K&B Podcast: Monday March 20th with guests: Matt 'Money' Smith and TMZ's Harvey Levin  

Open. Showbiz Beat. Shaq is a Flat Earther. TMZ's Harvey Levin. Tell Us About Your Kevin Reddit Thread. The Blond Leading the Blond. Matt 'Money' Smith. Kevin Got Dissed by an Old Lady in a Prius. Showbiz Beat. Manny Ramirez. Internet Roundup. K&B's March Chicka-Bow-Wow Vegas Singles Party. April Foolishness Opening Act Contestants. Showbiz Beat.

Heart and Hustle with comedian Ben Gleib  

On this episode of Be Here For A While, comedian Ben Gleib is joining Rachael to talk all things comedy!

Ben was just named by TBS one of the "funniest comedians working today." He is host, writer, and executive producer of the Emmy nominated "Idiotest," the hit comedy brain teaser game show in it's 4th season on GSN, with 210 episodes. It's the most watched original program on the network. His hilarious hour-long standup special "Ben Gleib - Neurotic Gangster" is currently airing on Showtime. 

For 7 years he was a round table regular on "Chelsea Lately" on E! with over 100 appearances! He also played himself on a memorable episode of the E! scripted series "After Lately." 

He has toured sold-out arenas all over North America with both Chelsea Handler and Dane Cook, has been headlining comedy clubs around the globe since 2007, and has performed on "The Late Late Show," "Last Comic Standing," and twice on "Last Call with Carson Daly." He is constantly on tour, and is likely performing soon in a town near you.

A truly unique voice in comedy, he's even been a frequent on-air contributor on CNN, "The Young Turks," and NPR, winning a Golden Mic for his work on Southern California NPR's "Patt Morrison's Comedy Congress." Recently he created, executive produced, hosted and was head writer on a spinoff special for GSN called "Political Idiotest," blending his game show with his love of politics. And he was the anchor of GSN's interstitial series "Man VS Fly."

An accomplished voice over actor, Gleib is one of the stars of Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie," is the voice of Marshall the Sloth in "Ice Age: Continental Drift," (the #2 animated movie of all-time internationally,) and voices Dali in "The Book of Life" starring Channing Tatum. His voices have also appeared in "Phineas and Ferb," and youtube series "The Melvin Bros." 

His podcast “Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib” on the Smodcast Network debuted at #9 on iTunes Comedy, and was #1 on Stitcher for over 20 weeks. Every Wednesday, he hilariously summarizes news and politics, occasionally being joined by celebrity guests like Bryan Cranston, Meghan McCain, Bob Odenkirk, Sam Donaldson, Moby, Adam Devine, and his parents. (You can subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.)

He also enjoys freestyle rapping, has a rap group called BENS, and is proudest that he is probably better than you at ping pong. 

He is also aware that he has to work on his posture. He's 6'1" but looks like he's 5'9".

Clinton Morrison and THAT World Cup  

S5 Ep3 - Clinton 'O' Morrison risks the wrath of Roy Keane to tell the boys what really happened in Japan, his bust up with Danny Mills and sharing a room with Graham Stack. Starring: Ian Smith, Rob Beckett, Kevin Gallen and Clinton Morrison The Magic Sponge is a Dot Dot Dot Production for Dave, produced by Joel Porter and assistant producer Dorian James

CK#102: Los peores cómics del mundo. Entrevista a David Baldeón  

¿Qué es un tebeo malo? ¿Existe un canon? Si se puede amar el cine malo, ¿se puede hacer lo propio con el cómic chungo? Todas estas cuestiones son claves a la hora de abordar un tema tan complejo. Pero para empezar, nos detenemos, claro está, en los tebeos Marvel, DC e Image de los 90 con la estela de Liefeld y compañía pero también los de pésimos superhéroes marca blanca como Nightwatch o de las incursiones de Kevin Smith. Además revisamos sagas tan menospreciadas como Un Día Más o el polémico All Star Batman y Robin de Frank Miller y Jim Lee. También recordamos algunos de los más desafortunados encargos y productos de explotación protagonizados por Estopa, Oliver y Benji o Escenas de Matrimonio. Y sí también reconocemos que hay muchos tebeos malos que nos gustan como el pionero Fletcher Hanks o engendros inclasificables como los proyectos del corrupto Carles Recio. Además entrevistamos a David Baldeón, un joven veterano de los cómics Marvel, que empezó trabajando con Vigalondo para convertirse en el dibujante por antonomasia del héroe adolescente y dibujar a conceptos tan variados como Tsum Tsum, Angry Birds o los míticos Micronautas. Y si este fue un programa de tebeos malos, acabamos recomendando buenos tebeos como lo último de Dario Adanti o Shintaro Kago, El Perrinowmicon o Que alguien se acueste conmigo, por favor.

K&B Podcast: Friday February 3rd with guests: Matt 'Money' Smith and RJ Bell  

Open. Showbiz Beat. Matt 'Money' Smith. Movie Beat. Kevin Annoys You. RJ Bell. Self-Proclaimed Astronomer Says a Meteor will Hit Earth. Internet Roundup. Showbiz Beat. Someone Ruined Your Wedding. I Pity Tre Cool. Beer Mug's Super Bowl Street Interviews. Showbiz Beat.

1: Kevin Devine, Sadie Dupuis, Jessica Lea Mayfield  

The Guestlist and Kill Rock Stars have partnered up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Elliott Smith's "Either/Or" with Say Yes: An Elliot Smith Podcast. We'll explore the story of Elliott Smith, the songs of "Either/Or," and the memories associated with it all.

K&B Podcast: Monday January 23rd with guests: Kevin Smith, Andrew Sicliano and TMZ's Harvey Levin  

Open. Showbiz Beat. Man with the World's Largest Penis. TMZ's Harvey Levin. Beer Yoga. Best and Worst Infomercial Products. Andrew Siciliano. Showbiz Beat. Kevin Smith. Donald Trump and the CIA. TItle Fight. Showbiz Beat.

SinCast - Episode 55 - Forging Ahead: 2017 Movie Resolutions  

Join SinCast for a discussion about movie resolutions for 2017... Movies that don't suck! Going outside the box! Many, many more!

Plus, the guys chat with in-demand storyboarder and all-around awesome guy Jeremy Simser, who plots out scenes from your favorite TV shows and movies and has worked with everyone from Kevin Smith to Doug Liman. Enjoy hearing about the coolest job you didn't know about. 

All this plus a rousing round of Q&A that includes fantastic actors, life narration, and the sacrilege of recasting Star Wars... on the new episode of SinCast!

Join us every Monday for a new episode of SinCast, and keep in touch! Tweet us @cinemasins, comment on SoundCloud, ( subscribe to the subreddit ( and email us at

156: Kevin Smith's Favorite 10 Movies of 2016  

Kevin and Marc discuss Kevin's favorite movies of 2016.

Farming Today This Week: National Parks  

The UK's National Parks serve a vital function, offering all kinds of outdoor recreation for visitors while preserving wild landscapes, but they're also working economies for farmers and rural businesses. Charlotte Smith visits the Brecon Beacons National Park, meeting farmers and staff, whilst trying some sledging in the freshly fallen snow. Chief Executive of Dartmoor National Park, Kevin Bishop, explains that England's National Parks received budget cuts of 43% over the last 5 years, but he says he's reassured that funding is assured for the next few years. We hear a report by Nancy Nicolson about calls for a new national park in Scotland's borders. And Charlotte speaks to two Brecon Beacons farmers, one young, one old, about their relationship with the national park. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Mark Smalley.

Power Pod: Thursday, Jan. 12, 2016  

Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Kathleen Monk, Susan Smith, Chad Rogers and Chris Hall discuss B.C.'s Trans Mountain pipeline approval, PM's town hall tour and Kevin O'Leary's exploratory leadership report.

Turbo 3 - Canciones sanadoras para comenzar 2017 - 02/01/17  

Primer Turbo 3 de este nuevo año. Hoy te ofrecemos una sesión más calmada repleta de lo que nosotros llamamos canciones sanadoras para comenzar este 2017 con buen pie. Playlist: KEVIN MORBY - Beautiful strangers, THE WHITE STRIPES - You’ve got her in your pocket, KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Sense, EELS - In my dreams, REAL ESTATE - Talking backwards, BELLE & SEBASTIAN - Another sunny day, TEN FÉ - Elodie, THE WAR ON DRUGS - Burning, THE CURE - Plainsong, WOODS - Hollow home, TY SEGALL - Orange color queen, T. REX - Cosmic dancer, DAVID BOWIE - Soul love, SMITH WESTERNS - Weekend, TWIN PEAKS - Getting better.

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Turbo 3 0

12-24-2016 DLT Solutions Post-Game Show Hour 1  

Hour 1 of the DLT Solutions Post-Game Show with Scott Jackson and Clinton Portis, recorded live at The Blagaurd in Adams Morgan on Christmas Eve; following the Redskins' 41-21 win over the Chicago Bears. Includes Jay Gruden's post-game press conference and post-game interviews from Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen with Bashaud Breeland, Preston Smith, Kirk Cousins, Josh Norman and Jay Gruden. Plus, post-game analysis with Kevin Sheehan.

K&B Podcast: Friday December 23rd with guest: [Best Of] Bob Saget and Kevin Smith  

The Recipe Psychic. Taking Phones Away at Concerts. Loquecia Reviews 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. Bob Saget. Armenian Comedian's 'Rock N Pot Christmas'. Mugs 'Splains Manscaping. Top 5 Live Perfomances of 2016. Snoopy Gets the Boot from Metlife. Kevin's Christmas Interviews. You Consume Excessive Amounts of a Certain Food. My Shiney Hiney.

Episode 288- White People Are Back - Jimmy Martinez  

Big Jay Oakerson, Dave Smith, and Luis J Gomez have Jimmy Martinez back on the show! We talk about Jimmy's amazing weight loss, we call Kevin Brennan to air out their beef, and we talk about the benefits of fucking a homeless chick! All this and more on the most offensive podcast on Earth... THE LEGION OF SKANKS!!!

Hour 3: 12/14/16  

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic cover the downside of resting players and chat with Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin McHale, His & Hers' Jemele Hill and Michael Smith and more.

What Will the World Make of New US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson?  

As President-elect Donald Trump confirms the Chief Executive of Exxon Mobil, Rex Tillerson, as his choice for US secretary of state and the former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to lead the Energy Department, we look at the implications of the appointments, for both the United States and the rest of the world. Professor James Goldgeier is Dean of the School of International Service at American University in Washington DC and gave us his thoughts. Also in the programme, the BBC's Coletta Smith reports from Reykjavik, Iceland, on the country's place at the head of a global league table for gender equality. Plus we hear from Bill Gates who has just launched his latest start-up - a billion-dollar project to turn good clean energy ideas into successful money-making schemes. It's called Breakthrough Energy Ventures - and he talked about it with David Brancaccio of Marketplace on American Public Radio. As US debt approaches the $20trillion mark within weeks, possibly days, of Donald Trump's arrival in the White House, we discuss why this matters and the impact of excessive debt on the global economy. And they may be an aphrodisiac, but oysters certainly aren't seducing some of the locals on Rhode Island where public land is being turned into oyster farms. Marketplace's Andy Uhler went there to check it out. Andy joins us throughout the programme alongside Lingling Wei who China correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in Beijing. (Picture: Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson speaks as he and other top oil and gas industry executives testify during a Senate Finance Committee Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Renewable energy in Scotland's Western Isles; sheep farmers respond to PETA's anti-wool campaign.  

Making money from the weather. Will wind energy still pay its way in rural areas despite the drop in subsidies, asks Charlotte Smith. Not, perhaps, in Scotland's Western Isles. A betrayal. That's how political leaders in the Western Isles see the decision to block subsidies for onshore wind there. A fresh consultation was announced last month at Westminster on support for renewables in the islands which could lead to a one billion pound investment. BBC Scotland's rural affairs correspondent Kevin Keane reports from Lewis. This week on Farming Today we're focussing on the ONE thing farmers can't change, but nonetheless famously endlessly moan and commiserate over - the weather! But for some the weather is less of a challenge and more of a resource. Sun and wind can offer farmers an opportunity to create energy. Initially the Government offered incentives to encourage the take-up of renewable energy, though those have changed Merlin Hyman - chief executive of Regen South West, which specialises in renewables, told me that UK weather systems still offer massive potential for untapped power generation. Farmers in the UK have said that a campaign by an animal welfare charity urging people NOT to wear wool is misguided - and could actually end up causing harm to sheep. People for the ethical treatment of Animals, PETA - says people shouldn't wear wool because the animals are treated cruelly. But those that farm them say that if they are NOT shorn, they could well die. BBC South's Environment Correspondent Yvette Austin reports. Among the unexpected things you learn whilst listening to Farming Today: did you know, for example, that in their larval stage, fresh water mussels are free swimming, and rely on sheltering in the gills of fish such as brown trout? Despite that rather clever evolutionary trick - fresh water pearl mussels are struggling in many of England's streams and rivers because of climate change and pollution. BBC South West's Environment Correspondent, Adrian Campbell, has been given exclusive access to some pioneering work in Devon which aims to change that. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Mark Smalley.

#883 - Kevin Smith  

Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His latest movie "Yoga Hosers" is now available on Netflix.

FJ Classic 248: Avatar  

Another golden oldie from the Film Junk Vault featuring guest appearances by Singe and Reed Farrington. We review Avatar and discuss some of our favourite films of the 2000s, plus we also talk In The Loop, The Lives of Others, Santa with Muscles, Superbad, Sons of Anarchy and Man v. Food.

0:00 – Intro
2:50 – Singe's Cop Story / Steven Seagal: Lawman
22:40 – Top 20 Films of the Decade: District 9, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, The Departed, Grizzly Man
39:40 – Review: Avatar
1:16:30 – Trailer Trash: Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Hot Tub Time Machine
1:31:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Superbad, Man v. Food, A Threevening with Kevin Smith, Sons of Anarchy, Up, Inglourious Basterds, In The Loop, The Limits of Control, The Messenger, The Lives of Others, Beautiful Losers, Santa with Muscles
2:07:40 – Junk Mail: Kill Bill Vol. 3 and James Cameron's hometown, Commentaries Ruining the Magic, Worst Movies of the Year, Donnie Darko and Zombieland, The Girlfriend Experience, Bob Clark and Halloween, Martial Arts Eras
2:47:35 – This Week on DVD
2:49:14 – Outro

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