Back-up-Stürmer? Wild erklärt das Bayern-Dilemma  

Robert Lewandowski fehlte dem FC Bayern im Hinspiel gegen Real Madrid verletzungsbedingt, Thomas Müller konnte ihn in diesem Spiel nicht adäquat ersetzen. kicker-Chefreporter Karlheinz Wild erklärt das "Back-up-Dilemma" des FC Bayern im Sturm.

Breakfast With Blasi 04/26/2017 (  

Running Time: 66 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

DT explains why a 'silent' Nakamura is not a good idea.. WWE Payback PPV Predictions.. DT hates Sirius/XM Customer Service.. A Brock Lesnar appearance at Payback is needed.. Concerns over Rowan McAllister.. DT explains why cancellation of Ann Coulter appearance at UC Berkeley is dangerous for America.. Stop comparing Asuka's undefeated streak to Goldberg.. Trailer for Joanie Laurer documentary online.. Vince McMahon movie in works.. Scott Hall talks bullying.. Jeff Hardy talks Somas.. Patreon Updates.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Impact discussion, and much more.

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Mother of all Bombshells  

This week on "Bombshell," we dissect Trump’s first 100 days: whither America First, Axis of Adults (or just the big kids table?), budget shenanigans, and delegating all the things. But first, Mira Rapp-Hooper joins us to walk through the state of play on the Korean Peninsula (and reveals where you can get literal bombshells made into knives). And then Loren and Erin confess why all we want in life is Mara Jade back in the Star Wars canon.

Want to meet the Bombshell crew in person? Click here!

North Korea risk too high for military option,” Robert Litwak, USA Today “Could Playing Chicken with North Korea Really Pay Off?,” Jon Wolfstahl, Foreign Policy “Confusion, chaos after Taliban breach Afghan base in deadly attack,” Abdul Matin, Reuters “Keeping Up Civ-Mil Relations,” Mara Karlin and Loren Schulman, War on the Rocks  “Persistence of Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker “Trump Has Pivoted to Scoring Easy Wins,” Jonah Goldberg, National Review “Trump Foreign Policy at 100 Days: The Downside of Unpredictability,” Olivier Knox, Yahoo News “US Foreign Policy and the Trump Administration's Axis of Adults,” by Dan Drezner, The Washington Post “The End of Foreign Aid As We Know It,”  Bryant Harris, et al, Foreign Policy “Mattis tells Hill Trump budget won't fully rebuild military,” Jeremy Herb, CNN

Bombshell 0

Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Tuesday, 4-25-17  

We welcomed back Bob Zimmerman for a two hour discussion on a variety of topics. Bob had much to say about his paper, "Capitalism In Space" which we have discussed on earlier Space Show program. You can easily download it from his website, Other discussion topics included rocket reusability, Blue Origin, SpaceX, space policy, space settlement, ULA, the Google Lunar XPrize updates, North Korea rockets, private spaceflight and more. Read the full summary of this program at for this date, Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Pathological Narcissism  

Today we cover how Donald Trump continues to trample the rule of law, and how that connects to the news about Michael Flynn and the recent pushback from the judiciary branch on the Administration's attempt to financially punish "sanctuary cities." I also walk through the latest on the impact of Trump's corporate tax proposal, and speculate what the future may hold for Donald Trump's political future. Then, your questions. --- The Resistance Report is a production of Inequality Media (, featuring Robert Reich and produced by Yael Bridge. Co-produced by Sasha Leitmann. Edited by Chris Lucas. Music by Nick Deysher.

The Triple D  

Friends talk about the Triple D!

Featured Guests: Gina Yashere - Correspondent for "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah, Comedy Special on Seeso TV, True TV's "Comedy Knockout", HBO's "Crashing", and Comedy Central's @Midnight ; Vanessa Fraction- "Man & Wife" on Bounce TV, Barber Shop 2, Holiday Love, Rickey Smiley Show, Second Generation Wayans, and HBO's Def Comedy Jam; Aida Rodriguez - New Comedy Special, "I'll Say It For You",on iTunes, Featured in Robert DeNiro’s latest film "The Comedian", Last Comic Standing Finalist, and "The Nightly Show",
Always hosted by Marina Franklin: "Trainwreck", "Louie Season V","The Jim Gaffigan Show", "Conan O'Brien", and Louie's "Horace and Pete"

Episode 48 - From CFL to Hollywood, the Robert Gordon Story  

Bobby Gordon went from CFL receiver to Hollywood actor to the head offices of the WWE. This week, he joins James and Davis to reminisce about his CFL days and talk about his interesting transition from the gridiron to the silver screen.

TIUC421. Sistemas de Productividad Personal  

¿Si ya conozco lo básico sobre productividad, para qué necesito un sistema? ¿no es suficiente con desarrollar hábitos y utilizar algunos métodos? ¿Se puede ser productivo sin tener un sistema de productividad personal? Estas preguntas, las respondemos en este episodio, donde enfatizamos en los 4 principales sistemas de productividad personal. Vamos con ello! Hoy es […]

La entrada TIUC421. Sistemas de Productividad Personal aparece primero en Robert Sasuke.


Income inequality is a natural by-product of capitalism. So why is everybody so mad? Robert examines the history of American business with historian Benjamin Waterhouse. Then economic futurist Jason Schenker tells Robert what to expect in the next decade. This program offers valuable insight into why so many people are fighting-mad about their economic lot in life, and what they can do about it.

Ringside Toe2Toe - 26th April  

Ross Thompson Jenkins is joined by Spencer Fearon and Spencer Oliver to bring you all the latest news in boxing with exclusive interviews from Anthony Joshua , Robert McCracken, Peter Fury, Scott Quigg, Jermell Charlo, Sergey Kovalev and Michelle Joy Phelps.

Das Trauma von Erfurt - 15 Jahre danach  

Es war einer der schlimmsten Amokläufe an einer deutschen Schule: Am 26. April 2002 erschoss der ehemalige Schüler Robert Steinhäuser am Erfurter Gutenberg-Gymnasium 16 Menschen und sich selbst. Prof. Dr. Herbert Scheithauer hat 2013 im Rahmen eines Projekts insgesamt 126 Fälle von Amokläufen in 13 Ländern untersucht. Dabei ist er auf bestimmte Muster gestoßen, aber: "Es gibt nicht DEN Ego-Shooter." Die Motivation sei aber immer sehr ähnlich: Täter wie Robert Steinhäuser suchten sich ganz bewusst die Schule aus, um sich zu rächen für krisenhafte Entwicklungen. Auf solche Schüler müsse frühzeitig eingegangen werden.

Roving Buoy - NQ1  

Bye bye buoy... A navigational marker formerly positioned off Isle Madame was found earlier this month adrift off the coast of County Clare, Ireland. Robert McCabe is Director of Operations for the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

France's Presidential Election  

CFR's James M. Lindsay, Robert McMahon, and Philip Gordon examine the outcome of the first round of France's presidential election.

SE-Radio Episode 289: James Turnbull on Declarative Programming with Terraform  

James Turnbull rejoins the show with Robert Blumen for a conversation mostly about Terraform, as well as a bit about Puppet. Terraform is a declarative programming tool for automating infrastructure resource creation; it targets resource providers, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and other cloud and SAAS back ends. The discussion explores the […]

Rocky Fortune (Starring Frank Sinatra) - Pint Sized Payroll Bandit (10-27-53)  

Pint Sized Payroll Bandit (Aired October 27, 1953)
As hard is it may be to believe by today's standards, Rocky Fortune was Frank Sinatra's only dramatic Radio program from The Golden Age of Radio as the lead in a recurring role. As a variety guest performer, Sinatra's Radiography goes on and on and on. But this was the program that a great many of the growing number of fans of Sinatra's acting work really wanted to hear. NBC spared no expense to showcase this growing super-star of the 1940s and 1950s, and it shows in both production values and supporting voice talent. Frank Sinatra seemed very comfortable in the role of Rocco Fortunato--'Rocky Fortune'--and the scripts that George Lefferts and Ernest Kinoy wrote for Sinatra made for some fascinating adventures. The role was clearly written specifically for him, and more importantly for the more 'adult' persona his agents and publicity reps were trying to portray of him at this point in his career. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: October 27, 1953. "Pint Sized Payroll Bandit" - NBC network. Sustaining. Rocky's job as a night-man in a hamburger joint leads to a nine-year-old runaway with $50,000 in cash! This is a network version. Frank Sinatra, Barney Phillips, George Lefferts (writer), Vivi Janis, Dick Beals, Eddie Fields, Frank Richards, Andrew C. Love (director), Edward King (announcer), Robert Cenedella (author). 24:45. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Wahrheitsmensch und tanzender Messias - Die Hochkonjunktur der Inflationsheiligen  
Wer kennt heute noch einen Louis Häusser, einen Leonhard Stark, einen Max Schulze-Sölde oder einen Friedrich Muck-Lamberty? Und doch sind vor 90 Jahren Tausende diesen Wanderpropheten nachgelaufen, haben ergriffen ihren meist recht wirren aber gewaltigen Worten gelauscht und waren bereit, ihre Existenz aufzugeben.

Von Robert Schurz, Das Feature
Hören bis: 02.05.2017 19:15
Direkter Link zur Audiodatei

Robert Walker, Monday, 4-24-17  

We welcomed Robert Walker back to the program for a stimulating 2 hour 15 minute discussion on lots of topics. We started out with an active back and forth verbal exchange on commercial spaceflight participant FAA rules as Robert believes that there should be regulations to control or prevent what was later deemed to be reckless rather than risky launch activity. Don't miss this nearly 30 minute back and forth with Robert and myself. This discussion came about because we were featuring Robert's recent article on not wanting to fly to the Moon on a Dragon if one paid him a billion dollars. The article is referenced in the newsletters plus you can find it on Robert's website. We also talked other topics with lots of callers and those sending in emails. For a full summary of this program, make sure you read the review posted at for this date, Monday, April 24, 2017. Please note that Robert has posted important links relevant to our discussion on the blog so don't miss them.


In tonight's very special edition of the Resistance Report, I talk to the founders of Indivisible, Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg. We discuss what the resistance looks like, how people can stay involved, and why there actually is a lot to feel optimistic about. Learn more about Indivisible at --- The Resistance Report is a production of Inequality Media (, featuring Robert Reich and produced by Yael Bridge. Co-produced by Sasha Leitmann. Edited by Chris Lucas. Music by Nick Deysher.

TIUC420. ¿Qué es Peor que el Miedo?  

¿Crees que puede haber algo peor que el miedo? mmm… bueno, tendrías que escuchar este episodio para descubrirlo. ¿Te quedas? bueno pues… Hoy es martes 25 de abril del año 2017, si todavía no tienes tu tacita de café, tu bombilla con tu mate o tu taza de chocolate, ve corriendo por ella porque vamos a comenzar […]

La entrada TIUC420. ¿Qué es Peor que el Miedo? aparece primero en Robert Sasuke.

The Story Of Robert Davila  

Inspirational True Story

The Audio Nouman Ali Khan – The Story Of Robert Davila appeared first on Muslim Central

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