Carrie & Tommy Catch Up #83 - Friday 23rd June, 2017  

WHAT A WEEK!!!  Buzzy had to do all the sound effects live for a little comedy sketch.  We looked back on the week that was, with Rapt or Raw.  And for some light hearted Friday afternoon listening, we asked have you tried to kill your sibling?

Same Shitburger, Different Bun  

Guest host Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Dan to discuss the Secret Senate Health care bill that is no longer secret, the aftermath of the the Democrats' loss in Georgia-06, and a ray of hope in Wisconsin. Then Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks to Lovett and Tommy about health care and next steps for the Democrats.

The Depth Chart Podcast with Pookie Jones  

Freddie's "Has Been" Series continues on The Jack Kain Ford Depth Chart Podcast with the player who replaced him on the depth chart, legendary quarterback Pookie Jones. Pookie is best remembered for leading the Cats to the 1993 Peach Bowl, but did you know 1989's Mr. Football from Calloway County also hit 17 homeruns for Keith Madison's Bat Cats?  Pookie shines a brighter light on the Bill Curry era, connects with former wide receiver Mark Chatman, and... --  How Freddie tried to prevent Pookie from coming to UK. --  Pookie was much more than an "option quarterback;" how the option hurt their offense. --  They explain Tommy Bowden's revolutionary "triangulation of progression." --  Pookie makes a prediction on Stephen Johnson's 2017 season. --  Comparing Benny Snell and Moe Williams. --  What loss hurt more?  To Florida in the Chris Doering game or the Peach Bowl? --  The challenges of playing baseball and football for UK. You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app. Pookie's 357 yard passing game vs. Mississippi State. w

Hiphop World Champion Majid Kessab im Talk mit Justin Timberlakes Choreograf Marty Kudelka  

Majid "MaGilla" Kessab ist eine Dance-Legende. Er trat unter anderem bei Got To Dance, Funkin Stylez oder Juste Deboute (teilweise mehrfach) als Gewinner hervor und sorgt mit seinem einzigartigen und experimentellen Style regelmäßig für offene Münder. Wenn er nicht gerade an seiner eigenen Tanz-Karriere feilt, arbeitet er als Choreograf und Model – oder spricht für uns mit Marty Kudelka. Der verdient seine Brötchen unter anderem als Justin Timberlakes Haupt-Choreograf und Artistic Director. Die Arbeit zahlt sich aus, denn er betreut JT nicht nur seit Jahren, sondern heimst auch Preise für die Koop ein. 2007 gab's beispielsweise einen MTV Video Music Award für die Choreo im "My Love"-Video. Marty arbeitete darüber hinaus auch mit Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Sean Kingston, den Backstreet Boys und einigen anderen A-Promis zusammen. Selbst Firmen wie Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, McDonald’s oder Citroën zählen zu seinen Kunden. Viel Spaß mit diesem packenden und interessanten Gespräch zwischen zwei absoluten Tanz-Genies! Check ansonsten unbedingt das Big Opening des deutschen Millenium Dance Complexes in Köln am 24. und 25. Juni ab. An diesen beiden Tagen gibt es diverse Workshops mit nationalen und internationalen Dozenten. Liebe für die Kultur! 0

2. Division - De nye drenge i klassen med Tommy Schram og Tom Gudmandsen  

Hillerød og Skovshoved er nye byer i divisionsfodbolden. Det snakker Tommy Schram, cheftræner i Hillerød, og Tom Gudmandsen, formand i Skovshoved, om i dagens podcast, når kontrakter, økonomi og sportslige mål er på menuen. Vært: Søren Kusk

Carrie & Tommy Catch Up #82 - Thursday 22nd June, 2017  

The legendary Waleed Aly was on the show for a good ole wag of the chin.. and Tommy tricked Carrie into having chocolate, so oops what a shame, $500 to charity thanks  :D

Queen City Gothic-J.T. Townsend  

Losing a loved one to murder is life's ultimate tragedy. But when the killer is never captured, a family's paralyzing grief only compounds. Years pass. Pain grows. Time heals nothing. Parents, spouses, and children of the victims never find peace. Investigators continue to lie awake night after night, year after year, thinking, "If only..." Cold cases fascinate us because of the endless possibilities. What if Alice Hochhausler hadn't driven her daughter home from work while a strangler was running loose? What if Oda Apple's wife hadn't sent him to the corner drugstore? What if Linda Bricca hadn't been so beautiful - and her husband not a workaholic? J. T. Townsend takes us on a sinister journey through thirteen cases, which took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, between 1904 and 1971. You'll meet Frances Brady, a pretty bride-to-be gunned down at her own front door. Tommy Coby, age eight, who arrived home to an empty house, and learned later his parents were lying dead in their car. Patty Rebholz, a popular cheerleader, who was bludgeoned in a neighbor's backyard while walking to break up with her teenage boyfriend. What do these cases have in common? A fleeting, irrational act of violence with no resolution. Somebody literally got away with murder. Each episode took place in sheer moments--but hundreds of innocent people still remember, still mourn, and are still haunted by horrible, unbearable images. Townsend's riveting accounts include never-before-published details from police files and insights from both investigators and witnesses. Whodunit? We'll never know for sure--but we can certainly make some informed, calculated guesses. Meanwhile, on these pages, each victim returns to vibrant life, becomes as real to us as to those loved ones they left behind--and still cries out for justice. QUEEN CITY GOTHIC: Cincinnati's Most Infamous Murder Mysteries-J.T. Townsend

El sótano - Comienza el verano - 21/06/17  

El consejo del Sótano ha elegido como disco más refrescante en las catacumbas del rocknroll el álbum “Bajo el Sol” de Las Kasettes. El grupo pamplonés se hace con nuestro Disco Subterráneo del Verano” en un episodio con muchos otros artefactos de espíritu estival.


TOMMY & THE ROCKETS “Here comes summer” (Surf, beer and rocknroll)

Disco Subterráneo del Verano 2017: LAS KASETTES “La ola” (Bajo el sol)

LAS KASETTES “Ponte bajo el sol” (Bajo el sol)

LAS KASETTES “Escuche Señor juez” (Bajo el sol)

PLEASURE SEEKERS “What a way to die” (VVAA; What a way to die)

THE PANDORAS “Haunted beach party” (It’s about time)

BABY SHAKES “Summer sun” (Starry eyes)

NIKKI & THE CORVETTES “Back seat love” (ST)

MELOPEA “Nos vamos de surfari” (Cita entre las olas)

THE BARRACUDAS “Summer fun (alternative versión)”

WHITE WIRES “Summer girl” (II)

THE BLACK JETTS “Summer girls” (Bleed me love)

SCREECHING WEASEL “Talk to me summer” (Anthem for a new tomorrow)

PORNOSURF “Soy un desastre nena” (Un verano sin fin)

PSYCHOTIC YOUTH “Life’s a party” (The voice of summer)

THE GO GETTERS “Summertime” (Motormouth)

THE OUTSIDERS “Summer is here”

Escuchar audio
Dr. Christian - The Case Of Tommy Holmes (10-07-42)  

The Case Of Tommy Holmes (Aired October 7, 1942)
Dr. Christian is a long-running radio series with Jean Hersholt in the title role. It aired on CBS Radio from November 7, 1937, to January 6, 1954.[1] In 1956, the series was adapted for television where it aired in syndication until 1957. After Hersholt portrayed the character Dr. John Luke, based on Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, the obstetrician who delivered and cared for the Dionne Quintuplets, in the 20th Century Fox movie The Country Doctor (1936) and its two sequels. He wanted to do the same role on radio but could not get the rights. He decided to create his own doctor character for radio, and since he was a Hans Christian Andersen enthusiast, he borrowed that name for his character of philosophical Dr. Paul Christian. THIS EPISODE: October 7, 1942. CBS network. "The Case Of Tommy Holmes". Sponsored by: Vaseline. Jean Hersholt, Lurene Tuttle, Tyler McVey, Frederick Shields, Dix Davis, Griff Barnett, James Eagles. 24:49. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Episode 87: Tekken 7, Super Nintendo World  


This week we take a look at the leaked documents for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios! We'll go into the proposed rides as well speculate on what we'd like to see included. 

Also, Adam reviews Tekken 7, Tommy has some more thoughts on ARMS and we give some final thoughts on E3 2017 now that the dust has settled. Was it an underwhelming year? Are games too same-y these days? What does the rest of the year have in store for gaming? 

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Carrie & Tommy Catch Up #81 - Wednesday 21st June, 2017  

Carrie (aka MC Bix) did some funky rapping on The Project last night..  sah gud :D  we also asked the peeps are you a man who wears bobby pins, and do you not drive.

Europe, Nukes, and Cybersecurity  

Tommy talks with former Deputy Secretary of Energy, defense policy and Europe expert Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall about the future of Europe in the wake of Brexit. Then they discussed nuclear weapons in the US and Pakistan, cybersecurity, the advanced science being done at our National Labs, and how government can recruit more women into national security jobs.

401-Ari Shaffir--Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura  

When a longshoreman doesn't feel like talking, you better get to walking or you're gonna get trespassing. That's just the way it goes. 

Plus, your feedback is boring in for Christina's Fart Mistress Shed. Will she go thru with it? 

AND we have a new awful work song. It's really quite depressing. Hope you enjoy it!

The real news is Ari Shaffir is not only back from his vision quest, he's actually HERE, in the mommy dome. He has a new special coming to Netflix July 18 called Double Negative. Oh and he still owes Tommy and Bert a trip. 

“We can win this fight.”  

As McConnell moves toward a vote on the secret GOP health care bill, Lovett and Tommy are joined by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to talk about the Democratic strategy to defeat Trumpcare and what each of us can do to help. Plus, mounting tension between the US and Russia over Syria, the demise of the White House press briefing, and declining transparency across our government.

Gerry Weber Open 2017 – Dienstag  

Tommy Haas verabschiedet sich in Halle, Roger Federer möchte noch ein bisserl bleiben. Marcel Meinert (SKY) und Jörg Allmeroth (tennisnet) mit den Stimmen der Veteranen und der Zusammenfassung.

Pod One - Tommy Robinson is no racist! 20th June  

Piers Morgan, you have embarrassed yourself today! Tommy Robinson may hold extreme views, but he is not a racist, and his interview on Good Morning Britain just made Piers look stupid, and like he thought the audience were mugs! If you disagree with Tommy fine, but don't just talk over him!   Right-wing extremism is being overplayed by the media, because no one wants to have a grown-up conversation about terrorism. Yesterday's horrific attack on ordinary Muslims outside Finsbury Park is being linked to some broader far-right conspiracy, even though it sounds like Darren Osborne acted alone. What's really going on? I spoke to Mike Yardley, terrorism and security expert.   The Jon Gaunt Show is brought to you in association with Financial Resolver. If you think you've been missold your pension, check them out at or call Mark and the team on 0116 283 5032   FREE speech wants your view so get involved 020 38 29 1234,, @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt. Listen LIVE from 4pm every afternoon and download the talk2meradio app to hear all our shows.

Carrie & Tommy Catch Up #80 - Tuesday 20th June, 2017  

The delightful Ash London was on the show, to gush over her new lover.  Nawwwwww so smoochalicious.  We also asked what has rocked your world?

17. Pavlovs hundar  

Amatörpsykologernas Topp 100 med Ulf & Jonathan! Podcasten där vi erbjuder pedagogisk hjärnskrynkling för gemene hen i underhållande fåtöljtempo. Här behandlar vi de 100 ballaste/roligaste/viktigaste ämnena du som amatörpsykolog måste veta. Lyssnarnas feedback är bönhörd: Fler egna exempel, mindre teori och formaliteter samt en avsnittslängd under en timme. Nya tider råder för Amatörpsykologernas Topp 100 och här behandlas Klassisk betingning eller som vi valt att kalla avsnittet – Pavlovs hundar. Idag pratar vi om hur en låt, en plats eller en ringande klocka kan få dig att känna glädje, hunger, obehag, rädsla eller sorg på grund av att du associerar det med något du tidigare varit med om eller lärt in. Detta som kallas klassisk betingning. Ulf bjuder därtill på ett skämt som är allt annat än PK, Jonathan bjuder på sina rotfruktshistorier och framförallt gör Ulfs kupp i dagens Instagram-moment att Jonathan fullkomligt TAPPAR det och försätts i poddens största skrattanfall så här långt. Detta och mycket mer i vårt roligaste avsnitt! Musik i podden: Kanye West - Runaway, Roc-A-Fella, Universal. Baha Men – Who let the dogs out?, S-Curve. Tommy Nilsson – Dina färger var blå, RCA Records. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler, Sony, Epidrome Sam Smith – Stay with me, Capitol. - We have legal rights to all the music that is played in this podcast. For more information: visit Ifpi web page

#090 - Prestera Mera - MUNSKÖLJ  


I dagens avsnitt pratar vi munskölj och hur det kan hjälpa dig att prestera mera. Vissa lägen kan det vara svårt att lyckas få i sig energi och det kan vara rent av mer praktiskt att endast skölja munnen med t.ex. sportdryck för att få effekt istället för att svälja drycken. 


- Hur effektivt är munskölj?

- Fungerar sötningsmedel?

- Hur länge bör du skölja för effekt?

- Summering 


Videon finns på Youtubekanalen: Prestera Mera – VIDEO

 Artikeln hittar du här:


Tommy Ivarsson, Fil.mag Biomedicin (M.Sc.)–Specialisering mot mänsklig

Simon Gustavsson, Fil.kand Biomedicin (B.Sc.)–Specialisering mot områdena kost och träning.


Pod Three - Tommy Robinson speaks out on Finsbury Park attack. 19th June  

Tommy Robinson predicted there would be copycat attacks against ordinary Muslims in response to Islamist attacks, so why does that make him the villain? It's the establishment who tolerated extremism in this country for so long that have blood on their hands! I spoke to the reporter for Rebel Media to get his reaction to the horrific attack, and why he still remembers Finsbury Park mosque as a place that promoted hate and segregation under Abu Hamza.   Brexit negotiations are starting today, but with our country in chaos, shouldn't we wait a week or two at least before we start negotiating. I heard from director of The UK in a Changing Europe Anand Menon, to hear what he wants out of Brexit.   The Jon Gaunt Show is brought to you in association with Financial Resolver. If you think you've been missold your pension, check them out at or call Mark and the team on 0116 283 5032   FREE speech wants your view so get involved 020 38 29 1234,, @talk2meradiouk @jongaunt. Listen LIVE from 4pm every afternoon and download the talk2meradio app to hear all our shows.

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