Colt Cabana on WRD 3, Return to ROH and Latest on Lawsuit  

John Pollock & Wai Ting speak with Colt Cabana about the "Wrestling Road Diaries 3" documentary, the making of the doc, the comedic style of wrestling and contrasting this doc to the first two. Cabana also speaks on his return to Ring of Honor last year and the latest on the lawsuit filed by Dr. Chris Amann against Cabana and CM Punk.

Episode #296 – Proof Is Power  

Some dude snapchatted me and check out what happened next…

On today’s episode Russell talks about how having proof of the results you give people will help you gain more sells. He also talks about a new event that will be launching a practice run with inner circle members in two weeks.

Here are some interesting things on today’s episode:

Find out how a single Facebook post ended up bringing about a 43 person wait list to be in Russell’s Inner Circle group. Find out what kind of event Russell is launching in two weeks. And figure out how you can use proof to bring more people into your business.

So listen below to find out how proof is power.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, I think I’m going to change the name of our podcast to Marketing During Snow days. We just had Snow day number 6. I’m at the house in the snow and yes, I’m praying that the snow melts so our kids can go to school. Plus we’re supposed to have three trucks bringing all the stuff for the new Clickfunnels office today, and they all got stuck in the snow. So we’ve been delayed another day in getting our office finished and moved in which makes me want to cry a lot.

Some cool stuff, though, while we’re hanging out. Steven came over. He’s been reading the Expert Secrets book. He’s the first person to actually read the final, the almost final draft. I’m curious your thoughts so far.

Steven: it’s pretty much going to change everyone’s life again. You know how the first book changed your life. Get ready to change it again. You were seeing in color, it’s actually going to be more vibrant.

Russell: We’re going to color.

Steve: it’s really good though. This is fantastic. I sit next to Russell and I hear him say this stuff and now I’m actually reading it like, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! I’m not going to sleep tonight.

Russell: I’m so excited. This book has got twice as many pictures or more. And yes, we’re working right now. So we’re launching a new event called the Funnel Hackathon event, or FHAT for short. Our FHAT event. We’re going to be doing a test run, is it two weeks? Or three weeks? In two weeks for some of our inner circle members and it’s going to be amazing. It’s basically going to be a three day workshop style, where everything in the Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets books, we plug in and actually build it with you live.

Kind of a good example, most people, this is how I kind of learned as well. I’ll go through and read a book or course and I’ll immerse and go through all this stuff, and I learn so much of it and I’m like, “I gotta go implement it. Oh wait, I gotta get back to the real world.” And then you never do. It’s interesting, I was talking to Brandon and Kaylin, who are inner circle members who are crushing it. And what he’s said, the way he did it, which was different. I was like, it’s different but I think it’s right. He said that they sat down with the book and the audio and everything. We listened to part and paused it. And then we stopped and figured out that piece. Then we push play again. Listen to it, stop, paused it and figured out that piece. What we did, after we were done with the book and training, we had our attractive character built out, we had our soap opera sequence, all the pieces were done.

Most people don’t do it that way. Most people learn it and try to go back and implement. They forgot stuff, or don’t have time now, all sorts of things. We wanted to make an experience where people leave their environment. Actually we wanted to make it even cooler, we wanted to make this a pilgrimage. The Muslims do a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life. They go and do their thing.

When I was wrestling in high school, we used to do a pilgrimage, called it the pilgrimage to Iowa, because Dan Gable, the greatest wrestler in our sport ran wrestling camps in Iowa. So our whole high school career, everyone saved up money through a pilgrimage to Iowa so that I could be coached by Dan Gable. My junior year in high school I finally made. I saved up my money and went. We went to practice with the Iowa guys. We met Dan Gable, shook his hand. I was like, “I just shook Dan Gable’s hand. There’s no way I can’t win.” It’s done, it’s over.

So I want to make this a pilgrimage, people come to Boise to get their funnel done. We keep talking about how you’re one funnel away from whatever it is for you. We want that to be, “you’re one funnel away, come to Boise and we’ll build that out.” In this event. So we’re doing our first FHAT event for the inner circle members in two weeks. So Steven is working on the workbook right now for that. And then that’s kind of the initial game plan. And then if it goes well, as we think it will, we’ll start doing those more often here in Boise and have people come back. So that’s what we’re working on today, which is fun.

So anyway, hopefully all of you guys will want to come do y

Spezial: Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) über Trump, WWE & das Wrestling-Business – Englisch  

Pünktlich zur Amtseinführung von Donald Trump hat Tilo mit Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer), die personifizierte New York Times im Wrestling-Business, über Donald Trumps Rolle in der Wrestling-Welt gesprochen. Warum hat er Linda McMahon in sein Kabinett berufen? Was hat Trump bei Wrestlemania gemacht? Das und vieles mehr in einer Spezial-Folge... Bitte unterstützt unsere Arbeit finanziell: Tilo Jung IBAN: DE36700222000072410386 BIC: FDDODEMMXXX Verwendungszweck: BPK PayPal ► Fanshop ►

Gimmick, Rookie, Fehde: Kleine Wrestling-Einführung  

Autor: Chaer, Hussen;Chaer, Ahmed
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Im Wrestling nichts Neues - Showkampf und US-Politik  

Autor: Farkas, Christoph
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Keep It 2000 Ep. 3 – Dr. Jellyfinger (Jan. 17, 2000)  

Just when Brian Mann and Nate Milton settled in to the gruesome groove of WCW Nitro, Russo gets removed and it all comes tumbling down. Listen as the brothers dive in to a mixed bag featuring good wrestling, bad angles, and a very ugly Kevin Nash promo.

PWTorch Livecast - TNA Impact Post-Show with McMahon & Soucek (Premiere Show!)'s Mike McMahon and Andrew Soucek went live right after Impact Wrestling with caller questions including discussion on the Hardys/WWE possibilities? Drew Galloway Grand Championship win, Aron Rex's latest character change, Eddie Edwards finding himself, the lack of the X-Division in 2017 on Impact, TNA's booking in the Anthem era, the return of Dutch/Jarrett, and more.

Ep 29! Lord Cyrus debut! Juventud sings! Remembering Jimmy Snuka, Shane Helms talks sports and MORE!  

At long last, LORD CYRUS from Killing The Town and New Japan Pro Wrestling is on Keepin it 100!! Shane Helms talking UFC, NFL, And TNA Impact Wrestling, The Juicy One rips the MIC! Disco Inferno's Paranoid Facebook conspiracy theories, Konnan and Juvy get Toy Deals with Figures Toy Company, Canek, Bayley's Poetry, Chris Jericho and Fozzy, Martin Luther King Jr, Monday Night Raw, Colin Kaepernick, Vince Russo, Masked Republic Minute, Ben Carson, Charlotte Flair, Philippines Drug War, Donald Trump, Lucha Shop, Treeplay Ahh, and memories of Jimmy Superfly Snuka with Konnan, Disco Inferno, and KG Kevin Gill All this and more on the Flagship SHOW on the Jericho Network! Like us on Facebook Check out Konnan's new site www.Konnan.Me

ALN - Kyle Newacheck  

Kyle Newacheck is the director of WORKAHOLICS, and one of the founding members of the sketch group MAIL ORDER COMEDY, that later became the show featuring Adam Devine, Blake Anderson & Anders Holm! From Concord, CA, to Orange County, to LA film school, his journey and insights into comedy are some of the best we've heard. Accompany that with stories of directing Ben Stiller and wrestling an alligator in New Orleans, this is a must listen episode! Check out the final season of WORKAHOLICS on Comedy Central, every WEDNESDAY at 10pm, and follow Kyle on TWITTER @kylenewacheck, Adam @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

SRW 117 - Shawn Michaels  

Shawn Michaels talks about his career, future in WWE, and his new movie.  Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling. 

Jan. 18 Edition of British Audio Wrestling  

Martin Bushby and Oli Court are back and joined by Benno from The Indy Corner to chat Night 1 & 2 of the WWE UK Tournament, future plans for the UK Championship, Progress debut in Birmingham, Rev Pro live at the Cockpit, Attack & Fight Club Pro joining forces and 5 Star Wrestling's live show on Spike TV.

Ep 26 feat. Jim Ross: WWE's UK & Japan Ambitions, Kurt Angle To WWE HOF, More  

This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling starts with Eric talking about his friend Kurt Angle being announced for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. Eric also takes a moment to discuss a couple of the other top news stories of the week in his “Business of Pro Wrestling” segment including: - The passing of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka - The road to the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania - Vince McMahon reportedly wanting Undertaker to work with a younger star at WrestleMania - More… Eric then welcomes his guest for the week WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross! Ross speaks candidly to Eric about: - Reinventing himself since leaving WWE - Why he left WCW - His venture in to BBQ Sauce and Eric’s venture in to the craft beer markets - Why he enjoys his current schedule - Getting to do commentary for Wrestle Kingdom 11 World of Sports future - Working on his autobiography - WWE’s global expansion - Kenny Omega’s NJPW status and whether he thinks he will wind up in WWE - Who his One Bad Cat is - Something about him you don’t know - More… Eric then closes the show by answering some fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag. Don’t forget to subscribe to Bischoff on Wrestling for free on iTunes This week’s episode is brought to you by - SDI: Find out more about SDI by visiting - Pro Wrestling Tees: get your official Bischoff on Wrestling shirt over at! #EricBischoff #BischoffOnWrestling #NickHausman #WWE #TNA #MLW #TJDeSantis #JimRoss #WWEHallOfFame #NJPW #WorldOfSport #KurtAngle #JimmySnuka #WCW #RoyalRumble #WrestleMania #WrestleKingdom

Breakfast With Blasi 01/18/2017 (  

Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

North Arkansas news posts Sh** Article Outta Nowhere.. 2016 PWI Year End Awards.. King for more than a day.. As DT predicted, La Luchadora revealed as Mickie James.. Tajiri injured.. Fallout from DTKC Jimmy Snuka debate.. Pete Dunne: Future WWE star.. DT turns down invitation to attend Donald Trump Inauguration.. Premature congrats to MLB HOF’r Tim Raines (w/ memorable 1998 audio flashback).. DT predicts MLB HOF Class of 3 for 2017.. WWE Title Match at Elimination Chamber.. Rumors involving Michael Cole’s TV future.. Beth Phoenix rumored for WWE Hall Of Fame.. Roman Reigns video reveals creative editing by WWE.. Patreon updates.. President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Who’s next?.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, and Impact discussion, political talk, pop culture, sports, and so much more!


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Eps 7 - The Rise Of British Wrestling  

It's your weekly dose of Hurricanrana Off The Top Rope pro-wrestling chat as Simon Miller & Chris Fox sit down to discuss everything that's gone on in the wrestling world!

PWTorch Livecast Mid-Week Flagship w/Wade Keller & Travis Bryant  

In this edition of the PWTorch Livecast, PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by PWTorch columnist Travis Bryant to discuss the week in pro wrestling and where things are headed into the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season. They talk about the Vince McMahon MLK tribute tradition, the video on Superfly Snuka, the absurd finish to Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch, Mickie James's return, Shinsuke Nakamura's potential debut, and much more with a mix of callers and emails.

WZ Weekly 1.18.17 feat. Rockstar Spud: WWE UK Tournament, Kurt Angle-WWE HOF, Snuka's Passing, More  

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The Ross Report with Trish Stratus - Ep153  

The lovely Trish Stratus returns to talk about her winning her first women's title at Wrestlemania 18, how she feels about WWE eliminating the word "divas," playing Mr. McMahon's mistress during her run, being physical in the ring with Bubba Dudley and Big Show, and her retirement in 2006. She also reveals her Mt. Rushmore of wrestling, and what she thinks about today's WWE women's division.

Chael Sonnen - Dan Russell & Matt Sprague - Ep 178  

Dan Russell & Matt Sprague join Chael & Joel to discuss the biggest rivalry in amateur wrestling that spans 48 years, between USA Oregon and Peninsula Wrestling Club. Spearheaded by Peninsula's Roy Pittman & USA Oregon's Marc Sprague, the impact each clubs respective coach had is detailed. Dan, Matt, Chael & Joel also have a 'virtual dual meet' between some of the very best to have ever come out of USA Oregon & Peninsula, highlighting Anthony Amado, Travis West, Joe Russell, Tyrel Fourtune, Les Gutches, Tivon Abel, Marc Sprague Jr. and many more.

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