A 'serious investment in needs-based education funding': Simon Birmingham  

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says an additional $2,300 on average per student will flow to schools over the next few years under the Gonski 2.0 legislation, which was passed in Parliament overnight. Speaking with AM's Sabra Lane, he acknowledges that last-minute changes to the legislation in order to ensure its passing will mean that the program will cost more over the next few years, but says it 'doesn't add to the structural budget position' over the long term and rejects this morning's editorial in the Financial Review that states that the legislation is 'a metaphor for all that is wrong with Australian politics'.

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Bæltestedet 22-06-2017  

Simon Jul og Jan Elhøj bevæger sig både over og under Bæltestedet. Måden hvorpå vi glor ud i verden, og fornemmelsen af hvordan verden glor tilbage på os må aldrig bliver monoton, eller ensfarvet i deres optik.

Hoy Empieza Todo con Ángel Carmona - Simon Reynolds - 22/06/17  

‘Como un golpe de rayo’ (publicado por Caja Negra) es el nuevo libro del prestigioso crítico musical Simon Reynolds y en él desgrana a lo largo de casi 700 páginas la breve historia y la prolongada influencia del movimiento glam de los 70. Gustavo Iglesias se puso en contacto con Reynolds para hablar sobre esta obra y este fenómeno (musical, visual y social) del que David Bowie fue el indiscutible motor, aunque el autor reivindica también las aportaciones de otros actores menores (The Sweet, Slade o los propios T.Rex) y su influjo en todo el pop posterior, llegando a identificarlo en artistas actuales como, entre muchísimos otros, Lady Gaga o incluso Kanye West.

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Hoy empieza todo con Ángel Carmona - 'Como un golpe de rayo' - 22/06/17  

Gustavo Iglesias habló con el crítico musical Simon Reynolds, a propósito de su libro 'Como un golpe de rayo' en el que repasa la historia y las influencias del movimiento glam de los 70. La actualidad según Antonio Vicente, el 'Croissant Pop' de Julio Ródenas y una selección musical especialmente veraniega completaron el programa de hoy.

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Eugene Onegin  

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Alexander Pushkin's verse novel, the story of Eugene Onegin, widely regarded as his masterpiece. Pushkin (pictured above) began this in 1823 and worked on it over the next ten years, while moving around Russia, developing the central character of a figure all too typical of his age, the so-called superfluous man. Onegin is cynical, disillusioned and detached, his best friend Lensky is a romantic poet and Tatyana, whose love for Onegin is not returned until too late, is described as a poetic ideal of a Russian woman, and they are shown in the context of the Russian landscape and society that has shaped them. Onegin draws all three into tragic situations which, if he had been willing and able to act, he could have prevented, and so becomes the one responsible for the misery of himself and others as well as the death of his friend. With Andrew Kahn Professor of Russian Literature at the University of Oxford and Fellow of St Edmund Hall Emily Finer Lecturer in Russian and Comparative Literature at the University of St Andrews and Simon Dixon The Sir Bernard Pares Professor of Russian History at University College London Producer: Simon Tillotson.

173 - Ringtone in Chinese with ShaoLan and Founder Ralph Simon from Mobilium Global  

The ”Father of the ringtone” Ralph Simon learns how to say ”ringtone” in Chinese! You can also learn how to specify whether the ringtone is a mobile ringtone or not in Mandarin thanks to Chineasy founder ShaoLan. Read extended show notes for this episode here: Explore various topics, special guests, and expansive list of useful Chinese phrases on Talk Chineasy website! Want to practice the pronunciation of words taught in this episode? Have fun learning with activity sheets, recap video, coloring book, and more. Become a Golden Chineasian to enjoy exclusive premium content!

Ep 48 feat. ROH COO Joe Koff: Money In The Bank Controversy, Mayweather v McGregor, Impact Releases, More  

This week's episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features Eric chatting with Ring of Honor's COO Joe Koff. Some of the topics that Eric and Joe discuss include: - How Joe got involved in the pro wrestling business - Eric and Joe's experience's crossing paths in the past - New technology Ring of Honor is using to reach fans - New Japan Pro Wrestling's attempt to break into the United States and what it means to their relationship with Ring of Honor - ROH's Best in The World 2017 - More... Eric and Nick also take time at the top of the show to talk about a wide variety of sports entertainment news headlines from the past week. Including: - The much anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor fight - WWE's controversial ending to the women's Money In The Bank match and decision to re-do it - Mike & Maria Kanellis' debut in WWE - Hurricane Helms, Al Snow and Simon Diamond's exits from Impact Wrestling - Triple H surprising one of the heroes from the London Bridge attack - More... You can find a special Bischoff on Wrestling Overrun on featuring Eric answering 20 fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag.

#016 Is Philosophy More Important Than Ever? (with Simon Critchley)  

This week philosopher Simon Critchley enlightens us to the roots of philosophy, as well as topics including football as ‘working class ballet’, what constitutes a 'good death’, and the relevance and importance of philosophy in these times.

Gonski 2.0 looks set to pass, but the Government isn't claiming victory yet  

Despite widespread and virulent opposition, education minister Simon Birmingham appears to have convinced ten diverse crossbenchers to vote for Government's reduced Gonski 2.0 package. But nothing is certain in politics until the votes are counted, and the government's not claiming victory yet. The funding plan was the centrepiece of the budget, says political reporter Tom Iggulden, and getting it through would be a major coup for the Turnbull Government.

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Della Arte #33 Loa Falkman finns inte  

K attackerar Simon och han har börjat använda ROA-påsen som soppåse. Jonatan har ätit mycket thaimat på sistone och att hans mamma har börjat lyssna på det han gör. I kulturdelen idag handlar det om att Loa Falkman bara är en persona. Även om Håkan Hellström-utställning ’Klubbland’ på Liseberg och att Kulturnytt har granskat SVT. Avslutningsvis om att den första svenska kardinalen har utsetts! Della Arte sponsras av Resursbank! Podcasten klipps av Niklas Runsten

Le Journal Du Rock - Chris Cornell, Johnny Cash, Brian May et Roger Daltrey  

La toute dernière vidéo de Chris Cornell a été diffusée. Chris Cornell fera aussi partie des artistes sur le prochain disque de poèmes de Johnny Cash. Brian May, guitariste de Queen, et Roger Daltrey, chanteur des Who, sur une reprise du classique de Simon and Garfunkel : “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. ----------------------------------------------------------Classic 21 vous informe des dernières actualités du rock, de Belgique et de partout ailleurs. Le Journal du Rock, chaque jour à 17h et le lendemain à 7h30.

Politiikkaradio: Mikä erottaa Perussuomalaiset Sinisestä tulevaisuudesta?: 21.06.2017 13.10  

Perussuomalaiset hajosi kahdeksi ryhmäksi: mikä ryhmiä erottaa, mikä yhdistää? Vielä hetki sitten Perussuomalaiset sitoutuivat hallitusohjelmaan. Mikä on linja nyt? Tekeekö Perussuomalaiset oppositiossa kovaa, radikaalia politiikkaa maahanmuuttokysymyksissä tai EU:n vastustamisessa? Kuinka pitkälle politiikan oikeaan laitaan puolue siirtyy? Entä minkälainen on Sininen tulevaisuus -puolueeksi rekisteröityvän Uusi vaihtoehto -ryhmän poliittinen linja? Ryhmällä ei ole poliittista ohjelmaa, vaan linjaksi on ilmoitettu sitoutuminen hallitusohjelmaan. Vastustaako Sininen tulevaisuus Euroopan unionia? Hyväksyykö ryhmä pakolaiskiintiön nostamisen? Keskustelemassa ovat Perussuomalaisista irronneen Uusi vaihtoehto -eduskuntaryhmän puheenjohtaja Simon Elo ja Perussuomalaisten eduskuntaryhmän puheenjohtaja Leena Meri (ps.). Toimittajana on Tapio Pajunen.

June 21: How the Slants won the right to keep their name  

Simon Tam of the Slants talks to Tom Power about the power of reclaiming racially offensive terms.

Garry, Tim and Hamish - Wednesday 21st June  

Bob Murphy on the Dogs, NHL Legend Darryl Sittler, Chris Knights, Simon Goodwin, Dylan Shiel all part of your Wednesday Breakfast show

Siegfried Sassoon's Letter to The Times  

Five writers explore the year 1917 through the work of five Great War artists. Tonight, Joanna Bourke on Siegfried Sassoon and his celebrated protest against the conflict. "I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance of military authority, because I believe that the War is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it." So wrote the soldier-poet Siegfried Sassoon in July 1917, in a letter to the Times newspaper. "I am a soldier," he went on, "convinced that I am acting on behalf of soldiers. I believe this War, upon which I entered as a war of defence and liberation, has now become a war of aggression and conquest." The result was uproar - and Sassoon's subsequent confinement to Craiglockhart Hospital in Edinburgh, suffering (the authorities concluded) from shell-shock. In tonight's Essay, Joanna Bourke re-reads Sassoon's letter of protest and examines what led up to his outspoken anti-war declaration, and what happened next. Producer: Simon Elmes.

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The Slants Win the Day!  

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that a law denying federal trademark protection to names deemed disparaging is unconstitutional. Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the unanimous decision that “it offends a bedrock First Amendment principle: speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend.”

The suit was brought by the Portland dance-rock band The Slants, a group of Asian-American musicians who have taken their name from an ethnic slur and worn it with pride. The musicians sued because when they tried to register trademark for their name, the US Patent and Trademark Office said, “The Slants? No no no no no no."

Bob spoke to the founder of The Slants, Simon Tam, exactly 2 years ago, when the band had just lost its appeal at the Federal Circuit Court.

Money Talks: The scandal that won’t go away  

Barclays and four of its former executives have been charged with fraud, a throwback to the 2008 financial crisis when the bank raised billions from Qatari investors. But what happened nine years ago? And why have the company's actions been investigated? Also, how buyers are striking a hard deal at the Paris Air Show. And why meddling by Saudi Arabia’s Muhammad bin Salman in Aramco might scupper the world’s biggest IPO. Hosted by Simon Long.

Money Talks: The scandal that won’t go away  

Barclays and four of its former executives have been charged with fraud, a throwback to the 2008 financial crisis when the bank raised billions from Qatari investors. But what happened nine years ago? And why have the company's actions been investigated? Also, how buyers are striking a hard deal at the Paris Air Show. And why meddling by Saudi Arabia’s Muhammad bin Salman in Aramco might scupper the world’s biggest IPO. Hosted by Simon Long.

How The Shrinking Immigrant Pool Is Creating a Labor Shortage  

Bloomberg's Michelle Jamrisko tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz how the shrinking pool of undocumented immigrants is creating a growing shortage of agriculture workers in the U.S. Then, Vincent Piazza, a senior equity energy analyst and global sector leader at Bloomberg Intelligence, talks about oil prices and the EQT-Rice Energy deal. Simon Ballard, a global credit strategist at Bloomberg in London, discusses new issue volumes and why he sees red flags with investors chasing yield in sub-investment grade credits. Finally, Cory Johnson, an editor-at-large at Bloomberg and co-host of Bloomberg Markets, talks about Blue Apron's IPO and outlook.

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