Tangerine and the iPhone Feature Film (with Chris Bergoch) GCS071  

Today we speak with Chris Bergoch, co-writer and co-producer of the film Tangerine, distributed through Magnolia films and shot entirely on the iPhone. The Go Creative Show is supported by Kessler - Rule Boston Camera - Shutterstock The Song of the Week Listen to this weeks full track: Jolly Polly by Alexis Messier Spotlight: Chris Bergoch Chris Bergoch and Sean Baker have been creative partners for years, each working on films, television shows and more. Their latest collaboration, Tangerine, has enjoyed incredible success, premiering at Sundance, being distributed by Magnolia films and most important, being loved by audiences around the world. Today we invite Chris Bergoch, co-writer and co-producer of Tangerine to discuss his writing process, securing funding, working with first time actors and the bold choice to shoot Tangerine entirely on an iPhone. We discuss the challenges and benefits of shooting on iPhone and how to get maximum production quality with a minimum budget. Making a film about transgender sex workers Why Donut Time in LA was the best location for this film The story of a broken heart resonates with a larger audience How they made the decision to shoot with iPhone Microbudget films Lighting for iPhone How watching your film with an audience gives you a different perspective Why the sub-par low-light capabilities of the iPhone worked for the look The apps and gear needed to make an iPhone a cinema quality camera and more... SOME LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE: Filmic Pro Stedicam Smoothy Tangerine Film Homepage Official Website for BC Media Productions SUBSCRIBE: SHOW SUPPORTERS: Kessler - Innovative Tools for Filmmaking Rule Boston Camera - Buy. Rent. Create. PremiumBeat - Premium Royalty-Free Music and Sound NewsShooter - Making the real world look as good as cinema Shutterstock - Premium Footage and Images

411: Ryan Hurd | Dream Like a Boss  

Dreams can increase your emotional IQ.

"The creative mind awake and asleep is the same mind." -Ryan Hurd

The Cheat Sheet: Do we all dream, whether we remember or not? Why napping is a good thing. One of the top ten most common dreams is what? Dream work vs dream interpretation: what's the difference? What is dream incubation? And so much more...

Do you remember your dreams from last night? Whether you do or not science has shown we all dream. Joining us to discuss the science of dreams and other dream-related topics is Ryan Hurd, dream expert and author of several books on dreaming including Dream Like a Boss.

On this episode of The Art of Charm we dive into lucid dreaming, how dreaming is akin to creative workshopping your problems and how dreams can act as red flags for health problems.

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More About This Show

Ryan's journey into dreams began at a young age. He remembers having very vivid dreams as a child, and being fascinated by them. At 14 he began a dream journal to chronicle his experiences.

Although he became a field archaeologist after college, a decade later he returned to school to study his passion: dreams. He earned an MA in the Consciousness Studies program at John F Kennedy along with a Certificate in Dream Studies. He has worked with dream researchers and experts throughout his career. On this episode Ryan shares us with his scientific and practical application of dreaming.

Practically speaking sleep is the third pillar of health, without it diet and exercise don't have nearly the same positive impact as they do when we're sleeping properly. We have to start with good sleep before we can do any quality dream work, like lucid dreaming.

Once good sleep is in place our dreams can help us understand what's really important (and who), face our fears and anxieties, increase our emotional IQ and come up with solutions to pressing problems.

Ryan says if we have a recurring dream about something or someone there's a lesson in it for us, our sleep is trying to tell us something. Have you had several dreams about a former lover from a decade ago? It doesn't necessarily mean you should contact that old flame. Instead, take that feeling you have from the dream and notice when you have that same feeling in real life: your dream is trying to guide you so you can change your response in that situation.

Or if you find yourself dreaming about those bullies from elementary school time and again, use that dream to respond differently; you can use your dream to face those bullies, stand up for yourself and finally work through the fear and anxiety you felt in that situation. You'll have become more powerful in your dream and in real life.

And you can use dreams to help you with current day issues: if you're faced with a problem or situation that you don't know how to resolve in real life your dreams can provide options and potential solutions.

First you must be adapt at remembering your dreams and you can start by keeping a dream journal.Once you're remembering your dreams you can write down your problem before you go to sleep, then write down your dreams when you wake up. Do this for at least 3 nights in a row and your dreams will provide answers.

Ryan and I also explore the topic of lucid dreaming, including some of the latest technological advances in this area plus dream incubation and his dream app recommendations. Check it out on today's episode of The Art of Charm.


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Resources from this episode:

Ryan Hurd's web site
Ryan Hurd on Twitter
Dream Like A Boss, Ryan Hurd
Dreams Cloud app, an app for dream journaling
The Art of Charm bootcamps

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Secret #6: How To Do SEO The Right Way By Using The Dream 100  

The dream 100 isn’t just for JV partners… it’s the key to ALL traffic.

On this episode of Marketing Secrets Russell talks about immersing himself in SEO stuff over the weekend and how that has got him thinking about getting creative about getting traffic. Here are some of the cool things he mentions in this episode:

How you can use Dream 100 strategies with people who write magazine articles to get more traffic. How you can find out who is dominating each platform (i.e YouTube, Instagram) and use them to build your Dream 100. And find out why Russell is looking at strategies he used 10 years ago to help gain traffic.

So listen below to hear how to do SEO the right way using the Dream 100.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing Secrets. I’m here in my house today about to head out to my son’s kindergarten graduation which is pretty excited. It was cute, we were talking about it last night and he was like, “What’s graduation mean?” so we had to kind of explain that.

But I’m super excited. We’re heading out and so many cool things, but the one downside to doing a podcast where it’s also a video, so those who are listening on iTunes, you go to there’s also a video version of these. I used to do them on my phone all the time, which is a lot easier and I could do it more often. So I had a bunch of things on my mind that I wanted to share with you guys, that I have had a chance to til right now. So I had a few minutes and wanted to kind of just hang out with all my marketing secrets people.

So a couple things, one is if you listened to last week’s episode, or the last episode I did, it talked about faith. You have to have faith first in a mentor, business, products, all those kind of things. Because otherwise everyone would do it, it takes away all the joy and excitement and the fun and all those things disappear. There’s a book, a lot of my Mormon friends know. It’s called Faith Proceeds a Miracle. Without getting into the content of the book, just the title was right. Think about that. Faith proceeds a miracle, you want a miracle, launch a business, change the world, whatever. It starts with faith. Faith in yourself, the process, in it all. I’ll leave that there.

So today what I want to talk about, if you listened to me talk recently I’ve been talking about how transitions going from zero to a million dollars a year, a million to ten, and ten to a hundred and it’s interesting, the different mindset tweaks and the creativity switch. To go from zero to a million is all about figuring out your what and how. What is it you’re selling and how are you going to sell it. Once you figure that out it’s easy to get to a million bucks.

Then a million to ten is all about figuring out acquisition funnels to get people in, ascension funnels to ascend people up and monetization funnels, and that’s the next phase in the process. The third phase is traffic, like how to convert cold traffic and more traffic, things like that. And our job as entrepreneurs is to shift our creativity from figuring out the what and how, as soon as you figure that out it’s transitioning our creativity to the front end and back in ascension funnels. After you figure that out and get those in place, it’s transitioning to our creativity in traffic and lead generation.

So what’s cool is that in our company, the first two phases are done, and it’s fun because the Two Comma Club coaching, which we launched a couple of months ago, is all about focus and getting people from zero to a million, the what and the how. And then the inner circle is about the second phase, which is going from 7 to 8 figures, which is all about figuring out the acquisition, ascension and monetization funnels.

And the next phase is where my next group of people, I’m thinking about opening another group, called the inner, inner circle. I don’t know what it is. It will be really, really, obviously a lot more expensive, but the goal of that one is going to be traffic, and creativity in traffic, because that’s what we’re doing right now, it’s my focus. Thinking about this. All weekend long, I started geeking out on SEO again, which I swore I would never do, I hated SEO. But as I started thinking about this, SEO, I’ve had times in our company where we were ranked number one for work at home, and internet marketing, internet marketing strategy and all these other cool key words.

But we did it the gray hat way, shades of gray…I don’t know. There’s black hat stuff that we didn’t really do, there’s gray hat that we definitely did, and then there’s white hat that’s too annoying and takes too long. But this weekend I started re geeking out on it and thinking about it. And looking at the white hat strategies, I always hate them because they seem so slow and organic, like SEO is supposed to be. But then I realized that it doesn’t have to be slow and organic, it just has to, you get the right things to the right people.

And it’s funny because I was geeking out and studying and learning and all this stuff, and I had this weird impression that I was just, the way to rank in SEO, it’s the same principle. We talk about this inside the Fill Your Funnel Course, I talk about it in Expert Secrets. I talk about it over and over again, it’s the concept of the Dream 100. The Dream 100 is key. Chet Holmes, who I learned it for, used that to sell advertizing in magazines. And also he used it to get his screen play written and published by Hollywood.

I’ve used it to generate affiliates. But the Dream 100 is also the key to SEO ranking, it’s also the key to Instagram influencers and it’s the key to YouTube, all these traffic strategies in Dream 100 are the key. Some of you guys are like, “Russell, no it’s not. It’s all about whatever….back linking, keywords.” But think about it. We hired Neil Patel to come do a training with us. We paid him $20 grand to come hang out for the day and kind of just look at our stuff and give us feedback on the SEO side. He said basically, “Blog every single day, you need to get links from the best sites, like Forbes and Ink and things like that.”

And the data service was $20-30 grand a month, but they get you some links from these high quality sites. And at first it was magic to me. I don’t know how to get a link from Forbes, that doesn’t make sense. Then we started working with Andrew O’Brien, who does our PR stuff, and that’s what he was doing. Getting links from all these sites. We’ve been written in Forbes a couple times now, and Entrepreneur and Ink and we’re getting these links back and we’re seeing rankings.

And what’s interesting though, I’ve been interviewed by all these different writers and sites, and I realized, they’re just people, just like all of us. And the Dream 100 works on people. So let’s just say I wanted to get ranked for whatever, instead of me going back and doing it all black hat link building and all that crap we used to back in the day that was really fun and automated, it was really fun. Not going to lie. But instead of that, what if you just build. Here’s the Dream 100 list on people’s site, that I want to write an article about me or let’s say you go to Huffington Post, here’s the Dream 100.

Because Huffington Post, Fox news, all these have tons of writers, so make your Dream 100 list of the writers who write those sites, and we focus on the Dream 100 towards them. To get them to write about us. Let’s say there’s a hundred writers, I do the Dream 100 strategy to the top 10, or 20. Doesn’t have to be 100 people. But the top 20 writers on Huffington Post or Forbes or whatever and we market to those people and those relationships with those people and all the stuff we talk about in the Dream 100 and I get those people to write articles. Now let’s say I get 10, 20, 30 articles written from Forbes, Ink, Entrepreneur, that will rank me for most major keywords. Who are the sites that are already ranking for our key words. Dream 100 those people and figure out how to get on those pages.

I don’t know what It’s called, but let’s say you type in internet marketing, I might not be able to get ranked number one in internet marketing, but who are those top 10 people, but let’s Dream 100 those people and become friends with them and maybe I can get a banner up on their site or a pop up, or email number one in their email sequence. You know a million other things. There’s so many ways to do it. The dream 100 is the key. It’s interesting.

It’s key there, in YouTube, let’s say you want to dominate YouTube. Okay, who’s my dream 100 there that already have visitors and eyeballs and what can I do to get to them. A good example, JP Sears, who I love his videos. He’s one of our Dream 100. We met him and paid him a little money to come to our event, made a video with him, and he shared that video we made of him telling his thing on his page and got a half a million views. Half a million people from one person on my Dream 100. On a Facebook and YouTube channel, that’s it.

It makes you think, it works everywhere. Instagram, I want to dominate Istagram, Twitter, wherever you’re at, who are the people that are already dominating? Dream 100 them, build relationships, rapport, buy ads, all those things. So we have a traffic meeting a little later on today and this is the topic of the traffic meeting, within my internal team, Dream 100. And we’re going to be doing SEO and YouTube are our two biggest. And basically YouTube is because we’re trying to….SEO started because we were trying to do better on SEO on our videos and then I kind of geeked out all weekend on it.

I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of immersion. This is kind of my learning style. I’ll get excited about learning something and I’ll go deep really fast and don’t sleep for 3 or 4 days, which is what I d

Echoes feature - Remembering Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream  

Edgar Froese, founder of the group Tangerine Dream, changed his cosmic address on January 20, 2015. We remember this groundbreaking, influential musician by looking back at our profile of Tangerine Dream, one of 20 Icons of Echoes. We hear from Edgar Froese himself, as well as several musicians who were inspired by Tangerine Dream.

Episode #289 – Grab The Big Pile Of Cash First  

The process of going from hot to warm to cold traffic.

On today's episode Russell talks about re-launching the Marketing In Your Car podcast and how that is going. He also talks about building a Dream 100 list and how that helps you grab big piles of cash before trying to market to a cold audience.

Here are some cool things in this episode:

The exciting new things happening with the Marketing In Your Car podcast. Why Russell tells people in his Inner Circle to grab the piles of cash in front of them before doing extra work to market to a cold audience. Find out what is happening with and how you'll be able to watch him go from 0 to a million of his books sold. And how you can watch the each process by subscribing to the podcast, following Russell's blog, and by watching Funnel Hacker TV.

So listen below to hear Russell's thoughts on the podcast, and his Dream 100 list.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to a freezing cold Marketing In Your Car. Boise has been covered in feet of snow, not foot, feet. Many feet of snow. Everything has been frozen. We’ve had three snow days in a row, back to back to back. But I had to get to the office today because we were doing a webinar, and I don’t trust my home internet connection as much as the office. Plus I miss everybody, I wanted to see them all again. I’ve been working from home the last few days.

I still haven’t finished the book, it’s killing me. But we did get launched the Marketing In Your Car free MP3 player. So if you haven’t got yours yet go to I’m guessing though if you’re listening right now, you’re probably on. We had to do a couple of things, I think I told you. Our old RSS feed, I totally screwed up on so we retired that podcast. So it’s, that one’s kind of paused. It says archived image there. And then if you come to the new one, that’s the one you’re listening to right now. And we’re all hanging out and having fun over here.

And what’s been fun, by kind of restarting the thing and launching the free MP3 player, we were able to do a new launch around it, which is fun. So we’ve got over a thousand people in the first 24 hours have gotten a free MP3 player. So hopefully a thousand of you guys are listening to this, or more, that are new. And hopefully we’ll keep growing. I just appreciate all of you guys sharing and all the good feedback for the podcast. Makes me happy.

In fact, today was really, really cool. One of my friends, he’s the Clickfunnels member and someone I met, I think at the first Funnel Hacking event, anyway, his name is Travis Cody. He sent me, I got this box in the mail today and I opened it up and there’s a video playing on the screen of this box, talking and it’s Travis talking. And then I looked down and inside of the box there’s these two huge books, and I pull them out and a lot of you guys know I’m Mormon, so there’s a Book of Mormon. It looks like a special font on it, different color and everything. And it looks like two Book of Mormons, but it’s the Book of Brunson. I’m like, what? I open it up and it’s all of my podcasts put in this book. It was the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten.

I don’t know, he says he’s got an idea, so maybe we’re going to start selling these as an actual product, but it was super cool. So I got the Book of Brunson now. So if I start quoting scripture, I’m like, “The Book of Brunson, Chapter 2, Verse 16.” You’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s all coming from this podcast. It was a super cool gift from him. So thank you Travis if you’re listening. Appreciate that, it was really fun. It’s just been fun re-getting excited about this podcast. I’ve been doing it for so long now and at first, I don’t think anyone listened for a long time. But I was doing it because I thought it was fun.

And the cool thing is that, because of the way I set up the RSS feed, I had no way to check if people are actually listening. Which is actually helpful because then I didn’t know if anyone was listening, so I didn’t assume people were listening. Now,  a few years later, I know we’ve got a lot of listeners. Now that we’re moving things over I’ll actually be able to see how many people are listening and downloads and all that kind of stuff. So that will be kind of fun. But regardless, it’s something I enjoy and it’s been hugely beneficial for me, just to get out my thoughts and ideas and what I’m thinking.

And you guys have obviously have been a huge sounding board for me as we’ve gone from near bankruptcy when I started this podcast, to where we’re at today. And I just appreciate you guys listening and sharing and commenting. So if you guys are listening, please I love for you to come and comment on the new feed because we switched over, obviously there were zero stars, I think we’re like 35 or 40 stars now, so that’s good. But the more you guys can come and comment, let me know. Right now, especially for the next week or two, I’m really intently reading comments. So feel free to drop a comment. I’m sure I’ll read it, which will be kind of fun.

With that said, welcome to the podcast, those of you guys who are new. So for those who are new, the way this works is as I’m driving to the office and back I just share cool ideas and things we are working on and stuff that I think would be helpful for you. I’m heading home from the office right now. I had a webinar today with JLD, John Lee Dumas, which was fun and worked awesomely. We helped serve his people well. We sold a bunch of Clickfunnels, which is the key to happiness for me and for them as entrepreneurs, as you know, which is really cool.

And then afterwards we had a Dream 100 meeting. What is a Dream 100? As you listen and you guys catch up on my podcast, I talk about this a lot, but this is the foundation of promotion of business for me. So go back and find some of those calls where we go deeper. Basically Dream 100, who are the 100 people in your market that have your dream customers on their list right now, and how can you get them to promote you to their audience?

When we launched the Dotcom Secrets book, we built the dream 100 list, and we started sending people Dream 100 gifts in the mail. We sent them copies of the new book that was coming out, we sent Ferrari key chains because we were giving away a Ferrari.  We did all these cool things, we kept sending them out. And we did that to get people to promote. And it’s funny because from that Dream 100 campaign, we got a whole bunch of people promoting the book that I didn’t have relationships with at all.

We found who were all the top business podcasters that are out there. So I had a bunch of them and we started sending them the book and stuff. John Lee Dumas was one of them, I never met him at the time. A couple of days later I get an email saying, “Russell, your book is awesome. I want to promote it.” And now we’ve done 3 funnel hack webinars, he’s sold a few thousand copies of my book and we’ve made a bunch of money together. And it came from the Dream 100 concept. John was just one of the many people we did it with. But I built lists of 100 people, and honestly my Dream 100 list keeps growing and growing.

And that’s what today’s meeting was about, kind of trimming that down. Who’s our Dream 100 for my next book launch coming up in April? And we’re putting those things together and kind of mapping out a strategy. And a couple of things I want to know. One thing, the book launch is at the end of April, so we’re like almost 3 1/2 months away. And we’re doing this now. A big part of this is digging the well before you’re thirsty.

A lot of you will launch a product and then start going and bugging JV partners and stuff and it’s like no, do that work ahead of time. So we’re planning out now, we’ll be contacting everyone and getting people information so they can get it on the calendar,  and we’ll be sending copies of the book as soon as they come out.

We’re trying to prepare for that and get it ready and build a good relationship with everybody before that. Just to kind of get people excited for the book. But it’s the foundation. So what’s cool is we have our new reality show that’s close to done called Funnel Hacker TV as well. So we filmed the Dream 100 process today so you guys will be able to see it soon. You’ll see how this is the foundation for everything we do in our business, building that list of partners. And initially… biggest goal of the Dream 100, if I can get them to promote my book or whatever the thing is that we’re selling, that’s the best. If I can get them to promote on a podcast, or through their blog or email, that’s number one. So we try that initially, but a lot of people can’t or won’t.

So after that is done, we try the first phase, which is let’s get them to promote it, that’s a warm audience, excuse me that’s the hot. We got the hot and transition down to warm. The warm audience may not know me but I can market to Toni Robbins’ followers, or Tim Farris’ followers, or things like that on Facebook, so that’s a warm audience. People may know Toni and not me, but I can create a bridge page that bridges that gap between Toni and me, and then get them to buy the book or whatever the thing is, register for the webinar.

So we start building bridge pages to our warm audience to bring them from there over. So that’s the second thing, taking the Dream 100 list we have and then going after them as a warm audience. We’re advertising directly to them as opposed to Toni or someone directly marketing to his people. So that’s phase number two in our Dream 100.

And then phase number three is to go into cold traffic and stuff like that. So one cool thing we’re doing that’s not live yet, but may be live by the time you guys get this. Changing up So again, dependin

Discópolis 9795 - Rock sinfónico 29 Tangerine Dream - 29/06/17  

Capítulo 29 de la serie de Rock sinfónico y progresivo. Yes articula el inicio. Primero con la explicación de la portada del disco Tormato y la anécdota del tomatazo. Oímos Don't Kill the Whale y Madrigal.

Retrocedemos diez años para ver lo que hacía Steve Howe, su guitarrista, con el grupo Tomorrow, junto a Keith West. Luego oimos juntos a Patrick Moraz y Bill Bruford y satisfacemos la petición de un amigo discopolita programando la Suite de las tres piezas del grupo England. Terminamos con Phaedra version 2005 de Tangerine Dream. Es mejor la original, en serio. Este programa es una adaptación del llamado Discópolis 8210, emitido el 25 de febrero de 2013.

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Announcing Voice Dream Writer. A Spotlight Interview.  

Winston Chen, the developer of the iOS app, Voice Dream Reader, sits down with the team at Cool Blind Tech to tell the story of how having been inspired by a Ted Talk podcast, his departure from mainstream tech, life on an Artic island north of Norway, and how that led to the development of Voice Dream Reader. Mr. Chen describes  the original intent for Voice Dream Reader, and how that later manifested into an app for educators, the blind, and dyslexic.

Mr. Chen proceeds to announce the release of a new iOS word processing application which is designed specifically with blind people in mind. The new app is called, Voice Dream Writer, and is available shortly in the App Store for $9.99.

Here's the iTunes description.

Voice Dream Writer helps everyone write better: Text-to-speech proofreading reduces mistakes, phonetic and meaning search help you find the right words, and an active outline improves the structure of your writing.

Text-To-Speech Proofreading. Professional proofreaders recommend reading out loud as the best way to catch mistakes. Like a personal proofreader, Voice Dream Writer reads your writing using text-to-speech, so you can easily spot awkward sentences, grammatical errors and typos. Also, it can read words and sentences as you type or voice dictate. This way, you can type faster because you no longer have to look up to check the text you just wrote.

Word Finder. Voice Dream Writer helps you find the right words using phonetic search and meaning search. For example, search for "inuf" phonetically, and you will find "enough", and search for "Fast Africa Cat" by meaning and you will find "Cheetah." Word Finder also shows you the dictionary definition of a word as you type without you having to select anything or open another program.

Outline. As you write, Voice Dream Writer automatically creates an outline of headings, paragraphs and sentences. The Outline helps you structure your document better by giving you an always-on overview. You can also quickly navigate to a section in a long document without endless scrolling. Finally, you can drag and drop elements in the Outline to organize your writing. No more selecting, cutting and pasting large blocks of text.

Besides these unique features, Voice Dream Writer also comes with everything you would expect from any great writing tool:

The post Announcing Voice Dream Writer. A Spotlight Interview. appeared first on Cool Blind Tech.

#547: Top 5 Things We Learned At The Dissolve / Southpaw / Tangerine  

For two years, members of The Dissolve staff put blood, sweat and tears into running their great film site – and all you get is a lousy top 5 list. Dissolvers Scott Tobias and Keith Phipps fill in for Adam and Josh, sharing the Top 5 Things We Learned At The Dissolve. Plus, reviews of SOUTHPAW with Jake Gyllenhaal and the indie transgender comedy TANGERINE.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI and by Squarespace (code FILM).

:00-2:32 - Billboard / MUBI

2:32-15:49 - Review: "Southpaw"

Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian at Best"

17:02-18:50 - Sponsor: Squarespace

18:50-25:14 - Notes / Massacre Theatre

25:14-36:51 - Review "Tangerine"

Courtney Barnett, "Depreston"

38:10-38:59 - SVU Promo

38:59-53:34 - Top 5: Things We Learned At...

53:34-57:52 - Close


- Courtney Barnett


- MT winner: Melanie Purser


- The Dissolve on Facebook

- Dissolve spinoff "The Solute"

- Oscilliscope Labs' "Musings" Tumblr

- Stanley Kubrick's favorite movies

- Jessef's Squarespace site

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Episode 26| Radically Ambitious with Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhas Creators of Dream, Girl Film  

The Dream, Girl mission is to tell the amazing stories of inspiring female entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation. It’s time we stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them how. Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhas sparked a movement through touring their documentary Dream, Girl. They are so inspiring and totally awesome! I am so grateful for both of these girls. I watched the Dream, Girl trailer and had to reach out. They share so much goodness from how we can be a part of their mission to what self-care is when you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur. Radically Ambitious Erin and Komal Putting together a Kickstarter campaign and raising $100K in 30 days Knowing they were meant to work together and joining for Dream, Girl Helping the next generation of women filmmakers and giving back Sharing their mission of Dream, Girl and moving forward on new goals Radically Inspired Clarity We can’t take kindness for granted. We need to step up and take care of each other. Pause. When you can tell you’re depleted, make time for yourself. It’s a radical form of self love. We have this vision that the world is on our shoulders, we need to bring more light and bring more fun. Erin and Komal Answer… How will this film change the environment for women entrepreneurs? How do we begin to change the dynamic in the female community? What do you do to hit the reset button and find peace in your life? Radically Loved Quotes “You can only create from a place of fullness.” “We have to give ourselves permission to have the most radical transformations.” “We get lost in the goal. Bring it back to the work.” A Little More About Our Guests While working 9 to 5, Erin felt the doldrums of corporate America eating away at her soul. But outside of work, she poured her heart into telling the stories of inspiring women on her blog, Feminist Wednesday. Erin’s lifelong dream was to make a feature length film, and she realized she could combine her two passions by making a film about the amazing women she was meeting. So fueled by coffee, a drive to change the world, and a feminist agenda, Erin quit her job to launch a Kickstarter campaign that raised $100K in 30 days. Dream, Girl – the documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs – was born. Then Erin met Komal Minhas, and both their lives changed forever. Dedicated to amplifying the stories of women and girl’s Komal brings an unparalleled energy to producing, and creating new standards for distributing independent films. Business partners, and best friends these two work side by side and live only blocks away from each other in Brooklyn. Ready to take on Hollywood’s gender gap one ambitious film at at time. Dream, Girl premiered privately at The White House in May 2016, followed by the film’s sold out world premiere at the iconic Paris Theater in NYC. Dream, Girl was named the number one “Feminist Film to Watch” by Huffington Post. Radically Loved Retreat Love + Gratitude + Freedom in Thailand Ready for a truly transformative experience? Join me this February in Thailand. This retreat is about designing a road map to connect to love in your life. Getaway with like-minded individuals, eat really good food, take your yoga to the next level, and learn something new. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly Radically Loved Updates and listen on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode! Radically Loved Retreat Love + Gratitude + Freedom in Thailand Ready for a truly transformative experience? Join me this February in Thailand. This retreat is about designing a road map to connect to love in your life. Getaway with like-minded individuals, eat really good food, take your yoga to the next level, and learn something new.

Episode #100 – My One BIG Change I Made Last Year  

We made one BIG change last year to our business, that seemed VERY small, yet helped us to more then double sales from the year prior.

On this special 100th episode of Marketing In Your Car Russell talks about reminiscing on the previous year instead of making new years resolutions and the one big change he made in the last year.

Here are some of the cool things you will hear in today’s episode:

How to attract the right kind of people to your business. How to look at your clients and figure out what the end result needs to be. And to not be afraid even if your initial sales drop, because it will pick back up again when you attract your dream client.

So listen below to find out how to attract your dream client to your business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to our 100th episode of Marketing in Your Car.

Hey everyone, so it's been a little while since I've done a podcast and to tell you the real honest reason, it's because I promised you all that I would have a new jingle for the 100th episode and I haven't got one yet, so I've been delaying and delaying. Yesterday, I actually messaged on Facebook to my friends who yelled at me saying, “Dude, you don't have a podcast episode. Where are you at?”

I'm going to repent and I'm just going to do one. Hopefully today I’ll figure out a new song for you. I appreciate you guys listening, and actually caring so that's really cool. Today, I'm driving actually to work out. I'm not sure if I’ll get my thoughts done by the time I get there so this may be one of those ones where I pause it and come back after my workout.

It's the beginning of the year for me right now. If you're listening live, it's just after the new year. If you're listening to the recording or listening later, that's when I recorded this. It's interesting because it's been fun. I'm not a big New Year's resolution person but I am big at looking back at what happened over the last year and looking at the cool changes that happened in yourself as a person, as a business, and as a company, and all these different things, and then setting big, huge – I think the book Good to Great calls them BHAGs, big, hairy, audacious goals.

I'm totally a big believer in that, setting huge goals for the years as opposed to resolutions. I've got some big goals we've set out. I started thinking over the last year and I looked at this time last year, where our company was at versus where we are right now. I got to tell you, it's like night and day.

We had relaunched our little coaching program a little over a year ago. Some of you guys know, we at one time had 60 salespeople and we were selling coaching, $5000 packages of coaching, and it was a huge nightmare to be honest. I shut it down and for three years, we didn't sell coaching. We kept getting so many requests for it, we relaunched it last year.

At the beginning of the year, it was really hard. We were trying to sell $5000 but the kind of people that we were getting in weren't that high quality, or the leads that were coming in. It was hard. I remember about this time last year making a conscious decision, thinking, “You know what? If I want to keep doing this business,” because I was burned out, I was turned, and I didn't really like it, “I've got to change the customers we have.”

I started looking at that. To change our customers, I've got to change the bait that I'm using. I looked at the bait I was throwing out there to the world to attract people in and what was interesting is most of the stuff I was sending out, most of our offers and things like that were all business opportunity stuff. It was attracting someone who wanted to start a business.

The problem with that is you're going to get some really good people who want to start businesses but you also get every person on earth who just wants to make a quick buck. It attracts the total wrong type of person. I was putting out these offers and putting out these landing pages and ads, and everything that was attracting biz op people. That's what I was getting.

It was obviously the type of customer that we didn't really want to keep having, you know what I mean? That's kind of where last year had started. We made the conscious decision, we need to get a different type of customer so to do that, we need to create a different bait. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know the bait we put out.

We created a book called The 108 Proven Split Test Winners, and we launched it for free plus shipping, no continuity, nothing tricky, just let's give this amazing product out to the world and see what happens. We did that. Over the last year, we sold over 10,000 copies of the book, which you may be saying, “Well, Russell, that's not a big deal. It was free plus shipping. You didn't make any money on it.”

But us putting that bait out there completely transformed our business. We started attracting the right people in our coaching program, and we figured out a couple of things. First off, our high ticket product back then was $5000. Over the last year, we've raised our prices where right now, our lowest ticket product that we sell through coaching is $10,000 and we're about to raise that again to $15,000.

By increasing the price, what happened was the people that we didn't want to work with, the people who were struggling to pay $5000, they stopped signing up. What was cool was that the right person, the people that my bait was attracting, $10,000 was not that big a deal to them. They were people who had businesses, who had websites, who wanted to take it to the next level.

Man, I tell you, for me, that customer is so much more refreshing, such a better type person to work with. Again, we made that our low end as $10,000 and we added a $25,000, and last year, we sold I don't know the exact numbers, but we sold 120 people at the $10,000 level and 30 something people at the $25,000 level.

That's like what, one and a half million bucks in coaching sales. We did that with two salespeople, which is insane. We did it without that much effort. It all comes back to we changed the bait that we used to attract. We got the customers we wanted and customers who could afford coaching, those who wanted coaching. It's been pretty awesome.

I'm at the gym right now. I'm pausing this recording. When I come back, we will finish this up. Hey everyone, I'm back. Just for the record, I want to say that I'm not one of the New Year's gym goers. I've been going consistently three times a week for the last five years. I didn't go to the real gym. I have a personal trainer so it's just me and him. I don't have to deal with the thousand other people.

I'm not sure where I left off but I know I was talking about how we consciously picked who we wanted our dream customer to be. The second step then was go and create bait that would attract our dream customer. If we look at our Dot Com Secrets Labs, what's interesting about it is anyone who is a business opportunity seeker, if they saw that, they wouldn't know what it was.

They wouldn't even pay the $10 shipping and handling because they don’t know what a split test is. They have no idea how that's going to help them but my dream customer, somebody who has a website, who is trying to figure out how to take it to the next level, the person I want to be working with, the people who I know can write a check for $10,000, $25,000, or $100,000, they see that and it's the right bait.

I've had people who have tried this strategy, the free plus shipping things and they're like, “I attract crappy people because the price point is so low.” That's the wrong way to look at it. That's not true that you attract the wrong kind of person because of the bait you put out there. If you put out there a how to get rich quick product, you're going to get how to get rich quick people.

If you put out there a product that's going to attract your dream customer, you'll get your dream customer. It's very important to really understand that, that the bait is key. After you've created the bait, then you got to come back. The bait has been created. Now where are my dream customers at? Where is the pond that they're at, trying to figure out where that's at.

For us, targeting Facebook was big. We had to find other places, trying to find where are our dream customers. For us, when we were finding business opportunity seekers, it was way easier because the world is your ocean. They're everywhere. When we started identifying the right people, it shrunk our world down.

The universe isn't as big for us to go after but it's a lot deeper. Like I said, we got 30 something people that pay us over $25,000 this year. We have two people that paid us for our million dollar program where they pay $100,000 up front and 10% of their profits. I can't go as wide. There aren't as many people to target but I can go way deeper with those people.

Then the fourth step in the formula, first is find out who your dream customer is, what kind of bait you're going to create. Find out where to find those people, what's the pond you're fishing out of. The fourth one is where are you taking these people. What's the goal? I think I used to know the answer to this in my business and I think I was wrong in my goal was, “I'm going to get them into my high end coaching programs.”

That's not what I'm looking for for number four here. The fourth is what's the result you want to get for somebody. I have a graph. I don't know if I mentioned, I'm launching my first real book. I'm going to try to get on the New York Times' bestseller list in March. You'll see this is chapter one. I talk about this concept.

The fourth step is the result. Where are we trying to take this person? I have a picture of a mountain and me takin

Live Your Dream Life Now  

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Keep Chasing Your Dreams  

It takes a lot of work to achieve your dreams, but what do you do when the struggle gets too hard? Here are four strategies to keep you on path:


1. Visualize:

Inexperienced personal development teachers always tell you to visualize, but often in a tragically limited way. They tell you to visualize nothing but victory. But high-achievers know that it’s even more important to visualize themselves at the point where they want to quit, and then see themselves working through the struggle. What will you say to yourself in that moment when it gets too tough or your dream seems too hard? It's not just about seeing yourself validated and victorious; it's about visualizing yourself push through struggle to achieve your dream.

2. Research:

High performers obsessively research their dreams from a multitude of sources. To become world-class, you have to know who has already cracked the struggle you face ahead. Don't reinvent the wheel. Research the leaders in fields related to yours, synthesize their findings and see how you can apply their hard-won wisdom to your work. Stand on their shoulders and then make a leap into new territory that is distinctly yours. 

3. Actualize:

Actualizing your dream begins with initiating movement. You have to show up every single day and work toward your dream. The highest performers didn't get to where they are because they were lucky; they worked every day for years toward their dream. They honored the struggle and didn’t complain about the effort involved in becoming world-class. Remember, when you knock on the door of Opportunity, it is Work who answers! 

4. Community:

You need positive, engaged and smart people around you who can give you feedback and cheerleading as you grow. If you don’t have that community now in your life, go start building it. The willingness to get constructive feedback from people who are on your same path - not random doubters - will keep your dream alive. 

The only one who can ever give up on your dream is you. Refuse to give up on your dream and you will experience what we call The Charged Life!

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At the age of 19, Brendon was in a car accident that inspired him to turn his life around and follow his dream to be a writer and trainer. He failed at first, going bankrupt as he strove to write his first personal development book. But by the age of 32, he became a #1 bestselling author and a multimillionaire as an early pioneer in the online education space. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world. 


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Episode #129 – I JUST GOT MY DREAM HOUSE!!!  

Is the pursuit of a worldly desire an OK thing to go after?

On today’s episode Russell talks about finally getting his dream house and why it was important for him. He also shares why having a goal of a worldly possession isn’t a bad thing.

Here are some fun things in this episode:

Find out what it took for Russell and his family to finally get their dream house. And why it’s okay to have a goal to get something you really want, even if it seems stupid to other people.

Listen below to hear Russell’s excitement over his new dream house.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and I want to welcome you to a very excited Russell today. And I'll tell you why in a second here on Marketing In Your Car.

All right, so I want to tell you guys really quick and just let you know that I just got the keys to my new house. Woo-hoo! Oh man, I just want to celebrate with you guys, because this has been, you have no idea how long this has been in the making.

So for those of you who don't know me, I am not a car person at all. I got the Ferrari, I was like, "Eh." I got other cars, I was like, "Eh." Cars mean nothing to me.

The only dream I've ever wanted is like my dream house. I just have wanted it forever. And a couple years ago we almost bought one, and then we had some company issues. If you've listened to past podcasts you've heard the stories of the ups and the downs and all that sort of stuff.

We had actually had this amazing house we had basically purchased, put down all this earnest money and we lost it all. It went away and we never got to actually live in it.

And then the company collapsed. Long story short, rebuilt it. For me for the last eight years I've been working towards my dream house, getting my dream house. That's my one tangible worldly thing that really drives me.

I hate that it does, because I'm a big believer in being driven by passion and people and helping and all these other things, and money is like how we keep score. But the one worldly thing that has been a driving force for me for a long, long, long time.

In fact, all my friends and partners and people who work with me are scared that I'll never show up at the office again now that we've got it.

So we found this house two years ago. It's amazing and I have been looking at it every day for two years, trying to get to it and trying to get it.

When you get a  big house, the monthly payment is not the big issue. It's like the down payment. To get a super, jumbo loan they want you to have like 20 percent down, plus like 10 percent in your bank account. You have to have a lot of money just in cash to be able to go and get that.

So we were working and saving and doing a whole bunch of stuff. We found the dream house about two years ago, and finally we've been working through how to get it and how to time it with when school gets out and kids and all these things.

And then the people who owned the house have been complete nightmares. The most annoying people I've ever worked with in my life. I hope they listen to this so they can know how annoying they are. They've just been a nightmare.

Even last night, we packed a huge moving truck last night, and we signed yesterday, we put a down payment down. Everything is done. We just have to wait for it to get funded or whatever.

I messaged them like, "Hey, do you mind if we swing over and drop off some stuff in the garage so we can reload this truck again?"

And she wrote back and said no. Who does that? I'm giving you millions and millions of dollars here in less than 12 hours and you won't even be cool for one second. Anyway, super annoying.

But, I just got the message. I was at work trying to get some stuff done and I just got the message that the house is funded. It's officially ours. They'll come and drop the key off.

And so I am blowing the rest of the day, blowing work, blowing everything, heading home, grabbing the kids. We're going to head over to the house and we're going to jump in the pool.

I don't care if it's freezing cold, if it needs to be heated, if it's dirty. I don't even care. We are jumping in the pool and we are having a blast. I'm so excited right now, as you guys can probably tell.

What I wanted to, I'm trying to think of how I can provide value besides just me being excited for you guys. Hopefully my excitement gets you guys excited.

Second thing is, I had a teacher at Boise State, my finance teacher. It's funny because everyone looks at business different ways, right? Some people are like, "The goal of a business is to create jobs."

And some people say, "The goal of a business is to provide value to the customer," or whatever.

His approach was, "The only goal of a business is to provide wealth for the business owner. That's it." Everything else kind of just happens. It happens to create value for other people and all that.

The only goal of a business is to create value for the business owner. I've struggled with that because, again, from a moral standpoint we are creating jobs, we are serving people, we are doing things.

But when it's all said and done, if the business owner is not getting paid, he's not going to put his neck out there and risk the time and energy and effort and everything to do that, which is what creates the value for everybody else.

So the value in all these other things that happen are all the side effects of the company. And I agree with my teacher that the one core goal of a company is to make the owner wealthy. So there's that.

But then again I have the other moral dilemma. So for me I've always kind of struggled with that. But for me, I've always had just one major worldly goal, whatever you want to call it, and I still struggle with that.

Sharing that outwardly is kind of hard for me. I don't know if you can tell, I'm kind of stumbling over my words, just kind of sharing this with you.

But I honestly feel like it's okay to have something like that because it's what drives you forward. And you driving forward is what creates value in all the other aspects.

It causes the ripple effect that helps the customers of yours to get value, which then hopefully gives them value. It's this whole ripple effect.

For me, I've had this one worldly goal for so long that has been a driving force that hopefully the wake of me moving towards that goal has affected tens of thousands, if not more, people. And that's been kind of my goal for it.

I hope it's not too selfish. I hope you guys can celebrate with me. And I hope at the same time for you guys that you won't feel too guilty having a goal like that.

Some of you guys might be in a house like me. Maybe it's a car, maybe it's a vacation, maybe it's something. And don't get carried away. Don't make that the core focus, because people that do turn into bad people.

People in this business, I've been around it long enough to see what money does to people, and it corrupts people and makes people do stupid things and it makes people not be themselves. I hope and I pray that never happens to me.

But again, I guess I'm trying to give you guys permission, if you need that. And some of you guys don't need that. But if you do need permission to find one worldly thing like that that's going to be a driving force that gets you up in the morning and get you moving forward and get you excited.

While in and of itself that thing is dumb and it's stupid and doesn't matter and we know that, the pursuit of that thing can cause a wake and a wave and a ripple or whatever you want to call it, that can affect and change and touch and serve so many other people.

Anyway, that's it for today, guys. I don't have anything else. I'm just two excited. I'm two seconds away from my house. I'm going to jump out, grab my kids, give them a hug and a kiss. We are jumping in the moving van and we will be out of here. I appreciate you guys.

For those of you who are in the Ignite Inner Circle waiting for boxes back from me, I had an hour blocked out today to respond for you guys and I can't do it now. I apologize in advance.

But I will get you guys. I love you, I care about you. And as soon as I jump in the pool I will come back and finish up my work so I can keep you guys moving forwards as well.

I appreciate everybody's listening in. Have an awesome day and we'll talk to you soon.

Grand Theft Auto V – The Cane and Rinse podcast No.258  

"Nothing looks more suspicious in America than someone who's actually prepared to make something."

Leon, James, Jay and Sean take on Rockstar Games' critical and commercial behemoth, Grand Theft Auto V. The panel dissect the open world, the gameplay mechanics and the unholy trinity of characters, as well as the game's story and script. Expanding online component GTA Online is also on the menu and up for discussion. As usual we also get to hear about the experiences of the ever-reliable and articulate Cane and Rinse community on their experiences of playing one of the most successful games ever released.
Music used in this issue:

Track 1: Welcome to Los Santos by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist and Oh No
Track 2: A Bit of an Awkward Situation by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist and Oh No

Cane and Rinse 238 was edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

Do you have an opinion about a game we're covering that you'd like read out on the podcast? Then venture over to our forum and check out the list of upcoming games we're covering. Whilst there you can join in the conversations with our friendly community in discussing all things relating to videogames, along with lots of other stuff too. Sound good? Then come and say hello at The Cane and Rinse forum

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Echoes feature - Peter Baumann  

Peter Baumann was a member of Tangerine Dream during their classic era that included albums like Phaedra, Rubycon, Stratosfear and Ricochet. He put out a few solo albums, then founded the influential Private Music label that launched the solo careers of Patrick O’Hearn, Yanni and Andy Summers as well as albums by Philip Glass, Suzanne Ciani, Ravi Shankar and Tangerine Dream. Ironically, Baumann never recorded any music himself for the label. He sold the company in 1996 and then disappeared from music. For the last 20 years he’s been running a philosophical think-tank, the Baumann Institute. But now he’s returned with his first new music in 33 years, an album called Machines of Desire. We plug in with Peter Baumann.

Echoes feature - Tangerine Dream  

Tangerine Dream's 1974 album Phaedra is the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band of space music. Everything changed after they reinvented the concept of electronic music. We'll hear interviews with artists influenced by the album and excepts from this epic recording.

Echoes feature - Tangerine Dream - An Icon of Echoes  

Bands are still borrowing from the sounds created by Tangerine Dream in the 1970s. We look back on over 40 years of space music from this German electronic band, which Echoes listeners voted one of 20 Icons of Echoes.

Secret #10: Conversation Domination And The Dream 100  

People who read blogs… read blogs, people who watch videos… watch videos, etc…

On today’s episode Russell talks about figuring out a new formula for conversation domination on every platform. He also mentions the cool new way he’s doing coaching. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

Find out what cool new way Russell is doing coaching with his Inner Circle members. Hear what Russell just realized while trying to build his Dream 100 list by looking at his email list and Facebook list side by side. And see what the simple solution is to dominating the conversation in every platform.

So listen below to find out why its important to realize that podcast listeners listen to podcasts.


Hey this is Russell, welcome to Marketing Secrets. Today’s show is about conversation domination.

Hey everyone this is Russell and I hope you guys are doing awesome today. I have a really cool thing I wanted to share with you guys, and if I’m being completely honest, I am completely fried right now. It’s Friday, my wife just left out of town with three of my kids and left me with two. So she was up packing until 3 in the morning, I fell asleep at 1 and at 3 she left, so I woke up to say goodbye to them and the kids. And then at the same time my little 2 year old, Norah woke up and so I brought her down in bed with me, but she went crazy for the next two hours. Screaming, jumping, and kicking. She knew mom wasn’t around, anyway it got kind of hard.

Finally at about 5 or 5:30 I put her back to bed and then I came down and fell asleep for 2 hours and woke up and so it was like a 2 or 3 hour night. Then I raced to the office because we had funnel Friday today, but luckily Jim forgot. I was like thank heavens, because it gave me a chance to get stuff done. Then I had what we call Decade in a Day. So those who are in my inner circle, we do this cool thing called Decade in a Day, which is a coaching program part. When the first come into the program they get to be part of Decade in a Day and then every time they renew they get Decade in a Day.

What it is, is me taking a decade of my experience and jamming it into one day for them. The way it works, we actually changed it, in the past we used to do it different but I figured out a new format and today was the first day and it’s so cool. If any of you guys are doing coaching programs, this is the way to do it. So we have 100 people in the inner circle at any given time. So what we did is we went and took each of their, basically each person got thirty minutes and instead of me just coaching them one on one, when they get the value and that’s kind of it. What it is we coach them and I use Zoom, which is a new webinar platform that is becoming the coolest thing ever. And then we Zoomed each person in the inner circle Facebook group.

So I had person number one, brought them on, to ask questions, then I click record and stream to Facebook and then it streamed the presentation. So for thirty minutes, I had them introduce themselves really quick. And then we talked about business and I coached them for thirty minutes. And while it’s happening its streaming live to the other 99 inner circle members. And everyone in there is giving feedback and dropping recourses and all these amazing things are happening in there. And the call ended, and I ended it and zoom lets you just end Facebook live. I started the next one and pulled the next person in and go. Boom.  We do that for thirty minutes. And then it ends.

So everyone watches the new one starts and then it’s archived in the inner circle members area, that person’s story for thirty minutes with me coaching them. Everyone else starts dropping feedback and comments. We did that, I think 8 times today. So it was kind of crazy. But it was amazing because it was me coaching and then also 99 other fellow inner circle members all coaching as well, dropping resources, links, ideas, resources. It was amazing. So I’m really excited about the new addition to the inner circle, which is awesome.

And Steven who is behind me over here, he just got done with the Two Comma Club coaching, which is the tier before the inner circle, the Two Comma Club coaching and he spent 4 hours doing Q and A today. It’s insane, people. I’ve been doing this now for a long time and our coaching programs have become second to none. It’s exciting.

Steven: It’s a lot of fun. Changing the world, you know. It’s a cool feeling seeing people’s lives like, “I got it.” And then they go out and do it and get results and it’s just fun.

Russell: So fun. So that’s what we’ve been doing today. I[‘m about to take my kids to Studio C, which is really, really fun. Studio C is, if you haven’t, go to YouTube and search Studio C and you’ll see who they are, it’s amazing. Anyway, we’re taking Aiden, who is one of two kids left at home with me tonight to that. So we’re heading out here in a few minutes. But I was just having a conversation with some of the marketing team here and I wanted to share some of it as Iw as thinking about it Because I thought it was really interesting.

So the conversation we had comes back to there was a guy named Howie Schwartz when I first got started who was big online. He had a course called Conversation Domination and it was about getting in Google and as soon as you typed your name into Google all 10 spots would be you, you would dominate the conversation. Anyway, I don’t know what, I haven’t heard from Howie for forever, I don’t know what he’s up to nowadays.

Anyway, the concept of conversation domination I thought was awesome. You type in your key word and you’re all 10 spots and all the paid ads are all you. You dominate the conversation, you’re the only person there. So as I’ve been doing this whole new social media thing, which you guys are watching me do, and hopefully learning and following and modeling and funnel hacking. That’s my thoughts, conversation domination. I want when you open up any platform, that I’m dominating the conversation. I’m in your podcast feed. I’m in your YouTube feed. I’m in your blog RSS feed. I want to dominate the conversation on every single platform so everywhere you look, I am the only alternative. I think it’s important.

But what’s interesting, this is the, I think I know now why. I will always wonder why nobody else is doing this, outside of Gary Vaynerchuk in our market. In my entrepreneurial business market, there’s people probably in other markets, but in ours the only person is Gary V. I think I finally realized why. Because my business is built off email. So we built a big email list. We’ve had over a million entrepreneurs that have been on that list. Active, probably have a million or so. But what’s interesting is, I assumed okay I’m going to launch in Instagram. I’ll send an email and all the sudden I’ll have a million people on Instagram. Then I’ll go to my blog and push there and I’ll have a million people there.

But the reality of what I’ve found is that’s not true. Think about this for yourself. How do you like to consume content? What’s your platform? Because everyone’s got one or two that’s their favorites. Do you like reading blogs? Maybe you’re a blog reader. Or do you like listening to podcast? You’re a podcast person. Or do you like watching video, do you go to YouTube? Or do you check your email? DO you go to Instagram, Facebook? What’s your platform of choice?

And I thought that everyone was on every platform but that’s not the case. There’s a small percentage that are, but if we take our Facebook list and we run next to our email list, and look at those side by side, our Facebook and email list, the crossover in the middle is shockingly small. I assumed they were the same people, but they’re not. It’s just fascinating. When you understand that, a big shift that we’re having, I thought we’ll try Facebook ads to build Instagram, and that kind of works, but not really.

Because Facebook people are on Facebook because they like Facebook. Instagram people are on Instagram. So the more I started thinking about this, the conversation we just had with our team, we’re like, we have to realize that people that read blogs like to read blogs. People who listen to podcasts like to listen to podcasts. Does that make sense. People that watch YouTube videos like watching YouTube videos. People that are Instagram, are on Instagram. That seems stupid right?

Think about that. So what we’re talking about, and I’ve been talking a lot with you guys. Maybe not with you guys, but internally with our team, about the Dream 100. The Dream 100 for us has always been email focused, up until this point. Finding all the people on the list and Dream 100 the crap out of them and get them to promote our products and services. It’s worked, we’ve built a huge company off the back of that. Recently I did an episode a few weeks ago talking about how are you using Dream 100 for SEO? And by the way, we are executing it and it’s working awesome. So listen to that episode and do it.

But think about this, if I want people to read my blog I don’t need to go and become really good at Facebook ads to get people to read my blog. You can, there’s crossover, but what’s better, whoever are the people who read blogs, read blogs. So if I want to launch my blog and make it successful, who are the other people that have successful blogs that my people are already reading. My dream clients are already reading. Because people who read blogs, read blogs.

So I needed to find those people and Dream 100 them, and pay them or partner with them or whatever to get them to write a blog article about me because blog people like to read blogs. So if I’m reading a blog and I read a blog about someone and I go over to their blog, someone’s blog needs to promote my blog. Someone’s podcast nee

MOW #041 - Travel Agent Adventures: A Conversation with Lee Lastovica, an agent of Just a Dream Away Travel  

Jambeaux, everyone!!! Welcome to another episode of the Magic Our Way podcast. We appreciate your listening to our show and we hope it brings a smile to your face. We also appreciate your feedback and are committed to listening to our listeners. Factoid of the day: there are no hyenas in Animal Kingdom; Simba and Nala would be safe.

We are proud to announce that we have our third guest on our show and he just so happens to be a friend of the show as well. We sit down and chat with Lee Lastovica, an agent with the Just a Dream Away Travel Agency, which specializes in Disney vacations throughout the world. Please note: the Magic Our Way Podcast is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its entities and all opinions expressed therein are solely those of the Magic Our Way podcast. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast. But first, some news.

In the Queue. we cover the following news stories:

Magicbands to be available for purchase by off-site guests Disney Cruise Line: the Disney Wonder heads to Galveston, TX The Shareable Kitchen Sunk Sundae

and much, much more!

On the Hub, we sit down and chat with someone who gets to help people realize their dream vacations to the Happiest Place on Earth. Just A Dream Away Travel is a Disney-based travel agency founded by Jenn Harris. They make dreams come true utilizing a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced, and might I add fully-trained, Travel Professionals. Along with being a long-time fan of the Magic Our Way podcast, Lee Lastovica is one of these Travel Professionals. We learn about his background in regards to when he became a Disney-fan and also how he got involved with Just A Dream Away Travel. We also discuss what Just A Dream a Travel can do for you. If you would like to learn more about this agency, please visit their website at If you would like to contact Lee directly, you can find him on Facebook at or email him at  Lastly, if you want to chat with the agents of Just A Dream Away Travel, visit their Facebook group at or search for Dream Away to Disney. If you enjoy this show, please let us know by contacting us at AND, if you decide to utlize their services, let them know that you heard about them from the Magic Our Way podcast.

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#TDSS (The Dreamy Sleepy States) --- SynTalk  

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Can one dream while sleep walking? What/when/how do we express to ourselves via our dreams? Can painting be dream-like? Do we understand the mechanisms underlying imagination, dreams, and fantasy? Are (conscious) signals below a threshold deactivated when one is asleep, so that the (un/sub-conscious) ‘noise’ becomes signal? Are dreams always replays of thought processes? How graded is sleep? Do cats or platypus or hunting dogs dream? Do we dream every time we sleep? Are memories ever lost? Do dreams have a duration, & can we narrate them sequentially? Are dreams solely pictorial and necessarily haphazard, with no sound or word presentation? Why don't we snap from the wakeful state into sleep? Are all the different states of consciousness fluid? Does non-REM sleep always precede REM sleep, & can we sleep directly into a dream? Would we dream if didn't have any desires or memories? Can the dreamy state be induced? Can dreams be fiddled with? Do we always dream in (timeless) fragments? Is dreaming itself an emotional (affective) process? Is it possible to feel super alive? Is it possible to die mid-way while dreaming (when asleep)? SynTalk thinks about these & more questions using concepts and experiences from psychoanalysis (Sarala Kapoor, Kolkata), neurobiology (Prof. Birendra Nath Mallick, JNU, New Delhi), & art (Tara Sabharwal, New York). Listen in....

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