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  • Welcome to Mum Made Me Do It.

    Join Saffron Barker and her mum Wendy as they chat all things mums and daughters in everyday life, totally unfiltered.

    They'll be chatting about everything from relationships to body confidence, growing up to YouTube, giving you guys some advice and getting their bug bears off their chests.

    Get involved!

    Email us with your questions, ask for advice and of course send in your bug bears to: OR 07745 266 947

    Follow us on Instagram: @Saffronbarker @wendybarker100 and @mummademedoitofficial

  • Crime never takes a day off, and neither does Parcast. Every day, we flip back the calendar and examine a true crime event from the same date. It might be the anniversary of an important case being solved, the end of a landmark trial, or a serial killer’s birthday-- whatever the date, there’s no ordinary day in true crime history. In each episode, we present a short true crime story, then analyze the impact of that historic day’s events. Today in True Crime is a Parcast Original, with new episodes daily.

  • On Psych Flow, we take a look at everyday phenomena and occurrences through a Psychological and Neuroscientific lense. Show host Sara; a Master's student with a background in Psychology, and Neuroscience, and special interests in social discussions will co-host with friends and opinionated guests who have experience in relevant fields in order to provide you with intriguing discussions every week!

  • What is it like when you step your foot out into the real world? Well, many things. Join the young Asian-American YouTuber from Dallas, Texas for weekly Tuesday talks! As she experiences a new lesson everyday, she wants to share it with those listening. Hosted by Soksan Teng, Talk To Me Teng delivers advice, motivation, expirence, positivity, commentary and inspiration when it comes down to life. Sit back and relax, because things are about the get “Tengy”!

    New episodes every #TuesTENG

  • Welcome to the #SKYPodCast!

    Sit back, relax and listen in. From candid conversations about life, relationships, and family to memorable misadventures in between- this is Kryz and Slater, unplugged and uncensored.

    New Episodes every Tuesday and Friday!

  • A curious and witty exploration of Berlin, by Walrus aka Wouter Bernhardt.

  • Lesbian Chronicles is a podcast for people who’ve realized their true sexual identity later in life. Alli and Melisa share their own experiences of leaving their heterosexual marriages to be their true self's in an effort to help others find their own way and feel a little less alone in the process.

  • Emma Carmichael hosts people from a melting pot of cultures, travelling through London, the world and life. Her guests are authors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, Londoners, photographers and book lovers from all around the world. Many walked through the doors of Emma's Travelling Through bookshop cafe-bar in London's Waterloo until it closed in June 2019 - and some have known Emma through her multi-faceted life as a traveller, cultural heritage surveyor, continental European work, Balkan wanderer, bookseller, barista, bartender and now podcaster/author. It's the ordinary folk (like you and I) our relatable stories and views about London, the world and life that they have shared with Emma and now she's re-connecting with them to re-capture their views to share with the world.

  • We are no longer receiving payments from Anchor Sponsors, so we are asking For Listener SupportPlease Support Our Podcast!!!Click Here or copy to your browser: digestible & insightful. Podcast of amateur enthusiasts of Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, Existentialism, New Age Philosophers, and many others. Right now our focus is on Alan Watts, & the philosophies discussed in his many lectures.Get Your Business Credit Reports & scores30 Day Trial to Nav : Support this podcast:

  • Devi provides insights based on direct experiences to enrich our lives and touch our hearts as we walk the path of spiritual awakening.

    Devi is the Global Ambassador for the Mohanji Foundation present in more than 80 countries & Global President of the internationally active charity ACT Foundation.

    Discover more:

  • Welcome to The Moments That Made Me with Roxie Nafousi.

    Each week I sit down with one of our incredible guests to talk through their 3 defining life moments that led them to where they are today. We talk rock bottoms, epiphanies, chance meetings, overcoming addiction, heartbreak, and so much more. I laughed, cried and felt so inspired by all my conversations and I hope you guys feel the same when you listen to them too. X


    A Create Podcasts production.

  • Travel Massive is the global community for travel insiders. Discover and share the best in travel, every day.

  • Serija pogovorov kjer legitimni člani družbe povejo, kaj počnejo v življenju. Sprašuje Anže Tomić.

  • Welcome to Thrive After Abuse, I’m your host Dana Morningstar. This is a podcast where we discuss everything related to narcissistic abuse, self-love, and healthy relationships so that you can find the healing and clarity you are looking for.

    We cover:

    The most common words, definitions, concepts, and questions surrounding narcissism, and narcissistic abuse, such as:

    • Flying monkeys
    • Hoovering
    • Narcissistic abuse
    • Love bombing
    • Trauma bonding
    • C-PTSD
    • Scapegoat
    • Reactive abuse
    • And dozens more

    Frequently asked questions about narcissists, such as:

    • What is the difference between a selfish jerk and a narcissist?
    • How do I know for sure if they are a narcissist?
    • Can a narcissist change?
    • Why do I miss them?
    • How can I stop attracting narcissists?
    • How do I handle all this intense anger I have towards them?

    And much, much more.

    If you are looking for more information or support, please visit my YouTube channel, books, audiobooks, and other resources—all of which you can find over at

    Please know that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and you can move forward and heal from this.

  • AfroQueer is a podcast about Queer Africans living, loving, surviving and thriving on the African Continent and in the Diaspora.

  • Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside share their endless love of rad things with the world.

  • A podcast about linguistic fieldwork, where seasoned fieldworkers share their stories from the field.

  • Welcome to the Great Escape Radio with Lori Allen and Jody Maberry, where you’ll meet everyday people who broke out of their regular jobs and opted for an exciting life of getting paid to travel. Come along for the ride as we learn about breaking into travel writing, photography, import-export, and other exciting ways you can see the world and make an income with very little set-up.

  • Hosted by Sydney Kaplan, creator of the Sydney ReKaps lifestyle and pop culture blog, this show is about Bravo TV, celebrity gossip, dating and living in NYC (or in your parents' basement if it's a pandemic). Expect a "Socially Offensive Moment of the Week" where Sydney will ReKap a rude interaction from the past week with the strangers that listen to this podcast. If you aren't scared off yet, this podcast is for you.

  • A podcast designed to highlight the good in the world, inspire creativity, and have meaningful conversations about how to be the best versions of ourselves. Topics include: personal development, creative arts, faith, lifestyle, travel, interviews, and more. This is Groundwork with David Elm.