Lady Waks In Da Mix # 217 (217)  

Lady Waks @ Record Club (20-02-2013)

Guest Mix by Mafia Kiss (UK)

01. Zinc - Nexx (Se7en Deadly Breaks Nexx Up Edit)
02. Torqux - Blazin ft
03. Bella - Beats In My Trunk (Mafia Kiss Remix)
04. Gorgon City - Odyssey (Se7en Deadly Breaks & Mafia Kiss Re-Soul)
05. J-Tastic - Up To No Good (F*ck Yeah Re-Bouce)
06. Keith Mackenzie - The W
07. The Freestylers - Ruffneck (Mafia Kiss Remix)
08. Julio Bashmore - Au Seve (Se7en Deadly Breaks & Mafia Kiss Re-Bounce)
09. Santigold - Desperate Youth (Gorgon City Remix)
10. Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie (Kurse & Mafia Kiss Re-Fix)
11. Piranha feat. Xander Pratt (Philly Blunt Remix)
12. Freefall Collective - Ganjaman (Deeklines Swagger Jackin VIP Mix feat. Rubi Dan)
13. Diplo - Express Yourself (Mafia Kiss Brush The Floor Edit)
14. Claude Von Stroke - Whos Afraid Of Detroit (Mafias Slynk vs Stantons Edit)
15. Electric Soulside - Barbarella (Mafia Kiss Remix)
16. PuRe SX - Sunglasses ft Emma Heartbeat & Benzo (Mafia Kiss Remix)
17. Shades Of Rhythm - Sounds Of Eden (Mafia Kiss Remix)

Libera Terra: Sicily's Anti-Mafia Farms  

Dan Saladino finds out how farms confiscated from Sicily's mafia are providing food and wine, helping to fight crime and providing a future for a new generation on the island. The project, a not for profit farming operation called "Libera Terra" (which translates as "Free Land"), was made possible by an Italian member of Parliament killed by the mafia in 1982, Pio La Torre. He was a Sicilian and communist who believed the best way of taking on Cosa Nostra was by seizing its assets, including its farm land. Decades later that law is the way in which thousands of acres of citrus groves, wheat fields and vineyards have been placed in the hands of farming co-operatives. Libera Terra is the main organisation helping to turn this seized land into a food and wine business, create jobs and give young Sicilians a way of improving the island's future. As John Dickie, Professor of Italian Studies at University College London, and author of Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia, food and agricultural provided the conditions necessary for the mafia's birth in 19th century Sicily. By the 1860's the lemon groves around Palermo were among the most profitable agricultural land in Europe, that combined with the weak political and legal framework in place after the unification of Italy, provided the conditions for what became the world's most successful criminal organisation. In the 1940's, when efforts were made to instigate land reform and give more access to farmland to Sicily's peasants, the mafia would often intervene and exert its control over this valuable resource. Dozens of peasant leaders and trade unionists were killed in the years following the second world war simply because they tried to implement these new laws. It's this backdrop that gives the Libera Terra project added significance, but it's more than just a noble cause. As Italian wine expert and writer for Walter Speller explains, some of the confiscated land is in territory that has the perfect conditions for excellent wines. Land seized from the former "boss of all bosses" Toto Rinna, is now producing excellent Nero d'Avola wine that also tell a powerful story of Sicily and its fight against the mafia. Dan also visits people farming this land despite experience of mafia intimidation in the past, young farmers who say they want to build a future in Sicily free from the influence of organised crime. Produced and presented by Dan Saladino.

MAFIA 3 - Was wir uns von Mafia III erhoffen, wie wir die Mafia-Serie finden - GT-Talk #06  

Zu Mafia 3 gibt es einen neuen Trailer! Und wir sind alle schon ziemlich heiß auf das Spiel. Im Talk bequatschen wir, was wir uns von Mafia 3 wünschen und welche Erinnerungen wir an Mafia 1 & 2 haben. Außerdem reden einige über Assassin's Creed und GTA. Aber das macht ja nichts. Mafia 3 - Trailer ansehen: Ihr wollt GameTube unterstützen, ganz nebenbei und ohne eigene Kosten? Klickt auf unseren Affiliate-Link bevor ihr bei Amazon was bestellt und wir bekommen für jeden gekauften Artikel eine kleine Provision. Danke! GameTube gibt's auch auf Facebook Und auf Twitter auch. Kann niemand diese Bestie stoppen?


The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide is the first book of its kind in any language: the ultimate Cosa Nostra experience. Since 2006, author Carl Russo has photographed Mafia hotspots on the Italian island of Sicily: where  murders happened, where the godfathers lived and their victims buried. From the sunbaked fishing villages of the Mediterranean to the darkest alleys of Palermo, western Sicily is the exotic backdrop for over a 100 meticulously researched tales of murder and mayhem, with 200 photographs of the actual locations. They include the childhood home of gangster Lucky Luciano, the hideouts of the fearsome bosses of Corleone, the tombs of the "Robin Hood" bandit and the legendary dons, the roots of the American and Canadian mafias, the Allied landing, pistol-packing priests, political assassinations, playgrounds of the new Mafia and even the anti-Mafia movement. Whether you're planning a trip to Sicily or sticking to the comfort of your armchair, this provocative book will take you closer to the Sicilian Mafia than you dared to think possible. THE SICILIAN MAFIA-A True Crime Travel Guide-Carl Russo

Lady Waks In Da Mix # 267 (267)  

Lady Waks @ Record Club #267 (11-02-2014)

Guest mix by Mafia Kiss

01. Mafia Kiss - It Began In Detroit
02. Groove Armada & Brodanse - Sweat feat Cari Golden (Mafia Kiss Remix)
03. Diplo & GTA - Boy Oh Boy (T1R & D!FsounD Edit)
04. Pusha T - Numbers on the Boards (Lexani Edit)
05. Stanton Warriors - Twerk Dat (Mafia Kiss Remix)
06. Pirate Jamz - Happy Dayz
07. Stanton Warriors - Bring Me Down
08. Mafia Kiss - Low Enuff
09. Plump DJs - Skylon (Mafia Kiss Edit)
10. Friend Within - Renegade (Mafia Kiss Edit)
11. Breach - Jack (Stanton Warriors Edit)
12. TC - Get Down Low (Shockone Remix)
13. JSTJR - Money and Bass Ft. Charlie Bars
14. TWRK - BaDinga (Edit)
15. Woz - Pour Me 1
16. Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss vs Fantomen - You And I (Stanton Warriors Remix)
17. Freestyers - Falling (Stanton Warriors Remix)
18. Route 94 - My Love (Booty Edit)

REISELUST - Sizilien: Die Mafia-Reise  

In dieser Radioreise nimmt Sie Alexander Tauscher mit nach Sizilien, zu einer Mafia-Reise. Die ehrenwerte Gesellschaft ist mit an Bord: Uns begleitet ein Mann, der in einer Mafia-Familie aufgewachsen ist und heute Krimis über aufgeklärte Mafia-Verbrechen schreibt. Es ist ein Mann, der Sizilien sehr gut kennt: Claudio Michele Mancini. Er erzählt uns über seine Bücher, über die Mafia und die Hintermänner. Und Claudio stellt uns Sizilien vor, abseits der abgetretenen Touristenpfade. Von Sizilien aus machen wir uns auf den Weg nach Neapel: Auch hier hat die Mafia ihre Hände im Spiel, aber es sind ganz andere Ganoven. Was man in Neapel sehen sollte und wo man besser nicht hingeht, sagt Ihnen Claudio. Zum Schluss ziehen wir nach Norden, in Richtung Claudios Heimat, an den Lago Maggiore. Auf dem Weg dahin halten wir kurz in Rom, Bologna und Mailand. Viel Spaß auf dieser Radioreise!

Lady Waks In Da Mix # 246 (246)  

Lady Waks @ Record Club # 246 (11-09-2013)

Guest mix by Mafia Kiss (UK)

01. Nero - Wont You (Be There)
02. Bingo Players - Devotion (Stanton Sessions 4 Edit)
03. Big chocolate - blue milk (Curtis B Edit)
04. Justin Martin & Ardalan-Wheelgunner (Dub)
05. Je Boogie - Shake Down
06. Kry Wolf - Concrete (Original Mix)
07. Chuckie - Make Some Noise (Marten Horger Edit)
08. Mafia Kiss - It Began In Detroit
09. Sander Van Doorn - Joyenergizer (Mafia Kiss Edit)
10. DJ Fresh & Diplo - Earthquake (Mafia Kiss Edit)
11. Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Mafia Kiss Re-Beat)
12. Mighty Dub Catz - Just Another Groove (Stanton Warriors Edit)
13. Keys N Krates - Treat Me Right
14. Deekline & Hardy Hard - Cant Hide It (Mafia Kiss Remix)
15. Smash HiFi - Are You Ready

Food and the Sicilian mafia  

Sheila Dillon looks at the role of food producers and farmers in combating the Sicilian mafia. The Sicilian "Cosa Nostra" emerged around the citrus groves of Palermo in the 19th century as control of farming and food production fell into the hands of estate managers and middle men. From that time the influence of the mafia over food production and distribution on the island has been extensive. In recent decades the work of investigators like Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino did much to lessen the power of the mafia but its involvement in the food business continues to this day. Now, a new generation of entrepreneurs and anti-mafia campaigners are using food to send a message around the world that Sicily is breaking away from that past. Producer Dan Saladino.

Cinzia Ferrera 1/1  

Cinzia Ferrara is an architect and graphic designer. She is professor of the Master course in design at the Laboratory of Visual Communication in Palermo. Ferrara speaks about the mafia in Palermo and the use of graphic design and propaganda to fight mafia activities. She describes the reactions of the public to the anti-mafia design work, organization and campaigns. Ferrara indicates some directions for future advertising, promotional projects and educational programs in schools. She addresses the damaging ‘myth’ and portrayal of the mafia in the media and entertainment industry and extent of the deeply rooted problems of mafia activities in Palermo. Simone Wolf of Typevents translates. Recorded at the ImagineIt 2008 conference in Bologna, Italy.

Cinzia Ferrara’s studio :: Cinzia at SDI (italian) :: Cinzia at PaperIdeas ::

File Download (28:36 min / 39 MB)

The Italian Mafia  

On this episode we talk about one of the most renowned criminal organisations in the world, that went from a super secret cabal of career criminals to a star studded cavalcade of celebrity gangsters that were splashed across the pages of newspapers and whose stories lit up our cinema screens for the last 50 years, The Italian Mafia. Starting from a small and poverty stricken gaggle of Sicilian local town stewards with a penchant for violence and way with coercion; The Cosa Nostra became one of the most powerful and politically influenctial gangs in the world. Their immigration from Italy to the United States and their keen business sense saw them take advantage of such economic US disasters as prohibition and the oil crisis to make their millions. After a slew of rats, narcs and stoolies gave up the most sacred of information and broke the Omertà, the mafia code of silence, the common man got to peer deep into the inner workings of this previously sacred coven of ritual and military precision. The mob boss celebrities that came from this time in crime will be synonymous with brutality and ingenuity and their oppulent spending, gambling and business practices have been envied and even copied by some. We also talk about how the US government wrote new laws and put many ineffectual safeguards in place to try to stem the swell of organised crime in the 60s, after the info was released about how the Mafia do business. Wiretaps and other infiltrations were then common place and many arrests were made. This caused an atmosphere of suspicion among the mob community and infighting and power struggle assassinations were commonplace. We also talk about the five families of New York and how their influence spread across America in an indelible and somewhat admirable way, yknow, despite all the crime and murder and stuff! Presented by Gordo, Paul and Edwin Email us with comments or questions Visit our website for all our sources and TCG news at If you're on Twitter follow @tconspiracyguys is usually Gordo and @Paul_TCG is usually Paul and @edwinsammon is Ed Send us your links, questions and comments on Facebook and we reply to as many people as we can If you heard something you want to know more about, we have videos on all our sources and we also host a live show over on our YouTube channel  so you can subscribe to that at and get all the updates Other sources available on Pinterest at Connect with us on other social media like Snapchat, Periscope, and Anchor and you can see our Instagram profile here: Head over to our subreddit and see what the community is up to at If you are really loving the show you can buy merchandise at which is a link to our TeePublic store where you can get hundreds of conspiracy designs Also you can support us by visiting and your donations help keep the show alive and thriving, you get discounts on merchandise, outtakes, early releases and a backstage pass to a live TCG discussion show every month plus loads more.

24-01-17 ¡ESTRENO! Ilustres Ignorantes - La Mafia (Carlos Bardem y Anabel Alonso)  

JAGV LA MAFIA Si os decimos que el próximo Ilustres Ignorantes va sobre la mafia, seguro que ya os estáis imaginando a Coronas, Cansado y Colubi como perfectos integrantes del crimen organizado. A ellos se unirán los actores Carlos Bardem y Anabel Alonso. ¿Se puede pedir más? LA MAFIA JAGV

24-01-17 ¡ESTRENO! Ilustres Ignorantes - La Mafia (Carlos Bardem y Anabel Alonso)  

JAGV LA MAFIA Si os decimos que el próximo Ilustres Ignorantes va sobre la mafia, seguro que ya os estáis imaginando a Coronas, Cansado y Colubi como perfectos integrantes del crimen organizado. A ellos se unirán los actores Carlos Bardem y Anabel Alonso. ¿Se puede pedir más? LA MAFIA JAGV

Camorra mafia known to have entered Australian criminal landscape  

The mafia made headlines at the end of last year when one of its members, Pasquale Barbaro, was assassinated on the streets of Sydney. Italy has five major mafia organisations, and it's the Calabrian group that are known to have a presence in Australia. Doctor Felia Allum from the University of Bath says the Camorra, the mafia based in the seaside city of Naples, is also known to be present in Australia's criminal landscape.

Episode 046: Joe Pistone - Infiltrating the Mafia, Being Donnie Brasco  

Show Notes: Retired agent Joe Pistone served in the FBI for nearly 27 years.  However, he is primarily known world-wide for the six years he spent infiltrating one of the New York mafia families as Donnie Brasco, his undercover alter ego. This was a mission so secret only a handful of agents knew what he was doing and where he […]

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Reloading #086 – Despachando a Mafia  

Nesse episódio, Bruno Carvalho, Edu Aurrai e Felipe Mesquita, falaram sobre o despacho de Mafia 3, o suposto fim do Wii U, o retorno do Mega Drive e da SNK, e muito mais. Duração: 83 min > Acesse o PROMOBIT e confira promoções imperdíveis! “Desde 2014 reunindo excelentes opções de compra na Internet o Promobit  é primeira comunidade online 100% brasileira de compartilhamento de ofertas. … Continue lendo Reloading #086 – Despachando a Mafia

IM1716: Mafia III  

Mafia III ist mit großer Erwartungshaltung gestartet. Immerhin genießt die Serie, trotz des nicht ganz so begeistert aufgenommenen zweiten Teils, immer noch großes Renommee. Und außerdem kommt von Take-Two auch die GTA-Serie als Messlatte der...

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El Sótano - Green Day, Las Ruinas, Star Mafia Boy, Penny Cocks... - 15/09/16  

Un intenso episodio en donde escucharás un adelanto de lo próximo de Green Day o de Las Ruinas, o lo último del madrileño Star Mafia Boy y los barceloneses Penny Cocks.

Playlist; Green Day (Bang bang), Pennywise (Pennywise), Bad Religion (Struck a nerve), G.A.S. Drummers (We got the light), The Yard Apes (Got out of my face), Juliette Seizure and the Tremor-Dolls (Fed up runaway), Baby Shakes (All the pretty things), Star Mafia Boy (Tengo algo guardado para ti, La heroína de mis venas), Las Ruinas (La zona alta), The Birra’s Terror (Punk love song), Penny Cocks (I need a job, Jibba jab), Los Bengala (Máquina infernal, versión de Lone Star) y Kevin Junior y Los Tupper (Ruins). (15/09/16)

Escuchar audio

Als Petra Reski aus dem Ruhrgebiet 20 Jahre alt war, las sie von Mario Puzo "Der Pate" und war davon so fasziniert, dass sie sich kurze Zeit später in einen alten R4 setzte und von Kamen nach Corleone fuhr. Seither hat sie sich mit der Mafia beschäftigt. Der Mafia in Italien. Und der Mafia in Deutschland. Moderation: Gisela Steinhauer. © WDR 2016

Special Edition Podcast: Answering Mafia III's Lingering Questions  

We ask Mafia III's creative director Haden Blackman dozens of questions from the community's most die-hard Mafia fans.

...(read more)

Seldom, if ever, has a writer been given access to a former major drug dealer in the Mafia underworld and three generations of legitimate family members that followed. After nearly two years of interviews and subsequent research, it has been discovered that a close relative of the family was one of the most powerful figures in the Mafia from the 1940s Thru the mid 1980s, yet his identity until now has never been revealed to the public. He was the successor to Charles "Lucky" Luciano and became the conduit between Sicily and the United States as well as the Advisor for all five New York families for four (4) decades. The book tells in detail the life and times of a family who escaped the threat of Fascism in Sicily at the turn of the century and the rise of one of the children to a major figure in the Mob. Another sibling returned from a tragic life in an orphanage only to become an adept criminal. He ultimately spent twenty years off and on in prison with the Who's Who of the Mafia, men who became friends and had secret stories to tell. After prison, he became one of the pioneers of Off Off Broadway in NYC. The book details the influence and protection afforded later generations of the family to this day. It offers a unique insight into the real life of people during this 100 year period. Myths about the Mob are disclosed and inaccuracies in the history of the Mafia are corrected. FOR MEMBERS ONLY-THE STORY OFTHE MOB'S SECRET JUDGE -(G.T. Harrell) JERRY VAIRO

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