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  • Two translators share their manga translation woes and triumphs as they continue to grow in the manga industry.

  • The best show about Tokusatsu you've probably never heard of! Your hosts AJ,Phil,Jay,Chad and Van (maybe), go through over 60 years of Tokusatsu from Sentai to Kamen Rider to Ultraman and everything in between! All with hilarious commentary and critiques!

  • A horror podcast where we rank movies from best to worst.

  • This is a show all about pirates- anime pirates that is! Join two obsessive fans of the hit anime One Piece and their less knowledgeable friend as they make their way through every episode of the series.

  • A fresh Formula One (F1) Podcast delivering a fun, conversational perspective on the racing, personalities, technology, news and gossip that makes each season so exciting!

  • Sebuah curhatan tiga orang om-om paruh baya seputar film, serial televisi, dan dunia seputarnya

  • Your unofficial British Touring Car Podcast. Get behind the wheel with Russell and Sam.

    Follow all of the BTCC action, reviews, views and news

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  • From the Shaw Bros movies that inspired the Wu Tang Clan to the chopsocky films played in New York theaters, these drunken drunk people...discuss the good and bad (and so bad it's good) of martial arts movies. Whether you're in it for chopping down baddies like Bruce, drinking with us like Jackie or mispronouncing words like Van Damme, we've got you covered. Support this podcast:

  • Amanda, Shandy, and Colleen (of The Broadcast) do a weekly podcast on HBO's Big Little Lies!

  • a "The Mandolorian" Recap podcast from Recap.FM. Join hosts JD and Seale as they discuss the long-awaited, Disney+ original Star Wars series. Check out Recap.FM for more fantastic podcasts and join our newsletter. Thanks for listening!

  • 22歳大学生の2人が趣味(映画、ゲーム etc)、最近あったことについてダラダラ語り合うラジオ番組。

  • かつて経験したたことがない“主観の意識体験ドラマ”AudioMovie 第一弾シリーズ。TBSラジオ×ファントム・フィルム業界初の共同プロジェクト「THE GUILTY / ギルティ by AudioMovie®ã€3つのエピソードで展開されるデンマーク発の刑事ものスリラー・サスペンス。



    制作統括:橋本吉史 [TBSラジオ]
    脚色・演出:中曽根勇一郎 [シャ・ラ・ラ・カンパニー]
    編集・効果:鈴木登世宏 [シャ・ラ・ラ・カンパニー]
    監修:堀内進之介/吉岡直樹 [Screenless Media Lab.]
    収録:TBSグロウディア スタジオ
    原作:“DEN SKYLDIGE” written by Gustav Möller and Emil Nygaard Albertsen. Distributed by Phantom Film Co.,LTD. © Nordisk Film Production A/S. (2018 Denmark feature film)

    【 Special Thanks 】
    Audio-Technica、Dialog in the Dark Japan、keynote#、Rhizomatiks、川田清貴 [Cogwheel]、瀧田哲郎、たなかかずや [AQUATONE]、田中誠、三浦太郎 [六区]、三宅隆太、吉川敏詞 [ai-ou!]

    ◆映画 THE GUILTY ギルティ

  • ラジオクロニクル,らじくろ,ポッドキャスト,ラジオ,インターネットラジオ,podcast,番組

  • ラジオクロニクル,らじくろ,ポッドキャスト,ラジオ,インターネットラジオ,podcast,番組

  • ラジオクロニクル,らじくろ,ポッドキャスト,ラジオ,インターネットラジオ,podcast,番組

  • ラジオクロニクル,らじくろ,ポッドキャスト,ラジオ,インターネットラジオ,podcast,番組

  • Each week Deviants The Clintoris, The Guch, and The Devoslack
    retrospectively review a movie per episode.

    We have topics such as:
    Casting Director: we review the actors for the film and discuss whether someone else may have been a better choice.

    Script Doctor: analyzing bits of the story and coming up with ways that could have made a more interesting story (if possible).

    It’s Just so Ridiculous! which is where we showcase things in this film that just made no damn sense.

    The Kim Coppola Award: Awarded to the Finest Worst Actor of the Film

    We also share our Repeatable Quotes, what type of remake we would like to see (if it should be remade) and if we or you would recommend the movie!

  • おっさんの休憩時間の雑談をテーマにしたゆるいオフネタPodcastです

  • HBO's "Big Little Lies" needs some big discussion, a little wine, and our podcast.