Hancock's Half Hour - The Expresso Bar (12-16-56)  

The Expresso Bar (Aired December 16, 1956)
Tony Hancock starred as an exaggerated version of his own character, a down-at-heel comedian living at the dilapidated 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam. Sid James played a criminally-inclined confidante who usually managed to con Hancock, while Bill Kerr appeared as Hancock's dim-witted Australian lodger. Moira Lister also appeared in the first series before being replaced by Andrée Melly for the next two, both playing love interests for Hancock's character. In the fourth and fifth series, Hattie Jacques played Griselda Pugh, live-in secretary to Hancock and occasional girlfriend of Sid James. The series broke from the variety tradition dominant in British radio comedy into the sitcom or Situation comedy genre. Instead of sketches, guest stars and musical interludes, humour developed from the characters and situations. Hancock's experiences were based in reality and observation. From the playlet "Look Back In Hunger" in The East Cheam Drama Festival episode, Galton and Simpson showed they were in touch with developments in the British theatre, the use of sighs and silent pauses in common with the work of Harold Pinter which began to emerge towards the end of the series' run. The measured pacing of these episodes were groundbreaking in the days of fast-talking Ted Ray, where every second of airtime had to be filled. With Galton and Simpson writing scripts prolifically, continuity was not priority, with details changed to suit the episode.

Toronto Wolfpack coach Paul Rowley on their narrow defeat at Hull FC  

Transatlantic sporting pioneers Toronto Wolfpack have their first 80 minutes against professional opposition under their belts, having lost narrowly to the 2016 Challenge Cup winners Hull FC. Their coach Paul Rowley spoke after the game to Radio Yorkshire's Matt Horton.

Söndag 22 Januari  

I dagens radio avhandlades bland annat att Ryssland förlänger Snowdens uppehållstillstånd, svenska staten begärde ut överlägset mest uppgifter från Facebook bland nordiska länder under 2016, Nigel Farage blir politisk expertkommentator på Fox News samt Richard W Orange om Sveriges ledning i jämställt föräldraskap.

Yle News: 22.01.2017 16.15  

Yle News broadcasts in English daily on Yle Radio 1 and on Yle Mondo.

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Met het Oog op Morgen 21-01-17  

Dagelijks het Oog op Morgen waarmee de NOS radio wordt afgesloten. Iedere dag een andere presentator. Met vaste rubrieken en verrassende gesprekken.

Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Cisco Kid" - Dynamite At Big Trestle (03-31-53)  

Dynamite At Big Trestle (Aired March 31, 1953)
Broadcast constantly sometimes once a week sometimes 3 times a week By Mutual, between 1942 and 1956. Western Drama mainly for the young ones or maybe just the young at heart. I say the young at heart, because The Cisco Kid and his likeable but simple partner Pancho were a couple of lovable rogues and because there was usually a lovely senorita around in every episode who fell madly in love with Sisco, there may well have been an element of lady listeners included in the audience rating figures. Here they were, these two Mexican bandits, travelling from sunset to sunset (because that's where they always road off to at the end of each episode) robbing the rich, but I wouldn't say giving it to the poor. At least they did it in a kind and humorous way. THIS EPISODE: March 31, 1953. Program #73. Mutual-Don Lee network origination, Ziv syndication. "Dynamite At Big Trestle". Commercials added locally. Two Eastern badmen hiding out in the West disocver a vein of glacial ice under a field. They're determined to kill Cisco, wreck a train and take the ice-filled property from a beautiful senorita. Jack Mather, Harry Lang. 27:19. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Richard Dawkins y el populismo  

Juan Luis Cano, María Gómez y Luis Alfonso Gámez hablaron el 16 de enero de 2017 sobre Richard Dawkins y el populismo, en la decimoséptima entrega de la temporada de su colaboración semanal en '¡Arriba España!', en M80 Radio.

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No es un día cualquiera - Cuarta hora - 22/01/17  

De la mano de Juan Yeregui acudimos a nuestra 'cita con los clásicos' de Rosa Navarro, entrevistamos a Pepe Begines, músico y vocalista de la banda No me pises que llevo chanclas, que están celebrando los 25 años del "agropop" con una gira, un disco titulado 'Bolillón' y un documental que repasa la historia de este grupo sevillano.Por último, conectamos con Radio 6 para ver qué "se cuece" en la emisora de Juan Carlos Ortega.

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FT - El desconocimiento de la política interna de EEUU  

Los medios de comunicación españoles y europeos atacan al Presidente de EEUU Donald Trump, acusándolo de autocontratación. Emisión RLC 18/11/16. Edición: Juan Antº. Pérez Locución: David Cabrera Direccón técnica: Carlos Ferrándiz Coordinación producción: César Bobadilla Visite y asóciese al Movimiento de Ciudadanos hacia la República Constitucional Radio Libertad Constituyente 2017 Música: primer mov. de la 5ª sinfonía de Gustav Mahler.

RLC (2017-01-22) Respuestas a las preguntas de los oyentes  

Antonio García-Trevijano responde a las preguntas enviadas por nuestros oyentes a nuestra dirección de correo electrónico buzó Con la colaboración técnica de Juan Manuel Pena y Juanjo Charro. En encontrará toda la información sobre nuestro movimiento y podrá asociarse. Si quiere colaborar como voluntario en la radio o cualquier otro medio del MCRC escriba a

The Man Called X - A Tiger For The Lady (02-08-48)  

A Tiger For The Lady (Aired February 8, 1948)
The Man Called X started over Radio with the 1944 CBS Summer replacement run for Lux Radio Theatre, comprising a total of eight episodes. The only circulating exemplar from the first run is contained within the AFRS Globe Theatre canon of transcriptions. So, yet again, we are indebted to the incredible output of AFRS and AFRTS transcriptions over the years in preserving some of Radio's rarest exemplars from The Golden Age of Radio. But if one compares that circulating episode to the spot ad for the summer run in the sidebar, one sees the program promoted as a comedy-mystery. The 1944 CBS Summer season finale, Murder, Music and A Blonde Madonna, gives some credence to the way CBS promoted this first run. Starring Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston, a private operative, with Han Conried as Egon Zellschmidt in this first incarnation of Ken Thurston's nemesis, and Mary Jane Croft appearing in the role of Ken's love interest, Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: February 8, 1948. CBS network. "A Tiger For The Lady". Commercials deleted. Ken Thurston traces a shipment of explosives to Porto Columbre, Panama, and crosses "El Tigre," the revolutionary. Herbert Marshall, Leon Belasco, Jack Johnstone (director), Sidney Marshall (writer), Johnny Green (composer, conductor), Wendell Niles (announcer). 27:11. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

The Jason Manford Show - Eggy Eggy in the Egg Pot...  

Jason's joined by comedian Allyson June Smith this weekend. We're talking about the nicknames you give strangers, the celebrities you've unknowingly met... and there's BIG news on the butter front. Jason Manford, one of the UK's most loved comedians, is on Absolute Radio every Sunday from 8am. If that sounds a bit early on a Sunday for you, then catch the best bits of Jason's show on this handy podcast.

EP2102s: Radio Reader’s Digest: The Case of the Dormitory Thefts  

A police scientist uses his experimental lie detector to try and solve a series of thefts at a woman’s college dormitory. Original Air Date: February 5, 1948 Support the show monthly at...

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Episode 207 - Mysteries by Marlowe (Adventures of Philip Marlowe)  

“Crime is a sucker’s road,” Philip Marlowe intoned at the beginning his radio program, “and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave.” It was a two-fisted introduction to one of radio’s best detective shows. Gerald Mohr stars as Raymond Chandler’s private eye, solving crimes from high society to skid row in Los Angeles, in a pair of radio mysteries. We’ll hear “The Pigeon’s Blood” (originally aired on CBS on June 11, 1949) and “The Angry Eagle” (originally aired on April 18, 1950).

Talking Sport - 90 Years of Commentary  

It is 90 years since the first BBC football commentary on radio from a wooden hut in Highbury, England. It brought sports to a much bigger audience and revolutionised overnight our relationship with our favourite games. Nine decades on and sports commentary is a multi-billion dollar business. Icelandic commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson tells the story of how sports commentary developed in different parts of the world.

FTL Digest 2017-01-20  

Free Talk Live's Daily Digests feature highlights from our full-length seven-day-a-week live radio show, selected and edited by Riley Blake. Enjoying the digests? Please donate $5-10 per month to Riley via this link: If you want to donate via bitcoin, you can do so at the following address: 1NytDNA14UcYsvzX5DHhzowGCqNouSUh9A Or you can donate ether to: 0x259357C6260c6D20c3D71Fd301304e6f6dAC7F2f You can listen to full episodes on soundcloud or our website at, where you can also listen live every day from 7-10pm Eastern.

Author's Playhouse - Off Tokyo Bay (01-06-43)  

Off Tokyo Bay (Aired January 6, 1943)
Author's Playhouse was an anthology radio drama series, created by Wynn Wright, that aired on the NBC Blue Network from March 5, 1941 until October 1941. It then moved to the NBC Red Network where it was heard until June 4, 1945. Philip Morris was the sponsor in 1942-43. Premiering with "Elementals" by Stephen Vincent Benét, the series featured adaptations of stories by famous authors, such as “Mr. Mergenthwirker’s Lobbies” by Nelson Bond, "The Snow Goose" by Paul Gallico, "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs, "The Piano" by William Saroyan and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber. Cast members included Curley Bradley, John Hodiak, Marvin Miller, Nelson Olmsted, Fern Persons, Olan Soule and Les Tremayne. THIS EPISODE: January 6, 1943. NBC network, Chicago origination. "Off Tokyo Bay". Sustaining. An exciting story about a disabled American submarine at the bottom of Tokyo bay. Richard Sayle (author), Jack Mitchell (adaptor), Frank Papp (director), Roy Shield (composer, conductor), Karl Weber. 28:34. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

FDR3566 Non-Sudden Egg Death - Call In Show - January 18th, 2017  

Question 1: [1:45] – “I'm a 30-year-old professional musician and my 29 year old fiancé and I would like to have children sooner than later. We live in a very lefty state, so in the interest of our future children, should we reestablish ourselves somewhere more inline with our personal values, or should we stay put and raise our children in a potentially hostile environment?”

Question 2: [21:44] - "I’m currently a female sophomore at a US public university. Back in high school, my plans for the future revolved around career. My entire focus was on becoming an engineer because I wanted to help advance technology and there are many exciting projects I wanted to work on. However, listening to your podcasts made me realize that I want to have children in the future and that seriously conflicts with my career plans. Given the choice, I already know that I would choose to take time off from work to raise children properly. But, I’m still concerned about wasting my education which is paid by my parents and the state taxpayers. What should women do when they are on a trajectory towards a career, but they want to have kids? Does college have a purpose for women who are considering motherhood? Do you think it’s a good idea for women to go to college to meet an educated man?"

Question 3: [1:07:30] – “I've heard you from time to time on your shows make offhand remarks that are dismissive of peak oil theory. What are your thoughts on peak oil?”

Question 4: [1:34:06] – “I understand the principle of how the minimum wage keeps people out of work. But listening to the speakers assessment brings up the question of if inflation goes up shouldn't something be done about wages to keep pace. If inflation is a government caused problem shouldn't the wages be adjusted? Why shouldn't the minimum wage be tied to inflation is my ultimate question. If we can't stop government from devaluation of currency shouldn't we at least tie wages too it to avoid misery?”

Question 5: [1:53:10] – “My girlfriend of 8 months recently left me. I since have felt confused and anxious. It seems to affect me more than I see it affect others. I feel spite for the woman I loved and have ill will towards her. This is a recurring theme throughout my past relationships. Why? Why is it so difficult for me to do the grown up thing and hope my ex does well and is happy?”

Question 6: [3:17:51] – “Should the public be able to participate in the ethical debate of women in combat before such policies are implemented?”

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