23: An Entrepreneur's HACK Guaranteed to BOOST Your INCOME  

My Two Cents – Ep. 23 – An Entrepreneur's Hack Guaranteed to Boost Your Income 

Here it is, the business hack you’ve been waiting for… Delegation.

Ok, so this isn’t a new concept, but stick with me because I’m going to share my “formula” and rules that make this a game-changer for your business and life. While the idea of delegation is quite basic, it’s often not used to its full potential – if at all.

Just my two cents, but “You simply cannot and should not be doing everything yourself.”

I understand that it’s hard either giving up power or money, but this is exactly the reason you SHOULD. You’re not being efficient, it slows you down and you could end up potentially losing money as well.

“You should only be doing income-producing activities or activities that you love. That’s it. Nothing else.”

So how do you know if delegation is right for you? The following two rules will help you determine if you can afford to delegate or if your business is at a point to delegate tasks.

If you can hire out the task for less than you currently value your time at, then do it! Even if you have to hire it out for the same value as what you value your time at (or slightly more), and if it is delegating a non-income-producing activity, then do it.

Here’s how to estimate the hourly value of your time:

Take your gross revenue (or your estimated gross revenue) and divide it by the number of hours you put into your business. This is typically 2,080 hours a year (52 weeks x 40 hours a week). Example, if you made $80,000, your hourly rate would be about $39/hour.

If delegating a task would be less than this – do it! And keep in mind that even if it’s a higher rate, it will likely still save you time (which is ultimately more money).

And don’t forget, when you delegate you’re putting more jobs out into the economy as well. Not to mention you’ll likely be passing over duties that frustrate you. In turn you’ll likely feel a weight lifted – and be a happier person! I can tell you from experience that when you’re happier, you attract more customers/business.

“A happier entrepreneur is a more effective entrepreneur.”

I encourage you to start before you’re ready. Stop doing the things you hate. And spend time doing more of what you love – growing your business and having more fun with it.

To help you see where some of your inefficiencies are at (whether you’re an entrepreneur or business leader), be sure to make this list:

What’s your hourly value? List every activity that you currently do to grow your business that somebody else could be doing that falls under your hourly value. List things that cost the same as (or a little more than) your hourly rate that you’re currently doing, but would save you hours. Add anything else that you could delegate ­– get creative!

What were your results? I would love to hear! Be sure to tag me on Facebook or IG!

Now, go get delegating!


In This Episode You Will Learn About: 


A Business Hack








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Episode 126: The One With All Of Friends  

The one where Erin and Jamie discuss, well, all of Friends. It's been one week since we officially wrapped our complete series coverage, so what better time to look back on this magical journey we've all taken together? You'll learn where it's okay to floss, you'll hear more listener mail than you can shake a stick at, and you'll find out what's next for all of us in this great big BOF family! Are you ready, Friendlings? We've come this far together, so there's no turning back now. Let's get floopy, y'all... forever! Best Of Friends Podcast P.O. Box 421605 Los Angeles, CA 90042 BOF MERCH: Support us on Patreon at!

Yascha Mounk: Is Trump’s incompetence saving us from his illiberalism?  

Yascha Mounk is a Lecturer on Government at Harvard University, a Fellow in the Political Reform Program at New America, and host of the podcast, The Good Fight. He’s also the author of some of the scariest political science research I’ve seen in a long time.
What Mounk found is that the consensus we thought existed on behalf of democracy and democratic norms is weakening. The percentage of Americans who think it’s important to live in a democracy has been plummeting in recent decades. The percentage of Americans who say they would support a military coup is worrying high.
This is the context in which Donald Trump — a politician with clearly illiberal instincts — won the presidency. And this may help explain why he won the presidency: the political consensus elites thought he violated may not actually be a consensus anymore. 
The good news, which Mounk and I talk about in this podcast, is that Trump may have authoritarian instincts, but he doesn’t appear to have plans, and he definitely doesn’t appear to have the discipline to stick to his plans. We also discuss Trump’s bizarre first few months in office, as well as the challenges democracies face across the western world, and whether diverse societies make pluralist liberal democracies harder to sustain. 
Mounk is scary smart, he’s got an international perspective most commentators on American politics lack, and his story about becoming an American citizen after growing up Jewish in Germany is worth the price of admission on its own (that would be true even if this podcast wasn’t free). Enjoy!

Books:“The Subjection of Women," by John Stuart Mill"A House for Mr. Biswas," by V. S. Naipaul“The Leopard," by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

43 - This Simple Trick Makes Breaking Bad Habits Up to 8 Times Easier  

There isn’t a human being on the planet who doesn’t struggle to break a bad habit once in a while. It turns out there’s a simple two word fix that can help you resist temptation, and research has proven it can help make your “no” up to eight times more effective. Hit play to find out how to stick to your goals and break those bad habits once and for all. When you need the strength to resist a bad habit, I don’t is stronger than I can’t. @MarieForleo

What Marketing Tactics You Should Do Regardless of ROI | Ep. #296  

In Episode #296, Eric and Neil discuss the marketing tactics you should do regardless of ROI. Tune in to learn why Neil’s biggest tactic is to focus his energy on everything to do with branding and how helping others and fostering an attitude of goodwill is building for long-term relationships AND success.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: What Marketing Tactics You Should Do Regardless of ROI 00:36 – The biggest tactic that Neil loves is doing anything with branding 00:44 – Everyone in marketing thinks about ROI, but you don’t need an ROI for everything 01:20 – Branding is what causes your company and business to be on top of people’s minds 01:25 – “Having a big brand is amazing and you have to strive to have that” 01:47 – People are always giving unsolicited advice 02:07 – When Eric receives comments, he knows that he is on the right track 02:29 – “Just stick with things when you know that you’re on the right track” 02:37 – Neil likes helping people 02:46 – “I believe it creates goodwill” 02:49 – Neil doesn’t want to make money out of it and just wants to help people 03:21 – This year, Eric started with his monthly dinner and happy hour and he hasn’t gotten any ROI; he also doesn’t care 03:34 – Eric’s ROI is being able to connect people together 03:56 – When you do things without thinking about ROI, it is for long term and the results are better 04:22 – Marketing School is giving away a free subscription to FunnelDash which helps you track the lifetime ROI of your Facebook campaigns 04:42 – Subscribe, rate and review Marketing School 04:46 – Text MARKETINGSCHOOL to 33444 05:06 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: When go far and beyond the call in helping people, it will create loyalty which will eventually convert people into customers. It’s not always about ROI—sometimes it’s good to just help others and create that sense of connection and goodwill. Branding is what makes people want to buy and it’s a long term process.

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Manager Merry Go Round  

After the last day of the league campaign Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons speak to fans of three clubs finishing the season in very different ways. Watford ended their campaign by getting hammered and home. Now manager-less going into the summer Bradley from Watford FC Blog tells us how it went wrong for Walter Mazzarri, what the new manager might have to work with and what he would like to see from whoever takes charge at Vicarage Road. Things are much brighter at Bournemouth, with The Cherries finishing ninth, their highest top flight finish to date. Supporter James Roach describes how Bournemouth managed that feat, and what can be done to push the club on even further in the future. Finally it is judgement day for David Moyes as Sunderland decide whether to stick with the manager going into The Championship next season. Stephen Goldsmith from Wise Men Say Podcast tells us what he would do if he was in charge and what whoever the manager is needs to do in the summer to make sure The Black Cats bounce back

LTBP #38 - Mark Fisher Interview: Unconditional Positive Regard, What It Means To Be Your Best Self & Making Learning Stick  

Mark Fisher joins Stuart for an interview on the podcast today. Alongside discussing how Mark got into the industry and why he feels this has shaped his career, we also discuss:

- The importance of mirroring your clients and how to do this

- What unconditional positive regard means and why this is so essential for trainers to grasp

- How to get feedback on something you want to get better at and where to start if you've no idea what you should be getting better at

- How to approach fear 

- Why he loves learning so much and how to take this information from knowledge to application

and a load of current book recommendations!

103 - Fueled By Criticism  

What is behind your desire to change? Change powered by criticism isn't as likely to stick.

"Wie du dich motivieren kannst" {Superboost 10}  

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Motivations Tipps:

1. Tipp: Setze dir große Ziele

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Awsome People Podcast von Robert Gladitz 


Toby can't be cheered, and Kenton gets the wrong end of the stick.

Taku Ekanayake: The Uber Driving Rentvestor. His top 3 Rentvesting Strategies  

Taku Ekanayake has gone from renting in Sydney to building a property portfolio of over 6 properties. He truly lives the rentvesting philosophy.

In this episode, Taku goes through how he started investing with not a whole lot of money (middle-income salary) and then implemented the rentvesting strategy.

We'll speak about:

How he went from 1 to 4 properties Buying interstate Some cool ideas and tips on ways that you can renovate a property before you own it and get the previous landlord to pay for your interest and expenses.


For those who haven't heard of Taku, he's actually not a full-time property investor.  Tell us about yourself:

I'm 28 years old and live in Sydney by myself renting, hence why I'm a rentvestor. I was born in Japan but moved here as a toddler, now I work as a sales professional for an IT consultancy. Eventually, I want to get into property full time, but right now investing is just humming in the background

I started in October 2015, and I managed to progress pretty rapidly through the strategy I adopted.


When you started, you were on a middle-income salary and renting a share house in Marrickville. How did you get into the market?

Initially, I was looking for somewhere to live in Sydney, and even prices then were around $500-600k, I was priced out of the market and only had a deposit for half of that.

This was a blessing in disguise.

I read  Robert Kiyosaki’s - Rich Dad Poor Dad which was a game changer for me, I shifted from that 'Australian dream' to making your money work for you and looking for income producing assets. Once I started researching into that space I got fixated on it and taken into a maze. Through that, I found different markets and went interstate.


What made you look interstate, what was your criteria?

I know I'm not supposed to be investing purely on how much I can afford, but at the time I wanted to get into the property market and only had saved a deposit and just had to look at the market through that. At the time, I was researching what areas were best suited to me, I wanted something that would look after itself, self-funding with rental income covering expenses.

Melbourne was out of the picture for me, so I looked at Brisbane. It was half the price of Sydney with strong yields and good fundamentals. It hadn't seen significant growth and I liked where it was at in the property cycle.

I was still green at the time, just doing research and networking with investors. I was attending seminars - almost two to three a week, online forums and calling agents.


Brisbane is a big market, did you have suburbs you were looking for? Or what was your key way to research?

I did have a high-level criteria, I was looking below $400k and wanted to stick to houses only and I read about the oversupply of apartments.

I was looking at a 15 - 20km radius from the city and various pockets, specifically at which areas were undervalued. Through that, I came across Bracken Ridge, I liked how it was priced, the yields it was presenting and what I could buy for under $400k and still get good land content.

Since then, Bracken Ridge has performed well.


I really like the quote you said:

“There are so many different markets in Australia, and over the long term Sydney isn’t the best performing market,” he said. “Over the last 15 years – Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide have all performed the same.”


Moving on from there, you bought another property. Where people get stuck is going from one to two properties. Can you tell us about some of the techniques you used to make this happen?

There's no magic pill, but when I bought the first one that was my sole goal, to get one property. I wasn't looking further ahead at the point. So after I bought that, I used up all of my savings and was back to the drawing board. I thought, I need to save again, working as hard as I can then I picked up a second job, Ubering doing 25 - 30 hours a week on the side. That allowed me to accelerate my savings over the next 13 months. I ended up saving about $35k - $40k just over a year. I also revalued the Bracken Ridge property, which I bought it for $375k and it was revalued for about $60k more.

I also gained capital growth increase, pulled out that equity and then used the cash savings to buy the third property.

Property two and three were in a space of about 6 - 8 weeks and that's when I started to adopt the renovation strategy.

I learnt from my mistakes and I knew there had to be a faster way to manufacture that equity. That's how I came about this strategy.


What does renovating a property look like to you?

I aim to invest in the middle to outer ring, so I really don't want to overspend because the return I get on them isn't too much. I only want to spend between 3 - 5% of the purchase price.

If there is an opportunity to add real value, like adding an extra room if the floor plan accommodates, that's a good way to add extra rental income and increase the value.

The renovation strategy:

If a property is untenanted, I will negotiate early access so that I can start the renovations immediately. This is so that there is minimum time between renters, so that it can be filled as soon as possible.


What are your plans from here?

I still want to continue buying bread and butter properties. I want to get into commercial too because the rental agreements are long term. The only thing with commercial is that you need 30% minimum deposit, so you want healthy buffers and good equity in order to invest.


Two or three tips for people getting into the market?

One of the mistakes I pointed out earlier, was that when I started out (only if you want to keep growing), don't just think about the first property. Think, what's the end goal and work back from it. Draw out a strategy and work around it.

Structuring your finance - don't just look for the cheapest interest rates, think about other aspects like does this bank have good finance? Do they allow good top ups? If your strategy is to continue to keep growing, you don't want to go to a lender who's going to hold onto your money.

Cash flow is king! Especially if you're building a property portfolio. Keep a close eye on your rental yields because that will help you sustain your expenses and continue to hold on to your property.

Capital growth is why we play this game but cash flow is what keeps us in this game.

Taku is always keen to network with like-minded people, you can reach out to Taku on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TakuEkanayake.

And remember to check out The Rentvesting Calculator, and other Free Rentvestor Tools to help work out if you should Buy a Home, or Rentvest your way to building a portfolio.

Not So Civil War  

How much longer will the American people tolerate the constant onslaught of media hysteria regarding the Trump administration In this week's boralogue John looks at how the media is firing buckshot at President Trump hoping something will stick until a legitimate scandal comes along that they can sink their teeth into The problem though is you can't maintain Chicken Little status forever Eventually people will stop taking you seriously The nation is divided along separate ideologies Could this lead to another civil war Daniel Greenfield www frontpage com Journalism Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center joins us to discuss the

Episode 36: Sanchez The Man For Me.  

“Oohs…aaahs, that’s how FPL double game weeks start, but then later there’s running and screaming” Fantasy Premier League Scientist. Following a monster set of fixtures Dan & Matt continue their Jurassic Lark, but did they avoid the Hazardous pitfalls of dangerous captaincy choices? One was so busy thinking whether he could, he didn’t stop to think if he should. Just one set of fixtures remain, we’re as tired as Leicester’s back four after being hit with the stick of a Kane. So let’s crunch the gears on this rusty old Tactics Truck Fantasy Premier League and see if there’s any life in the old beast yet. It’s almost over! It’s Gameweek. We’re on Facebook and Twitter - search ‘GameweekHQ’   #fantasyfootball #football #soccer #fantasysoccer #EPL  #Humour #premierleague #UK #SFX #FPL #Unofficial #FA #fantasypremierleague #radio #2017  #Goal #Songs #Kane #GW #DoubleGW #JesusWalks #DoubleAvenue #Sanchez

Super Tuesday Recap - The Flash S3E22 Infantino Street  

Our latest review & discussion of The Flash is here. One more episode to go before the season finale of The Flash. While we've been critical of this season, Infantino Street, is a pretty good episode. Bringing back Wentworth Miller's Snart and pairing him up with Barry is always going to be a good for this show. Not only do Miller & Gustin have great chemistry together but their characters are perfect complements. Throw in King Shark and its a great time. Also, in a move that is sure to upset many, Iris's fate was always sealed. While it probably doesn't stick, we still have to give them credit for pulling this move. Dpalm gives a simple explanation as to how to undo this and defeat Savitar.

Also is the show is losing more casual fans because of some of the crazy concepts (i.e. all the time travel)?

Stream/Download to listen to our full review.

Barry chooses to use any means necessary to save the woman he loves; The Flash turns to Captain Cold for help.


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Is there a real digital solution with Saket Vaidya  

1. From BA in Psychology, to Social media analyst, from program manger to Tech head, and from Operations to now digital solution architect. Can you tell how this crazy journey has been? 2. What are the roles and responsibilities of an online technical architect in an agency model, not necessarily a product based environment? What exactly do you do? 3. What makes you stick in an agency model type business as oppose to work on a single product and see it through? 4. Whats your perspective on startup culture in India? 5. You have worked in almost all parts in the online world, blogger, podcaster, social media, developing applications. What do you think you enjoy the most or is your true calling? Why?

Audiogyan 0

Sherrod Small Presents: Kurt Metzger w/ Warren Holstein  

Kurt & Sherrod are back in the building with comedian Warren Holstein as they get to the bottom of the race of our producers mugger, whether the latest Trump/Comey controversies will actually stick, and Go-To Gay Tommy explains the controversy over queer punk band PWR BTTM. Subscribe to out Patreon for this weeks bonus ep where comedian Matteo Lane joins us!

Race Wars 0

Episode 5: Natalie Weiner  

On episode 5 of the Stick to Football podcast with Matt Miller and Connor Rogers the guys are joined by B/R Mag's Natalie Weiner. She discusses her biggest stories including NFL talent trying to break back in through the developmental Spring league. Also, the trio answers #DraftonDraft questions ranging from Winston vs. Mariota, Fournette matching Zeke's incredible rookie campaign and which rookie quarterback has the best chance to start?

Making a Home, Secrets to a Successful Marriage  

Could it be that our ability to stick together is directly related to our decision to create a healthy and loving distance from our parents?

In this message, Pete Briscoe points us to God's road map to marriage—to leave our parents' home and be united as one.


Kenton gets the wrong end of the stick, and Rex will not take no for an answer.

1447: Officer Cleon Brown  

Rod and Karen discuss Hap and Leonard season 2, Miss USA walks comments back, Chappelle apologizes about Trump, Nicki Minaj didn't bail her brother out, judge makes sexist ruling in groping case, LA Reid fired, school harasses student over natural hair, police officer finds out he's black, teacher calls student the n-word, White People News, man threatens to shoot own penis, sperm swapper, woman stabs her boyfriend, woman hits husband with bamboo stick and sword ratchetness. Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT Email: Blog: Voice Mail: 704-557-0186 Sponsors: Site: Code: TBGWT

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