Episode 557: Pee-wee's Big Holiday  

We get our cheap nostalgia fix with Pee-wee's Big Holiday and discuss the Indiana Jones 5 news plus we also talk Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Big Top Pee-wee, The Survivalist, Pineapple Express, Finders Keepers, Universal Soldier and Zootopia.

0:00 - Intro / Frank's 4K Problems
32:30 - Review: Pee-wee's Big Holiday
59:55 - Headlines: Indiana Jones 5 is Happening, Sausage Party Trailer, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Trailer
1:22:10 - Other Stuff We Watched: Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Big Top Pee-wee, Finders Keepers, Man of Steel, The Survivalist, Pineapple Express, Zootopia, Universal Soldier, Love, Jafar Panahi's Taxi, Dragon's Den
2:03:45 - Junk Mail: Letterboxd App, Chumlee's Arrest, Best Steve Martin Films, Comedies That Get Lost in Translation, Cult Movies, Is UHD the Future?
2:35:10 - This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:40:10 - Outro

FOF #2264 – Unwrapping Pee Wee’s Christmas Special – 12.11.15  

One of our favorite oddball TV Christmas moments is Pee Wee’s Christmas Special, a star studded hour long event that aired in 1988 at the height of Pee Wee Herman’s popularity. Today we take you inside Pee Wee’s Christmas Special with the she-larious Irene Marquette, who is putting on a holiday extravaganza inspired by Pee Wee Herman’s Holiday Show complete with variety acts and animation in the Curio Show at Chicago’s IO Theater.

883 - DON'T PEE IN THE POOL! What is a BEARD SIZZZLE? Science and pool pee!  

DON'T PEE IN THE POOL, it will make you SICK! What is a BEARD SIZZLE? Science and pool pee, an expert explains!

06-27-16 - BR - MON - Pee Pee Poo Poo News  

Brady Report Monday June 27 2016 - The first Brady Report back after vacation includes Brady's favorite new segment Pee Pee And Poo Poo News.

06-01-16 - BR - WED - Pee Pee Poo Poo News - Water Supply Discussion  

Brady Report Wednesday June 1 2016 - Brady brought forth some Pee Pee And Poo Poo News in today's report.

Vince Russo - RAW: NOW & THEN 8-3-98 (Review) Ep. 27  

FROM CHOPPED PEE-PEE TO CUT JACKET - In this episode of RAW: NOW and THEN, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane compare and contrast this week's past RAW to an episode of the Attitude Era from August 3, 1998. As you will see the differences are fast and furious as the two discuss the New Era with a time when Val Venis was getting his pee-pee chopped off on prime time by a jealous, samurai sword wielding husband! My have the times changed! Many behind the scenes stories about everybody's favorite Era in sports-entertainment that you'll only get here!!!

The Pee Wee Kirkland Episode  

In a special edition of Tax Season, we bring you Pee Wee Kirkland, not only a basketball and Harlem street legend, but a father figure to Taxstone as well. Pee Wee shares his colorful history, discusses the death of the "game" and challenges Tax to become the voice of a generation. As Pee Wee puts it "real recognizes real" so sit back and press play.

Paul Reubens  

The legendary Paul Reubens sits down with Chris and Jonah! They talk about the development of Pee-wee, what it is like living with an alter-ego and the release of the newly remastered Pee-wee's Playhouse set. Paul also talks in depth about his moving to Los Angeles where he joined The Groundlings and came up with the character of Pee-wee, met Phil Hartman and how they came up with the idea for Pee-wee's Big Adventure!

Podcast Episode #101: What Causes a Hangover and Why Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell Bad  

In this episode, you're going to learn what causes a hangover, why asparagus makes your pee smell, and methods for preventing a hangover. [TRANSCRIPT]

This episode is brought to you by NatureBox, a subscription service for nutritious snacks, with new snacks introduced every month made from wholesome ingredients. NatureBox is currently extending a special discount for all our podcast listeners where if you sign up via this link, you get 50% off your first box.


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#235 Me put pee pee in your Coke  

Alonzo Boden joins Ari, Sam and Teeb in studio to two NBA, MLB fights, best fights ever, and yes...Ari drinks his own pee. So there's that. Punch Drunk is, for the most part, a sports podcast. With 3 headlining stand-up comics and sometimes friends. Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, and Jayson Thibault all met at the Comedy Store and have been friends for over 13 years. All 3 are stand-up comics and big sports fans. This podcast is their sports thoughts, arguments, stories, fights, and bets! The Podcast Tribune called Punch Drunk "an asian massage for the real sports fans”. Support the show by heading over use the code 'punchdrunk' and save 10%. Along with get $10 free betting cash with the code ‘punchdrunk' Click on our Amazon link at to show your support! Listen to past shows on iTunes and and Soundcloud and Stitcher Tweet them @punchdrunk Subscribe on iTunes and YouTube Rate and Review!!! Like, Comment and SHARE!!! @arishaffir @theteeb @samtripoli @punchdrunk #punchdrunk

Just Japan Podcast 121: Entertaining Yourself Then and Now  

In Episode 121 of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea welcomes back regular guests Mully and Pee Jay. Mully and Pee Jay are both long-term expat residents of Japan who arrived here in the early 1990's. What did they do for entertainment in the days before the Internet was around? How did they make friends before there was social networking? Were there English TV shows on Japanese stations? How does the entertainment and social landscape look today as compared to when they first landed in Japan?

Pee Jay and Mully also give some advice to people thinking of coming to Japan for the first time.

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Just Japan Podcast:
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APG 213 – Delta Pee  

The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Miami Rick, and Dr. Steph

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Egypt A320 near Cairo on Mar 29th 2016, hijack to Larnaca ended peacefully, hijacker arrested, no explosives
Alaska Airlines cancels 20 flights Monday due to volcanic ash concerns
Airline pilot charged with running 'string of brothels'
American Airlines pilot charged for allegedly being drunk
Delta employee arrested with more than $282,000 in backpack
Anchorage air traffic controllers avert disaster by guiding low-on-fuel jet to Unalakleet


Matt - B-777 Pick Up
Michael - How Boeing Named Their 700 Series Jets
Swedish Andreas - Clarification, Gliders for Disabled Pilots, Cockpit Evacuations
Taj - Triple Seven Questions
Brent - Miami Hick
Ross in England - Blown tires
CJ the C130 Pilot - App Recommendations - Podcast 209
Jarad in Alaska - ASRS Report
FO Craig - Certified FO!
Nev - British Airways 777 back in the UK after Las Vegas engine fire
Peter - System Wide Information Management or (SWIM)
William Price - Feedback on Episode 208.5
Kevin, Ray - More on Krueger Flaps and Slats
Stephen Ward - More Assumed Temp Method
Randy - Automation, Breast Feeding
Scott - Phonetic Alphabet
Chris Miller - Time Between Flights?
Landon - Police Officer, Future Airline Pilot
Larry - Delta Pee

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Ep 312 - Pee-Wee's Big Holiday - Ngaio Bealum  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, BROTHERS GRIMSBY, THE SHEIK, THE WITCH* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Ngaio Bealum. Chris liked Pee-Wee's new film. Ngaio had fun at Brothers Grimsby. Graham really liked the documentary about pro wrestler The Sheik. Ngaio was scared at The Witch and loved Deadpool. Ok DVDs and two very different films in theaters. This film will give you reason to smoke weed for PTSD and fight a guy from another planet. 

Podcast Episode #256: Pee and “P”  

In this episode, you're going to learn the fascinating story of how the first element discovered since ancient times was accidentally isolated by a man playing around with vast amounts of human urine. [TRANSCRIPT]


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232: You've Exceeded Some Limit  
Send us questions! Tweet with the hashtag #askatp! The A10X is 10nm as per AnandTech Source & Drain Larrabee Netflix credits skipping John's original complaint Community management Disney may have wanted to buy Twitter... a long time ago Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Odd Overcast crash Post-show: Mongoose Californian Alternative image Storming Mortal #15: Apple Kool-Aid and the Mongoose (dated 18 June 2014) John realizes his full potential Pee Wee's bike Huffy White Heat

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#23 - Travel Bans, Pee Pee in The Mayo, and an Interview w/ Chuck Reece!  

This weeks episode features an interview with a man who is truly doing the lord’s work down in Dixie; Chuck Reece!

Chuck is the Editor in Chief of which has been the favorite publication of all three wellRED boys for quite sometime.

You don’t have to read through too many of the articles on there before realizing that Chuck is an OG Liberal Redneck!

From his time at the school paper at UGA, to working with Governor Zell Miller… all the way to writing funny songs about farm animals with The Drive by Truckers… Chuck is an extremely talented and interesting feller.

I aint gonna give too much away so y’all just listen to the episode!

Before that, the boys sit down in the greenroom at Cain’s Ballroom to discuss the recent California Travel ban while Corey’s momma sits in the back and shakes her head every time we say naughty words or fart.

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20 Unheralded Geniuses Who Basically Invented Modern Movies​  

For many people, filmmaking begins and ends with the director. We call it a director's medium. It's their vision that guides the entire production and it's their name that gets the praise when a movie is good, and gets dragged through the mud when a movie stinks. While that's somewhat accurate, it's completely forgetting about the hundreds of artists, technicians, producers and craftsmen who bring equal skill to the table and without whom our favorite movies would be totally different.Take Tim Burton, for example. His films have a "look," right? Edward Scissorhands, Pee-Wee's Great Adventure and Beetlejuice sort of exemplify Burton taking atomic age nostalgia and running it through the prism of Dr. Seuss on acid. Burton gets the credit for it, but all of those films (and a huge swath more) were art designed by the same guy, Rick Heinrichs. Without Heinrich's input, who knows what those movies would look like or if any of them would be as instantly memorable as they are now.Alex Schimdt welcomes Michael Swaim and Matt Gourley (Superego, I Was There Too, James Bonding) to talk about people like Heinrichs. Unknown artists who have had as much of a guiding hand in modern cinema as your Spielbergs, Lucases and Scorseses, but who you've never heard of. And if you're in Los Angeles in July, make sure to come to our next live podcast taping. On Saturday July 8th at 7:00pm at the UCB Sunset Theatre, former zoo tour guide and current Cracked Podcast host Alex Schmidt will be joined by Cracked's Daniel O'Brien and Katie Goldin as well as comedians Caitlin Gill, Joey Clift and Matt Kirshen as they discuss snakes, hippos, octopuses and every other animal that could Planet-0f-the-Apes us if they tried. Tickets are only $7 and available here:, make sure to subscribe to our new podcast, Cracked Movie Club! Why? Because almost every movie you love is secretly insane. Join co-hosts Tom Reimann and Abe Epperson (plus special guests) for a journey through the secrets, strangeness, and fan theories behind movies you’ll never see the same way again. And every month focuses on one director’s work, building a case for exactly why Hollywood’s greatest minds are weirder than you ever thought possible.To get the first two episodes when they premiere on July 13th, type in, "Cracked Movie Club" into wherever you get your your podcasts or subscribe here on Apple Podcasts: Fast Company: How Ben Burtt Designed The Sounds of Star Wars: io9: The Most Unforgettable Creations of HR Giger: Telegraph: Ken Adam: The Man Who Drew the Cold War: Video: Alex McDowell Lecture on Design and Storytelling: Wired: After Pee Wee and 'Tonight, Tonight,' Artist Wayne White is Reborn: Roger Deakins Featurette: NPR: The Story Behind the Stunts: Remembering Hal Needham: Vice: Meet The Most Prolific Stuntman of All Time: Vanity Fair: Meet the Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood: Playbill: The Other Chenoweth: Casting Director Gives Stage Actors Their Film Careers: Trailer for 'Casting By': Wired: Love Classic Star Trek? You Owe A Huge Debt To Gene L. Coon: Godley & Creme: Cry: New Yorker: What Kind of A Genius is Max Martin: Vanity Fair: John Barry: The Man Who Knew The Score:

Episode 364: Angel on Your Shoulder  

Stories covered in episode:  David Whitney Asks Which Is Worse: Terrorism Or Ariana Grande’s Promotion Of Satanism And Sodomy Kevin Swanson: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Could Lead To Genocide Against Christians Missouri Legislator Decapitates Live Chicken on Facebook Because Abortion Wayne Allyn Root Tells Men Never To Date A Liberal Woman Who Hates Trump Because ‘She’ll Cut Your Pee-Pee Off’ Jim Bakker: Pat Robertson Has The Power To Pray Hurricanes Away Jim Bakker: Send Angels To Donald Trump Gateway For Reason

#426 Everybody Poops  

This week on Science for the People, everybody poops! And everybody pees. But we probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about exactly how that works. Well, put down your lunch and listen up. We're talking with David Chu, a pediatric urological surgeon about urine. Then we'll hear from his brother, Daniel Chu, who's a colorectal surgeon, about poop. Finally, we'll hear from IgNobel prize winner Patricia Yang about her work studying the flow rate of mammal pee, and why all mammals pee and poop at the same rate. This episode is hosted by Bethany Brookshire, science writer from...

Episode #45- What Went Down at the Siege of Vienna? (Part II)  

In July of 1683 the Ottoman Turks were closing in on the city of Vienna. The outnumbered Austrians frantically prepared their defenses and did their best to manage the panic that was gripping the city. The battle that was about to begin would be so dramatic that it would give birth to countless myths and legends. Just how important was the 1683 Siege of Vienna? Did civilization really hang in the balance? Tune in and find out how rotten wigs, bands of brothers, and Austrian pee pee baths all play a role in the story.   

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