The Fred Allen Show - Murder In The Penthouse (03-02-47)  

Murder In The Penthouse (Aired March 2, 1947)
Fred Allen, who comically feuded with Jack Benny on the air for years, invented an entirely new form of radio comedy which consisted of lampooning current events, making fun of his sponsors, and presenting skits that featured a cast of memorable recurring characters. Allen was born John Florence Sullivan on May 31st, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the son of a bookbinder and storyteller. He became interested in comedy after finding a book on its history in his father's shop, and he taught himself to juggle by reading a book on the subject by the age of eighteen he was appearing in vaudeville as a juggler and comedian. A successful engagement at the Palace in 1919 led to many Broadway shows, including The Passing Show of 1922, where he met his future wife and radio co-star, Portland Hoffa. THIS EPISODE: March 2, 1947. "Murder In The Penthouse" - NBC network. Sponsored by: Shefford's Cheese, Tenderleaf Tea. Allen's Alley Question: "Do you take a daily newspaper?" The cast does a drama with the Quiz Kids called, "Mayhem In The Penthouse." Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, The De Marco Sisters, Al Goodman and His Orchestra, Joel Kupperman. 29:54. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

The Two Mikes - Tuesday, March 28: Wine for pets?  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they take over the mid-morning slot and talk lambs, bricklaying robots, Wilfried Zaha and more!

The Two Mikes - Monday, March 27: Porky's very expensive shirt!  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry covering for Jim White on talkSPORT. On today's show, Mike Graham and Mike 'Porky' Parry look back at an international weekend ‘to forget’ and discuss it with Henry Winter, the latest edition of Heroes and Villains and much more...

The Adventures Of The Saint - The Cake That Killed (01-08-50)  

The Cake That Killed (Aired January 8, 1950)
THE SAINT first came to radio in 1940, with American produced programs starting in 1945. While not the first actor to bring Templar to life over the air, it was surprisingly (at least to me) Vincent Price who played the role for the longest period, from 1947 until 1951. Knowing Price for his screen persona, it is odd at first to hear him doing this wise-cracking and lighthearted rogue. Some episodes in the Radio Spirit collection are almost slapstick, with Price being hit over the head, slapped and even thrown overboard in a single episode. It’s apparent that Price is having fun with the show, possibly as it allows him to play the handsome leading man rather than the darker heavies he was already beginning to be known for on screen. THIS EPISODE: January 8, 1950. Mutual network. "The Cake That Killed". Sponsored by: Ford. A sweet-tooth for a certain cake leads the Saint to double-murder and mayhem. Vincent Price, Leslie Charteris (creator), James L. Saphier (producer). 25:28. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

The Two Mikes - Saturday, March 25: Damn Beavers!  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry on Saturday's Warm Up show, as they talk about Seamus Coleman’s injury and the havoc caused by beavers

When terror came to London  

It's been a week in which one man brought mayhem to Britain's Parliament, fatally stabbing a police officer and mowing down dozens of civilians. Such violent attacks on the symbol and substance of Britain's democracy are rare. We'll hear how this week's attack links to another nearly 40 years ago. And a veteran observer of Northern Ireland pays tribute to another man of violence, but one who turned peacemaker -- Martin McGuinness, who died this week. Photo: An armed police officer is pictured through the Carriage Gates outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Credit: Getty Images

The Two Mikes - Friday, March 24: The award-winning Two Mikes  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they talk awards, upholstery, and a whole lot more. Plus, it's Porky Quiz time.

The Two Mikes - Wednesday, March 22: Octo-Porky  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they talk octopuses, men on Mars and a whole lot more. Plus, it's time for the latest Ask Porky!

Ep 71: A super-elegant apocalypse (with Knox McCoy)  

Today’s guest is an early member of the WSIRN family. If you were a listener back at the veeeery beginning of our show, you have Knox to thank for getting the first 11 episodes into your ears as our behind-the-scenes producer! You may ALSO know him as the cohost of The POPcast with Knox and Jamie, a weekly dose of pop culture mayhem.

In this episode Knox and I discuss star-studded audiobooks, how much nostalgia a book can take before it's overkill, and more... while Anne tries to stay cool about her fear of getting RED lighted on a future episode of the POPcast. If you don’t have a clue what we're talking about, you'll just have to hit that PLAY button. ;) 

The full list of titles discussed in this episode can be found on the website shownotes page. 


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The Two Mikes - Tuesday, March 21: Table for one  

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The Two Mikes - Sunday, March 19: The Word of Porky  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry on Sunday's Warm Down show, as they remember the late Chuck Berry, chat to David Campese, and there’s time for Porky’s Sunday Sermon

The Two Mikes - Saturday, March 18: Porky's Gold Cup failings  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry on Saturday's Warm Up show, as they talk Wayne Rooney, films, Gold Cup betting failures and a whole lot more!

The Two Mikes - Friday, March 17: A comedy of errors  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they talk helicopters, more lies and a whole lot more. Plus, it's time for another Porky Quiz!

The Two Mikes - Thursday, March 16: Lie, damn lies and 2 Mikes  

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The Two Mikes - Wednesday, March 15: Mike Graham – musical superstar  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they talk records, nettles and a whole lot more. Plus, it's Ask Porky time!

Neil Gaiman and the Norse Gods  

Frost giants, dwarfs, gods and monsters create the world and create mayhem. And writer Neil Gaiman is delighted to retell these ancient stories.

A blizzard is coming but Dave is counting on a blizzard of cash in week two of the fundraising marathon! Jo Firestone joins Dave for the mayhem! from Mar 13, 2017  

Angel Witch - "Angel Witch" - Angel Witch
Shirley Ellis - "Soul Time"
Peelander-Z - "Taco Taco Tacos"
Dave and Jo Firestone ask you to pledge like the wind!
Lucinda Williams - "2 Kool 2 Be Forgotten"

David Bowie - "Star"
Black Flag - "Spray Paint"
Autopsy - "Fiend for Blood"
Mexrissey - "Estuvo Bien (Suedehead)"
Black Sabbath - "Hole in the Sky"

The Two Mikes - Tuesday, March 14: Smoke free MG  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry, as they talk Sky News, Porky scratchings and a whole lot more. Plus, it's Heroes and Villains time.

Episode 79: KONG: SKULL ISLAND  

"What does it have to do with 'Nam?! What does anything have to do with NAM?!"! - The Dude (Jeff Lebowski) to Walter in The Big Lebowski What indeed.... Jack, Andrew, and that lovable supplementary scamp Guest Star Matt (Matthew Catania) went over to see the second installment in the new Warner Brothers/Legendary MonstersVerse franchise (first the 2014 Godzilla, now this, guess what comes next?) How does it work to put 1973 Vietnam-era action and mayhem and US militarism in the midst of THE most monsterrific island in the world? Well... how do you think it turns out? John C. Reilly pops up of course and knows all! We reviewed Kong: Skull Island, and if you listen closely you can hear some 'Nam era tracks in the background (specifically CCR, Black Sabbath, The Hollies and David Bowie), plus a clip from the film and a segment from an infamous Nostalgia Critic episode at the 35:45 minute mark, which is meant to signal SPOILERS!

The Two Mikes - Saturday, March 11: A barrel load of RUBBISH!  

More madness and mayhem from Mike Graham and Mike Parry. This edition includes a preview of the weekend’s sporting action, MG discussing his trip to New York, another 'one-minute moan' and much, much more

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