#00 - Your Name et la garde royale jpop qui travaille au conbini 24h/24h  

dans ce premier numero qui fait office de crash test, on parles de la nouvelle saison de pokemon, de le saison 2 de Aijin, on donne aussi notre avis sur FF15, puis un petit sujet sur le fait que les villes japonaises vivent 24h/24h. puis on fini avec notre avis sur le film anime de l'annee : Your Name, kimi no na wa en japonais.

New Zealand researchers stress test mind-reading technology  

Technology that can read the human mind sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers in New Zealand say a technique they're testing gets pretty close. Trials in the United States and Christchurch, New Zealand of Forensic Brain Wave Analysis or 'brain finger-printing' have so far proved promising. The technique's already been admitted by courts in Ohio and India

The Rugby Show: Lions' Den Podcast on talkSPORT 2 - Friday, June 23  

Russell Hargreaves is joined by Rugby World's Sarah Mockford as they look ahead to the Test against New Zealand on Saturday morning

Episode 31: Dan Bowden, Chris Jones look at British & Irish Lions, All Blacks test series  

Alex is joined by Dan Bowden and BBC Sport's Chris Jones from Auckland, New Zeland to discuss the upcoming test match between the All Blacks and the British & Irish Lions.

1731. Sen. Bernie Sander’s Religious Test for Federal Office – Terry Mattingly, 6/22/17  

Terry Mattingly of the Universal Syndicate Pop Goes Religion: Faith in Popular Culture

Kick Off: British and Irish Lions special - Thursday, June 22  

Georgie Bingham and Ben Kay are joined by Justin Marshall and Andy Goode to preview the British and Irish Lions’ first Test against New Zealand

165 FLITE or FLOAT?!  

Today on the podcast Alex and Austin give us an UPDATE on FLITE FEST EAST, the REDBULL FLUGTAG build with the WINNERS of the FT STEM Design challenge and FT FLOATS!!

Flite Test:
FT Store:
Flite Fest:
Flite Fest Vid -

Giant Quad:
Redbull Flugtag:

TMS 1290: Aliens  

My fitbit says I was abducted by aliens. The great Ibbott test! Borka Borka, the bowl is on fire! Cream dispensers are dangerous. Someone stole your toe. Old dad means geeky son. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

TMS 1290: Aliens  

My fitbit says I was abducted by aliens. The great Ibbott test! Borka Borka, the bowl is on fire! Cream dispensers are dangerous. Someone stole your toe. Old dad means geeky son. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

#315: The Power of Small Experiments to Supercharge Your Success  

Today on the show, Noah Kagan shares what it was like getting fired from Facebook right before it went public and losing out on a $185 million pay day, and how he bounced back from that blow. He then digs into the process he goes through in testing if a business idea is viable and how he used that process to start several successful ventures. Noah then shares the difference between founding a business and managing it, and why managers get the short shrift in today’s start-up focused world. We end our conversation by talking about how you can run personal experiments to create a better life and how to run a diagnostic test on yourself in order to make every day a great one.

AD #2136 – U of M To Test Autonomous Shuttles, Audi A8 Active Suspension Details, Tesla to Build Cars in China  

- Audi A8 Active Suspension Details - Tesla to Build Cars in China - Upcoming Nissan Production Plans - U of M To Test Autonomous Shuttles - You Said It!

Ep. 187: What Camera Company Might Be Getting the Axe? - and more  

Episode 187 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: What the Duck comic strip creator, Aaron Johnson

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What the Duck comic strip creator, Aaron Johnson opens the show. Thanks Aaron!

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With camera sales being poor, what company may go away or be sold off? (#)

A website seeks to show you the Lightroom settings of others and save them. (#)

DxOMark is high on Sony's hot new a9. (#)

Gitzo releases two tripods to commemorate their 100th year of existence. (#)

What Thom Hogan wants you to know before updating your Mac. (#)

Tony Northrup releases a detailed video for those taking the commercial drone test. (#)


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The Ruck on tour: Warren Gatland won't die wondering...  

Ahead of the first test, Stephen Jones, Alex Lowe and Owen Slot analyse Gatland's thinking, decide who's unlucky, and debate whether the logic stacks up for the selection. They also cover: the Lions ambassadors, chaos in the gym, Alex Lowe's dreadful footwear. Stephen Jones then stars in shoe-gate as he attempts to be reunited with his size 15's also there's no glee at all from the panel at Telegraph writers encountering mice in their accommodation. The next episode airs Monday.

The Ruck 0

The Rugby Show: Lions' Den Podcast on talkSPORT 2 - Thursday, June 22  

Russell Hargreaves is joined by British and Irish Lions legend John Taylor as they discuss the Lions team for the first test on Saturday against New Zealand

044: 3 Reasons Why I'm Happy I Went Through the Pain of My Breakup by Eddie Corbano of Love's a Game (Relationship Advice)  

Eddie Corbano shares 3 reasons why he's happy he went through the pain of a breakup.

Episode 044: 3 Reasons Why I'm Happy I Went Through the Pain of My Breakup by Eddie Corbano of Love's a Game (Relationship Advice).

Eddie Corbano's mission and life's purpose is to help you use your breakup or divorce to turn your life around and become the best version of yourself that you can ever be, and attract your ideal partner (your "Authentic Love") by being that new you.
He gives you the tools, motivation, and inspiration to make this breakup the catalyst to become a stronger and more confident person: to break free from your ex, reclaim your emotional freedom, and live the life you are really destined to live.
Take the test: how fast can you move on from your ex:

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Merchant of Grapebirth #13 My New Best Friend  

In which our heroes discuss religion. We meet some robed people, talk to some crazy people and test their faith. Sir Grapebirth imagines imps are cunts, Taragon's brother sleeps with one eye open and Merchant isn't mad in the slightest. So join our party as they keep eating things they shouldn't. Want to be a fiery explosion of love? Head to and for as little as $1 a month, you can have a melty face.

Forensics Centre in Dundee; D'Arcy Thompson centenary; Scottish science adviser; Coffee and climate  

The Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Dundee has expanded to test new psychoactive substances. Adam Rutherford talks to Professors Sue Black and Niamh Nic Daeid, who jointly run the Centre, about how they can keep up with the many new illegal drugs coming onto the market and about how they intend to modernise forensics. 2017 is the centenary of the publication of On Growth and Form, the book by D'Arcy Thompson that influenced many people from mathematical biologists to architects. Adam discusses the man and the book with Matthew Jarrron in the D'Arcy Thompson Museum at the University of Dundee. Astrophysicist Sheila Rowan has been the Chief Science Adviser to the Scottish Government for just over a year. Adam asks her about the role and how she deals with controversial issues such as GM crops. And Aaron Davis of Kew Gardens explains the impact of climate change on coffee growing in Ethiopia.

Post UK Election Special, Quilting Wars, Exams – the Best Test?  

The results of the UK general election are in – but what do they mean? Did more young people vote than expected? How many extra votes would the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have needed to become Prime Minister? Would planned boundary changes have made a difference? Tim Harford and team give the latest analysis. Quilting – it’s an innocent-sounding traditional art, and one with a rich social and political history. But it’s not immune to America’s fractious political climate, as a conflict has erupted online amongst those within the quilting world. And all over the world this summer young people are sitting exams which will have a big impact on their future. However, is this one-size-fits-all approach to assessment really a good judge of ability and understanding? Or do exam results only tell us about a candidate’s ability to memorise material and perform under stressful exam conditions? Caroline Bayley investigates. (Image: young voters arriving at a polling station in Glasgow to vote in the General Election. Credit Andy Buchanan/Getty Images)

Dawson and Mehrtens Lions Show: First Test preview  

Former Lions scrum-half Matt Dawson and ex-All Blacks fly-half Andrew Mehrtens join Tom Fordyce to preview the first Test between the Lions and New Zealand. They discuss Warren Gatland's team selection, including his decision to pick Peter O'Mahony as captain, and get the thoughts of three-time Lions coach Sir Ian McGeechan and All Blacks great Sir John Kirwan.

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