Patriot’s Day Review | Anatomy of a Movie  

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Hosts Phil Svitek (@PDSvitek, Marisa Serafini (@SerafiniTV), and Demetri Panos (@DMovies1701) discuss the 2017 film, Patriot’s Day. Tragedy strikes on April 15, 2013, when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon. In the aftermath of the attack, police Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg), FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin ...

Mark Wahlberg – Boston Street Kid to Hollywood A-List Actor – Patriots Day & Lone Survivor Star - Team Never Quit Podcast  

The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome to the show Marcus’ close friend and megastar, Mark Wahlberg. Mark is widely considered one of the most accomplished and successful men in the movie industry. He’s known for his roles in the recently released Patriots Day, Deep Water Horizon, The Fighter and the epic war Read more.

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Schmoeville! After-Show #40 - Schmoes Know Show #265  

On episode #40 of the Schmoeville! After Show, Snelling and Brian discuss Collider Movie Talk, Fantasy Schmoedown, and all things Kristian Harloff. This episode concludes with discussion of Schmoes Know Show #265 (Wahlberg vs Affleck Films). 00:00 Intro 08:05 Housekeeping 19:30 The Week in Collider 58:10 Mispronounciation of the Week 1:20:40 Schmoes Know Show #265 Recap 2:09:40 Closing Follow the Hosts on Twitter: @whatupsnell @BDF331 Check out Snelling on the Sight & Sound podcast via iTunes! YouTube: Twitter: @sightsoundpod Check out Brian on the Film Schlubs podcast via iTunes! Website: Twitter: @FilmSchlubs Welcome to the Schmoeville! After Show, a Schmoes Know and Collider Video after show podcast endorsed by the Schmoes themselves, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. Every week, Ryan Snelling and Brian Davids discuss the latest programming on the Schmoes Know and Collider Video YouTube channels including the 'Schmoes Know Show' and 'Movie Trivia Schmoedown.' The Schmoeville! After Show is for the fans, by the fans Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes: Subscribe to Schmoes Know on Youtube: Subscribe to Collider Video on YouTube: Subscribe to SK Podcast on YouTube:

The CONAN Podcast: Jeff Goldblum, Mark Wahlberg, & Elle Fanning  

This week, Jeff Goldblum shares how he wooed his acrobatic wife, Elle Fanning admits she loves lying to Uber drivers, and Anna Faris cheers on Chatroulette masturbators. PLUS: Mark Wahlberg’s fitness routine, leaked audio of Obama and Trump’s phone calls, and more!

Schmoes Know Show #265: WAHLBERG VS AFFLECK FILMS  

This weeks Schmoes Know Show takes a look at the careers of Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck. From their acting to producing various projects over the years, the crew discusses the impact they've had on the film industry. Brett returns with another edition of Brett to the Future, Sasha returns with her Indie Picks and Ken delivers yet another news of all things movies. CHECK OUT LOOT CRATE: Save 10% with Promo Code SCHMOES CHECK OUT ATOM TICKETS HERE: Save $5 By Using Promo Code SCHMOES CHECK OUT GENTLE GIANT: Timecodes: GET US ON ITUNES: JOIN SCHMOEVILLE: SUBSCRIBE TO COLLIDER: CHECK OUT SCHMOES MOVIE T-SHIRTS: SUBSCRIBE TO SCHMOES KNOW: Twitter: Facebook: Tickets to Mark's stand-up tour: FOLLOW EVERYONE ON TWITTER Today's Hosts Kristian Harloff: Mark Ellis: Sasha Perl-Raver: Brett Sheridan: Guest Hosts Tiffany Smith: Josh Macuga: Ken Napzok: Mark Reilly: Production Crew Cobbster (Producer): ACE (Associate Producer): Cody Hall (Engineer): RB3 (Intern): Beardo (Intern):

Sklarbro County 242 (w/ Jon Dore, Daniel Van Kirk)  

Comedian and actor Jon Dore joins the Sklars for the final episode of Sklarbro County! They celebrate the end of an era by having Jon tell the tale of his poker-induced seizure before diving into Stories. Daniel Van Kirk opens with a personal account of having crashed an Austin Bachelor Ball. Then, we hear about a mystery nightclub pooper and a katana crack party, and finally, Mark Wahlberg closes the show with a voicemail congratulating the Sklars on the new series.This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter (

Mark Normand, Mike McRae, John Erler and "Mark 'Otter' Wahlberg" guest  

Live from Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Doug welcomes Mark Normand, Mike McRae, John Erler and "Mark 'Otter' Wahlberg" guest.

Teaser #3 - A Voicemail  

Happy New Year! For the third teaser, Dumb People Town presents a voicemail left for the guys by the one and only Mark Wahlberg.

Best Of The Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - (12-30-16)  

On The Best Of The Dan Patrick Show, Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, Jason Kidd.

Best Of The Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - (12-26-16)  

On The Best Of The Dan Patrick Show, Marshall Faulk, Al Michaels, Chad Greenway, and Mark Wahlberg.

Best Of The REShow: Mark Wahlberg, David Johnson, and Ed O'Neill. Hour 3 (12-23-16)  

On The Best Of The Rich Eisen Show, Mark Wahlberg, David Johnson, and Ed O'Neill.

Mookie Blaiklock, Taylor Rizzo, Jacob Sirof and "Mark Wahlberg" guest  

Live at the UCB Franklin in Hollywood, Doug welcomes Mookie Blaiklock, Taylor Rizzo, Jacob Sirof and "Mark Wahlberg" to the show.

Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Tucker Beathard, Peter Berg, And Mark Wahlberg (12-12-16)  

Dan and The Danettes welcome Musician Tucker Beathard, Director Peter Berg and Actor Mark Wahlberg.

Asesinato Justo ( #audesc Thriller. Intriga. Policíaco. Crimen 2008)  

País Estados Unidos Director Jon Avnet Guión Russell Gewirtz Música Ed Shearmur Fotografía Denis Lenoir Reparto Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, John Leguizamo, Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, Carla Gugino, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Alan Rosenberg, Barry Primus, Trilby Glover, Melissa Leo, Adrian Martinez Sinopsis Después de treinta años trabajando juntos, los detectives Turk (Robert De Niro) y Rooster (Al Pacino) están a punto de jubilarse, pero antes les encargan la investigación del asesinato de un conocido proxeneta que estuvo implicado en un caso resuelto por ellos. En el cuerpo de la víctima se ha encontrado un poema de cuatro líneas que pretende justificar el asesinato. Todo parece indicar que se enfrentan a un asesino en serie, cuyo objetivo es eliminar a los criminales que han conseguido burlar la ley.

Gatlinburg, #DumpKelloggs, 3 Things That Bug Us, Mark Wahlberg, CNN Interviews Trump Supporters  

Hello there Cool Kid! Well, well, well! What have we got here? Another episode for you? HOW CONVENIENT! I mean, it is actually pretty convenient if you came here to listen to an episode! First, we tell you a little about the Tennessee wildfires and how you can help. This week, Breitbart launched a boycott campaign against Kellogg's for pulling their ads. We talk about three things that bugs us: Texas's new miscarriage/abortion law, black Santa backlash and income inequality! CNN sat down with some Trump supporters and the whole thing was embarrassing. Embarrassing for whom? Well, depends on who you ask! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Jesse Joyce, Dale Cheesman and "Mark Wahlberg" guest  

Live from the LOL Comedy Club in San Antonio, Doug welcomes Jesse Joyce, Dale Cheesman and "Mark Wahlberg" to the show.

The Best Of The Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Landon Donovan and Mark Wahlberg. (11-25-16)  

On The Best Of The Dan Patrick Show, Landon Donovan and Mark Wahlberg.

Episode 275 - The Happening  
This week, the guys welcome Justin J. Case back to the show to discuss the ridiculous nature disaster film, The Happening! How did Night think Marky Mark would make a believable science teacher? What's with Leguizamo's character letting that wedding secret slip? And seriously guys, what's happening to all the bees? PLUS: An extended—and we mean extended—conversation about hot dogs.

The Happening stars Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Alan Ruck, and Frank Collison as the Hot Dog Guy; directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

#MAILTIME: Rating System and Rude Jude  

In this weeks Mailtime, Kevin, Asa and Feitelberg talk about whether it's best to be honest or tell your wife what she wants to hear, sleeping in different beds, what having a rating system for everyone in the world would be like and Conor McGregor. Then Kevin has on Rude Jude from Shade 45 on SiriusXM to talk about Mark Wahlberg making his book into a TV show, how he found and made peace with his identity, knowing his fanbase and much more.

Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Mark Wahlberg and Clay Helton (11-14-16)  

Dan and the Danettes welcome Actor Mark Wahlberg and USC Head Coach Clay Helton.

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