How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate | Ep. #175  

In Episode #175, Eric and Neil discuss how to reduce your bounce rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away after viewing only one page. Simply put—if your page is boring, people leave, and the higher your bounce rate. Tune in to learn practical ways to reduce your bounce rate so you can keep your visitors sticking around long enough to make that sale.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 - Today’s topic: How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate 00:33 – Bounce rate is when someone leaves your site right away 00:42 – The textbook definition of bounce rate: “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away after viewing only one page” 00:47 – A rising bounce rate is a sign that you have a boring homepage 01:16 – First, have a good design that keep people in your website 02:03 – Removing your pop-ups can decrease your bounce rate 02:26 – People are more likely to stay if your website doesn’t have loads of pop-ups 02:48 – You might need to check if it works for you 03:10 – A slow website can’t keep people 03:27 – Check the page speed using Google Page Speed tool, Pingdom and Google Analytics 03:38 – Create a journey for people 03:55 – An example of a journey 04:37 – Have the RIGHT offers 04:51 – Use ConvertFlow to show different offers when your visitor comes back 05:28 – Simple readability is also very important 05:32 – Eric’s blog Single Grain is a good example of this 05:52 – “Good user experience means less bounce rate, people sticking on your site, going through multiple pages” 06:00 – If visitors go through multiple pages, it increases sales and they convert to customers 06:18 - That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: A great design creates that experience for viewers, causing them to stick around. Create a journey for your visitors—engaging them throughout and around your website. The more engaged people are with your website, the lower the bounce rate and a greater chance of conversion to sales.

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Which Social Media Metrics Actually Matter? | Ep. #174  

In Episode #174, Eric and Neil discuss the two social media metrics that actually matter. These metrics are THE indicators that show whether or not your marketing strategy is working. Tune in to find out what they are and how to improve upon your ratings.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: Which Social Media Metrics Actually Matter? 00:44 – First metric is the engagement rate—the number of reach of your post divided by those who shared, commented, or liked your post 1:03 – Engagement rate is how effective your post is in social media 1:15 – You can check the engagement rate in Facebook insights or to some extent, in Youtube 1:38 – Neil shares that in social media, the more people are engaged, the more likely they will buy 1:40 – Engagement is not about the number of fans, but how they respond to your posts 1:53 – For example, HubSpot’s fan page in Facebook has over a million fans but they are not engaged 2:15 – Another tracking metric is the ROI 2:22 – Social media marketing costs Eric 100,000/month, but he makes more than that from social media marketing 2:31 – Funding campaigns in social media marketing for ROI can really be profitable 2:40 – For people struggling with the engagement rate portion, they should look up Avinash Kaushik 3:07 – Avinash has posts about the engagement rate and how to measure it 3:26 – Neil also likes ROI as a metric—their Pinterest conversion rate is 2.31% and potential customers are staying longer 4:03 – Social media marketing metrics is different in different times of your business 4:35 – Set a target growth rate week over week, then adjust targets quarterly 4:54 – You may not be able to maintain that growth rate, but it can be a good measuring stick for you 5:14 – Engagement and ROI are the two main metrics 5:18 – That’s it for today’s episode 3 Key Points: The two main metrics to focus on in social media is the engagement rate and ROI. Social media marketing can really be profitable, as long you do it right. Set your own growth rate and work to achieve it—adjust the rate as your business changes over time.

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The American Story, Moving Forward On The Hagmann Report  

Tonight, Friday, January 20, 2017 on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, at 7:00pm EST, join father/son investigative team, Doug and Joe Hagmann for an hour of news, inaugural debrief and a break down of where America goes from here. In hours two and three, beginning at 8:00pm EST, stick with us and we will jump straight into the deep end with great friend of the program, Dr Ted Broer, founder of Health Masters. Dr Ted is monitoring the inauguration mayhem and pageantry in real time and we look forward to his perspective and analysis. Click HERE for show website Click HERE for News & Show Prep: ( us on Facebook HERE: ( us on Twitter HERE ( Doug on Facebook HERE: (

#748: Undoing Obama  

Congress writes laws, but the president makes the rules that put the laws in action. President Obama's staff has been scrambling to lock in rules before Trump takes the helm. But will they stick?

137: Dr. Sylvia Tara - Visceral Fat... The Dangerous Type Of Fat • Stop Eating Carbs And Fat Together • The Gut-Fat Connection  

Dr. Sylvia Tara holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She's the author of The Secret Life of Fat and blogs at Science to Live By.

In this episode, we discuss:

Sylvia's story and how her body is really good at holding onto fat Why does fat stick more to some people compared to others? Bacteria can impact your waistline The functions of fat in our bodies Fat is an organ Gaining extra weight could permanently alter your metabolism Is body fat percentage a useful measurement? Women naturally store more fat then men do The 3 types of fat - brown, beige, and white fat Convert beige fat to brown fat through exercise and cold exposure Visceral fat... the dangerous type of fat Sumo wrestlers are fit but fat An easy way to test for visceral fat, at home We get fatter as we get older due to hormonal changes The gut-fat connection Change your microbiome for the better by eating more fruits and vegetables Boost your release of growth hormone with intermittent fasting How Sylvia eats throughout the day Women tie emotions to food more then men do Eating fat and carbs together will put more fat on your body Different people can have a different blood sugar response to the same food Building up your self control muscle Sylvia's message to the person out there who is struggling to maintain a healthy body weight

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Team Not Staying Within Budget… #AskSwenk ep 60  

 Do you have a hard time getting your team to stick to the client’s budget and timing? Here’s a couple things you can do […]

The post Team Not Staying Within Budget… #AskSwenk ep 60 appeared first on Jason Swenk.

APG 255 – Trip to HEL  

The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff and Captain Nick.

Six in One Day

Airplane Intel Podcast


Mozambique incident NOT a drone collision [17:24]
American Airlines uniform row heats up as maker lashes back [20:34]
Ex-Sen. D'Amato kicked off flight after rallying passengers against crew [26:56]
Aerosucre B722 at Puerto Carreno on Dec 20th 2016, overran runway on takeoff [33:27]


Alex - How do you Sleep on a Plane? [40:07]
Jules - Botched Approaches On Go-Around Maneuvers [47:08]
Adam - Stick and Rudder [1:10:54]

Sean - Draft the air? [1:15:52]
Peter - Flying with a Cold [1:18:10]
Jonathan - Charlie Victor Romeo [1:27:25]
Michael - CPR [1:37:57]
Mick - EVA Air incident [1:42:42]
Plane Tails - Six in One Day [1:45:14]
Capt. Oli - APG 253 WSHR in Scotland [1:59:05]
Jonathan - Deicing in places that don't often see ice? [2:04:54]
HIGH 5 - Sean [2:14:59]
Matt - A tribute to a WWII 'Hush Hush Boy' that built first US jet engine [2:28:08]
Geoff - Chemtrail Clouds [2:30:06]
Ivan - Becoming an Aircraft Dispatcher [2:31:59]
Janel - Friday the 13th flight to HEL [2:34:25]
Luke - MD-90 and Crosswinds [2:36:14]
Matt - Private? Audio Feedback [2:42:16]

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Pod Two - LIVE FROM DC! - Anti-Trump dummy-spitters, you lost, get over it! 16th January  

When will the anti-Trump crybabies stick their dummies back in, shut up and let the new President get on with the job of saving their country from the mess their hero Obama left it in? They were out on the streets again yesterday, protesting outside Trump International Hotel in Washington. But at least they have the constitutional right to protest, unlike in our country where free speech is constantly under attack! I got the views of an all-American hero today, Ron Rossman! You may remember Ron from our Florida shows, he's a Trump-supporting craft-beer brewer from Nashville Tennessee. Since we spoke to him last Trump's become President and my producer Sam has even started drinking ale! If you want to get a real legal expert's perspective on Trump's election, look no further than Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. I'm here in Washington watching The Donald make history, but that doesn't mean there aren't people with legitimate concerns about a Trump presidency. I spoke to Professor Dershowitz, and asked him if he's prepared to give Donald a chance! I’m here at the inauguration of President Donald J Trump, and it's all down to you! Big thanks to everybody who contributed, now let's Make British Radio Great Again! Special thanks to our show's main sponsor, FREE speech wants your view so get involved 020 38 29 1234,, @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt. Listen LIVE from 10am every morning and download the talk2meradio app to hear all our shows. #bbc #news #talk2meradio

CRT: S01E22 - Bristol Should Stick with Lee Johnson  

In this episode of the Championship Round Table we discuss what's been happening at our clubs, potential January additions, players that have impressed/disappointed and look ahead to coming fixtures. @JakeJackmann @LouisShackshaft @TheExiledRobin @EPLIndex @EPLRoundTable

How to Make FAST REI Decisions that Stick! | 245  

The speed of money is critical in the game of real estate investing. Those that are able to establish minimum deal standards and make quick decisions on potential deals are the investors that succeed. Learn how you can calculate your ROI and seize real estate investment opportunities before your competition. Line up the variables that will make the math work for you and watch your portfolio grow.




The free course is new and improved!  To access to the two fastest and easiest strategies to a paycheck in real estate, go to or text “FreeCourse” to 55678.

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The Philadelphia Trunk Murder  

YESTERDAY’S NEWS -- Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told from historic newspapers in the golden age of yellow journalism... The True Crimes of Edward F. Keller ___ This episode follows the criminal career of one Edward F. Keller, who makes national headlines when he is arrested for murdering his business partner and burying the body in a trunk in the basement of their leather shop. But his trouble doesn’t stop there. You’ll want to stick around to the end to find out how karma accomplished what the justice system could not. ___ Theme Music by Dave Sams Research Assistance by Anna from AGP Stories Media management by Sean R. Jones Production assistance by Emily Simer Braun ___

MacVoices #17021: Pepcom - Tablo Introduces Tablo Droid and Tablo LIVE 'Antenna Anywhere'  

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, we look at the latest from Tablo. Renata Scorsone, VP of Marketing for Nuvyo, talks about the Android-based Tablo Droid that lets you record to local storage or the Nvidia Shield, and the Table LIVE “Antenna Anywhere” Stick, a single-diner WiFi connected antenna that makes any OTA antenna “smart. Renata explains why they selected Android as the basis for these products, what they are compatible with, and more.

Today’s edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Blue Apron, where you get fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your door so you can fix delicious meals for your family. Get cooking and get three free meals (including free shipping) by visiting

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Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he's doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Vrije Geluiden NPO Radio 4 - Death and the maiden  

Tom Klaassen verkent iedere zaterdag en zondag tussen 23.00 en 24.00 uur de grenzen van de klassieke muziek. Speellijst: Madrigal: Moro, lasso, al mi duolo (for string quartet) - Carlo Gesualo Door Patricia Kopatchinskaja - viool en The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra van de cd ‘Death and the Maiden’ Ligaturia - Message to Frances Maria (The answered unanswered question) Op. 31B - Gyorgy Kurtag Door Patricia Kopatchinskaja - viool en The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra van de cd ‘Death and the Maiden’ CD Jacques Loussier - Paderewski (Naxos 8.573200) TRACK 1 Jacques Loussier: Vioolconcert nr 1, deel 1: Prague Adam Kostecki (viool) + Pools Philharmonisch Kamerorkest olv dezelfde Kostecki Doppelchörige Gesänge, op.141, deel 1 Doppelchörige Gesänge, op.141, deel 3 Robert Schumann van de cd ‘Große Messe’ Nederlands Kamerkoor Three little nocturnes, deel III - Langsam gehend - Hans Abrahamsen & Sigrid’s Lullaby - Bent Sorensen Frode Haltli - accordeon, met het Arditti Quartet van de cd ‘air’ David Lang: Child deel II: Stick Figure Sentieri Selvaggi van de cd 'Child' Symfonie voor orkest, "Low" deel I 1 -  Philip Glass van de cd  ‘Low symphony’ Brooklyn Philharmonic

01/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Win % Leaders, Coaching News, DFS Lineups!  

Which players were on the most successful Fantasy rosters in 2016? Some of the names may surprise you, and there is a lesson to be learned about QBs ... Coaches are being hired left and right! Let's give our Fantasy reactions as Kirk Cousins will have a new Offensive Coordinator, Jacksonville will stick with Blake Bortles under a new coaching staff and the Chargers could be interesting next season ... Previewing the weekend with some DFS advice. Can you get Le'Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott in your lineup? ... Your emails at

Pod Three - Transgender fanatics want to silence free speech! 13th January  

The trans lobby love freedom of speech... until you disagree with them! Trans activists are furious the BBC is showing a documentary called 'Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?' featuring an expert who thinks gender disphoria can be just a phase. Canadian psychologist Kenneth Zucker tries to teach children with gender issues to feel comfortable in their own bodies, which makes him evil according to these gender fascists! I spoke to CEO of the charity Mermaids UK Susie Green to find out just what she thinks is so dangerous about giving a say to people she disagrees with. I hope you're all still here after the Great Blizzard of 2017! What an anti-climax! Why does this country overreact after every single bit of weather? 80 flights were cancelled at Heathrow in preparation for a snowstorm that never came. I spoke to Gillian Edwards from the Association of British Travel Agents to find out why we're all such a bunch of wimps! Remember, Mr Gaunt is off to Washington next week to watch The Donald stick it to the MSM when he becomes the 45th President of the United States! Listen live between 5-7pm UK time Monday to Thursday next week. FREE speech wants your view so get involved 020 38 29 1234,, @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt. Listen LIVE from 10am every morning and download the talk2meradio app to hear all our shows. #bbc #news #talk2meradio

How to Change for the Better, The Secret of Lasting Change: Building Below the "Water Line", Part 2  

Now that you've got some direction and made some life-change decisions, Chip explains the secret of making those decisions really stick, for the long-term.

The MMA Vivisection - UFC Phoenix: Penn Vs. Rodriguez - Picks, Odds & Analysis  

Streamed live 12 JAN 2017: Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch of take a look at all the fights on this Sunday's UFC card. We'll have picks and odds for everything from BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez down to Dmitri Smoliakov vs. Cyril Asker. It’s fight time again. Which means it’s time for more fight picks and analysis than you can shake a stick at (please don’t shake a stick at me). This week, we’re talking about UFC Phoenix and a mostly meaningless, but potentially fun and sloppy UFC card for a Sunday night. In the main event, BJ Penn returns to take on Yair Rodriguez, while Joe Lauzon fights a mirror match against Marcin Held in the co main. Throw Killa-B on there taking on Court McGee and you’ve got some violence potential. As always, if you enjoyed the show, give us a “Like” over on YouTube. And while you’re there, consider subscribing to MMANATIONDOTCOM. That way you’ll always be the first to get the latest BE shows, interviews, and analysis. If you’re looking for audio content, you can find it right here on SoundCloud and over on iTunes. Now here’s a look at the fight card: FS1 Main Card Yair Rodriguez vs. B.J. Penn - 1:25:33 Joe Lauzon vs. Marcin Held - 1:16:29 Court McGee vs. Ben Saunders - 1:08:49 Sergio Pettis vs. John Moraga - 57:50 FS1 Prelims Frankie Saenz vs. Augusto Mendes - 52:14 Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Viktor Pesta - 44:55 Alex White vs. Tony Martin - 35:58 Walt Harris vs. Chase Sherman - 27:36 Fight Pass Prelims Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger vs Nina Ansaroff - 21:11 Devin Powell vs. Drakkar Klose - 13:50 Joachim Christensen vs. Bojan Mihajlovic - 9:02 Dmitri Smoliakov vs. Cyril Asker - 4:26

JF862: Landlord Paying for Utilities? Plus Large Multifamily Acquisitions  

Are you a landlord, and would you pay for the tenant's utilities? Our guest talks about an acquisition that he slowly convert it into a largely accommodated stay while he covers some of the electric bill due to high utility prices. It works out in his business as he has developed a reimbursement program, hear how he is doing it! Best Ever Tweet: Find a formula that fits for you and stick with that formula. Ivan Barratt Real Estate Background: - Founder and CEO of Barratt Asset Management - His companies manage 100 million in assets comprising over 1,300 units - Since 2010, he has raised over $10 million in equity - Focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment and management of multi-family income producing properties - Based in Indianapolis, Indiana - Say hi to him at - Best Ever Book: Antifragile Made Possible Because of Our Best Ever Sponsors: You find the deals. We’ll fund them. Yes, it’s that simple. Fund That Flip is an online lender that provides fast and affordable capital to real estate investors. We make funding your projects easy so you can focus on what you do best…rehabilitating homes. Download your free copy at Subscribe in iTunes and Stitcher so you don’t miss an episode!

Entitlement Cure - How to Break the Grip of Entitlement by Instilling Accountability and Responsibility with Dr. John Townsend  

If there's one thing that keeps people from succeeding, aside from their laziness, it's actually their sense of entitlement. And that's what we're going to discuss today. Why is this entitlement so detrimental to developing responsible and accountable children or employees and how are we going to tackle this societal disease.

Today's guest is an expert on this topic and he's written a book entitled, The Entitlement Cure along with many other books. 

Dr. John Townsend is a New York Times bestselling author, business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist. He has written or co-written 27 books, selling 8 million copies, including the Boundaries series; Leadership Beyond Reason; and Handling Difficult People.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the insights in this episode so be sure to stick around. And if you haven't subscribe, be sure to subscribe to this podcast so you won't miss out on three other interviews we have with Dr. Townsend.  

The Four Tendencies: How to Feed Good Habits  

See more friends. Take more walks. Read more books. Get more sleep. Why don’t those intentions stick? You want to change. But it doesn’t seem to take. Maybe you just haven’t identified what house you’re in.

Gretchen Rubin says the key to long-term habit change is understanding how we respond to expectations. She names four broad categories of responders: the Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin of habit-changing. Figuring out your cognitive house might be the key to changing your bad habits for good. Including one habit we hear about a lot: clinging to the phone right up until our eyes drop closed.

If you want to know which house you’re in, there’s a handy quiz. An online sorting hat, if you will. Manoush is a Questioner. Obviously.

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