Episode 232: Ana Marie Cox  

Ana Marie Cox is the senior political correspondent for MTV News, conducts the “Talk” interviews in The New York Times Magazine, and founded Wonkette.

“When people are sending me hate mail or threats, one defense I have against that is ‘you don’t know me.’ You know? That wasn’t something I always was able to say. As I’ve become a stronger person, it’s been easier for me to be like, ‘The person they’re attacking, it’s not me.’”

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@anamariecox [00:30] Missing Richard Simmons [04:15] Cox’s Archive at [10:00] "The Uses of Enchantment" (Suck • Jul 1997) [11:00] Cox’s Archive at Mother Jones [12:15] The Chicago Maroon [12:45] "Waterworld" (Suck • Sep 1996) [21:45] "Joe Buck Knows Why You Hate Him" (New York Times Magazine • Feb 2017) [25:30] Cox’s Archive at New York Times Magazine [25:30] Cox’s Archive at GQ [29:15] "What Bush Wants You to Do" (Wonkette • Apr 2004) [30:45] "The Lost Washingtonienne" (Wonkette • May 2004) [31:30] "Washingtonienne Speaks!! Wonkette Exclusive!! Must Credit Wonkette!! The Washingtonienne Interview!!" (Wonkette • May 2004) [33:00] "Face Value" (The Baffler • 2012) [36:15] "Wonkette Founder Cox: ‘If Hillary Wins, It’ll Be Because Black and Brown People Saved Us’" (YouTube • Sep 2016) [36:30] "Watch MTV News’ Ana Marie Cox’s Emotional Reaction to Latest Trump Sexual Assault Allegations" (Media Matters • Oct 2016) [39:45] "Fans Tweet About Mental Illness to Honor Carrie Fisher" (Ryan Burleson & Tara Parker-Pope • New York Times • Dec 2016) [42:15] "Exclusive: Ana Marie Cox Tells Breitbart News Sunday About Her Coming to Christ" (Robert Wilde • Breitbart • Mar 2015) [42:30] "Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian" (Ana Marie Cox • Daily Beast • Feb 2015) [48:00] Cox’s Archive at The Guardian [50:45] Roads & Kingdoms

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Episode 116 – Stick Em In Your Mouth And Suck Em - 3Legs4Wheels Formula 1 Podcast  

Current thinking at 3Legs towers is that Nico Hulkenberg & K-Mag won’t be on each others Xmas card lists after this weekend’s “ball-gate” incident and Haas in general don’t seem to like the Renault driver [...]

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Episode 182: Heather Havrilesky  

Heather Havrilesky writes the Ask Polly advice column for New York and is the author of the upcoming How to Be a Person in the World.

“I don’t give a shit if I succeed or fail or what I do next, I just want to do things that are strange and not sound bitey. I don’t want to be polished. I want to be such a wreck that no one will ever say ‘let’s put her on her own talk show.’”

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Show Notes:

@hhavrilesky Havrilesky on Longform [01:00] "What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage" (New York • Feb 2016) [19:00] "’Mad Men’ Finale Recap: ‘The Moon Belongs to Everyone’" (Salon • May 2014) [20:00] "‘Mad Men’ Cartoon Countdown: The Seventh- and Sixth-to-Last Episodes" (New Yorker • Apr 2015) [26:00] "Chicks ‘n’ Shit" (Suck • Dec 1995) [30:00] Havrilesky’s Filler Archive (Suck • 2001) [36:00] Havrilesky’s Ask Polly Archive at The Awl [36:00] Ask Polly archive at New York [44:00] "Katy Perry and the Fear of a Female Planet" (New York • Oct 2015) [49:00] Mystery Show [57:00] How to Be a Person in the World: Ask Polly’s Guide Through the Paradoxes of Modern Life (Doubleday • 2016)

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Why goals suck, with Chris Milbank  

What are your goals for 2014?Yes! It’s that time of year when you can’t swipe your tablet without stumbling on yet another blog post encouraging you to set your new year’s resolutions for 2014.But what if I told you that goals suck? And… that they could seriously mess you up?Well they can! Goals can make […]

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373: Creating Change, ASCEND & Ella  

This is a special, random, unexpected mini-sode. Today, in fact, just a few minutes ago, my girlfriend Ella from On Air with Ella called to ask me about ASCEND.

When I picked up the call she said "I'm recording us" which was totally fine because we've had about a million casual conversations where after the fact we've thought - hey, that was some deep stuff. That could have been a podcast! Warning: because this was just a casual chat and we weren't thinking of it as a podcast, I do cuss. Sorry 'bout it! This episode is marked explicit.

While today wasn't deep, we still wanted to share with you our chat about ASCEND Boston, what it is and Ella joining the party for a special workshop!

I don't usually drop Friday episodes but this is a short one and I really hope we'll see you at ASCEND. Click here to get your tickets or read more below!

More About ASCEND

For years, the weight of that question, "why do I suck?!" pulled me into an almost constant state of frustration, disappointment and resignation.

To listen to extra info instead of reading it, click here.
Full link here:

I really, really, really wanted to change. I wanted to be healthy, lean, confident, energetic, fit & sexy.

But, I wasn't doing the work. 

I wanted it more than anything. I really did. But, in moments of temptation, emotion, fatigue or any number of other things, I'd turn to excuses like, "I'll start tomorrow" or "just one last hurrah to get it out of my system".

Then of course I'd wonder, "Why do I suck? What is wrong with me? What's it gonna take? Will I ever do it?"

After losing nearly half my body weight and shocking myself more than anyone else with my determination & persistence, I knew I had to help people like me.

It really wasn't just about weight loss because to be honest, my weight wasn't the only reason I had this "why do I suck?" feeling.

For a long time, I felt the same way about my finances. I was in debt. I was making decent money at my job but it was all spoken for before it hit my bank account each week because I owed on student loans, credit cards, a mortgage, car payments and a million other things.

I desperately wanted to be able to enjoy my money and find a way out of debt but I continued to buy clothes I didn't need and coffees that were 4 times the cost it would be to make at home.

So with well over 100 lbs lost and nearly 130K in debt paid off, I knew I had to help others fight the fight. But HOW?

I've done a lot of things. Primal Potential is 3 years old and it's helped hundreds of people with the Fat Loss Fast Tracks, the podcast, blogs, emails, Breaking Barriers & Carb Strategies.

BUT. It's not enough. It's not making the impact I know needs to be made. It's not making the impact I know I'm here to make.

I knew that there were still hundreds, if not thousands of people who were inspired by the content but haven't taken the steps to make meaningful change in their lives. 

I had to do more. What's the next evolution? But what? And how? How do I reach them?

ASCEND is how. It cuts through all the crap, rhetoric & theory and helps ME get to YOU. It's for you and about you. It's about actively MOVING to the next level of life & achievement. Right there. Right then. Together.

Last year, after feeling like I could only help so much with the podcast, I decided to host a live weekend even in Nashville Tennessee. I remember telling people, "I promise, it will change your life".

A few days before the event in Nashville, one of my clients emailed me. She had been explaining to her young daughter that she was going on a trip to see Elizabeth Benton. Her daughter replied, "Because she's going to change your life, right?"

Gulp. No friggin' pressure! I remember talking on the phone with my mom last night and recounting the story to her. She flatly replied, "Well, you told them you would."

As many of those original ASCEND attendees sign up for our second weekend event this November, I know they got what they came for, I know I did as I promised and here's the best part.

ASCEND Boston will be even better. I am 10000000% certain of that. I was nervous going to ASCEND last year but this year I am just over-the-moon-excited.

Like I said, there's only so much I can do on the podcast. We can't dive deep into YOU. I can't talk to YOU about your excuses and what's really behind them. I can at ASCEND. 

On the podcast, I can't carve out the time for you to REALLY connect with yourself, what you want and what needs to change for you to get it. I can at ASCEND. 

On the podcast, I can't sit down with you and say "there's a lot more behind what you're saying is hard. Let's power through that now. Let's set you free from that." I can at ASCEND. 

I got so, so excited today while I was working on ASCEND. See, I've committed a minimum of 1 hour every single day, 7 days a week, between now and ASCEND in November to work on NEW breakthrough topics & challenges to share. As I sat for my hour today I thought, "I think this is my favorite one ever!!! I wish it was November already..." But I know that by then I'll have 2 solid days worth of new & insanely powerful topics and challenges for us to go through together and I'll be just as excited to explore each one with you.

I say with confidence & excitement: ASCEND will change your life. 

And and I'm almost as excited that today is the day I get to invite you! 

ASCEND tickets are now on sale! There is tons of information below including what, where, why, how much & what else! Just don't forget: there are only a total of 80 tickets available for the event.

If you KNOW you need to be there and have heard how spectacular last year was, head to this link now to buy your ticket:

If you need to know more, I've got your back. Let's cover all our bases.

You can read more about it here. You can listen to my thoughts, excitement and objectives in this voice note You can read through some FAQs below.

November 3rd & 4th in Cambridge, MA (just a stone's throw outside of Boston, right along the beautiful Charles River) There will also be a casual meet up with food & drinks on Thursday night November 2nd. Sessions will start at 8am Friday November 3rd so make sure you're there by then!

The Courtyard by Marriott Boston-Cambridge in Cambridge, MA just minutes from Harvard Square.

How much?
Tickets are $597. It was important for me to lower the price from last year when tickets were between $797 and $979. This year I challenged myself to give more to more people for less money. It's about impact, for me. Not income.

What does the price include?
Go here for more info (but read the rest first in case I cover another one of your questions).

Is ASCEND a weight loss event? 
No, it is not, though it will absolutely help you take ANY goal, including weight loss, to the next level. This is about you, getting what you want, and figuring out how to not let previous obstacles & roadblocks stand in your way anymore.

How is ASCEND different from what I talk about in the podcast?
The podcast is general. The podcast isn't about YOU. The podcast doesn't allow for personalized attention and activities. It's information. ASCEND is investigation. Personal investigation and a concentrated focus on YOU.

And if you didn't listen to the voice note yet - here's that. My thoughts & intentions about ASCEND.

If you have any questions and you've reviewed all the above information (and links), don't hesitate to reach out! I'm happy to chat it through with you!

I really hope to hang out with you in Boston in November! Here's that link again to learn more about what's included in the ticket price & to purchase your tickets.


Please note that tickets are non-refundable & non-transferrable. Fortunately, you will not regret attending this event. It might be the best weekend of your year! :-)



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Show 1830 Brittany Hughes Reality Check  

Show 1830 Brittany Hughes Reality Check

This ACU show consists of several short segments from the MRCTV Channel’s Reality Check with Brittany Hughes.


MRCTV Channel on YouTube

To watch the YouTube playlist visit-



Reality Check: Liberals Are Turning to Dr. Seuss To Defeat Terrorists. No Joke.

Published on Jun 5, 2017


Reality Check: The Left Has Forgotten What Real Oppression Looks Like


Reality Check: Berkeley Socialists Riot for Their Slice of Poverty Pie


Published on Apr 20, 2017

Fresh out of Starbucks windows to smash and cars to set on fire, the left-wing whackos at UC Berkeley are now openly calling for the beheading of conservative students and attacking them with improvised weapons. Because social justice!


Reality Check: If the American Flag Is Too 'Political' For You, You Suck

Published on Apr 17, 2017

General rule: if you’re so much of a whining, dissatisfied left-wing nutball that you rave when a football player openly protests non-existent racial equality, but you get bent out of shape when the Stars and Stripes are on display for two seconds at a baseball game, you suck. Here’s an example: NBC sports writer Craig Calcaterra, who recently complained that displaying the American flag during an American sporting event in America was too “political.”


Reality Check: The Media Slams Spicer, But Ignores Genocide All the Time

Published on Apr 13, 2017

If anyone has the right to slam Sean Spicer for whitewashing genocide, it's certainly not the media. They do it all the time


Reality Check: Social Justice Warriors Think Black People Can't Learn English

Published on Apr 10, 2017

A social justice warrior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is gaining notoriety after claiming that requiring black people to speak proper English is racist. You know what's really racist? Assuming black people are too stupid to learn proper grammar.


Reality Check: Berkeley Votes to Impeach Trump...For Doing His Job

  Published on Apr 3, 2017

A handful of California cities, along with Cambridge, Massachusetts, have voted to impeach President Donald Trump, largely over his vow to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities. Clearly, they don't understand what a "president" is.


Reality Check: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! ...Just Not For Pro-Life Journalists

Published on Mar 30, 2017

The media’s not worried about their freedom of the press. If they were, then a self-admitted baby killer and the unjust prosecution of two journalists might have caught their attention.


Reality Check: No, Tomi, You Cannot Be Pro-Choice and Conservative

Published on Mar 20, 2017

Last Friday, so-called "conservative" commentator Tomi Lahren publicly declared she was pro-choice during her guest appearance on the largely left-leaning morning talk show, The View. She claimed that as a small-government "constitutional," it would be hypocritical to believe government should ban abortion. She's wrong.


Reality Check: So Here's How Much It Cost To Clean Up That Pipeline 'Protest' Site

Published on Mar 16, 2017

About: So-called "environmentalists" showed up to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and ended up leaving behind mounds of trash, human waste, and even abandoned dogs. And here's what it cost taxpayers to clean up their mess.


Reality Check: Spoiler Alert, Liberals: Trump's Still President

Published on Mar 13, 2017

Liberals have held slews of anti-Trump events, from marches and protests to strikes, sit-ins and walk-outs. Organized on Facebook, hashtagged on Twitter, you name it - every temper tantrum in the book has and is being thrown by the Left. But this just in: Trump's still president.


Reality Check: And Suddenly, Liberals Care About the 'System'

Published on Mar 6, 2017

Trump tweets that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and suddenly liberals care about integrity in the government. Where was all this concern before the election?


Reality Check: One Month Down, and Coal Country's Making a Comeback

Published on Mar 2, 2017

President Obama spent the last eight years trying to kill coal country. But one month into Donald Trump's term, the trucks are up and running again. Coincidence? Miners don't think so.

Reality Check: Anti-Cop Morons 'Twerk' On a Cop Car, Because Racism!

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Some anti-cop crazies in NYC decided to use a cop car as a stripper pole, while the poor white officer just stood by. They deserve to be mocked and shamed - so let's


Reality Check: 'Depressed' Liberals Can Cry Me a River

Published on Feb 23, 2017

We suffered you and your president. Time for you to suck it up and deal with some losses.


Reality Check: A 2-Year-Old Was Shot in Chicago, and Not Because of 'White Privilege'

Published on Feb 16, 2017

While liberals were stomping around college campuses wearing white puzzle pieces for "white privilege," three young children under the age of 13 were shot and killed in Chicago this past week. Liberal activism has been useless, so let's start talking about the real problems.


Reality Check: Beyoncé's Grammy Show Proves Only SOME Black Lives Matter

Published on Feb 13, 2017

Liberals went nuts over Beyoncé's performance at the Grammys Sunday night, gushing that the show honored motherhood and children. But that doesn't seem to apply to the thousands of black babies who are aborted every year. So which black lives matter, then?


Reality Check: 84 Lumber's Pro-Illegal Ad Ignores a Deadly Truth

Published on Feb 6, 2017

84 Lumber's new pro-illegal immigration ad ignores the deadly reality of our lack of border security. Allow me to enlighten them.


Reality Check: Berkeley Proves Why the Inmates Shouldn't Run the Asylum

Published on Feb 2, 2017

Rioters at U.C. Berkeley took to the streets Wednesday to "protest" a conservative commentator scheduled to speak on campus. And by "protest," I mean they lit fires, threw firebombs at cops, destroyed property, busted windows and tore down light poles. I say it's time we adults took our country back.


Reality Check: Trump, Refugees, and the Crazy Liberal Freakout

Published on Jan 30, 2017

President Donald Trump signed an (admittedly flawed) Executive Order this weekend. While it didn't go off well, the liberal freakout was unmatched - and unwarranted.


Reality Check: 'Nasty Women' Don't Speak For Me

Published on Jan 25, 2017

President Trump and the GOP are already dismantling abortion, and so-called "nasty women" are freaking out about it. But they don't speak for all women -- and they don't speak for me.


Reality Check: Goodbye, Obama, and Good Riddance

Published on Jan 11, 2017

President Obama put on his rose-colored glasses for the last time Tuesday night, using his final speech as president to tout his successes over the last eight years. Here's the only problem -- most of them weren't true

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Our goal is to break down the boundaries between traditional conservative media and mainstream culture.


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MRCTV is brought to you by the Media Research Center. The mission of the MRC is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The MRC is a research and education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Interna

(THE SLY SHOW (1:50PM) 09/18/16) 49ERS Suck, Smelly Pussy, White dude named Tyrell, Cellphone Cancer, Fake Brady, Black Midget from Bad Santa 2, Dirty Females, Being With The Shit, Amy Winehouse Musics, Me & Mrs Jones

Echo on the voice Repeat Button working 49ers suck again Waterboy: We Suck Again Yesterday Sly was high as fuck The Game is beefing with Sean Kingston Meek Mill, Sean Kingston Dr Ken Jeong Was not Cancelled! good for Dr. Ken Sunday Show Panthers ain't no weak team bro Kelvin Benjamin Sly gets in the mix Lighther Shade of Brown - Sunday Afternoon Dr Dre - Dre Day E-40 - Automatic Javi Picazo - Talking Hustle IAMSU - Get it in Everybody gettin wins today Mixing Program isn't working today Smelly Pussy Fish Smellin Aint no one trippin off AIDS Gettin Electorcuted Torture Green Mile Movie Tyrell Wellick Mr Robot Cancer Cell Phones giving people Cancer Spike from Little Giants Unions Getting Cancer from Celephones Sly gettin Migraines lately Victims of Cell Phone Cancer Eminem was crazy Trick Trick Detroit Kid Rock is a Donald Trump Fan Fake Brady Bleacher Report Tom Brady Looking wierd as fuck SFGiants Bullpen sucks Kevin Costner Tourists in the bay area Golden Gate Bridge Billy Bob Thornton Black Midget from Bad Santa 2 Bad Bitches be dirty Fast Food bags in the car Shotgun a beer Faggot Sunday Funday Shit The Shade Room Goons at 7-11 tuneinapp White named Tyrell People be Urban People who are ' With the Shit' Sly thinks black people are cool Sly cant stand serious people Sly can't do a Irish Accent We some Selfish Muthafuckas Letting Good Coffee go Too many shows out now OZ Escobar Estate Sly jumps back in the Mix E-40 ft Too Short - Bitch Tommy James & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion Major Lazer - Lean on N.O.R.E. - Oye Mi Canto War - Why Can't we be friends Scarface - In Between us Cheri Dennis - I love you Al Green - Tired of Being Alone The Jacka - Get out there Anjali World - Nobody Cringing and shit Sly talks about doing Standup comedy Sly has a HBO Special style of comedy Slay a few rats People coming out of a relationship Sly talks about Divorce Quality of Life Date Nights Vacations People dont use condoms no more Fucking while on WEED People who turn down WEED Drake rocking a Kevin Durant Jersey YOLO Smuggla - Times of War Sly's Dad advice w/ drinking coffee The Crazy ones Sly gets into the Amy Winehouse Sly plays a few Amy Winehouse Songs Amy Winehouse - Me and Mr Jones Amy Winehouse - Back 2 Black The Definition of a Legend Closing Words Billy Paul - Me and Mrs Jones The End

TBP 057 :: Joshua Rucci Compares Training College Athletes to Climbers  
About Joshua Rucci

This is an interview with Joshua Rucci, a collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach in the Southeastern Conference (in Athens). He currently coaches women's basketball and women's gymnastics, and he has experience coaching all kinds of athletes, including the Chicago Bulls.

He has always been passionate about helping athletes get better and reach their potential. Upon arriving to the Southeast, Joshua quickly realized that his days of team sports were over and that he belonged in the woods mountain biking and climbing. Joshua entered the climbing game later in life at the ripe old age of 24 and for the past decade has been training to transform his body from a 200lb college lacrosse player to a 155lb rock climber.

Joshua’s progression has been slow and steady up to 5.13 sport and double digit boulders with limited interruption from injury or major setbacks. Amidst having to work long hours as a coach, Joshua has effectively been able to manage his time to accommodate training, getting to the crag, work, and a new addition to the family.

Certifications and Degrees

Joshua’s certifications include NSCA CSCS, NASM PES, SFG Level 2, FMS Level 1, and he completed his undergraduate degree at BGSU in exercise science and completed his graduate work at UGA in motor behavior.

Articles by Joshua Rucci on TrainingBeta

Joshua is passionate about strength and conditioning as well as climbing, and he's written a good handful of articles for TrainingBeta.

Why Do I Suck at Climbing Some Days? Why Do I Suck at Climbing Some Days Part 2: Readiness Monitoring Why Do I Suck at Climbing Some Days Part 3: Efficient Training  Skill Acquisition and Technique How Breathing Can Increase Your Strength and Power  Periodized Training for Climbing

Through his blog entries he hopes to bring the two worlds together to help climbers utilize the science and practical training that he employs with his athletes.

About Our Talk

In this interview we covered a lot of bases, including how training for gymnastics relates with training for climbing, and much more...

Climbers generally lack regimented training, as opposed to other sports Doing more isn't necessarily better How long it takes to see results Why strength training is so important in every sport Will you bulk up if you lift? Kettlebell workout for you Climbing drills for different levels of climbers Should you train to failure or is that dumb? Joshua Rucci Links Joshua at University of Georgia - Athens (bio) Joshua climbing (vimeo) Training Programs for You Check out our Route Climbing Training Program for route climbers of all abilities. Our other training programs: Training Programs Page.
Anna & Brooke Takhar Talk Adult Things That Suck and Why We Suck at Them  

Host Anna Lind Thomas and the hilarious Brooke Takhar talk about all the things that suck about being an adult. Like wearing heels. Anna walks like a baby calf and it's real embarrassing. Sit back, listen, relate and laugh!! I'm also excited to announce today's podcast has been sponsored by We all know that eating healthy is a part of becoming a better person, but if you’re finding the organic and non-toxic products too expensive or hard to find, then, the healthy online shopping club is your solution. Like the Costco meets Whole Foods for everything healthy online, you’ll get the best organic and non-gmo brands up to 50% off retail prices, shipped nationally to your door for free within 2 to 3 days! You never have to pay full price for healthy food again. To get the very best foods and support the HaHas for HooHas Podcast, please go to to get your free jar of nutiva coconut oil plus 30 days to try Thrive out. Or use the code DHWPRDESXO.

042: To Achieve Greatness, You Must First Acknowledge That You Suck by Mr Money Moustache of MrMoneyMustache Dot Com  

Mr. Money Mustache is a thirty-something retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal, yet awesome, life of leisure.
He and his wife studied engineering and computer science in Canada, then worked in standard tech-industry cubicle jobs in various locations throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s.
Then they retired from real work way back in 2005 in order to start a family. This was achieved not through luck or amazing skill, but simply by living a lifestyle about 50% less expensive than most of their peers and investing the surplus in very boring conservative Vanguard index funds and a rental house or two.

Episode 42: To Achieve Greatness, You Must First Acknowledge That You Suck by Mr. Money Mustache of

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CultCast #190 - London Handshake  

This week: why we might be in for big iPad upgrades this year; our expectations for the iPhone 6C; the one feature we hope iPhone 6S will get (but probably won’t); Woz is worried about Skynet again; and… is Apple building machine for time travel?  You’ll have to press play to find out...   Check out our sexy sponsors   Freshbooks, the easy-to-use invoicing software designed to help small business owners get organized, save time invoicing and get paid faster.  And I can vouch for this from experience, it also makes tax time a cinch.  Get started with a free trial at, and please enter “CultCast” in the “How did you hear about us?” section!   HipChat's team communication app helps all teams work together more effectively, and gets you the information you need faster than email. Get premium features like unlimited file storage and unlimited message history FREE for 90 days when you sign up at   We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a big thanks for all the music you hear in today's show.    This weeks links   Intro   Behinds the scenes footage of Buster and Erfon preparing for CultCast   Breakthrough could finally bring wireless charging to iPhone   Woz and other big thinkers call for ban on AI weapons - erfon   C you never! Apple scraps plans for 4-inch iPhone 6c - buster   This year’s iPad mini upgrade won’t suck

DucksNPucks Podcast - Ref You SUCK!  

Hockey fans love to chant "Ref You SUCK! Ref You SUCK!" at NHL hockey rinks when the referee makes a poor call. On this week's podcast we have owner and founder Brian Gilmore join our show. Brian tells us the story behind his business and how it was started. Brian then stays on the show with Eddy Jones and I as we discuss the recent Anaheim Ducks' news, including the signing of Patrick Maroon and Nick Ritchie and the huge offer made to Teemu Selanne. This week we answered questions about Clayton Stoner, the Ducks' defense, what went wrong in the playoffs last year, and an interesting question comparing the Mike Babcock and Randy Carlyle. We then finish podcast with some news around the NHL.

265: Daniel Duane | Do Men Suck at Friendship?  

"Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." -Muhammad Ali

Men's Journal Contributing Editor Daniel Duane discusses friendship between men, why we suck at it and why it can kill us.

-Why men suck at friendship

-How many friends do we need?

-The Different types of friends

-What is the Male deficit model and why you should care

-How friendships between men and women differ

-Study: men are bad communicators AND we suffer as a result

-Having no friends will kill you. Literally.

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Episode #73 – Lead Or Gold  

The only strategy you need to get stuff done today.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell and welcome to another episode of Marketing in Your Car! Yesterday I pretty much just talked about Jiu Jitsu and kind of spun it with some business at the end.

Today may be kind of similar. No, there are some good lessons. Tomorrow I am fighting in a Jiu Jitsu tournament. I am in three different divisions, so I probably have ten to 15 matches tomorrow as long as I don’t get tapped out. It is going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun.

One thing, though, is that I weigh-in tonight. Tonight I have to weigh seven pounds lighter than I weigh right now. A lot of you are asking, “How do you lose seven pounds in a day, Russell?” The reality is that I am going to lose seven pounds in less than an hour.

We do it the old school way like we used to do it in wrestling. In fact, I went to my garage and I found a huge thing we had which had all of my old weight-cutting clothes. I had my plastics; I had my sweat suits; I had everything. For me, it was really exciting and nostalgic. It brought back so many memories. There were even my old t-shirts I used to cut weight were in there, my sweatpants, and everything.

I had some fun today and put them on. The pants with my plastics are pretty tight now. I am not quite the size I used to be, unfortunately. It was very, very fun.

Today I am going to work for a couple of hours and then head over to the gym, put on my plastics, and wrestle hard for an hour. In an hour—especially for the fact that I am not fat but I have some stuff on me—I should be able to lose the seven pounds in less than an hour. In fact, my record from cutting weight was 12 pounds in an hour. That was the most I ever did. My record for most total weight loss in a week was 30 pounds.

It is not natural weight loss. Do not ask me to teach you the secret to losing 30 pounds in a week. It is all dehydration. You put these plastic suits on and they suck the water out of you. You literally do not drink for three or four days. It makes me laugh when people say, “You can live without food for a week, but you cannot live without water for more than a day.” That is B.S. I have lived without water for multiple days while sucking water out of my body. It is definitely possible.

It is interesting that when you start cutting weight you stop eating and you stop drinking. Then you start trying to suck the water out of your body. As soon as you start getting dehydrated, your hunger pains disappear. It is kind of cool. You are not hungry, but you are thirsty the whole time. As soon as you weigh in you drink something and boom! Your hunger pains come back. It is interesting. Thirst is definitely worse than food.

Why am I telling you this? First, I am excited and I am going to cut weight today which is kind of a fun thing. The second thing is that I was thinking today about how we are in the middle of a huge project which we are about to launch. You have probably all heard of it, ClickFunnels. I am trying to get all of these things out.

Last night at 10:00 at night I was not done with our stuff. I came back into the office and worked for another three hours to get stuff done. One of my buddies, Xan Spencer (some of you know him) is one of the students who went through one of our courses a while ago. They actually won a Corvette from us and built a huge business.

He moved to Boise, he and his wife, a while ago and they are launching a new business. I showed up at the office last night at 10:00 and he was in there stuffing envelopes for these bracelets he is selling now. I thought, “Isn’t this awesome? We have entrepreneurs here late at night busting their butts to make their dreams come true.”

I was thinking about next week when Todd, our programmer for ClickFunnels, is flying in and we will probably pull five or six all-nighters in a row to get this thing done so we can roll it out and launch it the next week.

I want to talk to you about the fact that you have to set deadlines, otherwise nothing ever gets done. If I did not have weigh-ins tonight at 6:00, I would never lose these seven pounds. Because I do, an hour before I am going to suck it out, I will make weight, and I will weigh-in. If I did not have a deadline for launching ClickFunnels, it would never get done. Because there is a deadline, we are going to pull all-nighters until it is done.

I find it interesting that it does not matter if my deadline is a week from now or six months from now. Any way I do it, the week before I will be pulling all-nighters every single night to get it done. It is just the way it always works.

There is a tape I bought a long time ago from John Carlton and Gary Halbert. They were talking about the concept of silver or lead, “plata o plomo” or something like that. The concept was that when the Mexican drug lords down in Mexico want to change a law, do they try to run it through congress? Congress would be, “No!” We’re not giving you that law. Are you crazy?”

What they do is break into their homes that night, find the people who are the decision-makers, and they come to them with a gun and a bag of silver. They say, “You have two options. You need to change this law. You can do it through “plata or plomo,” through silver or lead. Either we will shoot you and you will die or we will bribe you, give you money, and you will change the law.”

When you have those two options, “plata o plomo,” lead or silver, what are you going to choose? You are always going to choose the money, right? It is a no-brainer, so that is what they do.

When I first heard that story, I started thinking of it for myself. I have to set “silver or lead” deadlines or else nothing will ever happen. Maybe it is just me, but if I do not have those deadlines, they will not happen. When I pick any project, I say, “This is the project and this is the deadline. This is when it has to be done.”

It is not like, “Oh, here is a soft deadline. Hopefully, eventually it will get done.” When you do that, it will keep moving forever. The second you set a hard date and say, “This is the day it will happen, somehow, magically, it will happen. It does not matter if it is a week from now, a month from now, six months or a year from now. Those last two or three days you will be pulling all-nighters to get it done. It is just the way it is. I do not care how much you plan. The week before or a couple nights before, you are going to have to kill yourself to get it done.

Most people just keep pushing it and pushing it. Because of this, they never get to their goal; they never actually hit it. It gets pushed into infinity.

For you guys, I recommend that for all your core projects you set a “silver or lead” deadline. It does not have to be on the project as a whole. Sometimes it is so massive it is hard to do it. Set a goal for each element, though. You can say, “This is step number one in this process I am doing or creating. Step number one is this and my silver or lead deadline is June 16th and it will happen on that day. It is not allowed to happen on June 17th. If I cannot sleep for three days, I will not sleep for three days because it is silver or lead; either I am going to get cash from this or I am going to die.”

If you can trick your mind to really believe this, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. People always ask me, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done?” A lot of it is because of my “silver or lead” deadlines. This is it. In my head I know this is the date and we cannot miss it. Sure, we could miss it, push it, and bump it another week or two. However, when you do that, it just keeps getting bumped and keeps getting bumped.

In my business, in my career, there have been the times I have been soft on my deadlines. We had a site we launched a little while ago and we literally kept pushing it for six months from our initial deadline. We said, “Oh, we will do it,” and we kept pushing it and pushing it. Six months later we finally sat down and said, “Boom! This is the ‘silver or lead’ deadline. It has to happen!” Guess what? It happened.

I hoped this helps you guys understand how to get stuff done. It is how I am going to make weight tonight. I am going to lose seven pounds in an hour. It is how we are going to get 10,000 people on ClickFunnels. It is how we are going to increase our coaching. All these things we are doing have “silver or lead” deadlines attached. If you do not have them yet, it is time to start creating them for yourself.

This is what I have for today. I am at the bank and I am going to pull some money out because my wife has been remodeling our house and this is what husbands do, right? That is my plan for right now. I appreciate you guys and I will let you know how the tournament goes after it is all said and done. Talk to you guys soon.

Episode #03 – Killing “Active” Communication So You Can Get Stuff Done  

Do you struggle to get stuff done each day?  Russell talks about how to shut off active communication, switch to passive communication and how it can make you 200 – 300% more productive every day!


Hey everyone. This is Russell, and I am actually going in tonight to the office. It is almost nine o’clock at night, but I’m working a late night tonight, because sometimes that’s what you've got to do. I’m going out of town tomorrow with my family and so I’m heading out to a late night session at the office to get some stuff done so I can take a couple of days off and goof off with family

I've been thinking about something a lot today, and I've been ranting with some of the guys who work for me about it. I just wanted to get everyone’s perspective on this and put it out there. When I first got into this business, one of my early mentors was Dan Kennedy, and I went through his time management course [laughs], which is different than most time management courses. If you've ever gone through it, he talks about time vampires and how to distance yourself from customers or anyone who wants to suck your time.

For example [laughs], with Dan, if you want to get hold of him, you have to fax his assistant. Once a week his assistant collects all the faxes, puts them in a FedEx box and FedExes it to Dan. When Dan gets it, he then writes his responses on the faxes and then shoves them back in the FedEx box and FedExes them back to his assistant. His assistant actually will respond back to each person who contacted him, so [laughs], if you’re going to ask him a question, it’s a two-week process. It may be annoying on your side trying to get hold of him, but it also makes you, when you ask questions, very, very efficient.

That’s my biggest issue with phone calls. I hate phone calls. You can ask anybody [laughs]. I hate answering the phone. The only person I answer the phone for is my wife. On the phone, everyone wants to be like, “Hey, how’s it going?” They try to catch up, and twenty minutes into this conversation, they finally get around to what they’re going to ask you.

Then e-mail came around, and at first, the way e-mail worked is we just told people what we wanted, they responded back, and it was great. But now e-mail has become so informal that to write an e-mail, I've got to go through this chitchat – the same stuff I've got to do on a phone call. It takes so much time and energy.

Then text messaging came out. I love texting, because I can text people and the response is really quick. There’s a new app I've been using called Vox which is great, because I can Vox somebody and leave a message, and then when they get it, they can respond back to me. If I have time, I can respond back.

I really like that type of communication. I hate active communication, where we have to be actively engaged, because it takes me and you having to be stopping everything we’re doing at the same time to connect and have that conversation. It’s so inefficient for me. It drives me crazy. A lot of people ask me, “Russell, how in the world do you run twelve companies. How do you do all this kind of stuff?” The way I do it is because I don’t have inefficient communication.

My people on Skype – I try to train people I work with and it’s very difficult, because they don’t understand. If you’re on Skype and you message me it will be like, “Hi.” –“Hi.” –“Hi.” I will never respond back to a “Hi”. If they leave me a question, I will respond back with the answer next time I’m on, but I hate the active communication, because it opens up a door that wastes so much time. It makes you so inefficient. If I’m respond back to someone who skyped me, “Hi,” it would become at least a ten minute conversation, talking about the weather and everything else before we got to the point.

For me, for time management, for example – I want you guys thinking about this, too – how can you shift your communication? To set active communication, where you’re sitting there talking in dialog with somebody, to inactive, where they send you messages and you respond on your time, kind of how e-mail used to be.

The tool that I’m using when I do that is Skype, for the most part. I’m still struggling to train some of people whom I work with on that, but that way you message me on Skype. When I am ready to focus on that project, I will find that thing, and I will respond back to them on that topic. Text messaging is still great, because of that. Voxer, if you haven’t downloaded the Voxer app, it’s great. I can leave voice mail. It’s almost like a voice walkie-talkie text message. I text message somebody what I want to tell them, and they walkie-talkie me back when they want to.

I encourage you guys to figure out ways to break up active communication and train your partners, your staff, your employees, into the inactive kind. You will get so much more done. I set my day out, so I know, “Hey, today from this time to this time, I’m working on this business, or this project, or this, whatever it is,” and I only look at e-mails and correspondence and things related to that. I shut off everything else. I’m not perfect at it. I’m still getting better at it [laughs], but I get so much more done when I do that. It’s amazing.

I promise you guys that if you will cut out active communication, cut out phone calls – you don’t call people. Don’t do meetings. Meetings are the worst thing in the world. Do not do them, especially the “Got a minute?” meetings. If you've got a staff, then you know what “got a minute” meetings are. They always end up being eighteen hours long.

Figure out ways to break up the active communication and turn things into passive communication, where you communicate back if and when you want to. And notice I said, “If.” That’s a big thing. You do not have to respond back to everyone. I would say probably ninety-nine percent of my e-mails go un-responded. I’d say probably fifty percent of my Skypes go un-responded. Just because somebody messages me, doesn't mean I have to respond back to them. I want to give you guys that permission as well, to understand that you don’t have to respond back to everybody. Just respond back to the people that you need to communicate with for the project that you are trying to move forward at that time.

If you do that, you will get so much more efficient. If you will train your partners, and train your staff, and train your employees to do that, you will become so much more efficient. I've got three partners right now that I’m trying to train on that. They’re like the talkers who want to just get on the phone and hang out and network and talk, and I’m the opposite of that. We have this thing where they will call me, and then I will text them back. But that’s the way you've got to be. You've got to be so protective of your time, because people will dominate your time. They will devour it, and they don’t care. If you don’t care about it, people will run you over and so that’s my message today, for tonight.

Again, I’m going in at nine o’clock, probably planning about three hours of some awesome stuff, and then I’m going to go and take a couple of days off and party with my family, and it’s going to be awesome. I hope you enjoyed this. Again, if you like these podcasts, please leave your feedback. This is brand new. I've never done one of these before, and I would love to hear some feedback, hopefully positives. If they’re negatives, please don’t leave comments [laughs], but if they’re positive, I’d love to hear your comments. In the iTunes place would be really cool and also at our, for more information about us and how we can help your business. Again, you guys, just take care of your time. It’s your only precious commodity that you have. Protect it. Don’t let people suck it. Don’t let people be time vampires and suck it up. Be very protective of it. I hope this helps. Thanks, everybody.

HR Happy Hour - Episode 57 - 'Exceeds Expectations with Sonar6'  

HR Happy Hour - Episode - 'Exceeds Expectations with Sonar6' Thursday August 5, 2010 8PM EDT The words 'performance review' and 'suck' are so often in the same sentence that it really is not all that surprising to find that the vast majority of managers and employees look at the annual performance review with at best, trepidation, and at worst, dread. I mean, performance reviews suck, right? Well a few years ago a software company called Sonar6 was formed, and understanding the baseline assumption that performance reviews suck, set out to build a solution that would (gasp) actually make performance reviews and performance management, interesting, engaging, and assuredly not 'sucky'. Sonar6 makes some of the most innovative solutions for performance management and succession planning that you perhaps have never seen, (but you need to). They also have a fun and offbeat approach to marketing and communications that is a refreshing change of pace from the mainstream. I mean for a small company from New Zealand to make a name for itself in the crowded HCM space, you have to think differently, right? Joining us on the show will be Mike Carden, Co-founder of Sonar6 to share their unique story, their approach to performance management, and why more companies aren't as cool as they are. I hope you can join us for 'Exceeds Expectations with Sonar6'

Minority Report Webcast 8/7 & 8/8/06 (  

CONTENT: Now is the time for TNA to do a 'Clash of The Champions' type special Monday night from 9PM - 11PM Live against WWE Raw.. Matt Hardy (Infected Nipple and all) can thank Jeff Hardy for saving his job.. If Angle vs Sabu was not Extreme Rules, why wasn't Sabu DQ'd the minute RVD hit the ring and attacked Angle?.. Our analysis why we think Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton will happen at Summerslam.. Can you imagine 'Spite TV' and fans channel surfing WWE to TNA?.. Why Eddie Guerrero should not be praised for the Wellness program starting because of his death.. Speaking of Eddie, why the F*** is Vicki Guerrero on WWE TV?.. Lita thinking of becoming an actress? Has she ever watched or heard herself on WWE TV?.. Remember last month when we said Paul Heyman thinks he's Raven?.. Sorry WWE, having Mike Knox winning every match doesn't make his wrestling ability (or should we say inability) any better.. Its amazing noone is bringing up the Backyard Wrestling surge from 1999 when that 7 year old survey came out this week.. Does reality love shows elevate women sh**ing on floors?.. We like Batista (well most of us here), but he really is 'Extremely' stupid.. Is it just us, or is Mike The Miz really coming off as a member of the Geek Squad?.. Sorry but ECW will not make Rene Dupree a star.. Once again Johnny Ace hiring his with his d*** instead of his brain.. Umaga is undefeated, yet he hasn't a Summerslam PPV match.. Why do all Islamic translators scream?.. Airhead who was eliminated this week is the perfect example why the Divas Search will never be accepted by the wrestling community.. Even though it's not right, if TNA isn't careful, they will get a bad reputation about drugs.. How much does it suck to be a female Indy wrestler?.. How much does it suck to be Sirelda?.. Lita, Trish Stratus, Pat Patterson all on the way out of WWE.. How can WWE even allow the setting for fans to sh** on them?.. Jeff Hardy needs quality opponents or his return will fizzle out in 3 weeks.. How much is Johnny Nitro vs Kane going to suck?.. Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Celebrity Fit Club, Mel Gibson talk, and lots more!.. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT..
(Recorded Monday 8/7 & 8/8/2006)



Outkick The Show - 5/9/17 - NBA playoffs suck, but I can fix them, Takk is a fraud, Hernandez, 10 year old fights off Gator, Billions!  

Clay Travis is back to tell all of you how much the NBA Playoffs suck and how he has an easy way to fix the NBA. Clay also has a lot to say about the latest news surrounding Atlanta Falcons draft pick Takk McKinley. Turns out Takk has now committed fraud and proves to be the gift that keeps on giving. All that and more in this episode of Outkick The Show with Clay Travis.

Why Does Transformers Suck SOOOOO Much? - Kinda Funny Morning Show 05.05.17  

Why Does Transformers Suck SOOOOO Much? - Kinda Funny Morning Show 05.05.17 by Kinda Funny

El sótano - Viernes australiano; el año que matamos a Skippy - 05/05/17  

El periodista musical Manuel Beteta lleva décadas sufriendo una terrible adicción al rocknroll australiano. Su “enfermedad” ha quedado materializada en la obra más completa que conocemos sobre la escena de aquel país de los últimos 40 años, el libro “El año que matamos a Skippy” (66rpm ediciones), un recorrido por el high energy, el punk, el garaje y el power pop australiano.





ASTEROID B-612 “Straight Back To You”

HOODOO GURUS “(Let's All) Turn On”

X “Suck Suck”

THE ONYAS “Live For Rejection”



THE STEMS “Sad Girl”

JOHNNY CASINO “Can't Be Who You Want Me To Be”

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