Amicus: Where We Draw the Line  

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in McCrory v. Harris and Bethune-Hill v. Virginia Board of Elections, two challenges to Republican gerrymandering efforts that resulted in the creation of majority-minority voting districts. At issue is whether lawmakers in Virginia and North Carolina were motivated primarily by racial considerations or only secondarily so. Marc Elias, the lawyer who represented the challengers in both cases, joins us to explain why the distinction is so critical.

We also consider the revolt that’s underway in the Electoral College. A small group of electors calling themselves the Hamilton Electors are seeking to be unbound from state requirements that they vote as their state voted. Legal scholar Carolyn Shapiro explains why she believes the Hamilton Electors should be taken seriously.

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Crimetown & Westworld Have Us Like Whoa!!  

This week we dive in to two format-smashing shows: one the up-ends the conventions of podcast storytelling, and one that challenges the concept of story telling itself. The panel examines "Crimetown." This podcast from Gimlet sounds like nothing we've heard before. Are they setting a new bar for the traditional first-person investigative podcast or are they creating a completely new genre? Also, the crime writers give their take on HBO's dizzying & dazzling "Westworld." Was the western-tinged sci-fi series about man's inhumanity, a study on free will, or a contemplation of on the power of story? Or just a bunch of cowboys shooting and having sex with robots? Plus, Toby checks his Amazon Christmas list (is your gift on it?). We'll hear from a listener who offers her two cents on the Justin Ross Harris verdict (and then we offer her ours). The Crime of the Week looks at the War on beavers.

A Better Flu Shot  

The flu virus changes every year, and so does the shot, meaning people have to get a new one each year that only works 20% of the time.  Mary Harris, host and managing editor of Only Human, explains why we're stuck with the so-so vaccine, and reports on the efforts of one local microbiologist to make a better, longer-lasting flu shot.

L'actu des Blogs Ciné - MOONLIGHT - EMMANUELLE SAL de Regardezmoiç  

Betty Mourão recevait notre blogueuse Emmanuelle SAL de Regardezmoiç pour nous parler du film MOONLIGHT De Barry Jenkins Avec Trevante Rhodes, Naomie Harris, Andre Holland ... Dans les salles de cinema le 1 février 2017.

Represent: Better Things' Pamela Adlon  

On this episode of Represent, Slate culture writer, Aisha Harris talks to Pamela Adlon about her career and semi-autobiographical FX series, Better Things. And we share our second edition of our “Pre-Woke Watching” segment.

Check out:
-Slate: Pamela Adlon’s new show is like a brasher, more confident, female-driven Louie.
-Slate Represent: Our episode where we introduce our “Pre-Woke Watching” segment and talk to Kathy Griffin.

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Production by Veralyn Williams

The Joe Walsh Show - December 08, 2016  

Thousands of leftist babies, continuing their campaign to protest and riot, are planning to disrupt Trump’s presidential inauguration. If Hillary had won adults on the right would accept the results. Americans need to know that the Left is not done protesting and rioting and disrupting. Obama claims, again, that foreign terrorists have not succeeded in killing Americans on our soil under his watch. He is wrong, and he knows it. His audience - US service men and women at Macdill Air Force base - knew it too. US Navy Admiral Harry Harris received a standing ovation for his Pearl Harbor remembrance day speech which included comments about standing at attention during the National Anthem, perhaps in reference to NFL millionaire ingrate punk Kaepernick. An American hero passed away today, rest in peace John Glenn. Food for the Poor fundraising drive rolls on.

World Soccer Talk Podcast – Episode 5  

World Soccer Talk is the new weekly soccer podcast from Kartik Krishnaiyer and Christopher Harris on the topic of watching soccer on TV, online and via apps. In the NEW episode, number 5, we cover a range of topics including: • First impressions of the Champions League Goals Show from BT Sport, • What we think of episodes 1 and 2 of the Behind The Badge on Watford FC, • Our opinions about USL Division 2 as a league on TV, • Predictions for this weekend’s MLS Cup final, • The TV ratings for el Clasico and Liga MX Apertura semi-final, • Plus questions from YOU,

The post World Soccer Talk Podcast – Episode 5 appeared first on World Soccer Talk.

Flexual Healing - Week 14  

This show has it all! We'll heal you flexually. We'll talk about Devontae Booker's new threat. We'll do a Film Futures on Hunter Henry. We'll preview the Raiders/Chiefs Thursday night tilt. We'll look at Week 14 in DraftKings. Heck, we'll even play you a song! Guest: DFS Expert Craig Clark with music from Clair Morgan.



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Flexual Healing:

Sammy Watkins - risky: Doug Martin; safe: Jonathan Stewart/Frank Gore

Todd Gurley - safe: Emmanuel Sanders; risky: Tyreek Hill/Malcolm Mitchell

Brandon Marshall - risky: Mark Ingram; safe: Dion Lewis/James White

Kenneth Dixon - risky: Golden Tate/Steve Smith; safe: don't play him!

Top 6 TEs - risky: Matt Forte, DeAndre Hopins; safe: don't flex a TE!


Craig's DraftKings Lineup:

Eli Manning ($5,500)

Melvin Gordon ($7,400)

Thomas Rawls ($5,700)

Odell Beckham ($8,000)

Golden Tate ($6,600)

Brandon LaFell ($5,000)

Ladarius Green ($3,900)

Ted Ginn ($4,000)

Vikings ($3,900)


Chris's DraftKings Lineup:

Eli Manning ($5,500)

Zeke Elliott ($8,400)

Jeremy Hill ($5,800)

Odell Beckham ($8,000)

Sammy Watkins ($5,300)

Dontrelle Inman ($4,800)

Ladarius Green ($3,900)

Adam Thielen ($4,700)

Bengals ($3,500)

HBO Podcast 03 | Westworld (Temporada 1)  

Esta semana en HBO Podcast nos sumergimos de lleno en la primera temporada Westworld, el último gran éxito en formato serie de HBO. "Westworld es una ambiciosa serie de ficción repleta de imaginación que eleva el concepto de las aventuras y las emociones fuertes a un nuevo nivel de peligrosidad. En el futurista parque temático conocido como Westworld, un grupo de androides-servidores se desvían de las secuencias programadas meticulosamente por los informáticos y adoptan un comportamiento anormal. Con un reparto espectacular encabezado por Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton y Jeffrey Wright, Westworld está basada en la película de 1973 escrita y dirigida por Michael Crichton (Parque jurásico), y ha sido creada para la televisión por los productores ejecutivos Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar, El caballero oscuro) y Lisa Joy (Criando malvas, Último aviso)." Recomendaciones de este programa: -Wiki de Westworld: -Westworld (Almas de metal) en Youtube: ¡Ah! Y no te pierdas el fantástico sorteo que hacen nuestros compañeros de Objetivo Apple: HBO Podcast forma parte de "El Peor Podcast" así que, si te gustan nuestros programas… - Puedes escuchar nuestro otro programa: – Puedes dejarnos tus reseñas, comentarios y valoraciones en iTunes y – Seguir la cuenta de nuestros programas en Twitter: @ElPeorPodcast – Dar “Me gusta” en FaceBook: – Enviarnos un correo electrónico con tus sugerencias a – Y también seguir nuestras cuentas personales en Twitter Somos: - Ayoze Sánchez @awh061 - José Alfocea @jalfocea - Orlando Caballero @orlandocs_2

South Korea president faces impeachment vote  

Park Geun-hye, South Korea's president, embroiled in a corruption scandal, is facing an impeachment vote on Friday, while her so-called "shaman adviser" has been indicted on a host of charges. Meanwhile, the country's top businessmen have been hauled before a parliamentary inquiry. Victor Mallet discusses the crisis and possible outcomes with Bryan Harris, FT correspondent in Seoul.

FT News 0

Ep. 54: Week 14 Rankings & Start/Sit  

Chris Harris (@HarrisFootball) from joins the show to discuss his Week 14 rankings compared to the Expert Consensus. Topics include: Jeremy Maclin's return possibly making an impact on Tyreek Hill's production (0:51); Derek Carr (2:28); Jameis Winston (6:37); Tom Brady (11:00); Marcus Mariota (13:23); Devontae Booker (16:30); Todd Gurley (18:25); Theo Riddick (22:39); Devante Adams (25:37); Tyrell Williams (28:04); Randall Cobb (30:50); Sterling Shepard (33:05); Cameron Brate (35:25); Vernon Davis (37:35); Hunter Henry (39:53); and defenses (43:26).

Week 14 Ranks  

Should you trust Marcus Mariota this week against the Broncos? Will Matt Forte go back to being the center of the Jets offense? How about Doug Martin, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, the Broncos receivers and more? It's fantasy playoff time, and we've got ranks talk. We'll also keep on the Film Futures tip with a look at Tyler Lockett and Phillip Dorsett. Guest: Brandon Funston of Yahoo! Fantasy.



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Week 14 Ranks Discussed:

Jameis Winston

Tyrell Williams

Matt Forte

Marcus Mariota

Doug Martin

Tom Brady

Kenny Britt

Matt Ryan

Todd Gurley

Kenneth Dixon/Terrance West

Demaryius Thomas/Emmanuel Sanders

Terrelle Pryor


Waiver Wire - Week 14  

Stop the presses! Justin Forsett was just reunited with Gary Kubiak??? Wow! That's the transaction every *other* show will be obsessed with today, but is Forsett now the week's top waiver add? We say: No! We've got better names for you, plus we'll finish up the Week 13 film review and get you ready for your fantasy playoffs. Guest: Evan Silva of Rotoworld.



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Game Film Reviewed Today:








Evan's Top Five Waiver Adds:

5. Pierre Garcon

4. Ted Ginn

3. Justin Forsett

2. Malcolm Mitchell

1. Ladarius Green


Chris's Top Five Waiver Adds:

5. Brandon LaFell over Dontrelle Inman, barely

4. The handcuffs - DeAngelo Williams, Alfred Morris, Mike Gillislee, Damien Williams, Alfred Blue, Kenneth Farrow?

3. Justin Forsett

2. Malcolm Mitchell

1. Ladarius Green

Honorable Mentions - Chris Thompson, Pierre Garcon, Jacquizz Rodgers, Charles Sims, Chris Hogan, Ted Ginn

Streaming Defenses - Bengals, Colts, Titans (if Paxton Lynch plays)

Streaming QB - Joe Flacco


Deep names - Josh Bellamy, Matt Barkley, Jalen Richard, Rex Burkhead, Adam Thielen, Marqise Lee, J.J. Nelson, Vance McDonald


Episode 125 How to Handle Critiques  

There are good ways to handle critiques and bad ways. This week we talk about the good ways.

Mentioned in this episode:
Charlaine Harris
THE SOUTHERN VAMPIRE SERIES (Book Series) by Charlaine Harris
True Blood (TV Show)

#55 — Islamism vs Secularism  

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Shadi Hamid about the power of religious belief, the failure of the Left, Islamist democracy, free speech, profiling, white nationalism, Obama’s foreign policy and other topics.

Operation Match  

Before Tinder, before eHarmony, before the internet, there was Operation Match. This is the story of the roots of online dating, when, in 1965, a computer the size of a van helped people find their perfect dates. 


Undone is hosted by Pat Walters.

This episode was produced by Julia DeWitt and Emanuele Berry. Our senior producer is Larissa Anderson. Editing by Alan Burdick and Catlin Kenney. Our intern is Isabella Kulkarni.

Undone is mixed and scored by Bobby Lord. Our fact-checker is Michelle Harris.

Special thanks to Marden and Joan Paru, Robert and Beth Smith, Paul Eastwick, Eve Peters, Vaughan Morrill and David Crump.

Undone was conceived in collaboration with our friends at Retro Report, the documentary film series that connects iconic news events of the past ... to today. You can find them at 

Undone 0

Episode 229 - Bryan Olsen and Dominic Harris  

Comedy Central Roast writer Bryan Olsen (@olsen__) and comedian Dominic Harris (@DomComedy) sit down with Matt (@mattkirshen) and Andy (@andytwood) to talk about battery pigs, Dom's lost episode, Saint Bernard and Air Bud, Buzz and Antarctica, Dominic the debutante, dog memory, gut Parkinson’s, fecal transplants again, new elements, the chemistry helpline, uncombable hair syndromeplatypus venom that can help diabetes and Dominic's new album.

Ever Increasing Circles  

Andy Davis is joined by Daniel Posner and Alex Harris and they start by talking about the 5-0 win over Swansea and whether Pocchetino as found is best starting 11 - and does Lamela have a place there? Plus, how should Spurs face the Europa League possibility? On Monday December 12th we bring you another Spurs Live Show with special guest Ledley King! More information and tickets can be found at To claim our exclusive Fan Duel offer just head to and sign up using promo code SPURS SHOW WARCHEST. Deposit £10, get a fiver a week for four weeks. Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh Engineered by Antonio Fernandes A Playback Media Production

Game Film Review - Week 13  

Is Jordan Howard secretly great? What should you expect from Matthew Stafford going forward? Is Malcolm Mitchell a trustable commodity for your fantasy playoffs? We dig into the Week 13 tape to give your lineup help at this most crucial of times! Guest: Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.



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Game Film Discussed Today:









Purely Arsenal: Arsenal Strike gold at the Olympic Stadium  

Jack Sessions hosts (@SessionsJack) the latest @purelyarsenalFP podcast in association with @FootballPurists, with regular star special guests Michael Harris (@ChopperH5791), Mark Harrison (@ArsenesGlasses_) and Pav Guliani (@PavGuliani).

The boys review Arsenal's 5-1 emphatic away win against West Ham at the London Stadium and talk about the xhaka/coq partnership, Gabriel, Alexis the superstar, ox, and answer all the fans questions! The lads also chat about the upcoming games against Basel and Stoke and give their predictions!

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