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  • I Thought I Knew How is a podcast about learning what you thought you already knew in both knitting and life, featuring interviews with members of the fiber arts community around the world, product reviews, and musing about knitting and life. Visit our website at

  • Skotveiðikastið er hlaðvarp um skotveiði og allt sem henni tengist. Þáttastjórnendur eru Eggert Sigurþór Guðlaugsson og Jón Ingi Grímsson.

  • Trivíaleikarnir er íslenskt spurningahlaðvarp sem færir pub quiz stemninguna beint heim til þín, hvar sem þú ert og hvað sem þú ert að gera. Tvö tveggja manna lið etja kappi í léttri og skemmtilegri spurningakeppni þar sem spurningar um allt milli himins og jarðar dynja á keppendum. Hvort sem þú elskar pöbbkviss og spurningaspil eða veist varla hvað Gettu Betur er að þá er eitthvað fyrir þig í Trivíaleikunum, hlustaðu, hlæðu með okkur og lærðu eitthvað nýtt í leiðinni.

  • Two American expats, Ashley and Jason are living the dream (and sometimes a nightmare) in rural Italy since 2007. Their hilarious and authentic podcast shares adventures of running La Tavola Marche an organic farm, inn & cooking school . With recipes, daily life, crazy neighbors, travels & more!

    Join Ashley and Jason for stories of daily life, local Italian recipes, chicken herding, large scale gardening projects, strolls through surrounding villages, fun Italian phrases, shopping for fish along the Adriatic coast and bargain wine discoveries straight from the vineyard. -

    ”Their podcast is meant to be shared, as you would share a fine, slow food meal with friends” - Martini.

  • This podcast discusses recent research published in Tourism Geographies: An International Journal of Tourism Space, Place and Environment.

    We talk with authors about their research contributions to share the why and how of their research.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The Roll Down Podcast is a TeamFight Tactics podcast with an emphasis on the Oceanic and South East Asian region of the game! With guests each week, Challenger players Soul & Cutler dive deep into the region's competitive scene, and speak with other competitive players about the growing prowess of the region!

  • Pant vera blár! er íslenska borðspilapodcastið. Stjórnendur þáttarins eru Davíð Baldursson, Kristleifur Guðjónsson, Styrmir Hafliðason og Þorvaldur Guðjónsson ræða spil og spilatengd málefni ásamt því að segja öðru hverju brandara sem falla misvel í kramið hjá öðrum meðstjórnendum.

  • In diesem Podcast erzählt der Gastgeber seine persönlichen Gedanken zu den alltäglichen Themen und Problemen aus dem Leben eines Hufschmiedes.
    Dabei sind rechtlich relevante Fragen und "Stallgassenthemen".
    Es ist immer mit einem Augenzwinkern versehen.
    Viel Spaß beim Zuhören!


  • Stay awhile, PC gamers, and listen to Lauren Morton & Mollie Taylor chill out with a weekly chat about all things PC gaming. They'll be joined by other PC Gamer editors to talk about genres like FPSes and survival sims, dive deep into classic series like The Sims or The Witcher, or catch you up on the big story in PC gaming that week.

  • Bruggararnir Ragnar og Hjalti spjalla um allt tengt bjórgerð, smakka og fá til sín gesti.

  • The Pixel Productions Podcast (who recently passed it’s second anniversary) is a podcast about video games and their history. We dive into games and series such as; Wii Sports, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, and much more!

  • The Clash Ground is the first purely Alpha Clash podcast! Listen as Darick and Logan take you through the news and notes from the competitive scene and deep dive into the lore, gameplay, and mechanics that make Alpha Clash a unique trading card game experience!

  • My name is Tyler Kluver. I am a former Division 1 football player. I have a degree in exercise science with several fitness certifications. This podcast is basically an audio diary of my personal health and fitness, lifestyle, and other weird shit that I am in to.

  • Extraplasm Podcast is a regularly recurring discussion of all things Ghostbusters and its fandom. Join your host Jim Maritato - AKA @venkmaniac - for updates on current events and headlines and interviews and guest conversations with makers, producers, and charitable organizations and ”franchises” within the Ghostbusters community!

  • join us for in-depth interviews with industry leaders, thought-providing guests, or current events. we also do light-hearted chats about lifes ups and downs. all accompanied by coffee. we hope this will motivate you to move forward and achieve your goals. this is one podcast that will prove to you that someone can make their dreams come true. if i can do it, so can you. from teens to adults, you will get a lot out of this podcast.

  • “Due North Outdoors” celebrates America’s exploding outdoor lifestyle. Hosts Natalie Dillon and Travis Frank sit down to discuss timely outdoor topics ranging from hunting and fishing, to adventure, to cooking, travel, and more. Plus, special guests share unique and inspirational stories about outdoor life.

  • Welcome to the most influential and listened to podcast for the Car Care Industry. We are the #community that brings you fresh perspectives, real talks, motivational encouragement and we probably will be drinking some fine fermentations while we do it...but if you want to watch live then join in for the live feed on . Grab A Pint And Enjoy ๐Ÿป

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