Doppel-Aus: Das sagen Bayern-Fans über Ancelotti  

Am Tag nach dem zweiten Aus in einem Pokal-Wettbewerb binnen acht Tagen stand Carlo Ancelotti im Training des FC Bayern München im Regen. Derzeit ein Bild mit Symbolcharakter. "Selbst schuld" lautete der generelle Tenor bei den Bayern-Fans angesichts der zahlreichen Chancen, die Robben & Co beim 2:3 gegen Borussia Dortmund ausließen. In der Bewertung von Trainer Ancelotti sind sich die Anhänger nicht ganz einig...

Stand By For Crime - Death On The Tracks (1953)  

Death On The Tracks (1953) *The Exact Date Is Unknown.
This show, from the early 1950s, is a good example of the true story style of delivery made popular in radio's classic crime shows Gangbusters and Mr. District Attorney. Of course, the best and most popular of the true crime shows was Dragnet -- the monotone, "just the facts" style demanded by Jack Webb in the show made two points at once: first, that the show wasn't a typical melodramatic crime show, as had been on radio since "the good old days", and more importantly, that we were along for the ride on another day at the office -- in this case, a policeman's “day at the office". Not a true crime show, as this is drama, but this show features Chuck Morgan, as played by Glen Langen, a very believable news anchor at KOP, a Los Angeles radio station. He is pals with Lieutenant Bill Miggs of the police force, who tips him off to hot crime news. Also in on the capers is Morgan's "Gal Friday", Carol Curtis, played by Adele Jurgens. The three meet all types -- mostly on the shady side of the street. In real life, Glen and Adele were husband and wife, the two marrying in 1949. They had met on the movie set of The Treasure of Monte Cristo.

How to Make Your Ministry Résumé Stand Out – Rainer on Leadership #323  

Ministry résumés are a frequent topic for questions. So on today's episode we discuss all the details that go into a good résumé.

Ep 42: Dr. Peter Boylan Talks Exclusively to The Stand  

In an interview with Eamon Dunphy, Dr. Peter Boylan suggests that one of the problems with the National Maternity Hospital project was that Minister Simon Harris was 'looking for a win'. He tells Eamon about his belief that the board was looking for a state of the art facility at any cost and was therefore blinded to the gravity of the situation they now find themselves in.

Fan Mail Friday #112 | Highway to the Friend Zone  

Time for Fan Mail Friday, where we'll be answering your questions and dropping some knowledge and feedback to help you kick the weekend off right.

Let's cut to it! In this episode:

How do you make room in your life for personal growth when you have an ill parent who needs your care? Regrets? We've had a few... Wondering if your grieving friend still needs support past the six-week point? Immersed in the culture and language of a foreign land, how do you begin the path to fluency when your brain's first instinct is to tune out what it doesn't understand? The friend zone may not be the vacation destination you anticipated, but maybe it's the vacation destination you need. "Boning the same sex does not a lifestyle make." Where do we stand on Internet security issues? [Related: No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald, the documentary Citizenfour, Jordan's VPN recommendation, and Jason's PIA recommendation] Quick shoutouts to David Teles (good luck with your exams!) and the L.A. Kings! Have any questions, comments, or stories you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line at! Check out Jordan's (@TheArtofCharm) other show: The Forbes List, and Jason's (@jpdef) other show: Grumpy Old Geeks.

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Christopher Titus & Mark Pitta  

Chef Jeremiah Tower & Comedian Azhar Usman. David goes insane demanding to know why Ann Coulter won't go away? Three of the biggest names ever to come out of my hometown, San Francisco: Comedian Christopher Titus, Comedian Mark Pita, and, this is huge, Chef Jeremiah Tower, plus my new friend, one of Dave Chappelle’s favorite opening acts, and he’s writing for tomorrow night’s White House Correspondents Dinner, Comedian, Lawyer, Husband, Father, Son and Holy Ghost Azhar Usman. Christopher Titus is working on his eighth comedy special. Mark Pita recalls the early days of San Francisco comedy scene, his first Carson shot, and what it's like to hang with your comedy heroes. Jeremiah Tower! If you know anything about food this is big, and if you don’t know anything about food you need to know who Jeremiah Tower is. It all starts with Jeremiah Tower. Before Mario Batali, before Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, before Wolfgang Puck there was Jeremiah Tower who created the idea of a celebrity chef, he created not only California cuisine, he created American cuisine, he created farm to table he created the whole idea of being a locavore. He’s on the show today! Jeremiah Tower is responsible for Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California and Chez Panisse is responsible for the whole idea of locally sourced food. I know. It sounds crazy, but Jeremiah Tower in the late 70s and early 80s said, "To hell with French cooking, to hell with flying in fish from Chile, let’s cook with what’s right in front of us." You take that for granted, but until Jeremiah Tower nobody knew what fresh food tasted like. There’s a new documentary out called the Last magnificent, and it’s the story of how Jeremiah Tower didn’t just revolutionize modern dining, he created it. Martha Stewart, Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdaine are in this documentary, The Last Magnificent, it’s produced by Anthony Bourdaine, and the Last Magnificent is incredible, you’ll never look at food the same way again. So much of what we take for granted started with Jeremiah Tower in the early 80s, he went on to create Stars restaurant in San Francisco, and then, he disappeared. Fell of the face of the earth. Walked away from it all, left at the top of his game. Only to return two years ago to run Tavern on The Green in New York, as well as serve as the subject of this fantastic documentary The Last Magnificent. I would put this up there with Jiro Dreams of Sushi, that great 2011 documentary covering Jiro Ono the 85-year-old Japanese sushi master who runs a hole in the wall that Michelin gives three stars. So proud to have Jeremiah Tower on the show today. Christopher Titus has done seven comedy specials.  Never happy with doing what's been done before, Titus makes sure every show has a specific theme, while simultaneously taking the audience on a wild ride of laughter.  He is currently touring with his newest and eighth show, "AMERICA… REALLY?," in which he is half-assed running for President in 2017. After rave reviews of “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding,” Titus followed it up 2 years later with his rant on 9-11 and the world coming apart in “The 5th Annual End of the World Tour.” This 90-minute piece once again shows how Christopher is a comic who either suffers from A.D.D., or is an angry white trash maniac. After his second show, all hell broke loose in Titus’ life.  A bad divorce and an amazing new relationship brought his third 90-minute show to life. “Love is Evol" goes through the ups and downs of love and divorce in a way that no comic has before.  If you’ve ever been in love and had your heart ripped out, this show will heal you... and steel you for the future. Never holding back, Christopher Titus was able to do three ninety-minute shows in only five years.  Most comics would take a break and recharge, but instead, Titus dropped “NEVERLUTION” in 2011.  Neverlution takes on the entire country and its complacency with everything from terrorism and politics, to child-rearing and technology.  Titus again shows he is up to more than just stand-up comedy.Between 2004 and 2011, Titus released six hours of comedy.  Now what?  “VOICE IN MY HEAD” is what.  Titus turns his rage and hilarity inward, and kicks his own ass with this special about every mistake he has made in his life, including getting his TV show cancelled. The disc ends with an epic 28-minute piece about meeting Bruce Springsteen and what an idiot Titus continued to be in front of “The Boss." Only one year later, Titus released “Angry Pursuit of Happiness.”  One of his best specials, Titus takes the audience on a ride through life.  From the bit, “Arm the Children,” to His Dad’s ED problem, to one of his most epic pieces, “Here’s How Life Goes,” you will laugh your ass off while reconsidering your own life choices. In “BORN WITH A DEFECT,” Titus tackles one of his toughest subjects to date-- kids.  In an hour and forty minutes, Titus deconstructs the love of children and proves that they really don’t care about us at all. He also gives parenting advice and tells stories that would make a child therapist get a restraining order. As he says in the show, “If you are a parent this show is therapy, if you don’t have kids it’s 90 minutes of birth control.”   If you are counting, that’s seven specials in only 12 years. Titus has done the work, paid his dues and has the history to show that he is one of the best comics working today.  Not happy to just write bit after unrelated bit, Titus always brings a cohesive, complete show. Titus’ comedy is part rant, part confession, part therapy, but ALWAYS funny.  His reputation is one of a hard, funny comic who takes no prisoners and gives the audience everything he has, in every show he does. He has tackled the world, relationships, families, the human race and most of all, himself. Mark’s career flourished in LA, first, fulfilling his dream of appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson then subsequent appearances with Jay Leno. Mark landed a job as host of Totally Hidden Video for the FOX network, playing different characters in hidden camera situations and then hosting Friday Night Videos for NBC. Mark has made guest appearances on Mad About You and Third Rock from the Sun. For Comedy Central Mark has appeared on Premium Blend; The A-List; Dr. Katz; and Make Me Laugh. Mark wrote and starred in his own sitcom for NBC but the pilot wasn’t chosen for the fall season. Head of NBC, Warren Littlefield picked a show called “Union Square” instead. It lasted three episodes. Mark predicts that his show would have lasted at least four. When the word came down that the project wasn’t a go Mark magically received a call from the top rated morning show in the San Francisco Bay Area to be the roving entertainment reporter/host. For five years Mark brought his unique comic expertise to the man on street format and enjoyed the original approach to interviewing newsmakers, movie stars and everyday folk. In 1997 Mark achieved the comedy version of the hat trick when, during a show, he made a women (name withheld) laugh so hard she wet her pants, cried, and liquid came out of her nose. There is no higher honor. A favorite on the comedy club; college; and corporate circuit, Mark has also opened for Chris Issak, Celene Dion, Vanessa Williams, Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton John, Smokey Robinson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Rick Springfield. The prestigious ELAN AWARDS has chosen Mark as Master of Ceremonies five times, and Anthony Robbins has employed Mark to liven up his financial seminars. Every Tuesday in Mill Valley, California, Mark runs a comedy showcase at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre new comics a chance to develop. Veterans like Dana Carvey, Robin Williams, and Richard Lewis have also stopped by. AZHAR USMAN is a standup comedian, actor, writer, playwright, and producer. He is one of the hottest standup comics based in Chicago; CNN called him "America's Funniest Muslim," and Georgetown University identified him as "one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World." In 2010, standup icon Dave Chappelle–for whom Azhar has opened over 50 times–commented "Azhar Usman is untouchable." As the co-founder of the international comedy showcase "Allah Made Me Funny–The Official Muslim Comedy Tour," he has toured over 20 countries, on five continents. His comedy has been profiled/reviewed by over 100 major world media outlets including The New York Times, The Economist, BBC, The Guardian, NPR, TIME Magazine, Al-Jazeera, USA Today, and Fox News. Besides appearing regularly on television, and in numerous documentary and independent films, he served as executive producer of Mo Amer's first one-hour standup special "Legally Homeless" (directed by Jay Chapman), and most recently, served as a creative consultant on Hannibal Buress' 2016 Netflix comedy special, "Comedy Camisado." Azhar guest stars as KKYMAN CANDAHAR on Amazon Studios' new big-budget original series PATRIOT (created, written, and directed by Steve Conrad). In the Spring of 2017, he appeared on Pete Holmes' popular podcast "You Made It Weird," where he announced that he will record his first ever one-hour standup special later this year (to be directed by Ramy Youssef and executive produced by Hannibal Buress).   Tell us what you think in the comment section below.   More David @   Tune in every Tuesday and Friday for brand new episodes of our show featuring a diverse mixture of comedians, actors, professors, comedy writers and journalists talking about your world. Check out our new You Tube channel.   More about David:   David writes for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's series on Hulu and Maya and Marty on NBC. David has also won three Prime Time Emmys for comedy writing, as well as four Writers Guild Awards.   He has also written on ABC's Roseanne, HBO's Dennis Miller Li


Adam talks to Marc Maron, stand up comedian, actor, writer and host of one of the very best interview podcasts out there: WTF! As usual, it’s not a career overview but a meandering chat that takes in podcast hosting and stand up, getting hustled, Marc’s new acting role in the Netflix show GLOW and we discover what’s on Marc’s running playlist. Adam also concludes the podcast by paying wobbly voiced tribute to the late, great director Jonathan Demme. Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support, Matt Lamont for convo editing and to Acast for hosting this podcast. Download their app and check out their many other excellent shows.


On this weeks Schmoes Know Show, Mark Ellis is out of town... HELP! SOMEONE SEND HELP! Well have no fear because The Pitboss and Wildman are here to save the day. The crew take a look at Tom Hanks' filmography, Brett returns and reviews a movie and the crew plays a Tom Hanks edition of THE GAME. CHECK OUT LOOT CRATE: *** Save 10% with Promo Code SCHMOES *** Timecodes: GET US ON ITUNES: SUBSCRIBE TO SCHMOES KNOW: SUBSCRIBE TO COLLIDER: JOIN SCHMOEVILLE: CHECK OUT SCHMOES KNOW T-SHIRTS: Twitter: Facebook: Tickets to Mark's stand-up tour: FOLLOW EVERYONE ON TWITTER Today's Hosts Ken Napzok: Josh Macuga: Emma Fyffe: Brett Sheridan: Production Crew Cobbster (Producer): ACE (Associate Producer): Cody Hall (Engineer): RB3 (Intern): Beardo (Intern):

Zu Gast: Peter Graf, Herausgeber  

Ab dem 25. August 1835 stand die Welt für einige Wochen Kopf. Der Grund: Die New York Sun berichtete in einer sechsteiligen Serie über die angebliche Entdeckung von Leben auf dem Mond. Der britische Astronom Sir John Herschel habe mit einem neuartigen Teleskop geflügelte Wesen erspäht, die aussähen wie Fledermausmenschen oder gar Engel. Die Geschichte verbeitete sich in rasendem Tempo um die ganze Welt, es wurden sogar schon Missionarsreisen zum Mond geplant, um die Fledermausmenschen zu bekehren. Tatsächlich war es aber eine groß angelegte Finte. Durch Recherchen konkurrierender Journalisten klärte sich bald auf, dass Herschel selbst von diesen Entdeckungen gar nichts wußte, der Artikel war ohne ihn entstanden. Erst am 16. September 1835 gab die New York Sun zu, dass die Berichte gefälscht seien, die Öffentlichkeit reagierte größtenteils amüsiert. Was übrig blieb vom Skandal war der Text, der dem Autor Richard Adam Locke zugeschrieben wird und von poetischer Schönheit ist. Diesen kann man nun wieder kauflich erwerben, getreu der 1836 auf Deutsch erschienenen Buchausgabe - und das ist Peter Graf zu verdanken. Bereits mit seinem Verlag Walde + Graf hat sich Peter Graf um vergessene oder verschollene Texte gekümmert, hat alte Romane wieder entdeckt und in bibliophiler Ausstattung neu verlegt. Mit anderen Buchbegeisterten hat er den Verlag "Das kulturelle Gedächtnis" gegründet, der einzig solche Text herausbringt: Alte Berichte, Aufzeichnungen von Seefahrern und Naturkundlern ebenso wie erzählende Texte aus vergangenen Jahrhunderten. Was er in seinem Programm hat und wie sich das Sortiment finanziert, das erzählte Peter Graf unserem Moderator Alf Haubitz im hr2-kulturcafé.

PM - Full Program - 27/04/2017 19:11  

On Thursday's program: The Treasurer Scott Morrison injects the concept of good debt versus bad debt into the national political debate ahead of the budget; Competition for the Australian Olympic Committee Presidency heats up with challenger Danni Roche taking a stand against allegations of bullying in sport governance; And a Sydney court starts trialling therapy dogs as a way to reduce the anxiety of victims of crime.

612: Andy Molinsky | A Reach from Comfort  

Andy Molinsky (@andymolinsky) is a professor of organizational behavior and psychology at Brandeis University's International Business School and author of Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process and Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence.

The Cheat Sheet: You know it's important to step outside your comfort zone for the sake of growth -- but are you doing it regularly? Understand why it's hard to act outside your comfort zone, how you (perhaps unknowingly) act to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone, and what it takes to successfully act outside of your comfort zone. Learn the five psychological roadblocks to exploring outside of your comfort zone. Discover the three key tools for systematically attacking your limitations in order to grow: conviction, customization, and clarity. Harness the power of props (or kangaroo costumes, as the case may be). And so much more...

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HOW CAN YOU DIP YOUR DICK IN STEAK? Live from Moontower Comedy Festival w/MATT BELLASSAI  

Recorded live in Austin at the Moontower Comedy Festival, this episode features co-hosts Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson plus special guest MATT BELLASSAI (Whine About It) AND YOU as the three drink, gab, and complain about sex, dating, and relationship issues that irk the fuck out of the audience. Ghosting, bathroom behavior, and SO MUCH DICK STUFF. PLUS: Advice to a wino and a guy with the shittiest online dating profile the girls have ever fucking seen. PUT SOME SOCKS ON, BRO! Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to Howl using this link ---> PRE-ORDER OUR BOOK, FUCKED: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That's Screwed & get a shout-out on the podcast: Tweet MATT BELLASSAI: Email us: Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Facebook: LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": COME SEE US LIVE: ALL GWF EXPERIENCE TOUR DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE: TONIGHT FRIDAY, APRIL 28TH @ 7:30pm GLAMOURPUSS - Hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson & Wendi Starling Zinc Bar - 82 W. 3rd St. - NYC Tix are $15, 21+ TICKET LINK: SATURDAY, APRIL 29TH @ 11:15pm NACHO BITCHES Co-hosted by Corinne Fisher & Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street (bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave) TIX are $10 with code 'NACHO', 16+, 2 drink min GET TIX HERE: SUNDAY, APRIL 30TH @ 10pm THE COMEDIENNE PROJECT Hosted by Corinne Fisher & Katie Hannigan The Stand (MANHATTAN!) 239 Third Ave - NYC Tix are $15, 16+ to enter TIX:|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=-&__utmk=238034304 MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Foreign Air - "Call Off The Dogs" 2. The Howling Lords - "Bad For Me" Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to:

Lizzie Armitstead, Sex robots, Hidden illness, DV in fiction  

British cyclist Lizzie Armitstead's career was thrown into turmoil when just before the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio the press revealed that she had been investigated for missed drugs tests and was only competing after an appeal cleared her name. The backlash was immense. Now that Lizzie has published her autobiography Jenni talks to her about what happened and why and the reports of sexism that she includes in her book. Big Little Lies, Coronation Street & the musical Carousel all contain storylines about coercive control & domestic abuse. How important is it for people to experience the unpicking of the complexities around these desperate situations? And what about the responsibility in how these relationships are depicted? Jenni is joined by Polly Neate, the Chief Executive of Women's Aid and cultural commentator, Karen Krizanovich. A 'Please Offer Me a Seat' badge for those less able to stand on public transport is being launched by Transport for London on Friday. We hear from Amanda, a cervical cancer survivor who still experiences pain following radical surgery, and Amy, who suffers with Lupus, on the challenges they face on public transport with a 'hidden' illness. The race is on to develop the first commercial sex robot for the mass market & an American company may have one for sale later this year. The journalist Jenny Kleeman has visited the factories where these robots are being developed and she joins Jenni to describe the appearance and technology of these machines. Is the robot the ultimate in sexual objectification or an opportunity to improve our experience of sex & intimacy? Jenni is joined by Dr Kathleen Richardson, Senior Research Fellow in the Ethics of Robotics, and Dr Kate Devlin, Senior Lecturer in Computing.

008 - Sausage Fest  

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand up comedian Luis J. Gomez start off this week's episode by catching up, Bisping is still filming a movie in Thailand and Luis is fresh off his time in Austin, TX for Moontower.  The guys discuss magic mushrooms, their first times getting arrested, UFC Fight Night results, Al Iaquinta's rage and whether it will help or hurt him, fighters who have day jobs,  Bisping calls out Jorge Masvidal, GSP's smack talking, "ring rust" and plenty more!

Follow the whole show: @Bisping, @LuisJGomez, @BYMPod, @GaSDigital, @IMShannonLee


Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for April 26, 2017 is:

upbraid • \up-BRAYD\  • verb

1 : to criticize severely : find fault with

2 : to reproach severely : scold vehemently


"A helpful neighbor was able to contact the owner in Dorset and upbraided her for having her house stand empty while a young couple could find no place to live." — Kitty Ferguson, Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind, 2012

"There was a steady stream of customers, mostly for takeout, and the experience was marred only by a guy we took to be the proprietor upbraiding one of his employees in front of the customers. Bad form, sir." — Heidi Knapp Rinella, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1 Apr. 2016

Did you know?

Upbraid, scold, and berate all mean to reproach angrily, but with slight differences in emphasis. Scold usually implies rebuking in irritation or ill temper, either justly or unjustly. Upbraid tends to suggest censuring on definite and usually justifiable grounds, while berate implies scolding that is prolonged and even abusive. If you're looking for a more colorful term for telling someone off, try tongue-lash, bawl out, chew out, or wig—all of which are fairly close synonyms of berate. Among these synonyms, upbraid is the senior member in English, being older than the others by at least 100 years. Upbraid derives via Middle English from the Old English ūpbregdan, believed to be formed from a prefix meaning "up" and the verb bregdan, meaning "to snatch" or "to move suddenly."

SVU: The rape joke comic was a rape joke rapist (w/Pat Dixon)  

He's a stand up comic who likes to tell female hecklers it would be funny if they got raped. Then when one of them walks home...well, it's SVU so you can guess the rest. Kevin & Rebecca dive into SVU S15 E15 "Comic Perversion" with Pat Dixon, comedian and host of the podcast "NYC Crime Report." This episode is based on two scandals, one involving Daniel Tosh and the other with Derek Jeter. Our sponsor is ThirdLove bras. ThirdLove stands behind their products so much that they’re willing to let our listeners try a bra from their 24/7 collection FREE! Just pay $2.99 for shipping. Go to We're also brought to you by Blue Apron. Get your first three meals and free shipping at

Pod Three - Gaunty's off to get his kicks on Route 66! 25th April  

I'm off to the States to get the views of ordinary Americans as I travel the length of America's most historic road, Route 66. It's all thanks to you, listener, and you'll be with me every step of the way as I bring you the top guests, real Americans as well as photos, video and much much more. Before I go, I wanted to get a sense of what I'm in for. So I spoke to the world-renowned expert on Route 66, author Jerry McClanahan, live from his home in Oklahoma. Check out Jerry's excellent book Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travellers.

Before I even get to America, I have to get all of my equipment, including headphones, microphones, two mixers and two laptops, through US customs. Trump's new ban on laptops from various European countries might have just made that harder! Is Gaunty in for the latex glove treatment when he arrives? And what will the ban mean for British tourists? I spoke to deputy travel editor at The Sun Pete Bell.

For the next three days my microphone will be in the capable hands of Nick Margerrison, AKA Nick the Nob! My former producer did a sterling job whilst I was away last time, and I'm delighted to have him stand in for me again. I spoke to him today to find out what he's got in store for the next three days.

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Beth Stelling - Episode 643  

Fellow writer on “Crashing” and standout stand-up Beth Stelling goes deep with Greg while also providing some solid laughs.

Pod One - Paul Nuttall tells me why he'll ban Sharia law! 25th April  

Paul Nuttall joined me on the show today, and he laid into the Islamist apologists who have attacked his proposed ban on Sharia law and the full face veil! The niqab oppresses women and prevents integration, it needs to be banned! I also asked Paul the question on everyone's lips: will he stand in the election this June?

The election pollsters are still predicting a massive Tory landslide, but why should we trust anything the pollsters say? I spoke to John Ashmore, chief reporter at Politics Home, to see if he's picked up any hints that this election won't be as cut and dried as the MSM would have you believe.

The Jon Gaunt Show is brought to you in association with Financial Resolver. If you think you've been missold your pension, check them out at or call Mark and the team on 0116 283 5032

FREE speech wants your view so get involved 020 38 29 1234,, @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt. Listen LIVE from 4pm every afternoon and download the talk2meradio app to hear all our shows.

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