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  • Comedian Michael Buchinger plaudert aus dem Nähkästchen und offenbart seine intimsten Gedanken und Geheimnisse.

  • Filmpodcast, der von fundiertem und dennoch gefährlichem Halbwissen bis Ahnungslosigkeit alles zu bieten hat.

  • Movie discussions with two movie buffs. Each week delve into fun conversations involving all things movies, with Eric Lovett and Solomon Gibbs, two normal teenagers with a passion for film. Reviews, news, and two cool dudes.

  • Based on the New York Times article of the same name, Amazon's Modern Love series is a solid anthology series featuring romantic comedic stories! As all good TV needs discussion, on THE MODERN LOVE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we'll be breaking down each episode from the happy to the sad, and the funny to the serious. Subscribe and tune in each week to hear discussion around Modern Love!

  • Welcome to Who Is She? A Bechdel Test Fest Podcast. In every episode we explore the legacy of an extraordinary woman in film and how she has changed the landscape of cinema for the better.

  • Bei Antenne Brandenburg schauen viele Stars und Promis vorbei. Sie können hier "Antenne Star-Interviews" kostenlos als Podcast abonnieren.

  • DrunkCast: Live! is a podcast series that is recorded live with people who enjoy a stiff drink, a good story, or a quick distraction. Focused on recent events, we welcome all to come by and share a shot, an embarrassing anecdote, or just laugh along with us.

  • A Hateful Voyage Through the Delta Quadrant! Join two sarcastic Trek nerds on an episode-by-episode journey through the unloved child of the Star Trek universe. Come for the scathing commentary, stay for the weird tangents on Starfleet workplace drama!

  • The descent into fandom is easy!
    Ruth and Michelle, London based fandom aficionados, watch every episode of Shadowhunters week by week and aim for a positive but critical discussion with lots of deep analysis. We would love you to join the discussion, via our website or on social media, using #asktDiE

  • Are you listening to a podcast, as you search for a new podcast, because you’re obsessed with podcasts? This is the place for your ears. Gina Grad and Teresa Strasser (The Adam Carolla Show) celebrate and break down your favorite shows using audio clips and interviews to highlight the stuff that makes them burst out laughing, burst out crying and burst out into night sweats. (There's also a better than average chance that a clip they share will lead to a juicy reveal about themselves.) There are half a million podcasts in this world; G & T are here to help navigate with this weekly walk down podcast lane.

  • Serienreif, der Podcast über Serien und alles, was dazu gehört. Hier wird besprochen, was die Serientäter- und täterinnen von DER STANDARD gerne sehen – und wo sie lieber wegschauen. Außerdem reden sie mit nationalen und internationalen Größen über ihre Favoriten und die aktuellen Produktionen von Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Sky und Co.


    Serienreif ist ein Podcast von DER STANDARD. Redaktion: Doris Priesching, Daniela Rom, Anya Antonius, Michaela Kampl | Produktion: Zsolt Wilhelm | Logo: Wolfram Leitner

  • Autor und Koch Attila Hildmann unterhält sich im Apple Store, Kurfürstendamm, über gesunden Genuss, ausgewogene Ernährung und sein neues Werk Vegan Italian Style. Als Attila Hildmann vor 14 Jahren begann, sich mit dem Thema gesunde Ernährung zu beschäftigen, ahnte er nicht, dass er zu einem der erfolgreichsten Vorreiter der veganen Küche werden würde. Die Idee, seinen Cholesterinspiegel zu senken, führte zu einem Leben voller Sport und mittlerweile 9 Büchern.

  • Mit unseren Podcast-Ausgaben informieren wir Sie immer wieder über aktuelle Inszenierungen am Deutschen Theater Berlin. Hier hören Sie Gespräche mit Schauspielern, Regisseuren und Dramaturgen. Außerdem können Sie nachhören, welche Aufführungen bei 'Früh-Stücke' vorgestellt wurden. Und wir bieten Ihnen hier Ausschnitte aus den Gesprächen, die Gastgeber Gregor Gysi bei seiner sonntäglichen Talk-Show im Deutschen Theater geführt hat.

  • Sit back and relax as Husband and Wife team Matt and Gemma take you on a journey down memory lane via watching and reading the best (and worst) films, tv shows and books from their collective childhoods.

    If you have fond memories of the 90's and 00's then strap in because it's going to be one hell of a ride answering questions such as:

    Was Courage the Cowardly Dog really as scary as I remember?

    Why did Rupert Grint sign up to be in Thunderpants?

    What happened to the actor from Raven?

    We discover these answers and much more on Remember This?

  • Why Watch That Radio is a podcast featuring the Critic and the Referee who go head-to-head on a quest to find the best movies and TV shows that Hollywood has to offer!

  • Dein Podcast fuer Action-, Comedy-, Science Fiction- und Superheldenverfilmungen

  • Come listen in as Jen (@jbuffyangel) and Calli (@callistawolf) discuss the CW tv show Arrow, the best ship on tv Olicity and all things that are on their minds. New episodes weekly. Be aware: this is a very spoiler friendly podcast and there might be some swearing. But we can promise a good, entertaining listen for all you Arrow and Olicity fans out there!

  • Der steirische Nerdpodcast von Thomas Menzel-Berger und Max Werschitz.

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