Ep. 464: My Friend Murphy with Riley Silverman  

Riley Silverman joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of new developments in Jesse's family, the etymology of Super Mario villains names, and a round of comic book giveaways.

#215: The Return of the Money Shot  

Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

She is the executive producer and, along with Michael Patrick King, co-creator of the Emmy-nominated CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls. She has headlined with comics including Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, and others.

Her first one-hour stand-up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award. Her second stand-up special, I Love You, debuted on Comedy Central in 2014, and her latest special, I'm Your Girlfriend, premiered on HBO in 2016.

Whitney will be publishing her first book later this year, titled I'm Fine... And Other Lies.

In this episode, Whitney answers questions submitted by listeners, including:

How to overcome codependency Her updated thoughts on marriage The art and luck of creating something funny The benefits of having dogs (or pets in general) How to maximize your creative energy Tips for more effective writing And much, much more.

Please enjoy this Q&A with Whitney Cummings!

Show notes and links for this episode can be found at

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The Lives They Lived | Episode 16  

This week, it’s our turn to take a look back on 2016 and share our picks for the most cultural moments that will stick with us. But before we do that, Ilena Silverman, an editor at The New York Times Magazine, joins us to talk about the people remembered in the magazine’s annual last issue of the year, “The Lives They Lived.” We also give one last listener some DIY gift advice.

How Fake News Spreads & Why People Believe It  

Buzzfeed News' media editor, Craig Silverman, dissects how false stories during the presidential campaign were spread on Facebook and monetized by Google Ad Sense. Also, critic at-large John Powers shares six things he loved this year that he didn't get around to reviewing.

Fresh Air 0

One Nation: Divisible  

The original U.S. Pledge of Allegiance calls the USA, "one nation...indivisible."  Yet it remains a nation splintered and divided, with many of those divisions fueled by religious ideas.  This broadcast welcomes several special guests to talk about America, the rise of secularism, the influence of the Religious Right, and the future of a country that seems unable to agree about anything. Our guests appearing throughout the broadcast: Amanda Knief: National Legal and Public Policy Director for American Atheists, and author of "The Citizen Lobbyist: A How-to Manual for Making Your Voice Heard in Government." Matthew De Dora: Director of Office of Public Policy for the Center For Inquiry Matther Bulger: American Humanist Association Justin Scott: Director of Eastern Iowa Atheists Rebecca Markert: Managing Staff Attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation Larry Decker: Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America Herb Silverman: President of the Secular Coalition for America Sarah Levin:  Senior Legislative Representative for the Secular Coalition for America SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: The Great Courses Plus: (promo code sethandrews)  

Rajiv Surendra, Ian Kamau, Craig Silverman & Pat Kelly, Simon Reynolds 11/24/16  

Rajiv Surendra confronts failure in his new memoir. Ian Kamau's playlist for Toronto's Esplanade neighbourhood. Pat Kelly and Craig Silverman on the business of fake news. Writer Simon Reynolds' new book looks at glam rock's legacy.

Ep.160 - People Like Fake News Better  

Fake news sites won the American election. Buzzfeed Canada's Craig Silverman discusses how bogus Facebook stories blew credible news out of the water. 

Craig's Twitter: @CraigSilverman

Trump's Cabinet and Media Normalization 11/18/16  

On this episode of the Buck Sexton show: - Why the Trump transition is completely overhyped by the media and a look at Trump's cabinet. - Gun guru and bestselling author John Lott is on to talk police shooting and crime stats and if you're more likely to be targeted by white or black cops. - Former Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey joins the program to discuss what to expect in Trump's first 100 days with a ringing endorsement for the President elect. - Do the police finally have a friend in the Oval Office? Don't miss Buck's conversation with Heather Mac Donald, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of the War on Cops. - Also Kaitlan Collins of the Daily Caller provides some updates form the entertainment world including Kanye West saying he would've voted for Trump, Sarah Silverman comparing Trump's victory to the Great Depression and Hillary's first public appearance after the election. - Plus Professor Richard Binzel calls in to talk about the discovery of a massive hidden undergound ocean beneath the surface of Pluto. The Buck Sexton Show, Weekdays 12–3pm ET on The Blaze Radio. Twitter: @BuckSexton Facebook: Buck Sexton

Ep. 193 - Brian Koppelman: How to Deliver Every Single Time  

Brian Koppelman and his wife Amy Koppelman saved my life. Many years after he ruined my life. First off: when he wrote the movie “Rounders” I became obsessed with poker. I went to the same club he played at and played for 365 nights, including the night my first daughter was born (I was there for the birth though!) .   I was an addict. But eventually I stopped in order to start another company. I wish I had never stopped because that other company cost me all of my money at the time.   Then he wrote several of my favorite movies after that. I didn’t even know it was the same director until the first time I interviewed him here.   Now he is writing and producing my favorite TV show, “Billions” on Showtime. About an aggressive hedge fund billionaire going after an equally aggressive US Attorney played by Paul Giamatti.   Brian has been on the podcast several times but there’s always so much more to talk about in terms of creativity and inspiration and how to succeed as an artist / entrepreneur.   Ditto for his wife Amy who has also been on this podcast and written three of my favorite novels. One of which was turned into a movie (“I Smile Back”) starring Sarah Silverman.   But here is how they saved my life.   Awhile back I had a personal emergency. Things were going haywire.   Amy called me and said, “What’s going on?” I told her.   She had me take a photo of every meal I was eating (“I want to make sure you are eating”) and a photo of everyone I was eating with (“I want to make sure you are around people”) and had me write to her every day what was going on in my head (“write!”)   That was one time.   Another time: I lost millions of dollars in a half hour while I was on the set of “Billions” watching it be filmed.   I was called into an emergency board meeting by phone and found out the company was going to be shut down. It was a disaster.   But 90% of how we feel about a situation is determined by our choice of how we will react. Only 10% is based on the situation itself.   And since I was on the set of my favorite TV show being filmed, I decided to enjoy myself. Brian later said to me, “You lost what!? We couldn’t tell at all. You were making jokes, asking questions, and you were the last one to leave.”   I used being on the set of “Billions” to change my reaction to an otherwise horrible event. This allowed me to easily change my 90% reaction into a positive one.   So not only is Brian a creative genius, but he’s a good friend.   I went up to his offices where they are writing season 2 of “Billions” and I had maybe 1,000 more questions about creativity, writing, the arc of his career, and of course, billions of dollars.   But one thing stands out for me.   Everyone always says, as if it were advice that has come down from heaven to all writers: “Write what you know”.   Brian doesn’t agree with this. And this is the secret to his success. And the secret to all the great writers in history.   Stephen King didn’t know what it was like to be a bullied teenage girl with psychic powers when he wrote “Carrie”.   Ernest Hemingway didn’t know what it was like to be an old Cuban man who spent his life fishing.   JK Rowling didn’t know what it would be like to be a boy attending Hogwarts Wizardry School.   Brian Koppelman told me:   “Don’t write what you know, write what fascinates you.”    This is the key to all good art.   In this podcast, we also talk about what it feels like to hit a dead-end. To be unsure how to move forward. To be scared that maybe the best was behind us.   How do you move past that. Recreate yourself. Start the work again. Flourish.   I ask. Brian delivers.

7 Things To Do In A Time Machine (Other Than Killing Hitler)  

Scenario: you've got a time machine and you only like two things in this life: eatin' breakfast and killin' Nazis, and you've already eaten breakfast. Your obvious next step is to travel to April 20th,1889 and throw baby hitler down a well and then blow up the well,  right? Or is there something better you could do with your time?The whole 'would you kill baby Hitler' thought experiment has been a surprisingly prevalent pop-culture moral question at dinner parties and bad games of Cards Against Humanity. Even Jeb Bush weighed in with his thoughts back in a simpler time when he thought he could be president. His answer, by the way, was, "hell yeah!" ( ).This got us thinking, what would be some other moments in history to travel back to and change one thing? One answer might be incredibly simple: November 8th, 2016. Who wouldn't go back in time to stop the events of last Tuesday? Only time will tell if that day becomes one of the giant crossroads in the slow forward march of history.So today Jack O'Brien and Alex Schmidt are posing that question to our five comedian guests: Steven Wilbur, Riley Silverman, Caitlin Gill, Blake Wexler and Eric Lampaert. When would you go in history to change one thing, what would it be and why?Footnotes:Alex Schmidt on Twitter: Steven Wilbur on Twitter: Riley Silverman on Twitter: Caitlin Gill on Twitter: Blake Wexler on Twitter: Eric Lampaert on Twitter: About Assassination of Franz Ferdinand: Smithsonian: How One Man Accidentally Killed The Oldest Tree Ever: " William Tecumseh Sherman: In The Service Of My Country": Radiolab: Be Careful What You Plan For: This episode is brought to you by Indochino, Loot Crate, and Wondery.

Worst Stand Up Advice  

Eye-opening discussion about identity and loss with comedian Riley Silverman. Riley talks about her transgender experience, while touching on dating, rejection and crazy comedy advice. There's no Part 1 and Part 2 this episode. Plz enjoy!

US election: What next for Brand Trump?  

The Republican candidate Donald Trump has a capacity for reinvention after business setbacks, says Gary Silverman. And, whether he gets to the White House or not, he will need his magic after the election to extricate himself from multiple cases of civil litigation and work out the way forward for Trump Inc

Hour 2: 10/28/16  

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic welcome ESPN 1000 in Chicago's Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman, ESPN MLB analysts Aaron Boone and Rick Sutcliffe and more.

Trumpcast: Dispatches From The Angry Patriot  

Jacob Weisberg talks to Craig Silverman, the Editor of BuzzFeed Canada, about how Facebook timelines are creating an alternative reality and impacting our election.

Dispatches From The Angry Patriot  

Jacob Weisberg talks to Craig Silverman, the Editor of BuzzFeed Canada, about how Facebook timelines are creating an alternative reality and impacting our election.

149: The Mass of Flesh on my Couch  

Jeff and Christian welcome Ben Silverman from Yahoo Games to the show this week to talk about a Red Dead Redemption sequel, a potential SAG voice actor's strike, Diablo 4, Nintendo NX, and more! 00:43:58 - The Playlist: Battlefield 1, Mafia III, Skylanders, Gears of War 4 01:05:31 - VR Talk: PSVR extravaganza! Batman Arkham VR, RIGs, Thumper, REZ Infinite, and more! 01:43:50 - Tabletop Time: Essen releases, and Decemberists' Kickstarter 01:53:56 - Parting Gifts!


Monstruos, S.A. (Animación. Comedia. Fantástico. Infantil #audesc 2001)  

País Estados Unidos Director Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich, David Silverman Guión Andrew Stanton, Daniel Gerson Música Randy Newman Sinopsis Monsters Inc. es la mayor empresa de miedo del mundo, y James P. Sullivan es uno de sus mejores empleados. Asustar a los niños no es un trabajo fácil, ya que todos creen que los niños son tóxicos y no pueden tener contacto con ellos. Pero un día una niña se cuela sin querer en la empresa, provocando el caos.

Episode #405 (Originally aired 09/30/16)  

Episode #405 (Originally aired 09/30/16) - Bill’s guests are Sean Penn, Sarah Silverman, Peter Hamby, Steve Moore and Angela Rye.

163: Scott Aukerman  

SCOTT AUKERMAN is an Emmy winning creator, producer, host, writer, and creator, known for launching and successfully sustaining the parody talk show "Comedy Bang! Bang!. The show's 5th season premiered on June 3, 2016 on IFC with Weird Al serving as bandleader, with the 2nd part of season 5 coming back to IFC in October 2016. Past guests include Zoe Saldana, Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Hamm, Aziz Ansari, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt, Seth Rogen, Thomas Lennon, Zach Galifianakis, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, and Michael Cera. This past year, Aukerman wrote the hilarious 67th Primetime Emmy Awards with Andy Samberg. Aukerman's production company, CBB Productions, is currently developing multiple projects for a variety of networks and NBC Universal’s Seeso has added two shows run by CBB and executive produced by Scott, including the highly-anticipated reality spoof show "Bajillion Dollar Propertie$" and "Take My Wife.” In addition, Aukerman is also the co-creator, co-producer, co-writer and a director of the Funny or Die web series "Between Two Ferns with Zach GalifIanakis. The faux talk show, has featured interviews with Brad Pitt, James Franco, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Adams, just to name a few. The series received worldwide attention for a recent installment featuring President Barack Obama, for which Aukerman won an Emmy and in 2015 won again for the episode featuring Brad Pitt. Aukerman began his career as a writer and performer on the Emmy nominated HBO cult classic "Mr. Show" and came full circle when he recently wrote and starred in Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' new Netflix show called “With Bob and David.” In 2010, Aukerman co-founded the Earwolf Podcast Network as an umbrella to a number of podcasts including the one he hosts, "Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast". As a writer, Aukerman worked on the DreamWorks picture "Shark Tale", which was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature” in 2005 and  recently, Aukerman  added comic book writer to his ever-growing resume penning such comics such as "Deadpool" and "Secret Wars Journal #3" for Marvel. 

Purely Arsenal: "Mustafi Chance"

Twitter: @Footballpurists  @PurelyArsenalFP


Instagram: Footballpurists

Jack Sessions hosts (@SessionsJack) the latest @purelyarsenalFP podcast in association with @FootballPurists, with regular star special guest Mark Harrison (@ArsenesGlasses_) and our very own Gooner girl Samantha Silverman (@samiam_21).   The team discuss all the ins and outs from the transfer window, focusing on the conundrum that is Jack Wilshere and talking up our new signings in Perez and Mustafi! We also look ahead to the Southampton game and answer all the fans questions! 
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