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  • Drew and Andy host Aural Fixation, a fortnightly podcast about music within the queer experience. Each episode, we dissect a different album which might be loved by queers, made by queers, or simply deemed as being queer. It could be an album that we both adore or one that we're discovering together – either way, we have a gay old time while we do it. For over a decade, Drew and Andy had crossed paths at shindigs and soirees across the UK, but when Drew moved down under to Andy's current home of Sydney, a 'frienaissance' and Aural Fixation were both born. This podcast is recorded and produced by two card-carrying queers with a burning passion for aural pursuits, @drew_down_under and @andrewdoyouthinkyouare. You can also follow us at @auralfixationpodcast – and if you like us, please give us a rating and review.

  • The TV Dudes discuss all things TV from news, to reviews, and general podcast discussions. Tune in!

  • Since no one tends to listen to me when I try to have conversations with them decided to make my own podcast to have a chance to express my feeling and opinions to the people of the public who may relate to what I am going through so I hope you actually listen.
    Anyways Bye for Now

  • As two University students, every Monday, we like to post about a 30-40 minute long podcast of us, just unwinding and talking about some hilarious topics. including self-help, pop culture and general uni life.

    I really hope you will join us, for A Coffee and A Cry!

  • A weekly interview podcast about the works of Terry Pratchett and the people who read them, with host Al Kennedy. One guest, one book, four elephants, one turtle.

  • Demons & Dames is a tongue-in-cheek feminist history podcast. Ashley Mauritzen and Sarah Worley-Hill dive deep into the stories of notorious women who shaped history - by design or simply by being in the right (or wrong) time or place. We examine how they were viewed by their contemporaries, and how and why their stories have been interpreted, shaped and passed down. We also laugh. A lot.

  • Our favourite facts about London and the weird, wonderful, amazing and quirky things that have happened here.

  • The podcast where two women tell you about two other women you should know about. No cups involved.

  • Two brothers who spent their youth relentlessly watching Only Fools and Horses decided to make a Podcast.

  • Film school is expensive - but we’ve already spent the money so you don’t have to.
    We talk shit and talk shows.

  • Having started this quest at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival, Jon Pearson has managed to tempt Jonny Greatrex out of kebab retirement for one last series.
    Jonny Greatrex is now just a civilian, no longer doing comedy, Jon Pearson is still a struggling comic.
    Join them as they discuss the merits of Naan over Pitta, Yoghurt over Mayonnaise and whether they should order chips.
    Follow Jonny Pearson @jonnyp_comic and Jonny Greatrex @Jonnygreatrex on Twitter

  • We're listening to every number one album of the 90s so you don't have to.

  • Baking Bad - your weekly in-depth guide to all things Great British Bake Off or Great British Baking Show to our pals overseas! Join comedians and baking fans Ross Drummond, Sean Ford and Harry Monaghan as we deep dive into all things GBBO. We'll be Fielding your questions, talking about Toksvig and whether you're from Hollywood or Leith rest assured, if you knead to know it, we've got you covered.

  • Proud parents of thier identical twin girls Milly and Tilly. Mase and Gems talk about thier experiences in bringing up their twin daughters Milly and Tilly.
    What is it like to have twins? What challenges do you face? What is it like to be a parent?
    Mase and Gems share all they know. What went right and what went wrong!
    This isnt just about twins but about parenting and chidren in general, the highs, the lows, the good and the bad.
    Join Mase and Gems as they take you on a journey through parenthood.
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  • A new podcast for every day of the year, in which we present our most cogent, reasoned, and occasionally shouty arguments to decide what each date should be best remembered for. Every episode features fun historical facts, a vote on the winner, and tearful recriminations.

  • Hi there guys! Welcome to our brand new podcast!Here on Nothing Personal we are going to be talking about all kinds of things that interest us and hopfully intrest you guys just as much, Video games, Films, Comics, Spooky stories, Current events and basically all kinds of topics so there should be something for everyone here! The Podcast consists of Bod, Dan and Andy and will post a new Podcast every month for you guys!

  • Addiction Recovery podcast. War Stories and tales of triumph against the odds from a Coupla Heroes & Special Guests
    Photo:Campbell Stewart

  • Theyโ€™re back! A twice weekly helping to tip the internet on its ear, helmed by Danny Baker and Louise Pepper, Thereโ€™s no agenda, no spin, we exist for you, in a warm universe where nothing matters, The Treehouse is more fun than counting your teeth with your tongue. Six core subjects leading to endless trajectories of original thinking. Whether youโ€™re a lifelong fan or about to become one, then do climb up onto the Treehouse. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. This is a Somethin' Else production.