85: Take Steps to Pursue Your Dreams with Daniel  

This episode is about taking steps towards your dream. Today’s caller, Daniel, is passionate, and his enthusiasm is contagious when he talks about his music. When he deviates from his dream to take jobs just to pay the bills, he gets depressed.

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I like to say, dreams are actually our inner psychic knowing what is to come to us. Things we feel called to, from our heart. How do we know what is coming from our hearts and what is coming from our ego? Get clear about it by reading my What’s the Difference Between Sacrifice and Compromise? Vlog post. Our head has wants; our heart has desires.

When we are not listening to our heart or we are not pursuing the things we love, a part of us may start engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. It's important to not have the soul sucked out of us. Feed your soul and do things to fulfill your creativity and your passion. Don't let anything suck the soul out of you!

Aubrey Marcus and I are facilitating a 3-day retreat in Austin, Texas over Memorial Day weekend for men and women. If you don’t know Aubrey, go back and listen to the Coaches Corner, Go For Your Win. He is a seeker who appreciates consciousness above all else. The focus of the retreat is Love: Practice Makes the Master.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

What are your dreams? Are you giving yourself permission to pursue them?

Have other people’s doubts or comments about your dreams prevented you from listening to your own inner guidance?

Do you have a limiting belief that you are too old, too unqualified, or too poor to go after what you want?

If you are in pursuit of a dream, are you actively and consistently taking steps toward it?


Daniel's Question:

Daniel wants to know which action steps he should take to pursue his dreams.


Daniel's Key Insights and Ahas:

● He feels pressure to get a regular job.

● He is a perfectionist.

● He doesn’t know if he is practical or irrational.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

He should go for it 100%; get his work out there, and identify people to emulate.

He should put together a demo reel.

He should hustle for a year before making a decision about additional schooling.

He should compose his personal mantra.


Action Steps:

What is your dream?

Are you going after your dream? If not, why not? What is your excuse?

What is one action step you can take to move toward it?

Post your action step as a comment to the show notes so that I may root you on!



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130 - Win in Business without Winning the Creative Lottery with These Are Things  

Today I talk with pin and patch masterminds These Are Things. These Are Things is a partnership between Jen Adrion and Omar Noory. In this episode we talk through the rollercoaster of running your own business and how to build a sustainable business with blood, sweat and tears, rather than on pure luck. These Are Things just launched a new business to help YOU make your own Enamel Pins & Patches. If want to get into the pin and patch game, but don’t know where to start, look no further: These Are Things ---- Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Twenty20 - Stock Photos that don’t suck! Get your first 5 photos free at

#112 - The Boat Files - Best Breakfast Cereal with Ted Leo  

Recorded on the 2017 JoCo Cruise, Mark and Hal welcome Ted Leo into their recording cabin to talk breakfast cereals. Which will reign supreme? Which will fall early? Which cereal mascot did Ted once dress up as and did it suck? All those answers and more in this week's episode.

150: Jairek Robbins - Live A Life Of Growth, Contribution, and Gratitude  

Jairek Robbins is a decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

His personal journey has included travelling the globe by ship, helping build schools and houses in multiple countries, and working as a volunteer in underdeveloped regions.

Jairek is the author of Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose.

In this episode, we discuss:

Unlearning the barriers that keep you from being authentic What was the pressure like growing up having Tony Robbins as a Dad? Testing things on himself (Live It!) before coaching others Embracing the moments in life that suck Learn to love life how it is Change your life by travelling and living the life of other people Jairek's near death experience after contracting malaria Life supports that which supports life and life eliminates that which is no longer needed Defining a life worth living 3 questions at the end of life... Did you really live? Did you really love? Did you really matter? Writing out your ideal day Stop looking for what's next and enjoy your successes The three opponents (hint: you're one of them) The minors vs the majors You're rewarded in public for what you practice in private Gratitude boosts your happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment with life Your relationships are either growing or dying Have you put together your long-term savings plan? Jairek's morning routine Learn it, live it, give it

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129 - How to Remedy Creative Burnout  

What do you do when your creative spark goes out? What happens when you've lost the will to grind out that good side hustle? How do you recover and relight the fuse when you can't get out of bed, you can't see the point and you've lost your inspiration and excitement? In this week's episode I want to talk about a very real and recent encounter with my own burnout and how I relit that spark in a major way. --- Creative Pep Talk THE BOOK! ---- Creative Pep Rally - a day long workshop pizza party celebration with Andy J. Pizza and friends! Find out more: ---- Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Twenty20 - Stock Photos that don’t suck! Get your first 5 photos free at

UNAWE Space Scoop - Born to be Wild

Black holes are known for their destructive behavior – like the ability to rip apart stars and planets, and swallow them whole. 

Ok, suck them through the straw of their accretion disk. There, that's a better metaphor.

But black holes are actually valuable members of our cosmic society, and they give a lot of energy back to the Universe.


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Half Birthdays are for Snowflakes.  

Pepsi sucks? Half Birthdays Suck! But the movie the Wizard and the La Brea tarpits don't.

Episode 263 - 20th Century Women, Kong: Skull Island & Going In Style  

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#001 - Lewis Spears  

In the first ever episode of Cunspiracy, I sit down with comedian Lewis Spears while he embarks on his latest tour 'Try and Stop Me'. We chat about a few of his experiences during touring, comedy reviewers and then delve into some reasons why Trump won, and why Aussie politics suck.

En gryende Norden-vurm: Jens Möller, Stockholm.  

Stockholm, tisdag. Stockholm har blivit om inte Nordens huvudstad så åtminstone tillfälligt centrum för det nordiska politiska samarbetet. I dag samlas Nordiska Rådets politiker för en dags diskussioner om allt från en omtvistad rysk gasledning till Norden som en kärnvapenfri zon. Åsså huvudtemat, om Nordens förhållande till USA under Donald Trump. Vad kan den nya ledningen i Washington innebära för vår del av världen, säkerhetspolitiskt, ekonomiskt med mera? Som du hör; här finns stora, tunga politiska frågor på dagordningen. Fast hos oss i media brukar Nordiska Rådets möten leda till de här rubrikerna: (Tystnad) Det är inte din radio som har gått sönder, det du hör är bara ekande tystnad. Kanske en trött suck. För vem bryr sig om det politiska samarbetet i Norden? Nja... kanske allt fler, säger min magkänsla. Det är just bara en magkänsla, utan vetenskaplig grund, men jag som en av Sveriges Radios Nordenkorrespondenter tycker mig höra ett tassande mot mer av nordiskt samarbete i tider av ökad osäkerhet i omvärlden. EU lider av en slags existensiell ångest i skenet av Brexit och nationalism, många ser Ryssland som alltmer hotfullt och USA.. tja, ingen tycks veta vartåt den atlantiska supertankern är på väg med Donald Trump vid rodret. I en sådan här värld kan Norden kännas ganska tryggt och hemtamt. Nog för att vi nordbor har ägnat mycket tid åt att slå ihjäl varandra på slagfälten, men det var ändå hundratals år sedan. Nu är just försvar och säkerhetspolitik det område där det nordiska samarbetet skyndas på kanske allra mest. Olikheter finns i Norden, till exempel språkligt och i relation till militäralliansen Nato, men likheterna är nog fler. Enstaka entusiaster hoppas till och med på att hela eller delar av Norden ska bilda en framtida federal stat. Fast om det nu finns en nygammal Norden-vurm tror jag att ett skäl till det kan vara just att det nordiska samarbetet, på gott och ont, inte bygger på någon överstatlighet, så som EU delvis gör. I Norden handlar det i stället om att folk och nationer med liknande bakgrund ska försöka stötta och lära av varandra. Mer av artig nyfikenhet än hårda beslut, kan man säga. Detta är en försiktig modell som inte lär skapa så många braskande rubriker i framtiden heller, men åtminstone jag vill gärna se om och i så fall hur Norden-samarbetet kan utvecklas på sikt. Jens Möller, Stockholm

Suck it and see  

Learn a phrase about having new experiences

128 - Solving Creative Block with 18 SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS!  

I’m insanely excited to bring you this episode! This episode is jam packed with wisdom from 18 leading creative professionals. In fact, I’m just completely humbled to bring you these greats. This episode will give you tried and tested answers to this question: what do you do when you’re feeling discouraged in your creative work? I know you’re going to find these answers and insights extremely helpful, but even more so, I hope you just feel encouraged to hear these masters struggle with the same things you do! MASSIVE THANKS to these CPT friends for contributing to this episode and promoting the new CPT book. It’s a dream come true. The Guests: Aaron Draplin - Meg Hunt - Dan Cassaro - Little Friends of Printmaking - Chris Piascik - Stefan Sagmeister - Mary Kate McDevitt - Nathaniel Russell - Kate Bingaman Burt - Chuck Anderson / No Pattern - Nate Utesch - Danielle Evans - Darren Booth - Debbie Millman - Christopher David Ryan - Sarah Walsh - Tad Carpenter - Teagan White - Creative Pep Talk THE BOOK! ---- Creative Pep Rally - a day long workshop pizza party celebration with Andy J. Pizza and friends! Find out more: ---- Thanks to our syndicate Illustration Age, you can find this show at Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Twenty20 - Stock Photos that don’t suck! Get your first 5 photos free at

Do We Need A Plan B For Climate Change?  

At a recent press conference on the new US budget questions were asked about funding for climate change initiatives. The answer was stark. “We’re not spending money on that anymore,” reporters were told, they’re a “waste of your money”. The new administration is sceptical about man-made climate change. Most of the world’s scientists and governments, however, are not. The Paris Agreement committed the world to prevent global temperatures from rising more than two degrees over pre-industrial levels. That target looked close to impossible even before the election of Donald Trump. So – our question this week – do we need a ‘plan B’? Scientists have been developing some very ambitious ideas to re-engineer our climate. They have created materials that could suck carbon dioxide out of the air and a scheme to pump reflective particles into the atmosphere. But – if ‘plan A’ fails – might any of these last-ditch ideas actually work? (Photo: The smoke stacks at American Electric Power's Mountaineer coal power plant in New Haven, West Virginia. Credit: Getty Images)

Ep 3. Death Note's Netflix live action is a bad idea, and why anime live actions usually suck  

Joey The Anime Man and AkiDearest need to talk about Death Note becoming a live action on Netflix. There was an online storm after the Trailer was released because a lot of people are pessimistic about it. Some are waiting 'til it comes out (in full) to cast opinions but Joey and Aki aren't so sure. Light has been made to look like a crack addict instead of the cool, slick character he was in the anime. The live action Director, Adam Wingard, worked on The Blair Witch Project reboot, which Joey hated. It only got 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, so others must've agreed. Makes Joey even less excited for the Death Note live action. The only redeeming feature is Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. Joey and Aki think most (if not all) anime live actions suck. What about you?

126 - How to Make Big Career Changes When You Have Little Time  

You ever have those moments when you look around at your life and wonder how you got there? Do you try to silence that little whisper in your mind that says ‘this is not what you’re supposed to be doing with your life!’? In this episode we talk about embracing that voice and taking action. Life is too short to play it safe and live a life you’re not proud of. Find the secret stash of time and energy you're wasting and maximize it for the career change you want to make. Creative Pep Talk THE BOOK! Creative Pep Rally - a day long workshop pizza party celebration with Andy J. Pizza and friends! Find out more: Thanks to our syndicate Illustration Age, you can find this show at Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to my man Nate Utesch and his band Metavari for all the other tunes! Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Twenty20 - Stock Photos that don’t suck! Get your first 5 photos free at

PODCAST: We reveal our teams  

THIS. IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR COMMUNITY! Firstly we would like to thank the entire community for their support in what has been our biggest preseason to date. The fellowship and camaraderie on display is something that we should all be extremely proud of. How goods this? Lockout week. Suck in the deep ones, settle […]

Big Little Lies, Neighbours, and the Never Ending Story that is Married At First Sight.  

Big Little Lies is more popular than Game Of Thrones in Australia (suck it, dragons) but do people only like it if they haven’t read the books? And how different is the show from the original? Laura and Tiff talk to someone who knows. Plus, Married At First Sight is still going. And Tiff has fatigue. But we have some news as to when it might be ending. And RuPaul’s Drag Race has entered it’s ninth season. But if you think it’s too late to jump on the bandwagon, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. No sir-ee. 

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk

With thanks to Jackie Lunn

This show was produced by
 Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.


It’s yet to be announced when Fevola will start featuring on Neighbours but you can watch it weekdays on Eleven.

Married At First Sight is on Nine, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 7.30

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Watch Big Little Lies on Showcase Monday nights at 8.30pm or on Foxtel Go.

Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres on Stan on Friday the 25th of March

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