4/26/17 - 40 is the new 16 for women? Glenn Talks To Rebecca Sharrock  

Looking inside the Trump Tax Plan ...Tax cuts and coming tariffs? ...Want to vote?... A life or not a life? ...Planned Parenthood circa 1952: "Abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun" ...Babies learn languages in the womb ...Rush Limbaugh's warning to Donald Trump ...Trump bailing on his border wall promise? ...Conservative voters, prepare to be used again ...Build a wall with seized drug lord money? ...Important meeting on North Korea today at The White House

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The Joe Walsh Program - April 25, 2017  

Quit complaining about the war on Fox News. The war is bigger than Fox, O’Reilly, and Hannity. It’s a war for the soul of our country. What’s the game plan? How do we fight back? Pres Trump not willing to fight for his campaign promise to build a border wall on Mexico’s dime because congress hasn’t yet passed a spending budget and Dem’s won’t accept any funds allocated for the wall. New leadership in DC, but the game is the same, Repubs missed a great opportunity. A federal judge temporarily blocks Trump’s order withholding funds from sanctuary cities. Resistance to Trump is ubiquitous but the administration is on solid legal ground. Despite legislation, gun violence in Chicago rages on with over one-thousand shot already this year. David Horowitz - author of “Big Agenda” - discusses Trump’s first 100 days with Joe.

Labour's promise: Increase NHS staff pay  

Labour has promised, if elected, to increase pay for NHS staff and to restore bursaries for nurses in training. Applications for nursing jobs have been down a quarter since the government said they would no longer give nurses bursaries. But Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt defended the policy change. He said that as a result they will "be able to train a record number of nurses". The Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson, says even small increases in NHS salaries add up to big spending commitments while Labour Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth defended the proposal. Spokesperson for Liberal Democrats Norman Lamb criticised the promise saying, "their proposal just isn't credible". (Image: Hospital staff. Credit: PA)

Ep 367 - The Promise - Faith Choyce  

*FILMS DISCUSSED: FREE FIRE, THE PROMISE, THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER, THE SEVEN FIVE, DRONE, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Faith Choyce into the ATC studios. Faith talks about why Free Fire was better than she expected. Chris liked first time director Oz Perkins film, The Blackcoat's Daughter. Graham talks about the politics surrounding The Promise and why it should be seen. If you like corrupt cop docs like Graham then you will like The Seven Five. Drone trailer gives away too much. New Kingsman film might be better than first. Dancing and fighting are in new DVDs while a Latin Circle enters the theater.

Ep. 225 - Ryan Deiss: College is Irrelevant. THIS is How You Grow  

Over the past five years, I've seen Ryan Deiss rise from a quality entrepreneur to one of the biggest names in Internet marketing. He's the founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and anybody in the internet marketing space knows Ryan Deiss. He emailed me at 4am. He said, "I realized the promise that was made to millenials-- the same one that was made to me, and probably the same one that was made to you-- “Go to college. You’ll get a good job," simply isn’t true anymore."  The old promise is no longer true. But there’s a new promise…. We're going back to a society where mastery matters. And grades don't.  But still....most parents want to send their kids to college. Have them waste the four years, and even the money. Get into debt. “It will pay off,” they think, even though the data shows incomes for people ages 18-35 have been going straight down for 25 years. So how do you grow? Invest in yourself. 

God Will Keep His Promise, Living in Exile: God Working Behind the Scenes  

Have you ever been promised something that seemed too good to be true? As we struggle through trials we can lose sight of God's future promise that someday believers will inherit the Kingdom of God.

In this message Pete Briscoe helps us understand what we've been invited to when we say "yes" to Jesus. Being a child of God doesn't guarantee us a ride on "easy street," but we have reason to be encouraged that the tough ride will be well worth it in the end.

Episode #337 – How To Beat Your Own Control  

This is when, what we do, becomes a really fun game.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how many copies of the book have sold in the first 6 days and what his goal is. He also talks about how making tweaks to your funnel after it’s up and running can help you beat the control.

Here are some cool things in this episode:

Find out how many sales Expert Secrets got in the first 6 days and how it compares to Dotcom Secrets. Find out how Russell cleared his head in order to come up with new ideas of how to tweak the funnel and increase sales. And hear what Russell recommends to beat your control.

So listen below to find out how you can make a good funnel even better after it’s been up and running for a few days.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to a rainy, very rainy Marketing In Your Car. I just dropped off Dallin, my oldest twin who is my son who loves extracurricular activities, at dance class, early morning. So heading back into the office now and excited.

So the book launch has been live for I think, almost 6 days now. And in 6 days we sold a little over 20 thousand books. What? Crazy. Last year it took us the entire month to sell 20 thousand. I don’t even think we got to 20 thousand, we were close to 20 thousand. I can’t remember exact numbers back then.

It was pretty exciting for us and we haven’t even pulled out the big guns yet. Those who are watching, some crazy stuff’s happening. At 20 thousand and I think we should hit at least 50 or 60 thousand books sold, which is really cool. So I’m really proud and excited for that.

So I’m heading into the office right now because a bunch of things are happening. In fact, the number one thing, well it’s interesting, I don’t know about you but when you’re in the middle of a book launch, launching a million things at once, which we’ve obviously been doing. So my stress levels are a little higher than typical, not stress levels but you know what I mean. Just a lot of stuff happening. It’s been interesting, I think it’s almost like you’re so close to something that you can’t, you don’t know what to do.

So the book launch has been going really well, in fact, our average cart value right now is about $34. So for everyone who buys the book, on average we make about $34 in the funnel, which is great. We keep thinking, how do we make it better, how do we make it better? There’s got to be a way to make it better. I’ve been blank. I don’t even know what to do. I look at it like, ahhh I got nothing.

So anyway, I bought a thing called a float tank a while ago, it’s in my house and I hardly ever use it. I feel bad. In fact, I clean it more often than I use it, it’s kind of a pain to keep. Looking back now, I definitely would not get a float tank in my house. But they are cool. I promise you, somewhere in your hometown, there’s probably a float tank place. If you Google float tank and your city I bet you’ll find one. But basically it’s a huge salt sensory deprivation tank. It’s like a thousand pounds of salt, so you lay and float on the top and sit there. Typically I do my float tank, I go in there and listen to music or listen to CD’s or talks or whatever. But this time for some reason the music thing wasn’t playing, and this is Saturday night, yes Saturday night. Went in there and music thing wasn’t going to work. I was like, ahhh whatever, I’ll just try to focus and do my whole meditation thing. And I’m not a very good meditate-er at all, by any stretch.

But I sat there and laid there and tried to focus on my breathing, and tried to think about the major things. And it was cool because the first time, I think I had time to reset and not be in the motion of everything. I just sat there for like an hour. I sat there for 45 minutes, and I passed out and woke up when my alarm went off. But I didn’t get any great ideas while I was sitting in there, but I feel like it was a flush. Like a cleanse or something because then when I went back inside, it was probably like 11 o’clock at this time, maybe almost 12 o’clock.

A float tank when you, an hour in the float tank feels like you slept for 5 or 6 hours, so I felt really good. I got up and was like huh. So I ended up staying up til like 2 or 3 in the morning. The next day I had church, which was yesterday, I’m at church and all the sudden the ideas started flowing. I was like, what? Where are these coming from. And it was almost like there was a blockage and that flushed it and then all the sudden it was like, it just started flowing and I’m sitting there and I’m like, oh my gosh I can’t even keep up with these. So in church I tried to pay attention and listen and be good, while I’m taking notes, I can’t forget this stuff. This is really good crap, I gotta make sure I won’t forget it.

So I’m like typing in my notepad and try to go back out and focus and then all the sudden it’s like, keep flooding in the ideas. It was like, gall, this is so cool. So I got this huge flood of inspiration. So this morning I woke up early, at 5:00, which I’m already hurting really bad. It’s 8:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know, this is going to be a long week I think. But I got up and started re-tweaking our funnels. Our average cart value right now, I think, what did I just say? 34 or 36, I can’t remember exactly what it was as of this morning. My goal is to get to 40, and I think I can and I have some ideas.

So I’m going to be plugging in all these split tests and different things. I’m actually going to record two different upsell videos right now. Because I think I figured out what I messed up on, which is so cool. It’s the part I love about funnels. So for anyone that’s got funnels that don’t work, you need funnels that do work.  I want to stress this process. I talked about it at Funnel Hacking Live, and I’m going to talk more and more about it. In fact, if I ever happen to do book three, hopefully I never do. But if I happen to do it, this will be the premise of it. Not the premise, but the beginning of it, understanding this piece of it.

So basically, we drive traffic, we spend time, and we look at the numbers. Based on the numbers we try to figure out, now we know what it is, how do we make it better? It’s interesting, if you look at the copywriting world, what will happen is that, big companies like Agora and Boardroom and things like that, where they’re very copy intensive and they hire the best copywriters in the world. The copywriter, whoever writes the copy is called the control. They get a royalty on that control as long as it wins. But as soon as the control is written, all these other writers come in and try to beat it, beat the control.

So they’re all trying to write different headlines, intros, hooks, angles, different things to beat your control. They’re not rewriting the whole letter, they’re just taking what you already had and trying to figure out what can increase it. And if they win, then they get the royalties. So that’s everyone’s job, just try to beat the control. It’s almost like for us, after you get the funnel launched and live and everything, it’s coming back and saying how do I beat the control? And then trying to figure that out.

So it’s cool, you can step back and look at all the pieces. So I look at over the last 6 days, and I sold a lot of books, but we got a lot of data. What’s our opt in percentage, and how many people are actually putting in their credit card? How many people are buying the Black Box versus the book? How many people are buying the order form bump? How about the upsells? The downsells? Then looking at comments on Facebook and other things and trying to see where are the sticking points.

After you identify those, then it’s not that hard to come back and tweak it and shift it. So I’m excited today, to try to retweak those. Amongst the fact that we also are doing another 20 Facebook lives today to promote the book. So it’s going to be kind of crazy. But that’s kind of the game plan. So that’s what I’m doing today. I hope you guys are doing it as well.

Look at your funnels and try to beat your control because it’s a fun game. And if you’re too close, like I was, go rent a float tank for an hour, go float in it, who knows? Maybe like me all day, start flushing out. Or find someone else on your team and have them try to beat the control. Or hire someone and say, “If you beat my control, I’ll pay 100 bucks a try, or I’ll pay you a thousand if you beat it.” Or whatever, and just have people start making it a game, because that’s when it starts getting really, really fun.

Anyway, this week I’m going to take you guys on some fun journeys. We’re actually going to, if you know who the Harmon Brothers are, if you’ve ever seen the Squatty potty commercial, or Fiber Fix, or Snap Books, or any of the awesome viral videos, we’re working with them to write a script for Clickfunnels, so I’m heading down to Utah tomorrow, I think. So I’ll take you on the journey and tell you all the cool stuff I learn along the way as well, hanging out with those guys. Anyway, I’m at the office, going to get some work done, create some videos, make some funnels, try to beat my control and that’s going to be fun. So we’ll talk to you guys soon.

TICM 127 | Joel Brown | How To Build A Brand Worth Millions  

Joel Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur and the founder of He has built a 10-year vision for his life that guides him in his everyday actions, and he believes everyone could benefit from a blueprint for growth and success in their own lives.

Addicted2success is widely known as one of the top motivational sites on the web,

His Addicted2Success podcast has reached over 1.2 million podcast plays and downloads to date and his Social Media following is at 2 Million+.

He has worked alongside some of the greats in the world of motivation, business and spirituality, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Simon Sinek and more.

Joel carries some fun facts, like appearing on the front cover of Foundr Magazine, Change Creator Magazine and Lifestyle Business Magazine, and being an author on and

He’s a producer of the forthcoming Rise Up movie alongside Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Dwight Howard, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Michael Bernard Beckwith and more and he has spoken on some epic stages including The Mindvalley Hall of Awesomeness, The Epic MasterMind & The New Way LIVE.

Joel is making his mark on the world through his online and offline contributions, recently raising over $50,000 in 2 weeks with his Addicted2Success community to build a school in Laos with Pencils of Promise for children living in poverty.

Show Notes and Links:

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Social Media for Small Businesses: Less Is More - Marie Forleo  

Marie Forleo has been helping small businesses with their online marketing and social media strategies with incredilbe success for more than 15 years. We had the pleasure of chatting with her in episode #41 of The Science of Social Media.

Marie shares specific ways that you can use social media to build an audience, connect with your customers, and eventually, grow your business. Whether you're just starting out on social media or you've been using social media for years, you'll learn the best-practices that thousands of businesses have used to succeed online.

You won't want to miss this one! 

P.S. (Hailley here) Just wanted to say thank you for listening to our show. You all make what we do here at Buffer very special and we couldn't do it without you. We appreciate you!

About the Show:

The Science of Social Media is a podcast for marketers and brands interested in learning about new and exciting ways to implement social media marketing across a variety of platforms and industries. Join Buffer hosts Brian Peters and Hailley Griffis each week as they interview some of the best marketers from brands and businesses that are leading the way in social media innovation and experimentation around the world. We promise to keep it fun, insightful, interesting, and most of all, actionable. The Science of Social Media is a podcast presented by the social media publishing and analytics tool, Buffer.

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Enduring Persecution, Living in Exile: God Working Behind the Scenes  

Do you wonder why persecution against Christians seems to be growing? Do you wonder if the antichrist might be in the world right now?

In this message Pete Briscoe teaches from Daniel 7:15-28 where we get a glimpse of what eternity will be like and why God's promise that His people will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven should give us strength to endure persecution.

Show 1785 The Movie The Promise in Theaters Now and Venezuela  

Show 1785 The Movie The Promise in Theaters Now and Venezuela

From The Glenn Beck Program. Debbie D’Souza explains what’s happened to Venezuela and why it matters today …Who can stop and reverse the complete destruction of Venezuela …How individuals are targeted in Marxist countries …The new Cuba …How Venezuela could quickly become a hotbed for terrorists …The Wonderful World of Stu returns tonight with a Jeffy performance! …Linguistics fun with Pat …Glenn’s meeting with Disney Imagineers …Where the word ‘genocide’ came from …New Christian Bale movie on the Armenian genocide …


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FilmWeek Marquee: ‘The Promise,’ ‘Unforgettable,’and more  

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Claudia Puig and Christy Lemire review this week's most memorable releases.

Hungry and Filled  

"Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they will be filled." This is the fourth of the Beatitudes given by Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount. But what does it mean to hunger for righteousness? Ron Moore answers that question and shows us how we can embrace this life-changing promise of God.

Zemixx 599, Space Party On Its Way  

01. Michael Woods - It Is What It Is (Extended VIP Mix) 02. Kitone - Dotwork (Original Mix) 03. Jewelz & Sparks - Crank (HWL Edit) 04. Sluggers - SDFMIA (Original Mix) 05. Jean Beatz - Cocaine (Original Mix) 06. Lo'99 & Sinden - WGWN (Original Mix) 07. Kid Massive - Jack Ur Body (Original Mix) 08. Gettoblaster & ZXX - 20 In The Clouds (Original Mix) 09. Michael Feiner - Bababa (Extended Mix) 10. Porn Kings - Up No Good (KC 2017 Edit) 11. Promise Land - Geyser 12. Kryder - Dogs On Acid (Original Mix) 13. Holl & Rush - Feel Free (Original Mix) 14. Michael Woods - Like That (Extended Mix) 15. Alexenn - All Night Long 16. R-Wan Feat. Big Ali - Pump Up The Bass (Original Mix)

Russia's Ambassador to the EU - Vladimir Chizhov  

Will Russia promise not to pervert democracy in Europe? There are fears the Russians could meddle in the French elections and other European votes this year. Sarah Montague speaks to Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's Ambassador to the EU.

Hardtalk 0

Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac on war drama The Promise  

Actors Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac join "CBS This Morning" to discuss their epic war drama, "The Promise." It chronicles the chaos in Constantinople just before the start of World War I. Bale plays a journalist documenting atrocities, while Isaac is an Armenian desperate to save his family from being rounded up by the Turks.

Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac on war drama The Promise  

Actors Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac join "CBS This Morning" to discuss their epic war drama, "The Promise." It chronicles the chaos in Constantinople just before the start of World War I. Bale plays a journalist documenting atrocities, while Isaac is an Armenian desperate to save his family from being rounded up by the Turks.

PM - Full Program - 20/04/2017 19:15  

On Thursday's program: The US President Donald Trump lives up to his promise to restrict skilled migration and Indians say they're bearing the brunt of his anti-immigration rhetoric; Tougher citizenship rules announced by the Prime Minister today will require applicants to prove their allegiance to Australia and its values and demonstrate stronger English language skills; And a documentary about the ruthless murder that stunned the town of Moree in northern New South Wales when farmer Ian Turnbull gunned down environment officer Glen Turner.

Indians bearing the brunt of US President's anti-immigration rhetoric  

As US President Donald Trump lives up to his promise to restrict skilled migration, Indians say they're bearing the brunt of his anti-immigration rhetoric. India's politicians have condemned a recent fatal shooting in Kansas, with one even blaming the President's tone for inciting what appears to be a hate crime. And in New Delhi, its prompting some to reconsider the American dream.

Repentant and Comforted  

Where is comfort for those who are mourning? While we often interpret this Beatitude as an assurance for those suffering loss, there's a lot more to this promise. Bible Teacher Ron Moore takes us through the Scriptures to find the ultimate source of our sorrow. Because once we understand the cause, we'll know where to find comfort for those who mourn.

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