• Standup comedian and host of The Bonfire and Legion of Skanks (in that order) Big Jay Oakerson talks about his struggle with anxiety disorder with comedian and host of nothing Ari Shaffir. Jay really went through it, man. He was fine and then one afternoon, he wasn’t. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think straight, and the walls started crashing in. Ari has always been intrigued by mental disorders and this is the first time he has been able to really take a deep dive into anxiety. It was a very revealing and interesting discussion.

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  • Comedian Kim Congdon is fucking nuts. Standup comedian and your host Ari Shaffir sits down with this crazy Chonga to discuss the origins of the stereotype of the fiery Latin woman and how wild and fun it can be to observe her in action. She has always frightened me with her crazy Puerto Rican-style rage. The intro is live from the Mexico City Central Parque de Perros. Viva Puerto Ricas!

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  • Comedian Graham Kay has been fired more than anyone on Earth. Stand-up comedian Ari Shaffir, fresh off not appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast for two years and before that losing his own show 'This Is Not Happening,' now sits down with Graham to discuss the many times he’s been fired.

    The intro covers some of Ari’s own firings even though he left off getting fired from his own stupid show that he’s just realizing now would’ve been a solid thing to talk about instead of the same Domino’s story he’s told like 80 times already. Although, to be fair, he wasn't exactly fired from that show as much as blackmailed and forced to step aside. Plus stay tuned for the outro where Ari also profits off another comedian’s hard work.

    "Chinese Democracy" by Bill Burr (Official Blog of Comedian, Bill Burr: Tuesday, March 4, 2008): https://bit.ly/3i1GRgR

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  • Standup comedian Robert Kelly and standup comedian Ari Shaffir share their plan for world domination in a public Patreon episode. This is the kind of thing I do all the time on Patreon behind the paywall but I didn’t have a podcast for this week. So my lack of responsibility is your win! Congrats for following a degenerate.

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  • Comedians Kevin Ryan and H. Foley from the @AreYouGarbage? Comedy Podcast joins standup comedian and your host Ari Shaffir in Kevin’s mom’s basement to talk about what makes someone human trash. The intro was recorded in front of a White Castle because obviously. No podcast has better locations than Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank.

    Kippy and Herbert are experts on garbage people. H. Foley has been at the forefront of the Flaming Hot Cheetos revolution for years and Kevin Ryan is well known in the comedy community for clipping his toenails on the subway.

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  • Mark Normand and I take a drivecast down to Pennsylvania for a show at SoulJoel’s Comedy Amphitheater. And we shot the shit the whole drive. I’ve always heard podcasts described as two friends talking in the front seat while you’re listening from the backseat. Well, here we are. An actual conversation from two of your best comedy buddies from the front seat.

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  • Lead singer of Pinc Louds, Claudi, sat down with standup comedian @Ari Shaffir in Tompkins Square Park NYC to talk about busking and street performing in general. The summer could have gone in two directions. We could have shut ourselves in, and given into the gloom and doom of the news, or we could've gotten out there and taken back our city. And Pinc Louds were among the many outsider artists who took charge and said "We're not going down without a fight." That fight involved socially distanced mosh pits and meetups in the park to watch some actual live music. We could've lost this summer, but at least in the East Village of New York City, Pinc Louds saved it. Pinc Louds saved our summer.

    Podcaster Ari Shaffir interviews Claudi of Pinc Louds about one of the most interesting summers in New York City's history.

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  • Comedian and Political Scientist Andrea Jones-Rooy came over to talk to standup comedian @Ari Shaffir about her time being a circus performer in Shanghai, China. That is correct. It’s one of the more interesting episodes of Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank you’re ever going to hear.

    Andrea made me miss Shanghai. Even though I’m traveling right now, this podcast made me have wanderlust. She made me homesick for being away from home. And what a story!

    Andrea Jones-Rooy got into circus performing in one of the wildest cities in the world, Shanghai. I did the intro in a river tributary in South America. It’s a podcast that’s gonna make you want to leave. Wherever you are, you’re going to want to leave.

    Check out Andrea's podcast @AskaPoliticalScientist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSk4eWAHQYnG4CgyGjXnxHw

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  • Ian Fidance and I took a drive down to New Jersey and talked and laughed about his weird level of sexuality. He’s got some unique views on sex and love and whether or not he’s gay. I assumed he was at least bi but he doesn’t agree.

    It’s a fun driving episode that I’m gonna do more of. I think the last one I did like this was with Duncan Trussell talking about Buddhism. Solid way to multitask while putting other drivers and pedestrians in grave danger.

    ▻ Watch @Bi Guys Podcast on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/2Pvk01l

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  • A celebration of marijuana in honor of the 420th episode of Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank Podcast. I got my friends and comedians Duncan Trussell, Dan Soder, Tony Hinchcliffe, Steve Rannazzisi, Sal Vulcano, Adrienne Iapalucci, and Mark Normand to all tell me their favorite weed stories. We got into how we started smoking, the munchies, gettting TOO high, and so much more. I forgot about almost all of this as soon as I finished recording it because of weed. So watch or listen to this today and then again on April 20th once you’ve forgotten everything.

    Light one up and join us!

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    Raelyn Nelson @raelynnelsonband covering "Ari Shaffir Owns This Song" by Pepper Goins - Rushmore Podcast

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  • My guest today Nate Bargatze and I are talking about Hollywood, and its pontifical actors who can’t seem to stop gabbing. They give us their opinions constantly, all day long, and most of the time without doing any research or taking the time to educate themselves beforehand. Or it's the self-important cause that they’re shoving in your face. But a lot of people are struggling, and Hollywood just keeps talking down to you. It’s infuriating, and we can’t stand it or them.

    Us comics, on the other hand, like to stay in our lane. We try to tell jokes, make you laugh. Not telling you how to live or what the deal is with this or that. And Nate does just that. His output & the level that he’s hitting on stage is amazing. He crushes it every time. An interesting thing about his stand-up, which has nothing to do with his success — is that he’s incredibly clean. But you wouldn’t necessarily notice it unless it’s pointed out. You can’t go wrong with his stuff. You will go wrong with my stuff. You don’t have to pause his specials when your dad walks in. That's 3 specials you can watch with your family, including his new one that is available now!

    His brand new special "The Greatest Average American" is available and streaming on Netflix today. He literally is the greatest average American. You won’t hear any thoughts on social justice, how to live your life, who to vote for, or what church to go to. You will, however, laugh the entire time. Watch 'The Greatest Average American' on Netflix is a Joke TODAY!

    ▸ Watch the trailer for Nate's new special! Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American | Official Trailer | Netflix: https://youtu.be/VPJcztktXSw

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  • Bonnie Willow is a super interesting woman I met in a hostel in the Andes. She is a Reiki Master and Inter-Faith Minister. Bonnie also runs a school, The School of Peace. I don’t even know how to describe it. It's about spirituality. And about energy healing, cleaning your insides. We sat in the setting sun and talked about meditation, consciousness, and a lot of other really heady stuff that I, standup comedian @Ari Shaffir, have tons of trouble wrapping my head around.

    I know a lot of this is going to sound like hocus pocus to much of my audience. But for those of you who get a spark out of what we were talking about, I encourage you to reach out to Bonnie to ask her whatever you want or just to tell her you enjoyed the conversation.

    It was a fascinating talk and I’m lucky that my travels put me in contact with such unique people.

    Learn more about Bonnie Willow here: http://bonniewillow.com/

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  • Standup Comedian Matteo Lane comes on Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank this week to tell me all about gay culture. It’s FASCINATING. And it’s changed so much since I first discovered gays back in college.

    Matteo Lane is one of the most interesting and rational people to talk to at the back table of the Comedy Cellar and I’m glad to finally get him on the podcast. We talked about Prep, blasting loads into butts, Grinder, cheating, and anything else I could think of to ask him about what it’s like being gay these days. Such a fun one.

    ◆ Check out Matteo's podcast "Inside The Closet with Matteo Lane & Emma Willmann"! Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://tinyurl.com/46jawyr2

    ◆ Find 'Inside The Closet with Matteo Lane & Emma Willmann on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/ITC

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  • Standup comedian Keith Robinson joins standup comedian Ari Shaffir this week to tell me about his stroke. I had a lot of questions. And Keith was forthcoming and hilarious. My favorite kind of guest.

    Keith is one of the most giving comedians on the planet. You can trace tons of great comics who point to him as one of the biggest influences on their careers and their lives. He looks out for young comedians, especially the ones from Philadelphia. It really makes me want to work harder to help younger comics. And I already do plenty. But Keith Robinson makes me want to do even more.

    ✦ Follow Keith on Twitter: https://twitter.com/1keithrobinson

    ✦ For all of Ari's projects and accounts: https://linktr.ee/RIPAriShaffir


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  • Donate to Adrienne on Paypal

    Donate to Adrienne on Venmo

    We’re trying something different this week. I, Ari Shaffir, am bringing you an entire album of one of my favorite comedians in the world. For free.

    Adrienne Iapalucci has been opening for me for the last couple years. Anyone who saw my Jew hour and thought, “Fuck, that lady was dark” knows what I’m talking about. You know why I refer to her as “The Dark Queen.” And that’s what she is. Standup comedian Adrienne Iapalucci is a cold-blooded dark joke writer. Following her every night forced me to improve my punchlines. I’m not exaggerating. She’s that good. If you saw her open for me, you know I’m right.

    This pandemic has hit her really hard, though. She was about to start headlining so much that she wasn’t going to be available to me and my crowds any more. And then this virus changed everything. It took away our ability to perform. There’s no more income. She’s seriously looking for day jobs and wondering how she’s going to pay her rent.

    And now she’s got a new album out called “Baby Skeletons” that she recorded before the pandemic. So here’s what we’re going to try. I’m letting you hear it for free. And I want you to give Adrienne what you think that was worth to you. If I were you, I’d start with $1 before you even listen to it. Because any album is worth that much. But then once you’ve heard it, I think you’ll agree it’s worth a lot more. And I understand that not everybody is in the same financial position as everybody else. So maybe you can only spare $7.00. Or maybe you’re doing great and you can spare a 20 or a 50. You gotta decide for yourself how much you laughed at what took her years to make and how much you want to support comics like this putting out their own material. Show this podcast to your friends and tell them to support her, too.

    I do this kind of thing for the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. The richer people end up paying more. The poorer people end up paying less. And overall I make enough money to justify me going out there to Scotland for a month. Enough that I can justify going out there. More than I made in a month of road gigs 10 years ago. And more than Adrienne makes now on the road. But the coolest part of it for me was how the poor college kids and the adults with real jobs could all come together to enjoy something they all liked; my degenerate comedy. After the shows, I would stand in the back with a bucket. And people would toss in whatever they had. When I was off, I definitely felt that in the bucket. But no matter what people gave me, it was cool to have them say thank you as they passed, and know that no matter what they put in there, they were putting it in because they wanted to AFTER knowing what they had gotten in terms of the show I put on.

    So that’s what we’re doing with Adrienne. All the money you Venmo her or Paypal her will go directly to her. If she makes enough, she can use the money to film her next special.

    Adrienne is an introverted joke writer. And the standup she does end up doing on big platforms gets censored to hell. That Parkland joke was the number one joke of 2018. Most NY comics agreed with that. And they wouldn’t even let her do it on a dirty comedy on Netflix. That’s the state we’re in for standup. If she was as big as Dave Chappelle or Bill Burr it wouldn’t have been a problem. So you guys get to hear it here instead.

    You gotta make the world into what you want it to be by supporting that vision with your dollars.

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  • Brendan Sagalow is a master at getting turned down by women. “I just don’t see you like that,” they tell him. It’s called being put in the friend zone. And it happens to Brendan A LOT. Join us as we discuss this horrible phenomenon. Ari Shaffir and Brendan Sagalow have been turned down by over 200 women. 1 by Ari and then Brendan picked up the slack.

    Don’t forget to buy or download Sagalow's new album, “Not Now More Than Ever.” Brendan Sagalow is one of the best up and coming comics in New York. When he’s not eating 6 meals a day, he’s busy doing spot after spot to work on his craft. And his hard work has paid off. Grab his album today! https://tlbrecords.lnk.to/BrendanTW

    And listen to his podcast, Garbage Days: https://brendansagalow.squarespace.com/garbage-days-podcast

    Patreon: Please help support me by joining my Patreon. For $5 a month, it pays part of the salaries of the people who made this video. The other part comes from selling blood on weekends. New merch just went up this week. Exclusive to Patreon members and nobody else. http://patreon.com/arishaffir

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    The Who - Who Are You

    Pulp - Like A Friend - (I've been getting way into Pulp lately)

    The Avalanches - If She Don't Love Me - (The song is great but the video is AWESOME)

    Sam Smith - Not In That Way - (This ain't my kind of music but it's so on point to the topic of this podcast I felt obligated to put it in)

  • I try to do these public resolutions every year. That way I'm more likely to stand by them. Everybody should make resolutions. They're not lame. They're goals. It's important to verbalize where you want to go this year and what you want to do. These are the goals of me, Ari Shaffir. Please leave in the comments your own goals. Maybe we can steal some of each other's.

    Here are mine in no order:

    Read two books Finish writing my book Make a standup special for someone Go to 2 new countries (maybe 3) 100,000 YouTube subscribers 3,000 Patreon subscribers Reach out to comics going through public trouble Remember the great parts of 2020

    Please sign up for My Patreon. Not many more till I start my follow up on there to each Skeptic Tank and answer any questions the patrons have about the episode. I get how frustrating I can be with my half finished stories and questions I forgot to ask. This'll be your chance to hold me accountable. And starting today, there's exclusive merch on there available on to the Patrons and nobody else.


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  • I almost forgot about the election that saved comedy. Not the presidential election. No, that doesn't really matter. We're still gonna be at war with 7 countries and watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer regardless of who won that. I'm talking about the Legion of Skanks election. I decided to run for the president of someone else's podcast. I'm Ari Shaffir, and I stand for Mayhem. Every week, I would offer a different sacrifice at the alter of comedy. And in return, the gods of laughs rewarded me with the highest office in the land. During this recap, I didn't even remember some of the best stuff that happened. There was way more about this than I remembered while avoiding sheep poop. I forgot making Derosa wait downstairs in the sweaty basement just to get betrayed like a chump when he came upstairs. I forgot getting the best celebrity endorsements and then getting Big Jay's family and Luis's son to endorse me. Dave Smith's jerk of a daughter refused to betray him. I forgot the lie detector. I forgot hosting the debates and my announcement that I'd be running. I think I even forgot that I wore a different suit all 8 times I came on. If you want to watch the recap of the Skanks election, there's a 2 hour video about it here that I'll link to on the YouTube video of this podcast. I'll put a box link to it at the end of the video. Thank you to our sponsor: Dan Soder. Because of the generous contributions made by the Soder Superpac, I, Ari Shaffir, was able to win the most important election of our lifetime. The Soder Superpac; sponsoring winners in NY and beating up losers in PA since before Jesus. Please sign up for my Patreon. I'm about 3 days away from having exclusive Tee shirts and other merch up there that will only be available to patrons and nobody else. That's in addition to bonus solo podcasts, occasional riffs with other comics on the topics the patrons submit, and early releases of podcasts. Patreon.com/AriShaffir. I'm Ari Shaffir. And I stand, for mayhem. The Music Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - No One Tells The President What To Do

  • In part 4 of My 2020 Year in Review podcast, I talk about returning to New York City. I am standup comedian Ari Shaffir. And I'm only a standup comedian while I'm doing standup comedy. Otherwise, I'm just the internet's greatest yogi. Things in New York were starting to open up again. So I made my return. And what a great decision that was. New York was ALIVE. People were drinking in the streets. All our comedian friends were hanging out. They say crime was up, and if crime includes drug use, then yeah, my crime was WAAAAY up. Molly flowed. Booze flowed. Weed flowed. The cokeheads and the potheads came to terms with each other and met in the middle at the bar. Everybody was happy. And standup was the coolest it's been in decades. Comics were responding to things. Not just doing well written jokes about nothing. Now we had BLM, Covid, the elections, Ellen, and so much more to talk about. It felt important. I loved it! We all gotta figure out a way to hold onto the good parts of this summer when next summer rolls around. Please subscribe to my Patreon. If you were a member, you could've heard this podcast over a week ago. Plus at patreon.com/arishaffir there's exclusive merch and bonus podcasts for patreon members only. Thank you to our sponsor, walktails. It's like a capri sun pouch full of booze. Imagine a pouch of margarita to go. Yeah. And they were available at just about every bar in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Walktails. I didn't invent the word, but I love the word. Eventually they made the bars serve food with them so bars would give you chips or a half a bologna sandwich or even a single tortilla. I barfed outside so many times! The Music Pinc Louds - Shake It The Pinc Louds are the spirit of creativity in New York. They are a fake band and they are at the forefront of a movement to steal the city back from the rich and make New York cool again. You should see them live. You can listen online until you get that chance, but once you get that chance, take it. Claudi is a busker. And busker's play. And the Pinc Louds play well. And they play loud. And they bring the party. Get a tall boy and come hang. Check the Pinc Louds instagram to see when they're playing next and then get on a bike and make your way over.