TAP008: Flight Control Laws  

Flight Control Laws

The flight control law is basically the relationship between the pilot's input on the side stick and the resulting aircraft or flight control surface response.
There are 3 flight control laws Normal Law, Alternate Law and Direct Law


As a general rule, normal law deals with single failures of a system and alternate law deals with double failures.

Within Normal Law we have three sub categories,

Ground Mode
Flight Mode
Flare Mode

Ground Mode was designed to make the aircraft behave more naturally when rotating at liftoff. The relationship between the side stick and the aircrafts response is much more like a conventional aircraft.
For pitch control - there is a direct relationship between Side stick deflection and elevator deflection. Once the aircraft reaches 75kts the maximum elevator deflection is reduced from 30 degrees to 20 degrees. If we haven't manually set a trim position using the trim wheel then the THS or trimmable horizontal stabiliser will automatically set to 0.
For lateral control - The side stick demands aileron and spoiler deflection as opposed to a roll rate but its not a direct relationship, the amount of deflection is dependant on the aircraft speed. As a extra bit of information for you, only spoilers 2 to 5 and the ailerons are used for roll. The rudders being a mechanical linkage aren't affected so you just have to remember that they become more sensitive the faster you go. There are no protections at all when in ground law.

Flight Mode
The aircraft will then start to blend smoothly from ground mode into flight law once the pitch attitude reaches 8 degrees. In roll this takes half a second and for pitch it takes five seconds.
There's a good graphic in the FCOM with this information on. Its in
Descriptions - Flight Controls - Flight control System - Normal Law - General


once the aircraft has been airborne for more than 5 seconds we are then in flight mode. This is obviously the one we are exposed to 99% of the time we are operating. As we mentioned a minute ago, normal law keeps us within the aircraft envelope and prevents us from doing manoeuvres that could potentially endanger the flight. It also gives the aircraft certain characteristics when manually flying.
In pitch the sidestick demands a load factor as opposed to an elevator deflection. So an input on the sidestick will give a pitch rate at low speed or a g-load at high speed. This is designed to give an aircraft response that the pilot would naturally expect. One of the first things you notice about the Airbus is the lack of trimming which is for me one of the best features. Therefore if there is no input on the stick the aircraft will maintain its flightpath even if the speed changes. In fact even if you change the thrust or the configuration, the aircraft will compensate for the pitching moments. This makes manual flying very easy and frees up lots of capacity.
With Roll, Again, unlike a conventional aircraft, lateral inputs on the side stick don't demand aileron deflection directly. They demand a roll rate and full side stick deflection will demand 15 degrees per second.
Just like with pitch, the aircraft will auto trim so the bank angle will be maintained when you let go of the stick up to 33 degrees, and will also automatically provide a pitch compensation and perform a coordinated turn using yaw. The maximum bank angle the aircraft will allow you to do is 67 degrees.
Beyond 33 degrees, the aircraft won't auto trim and if the side stick is then released it will return back to 33 degrees. In addition to this, above the 33 degrees, spiral stability is introduced and pitch compensation isn't available. The reason they've written this into the software is because there is no reason to fly at such high bank angles for a prolonged period.


Angle of Attack -
Autopilot out at Alpha prot, then from Alpha prot to alpha max side stick demands Alpha directly. Alpha floor trigger TOGA thrust and speed continues to decrease until we get back to Alpha max which the speed won't go below.

Load Factor -
+2.5G to -1G clean
+2G to 0G in any config other than clean

Pitch Attitude-
-15 degrees all configs
+30 degrees config 1, 2 and 3
+25 degrees config Full

High Speed Protection-
Autopilot out at VMO/MMO, master caution and overspeed ECAM at VMO/MMO +4 kts, then at VMO/MMO +6 kts, pitch trim is frozen, max bank angle is reduced and a nose up demand is triggered.

Bank Angle -
Max 67 degrees
Reduced to 45 degrees in Alpha protection and 40 degrees in high speed protection
Side stick pressure required to maintain bank angles greater than 33 degrees unless in high speed protection when its zero.


Alternate Law is generally for situations where there has been a double failure of a system which results in either lack of redundancy or integrity of the protections found in normal law. Auto pilot and auto thrust are still available.
You can get alternate law with protections and alternate law without protections.
With protections - has the following characteristics and protections,

Load Factor still has the same protections as normal law (+2.5G to -1G clean and +2 to 0G configured).

Pitch has no protections, the green equals symbols are replaced by amber ones.

Roll is now a direct stick-to-surface relationship. To help reduce the roll rate, in alternate and direct law only ailerons and spoilers 4 & 5 are available. As a note, if spoiler 4 has failed number three will replace it and if the ailerons have failed, all roll spoilers (2 to 5) become available. There are no bank angle protections and the green equals signs are replaced by amber crosses.
Yaw control, as its a mechanical linkage isn't changed although only yaw damping is available.

Angle of Attack protection is no longer available and is now replaced by low speed stability. It's available for all configurations and is active from 5 to 10 knots above the stall speed. Somewhere in this range (as it depends on weight and config) a gentle nose down signal is introduced but this can be overridden. The speed scale now shows VLS followed by a black and red barber pole below V Stall Warning. At V Stall Warning, you get....... the stall warning! which is the words STALL STALL STALL repeated until the speed is back above V stall warning. With this you will also get the associated master warning. The warning can't be cancelled by pressing the master warning button on the glareshield Its important to remember that the aircraft can be stalled.

High Speed Protection is replaced by high speed stability instead. The speed tape looks the same and has the same warnings and sounds as normal law. The only difference is that there's no protection to stop the overspeed. Instead we have a nose up demand from the aircraft but this can be overridden. It's worth noting that VMO is reduced from 350 to 320 knots. I was once asked by a trainer what speed would I select for an emergency descent. There's no right answer here but he said he always selects 320kts because if then for some reason you go into alternate law, you won't have an overspeed to deal with on top of everything else which I thought was a good little tip.

Alternate law with protections lost is the same as alternate law but you don't get the high speed and low speed stability. So basically you only have the load factor limitation which I'll say again as repetition is the key to remembering things, +2.5 to -1G clean and +2 to 0G in any other config.

Alternate law then automatically downgrades to Direct Law when the landing gear is selected down.
Once in Direct Law, all protections and stabilities are lost. We are now essentially flying a conventional aircraft. Pitch now joins Roll and Yaw in having a direct stick-to-surface relationship. Overspeed and stall warnings are still exactly the same as Alternate Law.

The most noticeable difference when going into direct law is the lack of autotrim. 'USE MAN PITCH TRIM' is displayed in amber on the PFD. This is why many of the procedures advise taking flap 3 before gear down if flap 3 is the landing config because then the autopilot will get the aircraft correctly trimmed before it has to be done manually. Any trim adjustments will have to be made using the trim wheels either side of the thrust levers.


Remembering how to draw the speed tapes in each configuration

Firstly, the high speed barbers pole is the same in all cases, so just remember its black and red - easy At the slow end of the speed scale, every case has VLS, its always there, whatever - again, easy Normal Law has alpha prot (the tiger tail) and then you can't go slower than the bottom of that so its a solid red bar (think of as signifying stopping) Alternate and direct law look exactly the same as each other, they both just go from VLS to a barbers pole just like the high speed one. All the equals signs are only green in Normal law, they are amber in alternate and direct.


And that's it. If you can remember those simple rules, next time you're asked to draw the speed scale you will be ahead of mos

Super Joystiq Podcast 087: Watch Dogs, South Park The Stick of Truth, The Walking Dead: A House Divided  

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This week's Super Joystiq Podcast just hacked your cell phone and now knows that you are a hobo.

Tired of all those four-person podcasts? Well so are we, so here's one with five people! Ludwig, Xav, Jess, Anthony, and Sam convene to talk about Obsidian's latest RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Jess shares her thoughts on S02E02 of Telltale's zombie adventure, The Walking Dead: A House Divided. Also, Xav is back from Montreal after some post-delay Watch Dogs play time.

Joyswag is back this week with two copies of The Art of Titanfall. Tune into the show for details on how to get your very own bound collection of images featuring large robots.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast: Subscribe to the Super Joystiq Podcast in iTunes Add the Super Joystiq Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator Download the MP3 directly Podcast timestamps and relevant links are available after the break.

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TPS98: Making Rituals Stick w/ Nabill Idrisi  

Nabill Idrisi is a coach who found amazing success from creating rituals and sticking to them. After attending one of our workshops and masterminds, Nabill created systems for his rituals and saw results within months. We chat about Nabill’s rituals, his personal rating system for tracking progress, and the tools he uses to make his rituals stick. Cheat Sheet How Nabill found personal and professional success after crafting his rituals and implementing practices to help make them stick The many advantages of masterminds and why you should seek them out Strategies that you can implement to make your rituals stick The many benefits of getting help from other people How the ideation stage of crafting rituals works and best practices for getting the most out of it Why journaling can help you get clear on the changes you want to make in your life Tips to help you make your journaling habit stick How Nabill used a personal rating system to make positive changes in his life (and how you can do the same) Why tracking habits is so important in charting progress towards your goals How Nabill created markers and rewards for his rituals (and why this has made all the difference) Links AE's Business Documentation Workshop (Free!) Zack's presentation on business documentation Schedule a Free 30-minute Get-It-Done call with Nabill Aaron's blog post on Journaling TPS95: Personality Types w/ Scott Beebe Habitica Work the System Book Yourself Solid Book, tool, ritual Book: The 4-Hour Workweek Tool: The Moleskine Cahier journal Ritual: Journaling in order to get to know yourself Connect with Nabill Idrisi @Nabill_Idrisi If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Sticher, Overcast, PocketCast or your favorite podcast player. It’s easy, you’ll get new episodes automatically, and it also helps the show gain exposure. You can also leave a review! Here's how.

tfttf700 – Selfie Stick Dangers  

Part 2 of the interview with pilot Bernd Sieker about doing photography from a small airplane. Today Chris and Bernd discuss shooting from ultralights and why you shouldn’t switch off your common sense when flying Show Links: Bernd Sieker, Pilot on Flickr and on YouTube Incredible photo tours to Ethiopia, Siberia, Donegal and Bhutan » … Continue reading "tfttf700 – Selfie Stick Dangers"

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A Quick Trilogy of Terror  

Something a little shy of Knifepoint Horror, but perhaps entertaining in their own way, here are three stories that don't quite fit into the mold of those previously offered.

..... Many people have been thoroughly creeped out by the show's avatar--what IS that thing looking at us? Well, we finally have an answer, provided by 11-year-old Ethien Duckett. His story below is entitled "Ratbat." Talk about economy of storytelling!

One cold rainy night I saw a rat I picked it up with no idea what to do with it. As I came home a bat flew into a net beside my door. I grabbed it and took them both inside. Thinking what to do with them was hard, then I thought about the sewer. I quickly threw them in the toilet. Then a beam of light came out of my toilet. I then realized something was going to happen just then a portal from another dimension threw a potion down the toilet and transformed them both into a ratbat. You wouldn’t like to meet a ratbat. They are hideous, monstrous things that shouldn’t exist.

They look like a slice of moldy bread with teeth, the strange thing is that they have no wings to fly with. Sadly they have no feet so they can’t run, but they can teleport. If a rat bat gets on you stop, drop and roll, or else your hair will get turned into a mop with a stick on top. Ratbat likes to laugh at people with mops on their head. Ratbat laughs “Rahhhaa” each and every time he sees a mop-head. I was trying to catch that ratbat in the net, then he teleported on the mayor’s hair and turned it into a mop. The mayor was freaking out and pulled out a ray gun, blasting everything except ratbat. Everyone’s mop hair was on fire it was total mayhem. Just then ratbat made a black-hole and everyone was put in a parallel jail dimension.  While some tried to shout I decided to use my mop stick to make a ladder and climb out. Ratbat was sleeping safe and sound. I took a stick of my ladder and whacked it with my stick. Oh no it was a decoy the real one was behind me, I pulled out a laser gun and attached it to my stick right as he teleported I shot the portal and trapped him inside the portal forever.

The EnD--->???


Tally Stick  

Tally sticks were made from willow harvested along the banks of the Thames in London. The stick would contain a record of the debt. It might say, for example, “9£ 4s 4p from Fulk Basset for the farm of Wycombe”. Fulk Basset, by the way, might sound like a character from Star Wars but was in fact a Bishop of London in the 13th century. He owed his debt to King Henry III. Now comes the elegant part. The stick would be split in half, down its length from one end to the other. The debtor would retain half, called the “foil”. The creditor would retain the other half, called the “stock”. (Even today British bankers use the word “stocks” to refer to debts of the British government.) Because willow has a natural and distinctive grain, the two halves would match only each other. As Tim Harford explains, the tally stick system enabled something radical to occur. If you had a tally stock showing that Bishop Basset owed you five pounds, then unless you worried that Bishop Basset wasn’t good for the money, the tally stock itself was worth close to five pounds in its own right - like money; a kind of debt, which can be traded freely.

DYT 071 : 7 Ways to Make Your Product Presentation Stick | Karthik  

In this Friday Fifteen episode, I share 7 ways you can hold your audience’ attention till the end of your presentation using simple, yet powerful techniques that will make your product presentation stick. What will you learn about Product Presentation? You will learn 7 simple techniques to to hold your audience’ attention till the end and […]

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Low Culture Podcast Ep7 : Stick In The Wheel  
Jim talks to Ian and Nicola from London band Stick In The Wheel. Stick In The Wheel formed in 2012 to “play the music of our people”. Their first album...

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Episode #228 – Will Clickfunnels Work For MLMers?  

Some interesting thoughts behind the scenes of my MLM funnels.

On today’s late night episode Russell talks about why he changed his presentation for two events this weekend to be targeted more towards network marketing. He also shares a few fun things that will be coming up soon.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

Why he needed to customize his presentation for this specific audience. What YouTube video inspired a new t-shirt design he’s working on. And find out if Russell is finally going to be a guest on The Profit.

So listen below to hear about some exciting things that are coming up.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson welcome to a very, very late night Marketing In Your Car. I know, I know. I swore I’d never do these things again, I swore I was gonna wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning, but It’s becoming crunch time. A whole bunch of things are happening and I’m running out of hours in the day to get them all done. I’m speaking this weekend at a network marketing event. Actually 2 network marketing events. One of them is for Prove it, I’m going to be getting these guys all excited for the Prove It funnels we’ve been creating for them, so I’m trying to get those done. There was a big yawn.

Anyway, I’ve got some work to do to get those done still. We’ve got one of them that….two of them we’ll be showing off at the event, hopefully one we’ll be launching on what day is it? The next Tuesday. That’s kind of the game plan there. Then I’m speaking at the No Excuses event, and I was going to just do my Funnel Hacks webinar that we’ve been doing forever, but I really felt like I wanted to do one that’s more focused on how people can use Clickfunnels for network marketing. Because everyone always asks me, “hey, show me a network marketing funnel.” I’m like, “Dude, technically all funnels are network marketing funnels. The power of network marketing funnels are share funnels. That’s the magic behind it.”

I wanted to show them how the whole process works. So yeah, that’s kind of what I’m doing. I’m re-writing the whole webinar. And it took forever the first day. I think I might have messaged you guys about that. It took me quite a few hours to just figure out the headline. That was hard. And then the 3 secrets, I had to re-write a whole bunch….a ton of time, 2 or 3 hours worth and then finally got it. Then I started building the actual framework of the webinar, and trying to make the stories and interesting parts. I realized there were a couple of things that would be really cool if they were sketched out. The dude that does all the sketches in my books, his name is Vlad. So Vlad had to sketch, I do a really ugly sketch, then I send it to him and then he turns it into an awesome sketch. So I was getting all those done tonight, because he doesn’t work for me full time anymore. So usually I give them to him and hopefully by the next morning he’s got them. I messaged him earlier today like, “Please, can you jump on tonight?” So I just finished sketching those out and handed those off to him, and then I just got a message from him 2 minutes ago saying he was on them right now. By the time I wake up I should have all the sketches done.

Then I just gotta start plugging all the webinar together. I have to create a couple of demos because it’s always scary to do demo’s at a hotel event because half the time the internet goes down. So I gotta create demos tomorrow. Also Robert Kiyosaki’s webinar is coming up. I gotta write all the email sequences, prior to actually writing custom ones for them. Because next week’s the webinar for their list.  I think the last webinar they did, I had 10 or 15 thousand people registered. So we’re trying to make sure we capitalize on it right and do it correctly. So we’re kind for writing a bunch of stuff for them and make it a custom funnel. I think they’re going to start promoting it on Monday, and then the webinar is happening on Thursday through the weekend. So anyway, just a lot of pieces happening between now and then. So that’s why….hence the late night, and not an early morning tomorrow, probably.

So anyway, that’s kind of what’s happening over here. I just wanted to jump on and say hi to you guys. Excuse me. I should not be this tired, but I am. What else cool could I share with you guys? How about this? So a couple of cool things, I’m not even sure before, but they’ve been really impactful. You know we always talk about funnels, that’s obviously a big topic of conversation with me and you guys. So you look at, where’s traffic coming from, what’s up-sell one and up-sell two, down-sell, where’s it go, what’s the next funnel? Look at that progress. But now we’re trying to look deeper and deeper in each step of the funnel and how we can make things better. I told you how I had a call a while ago with some VC guys, and the numbers they were looking heavily were a cost to acquired customer, average lifetime value customer and churn. So churn is something we’re looking at a lot. So what we’ve been doing is adding in stick sequences into everything. So if you join Clickfunnels, and everyone should have got it by now, so you should have probably seen this, but we put everyone through a 21 day ignite your funnel on-boarding sequence. So every day for 21 days you get an email talking about the on-boarding process. So that was a big thing that had a huge increase, decrease in churn, increase in stick.

So Funnel University we just rolled out, I think I had a 9 or 10 day email sequence that’s all about stick strategy. How do we get people to stick in Funnel University? For me it’s all about letting them know what they actually get. Because a lot of times people sign up to get the free thing and they don’t know what they are able to consume, so really showing inside the members area and showing them what’s inside the software. Showing people things deeper. So those are a bunch of cool things that we’re doing. So I would recommend for you guys, look at that. Look at post buy sequences. What are you doing to get those people to like you more? And to consume what you have? Consumption is the key. If we can get people to consume its awesome.

And then one last thing that I wanted to share with you guys because I’m really excited. IF you go to Google and search for cross fit college humor. The first video that pops up, click and play that video. It’s my favorite video ever. I think it’s the only Youtube video I watched like ten times. It’s these guys at Cross fit, they keep messing up saying Cross fit’s a cult, I mean it’s a way of life. And it’s so funny. Anyway, there’s two or three episodes of these guys doing the Cross-fit/Cult thing. I always joke when we were building Clickfunnels, we wanted to build our own community. So I always joke, I think I’ve said a couple of times on the thing, “We’re trying to build our own cult, I mean community.” And that comes from that episode, it’s always the standing joke. Anyway, we just started a design on this new t-shirt. It’s so awesome. It says, “Funnel hacking, it’s a cult” and then “Cult” is crossed out and it says, “Way of life” so “Funnel hacking, it’s a way of life.” But cult is crossed out. And then on the back it says #itsacult. Anyway, congratulations, you’re part of the funnel hacking cult. No, but it all comes from that video. So now you guys know the inside joke. When those shirts come out you’ll be like, “I know where Russell came up with that and why he thinks it’s so hilarious.” Hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone; I just think it’s funny.

There you go. Alright I’m home. I’m going to bed. Oh crap, except for the garage door opener is not in my car. I’ve got two cars and one garage door opener so I always shift them back and forth, and I’m in the wrong car. That means I get to get out of my car and actually go in and unlock it, actually I’m going to go, because the wrestling room lights are on, so I’m going to walk back here. Hopefully you guys don’t mind hanging out with me. I don’t know what else to talk to about right now. Everyone else in the whole world is asleep. So the other cool thing that’s happening is next week, Monday and Tuesday Anthony DiClementi, we’re launching a company together called Bio-hacking Secrets, and he’s actually flying out here and we’re going to be filming him. He’s part of one of the first episodes of the Funnel Hacker TV. So that’s going to be really cool. We’re going to be filming him and me; we’re going to work out here in the wrestling room. I’m going to take him through a wrestling work out and show him it doesn’t matter how good a shape he’s in, but when a wrestler takes the oxygen away from your brain, you can’t survive. Cause there’s always him beating the crap out of me for the next two days, so I got a shot for a little bit, and that’s kind of what we’re going to be doing. Oh man, its dark back here.

And then……yeah anyway. Just a lot of fun things happening over the next two weeks. So he’ll be here Monday, Tuesday filming. And then Wednesday is the Robert Kiyosaki webinar. And after that’s done, I’M going to take a nap, because it’s been an insane 10 days. It’ll be cool.

Oh and then another thing that happened today. Sorry, you guys are getting all the stuff because I have no one else to tell all these things, so you’re getting it all. Marcus Lemonis text me today and said, “Hey, What’s your email address? I need to get you to come out and record a show with me.” So we just emailed his producers and they’re trying to figure out a date in the next 3 weeks for me to fly out and go film or be in one of the episodes of the Profit. How crazy is that? It’s crazy. I’m excited. Alright guys I’m going to bed. I’m really tired and I’m totally rambling, but hopefully some of those ramblings are fun for you guys, because they’re fun for me. Have a great night and I’ll talk to you guys

#gt5015 Trau keinem USB Stick  

#gt5015 Trau keinem USB Stick | #GeekTalk Podcast
Neu mit allen drei Kategorien vertreten und brandheissen News :)

Der Beitrag #gt5015 Trau keinem USB Stick erschien zuerst auf #GeekTalk Podcast.

#93 - Achtung Gefahr. Über BadUSB  

Mac OS X gilt gemeinhin als sicheres Betriebssystem. Virenscanner und ähnliche Tools sind bei Mac-Usern eher verpönt. Gleiches gilt auch für Optimierungs-Werkzeuge aller Art. Die Zeitschrift Mac & i hat uns nun auf eine gravierende Sicherheitslücke Macs betreffend aufmerksam gemacht, der wir eine ganze Sendung widmen wollen.

Es geht um eine Schwachstelle im Zusammenspiel mit USB-Sticks. Ein gar nicht mal so abwegiges Szenario, dass auch mir schon passiert ist: Man findet auf der Straße einen USB-Stick und in freudiger Erwartung des Inhaltes steckt man diesen in den Mac. Vielleicht auch nur in der guten Absicht, evtl. aufgrund der dort vorhandenen Daten den eigentlichen Besitzer ausfindig zu machen.

Normalerweise kein Problem. Sollte dieser Stick aber böswillig präpariert worden sein, kann der Mac - ohne Zutun des Anwenders - ein Eigenleben entwickeln. Das Problem: Der so präparierte Stick gibt sich dem Mac gegenüber als Tastatur aus. Dieser akzeptiert das und nimmt nun Eingaben entgegen. Damit ließe sich allerlei Unfug anstellen. Andere Manipulationsmöglichkeiten verändern den USB-Stick so, dass er sich als Netzwerkkarte zu erkennen gibt. Auf diese Weise könnten wichtige Netzwerkeinstellungen im Rechner geändert werden.

Die bekannten Viren- und Malware-Scanner können auf die USB-Firmware nicht zugreifen, daher erkennen sie eine solche Infektion nicht.

Um die Sache noch schlimmer zu machen. Viele Macs (auch PCs) haben interne USB-Komponenten verbaut. (Webcams zum Beispiel) sollten diese per BadUSB infiziert worden sein, kann man dem so manipulierten Mac prinzipiell nicht mehr trauen. Und gerade bei Webcams ist das besonders sensibel. Wer möchte schon einen Rechner haben, der permanent zuschaut.

Über diese Sicherheitslücke wollen wir mit Jeremias Radke von Mac & i sprechen. Er wird uns nicht nur die Theorie dahinter erklären, sondern auch das Ganze praktisch vorführen. Außerdem freuen wir uns über die spontane Zusage von Matthias Krauß. Er war ja schon mehrfach in unserer Sendung dabei und hat sich eingehend mit dem Thema beschäftigt.

Gaius Publius and Michael Mann on Climate Change  

Guest host Gaius Publius discusses climate change with Dr. Michael Mann. Gaius has written extensively on climate issues at AmericaBlog and Naked Capitalism. Gaius' write-up of Dr. Mann's Scientific American article, discussed in the interview, is here. The article itself is here.  Gaius and Dr. Mann discussed the three most critical topics in climate activism today — Is two degrees warming too much? Is there any remaining "carbon budget" as the IPCC implies? How do we defeat the Big Money ogre standing in the way of our future? Dr. Michael Mann is Distinguished Professor and Director of the “Earth System Science Center” at Penn State University, and the lead author of a 1999 paper that included what later became famous as the "hockey stick graph," a reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere temperatures for the past 1000 years. It shows a mainly flat line of temperature from the year 1000 through about 1900 — like the stem of a hockey stick — then an almost 90 degree uptick, like the blade of a hockey stick.  The diagram caught the public imagination. Michael Mann has detailed his battle against right-wing retaliation for "catching the public's imagination," in his 2012 book "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines".

Podcast Episode #81: Why Geckos’ Feet Can Stick to Just About Anything  

In this "Weekend Why" episode of the podcast, you're going to learn why a gecko's feet can stick to *almost* anything. [TRANSCRIPT]


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Avsnitt 65: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Assassins Creed IV: Freedom Cry, Rambo: Last Blood  

Veckorna går fort och spelen flyger in från alla riktningar. Tobias har spelat senaste Castlevania, Linus har spelat ett indiespel om Rambo och Niklas har spelat lite mer från Assassins Creed 4-världen. Men gladast av alla är Anders, för han har äntligen fått sätta tänderna i South Park: The Stick of Truts, som han väntat på i flera år. Niklas har också hunnit prova på spelet och tillsammans berättar de hur bra det är.

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Episode #36 – Software As A Service 2  

Russell is driving home a 2 AM in the morning and sharing some of the insights they got building out their new SAAS products. Russell also shares with you what it’s like being a super hot girl!


Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to an exciting edition of the Marketing In Your Car podcast.

It is actually 2:00 in the morning. I just dropped off Todd at the hotel. Todd is our developer. You guys heard about him in the last episode, and I’m in the Ferrari driving home at 2:00 in the morning. It is freezing cold! And the top’s down, and I just passed a cop.

But the top will remain down because we’re driving a Ferrari. You don’t put a top up. I don’t care if it’s two in the morning, if it’s freezing cold, that’s how we roll and run the Ferrari.

So in the last episode, I was talking about developing software is a service type product, and what’s been fun is basically the last two weeks Todd has been here in town.

We’ve been developing a brand new product, and I’m super fired up about it because I think it’s going to change the way that people do marketing. I know it’s going to change the way I do things.

It’s going to make it where, basically, I can do all the marketing by myself without any webmasters, developers or anything, which is exciting. So anyway, I’m excited for it. But I’m more excited just to talk more about you guys, about software as a service.

And we talked about it last time, just some of the benefits of it. But the reality is like it’s been interesting is we’ve developed this product.

You know, in the past when we developed products, we tried to give it so many features and so many things that it’s just overwhelming to customers and to us to support it, and to create.

And we’ve really been following this model just like making a strip-down, bare bones, as simple and as easy as possible, and as we’ve done that it’s just making a tool that I think people will use and stick with long-term.

One of the cool concepts we talked a lot about tonight, that I think I want to kind of focus this on with you guys is, when you’re creating, if you decide to create your own software -- if and when you’re creating your own software.

One of the biggest keys in the long-term success of your program, whatever you’re creating, is if you can create something that has pain and disconnect.

And it makes me laugh… I’ve been doing membership sites now for, man, seven or eight years. We’ve made millions of dollars off membership sites. But one of the constant dilemmas we have is there’s always this constant churn and burn. We’re always just adding people into the funnel.

I just passed another cop, so I might go onto the side street here. Anyway, it’s a constant burn and churn when you have a typical membership site because content is good, but it’s not essential.

Like when somebody -- you know, their credit card comes up, and they’re looking at their bills -- like when they look at like “Oh, it’s a membership site. I enjoy it. But, hey, you know, it’s… I don’t have to have it.”

So it’s creating something that if somebody wanted to cancel, there’s huge pain and disconnect. And that’s really what -- you know, not that we’re trying to develop things that cause pain, that would hurt our client’s business.

But is something that is so valuable and so useful that if they ever canceled it, would be very painful. So, you know, if for some reason their credit card failed, they’re just going to think, “Oh my credit card failed, no big deal.”

If their credit card failed, within two minutes they would call you because they’re using your service so much that they have to have it to function. And that’s the kind of product that you’ve really got to create, and I think that’s really the big secret.

I really think that next year, with this product rolling out, I think we could do $10-million pretty easily next year. And it’s just because we’ve created something that’s so powerful and so useful that the pain and disconnect is just so much, and so I really want you guys thinking about that.

Like if you do decide to develop a software program, like what kind of product or service can we create that ties our customers in so deeply that they just love it so much that they can't cancel?

It’s kind of like our supplement. Our supplement has been interesting because I think it’s kind of the case with any supplement you have. There is a percentage of people who it doesn’t work for, and there’s a percentage of people who it works great for.

And that’s how it is right now. If we have people, we have clients who are literally calling us saying:

“My bottle is empty, and my new next shipment hasn’t come in! I will pay you whatever it costs to overnight this thing. And make sure that I have that bottle here tomorrow because I don’t want to go through a single day without this in my system.”

We get those kinds of calls all the time, which is awesome and exciting. And so, again, it’s pain and disconnect. If those clients stop having our supplement, they’re in so much pain that they can't function, and so they don’t want to go without it.

And I think that, you know, in the past in the Internet marketing world, what people have taught and talked about it is just, you know, “create something that’s good and people will stick on it.”

But I think you’ve really got to create something that has such a big pain and disconnect that they can't leave you. They won’t leave you because it’s so important.

And that’s the kind of businesses we’re really trying to focus on, and I think you actually should be focusing on as well, and so, I just want to kind of throw that out there because that’s what we’re talking about right now, and it’s been a lot of fun.

The other thing that we are kind of playing with that I think is interesting that I want to throw out just an idea for you guys is:

If you do have a membership site or something that doesn’t have that big, huge pain and disconnect, you know, one thing that we’ve been looking at a lot recently is like, what’s our average customer value?

You know, and we did this before on our membership sites. You know, the average customer stays for one month or three months or six months or whatever it is.

When you find that number out, it’s very important to kind of just start focusing on that. Say, “okay, our average customer is staying for just three months at a time, you know, or six months at a time, whatever that is, if you know what that dollar amount is.

We’re going to be instituting one of our membership sites coming up next month, and I’m really excited for is… We’re going to give people the ability to buy out their membership site.

So if we know the average person stays for three months, that means that month number two or two and a half, we’re going to start a campaign basically saying:

“Hey, you’ve been a member for two months. So far, I hope you’re really enjoying the site. What we want to do is, we want to offer you the ability to buy out your contract.

“So basically, for an extra $100 or $200 or whatever it is, you can get a lifetime access to the site. So longer do you have to pay us $97 a month, just pay $200 and boom! You get lifetime access.”

And suddenly for anyone who takes that, we just basically increased, you know, we took that person from the average two to three months, to six or eight or twelve months of revenue.

Anyway, it’s a cool concept I’m really excited for, and I can share stats and results, as we get deeper into it and kind of see what happens.

But just think that. Think about what’s your average stick rate, and right before that average stick rate, give people the ability to buy out a membership at a discount.

Or people who cancel give them the ability to buy out the membership at a discount. Same kind of thing that, you know, they’re probably just tired of seeing the monthly payments. They probably still like what you have, so you said:

“Hey, you know, you may not like paying $97 a month. But for how about $200, we’ll give you lifetime access. You never have to pay again.”

And just some fun things to start looking at, just different ways to look at your numbers when you’re doing reoccurring revenue, continuity, and things like that. So anyway, I hope these are just a couple fun ideas.

Again, you know, I am so tired right now. We’ve been going like, literally the last two weeks that Todd has been here, we been going late nights like this almost every single night.

I’m pretty sure my wife is ready to kill me, but sometimes that’s what you do as an entrepreneur. You burn the midnight oil to create something really cool that will pay you for the rest of your life.

And so that’s what we’ve been doing and just having that kind of fun, so my brain is kind of all over the place. I just wanted to share with you guys some interesting ideas while I’m driving home, so it’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve also had a lot of people email me, asking what it’s like driving the Ferrari, now that I’ve been in Boise driving it for the last week or so. It’s been interesting.

Like the first day we had it and parked at the office, we probably had four or five different sets of people who came to the office, parked, came to the door and asked like, “Who’s Ferrari is that? Who’s Ferrari is that?”

Like it wasn’t just someone driving by, like they actually came into our office, and asked to see and ask me questions about it. This one kid that drove by, and the guy got so excited he called all his friends.

We had this group of like all these teenaged boys outside our office just checking out the car, and they literally sat outside for over an hour, taking pictures

Freight Train Boogie podcast show #28  
Show #28  features the new CD by the RED STICK RAMBLERS, they're from Louisiana and play Cajun, Country, Swing and much more. Also new songs from COLIN LINDEN, WESTERLY and JESSICA STILES. The full playlist is posted below. Please feel free to check the artist's websites and order their CD's or downloads and tell 'em you heard the songs on the FTB podcast. Here's the iTunes link to subscribe or download the show and here's the link to the direct download page. Please email me with any questions, comments or suggestions for the podcasts.

Show #28

RED STICK RAMBLERS - Drinkin' To You  My Suitcase Is Always Packed
JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT - Streetlights  Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
MISSY RAINES & THE NEW HIP - Basket of Singing Birds  Inside Out
(mic break)
COLIN LINDEN - From The Water  From The Water
THE HOLLYFELDS - Hey 52  Black Heart Blue
WAYNE HANCOCK - Throwin' Away My Money  Viper Of Melody
RED STICK RAMBLERS - My Suitcase Is Always Packed  My Suitcase Is Always Packed
(mic break)

RICHARD SHINDELL - State of the Union  Not Far Now
WESTERLY - Every Word  This Lonesome Town
SON VOLT - Down To The Wire  American Central Dust (due July 7th)
(mic break)
RED STICK RAMBLERS - Lay Down in the Grass  My Suitcase Is Always Packed

Bill Frater
Freight Train Boogie
When Your Ideas Stick, People Buy  

In this week's episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill Caskey interviews a special guest, Dan Heath, the author of the Made to Stick. He joins us today to share his insights on helping OTHERS understand your ideas and helping YOU communicate them better. It seems in most sales training, we talk about communication skills, but spend little time talking about the thinking behind communicating ideas. Dan has researched why/how some ideas stick and others don't. And since professional selling revolves around how compelling you make your ideas for the prospect, Dan was the perfect guest. These are skills that you can learn and apply immediately to your sales strategies to help increase sales. Make sure to go buy Dan's book, Made to Stick. Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.

Secret #16: Confusing Activity With Achievement  

The secret to get people through the failure gap.

On today's episode Russell talks about disagreeing with a designer on what a customer needs from Clickfunnels and how they were basically saying the complete opposite of each other. Here are some of the interesting things you'll hear in the this episode:

Why listening to what customers want is a good idea, but how it can only take you so far. Why giving you're customer little wins on their way to their goal, will help them stick around. And some of the wins are that Russell is giving his customers to help keep them as members of Clickfunnels. So listen here to find out how to confuse activity with achievement to keep customers from leaving.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Alright everybody, welcome to Marketing Secrets. I’m here today in the Clickfunnels kitchen, the first time I’ve ever filmed in here. I’m excited. You guys want to see a quick view of what the kitchen looks like? Oh, there’s Dave. We’ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff. We actually built this kitchen because for a lot of the products we work with, for some reason we always need kitchen scenes, so we always rented different kitchens. And then we’re like, if we build a kitchen make sure we have a good scene so we can actually film stuff. So we do, but since we’ve had it we’ve never used it for filming.

For today, I want to share with you guys something kind of interesting. And I want to make sure when I say this that it doesn’t come off bad. Because it has a good purpose, but it’s important for you guys to understand. Some of the background behind this, to set it up so it all makes sense to you guys. We had a designer that worked for us for a while to come on and help with user interface, UIUX, those type of things in Clickfunnels, a really smart guy. What he liked to do is call and interview customers.

At first I was really excited. So he’d go and call 40 or 50 customers and interview them, finding out what they want, what they didn’t want. All those kind of things, which I thought was cool. We’ve never done that before. Some of you guys might have actually talked to him, which is cool. Based on that he was trying to build UI and structure based on customer’s feedback.

A couple of things I found with it. One is it was kind of almost a frustration, because I came to him saying, “This is what I want to have done.” And he treated me kind of like if I was a customer, “Hey, cool. These are good ideas.” I’m like, “No, you need to do this because I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. I’m not a survey.” We always kind of went back and forth and in his mind it’s like, we need to find out what the customers want, which I agree with. But also this comes back to Henry Ford’s quote about if I were to ask my customers what they wanted; they would have said they wanted a faster horse. You have to also understand that customers don’t always know the vision where we’re going. That’s why we’re creating stuff, we’re visionaries. We know where we’re trying to go.

So it’s kind of interesting, so he no longer works with the company, still an awesome guy, but that was kind of this frustration I had. I remember for a long time we’ve wanted to update our on-boarding in Clickfunnels, and we wanted to do a whole bunch of cool things we haven’t been able to do. This week is actually fun for me because we’re focusing on that.

Another side story, I was listening to Growth Hacker TV, there was an interview with a guy who bought the Warrior Forum. He also owned and a bunch of other companies. He was talking about how they grew to a billion dollar evaluation. And one interesting thing he said is that they buy these companies and then they look at the traffic coming through and spend a lot of time optimizing the processes inside the processes to make more money from all the traffic coming, which is kind of the phase we’re in right now.

We have anywhere from 800 – 1000 new people a day that sign up for Clickfunnels, just organically. They’re coming from who knows where. And thank you for coming, I don’t even know where you came from but I’m grateful to have you here. And they’re coming in and we lose a bunch of them the first month, there’s a big drop off. After that it stays really steady, but there’s a big drop immediately. So we’re trying to figure out that process. How do we capture people and keep them in?

There’s a lot of cool stuff we’ve done that decreased our churn rate, which is the number metric we look at. It increased our retention. But right now we’re in a big overhaul, how do we simplify the sign up process? How do we make everything easier? It’s fun, you guys will see some new stuff coming to Clickfunnels here in the next 60 days. A lot of new stuff will be coming live, which just simplifies the process and makes Clickfunnels easier to use. So we’re excited for that.

But I was listening to this guy, and he talked about that’s what he was doing. They just worked on the optimization of the sign up flow and that’s how the companies blew up. They didn’t really focus on the traffic and these other things. And we’re always focused on the traffic. But it’s like, how do we make sure the funnel’s right so we’re not losing people out of the holes in the bucket?

So with that said, there’s a bunch of on-boarding stuff that I wanted to do and I know Todd wanted to do, so we kept trying to get this guy to do that. We want prize, we want to do free t-shirts, we want badges, we want to gamify the process. And he kept coming back saying, “How does gamifying the process help the people get the end result? We need to get people to the end result and this is just keeping people busy in the middle.” And it’s funny, Todd mentioned that this morning to me and I Voxed him back, there’s this quote from Dan Kennedy that I heard back in the day that actually ties this in, but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was. So I ended the Vox and said, “I’m going to go find the quote and come back to you.”

So I ended up finding the quote and I posted it there in Voxer and the quote said, “You’ve got to confuse activity with accomplishment.” Now I’m going to be careful when I say this because some of you guys are going to look at that and it might be frustrating or confusing or whatever. So I posted that and in the thing it said, Dan Kennedy, “You have to get your customers to confuse activity with achievement.” So Todd read that first before my Vox, and he thought I was saying, “Oh the designer was right. That’s just going to get people confused. Focusing on activity as opposed to achievement.” But if you listen to my Voxer, it was actually the exact opposite.

So what’s kind of funny, me and this UI designer both said the identical thing but for the exact opposite side of the argument. He was saying you don’t want to give people activities that keep them from the achievement. And I was saying, you want to give them activities so that they feel achievement, so someday they get to achievement. You want to confuse activity with achievement. Does that make sense?

So Kennedy said that, basically, as a retention strategy. People come in and are going to leave. He said, no you need to give them things to do, so they have activity that’s happening. Because the activity is what keeps them engaged. If we look at our Clickfunnels stats right now and numbers and things like that, the interesting parts are people that stick are people that have a custom domain, they log in at least 2 ½ times per week. There’s all these stats. People that stick are people that are going in and doing stuff consistently. So we know that’s the metric. People logging in and using it are the key. So how do get them to log in and use it?

Well just telling them to build a funnel, you’re going to have achievement, you’re going to achieve a funnel. People will try for a little bit and then they’re going to leave because they didn’t achieve anything. Because the goal is this huge thing. The goal is you’ve got to eat the whole entire cow. That’s the goal. If you’re giving your customer the goal to eat the cow, the problem is they’re going to come in and if they don’t eat the cow really quick, they’re going to leave.

So what you have to do is confuse achievement with activity. Give them activities to do that make them feel like they’re achieving something along the way. So they come in and you set the table, you give them their appetizers, they eat that and they achieve something. For us we’re gamifying the process. You come in, watch the video, build your hero funnel, we send you a t-shirt. So you had activity, so you felt you achievement, even though you didn’t achieve the thing you want yet. You felt achievement, which then drives you forward to do the next thing and the next thing, and the next thing.

All of us want our customers to have the achievement at the end, the problem is that they sign up and then there’s the achievement, there’s this huge gap in the middle that they’re going to fall into, disappear and die. So because of that we have to confuse activity with achievement, because that activity will make them feel micro-achievement which will get them to the big achievement at the end. That’s the goal, that’s the message for you guys.

As you’re creating your training programs, software, ideas, products, services, whatever it is you’re creating and doing, I want you thinking about that. You have to go and create activities that get people to feel small wins, small achievements so that it will drive them through this chasm, this gap, to get to the big goal, the big achievement that you want them to have. If you don’t have those, if you’re not confusing activity with achievement initially, they’re never going to get to the achievement.

So that’s

Stick To Your Word  

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to stick to your word? What can you do in your life to make sure that you're more committed to the people and opportunities around you? If you want to regain your integrity, honor your word, deliver on what you promised, and ultimately show up for your life and the world around you, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I teach exactly HOW to stick to your word and WHY it's so important.

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Enjoy this one on sticking to your word!

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