Episode 55: Joe Swanberg, creator of ‘Easy’ on Netflix  

This week host Christina Jeurling Birro is joined by Joe Swanberg – maybe one of the hardest working filmmakers in the indie world with 29 director credits to his name at the age of 35. His work has been at the center of the mumblecore film movement that has also included the Duplass brothers, Lena Dunham and many more. Often low budget, featuring naturalistic dialogue and relationship focused, his films like Digging for Fire, Happy Christmas and Drinking Buddies have attracted talent like Orlando Bloom, Anna Kendrick, Jack Johnson and Olivia Wilde. Swanberg has been called an American auteur and critics have compared him to Lars von Trier and even Ingmar Bergman. His latest project Easy, Netflix for which he is the creator, writer and director, is probably more mainstream than his previous work, but does not stray away from his usual themes. Each episode focuses on a different relationship and stars Marc Maron, Dave Franco, Malin Akerman, Orlando Bloom, Hannibal Buress, and many more. Don’t miss this portrait interview with Swanberg where he shares his work process, how he includes his own life and family into his films, what it’s like to punch a critic, why he hates movie awards - and much more!

Episode 751 - David Crosby  

David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism and health issues have taken their toll but have not knocked David out. He's still making music and going out on tour, but he had a little time to talk with Marc about The Byrds, CSN, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, Altamont, Melissa Etheridge, and much more. This episode is sponsored by MeUndies, Seeso,, and ZipRecruiter.

280 Andy Kindler  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with writer and actor Andy Kindler (Maron, Bob’s Burgers) as they ramble on about their Jewish neurosis interjected with witty one-liners.This episode is brought to you by Fracture.

Episode 749 - Larry Clark  

Larry Clark does not consider himself a photographer and he explains to Marc why he doesn't. But that didn't stop a young Marc Maron from being drawn to Larry's raw, unflinching photos and his uncompromising art. Larry talks with Marc about his photography, his experiences in war and in prison, his struggle to get clean, and his films Kids, Bully, Another Day in Paradise, and Wassup Rockers. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, Squarespace, Blue Apron, and Casper Mattress.

Episode 746 - John Prine  

If you're wondering how John Prine, one of America's greatest living songwriters, came up with such great lyrics, just look to your mailbox. John tells Marc how his days as a mailman provided him time to ruminate on music, which led to his discovery by Kris Kristofferson, his friendship with Steve Goodman, and his encounters with Bob Dylan, Sam Phillips, Bonnie Raitt and others. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, Blunt Talk on StarzBlue Apron and Ring.

S7: Ep.79: Gad Elmaleh and Roland Barthes  

Gad Elmaleh, the great Moroccan French comedian joins Danny this episode in the Chateau Marmont Hotel to discuss everything from Yom Kippur in Moroccan Synagogue to the philosophy of Roland Barthes and so much more. Special thanks to WTF and Marc Maron for plugging this episode! Sponsored by Stand Up! Records.



The Movie Crypt: Ep 173: Dave Anthony  

Comedian, writer, actor, and director Dave Anthony brings the laughs for Adam, Joe, and Arwen as he discusses his incredibly comical journey through Hollywood. From stand-up comedian to writer to actor to (more recently) directing some of the very best episodes of IFC’s “MARON," Dave has already been through all of the ups and downs that come with a career in entertainment - and he is just getting started. (Plus- you’ll never forget his pirate story!) This conversation was recorded during The Movie Crypt’s 48-hour live broadcast to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue August 5th - 7th, 2016 and is being released as its very own episode for your enjoyment and inspiration. Everyone is on Twitter: @DaveAnthony, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @MovieCrypt where upcoming guests are announced and “Viewer Mail” questions are gathered. Don’t forget to “Feed Arwen A Treat” / donate to The Movie Crypt as when you stop supporting, we stop ‘casting! We can’t do this free weekly program without your support.

Episode 742 - Chris Garcia  

Comedian Chris Garcia thought his upbringing was fairly typical as the son of first-generation immigrants, with stories and experiences that paved the way nicely for a career in comedy. But Chris tells Marc that a recent trip to Cuba and the discoveries made there changed everything he knew about his family, particularly his father. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, MeUndies, ZipRecruiter, and Blue Apron.

After 9/11, Nothing Was Funny  

In the days and weeks after the towers fell, nothing felt funny anymore. Comedians on late night TV and in the comedy clubs of New York questioned their own judgement. Brooke spoke to Will Ferrell back in 2001 and Marc Maron on the tenth anniversary of the attacks about the place of humor in tragedy. We revisit both conversations on this podcast extra.

Ep 66: Captain's Knuck (S3E19)  

When Captain Picard needs a backrub, Doctor Crusher prescribes a vacation. Trouble is, the all-inclusive resort Commander Riker recommends appears to be "full service," and the pages in his book aren't spill proof. Can Picard go "chest to chest" with Riker? Is there any job on the Enterprise dangerous enough for red pants? What is "low knuck"? It's the episode where we prescribe to "The Maron Rule."

Ep. #47 -- Bonus Friday Fun with Jill and Adam  

Episode Overview

Happy Friday! In today's episode, Jill and Adam hang out in their soon-to-be awesome recording studio and chat. They start by sharing some recent listener emails. They also share some big news about upcoming podcast interviews and give a brief teaser about the upcoming Big Library Read event which starts up in October. 


We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, translated by Natasha Randall

The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin

Hollywood Said No by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt

Attempting Normal by Marc Maron

Kasher in the Rye by Moshe Kasher

The Widow's House by Carol Goodman

The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman

The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman

Troublemaker by Leah Remini

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany

Whistling Past the Graveyard by Jonathan Maberry

Running with a Police Escort by Jill Grunenwald

Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming

You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams by Alan Cumming

The Nix by Nathan Hill

Carry On by Lisa Fenn

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova


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This is a free preview of Christopher Harris's new weekly podcast, "Harris After Dark." Here's what it's all about:   The 2016 NFL season is finally upon us! Christopher Harris and Jon Anik begin a season of handicapping fun by picking every Week 1 game against the spread, giving you their DraftKings tentpole picks, and helping your Survivor pool. Plus in this week's show, discover what the words "ubiquitous," "inimitable" and "pelican" have in common. Enjoy!



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Episode 738 - Laura Albert & Jeff Feuerzeig  

Whether you know the story of JT LeRoy or not, you certainly haven't heard an episode of WTF like this. First, Marc talks with filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig about documenting the rise and fall of literary phenom JT LeRoy, a celebrated young man who was later revealed to be the creation of Laura Albert. Then Laura joins Marc in the garage to explain what gave birth to her infamous alter ego and to provide some insight into her life. This episode is sponsored by Seeso, ZipRecruiter, Blue Apron, and Audible.

Greg Fitzsimmons #4  

Greg Fitzsimmons is back! The episode starts with a bet between Alison and Greg and moves on to talk of a potentially uncomfortable conversation with Marc Maron, Greg's colonoscopy, quitting drinking and drugs, Stanford's recent decision to ban hard alcohol and whether drinking makes men more prone to rape. Then Alison shares an experience from her past that she's never spoken about. Plus we took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

Episode 736 - Gad Elmaleh  

Gad Elmaleh is an mega-successful international comedian and actor. Now he's basically starting from scratch to perfect his act in America, not in his native French but in English. Marc and Gad talk about the challenge of doing comedy in another language and the universal truths about standup that cross all language barriers. This episode is sponsored by The Tim Ferriss Show, Take My Wife on Seeso, Squaresapce, and Blue Apron.

Episode 12 – Dick on Hunks  

Download the MP3 Our audio problems are fixed forever, Dick Supporters on have a new enhanced video feed, my Life Coach stops by and doesn’t plug his Twitter, Marc Maron gets triggered, I why Maddox is now giving away the Biggest Problem Bonus Episodes, a New Challenger emerges from reddit, Dustin digs himself out … Continue reading "Episode 12 – Dick on Hunks"

The post Episode 12 – Dick on Hunks appeared first on The Dick Show.

Episode 12 – Dick on Hunks  

Download the MP3

Our audio problems are fixed forever, Dick Supporters on have a new enhanced video feed, my Life Coach stops by and doesn't plug his Twitter, Marc Maron gets triggered, I why Maddox is now giving away the Biggest Problem Bonus Episodes, a New Challenger emerges from reddit, Dustin digs himself out of a hole, and I talk about Mike Tyson, God, and my hand being accosted by a man's hoodie at a Trailer Park Boys show. All this and more this week on The Dick Show!

Did you know most Americans suffer family tragedies every day of the week? If you've ever tried to hire anyone, you know this to be true. It's a devastating epidemic that needs the attention of our leaders. But first...

The Dick Show's beef with Marc Maron has reached new heights of rancor and vitriol and explodes spectacularly! The man with the mug and Obama's WTF-BFF has become so incensed with Dick Show listeners, that he's e-stuttering in rage! You know you've pissed someone off when they're making typos. That's internet-iquette 101. If you make a typo, your argument is invalid. Here is the beef as it unfolded.

.@dickmasterson Tried to help @marcmaron a few months ago. He refused to listen or believe anyone deserves better.— Daniel David Larson (@D4NDL) August 19, 2016

@shan9ne @dickmasterson great. Should be pproud. Child.— marc maron (@marcmaron) August 18, 2016

@dickmasterson I over did it— Biggie Talls (@shan9ne) August 23, 2016

You sure did. Speaking of being blocked on Twitter...

What is 50% of zero? It can't be zero, can it? I ask because Maddox has decided to give away all Bonus Episodes of The Biggest Problem in the Universe and my cut is now 50% of zero. I kid. But I have come to realize that Maddox's principles are like my ideal libertarian government. They're so small, you can barely see them--or they don't actually exist except in theory and you need some sort of extreme cognitive dissonance to pretend they exist in practice. The metaphor still holds up! I wonder what to do about it. Hopefully, listeners have better suggestions than my Life Coach.

Sovash, a man who claims to speak for all of The Dick Show on reddit, calls in to air his grievances surrounding Dustin and also to hold me to task for several of my Dick Show campaign promises, namely the promise of hiring a "News Babe" to read the news and I don't mean Sean. I make a number of excuses and discuss my thoughts on beautiful women in Los Angeles in general. Next week, I'll read the Craigslist ad I posted to lure in a young ingenue and you guys can tell me where I fucked up.

Listener Derek Gooley sends Sean a gift to solve his audio issues. It must have worked because we didn't change anything else and this show went off without a hitch. I'll post a picture of it when I find my phone.

See you next Tuesday!


The post Episode 12 – Dick on Hunks appeared first on The Dick Show.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 169: Jonah Ray  

Comedian/actor Jonah Ray (HIDDEN AMERICA, MARON) joins Adam and Joe to discuss his career from stand-up comedian to actor to writer/creator including details about his upcoming reboot of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER. A fascinating discussion about the life of a comic recorded during our 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue. Follow everyone on Twitter: @JonahRay, @Adam_Fn_Green, and @TheJoeLynch and be sure to follow @MovieCrypt for all upcoming guest announcements and to get your questions in for “Viewer Mail!”

Episode 734 - Kristen Wiig  

Kristen Wiig is afraid of too many things going well at once, speaking in front of groups of people, and deep water. But she's not afraid of sharing these things with Marc, as well as the story of how she became a performer after a meeting with Mike the Psychic and how she got on SNL after not getting on SNL. Plus, some talk about Bridesmaids, The Skeleton Twins, Welcome to Me, and Sausage Party. This episode is sponsored by Basecamp, Take My Wife on Seeso, Squarespace, and Zip Recruiter.

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