San Fermin, Andrew Combs, A Johnny Cash Mashup, More  

We've often joked on the show about the virtual circus that's endlessly unfolding in Bob Boilen's brain, where his childlike imagination dances to the sound of a whistling calliope. So, for Bob's birthday this week, it felt appropriate to begin our show with nearly seven-foot tall clown named Puddles who sings a surreal mashup of Johnny Cash's "Folsom City Blues" and The Who's "Pinball Wizard." We're not making this up. It turns out that, apart from singing, Puddles never speaks, so we gave his assistant and interpreter Mike Geier a call to learn more about how this crazy mashup came to be. We've also got a blistering country rock cut from singer Andrew Combs, who gets political on a song called "Bourgeois King." The baroque pop of San Fermin gets bigger than ever on the band's new full-length, Belong; the Paris-based singer known as ALA.NI croons like it's the 1940s; and NPR Music's Lars Gotrich stops by to blow our minds (and ear drums) with the scorching punk of a band called Exit Order, tempered by the hypnotic jazz of Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society. 1. Puddles Pity Party: "Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard," 2. Andrew Combs: "Bourgeois King," 3. Joshua Abrams And Natural Information Society: "Sideways Fall," 4. Exit Order: "Mass Panic," 5. Ala.Ni: "Cherry Blossoms," 6. San Fermin: "Oceanica"

Turbo 3 - Chuck Berry, Weezer, L.A., Lichis, Spoon y Ty Segall - 20/03/17  

Comenzamos la semana despidiendo a Chuck Berry, padre del rock and roll. Además, te traemos una sesión de lunes cargada de novedades: avanzamos nuevas canciones de los próximos discos de L.A. y de Lichis, soñamos con el verano al escuchar lo último de Weezer, le hincamos el diente a nuestro Disco Gourmet de la semana ('Hot thoughts' de Spoon), y escuchamos un tema nuevo del infatigable Ty Segall, que ha lanzado un nuevo EP dos meses después de publicar su noveno álbum de estudio. Playlist: CHUCK BERRY - Let it rock (Live 1963 Detroit), MC5 - Back in the USA, THE STRYPES - Kick out of the jams, TY SEGALL - Break a guitar, TY SEGALL - Pan, SPOON - Hot thoughts, KINGS OF LEON - Radioactive, L.A. - Helsinki, LOS PLANETAS - Espíritu olímpico (feat. La Bien Querida), LICHIS - Bicha, RYAN ADAMS - Haunted house, TEN FÉ - Elodie, SAN FERMIN - No promises, WEEZER - Feels like Summer, JUVENILES - Love me for ever (Yuksek mix), DELV!S - Come my way, MYLES SANKO - Promises.

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Turbo 3 - Bearoid, Parov Stelar y Yuksek - 28/02/17  

Tres artistas de electrónica ocupan el titular de este podcast: tenemos nuevo cañonazo de Bearoid, alias del valenciano Dani Belenguer; también te presentamos nuevo material del austriaco Parov Stelar, y seguimos bailando con el tercer trabajo del francés Yuksek. Además, te traemos novedades de San Fermin, The New Pornographers y Ryan Adams. Playlist: BEAROID - At your funeral, PAROV STELAR - Step two (feat. Lilja Bloom), YUKSEK - Break my heart (feat. Monika), TV ON THE RADIO - DLZ, SPOON - Can I sit next to you, SAN FERMIN - No promises, THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - This is the world of theatre, RYAN ADAMS - Haunted house, SAMU DEL RÍO - White, PÁJARO SUNRISE - The collapse of everything, NUNATAK - La primera luz, LORI MEYERS - Siempre brilla el Sol, VIVA SUECIA - Hemos ganado tiempo, INCUBUS - Nimble bastard, FOO FIGHTERS - Best of you, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - No one knows.

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Gran Concierto para las Personas Refugiadas - 11/02/17  

Desde el Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona, más de 50 artistas responden con un gran concierto para denunciar la situación que viven las personas refugiadas y migrantes, conseguir la sensibilización y movilización de la ciudadanía y presionar a las instituciones para que impulsen políticas de acogida.

El concierto, fruto de la iniciativa de colectivos sociales y culturales de Catalunya, se enmarca dentro de la campaña “Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra” (“Nuestra casa, Vuestra casa”) y acoge las actuaciones de Amaral, Begun, Santi Balmes de Love of Lesbian, Nuria Graham, Sara Pi, Fermin Muguruza & Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluís Llach, Manolo García, Los Chichos, Pepe Habichuela, y muchos más.

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Siglo 21 - Soulwax - 15/11/16  

En Siglo21 el regreso del dúo belga Soulwax. También el avance del disco que han grabado Fermin

Muguruza y Charlart58. Pepe Deluxe, Automat y Bayonne son otras novedades que suenan en esta edición

del programa. En Contenedores de Arte hablamos con Cristina Lucas.

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2016-10-6 Elena en el País de los Horrores. Noelia Mingo; Fermín Mayorga; Sos Desaparecidos Iván Durán  

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La firma la pone...Fermín Rodríguez (15-09-2016)  

"El Real Madrid ha aumentado el mito del miedo escénico"

La firma la pone...Fermín Rodríguez (15-09-2016)  

"El Real Madrid ha aumentado el mito del miedo escénico"

119-Lost in the Taiga  

In 1978 a team of geologists discovered a family of five living deep in the Siberian forest, 150 miles from the nearest village. Fearing persecution, they had lived entirely on their own since 1936, praying, tending a meager garden, and suffering through winter temperatures of 40 below zero. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll meet the Lykov family, whose religious beliefs committed them to "the greatest solitude on the earth."

We'll also learn about Esperanto's role in a Spanish prison break and puzzle over a self-incriminating murderer.


The London Review and Literary Journal of August 1796 records a cricket match "by eleven Greenwich Pensioners with one leg against eleven with one arm, for one thousand guineas, at the new Cricket ground, Montpelier Gardens, Walworth."

The British Veterinary Journal of March 1888 reports that a Manchester horse fitted with eyeglasses "now stands all the morning looking over the half-door of his stable with his spectacles on, gazing around him with an air of sedate enjoyment."

Sources for our feature on the Lykov family:

Vasily Peskov, Lost in the Taiga, 1994.

Mike Dash, "For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II," Smithsonian, Jan. 28, 2013.

Russia Today, "From Taiga to Kremlin: A Hermit's Gifts for Medvedev," Feb. 24, 2010.

Alexis Sostre, "Siberia: Woman Who Lived Her Entire Life in Wilderness Airlifted to Hospital," Sostre News, Jan. 16, 2016.

Listener mail:

The original article on the 1938 San Cristobál prison break, by Jose Antonio del Barrio, in Esperanto.

An article (in Spanish) about the escape on del Barrio's blog.

A description (in Spanish) of conditions in San Cristobál, by one of the successful escapees.

A description (in Spanish) of the escape plot, from research carried out by Fermín Ezkieta.

A documentary film (in Spanish) about the escape.

A study (in Esperanto) on the role of Esperanto in the working-class culture in Spain.

Del Barrio's presentation (in Esperanto) on the use of Esperanto by socialists in the Basque region.

A presentation (in Esperanto) by Ulrich Lins and del Barrio on the use of Esperanto during the Spanish Civil War. Lins is the German author of "La Dangera Lingvo," on the persecutions suffered by esperantists.

This week's lateral thinking puzzle was devised by Sharon, who collected these corroborating links (warning: these spoil the puzzle).

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Many thanks to Doug Ross for the music in this episode.

If you have any questions or comments you can reach us at Thanks for listening!

El difícil comienzo de España en los JJOO  

López Gamonal comenta con José Manuel Puertas los comienzos de los deportistas españoles en Río y entrevista a Fermín Cacho, ex atleta olímpico. 

Fermín Cacho, en Deportes COPE: "El nivel del deporte español es para sentirse orgulloso"  

El atleta, medalla de oro en el 1.500 en Barcelona 92, es el primer recuerdo que tiene Rafa Nadal como atleta. Cacho se siente "orgulloso de haber puesto mi granito de arena en que a partir del 92 el nivel del deporte español se disparó".

Fermín Cacho, en Deportes COPE: "El nivel del deporte español es para sentirse orgulloso"  

El atleta, medalla de oro en el 1.500 en Barcelona 92, es el primer recuerdo que tiene Rafa Nadal como atleta. Cacho se siente "orgulloso de haber puesto mi granito de arena en que a partir del 92 el nivel del deporte español se disparó".

La Receta: Sana locura gluten free bakery  

Isabel entrevista a Fermín Sanz Serrano propietario de Sana locura gluten free bakery.

Spain: four injured in fourth San Fermin bull-run  

Four runners were gored in the fourth bull-run of Pamplona’s San Fermin festival in northern Spain. Among the many towns holding festivals featuring bull-running this summer, San Fermin in Pamplona is the most famous internationally and attracts thousands of revellers from around the world. There are four more bull-runs still to come at the festival.

First bull run of San Fermin Festival in Pamplona  

The first bull run in Spain’s San Fermin passed off with only a few minor injuries reported. The bulls from the Fuente Ymbro breeder raced through the streets for two minutes and 28 seconds.

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