110: Danger lies in the Extreme with Liam Hennessy  

This week I am very excited to announce our guest, Liam Hennessy. Liam is one of the legends in the world of strength, conditioning, and golf fitness.  He works as a sports performance scientist and consultant, and has worked with some of the greatest athletes in the world, from many sports, including Padraig Harrington.

The treatment protocol Liam uses to relieve pain and restore function is based heavily on the osteopathic philosophy that the body functions as an integrated unit. By evaluating and treating dysfunction within the musculoskeletal, myofascial and nervous systems.

In this episode, Liam shares some of his incredible stories on his journey, including his early days pole vaulting for Ireland to some of the adventures he's had while working with Padraig.  It is these experiences and "experiments" that have helped him discover and develop his work with his clients.  Always searching for new ways to learn and find out what works best, Liam is a constant student and teacher.  And while some of these stories venture in the "extremes," Liam cautions that often, we jump in too quickly and want results so fast that we forget about the fact that performance is a process that can't be rushed.

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Liam Hennessy’s Background

Liam developed an interest in sport and particularly athletics from his teenage years, where he competed at middle distance track and cross-country for Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club in Santry, Dublin.
Liam also attended college in North Carolina, on an athletic scholarship and won U.S. national team honors at cross-country whilst there.
He has worked with people from all backgrounds from elite athletes competing at European and World Championships to those suffering from difficult conditions and chronic pain.

Highlights from this Episode

Liam’s background growing up in Ireland, and how he went from Irish hurling, to pole vaulting, to sports performance science, and eventually into golf.
Liam’s take on plyometrics and heavy lifting to prime yourself for strong performance.
How he came to work with some of the top athletes in the world as a performance consultant.
Why golf is the most explosive and dynamic game from a performance perspective.
The biggest mistakes golfers make on a regular basis.
Liam’s views on recovery, and why nothing is as important as sleeping well.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore

Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?

Christy O’Connor Jnr.

What are you excited about in your near future?

How we can use technology and science to help us in sports performance, and how to simplify the process.

Where to Find Liam Hennessy:


Setanta College:

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18SP 041: Liam Mucklow | Clubfitting and How to “Suck Less” at Golf  

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Liam Mucklow shares his expertise in the world of club-fitting and golf instruction.  Liam gives us an in inside look at his 26,000 square ft. facility, The Golf Lab, in Toronto, Canada.

Liam is one of the premiere golf instructors in the world with an expertise in club-fitting, Trackman, Aimpoint Golf and the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) model of assessing and training the body as well as the swing.
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Liam Mucklow's Background

2014 PGA of Ontario and PGA of Canada's Teacher of the Year
Founder of The Golf Lab in Toronto, Canada
Teaches for TPI, Aimpoint Golf, and Trackman University
International Speaker for several golf organizations
Spent several years on the World Long Drive Tour

Highlights from this Episode

Liam answers several questions on the topic of club fitting.
Who should be fit for clubs? high handicappers, low handicappers, all of the above?
What are the most important factors to look at when going in for a club fitting?
Liam defines some of the terms that you should know as a golfer, especially if you are looking to get fit for clubs.
Liam walks us through The Golf Lab's process of evaluation and what the facility has to offer (see the video above to get a glimpse inside this amazing facility)
Liam dives into ball fitting and what the real difference is between the top end golf balls.
We discuss the topic of "quantifiable improvement" and why it is so important that you implement this into any training program, whether it be skilled related or fitness related.

CaddyShack or Happy Gillmore?
What are you excited about in your near future?
The new "green grass" location of the Golf Lab  at Diamondback Golf Club.
Where to Find Liam:
The Golf Lab:

Website: The Golf Lab 
Twitter: @The_Golf_Lab
Facebook: The Golf Lab

Mucklow Golf:

Website: Mucklow Golf:
Twitter: @MucklowGolf
Facebook: Mucklow Golf

Other Links Mentioned

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College Sweethearts: Transformed  

Liam Lowery and Marisa Carroll have a charming, if almost archetypal, New York love story. They were college students. Liam had been crushing on her for a while, and one day, he spotted her on the subway. They came to his stop. And he stayed on the train. That led to coffee, Facebook flirting, making out, and as Liam says, fantastic sex.

When they got together, Liam identified as trans, but didn't yet have that scruff on his cheeks. Soon after they began dating, he started taking testosterone, and he had surgery to remove his breasts last spring. While Marisa had considered herself a straight woman prior to dating Liam, they are, together, in a queer relationship. And as of this Thanksgiving, in a queer marriage.

I asked them both what changed in their relationship as Liam's body transformed. And I asked Marisa what it was like to commit to someone who was undergoing so much change. 

You can read a full transcript of the interview. Marisa wrote about her love story with Liam in a story called My Self-Made Man for Marie Claire. Liam wrote about getting through airport security when you're trans for The Toast. 

Show 212 Globalization is Good by Johan Norberg. Film documentary edited for Audio. Audio mp3.  

Show 212 Globalization is Good by Johan Norberg. Film documentary edited for Audio. To see film visit Google video Globalization is Good- Johan Norberg on Globalization.   

The world is an unequal and unjust place, in which some are born into wealth and some into hunger and misery. To explore why, in this controversial Channel Four documentary the young Swedish writer Johan Norberg takes the viewers on a journey to Taiwan, Vietnam, Kenya and Brussels to see the impact of globalization, and the consequences of its absence. It makes the case that the problem in the world is not too much capitalism, globalization and multinationals, but too little.

On a Knife Edge  

This hospital based youth violence work is taking place in the four London major trauma centres and Producer Sue Mitchell was given exclusive access to follow what happens. The charity, Redthread, now has teams in each of the trauma centres and their youth workers will be alongside victims from the point that they walk, or are stretchered, in. They're away from their communities and alienated from peers and this surreal period - 'the teachable moment,' as it's known - is seen as being an effective time because the young person is vulnerable, shocked and forced to confront assumptions of invincibility. Becky Calnan is a Redthread team leader at one of the London trauma centres and allows listeners to follow her work with nineteen year old Liam. He's been attacked on the street and turns up at Accident and Emergency with blood soaking into his coat and trousers. He tells her that he's been punched, kicked and stamped on as he was making his way to court for a scheduled appointment. She knows him already: just months earlier he was stabbed in his legs in a planned attack. Becky's been working with Liam ever since. His latest injuries don't surprise her: "He doesn't eat properly; he doesn't sleep as he's out at night, and he's paranoid because of how he's living: this all feeds into making these incidents much more likely to happen." Liam tells listeners about his life of court appearances, street violence and lack of ambition. He traces the start of his problems back to 2010, when he moved to a new area of London with his Mum and sisters. He knows he could make something of himself if he puts his mind to it, but there's too much daily pressure for him to even try: "I don't know what can happen next. There are young youth running around with big knives and my Mum and Nan are scared. I'm not scared. I spat blood on them when they attacked me." But Liam's bravado cracks slightly as he acknowledges the work that Becky's doing: "She's helped me, I do appreciate that. If there are things I need to get off my chest she listens and she doesn't judge me. I don't have anyone else like that to talk to." For Redthread the work is aimed at interrupting the cycle of violence which all too often sees the victim become the perpetrator. Liam describes being stabbed, jumped on and other attacks with a calm that would be more normally placed describing a shopping trip, say, not repeated street violence. He thinks he will end up dead unless he can change, but it's a hard task. Alongside Liam, Becky is helping others admitted every day. There's George, stabbed as he sat in his car, there are two victims who have yet to regain consciousness and a youngster who appears to have been paralysed in an attack. His long hospital stay provides a good opportunity to both tackle any possible acts of retribution and to begin considering the changes as he adapts to a very different life. Redthread's hospital programme launched in 2006 and the idea has been in play in America for longer. There is an international network of hospital based intervention programmes and the idea is gaining ground, with Nottingham and Basildon being the latest areas for this approach. In London alone there were more than 1,236 victims of knife crime under the age of 25 in the year ending April 2016 according to the Metropolitan Police. The workers are called as ambulances are en route and will be there from the start, getting alongside the young person and helping them navigate the hospital system. They're trying to build the kind of relationships which many of these young people won't have had in their communities and the organisation also offer gang exit work and mental health support. Dr Emer Sutherland, consultant clinical lead for the Emergency Department at King's College Hospital, said: "We set up the scheme at King's because we wanted to do more than just patch young people up and send them on their way. Hospitals have a unique opportunity to help try and stop the victim-perpetrator cycle. This is why talking to young people, at this key moment in their lives can help steer them away from the world of gang violence many find themselves in." Once they're in hospital they have a very private space for very private conversations: "Pain in some ways is a great mind opener. "It's so powerful to the medical team, we can remember before we had Red Thread, we would see some of these young people who come in with trivial injuries and then come back with more severe injuries. We see youth violence as like any other disease, so we might see them on their way to school when they've been mugged or beaten up, then what could happen is they could join a gang to try and make them safe, even though the exact opposite is the case, then we see them going from stabbed in arms or legs to being quite viciously targeted and very vicious attacks - we find those very worrying.

The Liam McEneaney Show w/ Fred Stoller  

Guest host Liam McEneaney has a peaceful and calm talk with Fred Stoller (My Seinfeld Year, Maybe We'll Have You Back) and Rena Zager (Best Week Ever, Dave's Old Porn) about living a quiet life of abundance and gratitude for the good things the world gives you.   Just kidding. It's an hour-plus where everybody throws each other under the bus. Fred is mad at Rena for being a hypocrite, Rena is mad at producer Alex Brizel for throwing Fred under the bus at the green room of a Norm MacDonald show, and Liam throws Alex under the bus consistently and thoroughly to make Fred happy.   First, Liam and Fred Stoller talk to each other over the phone about the kinds of comedians that irritate him, and how his friend Rena Zager is a hypocrite for writing for Best Week Ever and enjoying certain "alt." comedians he won't name, and also The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. Then Liam decides that he wants to give Rena a chance to rebut, and reconvenes everybody for a rousing part 2, where Liam and Alex and Fred and Rena all yell at each other in a glorious climax of urban Jewish angst.   Today's podcast is brought to you by - get a FREE 5-Day Home Try-On at Five pairs. Five days. One-hundred percent free.  

How a First-Time Freelancer Makes 5 Figures a Month  

Liam Clisham manages to make over five figures a month as a freelancer -- and he's still in his first year. We discuss how that's possible


Episode Summary

Liam Clisham, a longtime listener, reached out to Bryce to discuss how this podcast influenced his first year as a freelancer. 

We cover:

Liam's story The confidence necessary to succeed The importance of work-life balance The difference between perfectionism and professionalism Creating consistent quality work for clients Learning and pushing yourself The importance of networking Why patience is non-negotiable The value of a support system

Liam's site:

Liam's twitter: @_five31

Liam's Instagram: @_five31


This episode is sponsored by MightyDeals!

MightyDeals offers fantastic (and exclusive!) deals for web professionals. Use coupon code CFHPodcast to save 15% on your next purchase!

Here are a few deals we recommend:

> $1340 worth of fonts -- $29 (98% off!)

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> Freelance Starter Kit with contract templates, identity sets, ebooks and more -- $29  


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MTG 080: Liam "Hitman" Harrison Discusses His Next Big Fight, Toughest Thai Opponents, and Turning Pro at 14  

Muay Thai Guy Podcast - Episode 80 Photo Courtesy Scott Hirano of Muay Thai AuthorityLiam "The Hitman" Harrison started fighting professionally at 14 years of age and hasn't looked back since. By fighting top Thai opponents like Saenchai, Pakorn, Anuwat and a number of others, Liam has built his reputation as one of the toughest, most skilled foreign fighters in the world.In my interview with Liam, we discuss a variety of topics including:How he started training at age of 13 and then began fighting shortly after.Why Bad Company Gym in Leeds, UK is one of the top gyms in the world with multiple world champion fighters.What his first trip to Thailand was like and how he has been returning regularly to train and fight at the mecca of Muay Thai.What his day-to-day training was like while in Thailand.Why he took days off during training camps even though his Thai training partners would laugh and make fun of him.His toughest opponents that he's fought and what made them so tough.His thoughts on his recent fight against Pakorn at the Yokkao show.Why he doesn't think he'll fight for GLORY again unless the offer/opportunity is right.His thoughts on the judging and general fighting style that GLORY offers.Who his next opponent is and what promotion it is on!How Muay Thai has become a more household name in the UK.And much, much more!Click Here or on the podcast player at the top of the page to listen to MTG 079: Liam "Hitman" Harrison Discusses His Next Big Fight,  Toughest Thai Opponents, and Turning Pro at 14
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Episode 211: The 2011 EMEA PMI Global Congress, an interview with Liam Dillon, PMO expert, Turlon and Associates  
This week The PMO Podcast™ Featured Story presents, "The 2011 EMEA PMI Global Congress, an interview with Liam Dillon, PMO expert, Turlon and Associates," presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast™. Today, we have with us Liam Dillon from Turlon and Associates. Liam has served the project management community for years and was recently the President of the PMI Ireland Chapter. Liam is a PMO subject matter expert, but today Liam is here to tell us about the 2011 EMEA PMI Global Congress which will be held in Dublin, Ireland.

The PMO Podcast™ Points Memo asks, "What is a PMO." If you were asked what is a Project Management Organization, what would be your answer? This may sound like a very simple question, but regrettably the project management community and all of the so-called project management experts continue to get this question wrong time after time resulting in failed PMOs and frustrated busines executives.

The PMO Podcast™ Mailbag answers a listener question about when a PMO should consider doing a formal maturity assessment.

The PMO Podcast™ is sponsored by BOT International, the provider of Processes On Demand, a PMO Setup solution used by more than 1,000 companies.

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P3 Humor Presenterar: Daniel Norberg  

Daniel Norberg minns tillbaka på sommaren som gått, men får han nånsin riktigt komma till poängen i det minne han helst av allt vill förmedla? Ideligen ringer folk in från olika delar av landet, och vill berätta om hur härlig sommaren varit i just deras hörn. Det blir virkade knätofsar, karuseller i Alsterland och grillkvällen som slutar med emigrering. Och en hel del annat komiskt. Daniel Norberg minns tillbaka på sommaren som gått, men får han nånsin riktigt komma till poängen i det minne han helst av allt vill förmedla? Ideligen ringer folk in från olika delar av landet, och vill berätta om hur härlig sommaren varit i just deras hörn. Det blir virkade knätofsar, karuseller i Alsterland och grillkvällen som slutar med emigrering. Och en hel del annat komiskt.

Eva Norberg, anhörigvårdare  

Eva Norberg är maka och personlig assistent till sin make Hans Norberg. Hans bröt nacken under en ishockeymatch och är sen dess förlamad. EvaNorbergs liv förändrades i samma stund. I Samtalet berättar hon om livet som medberoende för Sigrid Flensburg.

Eva Norberg, anhörigvårdare  

Eva Norberg är maka och personlig assistent till sin make Hans Norberg. Hans bröt nacken under en ishockeymatch och är sen dess förlamad. EvaNorbergs liv förändrades i samma stund. I Samtalet berättar hon om livet som medberoende för Sigrid Flensburg.

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MTG 070: Deep Thoughts with Liam Tarrant from The Muay Thai Project  

Muay Thai Guy Podcast - Episode 70Liam Tarrant is a man of many talents and it's hard to label him just as one thing. He's a retired undefeated pro-fighter, fight commentator, and organizer of the charity The Muay Thai Project. I've known Liam since early on in my career and he's always been a sincere, funny guy who has a lot of knowledge to share. In this podcast episode (which is over 2 hours long) we discuss a wide variety of things including:What initially drove him to start The Muay Thai Project.Why Muay Thai is such an important learning tool for younger kids and adults.How Muay Thai has changed our lives and made us better people.What the feeling is like stepping into the ring in front of a screaming crowd.How commissions, promoters and coaches need to work together to ensure the fighters safety.The politics being running a charity and the struggles he's faced in order to keep it running.Match-ups on upcoming shows like The Warrior Cup and Victory Combat Sports.How far the sport has come in the past few years and where he sees it going.And much, much more!Click Here or on the podcast player at the top of the page to listen to MTG 070: Deep Thoughts with Liam Tarrant of The Muay Thai Project
To follow along with Liam, follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page.
More importantly, check out The Muay Thai Project to help at-risk youth develop discipline, confidence and respect.
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Turbo 3 - Liam y Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Blur y Oasis - 26/07/17  

Comenzamos con el debut en solitario de Liam Gallagher y recordamos el segundo álbum de su hermano Noel, además de escuchar a ambos juntos en Oasis. Además, recuperamos el primer disco como solista de Damon Albarn y le escuchamos también al frente de Blur. Playlist: LIAM GALLAGHER - Wall of glass, NOEL GALLAGHER'S HIGH FLYING BIRDS - In the heat of the moment, OASIS - Stand by me, BLUR - Beetlebum, BLUR - I broadcast, DAMON ALBARN - Mr Tembo, GORILLAZ - We got the power (feat. Jehnny Beth), TORO Y MOI - Girl like you, CALVIN HARRIS - Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos), THE WEEKND - I feel it coming (feat. Daft Punk), JEAN TONIQUE - Something to talk about (feat. Keyone Starr), MARK RONSON - I can't lose (feat. Keyone Starr), MARK RONSON - Perm, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Give it away, HOUSE OF PAIN - Jump around, RAT BOY - Move.

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Turbo 3 0

Turbo 3 - Calvin Harris con Frank Ocean, St. Vincent y Liam Gallagher - 04/07/17  

Abrimos con la colaboración entre Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean y Migo para el tema 'Slide', una de las canciones que componen el nuevo álbum del DJ escocés. Además, escuchamos lo nuevo de St. Vincent y un segundo adelanto del debut en solitario de Liam Gallagher. Playlist: CALVIN HARRIS - Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migo), ANDERSON .PAAK - Am I wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q), JAMIROQUAI - Superfresh, JEAN TONIQUE - Something to talk about (feat. Keyone Starr), MARK RONSON - I can't lose (feat. Keyone Starr), LIAM GALLAGHER - Chinatown, ST. VINCENT - New York, GEPE - Abrir la puerta, STARSAILOR - Listen to your heart, MANIC STREET PREACHERS - Indian Summer, RAYDEN - Imperdible (feat. Sidecars), BERIS - Tan solo un grito, LICHIS - Teloneros de lujo, TOGETHER PANGEA - Better find out, BLACK LIPS - Rebel intuition, TY SEGALL - You're the doctor, TY SEGALL - Break a guitar.

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180 Grados - Vincent, Arcade Fire, The National y Liam Gallagher - 03/07/17  

No hay lunes que se resista a una sesión encabezada por St. Vincent y su nuevo single, 'New York' pero es que, además, hoy tenemos lo nuevo de Arcade Fire, a los australianos Confidence Man, a los escoceses Tijuana Bibles, a Kodaline, el segundo avance del primer disco en solitario de Liam Gallagher y la maravillosa nueva canción de The National: 'Guilty Party'.


ST VINCENT - New York, ARCADE FIRE - Signs Of Life, CONFIDENCE MAN - My Boyfriend, GYOZA - Freeze Me, SECOND - Pueblo Submarino, KODALINE - Brother, KAKKAMADDAFAKKA - All I Want To Hear, BEAROID - Out Of My Mind, TIJUANA BIBLES - Pariah, FRANZ FERDINAND - Right Action, LIAM GALLAGHER - Chinatown, KASABIAN - Bless This Acid House, YONAKA - Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya, FISCHERSPOONER - Have Fun Tonight, THE NATIONAL - Guilty Party, BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE - God Save The Jungle

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Comics Rick Overton & Mark Pitta  

Plus Comics Dave Sirus and Liam McEneaney. Rick Overton stars in the new Showtime series, "I'm Dying Up Here." As a 40 year comedy vet, Rick Overton has starred in numerous HBO and Showtime specials and has had countless TV stand up appearances. He played The Drake on “Seinfeld” and Pam’s Dad on “The Office.” He currently recurs on Adult Swim’s “Children Hospital,” ABC’s “Last Man Standing,” TNT’s “Leverage” and recently guest starred on “The League,” “The Middle,” “The Kroll Show,” and “Newsreaders.” Rick has also guested on classic TV series like “Lost,” “E.R.,” “Made About You” and “Married With Children.” On the big screen, he has worked with A-list directors like Ron Howard, Chris Columbus, Harold Ramis, Jay Roach, and Steven Soderberg, with roles in films like “Bad Teacher,” “The Informant,” “Dinner for Schmucks,” “Cloverfield,” “Groundhog Day,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Willow.” He also has an Emmy Award for writing on HBO’s “Dennis Miller Live.” Rick is currently a semi-regular contributor to the Huffington Post and hosts a popular podcast called “Overview” that is available on iTunes. Mark Pitta has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson then subsequent appearances with Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. Mark landed a job as host of Totally Hidden Video for the FOX network, playing different characters in hidden camera situations and then hosting Friday Night Videos for NBC. Mark has made guest appearances on Mad About You and Third Rock From the Sun. For Comedy Central Mark has appeared on Premium Blend, The A-List, Dr. Katz, and Make Me Laugh. Dave Sirus is a writer and stand-up comedian who performs at venues in New York and Los Angeles. He produces and writes sketch comedy, is known for interviewing the Westboro Baptist Church members under the guise of 'Brick Stone' and appearing as a guest and recurring comedic correspondent on RT's The Alyona Show and HuffPost Live.On September 21, 2015, he was hired as a writer for the forty-first season of Saturday Night Live for which he was nominated for an Emmy for Writing in a Variety Series, and won a WGA award for writing in a comedy/variety series.He is currently a writer for Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog's Summer Election Special and Election Watch series on Hulu.  He has produced other interview videos as his Brick Stone character with Occupy Wall Street residents, conspiracy theorists, street preachers, gay pride marchers, and the general public.[11] Dave is a featured comedian on season 1 episode 7 of nuvoTV's Stand Up and Deliver. Dave interviewed the Westboro Baptist Church while protesting the Golden Globes January 12, 2014 and for the second time included a "Ramone" reference to the Opie and Anthony show. He appeared on the Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius/XM the following Tuesday. Along with discussing the Church, Sirus also mentioned his upcoming mockumentary Archie Black: The Worst starring O&A's Jim Norton, Jay Mohr, Artie Lange, Dee Snider, Otto & George, and Rick Overton. The film is premiering at the LA Comedy Fest.   Originally from New York City, Liam McEneaney is considered by many to be one of the country’s top comedians, in addition to his work as a top writer and producer. Starting with a college tour at the age of 19, he has headlined across the United States and throughout Europe.  At the age of 24, he was tapped to appear on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. He spent two seasons as a regular panelist on Vh1’s Best Week Ever, and more recently, he appeared on IFC doing stand-up on their interstitial series Comedy Drop. He also appeared on the Showtime special Caroline Rhea & Friends.  His standup continues to be in heavy rotation on the Sirius/XM comedy channels. In 2013, ASpecialThing records released his critically-acclaimed album, Comedian. It debuted on top of both the iTunes  and Amazon comedy bestseller charts, where it continues to appear. His next album, Working Class Fancy, was released in 2016 by Comedy Dynamics.  Liam also produced and starred in his own concert film, Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! with some of his buddies like Reggie Watts, Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal, and Christian Finnegan. It had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, and went on to make a full festival and screening tour, including at the Paley Center and Comic-Con. In addition, Liam has made multiple appearances on WTF with Marc Maron, as well as many other top podcasts. He is a favorite of local morning radio hosts, and has been a guest on NPR’s Morning Edition as well as popular Sirius/XM shows like Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang and The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show. He was the subject of a full-page profile in the Wall Street Journal,  and was recently named one of the 100 Best Comedians of All Time by GQ Spain    

180 grados - Liam Gallagher, Broken Social Scene y Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - 01/06/17  

Liam Gallagher nos saluda con el adelanto de su primer disco en solitario: 'Wall Og Glass', suena a Oasis pero también a los Stones y a The Beatles, que hoy celebran los 50 años de 'Sgt. Peppers'. Escuchamos la celestial 'Skyline' de Broken Social Scene, lo nuevo de Kitty, Daisy & Lewis y otras dos nuevas canciones de (los pv***) Sexy Zebras: 'OMG' y 'Mami'.

LIAM GALLAGHER - Wall Of Glass, THE BEATLES - Getting Better, AMY O - Lavender Night, THE KILLS - Wait, JACOBO SERRA - El Activista, VETUSTA MORLA - Fiesta Mayor, SEXY ZEBRAS - OMG, SEXY ZEBRAS - Mami, DEPEDRO feat. FUEL FANDANGO - Acuérdate, PIANET - Another Day, ELYELLA - Magic, FUEL FANDANGO - Toda La Vida, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - Skyline, CARL BARAT & THE JACKALS - Cracks, DAN AUERBACH - Livin’ In Sin, KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS - Down On My Knees, STEVIE PARKER - Without You, AMBER PARK feat. MIA PARK - Monsoon

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Boxing for September 18th, 2016 | Liam Smith vs. Canelo Alvarez | AfterBuzz TV After Show  

AfterBuzz TV’s Boxing After Show discusses Boxing for September 18th, 2016 “Liam Smith vs. Canelo Alvarez”! Host Jared Gilkerson does a fight by fight review and recap of the Boxing Event. ABOUT BOXING: Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people throw punches at each other, usually with gloved hands. Historically, […]

The post Boxing for September 18th, 2016 | Liam Smith vs. Canelo Alvarez | AfterBuzz TV After Show appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.

#030 Switching Gears from Memoirs to Novels with Liam Pieper  

This week, Vanessa and Kim chat about different ways to undertake book research and Kim interviews Melbourne-based journalist and award-winning author, Liam Pieper. His 2014 memoir, The Feel-Good Hit of The Year, follows his journey from starry-eyed flower child to inept gangster. It was shortlisted for the National Biography Award and the Ned Kelly Best True Crime award and widely praised for its honesty. 

This was followed by Mistakes Were Made, a volume of humorous essays that collectively make up a craven apology for being too honest in his first book. He was co-recipient of the 2014 M Literary Award, and was the inaugural creative resident of the UNESCO City of Literature of Prague. His latest work is The Toymaker, a novel, which hits stores from July 2016.

During their chat, Liam discusses switching gears from writing non-fiction to fiction and the inspiration behind his latest book, The Toymaker. He also talks about being discovered by an editor at Penguin after having his work featured in the literary magazine, The Lifted Brow, and the connection this has with his current role as Content Director at Writers Bloc, an Aussie-based online resource and platform for writers. In addition to his own work, Liam talks about the privilege of being able to “pay it forward” by searching for and publishing new voices.

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