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  • In this podcast we will talk about topics that are important for you as a somali parent. The children are the most valuable we have! The pod is in somali.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Encouragement for single parents in their current season with practical tips and advice with grace and hope. Where your single parenting journey and God's grace collide!

  • Keeping it real. Everyday life struggles but I made it!!!

  • Bedtime Stories with Nanna Chelle is a bedtime story podcast for young children. I'm a nanna who lives hours away from my grandchildren, so miss out on the privilege of tucking them in and reading them a bedtime story. I believe this podcast is the next best thing. Mum or dad can take the night off and let Nanna Chelle read to them via audio. The added benefit of hearing my voice is that it promotes connection between grandchild and grandparent, something I hope will strengthen our bond.

    My wish is that this may also bring comfort to any other little ones who may not have their nanna nearby.

  • Does living on one income feel impossible? I mean cutting costs takes too much time. Saving money is all but nonexistent, all because you can’t stick to the budget and bringing in more income while you’re taking care of the kids just feels like you’re adding to the juggling act…

    Mama, am I glad that you found me!

    In this podcast you will learn how to live abundantly WITHOUT bringing in more income (unless you want to 😜)! You will learn how to cut costs without using up all of your time, how to save money and make it grow for you, and create a budgeting system that keeps you sticking to the budget like a pro, so you can finally go on that family vacation. And this is all based on a solid faith led foundation.

    Hey, I’m Molly. A Stay at Home Mom of 2 beautiful baby girls, wife and Jesus Lover. And for over half of my life I have lived on one income. First as a child with my parents, then as a college student living on my own and finally as a Stay at Home Mom. Through the many stages of living on one income I have learned how to manage my money, created many budgets until I found the one that I can stick to and how to be frugal so that I can still enjoy living my life. And it’s this that I am so excited to share with you!

    If you are ready to finally live abundantly on one income WITHOUT bringing in more income…
    Create a budget that you can stick with, cut costs without cutting into your time, and save money for that family vacation, all while leaning on God - this podcast is for you!

    Head on in so together we can track, goal set and keep you on budget!

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  • Welcome to The Midlife Momma Podcast: Grace for the Next Phase of Parenting. Join me, Pamela Henkelman, a certified Empty Nest Coach and proud momma of five, as we navigate this transformative journey together. Discover practical wisdom and heartfelt discussions on setting boundaries, finding purpose, learning effective communication, and relying on the unwavering strength of your faith. If you are an empty nest momma seeking guidance and support in your empty nest, tune in to feel confident, experience peace, and build a stronger connection with your adult child. Pamela invites experts once a month including, Suzy Mighell, creator behind the popular brand, Empty Nest Blessed and authors, Jennifer Dukes Lee and Mary DeMuth. Check out episode 63, because it’s a fan favorite. Embrace the joy of this season of motherhood and have confidence in your empty nest, on The Midlife Momma Podcast.

  • Two moms giving an honest take on parenting. Sharing their stories and life hacks.

  • Introducing the "I Am HUMAN. This Is My DOG." podcast - the show devoted to putting the individual back into the dog, as well as their human, while also examining difficult, and oftentimes controversial, animal welfare-related topics that have been largely ignored, but are critical for real progress. For more information, visit: https://riverfirefilms.com/podcast/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/riverfirefilms/support

  • The 4 Fit Fatherhood podcast with conversations with dope dads covering the 4 Pillars of Fatherhood, the Fit Fatherhood Formula= faith + family + finance + fitness Follow the podcast @ www.4fitfatherhood.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/4fitfatherhood/support

  • African stories, poems and random musings for little ones.

  • parents guilty conscience..is about parents who leave their children behind, for many years, in pursuit of job opportunities in foreign countries and the effects on themselves as parents and even more importantly, multifaceted impact on the children. In this podcast, we delve deeper into the lives of the children left behind without the parental love, their emotional detachment from absent parents, the manipulation they may experience from others (eg. relatives, friends etc), the turmoil they undergo and their yearning for love. Furthermore, we discuss the financial burden that comes with the separation and the sneaky tactics of by the very people you trust (eg. black mail). And lastly, we explore the path to healing.

    you always end up being a victim of guilty conscience
    Being sensitive to the effects of every action.
    Overwhelmed by possibly making the “wrong” decision.
    Low self-esteem.
    Putting others before yourself until it's detrimental.
    Avoiding your full range of emotions.
    crying alot
    the fear of the unknown

    Am excited to say am officially an Author
    My book Cherobet is out you can order on Amazon Barnes and noble kindle ebooks

  • As believing parents, we know how important it is to raise our kids with love and intentionality. We want to give our kids a full picture of God’s love for them every day! But some days, it’s really hard! We are stretched thin, tired, and often feel unequipped. The Christian Parenting Podcast gives parents the space and resources to set aside perfection and grow into the perfectly imperfect parents God made them to be. Join host Steph Thurling and her guests as they discuss practical tips and spiritual guidance for your parenting journey.

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/hope-newkirt/subscribeThis is simply a podcast that will feature me and my son sometimes my daughter doing story time! Story time is huge in our house so we do it often!! My son is 4, so I along with my daughter will be reading age appropriate stories and sharing this moment with you!

  • Being a mom can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. When I learned to start praying for my kids, God started pouring His blessings out over my family. So, join with me as I connect scripture with prayer over our kids, and watch the power of God pour blessings over your family.

  • This podcast is for new parents - Level 1: Baby/Toddler - who need someone to relate with them. Let’s cry, laugh, and process through parenting life while pursuing the wisdom God offers us! Don’t walk through this season alone!Love, The Jones Family Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/level1parenting/support

  • The goal and purpose of my podcast is to encourage fellow Christian Mamas to not give up hope as they love and pray for their confused prodigal child who is living in an alternative lifestyle, but instead to remember that as daughters of the King they are seated with Christ, "Far Above," their circumstances and the enemy's power!

  • EnatHood is a podcast dedicated to motherhood and what a mother cares for. It covers a range of topics, including pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, parenting, and healthy lifestyle choices. It is brought to you by Hana Haile from http://enathood.com

    እናትHood ፖድካስት ስለ እናትነትና እና እናት ስለሚመለከታት ሁሉ ነገር ላይ ትኩረት የሰጠ ፖድካስት ነው። እርግዝና ፣ ወሊድ ፣ የልጅ እንክብካቤ ፣ ወላጅነት እና ጤናማ የአኗኗር ዘይቤ ምርጫዎችን ጨምሮ የተለያዩ ርዕሰ ጉዳዮችን ይሸፍናል። ተዘጋጅቶ የሚቀርበው በሐና ኃይሌ ከ http://enathood.com ጦማር ነው።

  • The Purposeful Parent is a podcast for inspired parents.

    We are Melissa Curtis and Kristin Joy Davis. Melissa is a parent and founder of the Inner Architect. She guides parents to meaningfully connect, communicate effectively, break cycles, and learn to intentionally parent their kids. Kristin is an educator, a children's book author, and founder of Language Ninjas. Through Language Ninjas and her books, she guides parents and kids to empower their language.

    On this podcast, we are highlighting people who are choosing to parent outside of the box and be a purposeful parent.

  • Un pod cast care sa te inspire in viața de zi cu zi de părinte. Un podcast gândit pentru tăticii care își caută rolul în meseria de părinte și pentru mămici care sa înțeleagă cum gândesc tații.