Lars Bryngelsson om King Crimson  

1969 ger King Crimson ut sin debutskiva In The Court Of The Crimson King, Vietnamkriget rasar som värst och omslaget har ingen information, ingen text och inga bokstäver. Bara en bild målad i enkla vattenfärger. Den bilden har etsat sig fast hos många, bland annat hos Lars Bryngelsson, som fastnade - inte bara för den utan också - och kanske i första hand - för musiken som fanns på skivan. King Crimson räknas som en av de mest inflytelserika inom den progressiva rocken och influerade många andra band - bland andra Genesis. Många musiker har kommit och gått i bandet King Crimson, bara grundaren Robert Fripp har varit med på samtliga skivor. I Klassikern gör Lars Bryngelsson en betraktelse över omslaget till skivan från 1969 och så spelar vi Twentyfirst century schizoid man från LPn In the court of the Crimson King. Håll i hatten och njut!

Crimson Peak Review | Anatomy of a Movie  

AOM hosts Marisa Serafini (@SerafiniTV), Demetri Panos (@DMovies1701) and John Comerford discuss the 2015 movie Crimson Peak. Crimson Peak is a 2015 gothic romance film directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by del Toro and Matthew Robbins. The film stars Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Jim Beaver. Produced by Legendary Pictures […]

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#560: Crimson Peak / Bridge of Spies / Top 5 Cold War Movies  

Josh and guest host Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) are visited by the 'Ghost of Fights over Guillermo del Toro Movies Past' for their divisive review of CRIMSON PEAK. Plus, their takes on Steven Spielberg's BRIDGE OF SPIES and the Top 5 Cold War Movies. This episode is brought to you by MUBI and Squarespace (code FILM). 0:00-4:35 - Billboard / MUBI 4:35-25:17 - Review: "Crimson Peak" Murder By Death, "Solitary One" 26:22-27:23 - Squarespace 27:23-37:52 - Notes / Polls 37:52-47:16 - Review: "Bridge of Spies" Murder By Death, "Last Thing" 48:27-1:18:51 - Top 5: Cold War Movies 1:18:51-1:24:03 - Close / Outtake MUSIC - Murder By Death LINKS - Josh on "Crimson Peak" - Michael on "Crimson Peak" - Josh on "Bridge of Spies" - Michael on "Bridge of Spies" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Martin Luther King's Second Martyrdom  

Soon, every TV station and network, and many of the nation's radio stations, will air stock film footage (or tape) of Martin Luther King, Jr., his handsome dark face shining in a sea of dark faces, captured in his moment of triumph: the "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington. They will gladly air this 'safe' Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who spoke loftily and eloquently of dreams. Few will dare air his remarks made at Riverside Church in New York City, where an older, wiser Martin spoke, not of dreams but of realities -- of social, and especially economic injustice -- of rampant American militarism, and yes -- the nightmare of white racism. One of those with him, who, too, would become a Rev. Dr., was Vincent Harding, a man who loved Martin, and who knew him as a brother, rather than an icon. Rev. Dr. Harding, a leading theologian and historian, wanted others to know the Martin he'd known; so he wrote a book: Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero (Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis, 1996 [8th printing]). As Harding teaches us, King fell into the pit of betrayal, when he took on the war in Vietnam: ".... King was bitterly rebuked for taking on the issue of the war. Some called it a diversion from the issue of black rights. Others feared the terrible rage of [President] Lyndon Johnson who brooked no opposition (certainly not from black Martin Luther King!) to his destructive policies. "Some members of King's own Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) board of directors opposed his role in the antiwar movement, partly because they had seen the way in which the liberal white allies of the movement had withdrawn financial support from the radicalized young people of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), who dared stand in solidarity with the Vietnamese opponents of America's intervention ... "In the face of all this, partly because of all this, King persisted, and the Riverside speech - delivered exactly one year before his assassination, was the most notable result of his decision. Immediately the drumbeat of harsh criticism was heightened. It came from many ... including such black stalwarts as Jackie Robinson, Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young, and Carl Rowan." [pp. 70-71] Rev. Dr. Harding also recounts how the allegedly 'liberal' Washington Post assailed Rev. Dr. King for daring to oppose the war. The newspaper editorial called his words "Bitter and damaging allegations and inferences that he did not and could not document." In the view of the Post's editors, "many who have listened to him with respect will never again accord him the same confidence. He has diminished his usefulness to his cause, to his country, and to his people." [Harding, p. 71] To his credit, Harding explains, King did not heed such criticisms, for he knew that they were on the side of war and death. Harding writes that King became increasingly radicalized, and emboldened to speak out against injustice; Riverside was a turning point: "(Who knew that night, April 4, that he had precisely one more year to live, that the bullet was closing in?) For King saw the larger context. He had already declared in other places that his "beloved country" was "engaged in a war that seeks to turn the clock of history back and perpetuate white colonialism." Underlying this backwardness, he said, was America's refusal to recognize that "the evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism." [p. 101] This ain't the Martin Luther King we see on commercials, nor the ones we see in newspaper ads around the days of his birth or death. That Martin Luther King, anti-war critic, economic justice activist, advocate for the poor, fellow sufferer of the bombed and oppressed in Vietnam, a budding socialist (or at least anti-capitalist), had become, in Harding's words, 'the inconvenient hero.' May we remember who he really was. That King has almost vanished from our popular media, white-washed culture and history. Were it not for folks like Vincent Harding, he might have. Copyright 2007 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Henry Purcell à Londres en 1692 (2/5)  

durée : 00:28:30 - Musicopolis - par : Anne-Charlotte Rémond - ## Programmation musicale ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) duo "Sweetness of nature" James Bowman, contreténor, Mark Padmore, haute\-contre, The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331 (1692) Choeur "May she to heaven" The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Funeral sentences for the death of Queen Mary II_ (1695) March Equale Brass Ensemble, direction John Eliot Gardiner Erato 3984 27499 2 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Funeral sentences for the death of Queen Mary II_ (1695) Man that is born of a woman Z 27 Choeur Monteverdi, direction John Eliot Gardiner Erato 3984 27499 2 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Funeral sentences for the death of Queen Mary II_ (1695) March Equale Brass Ensemble, direction John Eliot Gardiner Erato 398427499 2 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Voluntary_ en ré min Z 719 Davitt Monroney, orgue Thomas Dallam de l’église de Guimiliau en Bretagne, à l’origine construit dans les années 1675\-1680 Arcana A 310 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Trumpet Tune_ en Ré Maj Z 603:7 Peter Hurford, orgue Decca DECA 411 929\-2 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) Soprano et Choeur "Long may she reign" The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) Symphony The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Not all my torments_ (1693) Nancy Argenta, soprano, Nigel North, archiluth, Paul Nicholson, clavecin Virgin VRGN VC 7593242 ♫ **Traditionnel** _Cold and raw_ (the farmer's daughter) Friederike Shultz, chant, Bernard Revel, guitare Conviviencia Strasbourg ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) "air de soprano "May her blest example" Gillian Fischer, soprano, The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) duo "Many such days" James Bowman, contreténor, Mark Padmore, haute\-contre, The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _The Prophetess or the history of Dioclesian_ (1690) Come come away no delay (Duo de basses) George Michael, Nathan Berg, basses, Collegium Musicum 90, direction Richard Hickox Chandos CHAN 0558 ♫ **Henry Purcell** (1659\-1695) _Ode for Queen Mary's birthday_ "Love's goddess sure was blind" z 331(1692) Choeur "May she to heaven" The King's Consort, direction Robert King Hypérion CDA 66494 {% image 6a09a348-4b7b-4738-bcfc-f6a652dec924 %} ## Archives INA ►**Fiction radiophonique adaptée du _Journal de Samuel Pepys_ (1660\-1669)** Réal. Catherine Lemire, avec la voix de Didier Sandre (France Culture 2003) ## Bibliographie **Gérard Géfen**, _Histoire de la Musique anglaise_ (Fayard, 1992) **Hugh Clout**, _Histoire de Londres_, (Que sais\-je ? PUF, 1999) **J.A. Westrup**, _Purcell_ (J.B. Janin, 1947) **William Christie et Marielle D. Khoury**, _Purcell au cœur du Baroque_ (Découvertes Gallimard 1995) **Robert King**, _Henry Purcell_ (Thames and Hudson, 1994) ## Vidéo {% embed youtube 8ryzWombhBQ %} Extrait de _England, my England\- The Story of Henry Purcell_, réal. Tony Palmer pour Channel 4 en 1995 - réalisé par : Béatrice Trichet

Solo jazz - Los reyes del jazz - 06/01/17  

G0RD0N: Unforgettable (3’06”). N. Cole. BASIE: One O'Clock jump (3'53”). N. Cole. GERSHWIN: They can't take that away from me (4’41”). L. Armstrong / E. Fitzgerald. MATSHKIZA: King Kong (2’46”). T. Lightfoot's New Orleans Jazzmen. STRAYHORN: Take the A train (2'43”). King Sisters. OLIVER / NELSON: Too late (3’06”). J.K. Oliver. MORTON: King Porter Stomp (3’41”). H. James. THOMPTON: King's spinner (2'37”). R. Jacquet. SUN RA: Kingdom of Not (5’26”). Sun Ra. MILLER: King of the road (4’04”). W. Montgomery. HERON / JACKSON: The king Alfred Plan (4'04”). G. Scott Heron. SHARP: Three kings (2’52”). E. Sharp. ELLINGTON / RUSSELL: Don't get around much anymore (3’16”). B.B. King. DIXON: My babe (3'46”). A. King. BASIE: The King (10’39”). A. Cohn. SIDRAN: The King of Harlem (4’57”). Ben Sidran. MUNDY: King size (9'17”). G. Ammons / A. Farmer. BAKER / HAYES / CURTIS: Dynamite ad midnight (3’12”). King Curtis. PLEASURE: The new Symphony Sid (2’16”). T. Edwards. KANCHELI: King Lear (1'56”). G. Kancheli. TRUFFAZ: King B (5’29”). E. Truffaz. MILLER: The king is gone (for Miles) (6’05”). M. Miller. HENDERSON / DIXON: Bye bye blackbird (7'56”). M. Davis. ELLINGTON: Self portrait (of the Bean) (3'546”). D. Ellington

Escuchar audio
Episode 156: Crimson Shroud  

Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross chance upon Crimson Shroud. Yasumi Matsuno is responsible for some amazing games, Final Fantasy Tactics chief among them. One of his lesser-known projects is Crimson Shroud, a JRPG released for the 3DS as a part of a collection of smaller games. While it's soaked in Matsuno's style, Crimson Shroud is truly special because it emulates the trappings of tabletop games, right down to simulating dice rolls. But does it stick the landing?

Visconti Opera Master Crimson Tide Limited Edition  

We’re incredibly honored and proud to be carrying the Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Crimson Tide as an exclusive offering at in two new finishes. Visconti has done it before in gold trim, and we’re going to have 20 of both the rose gold and black ruthenium trim. Waves of cream and crimson red resin envelop the translucent acryloid. Both the Opera Master Crimson Tide with Rose Gold and Black Ruthenium trim will be sold exclusively by Goulet Pens.

CBR 264: Craft Coors or Crafty Coors?  

Third Shift Amber Lager
Blue Moon Pine in the Neck
Blue Moon Tongue Thai-ed
Blue Moon Crimson Crossing

Jeff: 1. Crimson Crossing 2. Tongue Thai-ed 3. Pine in the Neck 4. Third Shift
Greg: 1. Crimson Crossing 2. Pine in the Neck 3. Tongue Thai-ed 4. Third Shift

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MHC #99 The Crimson Horror 7.12  

166 days until The 50th Anniversary Special!


Welcome to Mostly Harmless Cutaway Ninety-Nine featuring the Shaken Not Stirred crew: Steven, Kyle, Josh, and Eric. Join us as we delve into the Mark Gatiss fever dream, The Crimson Horror. Let the banter begin!


This discussion contains miscellaneous, Sherlock, Torchwood, new WHO, and classic SPOILERS pertaining to Doctor Who. If you are 100% spoilerphobic to new & classic epsiodes not yet seen, do not complain to us. This episode is MOSTLY HARMLESS & contains EXPLICIT terms and as always expect strokes of innuendo throughout.


Kyle's Nerdist The Crimson Horror of the TARDIS review: The Kings of crazy Doctor Who theories — The Eleventh Hour Podcast:


This episode was recorded May 6, 2013. COMING SOON: MHC 100...




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Ep.11 - Prog Rock and King Crimson  

Progressive rock enthusiast, Thomas Hatton, joins the show to talk about the iconic King Crimson album In the Court of the Crimson King. We discuss my experience with the album in great detail and break down all of the songs. We also talk about music in general including our favorite Beatles songs, our first exposure to music and if there is really such a thing as a guilty pleasure. Thanks for listening. Be sure to visit our website, comment, like and review the show. Also check out Thomas' prog rock website at as well as their podcast Offical Website - The KnowNothing Podcast on iTunes - The KnowNothing Podcast on Stitcher - The KnowNothing Podcast on Facebook - @knownothingpod on Twitter -

Criminal Minds S:12 | The Crimson King E:1 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Criminal Minds edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Criminal Minds. In this episode, hosts Marisa Serafini and Michelle Cullen discuss episode 1. RSS Feed: ABOUT CRIMINAL MINDS: An elite squad of FBI profilers analyzes the country’s most-twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators’ next moves before they can strike […]

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Tea and Sympathy - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 123  


Where no buffet line is safe . . .

Tea and Sympathy - The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Vol. 123

1. Symphony For The Devil / Sympathy For The Devil - Blood, Sweat and Tears Buy From iTunes
2. White Room (live) - Cream Buy From iTunes
3. Magnificent (live) - U2 Buy From iTunes*
4. Because The Night (live) - Patti Smith / Bruce Springsteen / U2 Buy From iTunes*
5. Hey Ya - Booker T. Jones Buy From iTunes
6. Green Onions / Friend Of The Devil (live) - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Buy From iTunes
7. Love My Baby - Trampled Underfoot Buy From iTunes
8. The Levee Broke - Zachary Richard Buy From iTunes
9. Rise / Rise Above It - Afro Celt Sound System Buy From iTunes
10. Still Waters - Steve Hackett Buy From iTunes
11. I Talk To The Wind (alt version) - King Crimson
12. In The Court Of The Crimson King (live) - King Crimson

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard.
Accept No Substitute.
Where we don't need no stinkin' invitation . . .

Crimson Peak  

Movie Menu Reviews: Beware of Crimson Leak! Episode #82: Crimson Peak Hosted by Alexander Z Co-Host: Mike Stand Panelist: Christopher Velasco Sound Engineer: Alexander Z Movie News SETH ROGEN IN TALKS TO STAR IN JAMES FRANCO’S “ROOM” DRAMA “THE DISASTER ARTIST” ‘GODZILLA VS KING KONG’ RELEASE IN 2020 AFTER ‘KONG: SKULL ISLAND’ AND ‘GODZILLA 2’ CONFIRMED!

060 The Lion King - It's SFX!  

The people have spoken! The top requested film in 2013 was The Lion King! Go along with Mason, Morgan, and Chelsea as they talk about the iconic film from their childhood!


■ First impressions and stats: The Lion King vs. Frozen.
■ Story: was this REALLY based on Hamlet? A Mason theory.
■ How can you go wrong with Hans Zimmer, Elton John, and Tim Rice?
■ How does "The Baboon Priesthood" actually work?
■ Scar vs. Mufasa. Why Scar is the prototype of a child predator.
■ Two thumbs WAY way up for the voice acting!
■ "This is worse than when Zazu and Iago took over the Tiki Room!"
■ They should have a deleted scene with "The Birdie Boiler".
■ More reasons why Mufasa is so great.
■ Scar: The lame Pokemon trainer.
■ "Hey look it's Jim Cummings!"
■ The Stampede. Hans Zimmer is the master of mood.
■ Scar should have waited it out and stayed in the lion senate.
■ Mason voices Matthew Broderick.
■ Special bonus Zelda episode coming at you.
■ All of us need a "Remember who you are" moment.
■ The Disney vulture reunion.
■ All this controversy, the merchandise, and our ratings!
■ Voicemail, Twitter question, and mail bag.
■ Bloopers: AKA a bunch of random quotes you thought we missed.

Runtime: 1:39:17, 50.8 MB


■ Watch The Lion King: Blu-ray | DVD | Digital | Rent
■ The kissing Nala and Simba, anyone?! Eh, eh?
■ `Pump-up Week articles: Is ‘The Lion King’ Disney’s Greatest Movie?Why ‘The Lion King’ Has the Best Music in Any Disney Movie. Ever.“I’ve Never Seen ‘The Lion King’” and 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Lion King’.

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Destiny Reset Episode 33 - A Crimson Romance  

Join AER0 and Cyborg this week in A Crimson Romance.  We played Crimson Doubles and have plenty to chat about with this new 2v2 game mode.  Bungie opens up with somewhat of a roadmap for Destiny in 2016 as well as Destiny 2 now in 2017.  We also cover our reset accomplishments, Trials of Osiris, Iron banner, King's Fall, Patch 2.1.1, the Bungie Weekly Update, #DRPfam shoutouts, and some very interesting SpeakPipes from our friends at the tower (Courtesy of @jcjesse from DestinyDads).  Don't hesitate to get in contact with us by tweeting us @DestinyReset or email us at  You can also chat with us on Facebook, YouTube and our group. To find all things Destiny Reset related visit our website  Enjoy and take care Guardians!

The King under the Car Park  

King Richard III of England. Are the remains found under a car park in Leicester his?

In the city of Leicester, in central England, a group of archaeologists has been busy. They have been digging up a car park. Last week they announced that they had found a human skeleton. Of course, archaeologists often dig up human remains. Human bones can tell us interesting things about the past – what people ate, how tall they were, what diseases they suffered from, and how they died. The car park skeleton, however, is much more interesting. It is the skeleton of a man. He suffered from a deformed spine. He had a severe head injury, and part of an arrow was found in his back. The bones may be those of King Richard III of England.

Richard was born in 1452 and became king in 1483, after the death of his older brother Edward IV. The 15th century was a very troubled time in English history. There was almost constant civil war between powerful families who wanted to control the country. A few months after Edward’s death, his two sons – aged 12 and 9 – disappeared. Many people are convinced that Richard ordered their deaths so that neither of them could ever challenge his position as king.

Richard was king for only two years. In 1485, Henry Tudor led a rebellion against him. Richard’s army was defeated at the battle of Bosworth, and Richard himself was killed. (He was in fact the last English king to die in a battle. After him, English kings got other people to do the fighting and the dying for them!) His body was displayed in public for several days. Then it was taken and buried at Greyfriars Church in Leicester, which is quite close to the site of the battle. The victorious Henry Tudor became King Henry VII, and he and his children and grandchildren ruled England for the next 120 years.

Grefriars Church disappeared in about 1540, when the king seized all the monasteries in England and expelled the monks. Over the years, people forgot where Greyfriars Church had been. For a time there was a garden on the site; and later buildings; and then a car park in the busy centre of Leicester. No-one knew what had happened to the body of Richard III. Indeed, until recently, many historians believed that it had been dug up and thrown into a river at about the time that the monks left Greyfriars Church.

The archaeologists dug a number of trenches across the car park. They found the remains of the walls and the floor of Greyfriars Church. Then inside the church, they found the skeleton. They were very interested that the skeleton had a deformed spine, because we know that Richard had one shoulder higher than the other. They have carefully taken the skeleton from the ground, and have taken some samples of DNA from it. The next step is to compare this DNA with DNA from people who are descended from Richard III’s sister. (Richard himself had no children). These tests will take three months. So maybe early next year we will find out for certain whether we have found the body of a King of England under a car park.

There has been a lot of interest in this news because, even today, Richard III is a controversial figure. The traditional view is that he was an evil monster, who murdered his own young nephews. Shakespeare wrote a famous play about Richard III, which portrayed Richard in this way. Other people however say that Richard was a good king. He made it easier for ordinary people to get justice in the courts. He ordered

Guardian Radio Episode 148  

Crimson Days are coming soon and we have all the details! This week we broke down all the new details on the upcoming February live event. Will the chance at 320 ghosts have us playing Crimson Doubles and eating away on some Crimson Candy? We’re then joined by Twitch Streamer and Lighthouse sherpa RealKraftyy. Kraftyy stops by to talk about the state of PvP in Destiny and what changes he would like to see in the future. All this and more on another episode of Guardian Radio!

Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics to us to You can also send us a voicemail that we [...]

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