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  • Your favorite ASMR tomboy girlfriend with the low scratchy voice. F4A, F4F, and F4M with a mix of comforting and spicy audios to make you feel good. 

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  • Это подкаст «Арест активов». Мы делаем его на основе книги Билла Браудера «В поисках правосудия. Арест активов». Каждый эпизод – это одна глава книги, её вы можете скачать и прочитать по ссылке в описании к этому подкасту.

    А если вам удобнее слушать, просто включайте этот подкаст, новые эпизоды будут выходить каждую неделю.

    Билл Браудер – основатель фонда Hermitage Capital, автор закона Магнитского. Он написал эту книгу, чтобы рассказать про расследование убийства своего адвоката Сергея Магнитского и про организованную политическую кампанию направленную на замораживание всех зарубежных активов российских коррумпированных политиков.

  • Hank the Cowdog (Matthew McConaughey), the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security,” finds himself smack dab in the middle of a host of tangled mysteries and capers that span the universe of the Texas Panhandle cattle ranch Hank calls home. Hank is joined on these tail-wagging, tongue-slobbering adventures by a motley assemblage of characters, not least of which is his less-than trusty sidekick, Drover, a small but uncourageous mutt. Listen in as Hank the Cowdog always claims to know the answer, is the last to realize he doesn’t, but is the first to run headlong into tales of courage, loyalty, and friendship. Hank the Cowdog podcast stars and is executive produced by Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey. Written, directed and executive produced by Jeff Nichols. Also featuring performances by Jesse Plemons, Cynthia Erivo, Kristen Dunst, Leslie Jordan, Joel Edgerton, Scoot McNairy, Michael Shannon, and John R. Erickson. Presented by H-E-B Proudly serving Texans since 1905. @HEB

  • Podcast sobre actividades paranormales, crímene, actividades paranormales, leyendas urbanas, cuentos entro muchas cosas más.

  • Alufi Haskal d'Sivis and Sylas d'Sivis are here to bring you the latest news and wonderful discussions from our House Sivis Broad Casting Station at the top of Sharn, City of Towers. From discussions on the Treaty of Thronehold, to the latest and greatest Cathith inventions. Tune in with your personal Echoer Device!

    A Podcast Based on Keith Baker's Eberron Setting for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, 4th, and 5th editions.
    An unofficial D&D podcast.

  • Gerbiamieji, reklamos firmos Faksimilis šefas Gintas ir maketuotojas Sigis per skirstomuosius radijo tinklus paduoda nemažą kiekį nepatikrintos informacijos, respublikinės bei importinės muzikos vienetų pagal faktą. Ši (taip vadinamo nostalgiško humoro) laida yra skirta ir studentui, ir prezidentui!

    Originali ir nekarpyta laidos versija skamba kiekvieną penktadienį 15.00 val. START FM 94.2 /

    Čia pateikiama Pasaulinį Internet Tinklo (PIT) standartą atitinkanti laidos versija.


  • „Fantastiškai beprotiška!“ - tai fantastų festivalio „Lituanicon” podcastas apie fantastiką ir kultūrą, kurį veda Rūta Miškinytė ir Eglė Jankauskaitė. Su įdomiais pašnekovais stengiamės paknibinėti įvairias fantastines temas giliau ir paieškoti jų sąsajų su realybe.

  • Storytelling fantasy and fiction stories.

  • You have a question on life , relationship , or anything ? Send me it and I got you. Not only is this a Q and A bit this podcast will be a safe place for everyone and a place where I will just spill the tea and just express what’s going on in my head. To ask me for advice , DM me on Instagram Borracha_Bih (it’s a marshmallow profile picture) or email me @[email protected] (anonymously) or reach out to me on Twitter @reyes_zulenny

  • An occasional podcast that shares the short fiction of writer Bobby Mathews. These stories focus on life in the South and often draw from real-life situations.

  • Stories of unsung heroes whom the society had always neglected, but the time had never forgotten.

  • A podcast dedicated to exploring your internal tool kit. Cohosts P.J. Galati, Thomas Baisch and Tanda Headrick navigate unbridled sarcasm, bizarre fictions, amazing deals and occasional sidebars, to bring you information on the skills employed, and enjoyed, by makers. An entertaining romp with some useful insight and information.

  • Welcome to Quantum Dungeon! Where the rolls are real, but the science is made up. Quantum Dungeon is a homebrew actual play podcast set within DnD 5E rule set that takes inspiration from various genres and quantum multiverse elements seen within pop culture. Game Master Harrison Redd-Ward is joined by his fellow players, Devin Redd-Ward, Andrew Forsyth, Adam Dunn, and Zach Blaylock on this journey. Art by Maria Negrin @marianimate on Instagram.

  • This will take you through real-life situations which will make you think about the different aspects of life.
    Have you daydreamed? have you ever thought about what would you do in a situation like this? How would you tackle a situation that you never thought you would be in?
    So here are some stories and poems which will help you grow your thoughts and understand the real-life hurdles. Nevertheless, things won't go that bad if you start acting on the situation with a calm and open mind.
    Let us take a ride and listen to this.

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