sedentary lives.

Justin: Whatever that means.

Mom: It means that you sit around all day as couch potatoes watching TV and playing videogames. In my day, kids went outside to ride their bikes, climb trees, and run around.

Justin: I don’t have that kind of energy.

Mom: Precisely! You and your brothers are lethargic because you don’t get enough exercise.

Justin: But exercise is tiring.

Mom: That’s because you’re not fit. You have no stamina or endurance.
Justin: I don’t need endurance.

Mom: Stop grumbling. It’s Saturday and you boys should be outside getting some fresh air.

Justin: In Los Angeles?

Mom: Are you smart mouthing me, young man? Get outside or you’ll all be helping me clean the house.

Justin: We’re out of here!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Deep N Soulful (Jan 2016)  

Easy All Long time no see!! its been a while for so many reasons but for now i have a deep soulful mix for you guys. I've compiled the best tracks to look out for in the past month or two. Not too much new material coming out especially SA for the Deep Soulful headz. So i had to add a few old classics in the mix and thrown in a remix of Justin Bieber!! Yes Justin Bieber, you would say that i don't have much love for this guy but Rancido & Michael Mendoza have done a great spin of the track - fusion of deep afro soul. As a dj i pride myself in discovering new talent and new music, please support the dj producer to keep producing the deep soulful tracks as we love to hear so that it keeps them pushing for newer heights !!! Peace & Love & Enjoy!! 1. Dj E - Clyps ft Anya V - Masterpiece (original mix) 2. Louis Benedetti & Miranda Nicole - Glow 3. Kaylow - They Keep Trying (Rocco Deep Mix) 4. Dj Jacko & Chelsea Como - Closer (Blackkdraft mix) 5. Mobi Dixon - City Rains (Tech Soul mix) 6. Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yoruba Soul rmx) 7. Adam Rios ft Mike City - We Keep Going (Gianni Junior Re-Dub) 8. Nhlangano & Zulumafia ft Miss Patty & Mr V - This is House (original mix) 9. River Ocean ft India - Love & Happiness (MAW 07 rmx) 10.Black Coffee & Monique Bingham - Deep in The Bottom 11. Peven Everett - Put Your Back Into It (Quentin Harris rmx) 12. Wookie ft Lain - Live On 13.Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Rancido & Michael Mendoza rex)

23. Hotline Hello: Drake and Adele  

Drake and Adele are two megastars who may not seem to share much in common on the surface, but their recent hits exhibit some surprising parallels. Both revisit past relationships over the phone and both conceal inner anguish beneath subtle musical shifts. Featuring special appearances by the game Snake, Lord Byron and Drake and Adele themselves*, you don’t want to miss this episode. Plus, we check in with Justin Bieber as he completes his epic existential pop suite. For more songs about love on hold, check out our Spotify playlist. And check out Sean Rameswaram’s final episode of Sideshow on Studio 360. Featuring Drake – Hotline Bling Adele – Hello Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together Justin Bieber – Sorry Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now? Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? Breakmaster Cylinder & Charlie Harding – Why Am I Here? *not really

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