ADLT VDEO: Break  

Los Angeles based duo ADLT VDEO is what happens when two artists come together to re-imagine the genres that once defined them. 

Seg. 2: Howard Balzer  

Howard Balzer accurately predicted last week that Jeff Fisher had already signed his contract extension, he joins here to continue the ongoing mocking of the Los Angeles Rams

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The Life Of Riley - Riley At Night School (12-10-44)  

Riley At Night School (Aired December 10, 1944)
The first Life of Riley radio show was a summer replacement show heard on CBS from April 12, 1941 to September 6, 1941. The CBS program starred Lionel Stander as J. Riley Farnsworth and had no real connection with the more famous series that followed a few years later. The radio program starring William Bendix aired on the ABC Blue Network from January 16, 1944 to June 8, 1945. Then it moved to NBC, where it was broadcast from September 8, 1945 to June 29, 1951. The supporting cast featured John Brown, who portrayed not only undertaker Digger O'Dell but also Riley's co-worker Gillis. Whereas Gillis gave Riley bad information that got him into trouble, Digger gave him good information that "helped him out of a hole," as he might have put it. Brown's lines as the undertaker were often repetitive, including puns based on his profession; but, thanks to Brown's delivery, the audience loved him. THIS EPISODE: December 10, 1944. "Riley At Night School" - Blue network, KECA, Los Angeles aircheck. Sponsored by: American Meat Institute. While Riley's taking an algebra class at night school, he receives an anonymous love note. William Bendix, John Brown, Ken Niles (announcer), Dink Trout, Don Bernard (director), Lou Coslowe (music). 29:24. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Hermit's Cave - The Author Of Murder (05-02-37)  

The Author Of Murder (Aired May 2, 1937)
The Hermit's cave Ghost stories ... weird stories ... of murder, too ... the Hermit knows them all. Horror stories with Mel Johnson and howling wolves (or dogs with indigestion?) in the background, obliterating some of the introduction. This syndicated show was one of the treats for the kiddies, cuddled up to their hollow-state radio sets to keep warm in Detroit, between 1940 and 1944. The show was also heard in Beverly Hills, CA in 1943-1944, a radio horror anthology series, syndicated by WJR Detroit in the mid-1930s, sponsored by Olga Coal after the first two years. As the wind howled, the ancient Hermit narrated his horror fantasies from his cave. The cackling character of the Hermit was played by John Kent, Charles Penman, Toby Grimmer, and Klock Ryder. William Conrad produced when the show moved to KMPC Los Angeles with Mel Johnson as the Hermit (1940-42), followed by John Dehner (1942-44). THIS EPISODE: May 2, 1937. Program #15. World syndication. "The Author Of Murder". Sponsored by: Olga Coal. A good ghost story about an author haunted by the spirit of a woman killed in one of his novels! Two of the commercials were possibly added locally. 26:49. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

'La La Land,' Mann house, underwater pavilions  

Los Angeles is a character in the romantic musical La La Land, from famed landmarks to infamous freeway traffic jams. The Germans come to the rescue of a Modernist house in the Pacific Palisades built by "father of German democracy" Thomas Mann. And artist Doug Aitken's latest installation involves diving gear and a trip to Catalina.

Wide Awake Stories #003 – “A Community Service”  

Wide Awake Stories is a new monthly radio show hosted by Insomniac’s editorial team. We shine a spotlight on the fans, the artists, the DJs, and all the vibrant and creative people who make this culture so unique. Community is the focus of this month’s show, so it’s only fitting that we bring you a fully stacked lineup. Our own Desiree Naranjo breaks down how Insomniac Cares is helping our festival communities, while Electric Family cofounder Drew Nilon comes through to chat about how artists are finding creative ways to give back. Moderators and admins from EDM Madness, Reddit and Insomniac Ravers talk about growing and protecting their very different online communities, and Brad and Dela from Moontribe share their unique stories about SoCal’s beloved 25-year desert institution. Kennedy Jones discusses the community-minded motivations behind his Never Not Gang in advance of his clothing drive in Downtown Los Angeles, and last but certainly not least, the one and only Nigel Ficke tells the tale of how he soothed a rowdy crowd at EDC Orlando 2012. Got a story you want to share? Hit us up at @Insomniacdotcom on Facebook and Twitter using #WideAwakeStories, or email us at You can even leave a message on our Wide Awake Hotline: (310) 818-9406. We want to hear from you!

MIDNIGHT w/ Midnight Gerry  

Boston legend Midnight Gerry joins the show to discuss music management, basketball at Drake's house, and the new For The Homies Studios in Los Angeles.

Dance Moms S:7 | Abby’s Worst Nightmare E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Dance Moms edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Lifetime’s Dance Moms. In this episode hosts Jennifer Leon, Becca Brown and Pamela Gross discuss episode 2 of season 7. RSS Feed: ABOUT DANCE MOMS: Primarily set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and, since 2015 in Los Angeles, Dance Moms follows the Abby […]

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12/5/16 - What the CFP Selection Committee got wrong + Cam gets benched  

Whitlock suggests after looking at their defense, the Chiefs are the scariest team in the AFC. Colin tells you why the Rams may have made a mistake by coming to Los Angeles. Also, the guys weigh in on the College Football Playoff and don’t see eye to eye which teams deserved selection. Whitlock sits down with 4-time Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie to discuss his football career and some of the misconceptions about his private life. Also, former NFL GM Michael Lombardi drops by to discuss the wild AFC - including the top-seeded Raiders - and explains how the Patriots are prepping for the playoffs in New England.

NBA-Podden: Hur lång är han?  

Jesper Karlsson och Nicklas Hoverbrandt diskuterar Draymond Green, Atlantas problem, vad som fattas i Minnesotas defensiv, Lakers slutspelschanser, största skrällarna än så länge, om Indiana är en contender i öst, Donatas Motiejunas, Los Angeles Clippers, svarar på Twitter-frågor och gissar längden på spelare.

The Abbott & Costello Show - Sam Shovel (Curbstone Murder Case) 12-02-48)  

Sam Shovel (Curbstone Murder Case) Aired December 2, 1948
Thanks to the endurance of their most popular and influential routine, "Who's on First?"---whose rapid-fire word play and comprehension confusion set the preponderant framework for most of their best-known routines---the team are also the only comedians known to have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Bud Abbott was born in Asbury Park, NJ, October 2, 1897 and died April 24, 1974 in Woodland Hills, California. Lou Costello was born in Paterson, NJ, March 6, 1906 and died March 3, 1959 in East Los Angeles, California. After working as Allen's summer replacement, Abbott and Costello joined Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on The Chase and Sanborn Hour in 1941, while two of their films (Buck Privates and Hold That Ghost) were adapted for Lux Radio Theater. They launched their own weekly show October 8, 1942, sponsored by Camel cigarettes. THIS EPISODE: December 2, 1948. ABC network. Music fill for local commercial insert. Lou wants to be a boxer. The boys do a "Sam Shovel" skit titled, "The Case Of The Curbstone Murder," or "Gertie, Get Out Of The Gutter and Let The Water Go By." The system cue is added live. Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Matty Malneck and His Orchestra, Hal Winters (vocal), George Fenneman (announcer), Veola Vonn, Charles Vanda (producer), Ed Forman (writer), Paul Conlan (writer), Pat Costello (writer), Martin Ragaway (writer), Leonard Stern (writer), Norman Abbott, Veola Vonn, Sidney Fields. 28:44. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.


On today's podcast we reviewed all the packages that you guys sent in with some help from our pal Lil Aaron. Of course I was joined by Robesman and Lil House Phone. Enjoy and send stuff to No Jumper Streetwear Review 127 e 5th st Los Angeles CA 90013 Thanks! No Jumper is The Coolest Podcast In The World. SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly:  Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: follow Adam22 as well: and follow on Snapchat

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am/fm | 091  

This week´s episode is the seventh hour of our Collabs set at Amsterdam Dance Event at Warehouse Elementenstraat for HYTE on October 22nd. @Speedy J and I started around 11:30 pm and played for about 8,5h. So much for the dry facts. This year´s ADE collided with the fall break of German schools. Some of you might know I am a daddy and I like to take my kids on fun trips during their school breaks. So this year we went to Los Angeles. When I booked everything I wasn´t aware that ADE would be at the same time, so I had to plan accordingly, since I didn´t wanna miss my annual Saturday night gig for HYTE.
My travel schedule is pretty crazy at times, but something like this even I haven´t done before. I left LA on Friday night, flew to Amsterdam via Zürich and went back Sunday morning at 9 the same way, meaning right after the gig. I didn´t even need a hotel. Ok, some of you might think now that flying around the world for one gig is not exactly eco friendly. I know that. But as a vegan, I can assure you, I make up for that CO2 footprint easily, but that is another topic.
When I arrived in Amsterdam, the first thing I had to do was a photo shoot for Mixmag, who are doing a special on the PLAYdifferently mixers (look out for that issue in December), then it was off to the venue where Speedy J was already waiting and ready to go.
We never really plan our sets, but we kind of discuss how we wanna start out. Jochem and I agreed on going all in, as the venue was already quite busy and we (due to my slightly delayed arrival) kind of 30 minutes overdue. Now normally I shouldn´t say that, cause it is not really motivating for you listeners, but it took us about 1,5h to find our groove and get into things. So the set got better and better during the night, at least that is how we felt about it. That means that I would have rather used the set from 2h in, but I kept my promise at AM/FM and offer you the unedited set, the way it was played. So in case you didn´t like the first hour and a half, it should be better by now. And maybe I am also just too much of my own critic... well you decide for yourself.
All in all I can say that this whole night was something special. Jochem and I had an amazing time playing and it was a real fantastic crowd that stuck with us from the beginning to the end. Smiles all over. Also thanks to Hyte, for that perfect organization once again. This is how parties should be. So yes, flying in and out from LA for this gig was 100 times worth it and I would always do it again. Thank you all for letting me do this. Next week you will find the last hour and a half of our set….and remember, it always gets better…

Lives Trump Has Promised To Ruin In His First 100 Days  

In the past few weeks, we've written about not panicking, why you should absolutely panic, and just about everything in between when it comes to the Trump presidency. One thing we haven't quite touched on yet is how real life actual people will be affected by the changes he promised to make during his campaign. One thing Trump already promised to do is repeal an Obama executive order called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.  DACA allows children who were brought here illegally (keyword: children) to gain somewhat-legal status; protection from deportation, a social security card, in exchange for staying out of trouble and being an active part of the workforce. These are law-abiding, tax-paying young adults whose home country for all intents and purposes is America. A lot of them don't even know the know the language spoken in their country of origin. The shittiest thing is these people might be the first to be deported because they had the unmitigated gall to actively try to live in the United States legally.Robert Evans and Tom Reimann grab the reigns of the podcast this week and have conversations with a potential victim of the removal of DACA, a transgender woman whose medications may no longer be covered, and an army vet whose parents are immigrants to talk about the scary world they've been suddenly thrust into. Later a British journalist joins to talk about the parallels to Brexit and why we might soon see fascist vs. anti-fascist fighting in the streets, and how it could look.If your life has been concretely or irrevocably changed by the new administration, we want to hear your story. Email us at .Footnotes:NYT: Former Head of Homeland Security on DACA: Complex: Trans People Rushing to get Gender-Affirming Surgery Before Trump: The Guardian: Fascist/Anti-Fascist Fight in Dover: VICE: More Fascist/Anti-Fascist Fighting: Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate & Extremism Statistics: Also make sure to buy tickets to our next LIVE podcast taping on Saturday, December 10th at the UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Jack and the crew will be giving a much needed, "good riddance" to the year 2016 with our annual Year In Review In Review. The Cracked staff and some special guests will fill in the gaps where most of of the other 'Years In Review' leave out half of the story. Tickets are only $5 and available here: This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: CRACKED), Foot Cardigan ( code: HOLIDAY16), Casper Mattresses ( code: cracked), and Loot Crate ( code: CRACKED).

#1: Marcus Kowal - Martial Artist, Los Angeles  

Svenskar i Världen (Sivpodden) ger sig ut på sin första vimlande resa för att prata med Marcus Kowal, kampsportaren som redan i unga år fick känna på livet som svensk utomlands. Han är från Göteborg men har bott på platser så som Birmingham, Paris, London, Mexiko och nu Los Angeles, där han driver tre gym med sin fru Mishel. För snart tre månader sedan, i september 2016, blev hans 15 månader unga son Liam påkörd och dödad av en rattfyllerist. Incidenten har uppmärksammats världen över, bland annat av nyhetskanalen CNN. I avsnittet lyssnar vi på Marcus där han delvis pratar om hur han hanterar den bottenlösa sorgen, hur han ska vända det hemska som inträffat till något bra, resan från Göteborg till LA och hur han slutligen blev amerikansk medborgare. Instagram @mackowal Följ @Sivpodden på Facebook och Instagram.

Xbox One Patriots Postgame Show 12/4: Patriots at Rams  

In this edition of the Xbox One Patriots Postgame Show, Rich Keefe, Paul Perillo and Andy Hart break down the Patriots game against the Los Angeles Rams.

PANDEMIC Episode #15  

When the Los Angeles attacked the Operation Wolf’s Head task force, hundreds of sailors died — and SEAL team commander Paulius Kilmas was ordered to stand by and watch, to not help in any way. Has the opportunity for him to become a player in this scenario finally arrived? Meanwhile, the Mary Ellen Moffet steams toward Chicago. Cooper Mitchell will finally be rid of Steve Stanton, Bo Pan, and the material recovered from the Los Angeles. The pending doom floating on Lake Michigan finally comes to a head ... carnage abounds.

Don't see a "play" button above? Click here to download. And check out our What Time Does The Super Bowl Start page at the GFL site.

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Rob Ninkovich on Xbox One Patriots Postgame Show 12/4  

Patriots Defensive End Rob Ninkovich calls in to the Xbox One Patriots Postgame Show to discuss the 26-10 win over Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 4, 2016.

The Diary Of Fate - The Entry Of Walter Vincent (05-25-48)  

The Entry Of Walter Vincent (Aired May 25, 1948)
The twist with Diary of Fate was the total absence of pretense. The program jumps right to the 'source' of Man's ultimate destiny--Fate itself--in the form of the Guardian of the Diary of Fate. It is within the Diary of Fate, that every soul's fate is painstakingly chronicled by book and page number--or so we're very persuasively given to understand. Fate itself--in this instance, at least--is the great character actor Herbert Lytton, providing the forboding vocal gravitas we might expect from such an all-powerful cosmic force. Produced from Hollywood, the entire production was voiced by primarily west coast actors. Famous Radio and Television promoter Larry Finley produced and syndicated the program to at least some 94 affiliate stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Jamaica. THIS EPISODE: May 25, 1948. Program #24. ABC network, KECA, Los Angeles origination, Finley syndication. "The Entry Of Walter Vincent". Commercials added locally. Book 97, page 854. A chemist realizes he never should have become a scientist. His wife has bigger plans, Walter has to make a choice. The date is subject to correction. Larry Finley (producer), Herb Lytton (as "Fate" and co-producer), Tom Brown, Peter Leeds, John Arthur Gillespie, Gloria Blondell, Ray Ehrlenborn (sound effects), Ivan Ditmars (organist), Hal Sawyer. 29:45. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

IM1759: Le Brunch – Game Awards 2016 (Teaser)  

In der Nacht von Donnerstag auf Freitag fanden in Los Angeles die Game Awards 2016 statt. Laut eigener Aussage die “biggest night in gaming” und quasi die Oscar-Verleihung der Spielebranche. Ob die Preisverleihung in diesem...

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