Instagram Stories: How to Create Engaging Stories  

Do you use Instagram? Wondering how Instagram stories work? To explore how to craft Instagram stories for business, I interview Sue B. Zimmerman. Instagram Stories The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode, I interview Sue B. Zimmerman, an Instagram marketing expert who helps businesses and marketers take their Instagram marketing to the next level. She's the author of the Instagram Strategy Guide ebook and a regular speaker at Social Media Marketing World. Sue shares how a number of businesses are creating engaging Instagram stories. You'll discover several techniques to improve your own Instagram stories. Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Instagram Stories Why Marketers Should Consider Instagram Stories Sue started using Instagram Stories as soon as the feature rolled out in 2016. She still uses Snapchat, but she says now she mostly relies on Instagram Stories. She says pulling together content to tell a story is creative work, similar to scrapbooking. Sue recommends that you develop a thread that keeps people engaged in your story from start to finish. Also, create Instagram stories with content that's original to Instagram, rather than duplicating content from other platforms. Sue says Instagram stories have three main benefits: First, Instagram stories direct followers to your actual Instagram feed, where your posts are always available. (Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours.) Stories that are entertaining and engaging give your followers a quick and easy way to consume your content. Engagement is important to the new algorithm that determines what people see in their Instagram feed. Because Instagram stories boost engagement with your Instagram posts, they improve your chances of showing up at the top of people's news feeds. Listen to the show to discover when Sue still uses Snapchat instead of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories and Posts We talk about the highly produced content that marketers often feature on their Instagram feeds, and Sue says high production value is not necessary for Instagram stories. Sue shares a few examples of businesses that use Instagram stories in creative ways. These businesses create stories that are different from the content in their regular Instagram feeds. For example, Jenny Schatzle, who owns a gym in Santa Barbara, uses Instagram stories to let people know when she's starting new sessions. Her stories are more like ads, which is a completely different approach than her regular posts on Instagram. Sue has also seen companies with products (such as shoe company M.Gemi) use stories to feature sales and direct people to their Instagram feeds. Sue notes that marketers use text differently on Instagram posts and stories. The more successful accounts on Instagram typically include the text in the description, not on the photo itself, so people connect with the experience of the product or service that the photo depicts. However, in an Instagram story, text can add value. People who don't have the volume turned up in the story can read the text on the video or the photo. I ask how Instagram Stories has changed the way people interact with content on Instagram. Sue shares a few changes she's noticed since the release of Instagram Stories and the algorithm change. Although she's been posting less frequently on Instagram, Sue gets more engagement with her posts over a longer period of time. She attributes that engagement to having active Instagram stories. People discover Sue through her stories, which provide value.

337 – Jörn Mohr – Der Hypnose-Coach der „hilft und heilt“  

Jörn Mohr ist seit 2011 tätig als Hypnose-Coach in eigener Praxis, anfangs noch nebenberuflich, seit 1.7.2013 / 1 Jahr selbstständig. Er wurde 1975 in Berlin (West / Spandau) geboren und lebt seit 1996 im Umkreis von Heidelberg. Als er im Jahr 2008 aus Interesse ein Seminar zum Thema Hypnotherapie besuchte, entdeckte er seine Berufung, die er heute mit Leidenschaft lebt. "Mohr - hilft und heilt“ ist sein neuer Slogan, da seine Arbeit schon lange über die reine Hypnose hinausgeht….

Mein Erfolgszitat

Wie innen, so außen.

Mein größter Fehler war...

…Google AdWords via Agentur, doppelte Buchung.


Ein entscheidender Aha-Moment meines Lebens war....

-        2008 als ich im 1. Seminar meine Berufung fand

-        für Werbung muss man Zeit oder Geld einsetzen


An meinem aktuellen Business begeistert mich besonders...

…dass ich seit 1 Jahr selbstständig und damit unabhängig bin, die Erfolge durch meine Sitzungen – von Ängsten, Gewichtsreduktionen, Rauchentwöhnungen bis hin zu Heilungen gesundheitlicher Probleme.


Ein für mich sehr wertvolles Internet-/ Business-Tool/ Software ist...



Meine Buchempfehlung

Erfolgreich wünschen: 7 Regeln wie Träume wahr werden; Pierre Franckh – Thema Realitätsgestaltung wie The Secret - mein Einstieg in die Materie und so kam ich zur Hypnose

Hol es Dir hier als kostenloses Hörbuch


Kontaktdaten Interviewpartner

Jörn Mohr
Hirschberg bei Heidelberg

Positioniere Dich mit DEINEM eigenen Podcast als Experte in Deiner Branche und verdiene damit Deinen Lebensunterhalt und noch viel mehr!
Hier geht´s zum „Podcast Mastery Boot Camp“ von Tom Kaules

Episode 227 - One Mohr for the Road (Philip Marlowe & Nero Wolfe)  

From 1948 to 1951, Gerald Mohr turned in a star performance as Raymond Chandler's L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe and gave us one of the best detectives of the radio era. But there was more to Mohr than his celebrated turn as "crime's most deadly enemy." In honor of his birthday, we'll hear Gerald Mohr in two radio mysteries as Marlowe - "The Long Rope" (originally aired on CBS on February 5, 1949) and "The Strangle Hold" (originally aired on CBS on October 15, 1949). We'll also hear him as Archie Goodwin (opposite Sydney Greenstreet) in "The Case of the Killer Cards" from The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (originally aired on NBC on January 12, 1951). And - as a bonus - we'll hear Mohr playing for laughs as French teacher Jacques Monet in an episode of Our Miss Brooks from October 9, 1949.

Episode 172 - More, More, Mohr (Nero Wolfe, The Whistler, & Philip Marlowe)  

With his powerful voice, Gerald Mohr was equally effective as both hero and heel on radio. Listeners may know him best as Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled shamus Philip Marlowe, but Mohr logged nearly five hundred performances during the Golden Age of Radio playing everything from slapstick comedy to high adventure. We’ll hear him as Archie Goodwin – opposite Sydney Greenstreet’s Nero Wolfe – in “The Case of the Phantom Fingers” (originally aired on NBC on January 26, 1951). Then, Mohr is a mob boss with a secret in “Caesar’s Wife” from The Whistler (originally aired on CBS on June 2, 1947). Finally, Mohr is Marlowe in “The Grim Hunters” (originally aired on CBS on March 12, 1949).

TLS #115: How to Get Clarity, Embrace (Good) Fear & “Play Big” in Our Lives with Tara Mohr  

Today on The Lively Show we are speaking with coach and author, Tara Mohr, about the work she does helping women worldwide to “play big” in their lives - based on their own unique Values. In the show, Tara guides us through a visualization exercise to uncover the wisest course of action for any situations we might be struggling with. And we discuss: the two different types of fear - and how to live more with the “good” fear, unhooking from praise and criticism, and a bit about the findings from my work and worth book research. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to get clarity on a situation where they might be staying “small” and find a peaceful way to move past those limiting beliefs or circumstances. [Tweet "“You are alive at this moment.” - Tara Mohr"] [Tweet "“Playing Big is all about shifting loyalty to your dreams.” - Tara Mohr"] [Tweet "“Listen to the voice of your inner critic.” - Tara Mohr"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Tara tells us how her childhood, specifically her mother, guided her to the profession she is in today. She tells us the external and internal barriers that affect women when “playing small” in their lives. Tara describes how she started on a journey to understand why women were playing small and what helps us play big, from the inside out. Tara describe the concept of Playing Bigger and how women can shift their loyalty to their dreams. Tara works with Jess on applying the “Playing Big” concept in Jess’s life. She goes over the concept of the inner critic and how to quiet her voice. Tara talks about the two types of fear people face and how to respond to each fear. She describes how being “hooked” by both positive and negative feedback limits women’s playing big and how to get rid of that. She tells about the difference between the should goals and a gift goal. Tara tells us some strategies to unhook ourselves when we are caught in praise or criticism. Tara tells us about how the inner mentor has the answers many of the biggest challenges within oneself.   SHOW NOTES   Playing Big The Power of Now Yes Please Get a free 2 week trial of   LISTEN TO THE SHOW       PS - Join me for one of my two upcoming free online Intention Setting Workshops to learn how to set Values-based intentions for every area of your life in 2016!  

169: Jay Mohr  

JAY MOHR is a comedian, actor, best-selling author, executive producer, radio and TV host...with a career that has spanned several decades. After landing his dream job of "Saturday Night Live," 2 years later, he was cast opposite Tom Cruise in "Jerry Macquire" and that same year co-star with Jennifer Anniston in "Picture Perfect." Jay has appeared in over 25 films with some of the greatest actors and directors of our generation including "Go" (with director Doug Liman and actress Sarah Polley), "Pluto Nash" (with Eddie Murphy), "Suicide Kings" (with Christopher Walken), "Simone (with Al Pacino), "Playing by Heart" (with Ellen Burnstyn and Angelina Jolie), and "Herafter" (with director Clint Eastwood  and actor Matt Damon). He also starred in his own groundbreaking TV series produced by Joel Silver and the late Ted Demme ("Action") for FOX and starred in the critically acclaimed CBS scripted comedy "Gary Unmarried." Additionally, he wrote the best selling book "Gasping for Airtime" and "No Wonder my Parents Drank," which was optioned by ABC for development of a sitcom based on its content. Jay has guest starred in over 50 different television dramas and comedy series episodes and is currently hosting the LA Rams live pre-game show on ABC in Los Angeles, "Jay Mohr Sports" which is part of a murderers row of Jay, Dan Patrick, Colin Coherd syndicated all over the country in over 150 markets, and his own top-rated podcast, "Mohr Stories" which has been downloaded 40 million times. 


SAS-EP#38 - Jay Mohr  

Jay Mohr, actor/comedian, host of Mohr Sports, and Mohr Stories Podcast, joins Steve in the Hollywood studios. No subject or human being is safe during this battle royal. LET'S GET REAAAAADY TO LAUGH OUR ASSSSSSSS OFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

Tim Mohr über DDR-Punks - "Schaff dir die Welt, in der du leben willst"  
Punkhochburgen gab es Ende der 70er-Jahre in New York, London und Westberlin. Was viele nicht wissen: Auch in Ostberlin wuchs eine Szene heran. US-Autor und DJ Tim Mohr hat Stasi-Akten gewälzt, Zeitzeugen interviewt und ein Buch darüber geschrieben. "Die Punkszene im Osten war absolut anders", sagte Mohr im DLF.

Tim Mohr im Gespräch mit Christoph Reimann, Corso
Hören bis: 28.09.2017 16:15
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

117: Tara Mohr  


This week we talk to Tara Mohr about playing big

Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She helps women play bigger in sharing their voices and bringing forward their ideas in work and in life. Tara is the author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead, named a best book of the year by Apple’s iBooks and now in paperback. In the book, she shares her pioneering model for making the journey from playing small–being held back by fear and self-doubt–to playing big, taking bold action to pursue what you see as your callings.

Tara is the creator of the Playing Big leadership program for women, which now has more than 1,000 graduates from around the world, and creator of the global Playing Big Facilitators Training for coaches, therapists, leadership development professionals and other practitioners supporting women in their personal and professional growth. A Coaches Training Institute-certified coach with an MBA from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale,

Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work and practical skills training. Her work has been featured on national media from theNew York Times to Today Show to Harvard Business Review, and has captivated women from all walks of life including Maria Shriver, Jillian Michaels and Elizabeth Gilbert.

 Our Sponsor this Week is Fracture Visit Fracture and use the promo code “wolf” to get 10% off!!

In This Interview, Tara Mohr and I Discuss: The One You Feed parable The immense flexibility we have in who we become Feeding the good wolf in others
The Inner Mentor and the Inner Critic The qualities of the Inner Critic Why you shouldn't argue with the Inner Critic How the Inner Critic also sounds like the voice of reason Finding our Inner Mentor Don't ask what you are ready for but instead ask what is life asking of me right now? Imposter Syndrome The Objection Rolodex Making "The Leap" The 6 criteria of the "The Leap" How to keep change going Giving up sugar 

For more show notes visit our website

Mohr Stories 225: Jackie Kashian  

Jackie Kashian is a very talented comic who joins us for this episode of Mohr Stories. Jackie is quick and witty, with a hint a sarcasm that a makes our conversation with her another great episode of Mohr stories. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 224: John DiMaggio  

John DiMaggio is one of the most talented voice actors in the business, and his movie "I Know That Voice" has just been go get it! It is a behind the scene's perspective of the voice over business. It's an extremely entertaining look into something that is rarely documented. Great Movie! This episode of Mohr Stories includes some new characters and some Mohr Stories classics. It's always a guaranteed blast when Johnny hangs out at Fake Mustache studio with us. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 209: Adam Carolla  

"Ace Man" Adam Carolla joins us in this hilarious episode of Mohr Stories. Adam is a veteran of the podcast, and always guarantees us a great episode, but this one is off the charts! A special appearance from "Big Momma Got It All" steals the show as these two crank out another priceless episode of Mohr Stories. Don't forget to rate the podcast and leave a comment. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 201: Judd Apatow  

Writer, Director and Producer Judd Apatow sits down with JJ to record this episode of Mohr Stories. Judd talks about what it has been like to create movies like Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, Step Brothers and many more. Judd has made some of the funniest movies in the past decade. Enjoy a behind the scenes interview in this episode of Mohr Stories. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 197: Eric Roberts  

Our guest for this episode of Mohr Stories is Eric Roberts. He is an amazing actor and a very funny guy. Mohr Stories is proud to have him in the studio. Put Your Name On It!

285 Jay Mohr  

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor and comedian Jay Mohr (Mohr Stories, Jerry Maguire). With much conversational digression, Jay chats about painting pictures with words and how never to do an impression of 'them' for 'them'.This episode is brought to you by Casper Mattresses ( ).

Mohr Stories 325:  Jay Mohr  

Jay Mohr. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 273:  Jay Mohr  

Jay Mohr. The Lessin. Put Your Name On It!

239 Jay Mohr, Matt Besser  

SNL alum and Mohr Stories host Jay Mohr makes his first appearance on today’s Comedy Bang! Bang! After a discussion on the central time zone, Scott’s neighbor drops by to tell us all about being a new dad and how to keep a baby happy. Plus, a life changing game of Would You Rather!

Jay Mohr  

Jay Mohr stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss giraffes, heroes, salty pretzels, salt in general, whether or not he needs validation, love, fatherhood and how he learned to be more patient, his interviewing style on his podcast Mohr Stories, anagrams and abbreviations, SNL, sobriety, meeting his wife Nikki Cox, Fake Mustache Studios, legos, his humps, Fergie, Josh Duhamel and James Caan, complaining, optimism and wishing he could be more gentle. We also did a round of JMOE and debated whether certain tweets deserved blocking in a possible new segment.

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