Month 2: Public vs Private, Doulas, and Multiples  
Should you go public or private, and what's the difference? What does a doula actually do? Are they all about sage sticks and unicorn tears? This episode of Hello Bump, we bring in our resident doula and ask her all the questions, chat with a listener who shares her experiences with both the public and private systems, and discuss dealing with the news of multiples! And Bec Judd reveals her unique way of figuring out she had two buns in the oven. The screams were heard around the world.   Show Notes

Episode Guests: Angela Gallo

Hosts: Monique Bowley and Bec Judd 

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Chuck Klosterman & Kevin Avery  

Also Frank Conniff, Professor Corey Brettschneider, and Comedian Erik Bransteen.  Author Chuck Klosterman tells us why Chuck Berry will one day become synonymous with Rock. Kevin Avery describes the worst bomb in comedy history. Frank Conniff on his cats. Professor Corey Brettschneider on Neil Gorsuch, Trump's recent pick for the Supreme Court. Comic Erik Bransteen on surviving Trump. Chuck Klosterman is an American author and essayist who has written books and essays focused on American popular culture. He has been a columnist for Esquire and and wrote "The Ethicist" column for The New York Times Magazine. Klosterman is the author of nine books, including two novels and the essay collection Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto. His latest book is But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past. Kevin Avery is a stand up comedian and a writer on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He recently won a Writers Guild award for his work on that show. He has also had the distinction of being the head writer on the critically acclaimed and criminally short FX original series, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. His other television writing credits include VH1′s Best Week Ever. Originally from San Francisco, CA, Kevin’s high-energy brand of stand up has been called “as rare and magical as a sparkle-unicorn doing West Side Story choreography under a liquid light show,” by the SF Weekly. Frank Conniff is heard daily on Sirius XM's Tell Me Everything hosted by John Fugelsang. Professor Corey Brettschneider is a professor of constitutional law at Brown University and his latest article in Time Magazine is entitled, “Neil Gorsuch’s Dissertation Opposes Same Sex Marriage.” Eric Bransteen plays comedy clubs and colleges all over America and has been seen on Fox, CBS, Time Out NY, and heard on Sirius XM Radio. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. More David @ Tune in every Tuesday and Friday for brand new episodes of our show featuring a diverse mixture of comedians, actors, professors, comedy writers and journalists talking about your world. More about David: David writes for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's series on Hulu and Maya and Marty on NBC. David has also won three Prime Time Emmys for comedy writing, as well as four Writers Guild Awards. He has also written on ABC's Roseanne, HBO's Dennis Miller Live, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Academy Awards, The Emmys, and countless roasts on Comedy Central. Get Social With David: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to his audio podcast: iTunes: Become a subscriber to our podcast! When you join for only a $5 monthly subscription donation you’ll gain access to the David Feldman Premium Content, featuring bonus material from the funniest comedians who have been guests on the show. We accept all major credit cards. Join today and help support the show!  

Free Thinking: Neglected Women: Lady Mary Wroth, Margaret Cavendish, Charlotte Robinson.  

The work of scientist Margaret Cavendish, poet Lady Mary Wroth, and interior designer Charlotte Robinson are explored in a programme looking at why women are left out of some historical accounts. Tracy Chevalier's novels include stories inspired by fossil hunter Mary Anning, by early settlers of the American west, by women in the lives of painters including Vermeer and William Blake. Tracy Chevalier joins Ailsa Grant Ferguson, Emma Wilkins and Miranda Garrett who'll be sharing their new research with Anne McElvoy on International Women's Day. Tracy Chevalier is the author of At the Edge of the Orchard about an American pioneer family, Remarkable Creatures inspired by the Victorian fossil hunter Mary Anning and The Lady and the Unicorn - a love story set against the weaving of a set of medieval tapestries which hang in the Museum of Cluny in Paris. Her new book published in May is New Boy, a re-working of Othello set in an American school in the 1970s with a cast of 11 year olds. Producer: Luke Mulhall.

Alt-J, Elliott Smith, The New Pornographers, Girlpool, More  

When we sat down to record this week's podcast, we were a little bleary-eyed after staying up late the night before to see the The Flaming Lips' show at the 9:30 Club here in Washington, D.C. But — between the band's confetti cannons, laser light show and the electric, rainbow-colored unicorn that frontman Wayne Coyne rode into the audience (we're not making that up) — it was well worth the loss of sleep.Regardless of our bleary eyes, we come to the table charged and ready to share the new music we're excited about this week: 1. alt-J: "3WW," 2. Girlpool: "123," 3. Hiccup: "Neverwhere," 4. The New Pornographers: "High Ticket Attractions," 5. The Magnetic Fields: "'81: How To Play The Synthesizer," 6. Joan Shelley: "Wild Indifference," 7.Elliott Smith: "No Name No. 5 (Remastered)," 8. Frank Turner: "The Sand In The Gears (Live)"

#198 - The Angry Chicken: “Unicorn Funeral”  

The Year of Mammoth is coming to stomp out Jocelyn's hopes for a Unicorn-themed Standard year. Team 5 made many announcements about changes coming with Hearthstone's second Standard year. The Hall of Fame is a new moniker that will be given to Basic/Classic cards that are moving to Wild exclusively, three full-sized expansions will release this year, Adventures are going away but single-player story content is coming for free, a Wild Tavern Brawl is on its way, and we're getting a new Rogue hero. The TAC trio also discussed the latest Developer Insights stream, the size of the Hearthstone development team, and a Dragon Priest deck aimed at making pirates walk their own plank.

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Best Content  

Do you use Facebook ads? Have you considered creating Facebook ads from your top-performing organic posts? To explore how to identify and boost your best Facebook content, I interview Larry Kim. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode, I interview Larry Kim, the founder and chief technology officer for WordStream. He's a frequent blogger, pay-per-click expert, and social advertising ninja. Larry explains how to improve the performance of your best content with Facebook advertising. You'll discover how to budget for Facebook ads. Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, or SoundCloud. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Best Content Larry's Backstory Larry's company, WordStream, does search engine and social media advertising, and Larry believes that it's important for businesses to do both types. For instance, B2B software companies build new features, functions, and solutions that nobody is searching for yet. However, with social ads, these businesses can target people who are likely to buy their software based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. Unlike an individual advertiser who has data about only one business, Larry is able to spot trends and patterns in online advertising because WordStream manages approximately $1 billion of ad spending across Facebook, Bing, and Google and runs thousands of campaigns for different clients. WordStream analyzes all of these campaigns to figure out data such as the typical cost per click and typical engagement rates. Listen to the show to discover the percentage of WordStream's clients using Facebook advertising. How Algorithms Work To understand the algorithms, Larry says it's important to think about the context in which your ad appears. (Our conversation focuses on Facebook, but Larry says the same is true for ads on Twitter and other social media platforms.) When you sponsor or promote a post, you're one of thousands or even millions of companies going after the same audience. Larry explains that the Facebook algorithm is designed to handle that volume in a way that keeps Facebook engaging for users so they come back. To determine which posts to show users and how much to charge the advertiser, Larry believes that the algorithm looks at many different factors, but the main one is engagement (clicks, likes, comments, or shares). A post with low engagement has an engagement rate of 1% to 2%. (Only 1 or 2 people out of 100 engage with the post.) A high-engagement post has a rate of 10% to 15%, and the average is around 2.5% to 3%. Larry emphasizes that Facebook doesn't want users' news feeds filled with ridiculous updates that no one cares about. A company trying to promote garbage content with low engagement rates will be dinged with very few ad impressions. The ad might not even be shown. If the ad does show, the click-through rate will be expensive (a few dollars per click versus a few cents). The reverse is also true. Facebook rewards companies that promote interesting content by showing their ads and charging only pennies per click. Listen to the show to hear Larry's thoughts about how engaging ad content needs to be compared to organic content. Unicorns Because algorithms reward engaging content, Larry believes that the winning advertising strategy is simple: promote your unicorns. These outlier posts do spectacularly well. They get three to five times more traffic than the average post and are among the top 1% to 3% of your most engaging content. For instance, a unicorn post might have a 20% engagement rate,

Sveriges nästa unicorn  

I veckans avsnitt avslöjar Breakits podcast vilket bolag som har högst chans att bli Sveriges nästa företag med en värdering på över 1 miljard dollar. Dessutom går vi igenom crowdfunding-bubblan - och pratar om Sveriges största livevideo-grupp som drivs av ett sexleksaksbolag.

Episode 106: Colour Work Challenge  

Who likes Angel Delight?

This week's episode is definitely on the delight end of the pudding scale as opposed to a seven tier unicorn cake and that's often a good thing. It's a low tariff canter and catch up with no big questions asked or answered and instead we have some light and fluffy as air fun.

In community news, I invite you to come and join the #shinybeescolourworkchallenge  over in the Facebook group and try your hand at some stranded knitting. If knitting with more than one colour has been intimidating to you in the past, now's the time to cast that aside and give it a crack. There will be helpful hints and tips posted in the group throughout the month and the occasional Shetland Pony in Fair Isle. Obvs.

In Enabler's Corner I enable you to two not quite yarny but definitely fun (depends on your version of fun for the latter, but I like it) things to try. First up we have the delightfully witty Amy Nolan of Ginger Rainbow who does the most fantastic illustrations and doodles. She's very witty and manages to bring situational humour out in her quirky drawings. I am a big fan. Secondly, we have #hotelroomview, the fun adventures of working on the road and seeing a lot of hotel rooms, hosted by the wonderful Bexx. It really shouldn't be that exciting or gripping, but there is something about these hotel room views that has captured my imagination. It's a bit like looking at house porn on Rightmove.

In Wippin' Piccadilly, I have finished Helen Stewart's Spindrift Shawl and the Everyday Brew by Clare Devine. I'm never knitting with black yarn again. Future/fantasy knit searching has taken me to the Prism hat by Tin Can Knits which is part of the Mad Colour collection which was released in August. This versatile pattern gives oodles of opportunity for creating a one-of-a-kind hat, and is really more like three patterns in one. Also catching my eye from this collection is 1999, a sweater with a masculine lace (that's a thing) panel down the front. The collection itself comprises 16 patterns and is available from Ravelry for $21.60 USD.

Shownotes for this episode are at

Music is by Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need A Drink.'

228: Living a Purely Blissful Life with Maimah Karmo  

Today's interview is with Maimah Karmo. Maimah is a mother, philanthropist, author, advocate, cancer warrior, magazine publisher, life coach, entrepreneur, badass and unicorn. Maimah's story began in Liberia, West Africa, where she was born. After surviving two wars in Liberia, during a third coup d'état, she fled to the United States at 15 years old, when her father put her on a plane, alone, to avoid persecution due to the war. She worked her way through college and created her version of the American Dream. Maimah was raising a beautiful 3-year old when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2006. She had no family history and was 32-years old. While in treatment, Maimah made a promise to God that if she survived, she would create an organization to educate, empower, advocate for and support young women affected by breast cancer. Her promise became the Tigerlily Foundation, which educates, advocates for, empowers and supports young women, before, during and after breast cancer. She is also the author of Fearless: Awakening to My Life's Purpose Through Breast Cancer; and Publisher of Bliss Magazine. Maimah has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN Network, The Today Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence, Marie Claire, Redbook and more. Maimah loves empowering others, through speaking engagements and life coaching. You can learn more about her coaching at, and subscribe to her podcast, Pure Bliss. Maimah's book: Maimah's personal website: Maimah's podcast: Tigerlily Foundation:

Premiere: Darius Syrossian - Unicorn Zone (Original Mix)  

♫ Read More ♫: "Unicorn Zone" is available 6 February on 20/20 Vision

529: Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome Founder  

Rachel Blumenthal is the founder of Rockets of Awesome, which is this really smart company that I’ve actually engaged with. How it works is if you’re a parent or someone who wants to gift clothing to children, you can go on the website, sign up for a membership. They ask you a series of questions about your child; age, measurements, but also the taste of your kid. What kind of a kid do you have? Is he or she active? They gather all that information, all that intel and send you a personal box to your door with about 12 items for your child. It’s really functional, really affordable, and the clothing is very unique. I have to say, as someone who’s now been buying clothes for little people for the past two, three years. It gets very redundant. When you go on the playground, a lot of the kids are wearing the same things. It’s nice to find a resource, like Rockets of Awesome, that kind of does a lot of the work for you, brings the clothing to your house, catered to your family, and for very affordable price points.

Prior to starting this company, she was the CEO of Cricket’s Circle, a trusted resource and editorial engine for everything baby and toddler. Her insights from Cricket’s Circle led her to the birth of Rockets of Awesome.

Another fun fact about Rachel; she is the partner of Neil Blumenthal. Of course, if you watched Follow the Leader on CNBC, you remember Neil. He is the co-founder of Warby Parker along with Dave Gilboa. Of course, Warby Parker is, as they say in the tech world, in the entrepreneur world, a unicorn valued at over a billion dollars. They know how to run businesses and so does Rachel.

For more information visit

WhiskyCast Episode 625: January 22, 2017  

This week, we're on location at the Victoria Whisky Festival in British Columbia! We'll discuss a new range of premium Canadian whiskies coming this fall from the Hiram Walker Distillery with master blender Dr. Don Livermore, and sit down for a dram with veteran whisky writer Dave Broom to solve some of the whisky world's problems. In the news, there's a new Canadian Whisky of the Year, and we'll have highlights from the 2017 Canadian Whisky Awards, along with another expansion at Ireland's Midleton Distillery and a rare sighting of a "unicorn" whisky - believe it or not...a peated Balvenie!

Wandlore - More About Yew  

On Episode 211 we discuss...

→ Our wands say interesting things about us
→ Ollivander's Bespoke Wand Selector questions are fascinating
→ American wand makers vs. Ollivander wands
→ Can you order custom wands?
→ How are wands made? (Magic)
→ Magical affinities between wands and wizards
→ Are wands alive?
→ Inherited and passed down wands
→ Muggles and wands
→ Priori Incantatum: unicorn and dragon edition
→ Characters and their correlations with wands

Episode #818: The New Phil Hendrie Show  

Phil is with filming with Drunk History today so we have a show from February, 2016. The Giant Siberian Unicorn, an actual species scientists believe coexisted with man, is of concern to Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police. Jay thinks people will be blissed-out thinking about the unicorn and not focus on driving. Also Chris Norton reveals how much he charges for a picture of his penis. And Karen Deauville talks about bleaching The BSP Classic Hour, October 1999, is Vic Prell filling in for Phil and reading horrifying murder stories for Halloween, but his annoying voice makes them sound hip. David G. Hall defends Vic after Phil criticizes the way he is presenting the material. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 20,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more... Sign up now at!

WEEK01_17 Guest Mix - Technasia (FR)  

Bassa Clan-Unicorn Ektor Eros-This Is Beat Dennis Cruz-Feeling High (Samu.L Remix) Stefano Testa-Manetta's Fine Food (Brother's Vibe Remix) Jerome Sydenham-No Earth Required Savino & William Medagli-Rollin Tine Garcia-Restless (Dennis Cruz Remix) Hector-Moustache Paranoia Nights-VL Nice7-Running Man Nuendo-Wthdrawal Symptoms Discoschorle & Solar Plane-Flawless System (Hermanez Remix) Arno Stolz-Feel It Jerome Sydenham & Joe Clausell-Heaven Chus & Ceballos-All I Want (Technasia Gets Deep) Tommaso Marasma-Good Man (Jerome Sydenham in Track Mode Remix) Audiojack-Vaporised CJ Jeff-Sound Of My Voice Riva Starr-Is It True Basic Implant-Feinrasur Ruben Mandolini-Sole Jose M & Tacoman-Metrica

Mike Harding Folk Show 210  

PODCAST: 01 Jan 2017

01 Let Ramensky Go - Claire Hastings - Between River And Railway
02 Man Of Constant Sorrow - Dana And Susan Robinson - The Angel's Share
03 The Atlantean - John Mcsherry - The Seven Suns
04 Morning Blues - Ralph Mctell & Wizz Jones - About Time
05 Sophie (This Beautiful Day) - Reg Meuross - Reg Meuross
06 Lough Erne Shore (Song) - John And Maggie Carty - Settle Out Of Court
07 Echo Mocks The Corncrake - Songs Of Separation - Songs Of Separation
08 When Times Are Tough - Ribbon Road - Our Streets Are Numbered
09 Get Up Stand Up - 3Hattrio - Solitaire
10 Champagne Charlie - Mr. Martin Simpson & Mr. Dom Flemons - A Selection Of Ever Popular Favourites
11 The Man That I Am - Coope Boyes And Simpson - Coda
12 Come By The Hills - The Mccalmans - Lost Tracks
13 Ain't We Brothers (With Tim O'brien) - Sam Gleaves - Ain't We Brothers
14 Old Man Dillon / The Mouse In The Cupboard - Mary Mcnamara And Sorcha Costello - The Lady's Cup Of Tea
15 Braw Sailin - Boreas - Ahoy Hoy
16 Little Liza Jane - We Banjo 3 - String Theory
17 The Crosses Of Annagh / Cousin Sally Brown - Brendan Hendry & Jonny Toman - Living Roots
18 If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus - Pete Seeger - Pete Seeger In England
19 Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Sandy Denny And Strawbs - I've Always Kept A Unicorn - The Acoustic Sandy Denny

NBA-Podden: Julspecial  

Jesper Karlsson och Nicklas Hoverbrandt diskuterar juldagens matcher, vad de önskar sig i NBA-julklapp, Blake Griffins skada, kul fakta från tidigare juldagsmatcher, hur Kevin Durant påverkar dynamiken mellan Warriors och Cavs, vilket lag som vill vinna rematchen av NBA Finals mest, om Kawhi Leonard är för bra i försvar, Tim Duncans tröjpensionering, vilken unicorn de skulle vilja starta en franchise med, DeMarcus Cousins och veckans random fact.

The Blue Unicorn by The Man Called X  

We’ll hear The Man Called X on this week’s Relic Radio Thrillers.  Here’s his March 31, 1951, story titled, The Blue Unicorn. Download Thriller455

Personal Finance Show 16 December 2016  

In this week’s personal finance podcast the team highlight some funds that outperform and have lower volatility, as well as the many broker charges you need to factor in to work out your total cost of trading. Special guest Peter Walls, manager of Unicorn Mastertrust, meanwhile, flags some of the key issues investment trust investors need to be aware of at the moment.

Treat Going Abroad Like You're Starting A New Life (@Brendan_Fitz)  

Jared is joined by comic Brendan Fitzgibbons on this week's Tuesday episode of The JTrain Podcast to read your emails and answer questions about making plans with a unicorn-level hot girl, finding romance through dating apps, whether kids should be a relationship deterrent or not, going abroad with a girlfriend back home, and dating a sober girl. Plus, Hypotheticals and the news with ManSamp. Check it out, and enjoy. // // Subscribe to The JTrain Podcast on iTunes…id672249013?mt=2

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