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  • Dažreiz mēs mēdzam jautāt: “Vai tas ir normāli, ka mēs jūtam skumjas tik ilgi? Ka dusmojamies? Ka iemīlamies un tad atkal vairs nemīlam? Ka jūtam trauksmi bez acīmredzama iemesla? Ka nevaram iziet no mājām, nepārbaudot, vai aizslēdzām durvis… Ka draugi noliedz depresiju un saka, viss jau ir kārtībā…”

    Podkāstā īsti terapeiti sarunājas ar reāliem cilvēkiem par viņu problēmām.

    Savukārt iknedēļas raidījumā meklēsim atbildes uz jautājumiem, kas saistīti ar psihisko veselību, psiholoģiju, psihoterapiju un dzīves kvalitāti kā tādu. Kopā ar studijas viesiem mēģināsim “normalizēt” jeb izskaidrot, kas ir un kas nav normāli, un kāpēc psihologi vai psihoterapeiti reizēm izvairās no šī vārda.

    Vai tas ir normāli, ka vīrietis ir neizlēmīgs, bet sieviete ambicioza? Vai tas ir vai nav normāli, ka vairs negribas darīt darbu, kurš ir tik ierasts, bet no kura nav drosmes aiziet, kaut arī gandarījumu nejūtam? Jā, arī tā mēs varam jautāt, jo raidījumā aplūkosim visdažādākos tematus, kuri iekļauj arī sociālpsihooģisko skatījumu. 

    Raidījuma viesi būs nozares profesionāļi – psihologi, psihiatri, psihoterapeiti un citi speciālisti. Klausītājus aicināsim iesūtīt jautājumus un aktualizēsim tos raidījuma laikā.

  • Hello and welcome to DEAR THERAPIST!

    I am Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro, psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and author based in Berlin and in Portugal.

    I created this podcast for those of you who sometimes wish for a little support in finding inner stability and strength when life gets tough and shaky.

    I also created this podcast for all of you who want to live their life to the fullest. Who not only want to find back to inner stability after a crisis but also wish to grow, to be brave, curious, adventurous, connected with their intuition and really go for their big dreams.

    I personally think life is far too precious to just settle with a job that is ok, with a relationship which is ok, with a daily life which is ok … don’t settle for boring ok, GO FOR WOW!

    So this podcast is all about how to create this WOW from within and live a fulfilled life.

    You will find inspirational real therapy and counselling sessions and interviews in this podcast, guided meditations as well as practical advice and excercises to strengthen your mental health.

    My aim is that after each episode, you have a clear idea what you can do right now to strengthen your mental health and how to support yourself from within. I also want to enable you to after a while not needing any advice or inspiration any more but finding your own inner compass which will strongly guide you.

    I am super much looking forward to going on this journey with you!

  • Featuring CoHosts: QEEG Legend Jay Gunkelman the man who has read over 500,000 Brain Scans, Dr. Mari Swingle the Author of iMinds and Pete JansonsNeuroNoodle uses technology to improve the quality of your life. We discuss symptoms such as ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression and the different ways they can be addressed via Neurofeedback, Brain Maps, QEEG, and Talk TherapyWant to come on the show? Have a topic? [email protected] up to our Newsletter Support this podcast:

  • Подкаст про людей, которые оказались в непростых ситуациях: прошли операции, узнали о серьезных болезнях, услышали страшные диагнозы и научились как-то с этим жить. Это истории про тех, кто отчаивался, терял надежду, но в итоге не сдался. Журналистки Наташа Ямницкая и Лола Сайтметова вместе будут искать ответы на вопрос, как не опустить руки, оказавшись в трудной жизненной ситуации.

  • Listen to people share candid stories about the moment it clicked that they, or someone they know, has ADHD. Host Laura Key, who’s had her own ADHD “aha” moment, chats with guests about common topics like ADHD and shame, mental health challenges, and more. Through heartfelt interviews, listeners learn about the unexpected, emotional, and even funny ways ADHD symptoms surface for kids and adults.

  • Секреты правильного ухода за кожей от лучших экспертов страны и известных гостей. Подкаст от французской компании NAOS, использующей принципы экобиологии в разработке средств своих марок Bioderma, Institut Esthederm и Etat Pur. Забота прежде всего.

    Производство: студия «Шторм» —

  • Подкаст о здоровом образе жизни в российских реалиях.

    Дружим с врачами и учеными: ищем доказательства.

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    Написать нам: [email protected]

  • The Institute of Classical Osteopathy is an international post-graduate education charity inaugurated in 1954. Its purpose was to bring together in one body, those members of the osteopathic profession who were prepared to interpret and apply osteopathy as it was laid down by early pioneering osteopaths in the US and the UK, most notably A.T. Still and John Martin Littlejohn whilst integrating these values with modern ongoing scientific discovery. Visit us and find out more at

  • Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. That’s why Dr Alex George has made this new, ambient podcast.It supports his mission to get us all out stomping, so whether you’re taking the dog out, hiking up a mountain or maybe you simply need some fresh air, Dr Alex and his guests will be here every week as your loyal stomping companions.In every episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex George out on a stomp with an exciting guest, in a location of their choice, to take a meander into their lives.You’ll wind through uplifting and thought-provoking conversations with a soothing backdrop of birdsong, crashing waves or the breeze gently rustling through leaves.Each episode is split into three parts, designed to be listened to on three short stomps, or one long one.So put on your headphones, follow @thestompcast and join us on a good old stomp.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Šeit atradīsi sev un savai pašizaugsmei noderīgus podkāstus, lai kopā augtu un kļūtu lieliskas.

  • Sveicināti podkāstā Supervaroņu sarunas! Šajā podkāstā Andris Ronimoiss un Anete Švilpe runās par un ap taku skriešanu, stāstīs par aktualitātēm, sarunāsies ar interesantiem viesiem un dalīsies ar vērtīgām zināšanām.

  • Turpmāk pirmdienās klausies un "Nogaršo ar Pieci" pavāra un vienkārši laba cilvēka Renāra Purmaļa pavadībā. Praktiski padomi, vēl neatklāti ēdieni un to sastāvdaļas.

    Raidījums ēterā pirmdienās plkst. 17.30. 

  • Gathering inspiring stories of how we navigate through this life in our human meat suits. From sharing tools for your body, mind and soul to talking about my own experiments with yoga from Western 'good vibes only' to strict classical yoga at an ashram, meditation and silence, psychedelics and microdosing, travels as a way to forget and embrace new me and most recently mindblowing Burning Man and re-inventing my own life from a very bottom of depression.Why? Because I want to know. Because you inspire me. Because together we grow, through support, understanding, compassion and love.Reach out, leave a comment and connect - IG: [email protected]

  • The SavvyCast is a podcast of the Family Savvy blog, where Jamie Tarence will host savvy guests to discuss real life topics that affect us all. Food and family. Marriage and divorce. Fitness and health. The Enneagram and relationships. Each episode is designed to entertain, educate and inspire all who listen. Everyone is welcome at the table! So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk.

  • Welcome to the Dental Practice Growth with Zana podcast. This is for dental professionals looking for insights on how to grow their dental practice.

    For more information about Zana and how it serves dental professionals, check out

  • Psiholoģe un psihoterapijas speciāliste Ginta Ratniece dalās ar savām pārdomām un pieredzi...

  • This podcast is about implementing behavior change for long term wellness and happiness. The show is centered around Fitness, Wellness and Healthcare but no topic is off limits for self improvement. Hosted by Registered Nurses Matt and Jenna Lane. Matt is a Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist. Together they run the company Matt Lane Fitness.

  • EU par veselību ir izglītojošs, informatīvs podkāsts ar ārsti, rezidenti ģimenes medicīnā Egiju Urbāni. Runāsim par slimību profilaksi, veselīgu dzīvesveidu, biežāk sastopamajām saslimšanām ar veselības aprūpē strādājošiem speciālistiem.
    Lūdzu saziņai izmantot epastu [email protected]
    Jauku klausīšanos,
    Egija Urbāne